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    1. What is SuccessMaker®?
       SuccessMaker, a product of Pearson Digital Learning, is a computer-based software application that
       provides adaptive, individualized instruction in reading, math, spelling and writing concepts.
       SuccessMaker offers standards-based curriculum utilizing a variety of adaptive learning strategies and
       providing multiple modalities for individualized instruction.       SuccessMaker's technology-based
       instructional strategies can be used as a Response to Intervention resource, addressing weaknesses in
       content areas by balancing skills mastery with concept development, as well as an application for the
       enrichment and enhancement of students' skills who have mastered grade level proficiencies and are
       working above grade level (i.e.- GATE).

    2. How does SuccessMaker work?
       SuccessMaker's adaptive software application provides individualized interventions for students. The
       program assesses the students during the Initial Placement Motion (IPM); the results of the assessment
       places the child in their Zone of Proximinal development (ZPD) range. The IPM (Initial Placement Motion)
       assessment results determine the reading and math levels of each student and "prescribes" the level of
       use needed to meet grade level proficiency. The prescribed usage includes the number of hours "on
       task" needed in the program to achieve grade level expectations in both reading and math. The number
       of sessions is determined by the level of intervention (individualized instruction) needed for each student.
       The intensity and duration of intervention should be strategically determined to meet the intervention
       needs of the students.

    3. Where do the students access the application?
       SuccessMaker is a server-based program. The student desktop computers have a client application
       installed that launches the SuccessMaker program from the server. SuccessMaker can be implemented
       in a classroom, a computer lab or a combination of both, whichever configuration a school chooses.
       Although the individual school site program resides on a server at each site, there is a district server that
       administers the district-wide program affording administrators the ability to extract school site and district

    4. How does SuccessMaker individualize instruction?
       SuccessMaker adapts instruction to the needs of individual students. Learning paths are based on
       student input and then analyzed to determine the correct path for each student.
            Addresses five essential components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency,
               vocabulary development, and reading comprehension
            Aligned with instructional standards outlined by the International Reading Association (IRA)
            Students are assessed to determine the correct starting level then proceed through self-paced
               lessons helping students stay engaged, focused and on-task because they are successful.
            Results Manager management system provides reporting necessary to individualize instruction,
               maximize accountability, and promote data-driven decision-making.
            Forecast and diagnostic reporting pinpoints students in need of intervention, keeping them on
               track toward instructional goals.
            SuccessMaker offers teachers the ability to forecast and manage achievement on high-stakes

    5. Why are we being asked to use a technology-based program instead of good first teaching?
       SuccessMaker is not replacing good "first teaching", it should be supplementing and enhancing it.
       SuccessMaker is a standards-based curriculum tool that, when used as prescribed, utilizes a variety of
       adaptive learning strategies, provides differentiated and individualized instruction and provides the
       opportunity to use multiple modalities for individualized instruction:
           Technology lowers the affective filters, students are not afraid to "try" because they are working
               on "their" individual academic level
           SuccessMaker is a comprehensive program which includes multiple tiers of intervention
           Explicit skills instruction includes scaffolding to help students who need the extra instruction to
               revisit and review areas of needed support and understanding

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                Ongoing progress monitoring tools allow teachers to respond quickly with additional intervention
                 when needed.

    6. How do I use the SuccessMaker Scores to Determine Grade Level Equivalency?
       Reading- Multiply the student's SuccessMaker score by .80 to calculate the reading grade level
       equivalency score. (SuccessMaker Score in reading is 3.6 X .80 = 2.9 Student's actual reading grade
       level equivalency)

        Math- the math SuccessMaker Score is the same as the grade level equivalency score; no calculation is
        necessary (SuccessMaker Score in Math is 2.6 = 2.6 is Student's actual grade level equivalency)

    7. What kind of growth can be expected for each hour a student works in the program?
       For the average student, every two hours in the course equates to approximately one (1) month of
       growth. Of course this average depends upon the academic level of the child and the proper use of the
       assessment reports by the teachers, intervening in the learning process when needed.

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