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					                                              UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO CEARÁ
                                                CASA DE CULTURA BRITÂNICA
                                         PLACEMENT TEST / 2006.1 - SEMESTER V                                           SV
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                                 Are chocoholics' dreams coming true?
     ALBANY, Georgia (AP) -- It's every chocolate lover's wish that their favorite indulgence could somehow be healthy for
     them. Now, chocolate makers claim they have granted that wish.
     Mars Inc., maker of Milky Way, Snickers and M&M's candies, next month plans to launch nationwide a new line of
     products made with a dark chocolate the company claims has health benefits.
 5   Called CocoaVia, the products are made with a kind of dark chocolate high in flavanols, an antioxidant found in cocoa
     beans that is thought to have a blood-thinning effect similar to aspirin and may even lower blood pressure. The snacks
     also are enriched with vitamins and injected with cholesterol-lowering plant sterols from soy.
     But researchers are skeptical about using chocolate for its medicinal purposes and experts warn it's no substitute for a
     healthy diet. "To suggest that chocolate is a healthy food is risky", said Bonnie Liebman, nutrition director for the Center
10   for Science in the Public Interest.
     Recent research has not established a link between flavanols and a reduced risk of cancer or heart disease, she said.
     And with obesity already a serious health problem, "the last thing we need is for Americans to think they can eat more
     A paper published by the American Heart Association concluded that chocolate contains chemicals, including flavanols,
15   that have the potential to reduce heart disease. But it added researchers still don't know enough about flavanols to
     make dietary recommendations.
     Other major chocolate companies also have started promoting the flavanol content of their dark chocolates, such as
     Hershey's Extra Dark, introduced last fall with highlights on its label touting its 60 percent cocoa content and high level of
20   Dark chocolate, which contains more flavanols than regular chocolate, is the fastest growing segment of the $10 billion-
     a-year chocolate market. Hershey reports that its dark-chocolate sales have grown 11.2 percent over the past four
     Rachael Brandeis, a national spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association in Atlanta, Georgia, said dark
     chocolate is a good source of flavanols, but so are other foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
25   "Dark chocolate can fit into a healthy diet", she said. The fat in chocolate is a type that does not raise cholesterol levels,
     but it can add unwanted pounds if a person overindulges, she said. "I would say if you enjoy the taste of dark
     chocolate, enjoy it", she said. "But you always have to be conscious of how much you're eating."
                                                                                              Adapted from - February 20, 2006
     1.   According to the text, researchers have found that…
          a) Chocolate doesn’t have vitamins.
          b) People don’t get fat from chocolate.
          c) Fruits, vegetables and chocolate contain a chemical in common.
          d) Regular chocolate is healthier than dark chocolate.
     2.   Which statement(s) is(are) FALSE according to the text?
          I. Researchers have found out that any kind of chocolate is definitely a healthy food.
          II. Chocolate is good for the heart because it has flavanols.
          III. Chocolate isn’t fatting.
          a) I, III                      b) I                       c) III                     d)        I, II, III
     3.   Which statement(s) is(are) TRUE according to the text?
          I. Dark chocolate is healthier than regular chocolate.
          II. Chocolate is as healthy as fruit and vegetables.
          III. Now Americans don’t have to worry about eating a lot of chocolate.
          a) I, III                      b) I                       c) III                     d)        I, II, III
     4.   What is a synonym for ‘launch’ (line 03)?
          a) find                        b) begin                   c) end                     d)        close
     5.   What is an antonym for ‘claim’ (line 04)?
          a) contradict                  b) disprove                c) affirm                  d)        deny
     6.   What is a synonym for ‘skeptical’ (line 08)?
          a) suspicious                  b) trustful                c) unquestioning           d)        uncritical

                                                                   Casa de Cultura Britânica / UFC – Placement Test / 2006.1 – Semester V
7.  What is a synonym for ‘raise’ (line 25)?
    a) drop                          b) lower                 c) increase                  d) descend
8. What is a synonym for ‘overindulge’ (line 26)?
    a) over satisfy                  b) over inhibit          c) over check                d) over restain
9. What does the pronoun ‘it’ (line 15) refer to?
    a) flavanol                      b) heart disease         c) chocolate                 d) a paper
10. What does the word ‘which’ (line 20) refer to?
    a) chocolate market              b) dark chocolate        c) regular chocolate         d) flavanols
11. A: “Have you ever _______ to Northampton?”
    B: “No, I _______ _______ there.”
    A: “Me _______.”
    a) been / ’ve never / been / neither                      c) gone / ’ve never / gone / also
    b) come / ’ve ever / come / too                           d) visited / haven’t never / visited / either
12. She _______ for three hours – what do you think she’s doing?
    a) has gone                      b) has been              c) has been gone             d) has being gone
13. I. I’ve travelled a lot to Europe.
    II. Look at what Tom’s given me yesterday!
    III. I spent all my childhood in Paris.
    IV. Regularly every summer, Jane’s fallen in love.
    Which sentence(s) is(are) CORRECT?
    a) None of them                  b) I, III                c) I                         d) I, II, III
14. Mary _______ a baby. I must go visit her.
    a) had                           b) has had               c) has taken                 d) got
15. Tomorrow Lim has a lecture to attend at 7 a.m., so he _______ get up early.
    a) could                         b) can’t                 c) has to                    d) can
16. You _______ go now if you want to.
    a) can                           b) can’t                 c) have to                   d) are going to
17. When I was a child I _______ watch TV whenever I wanted to.
    a) can’t                         b) couldn’t              c) had to                    d) was going to
18. A: “_______?”
    B: “It’s freezing.”
    a) How’s the weather in Amherst?                          c) How’s the temperature in Amherst?
    b) What’s the weather like in Amherst?                    d) What’s the temperature like in Amherst?
19. A: “_______?”
    B: “It was sunny.”
    a) How was the weather in Rio de Janeiro yesterday?
    b) What was the weather like in Rio de Janeiro yesterday?
    c) How was the temperature in Rio de Janeiro yesterday?
    d) What was the temperature like in Rio de Janeiro yesterday?
20. I. I already spoke to my boss about my vacation.
    II. She’s ever apologized for anything in her life.
    III. A: Has Ben come yet?
         B: Yes, and he’s already started to make trouble.
    Which sentence(s) is(are) INCORRECT?
    a) None of them                  b) I, II                 c) III                       d) I, II, III
21. Match the columns according to the use of CAN and chose the correct option.
    I. Susan can swim very well.                              ( ) permission
    II. The Smiths can’t eat any kind of meat.                ( ) request
    III. III. Can I ask you a personal question?              ( ) ability
    IV. Of course. You can ask me anything.
    a) II, IV, III                   b) IV, III, I            c) IV, II, III               d) III, IV, I
22. He’s got a job in the new firm, _______ they don’t work such long hours.
    a) where                         b) which                 c) that                      d) whose
                                                           Casa de Cultura Britânica / UFC – Placement Test / 2006.1 – Semester V
23. What’s the name of that tall man _______ just came in?
     a) what                          b) which                    c) who                      d) where
24. I gave him an envelope, _______ he _______ in his pocket at once.
     a) who / didn’t put              b) whose / has put          c) that / puts              d) which / put
25. A: “_______?”
     B: “Yes, I’d love to see that movie!”
     a) Did you see the new Woody Alley movie?                    c) Will you see the new Woody Alley movie?
     b) Would you like to see the new Woody Alley movie? d) Could you see the new Woody Alley movie?
26. A: “_______?”
     B: “It takes 2 hours from here.”
     a) How long does it take to get at school?                   c) How many hours does the school take from here?
     b) How much time does it take to get at school?              d) How long is the school from here?
27. If he _______ the exam, he _______ a nice present from his parents.
     a) will pass / will get          b) will get / passes        c) passes / will get        d) pass / will receive
28. I _______ with you anymore, if you _______ acting like that.
     a) don’t travel / will keep      b) travel / keep            c) will travel / keep       d) won’t travel / keep
29. When I _______ this morning, the birds _______ and the sun _______.
     a) was getting up / sing / shine                             c) get / sang / shinned
     b) got up / were singing / was shining                       d) was getting up / were singing / was shining
30. I can’t find my _______ phone number.
     a) boss’s                        b) boss                     c) boss’                    d) bosses
31. A: “Can I borrow _______ keys? I can’t find _______.”
     B: “Sorry, but I left _______ keys at home.”
     a) yours / the mine / your b) mine / yours / my              c) your / my / your         d) your / mine / my
32. A: “Which car is _______?”
     B: “_______ is the black one.”
     A: “And what about the green one?”
     B: “Oh, that’s _______.”
     a) your wife’s / Hers / Peter and Ann’s                      c) yours wife / Her / Peter’s and Ann’s
     b) your wive’s / Hers / Peter and Ann’s                      d) yours wive’s / Her / Peter’s and Ann
33. I. “A: Which bag is that?”
          “B: That’s James’s.”
    II. The dog’s in a good mood. It’s just had its breakfast.
    III. It was he who told the police.
    IV. She can run fast than I.
    Which sentence(s) is(are) INCORRECT?
     a) I, II, III, IV                b) I, IV                    c) II, III                  d) I, III, IV
34. A: “Is there _______ I can do to help you?”
     B: “Thanks, but there _______ you can do.”
     a) something / isn’t nothing b) anything / is anything c) anything / is nothing d) something / is anything
35. I. Is there any milk left?
     II. Would you like some more meat?
     III. You never give me any help.
     IV. If anyone wants a ticket for the concert, they can get it from my office.
     Which sentence(s) is(are) INCORRECT?
     a) None of them                  b) I, IV                    c) II, III                  d) II, III, IV
36. I. Your accent is more bad than mine.
     II. She’s one of the most rich people in town.
     III. They put on two classes: one for the more intelligent students and one for the more slow learners.
     IV. Women drive better than men.
     Which sentence(s) is(are) INCORRECT?
     a) I, II, III, IV                b) I, II, III               c) II                       d) I, III
37. Come and see us next week if you _______ through London.
     a) will pass                     b) would pass               c) ’re going to pass        d) ’re passing
                                                           Casa de Cultura Britânica / UFC – Placement Test / 2006.1 – Semester V
38. I. Brazilians worry about their health more than Americans.
    II. This dictionary is the best I could find.
    III. Amherst isn’t as big as Northampton.
    IV. Brazilians eat healthier than Americans.
    Which sentence(s) is(are) INCORRECT?
    a) I                             b) I, II, III, IV         c) I, IV                    d) II, III
39. I. Rio de Janeiro is more dangerous than Fortaleza.
    II. Fortaleza isn’t as dangerous as Rio de Janeiro.
    III. Rio de Janeiro is as dangerous as Fortaleza.
    IV. Fortaleza is less dangerous than Rio de Janeiro.
    V. Rio de Janeiro isn’t as dangerous as Fortaleza.
    Considering all the sentences above, which ones have the SAME meaning?
    a) I, II, IV                     b) III, V                 c) I, II                    d) III, IV, V
40. How _______ when you _______ in London?
    a) were you feeling / arrived b) you felt / were arriving c) do you fell / were arrive d) you feel / arrive
41. I _______ you tomorrow, because I _______ my manager.
    a) don’t see / am meeting b) can’t see / am meeting c) won’t see / meeting             d) won’t see / don’t meet
42. Look at the houses below (the doors indicate the front of the houses) and complete the sentences about them.
    I. House C is _______ house E.
    II. House B is _______ houses C and A.
    III. House D is _______ house A.                    A      B        C
    IV. House D is _______ house E.I
    a) next to / besides / next to / between
    b) behind / across / close to / near                       D        E
    c) in front of / next to / under / behind
    d) opposite / between / near / next to
43. Mark the alternative which contains elements that belong to the same group.
    a) carrots, cabbage, lettuce b) peas, grapes, chicken c) pork, sausage, oil            d) pepper, lamb, pineapple
44. Mark the alternative which contains elements that belong to the same group.
    a) narrow, noisy, embarrassed b) worried, lip, neck        c) modern, socks, chest d) friendly, shy, talkative
45. Which verbs are pronounced /t/ in the simple past?
    a) packed, wanted, called                                  c) danced, stopped, watched
    b) studied, played, cooked                                 d) traveled, lived, changed
46. Which verbs are pronounced /id/ in the simple past?
    a) needed, invented, pretended                             c) closed, planned, invented
    b) typed, booked, watched                                  d) talked, listened, opened
47. Which verbs are pronounced /d/ in the simple past?
    a) helped, wanted, needed                                  c) pretended, landed, rented
    b) studied, played, changed                                d) washed, stopped, looked
48. Mark the alternative which contains ONLY irregular verbs.
    a) catch, cut, fly               b) hear, ring, wash       c) drink, read, study       d) land, cost, build
49. Mark the alternative which completes the following sentences.
    I. Hurry up! You’ll _______ your class!
    II. Do you have a pencil I can _______ for a few second?
    III. I’ll have to go back home to _______ my backpack.
    IV. Which perfume are you _______?
    a) watch / take / bring / buying                           c) miss / borrow / pick up / wearing
    b) attend / lend / carry / earning                         d) lose / use / get / using
50. Match the columns and chose the correct option.
    I. look after                                              ( ) the volume
    II. fill in                                                ( ) someone who is sick
    III. turn down                                             ( ) your brothers well
    IV. take out                                               ( ) an application form
    V. get on with
    a) IV, III, I, V                 b) I, III, II, IV         c) I, V, IV, III            d) III, I, V, II
                                                           Casa de Cultura Britânica / UFC – Placement Test / 2006.1 – Semester V
S-V – 2006.1 (by Angelica)
Answer Key
                             1.    C      26. A
                             2.    A      27. C
                             3.    B      28. D
                             4.    B      29. B
                             5.    C      30. A
                             6.    A      31. D
                             7.    C      32. A
                             8.    A      33. B
                             9.    D      34. C
                             10.   B      35. A
                             11.   A      36. B
                             12.   A      37. D
                             13.   B      38. C
                             14.   B      39. A
                             15.   C      40. D
                             16.   A      41. A
                             17.   B      42. B
                             18.   D      43. D
                             19.   B      44. B
                             20.   B      45. D
                             21.   B      46. C
                             22.   A      47. A
                             23.   C      48. B
                             24.   D      49. A
                             25.   B      50. C

                                       Casa de Cultura Britânica / UFC – Placement Test / 2006.1 – Semester V

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