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					                                                                           The information on these pages was provided by the law school.

University of Colorado Law School
Office of Admissions, UCB 403 - Wolf Law Building
Boulder, CO 80309-0403
Phone: 303.492.7203; Fax: 303.492.2542
E-mail:; Website:

� Introduction                                                        attending the oral argument in the Colorado Supreme Court or
                                                                      the Colorado Court of Appeals.
Colorado Law, established in 1892, is located on the Boulder             The Juvenile and Family Law Program (JFLP) provides
campus of the University of Colorado and lies at the foot of the      students with opportunities to acquire specialized knowledge
Rocky Mountains. High admission standards, a relatively small         in the field; fosters collaboration between students, academics,
student body, and a favorable faculty-to-student ratio assure a       and practitioners; and engages in interdisciplinary study and
stimulating and challenging academic environment that                 practice. JFLP runs many programs, including a Juvenile Law
encourages class participation and interaction with faculty. The      Clinic where students represent child clients; various
school is a charter member of the AALS and is ABA approved.           externships in the field; and symposia on hot topics.
                                                                         The American Indian Law Clinic provides students with
� Faculty                                                             faculty-supervised experience giving legal assistance in
                                                                      matters including tribal sovereignty, child welfare,
Faculty members have a demonstrated record of excellence in           preservation of tribal identity, employment discrimination,
teaching, research, and public service. They include some of          public benefits, preservation of Native lands, and more.
the nation’s leading scholars on constitutional law, criminal            The Technology Law and Policy Clinic gives students the
law, dispute resolution, environmental law, evidence, family          opportunity to advocate in the public interest concerning
law, health law, international law, labor and employment,             technology issues in front of regulatory entities, courts,
natural resources, securities, tax, and telecommunications law.       legislatures, and standard-setting bodies.
                                                                         The Byron R. White Center for the Study of American
� Physical Facilities and Library                                     Constitutional Law furthers the study, teaching, and
                                                                      publication of constitutional law. The White Center hosts the
The law school is housed in the 180,000-square-foot Wolf Law          annual Ira C. Rothgerber Constitutional Law Conference,
Building, located on the edge of the CU Boulder campus. The           which exposes students to analysis and debate of
Wolf Law Building features state-of-the-art classrooms, two           contemporary constitutional issues.
high-tech courtrooms, and the largest resource collection and            The Entrepreneurial Law Center’s mission is to connect the
most technologically advanced law library in the 12-state             law school, faculty, and students with the flourishing Colorado
Rocky Mountain region. The Wolf Law Building is the first             entrepreneurial community. In the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic,
Gold-certified public law school building in the country under        students work with local entrepreneurs, providing transactional
the standards of the US Green Building Council’s Leadership           legal services for the formation and development of small
in Energy and Environmental Design certification program.             businesses in Colorado.
   The William A. Wise Law Library, the largest law library in           The Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program’s mission is
the state, serves the students, staff, and faculty of Colorado Law,   to create an environment for analyzing the dynamic changes in
as well as the bench and bar. The library holds over half a million   the telecommunications marketplace and regulatory
volumes and provides access to thousands of electronic journals       environment. The program supports the academic community by
and databases. Law students also have access to the resources of      fostering relationships between students and telecommunications
other university and college libraries in Colorado through a          professionals through its mentor and internship opportunities.
statewide delivery system. Students can connect laptops to the           The Center for Energy and Environmental Security is an
school’s wireless network or use one of the 65 computers              interdisciplinary research and policy center. It is designed to
available in the library to perform online legal research.            facilitate progress toward a global, sustainable energy future
                                                                      through the innovative use of laws, policies, quality
� Special Programs                                                    information, and technology solutions.
                                                                         The University of Colorado Law School recently established
The Natural Resources Law Center has three major areas of             a partnership with the University of San Diego (USD) School
activity: research and publication, legal education, and the          of Law to give our students access to an extensive Summer
distinguished visitors and fellows program. The Natural               Law Study Abroad program. They offer courses in seven
Resources Litigation Clinic involves students in representing         locations: Barcelona, Dublin, Florence, London, Oxford, Paris,
public interest clients in environmental litigation related to        and Russia (Moscow/St. Petersburg).
federal public land protection.
   In the Criminal Defense Clinic, students are taught basic          � Curriculum
criminal practice skills and represent clients in actual cases,
from beginning to end, in municipal and county courts in              Colorado Law offers a wide variety of coursework. With a
Boulder County.                                                       limited number of additional hours, students can earn a
   In the Civil Practice Clinic, students represent low-income        certificate in tax, American Indian law, intellectual property and
clients in a variety of civil law settings, including family court    technology law, juvenile and family law, or environmental law.
and in front of administrative law judges. Students take the            The first-year curriculum is required of all students. During the
lead in all hearings and trials.                                      second and third years, students may emphasize such areas of the
   The Appellate Advocacy Clinic alternates annually between          law as natural resources, environmental law, criminal law,
attorneys from the public defender’s office and the attorney          business, constitutional law, tax, public interest, American Indian
general’s office. Each student, under direct supervision of an        law, litigation, intellectual property law, and jurisprudence.
instructor, is responsible for completing an appellate brief and      Established joint-degree programs are the JD/MBA, JD/MD,


       University of Colorado Law School
                                                                                                    University of Colorado Law School

JD/MPA, JD/MST, JD/MURP, and a JD/MS or PhD in                                       apply for additional scholarships and awards for their 2L and
Environmental Science.                                                               3L year. Students applying for financial aid should file the
  Students can broaden their international perspectives and                          FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1 and before the
understanding of law and law practice by participating in the                        priority deadline of April 1.
JD/LLB dual-degree program with the University of Alberta
Faculty of Law. This dual-degree program enhances both                               � Student Activities
law schools’ ability to prepare lawyers to practice in a
global community.                                                                    Over 35 student organizations invite participation in projects,
                                                                                     programs, and social activities. The University of Colorado Law
� Admission                                                                          Review, Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law,
                                                                                     and Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and
Admission to Colorado Law is quite competitive. At a minimum,                        Policy are professional journals edited entirely by students.
a bachelor’s degree from an institution that is accredited by an                     Students also participate in a number of moot court
agency recognized by the Department of Education is required.                        competitions and have won regional, national, and
The application deadline is March 15. The LSAT and registration                      international recognition in these events.
with the LSDAS are also required. Offers of admission are based
on GPA and LSAT score, but these scores are considered in the                        � Housing
context of the entire application. Substantial weight is accorded to
special qualities such as leadership, character, diversity, and                      For information about the university’s family housing, call
commitment to service. The school seeks to increase the ethnic,                      303.492.6384. Most students live in apartments and houses in
cultural, and other diversity of its student body. The earliest                      the surrounding community.
admission letters go out in December, and the class is filled in
May or June. Admission thereafter is possible from a wait list.                      � Career Development
Colorado Law accepts a small number of transfer students in the
fall semester only. Law students may seek visiting status in the                     Colorado Law students find satisfying careers after law school
fall or spring semester. Transfer/visitor admission criteria                         with the assistance of an energetic and dedicated staff in the Office of
includes law school performance.                                                     Career Development. The professional counselors advise
                                                                                     students and alumni on decisions about career direction,
� Financial Aid                                                                      professionalism, legal employers, and alternatives to traditional
                                                                                     legal careers. Specifically, the office directly assists students in
Scholarships for incoming students are based on merit and/or                         finding internships, externships, clerkships, and other job
financial need. Nonresident students qualify for lower resident                      opportunities during and after law school. The office solicits
tuition rates by maintaining domicile in Colorado for 12                             employers nationwide to interview on campus and to hire students
consecutive months. Students may not be employed during                              through off-campus programs. The office helped develop the
their first year, but limited outside employment is compatible                       Colorado Pledge to Diversity 1L Summer Clerkship Program.
with second- and third-year schedules. Current students may

 Applicant Profile

  University of Colorado Law School
  This grid includes only applicants who earned 120–180 LSAT scores under standard administrations.
    LSAT        3.75 +        3.50–3.74    3.25–3.49     3.00–3.24     2.75–2.99      2.50–2.74       2.25–2.49     2.00–2.24     Below 2.00   No GPA         Total
    Score     Apps Adm Apps Adm Apps Adm Apps Adm Apps Adm Apps Adm Apps Adm Apps Adm Apps Adm Apps Adm Apps Adm
    175–180      2       1     2      2      3       1     0      0      1      0         0     0      0       0      0      0      0      0    0       0      8         4
    170–174     17       17    10    10     10       5     9      6      3      0         1     0      2       0      1      0      0      0    0       0     53      38
    165–169     64       59    80    70     65      38    33     14     18      5         5     1      4       0      1      0      0      0    1       0    271    187
    160–164    184    132     236    91    178      34   105     19     47      0     30        2      7      0       1      0      0      0    1       1    789    279
    155–159    180       44   247    34    218      14   130      7     71      2     26        0     15      0       3      0      0      0    6       0   896     101
    150–154     69       13   130     7    124       3    95      2     52      0     28        2     10      0       3      0      1      0    3       0   515       27
    145–149     33        1    42     0     56       0    68      0     44      0     16        0     12      0       2      0      3      0    6       0   282          1
    140–144     10        0     8     1     15       0    38      0     21      0     15        0      7      0       4      0      1      0    6       0    125         1
    135–139      1        0     3     0      3       0     7      0     11      0         9     0      1       0      2      0      0      0    4       0     41         0
    130–134      1        0     2     0      1       0     3      0      3      0         4     0      1       0      0      0      0      0    1       0     16         0
    125–129      0        0     1     0      0       0     0      0      1      0         0     0      0       0      0      0      0      0    0       0      2         0
    120–124      0        0     0     0      0       0     0      0      0      0         0     0      0       0      0      0      0      0    0       0      0         0
     Total     561    267     761   215    673      95   488     48    272      7     134       5     59      0      17      0      5      0   28       1   2998    638
  Apps = Number of Applicants                    Adm = Number Admitted                        Reflects 99% of the total applicant pool.
                                                                                                                          University of Colorado Law School

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