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									Blood Thinners And Foods That Thin You Blood So you are on blood thinners. You are not the only one. I started looking into the subject and was amazed to find so many people in the U.S. are prescribed these drugs. The reason I started looking into this was because my Mother just came home from the hospital after she had heart atrial fibrillation. That’s when the upper heart chamber sort of goes haywire and sends too many signals for the heart to beat. The heart ends up doing fast beats with sort of quivers in between. So she ends up have what they call “a conversion” (no that has nothing to do with religion) by shocking her heart back into rhythm. That was scary, but it worked and now she’s back home, but with 4 brand new prescription meds. Everybody at the hospital found it pretty amazing that she has not been on any meds up to this point. She’s 85 years old. One of the meds is Coumadin a blood thinner. Warfarin is the generic name for the drug. Another name for it is rat poison. You think I’m kidding but I’m not. Rats are pretty smart they must be poisoned subtly and long-term, like patients. A cumulative moderate overdose of Coumadin causes their blood to be too thin, and the little buggers hemorrhage and die. The doctors mentioned that Mom should not eat too much leafy greens because they have vitamin K which inhibits the effects of the Coumadin. They conveniently forgot to mention what foods naturally cause the blood to thin. Here are a best ones that you might want to know about if you want to help thin your blood naturally.
   Garlic – Especially if you get it in the liquid aged kyolic form. Vitamin E – Taking 400IU helps, don’t exceed 1200IU/day Cod Live Oil – Get the less nasty stuff Carlson’s lemon flavored is not bad at all.

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