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									                   Balanced Diet to Control Diabetic
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As a part of treatment for diabetic patient it is very essential to look after nutrition and diet.
Diabetic patient have to follow food pyramid in which healthy eating plan is at higher level. The
diet should be low in fat and having moderate calories. Diabetics and diet are two side of same
coin which is related with each other. To control over diabetic include variety of vegetables,
fruits and grains.

At the first stage it is very difficult for diabetic patient who never care about his diet plan but it is
necessary for him to keep blood sugar level. It is not very difficult to change unhealthy lifestyle
to new one and eating habits. While deciding diabetics diet ,it is necessary for patient to see all
about his current diet that mean how much he eat or when he eat or what he eat.

The person having diabetics should eat starchy food like whole meal bread, starchy vegetables,
non fat milk. They can include black beans, corn beans, and salad in their diet plan as beans have
fiber and are rich sources of calcium, proteins and minerals. There are different bean types are
available so you can include each on every day. Since diary food contains lot of saturated fat so
keep yourself from diary product. If you want to control over diabetics and blood pressure then
Berries are always best for you. They are rich fiber and antioxidants and by eating them regularly
will help you to maintain cholesterol level.

So prepare your well balanced diet plan to keep diabetics at moderate level and enjoy your
healthy lifestyle.

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