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									                                 CURRICULUM VITAE - Bert van Manen

Proposed position in the project: xxxxx

1 Family name          van Manen
2 First names          Gijsbert Johan
3 Birth                2 March 1962, Nijmegen, Netherlands
4 Nationality          Dutch

5 Higher Education

1980 – 1987            BSc + MSc Economics, Tilburg University, International Economic Specialisation
1988 – 1991            Financial and Investment Analyst, Association of Financial Analysts (VBA), equivalent to
                       American Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified European Financial Analyst
Other training
1989 – 1992            Language courses in Malay, Portuguese and French
1991                   Cost / Benefit and investment analysis (Comfar - UNIDO)
1987 – 1988            Dutch Banking Institute - Courses basic banking techniques and investment and finance
1987 – 1988            ABN-Amro International Banking Course (four months internal course in investment banking)
1987 – 1988            Computer programming - IBM-AS mainframes
1988                   Effective presentation techniques

6 Languages

                              Read                          Speak                         Write
Dutch                         Mother tongue
English                       Very good                     Very good                     Very good
French                        Very good                     Very good                     Very good
Portuguese                    Very good                     Very good                     Very good
German                        Fair                          Fair                          Fair
Malay/Indonesian              Basic                         Basic                         Basic

7 Memberships: None

8 Other skills: Extensive knowledge of computer applications (Word-processing, spreadsheets, databases)

9 Present position: Consultant and trainer enterprise development and financing

10 Years within the firm: Independent consultant, since August 1996

11 Key Qualifications:

Mr. Bert van Manen is an international management consultant and trainer, focussing on development and financing
of private enterprises. His services include enterprise restructuring, investment appraisal and business planning,
financial analysis and ‘due diligence’, loan appraisal and development of SME financing programmes.

Following a participatory approach, he enables entrepreneurs to formulate their restructuring or business plans. He
works with bankers to assess the credit worthiness of their clients. He advises governments on development and
financing of the private sector. In addition, he is training entrepreneurs, consultants and bankers in project and loan
analysis. His services also extend to rural finance, micro-lending and SME development, as well as monitoring and
evaluation of development interventions using PCM methods.

Having started his professional career in international investment banking, Mr. van Manen combines financial
expertise with knowledge of developing and implementing business support and financial services for the private
sector in emerging markets. He has developed particular expertise in enterprise restructuring, notably in the food-
processing sector, and credit appraisal. He is analytical and conceptual, yet highly practical in his recommendations.

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12 Geographical Experience:

Europe and           Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland, Spain. Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Kazakhstan
the CIS              (long-term intermittent), Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia,
                     Ukraine, Uzbekistan
Asia and             Afghanistan, Bahrain, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, DPR Korea, Malaysia (long-term),
Middle East          Mongolia (long-term intermittent), Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam
Africa               Algeria, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Chad, Congo, Congo Braz, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia,
                     Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau (long-term), Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Morocco,
                     Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, S Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Other                USA, Curacao

13 Professional Experience Record:

Country            Period          Position / Description

Business development, restructuring and diagnostic
                                   Financial expert. Improving financial management of Institutions of higher learning
                                     The Judicial Studies Institute in Uganda, review
                                     Institute of Legal Practice Development Rwanda, preparation of a financial procedures manual,
Uganda and         Aug ’05 - Nov      budget preparation, training of staff (6 missions)
Rwanda             ‘10               National University of Rwanda, development of a financial procedures manual, budget
                                      preparation, training of staff (6 missions)
                                     Capacity building of financial management of the National Institute of Higher Education
                                      Ruhengeri (2 missions)
                                   Economist. Establishing solar-powered water pumping systems in rural areas
Guinea Bissau Sept-Oct ‘06           Determining financial viability and sustainability of the exploitation of water pumping systems
                                     Advice on management of revenues and savings
Netherlands /                      Evaluator. Review of the Netherlands - IFC Partnership Programme (Technical assistance facilities
              Feb-April ‘06
USA                                for SME development)
                                   Finance expert. (3 missions)
                   July ’04,
                                     Management review of three large humanitarian organisations (CHA, ADA, AREA)
Afghanistan        Jan ‘05,
                                     Development of capacity strengthening programme
                   Jun ‘05
                                     Training of staff in planning, budgeting, control and financial reporting
                                   Financial expert. Due diligence of a dairy factory and report on agricultural financing in NE
Montenegro         Dec ‘04
                                   Evaluator. Evaluation of ‘Programme of Economic Cooperation’ - Export promotion programme of
Netherlands        Jun-Nov ‘04
                                   Min of Economic Affairs
Morocco            Oct ‘03         Trainer. Training of business advisors in enterprise development and financing
                                   Financial expert, enterprise restructuring project (2 missions)
                                     Advice and training of food-processing companies in financial management, financial analysis
Bosnia             Feb, Jul ‘03
                                      and costing
                                     Restructuring plan for a meat factory
                   Aug ‘02 - Nov   Business Advisor. Assistance to starting entrepreneurs in business and financial planning,
                   ‘10             management, and financing. Preparation of their credit applications (17 companies)
                                   Senior Advisor. Restructuring of a meat factory. Restructuring of a cookies and candies factory.
                                   (intermittent, 300 days over 15 missions)
                                     Company diagnostic and development of a restructuring plan
                   June ‘99 –        Management advice on marketing, finance and cost calculation, personnel policy, production
                   June ‘01           technology, profit centres, and other factors to rehabilitate the company
                                     Obtained bank credit for investment and working capital
                                     Training of staff and coaching of management
                                     Presentation of the results in private sector seminars
                                   Business Advisor, enterprise restructuring project (7 missions)
                                     Training of management consultants in enterprise restructuring, business planning, financial
                   May ‘98 – Jan
Kazakhstan                            analysis and product costing
                                     Financial analysis of companies in the retail trade, food processing and telecoms sectors
                                     Product costing and financial management of a poultry (egg) farm
                                   Business Advisor, enterprise restructuring project (8 missions)
                                     Training of management consultants in enterprise restructuring, business planning, financial
                   Dec ‘97 – Jun
Ukraine                               analysis and product costing
                                     Financial analysis of a brick-making, a nail- and screw-making, and a pharmaceutical company
                                     Product costing of a meat factory and break-even analysis for future profitability
                   Dec ‘96, May    Trainer. Training of business advisors in financial analysis and business planning (Samarkand and
                   ‘97             Gulistan - 2 missions)

Curriculum Vitae                                         Bert van Manen                                                 Page 2 of 5
Country            Period         Position / Description
                                  Team-leader. Evaluation of the Ghana Regional Appropriate Technology Industrial Service
Ghana              Mar-Apr ‘96
                                  (technology development and training, enterprise support, SME credit)
Netherlands        Jan ‘96        Researcher. Deskstudy ‘Best Practices in Europe in SME development’
                                  Team-leader. Evaluation ‘Assistance to employment creation in 12 provinces of Tunisia’. Credit,
Tunisia            Sept ‘95
                                  training and business incubation
                                  Trainer. Individual training of project staff (7 x) on small enterprise development and financing.
Netherlands        95/96/05
                                  Preparation of training materials for credit officers
                                  Researcher. Deskstudy on ‘Lessons Learned’ by Dutch organisations in SME development – advisory
Netherlands        1995/96
                                  services and SME lending programmes / revolving funds
                                  Business Advisor. Preparation of Business Guides for starting entrepreneurs. Guides: 1 Planning, 2
Guinea-Bissau Mar ‘94
                                  Legalisation, 3 Licensing, 4 Bookkeeping, 5 Credit.
Guinea-Bissau Jan-Feb ‘94         Business Advisor. Preparation of United Nations private sector development programme

SME Banking, rural finance and microfinance development
S Sudan            May ‘11       Team leader. Formulation of the ‘S Sudan Agribusiness Development Programme’ (BDS, finance)
                                 Team leader. Study into financing of the agricultural sector - horizontal study of innovations in
Worldwide          Mar-July ‘11
                                 agricultural finance in Cambodia, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, Thailand, and Tunisia
                                 Team leader. Formulation of a support programme in favour of growth-oriented women
Ethiopia           Feb ‘11
                                 entrepreneurs (credit financing, market development, BDS)
                   Sept ’09-Mar Senior expert. Impact on end-borrowers of agricultural loans made by banks and microfinance
                   ‘10           institutions in Moldova, Kosovo and Albania. Survey of 660 borrowers and non-borrowers
                                 Risk management expert. Risk management for two banks: BRD and BCR (9 missions)
                                   Development of credit risk rating systems (SME loans, agricultural loans)
                   Feb ’09 - Jan
Rwanda                             Management of financial and balance sheet risks (interest rate, exchange rate and liquidity risk),
                                    and optimising the funding structure consisting of different currencies and interest types
                                   Training and coaching in risk management
Gulf states /      Jan ’08 -     Trainer. Training in SME banking and SME risk management (5 courses in UAE, Saudi Arabia (2x),
SE Asia            Apr‘10        Bahrain and Malaysia)
Ghana              Oct ‘08       Trainer. Training for business advisors and bankers in SME financing
                                 Financial expert.
                                   Formulation of a rehabilitation programme for the financial sector and micro finance in Burundi.
                   Mar ’06-Jan      Tender management for selection of the programme manager (2 missions)
                   ‘09             Monitoring of the financial sector rehabilitation programme (grants for micro finance institutions,
                                    small enterprise loans, MFI refinancing) - 6 monitoring missions
                                   Formulation of the microfinance development programme (2nd phase – 1 mission)
                                 Team Leader. Feasibility study and financing proposal for a project in support of MSE development
Kenya              Mar-May ‘04
                                 and micro financing
                                 Training expert. Feasibility study and preparation of ToR for setting up bankers association and
Kosovo             Nov ‘03
                                 bank training centre (with PCM workshop). Training needs assessment
                                 Financial Investment Analyst. ADB Agricultural Credit Line (3 missions)
                                   Assistance to the Kyrgyz Agricultural Finance Corporation in loan appraisal for farm and agri-
                   Aug ‘01 – Jun
Kyrgyzstan                          business lending
                                   Building cash projection and loan structuring model
                                   Training of loan officers in loan appraisal and risk evaluation
                                 Bank Trainer. World Bank Agricultural Post Privatisation Credit Line (6 missions in 8 provinces)
                                   Assistance to (seven) banks in loan formulation and credit appraisal for farm and agri-business
                   Aug ‘00 -        lending
                   July ‘02        Assessing farm / agro business repayment capacity, structuring loans to match the client’s cash
                                    cycle, and completing WB credit requests
                                   Training of loan officers in 8 oblasts throughout the country, and cyber-support to banks
                   Apr ‘00 - Jun Credit Analyst. Participation in credit committee to review credit applications (request for
                   ‘10           guarantee) of immigrants wishing to invest in their country of origin (regularly). Debt collection
                                 Financial Expert. (3 missions)
                                   Development of leasing scheme for provision of modern equipment to dairy farmers and
                   Sept ‘01 -
Montenegro                          processors (1,000 pieces of farm equipment and 7 factory installations)
                   May ‘02
                                   Selection of participating banks
                                   Due diligence and credit assessment of seven dairy factories
                                 Credit Expert. Policy advice on Rural Credit to the Ministry of Agriculture
Kazakhstan         Nov ‘99
                                   Developing instruments for farm lending, including leasing and credit guarantees
                                 Credit Expert. PRASAC Rural Credit mission (rural savings and credit associations)
Cambodia           Oct ‘99         Establishing an internal audit and control system, recommending methods for loan appraisal,
                                    loan administration and repayment
Serbia             Mar ‘99       Credit Expert. Private Sector Development Seminar – presentation on micro-finance theory
                                 Banking Expert. Grains Policy Project - Rural Finance Study. Developing policy instruments to
Moldova            Nov ‘97
                                 stimulate lending to the agricultural sector

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Country            Period          Position / Description
                                   Credit Expert. Development of Dairy Credit Systems – analysis of demand and supply for dairy
Albania            Oct ‘97
                                   credit, proposals for dairy credit scheme, and procedures for loan administration
                                   Credit Expert. Establishment of a micro-credit programme for small scale and rural entrepreneurs
Cape Verde         Sept ‘97
                                   (statutes, procedures manual, loan administration system)
                                   Team-leader. Micro-credit identification mission, developing instruments for small enterprise and
Macedonia          Jun ‘97
                                   farm financing – proposal of a credit scheme managed by local banks
                                   Senior Enterprise Evaluation Officer. Establishment of a rural enterprise evaluation unit, linked to
                   Mar-Apr ‘97,
Lesotho                            the establishment of savings and credit groups. Assess rural business potential, loan repayment
                   Apr ‘98
                                   capacity and development strategy (2 missions)
                                   Banking Expert. Creation of a network of ten agricultural credit advisors. Selection, training, and
Macedonia          Feb ‘97
                                   development of their work and training programme.
                                   Trainer in business planning and credit appraisal for SMEs and agriculture
                   Sept ‘96, Jul     Training of business advisors in credit applications (1st mission)
                   ‘97               Training of entrepreneurs and farmers in business planning and credit applications, in particular
                                      in view of an ongoing agricultural credit programme (2nd mission)
                                   Banking Expert.
                                     'Linking financial and non-financial services in small farm development' (Banking study - 1st
                   Jul ‘96, Nov
Romania                               mission)
                                     Definition of rural co-operative credit scheme, and training of credit officers and agricultural
                                      engineers in credit applications (2nd mission)
Armenia            May ‘96         Banking Expert. ‘Linking banks and SMEs’ (Banking study and SME financing)
                                   Team-leader. Design of bank credit schemes for post-privatisation agricultural enterprises in Orhei
Moldova            Nov-Dec ‘95
                                   (Banking study and financing instruments for private farmers)
                                   Trainer. Workshop on Institutional Strengthening of NGOs in microfinance: assessing borrowing
India              Jun ‘95
                                   needs, structuring a loan, managing the lending programme for self-sufficiency

Contractual and financial management of projects
                                   Trainer. Training in EC financial and contract procedures
                                    Algeria May ‘07+Nov ‘08+June ‘11, Morocco June ’07, Jordan June ‘07+May ‘08, Egypt Sept
ENPI region
                                      ‘07+Nov ‘08, Syria Oct ‘08
ACP countries Oct ’04 - Jun
                                    Djibouti Oct ’04, Congo Braz Jan ‘05, Chad Mar ‘05/Sept ‘09/Nov ‘09, Burundi Apr ‘05, Cameroon
OTC and       ‘11
                                      Sept ‘05, Mozambique Nov ‘05/Dec ‘07, Guinea Bissau Feb ‘06, Cape Verde Mar ‘06, Gabon Dec
                                      ‘06, Senegal Jul ‘07, Guinea Mar ‘08, Kenya Aug ‘08
                                    Brussels Jul ‘06/Dec ’09/Dec ’10, Curacao Aug ’10, Paris May ‘08/’10, Madrid Jul ‘10
DPR Korea          Jul ‘10         Trainer. Training in Project Cycle Management and Grant Management and Grant Applications
                                   Financial Expert.
                   Mar ‘09-Dec      Development of a contractual and financial procedures manual for CDE
                   ‘10              Training of staff in contract and financial management
                                    Coaching in implementation trajectory
                                   Financial expert. Development of a business plan for business advisory services for Moroccan
Netherlands        Jan-Jun ‘08
                                   migrants in Europe, and (successful) grant application to the EC
Belgium            Mar ‘06         Financial expert. Evaluation of ‘Africalia’ - cultural collaboration with Africa
Netherlands/                       Business consultant. Development of ‘Guide for Organisation of Sector Partnership Meetings’ for
                   Jan-Jun ‘03
Belgium                            CDE
Belgium            Feb ‘99         Evaluator. Tender Evaluation Russia ‘Rural Co-operative Credit Strategies and Pilot Demonstrations’

                   Nov ‘02 -Trainer. ‘Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers’ (International and European NGOs -
                   Sept ‘10 ten one-week courses and several short training seminars)
                            Lecturer. MBA course modules ‘Financial Resources Management’, and ‘Management of Investment
Kazakhstan    April ‘02
                            Portfolios’. Review of home assignments
              Nov ‘93 – Jan Researcher. Study Structural Adjustment Programme for Guinea-Bissau

                            1991 to 1993, Financial Analyst, responsible for investment study division
                            1994, Project Manager of industry support project and SME credit fund
                             Strengthening of the Ministry of Industry, Directorate of Investment Promotion and Assistance to
              Nov ’91 - Dec
Guinea-Bissau                 Industry, and management of an SMI credit fund
                             Two years in charge of investment study division for preparation of business plans and loan
                              applications (30 studies)
                             One year project manager / team leader, in particular in charge of SME credit programme

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Country            Period    Position / Description
Malaysia                     Programme Officer, industrial and private sectors (UNDP / UNIDO)
(visits to                     Management of the industrial development programme, in particular projects in follow-up of the
Thailand,                       Industrial Master Plan
               Oct ’89 - Nov
Singapore,                     Preparation of industrial and economic studies
Indonesia,                     UNDP 1992-1996 private sector development programme
Japan,                         Assistance to SME-support organisations
VietNam)                       Training in preparation of investment projects
                             Investment Portfolio Advisor, ABN-Amro Bank, department of investment research
                               Identification of investment opportunities and risk assessment
               Sept ’87 -
Netherlands                    Financial analysis and investment planning for large investment portfolios
               Sept ‘89
                               Advice to clients (large institutional investors)
                               Training of bank staff
                             Researcher Univ of Tilburg, Eindhoven and Zambia.
Zambia (visits               Industrial feasibility study on the local fabrication of copper semi-manufactures
to Tanzania, Jul ’86 - Feb     Study of the Zambian economy
Zimbabwe,      ‘87             Market and competition study (regional)
Malawi                         Study of transport costs, customs tariffs, regional fiscal preferences
                               Study of the financial and economic feasibility of the project

14 Other experiences, skills and publications

Extensive knowledge of computer applications (Word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, IBM-AS, etc).

Prepared various economics publications, including studies on the Structural Adjustment Programme for Guinea-
Bissau (1994 and 1996), case-studies on exchange rate forecasting in Malaysia and Zambia (1991), and an
economic analysis of Zambia during its structural adjustment programme 1985 / 87 (1987).

Also prepared various papers on enterprise development and financing, including the paper ‘SME lending models’,
presented during a private sector development conference in Yugoslavia (1999). Paper on ‘Post-Privatisation
Enterprise Restructuring’, presented during a seminar in Mongolia (2000 – updated and published in 2001). Study of
the impact of agricultural financing in the Balkans (EFSE, 2010).

More than 100 technical studies and papers. Over 100 training manuals, syllabi and training cases.

I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge, these data correctly describe me, my qualifications
and my experience.

Name of expert Signature    Date

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