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									Dow Heading to a New All-time High of 14200+ by First Half of 2013...            

         PR Newswire| 26 Sep 2011 | 07:55 AM ET

         MILTON KEYNES, England, Sept. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- It takes a brave man to be bullish on Wall Street right now but self-made multi-
         millionaire trader and investor Vince Stanzione is just that and is calling for the Dow Jones to make a new high by the first half of 2013. He sees great
         opportunities for those brave enough to invest now.

         Before observers dismiss his call as Wall Street propaganda, Stanzione asserts an impeccable independent track record. Better known for his bearish calls both
         in stocks and currencies, he is also willing to take contra bets on stocks that are often dumped by the big Wall Street brokers. He thinks back to tobacco and
         foods company Philip Morris in 2000, which was hated by the Street and went on to become Kraft, Altria and Philip Morris International, returning over 500%,
         including steady dividends in the following decade.

         His market model, which tracks seasonality, dividend yields and sentiment, points to higher prices in the next few months and ultimately an all-time high for
         the Dow Jones Industrial Average around the middle of 2013.

         "I don't expect many to agree with me; in fact, if too many do I would be worried. History has shown the best time to invest is when everyone hates stocks,"
         states Stanzione. "Excuse my language, but when everyone vomits and never wants to see another stock, I am the guy cleaning up the mess. Right now
         that's what I see - everyone is bearish and underexposed to stocks." Fund managers are bearish, politicians are panicking and the retail investors have given
         up, yet US companies are in great shape. Stanzione's model calls for a low to be hit mid-October and for stocks to move sharply higher into January with
         many scrambling to get back into stocks.

         Stanzione has had great success in investing in tobacco, beverages, gaming and fast food stocks over the last decade as well as being an early investor in

         US Offers Great Opportunities Stanzione says that many chasing emerging markets would be better investing closer to home and getting international
         exposure via well-known household brands. Stanzione is not bullish on everything, has stayed away from banks and has short trades on solar company stocks,
         which will profit from falling prices.

         He is also positive on agricultural stocks such as fertilizer companies and farm equipment makers.

         About Vince Stanzione Vince Stanzione is a self-made multi-millionaire based in Monaco and Mallorca, Spain and trades his own funds mainly in currencies,
         stocks and commodities.

         As well as trading he also teaches a small number of students and produced the bestselling course on Financial Spread Betting. He is also the author of "How
         to Stop Existing & Start Living" and recently launched a new US home-study course, "Maximum Trading Profits in Minimum Time," to teach investors how to
         profit from rising and falling markets.

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