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					  Writing Assignments
  Profile Your People
  Exploit your assets and brag
  about your people, whether it's
                                                      Queries                      TRATT INK
  the star of the team, the CEO of
  the company or the world's
  greatest volunteer. Profiles are
                                               If you would like more
  a great way to highlight the
  brightest and the best. K-M.                 information on editing or         STRICTLY
  Tratt specializes in the written             proofreading, or about any
                                               of the services that TRATT          WORDS
  Writing Mentor                               INK/Strictly Words provides,
  Is there something you have to               please visit:
  write but you don't know where
  to begin? Maybe your writing is
  fine but your style lacks flair,
  or your writing skills don't
  meet your needs. K-M. Tratt is                                                 PROOFREADING
  available as a writing mentor to
  help make every word count.                  e-mail:
  Born and raised in Montreal, K-M.
  Tratt's work has been featured in the
  Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and                                                    An editor is
  Calgary Herald. Tratt Ink reviews and
  commentaries have appeared in print                                            your second set of
  and have aired on CBC North, CBC             or phone:                                eyes.
  Calgary and CHQR in Calgary. She is a
  member of the Editors' Association of
  Canada (EAC) and the Calgary
  Association of Freelance Editors
                                                    (403) 399-0234
  (CAFE). Tratt spent a decade in
  Yellowknife, NWT, and has lived in
  Calgary since 1989.

  K-M. Tratt is also available for hand-
  drawn illustrations and original graphics.

                                                                                  TRATTINK/STRICTLY WORDS
                                                TRATTINK/Strictly Words
       Let Mrs. T. help you brush up on your
                                punctuation.                       K-M. TRATT
  Sign up for The Amazing Punctuation Primer
  .                                                            EDITOR & WRITER      Tel: (403) 399-0234
                                                              CALGARY, ALBERTA
TRATT INK/Strictly Words 2005
 TRATT INK                               /        Strictly Words

            Services                      Editors are not only with
"It's not that bad."                      newspapers and magazines.
A lot of people say their writing
is "good enough" or "not that bad."      Freelance editors are out
How bad is 'that bad'? When it           there and available to be
comes to the important things, do
you ever wish you had a second set       your second set of eyes.
of eyes to look over your material?
                                         STRICTLY WORDS is an editing and
STRICTLY WORDS will check out
                                         proofreading service for businesses
anything you have to write and
                                         and individuals that will improve
ensure that your message is getting
                                         communication and broaden                         Comma problems?
                                         opportunities.                              Too many apostrophes hanging
Left Brain / Right Brain                                                                       around?
                                                                                   Get a grip on 'its' and 'it's'.
Words are not your thing, but work       At STRICTLY WORDS, freelance editor
involves some writing. STRICTLY          and writer K-M. Tratt is available to   Learn or re-learn how to use the tools
WORDS will look at your ads,             provide structural and stylistic        that were invented for fine tuning
letters, booklets and brochures,         editing, and help you get the most      your message: punctuation marks.
provide advice, and do some fine-        out of your words.                      A lot of people have forgotten some of
tuning. Quick and convenient, let                                                the basics, and others are reluctant
STRICTLY WORDS give your material a                                              to admit that the tools they have
                                         If you want to sell yourself, your      can’t do the job. Standard rules of
                                         business or your services, what's       English grammar have rarely been
                                         going to set you apart from all the     taught in grade schools since the
Websites & E-Mails                                                               '60s, so many people are at a
                                         other people going for the same
You can't write the way you talk,                                                disadvantage. As a result, too many
                                         thing? Most of them are using grammar   people have become dependent on
and keeping it brief is the hard
                                         and spell check, just like you. Using   grammar and spell check.
part. Let STRICTLY WORDS tighten
                                         the right words can make a              Is that you? What happens when you
website content and polish business
                                         difference. Material that is            have to write something without it?
                                         organized, clear and well written       How will you - or your employees -
                                         reflects the value of what you have     come across?
Reality-based Writing:
                                         to offer.                               The Amazing Punctuation Primer is a
Technical writing made readable                                                  one-hour refresher course on the
Do you have a manual, instructions                                               basics: the period, comma, semi-colon,
or procedures, anything that will                                                colon and apostrophe. It also teaches
                                         Whether you rely on grammar and spell   control over something that has gone
be used by others? STRICTLY WORDS
                                         check or use a second set of eyes to    completely out of control, the
will translate technical writing
                                         help, having the confidence that        sentence. Included in the seminar is a
into words most people can                                                       toolbox of writing tips and a manual
                                         comes when you're paying attention to
understand.                                                                      of tools, rules and examples.
                                                                                             TRATTINK/STRICTLY WORDS
                                         the details gives you a huge
                                         advantage over the next person.                         WWW.STRICTLYWORDS.CA
                                                                                 Written and presented by K-M. Tratt,
Rates and terms can be negotiated                                                the Primer can be arranged on-premises
                                                                                                          (403) 399-0234
depending on volume and frequency, or                                                                 at a pre-arranged
                                                                                 for office staff or
structured by the hour, week, month or                                           site for groups of individuals.
job.                                     For the important things, don’t you
- available for individuals or groups    always contact the people who know
- arranged on or off site                what they’re doing? Call STRICTLY
- customized to suit needs               WORDS and put your English in order.

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