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					Phil Roberts Esq
CAA Directorate of Airspace Policy
CAA House
45-59 Kingsway


February 20, 2003

Dear Phil


Following last Thursday’s meeting at NATS, AOPA have a number of concerns.

   Most Airfields have not been displaying NOTAM information for self-briefing by pilots. Where anything is
    displayed it is not to any standard.

   There is no backup for when the AIS site fails and at the moment no time-frame for providing one. AIS
    do not have enough capacity to provide a telephone backup service that would approach the capacity of
    the web-based system.

   There is no provision for anyone without web access to obtain a written brief other than by asking the
    Duty Officer to fax a brief.

These issues will not be dealt with until the standardised one-button brief is available (expected April 2003)
and has been made available for fax download, which will inevitably be at some later date.

We therefore request that the A1/A8 bulletins be made available as an interim measure until the following
conditions are met:-
 The one-button download has been made available, has been properly trialled, and has gained general
   user acceptance.
 The standardised brief has also been made available for fax download, has been properly trialled, and
   has gained general user acceptance.
 At least one month's notice has been given to users of the cessation of the interim arrangement
   following the above.

We also request that the AI/A8 and its successor, the one-button brief, should be made available from a
different server to or should be mirrored on to other servers so that it would remain available to
users in the event of a failure of the main server.

Pending provision of fax download facilities we ask that the A1/A8 (or the one button download when
available and tested) should be available on request from the Duty Officer via fax or e-mail for callers who
are unable to obtain satisfactory Web access.

These proposals would bring a number of important benefits:-

   A standardised brief would once more be available at aerodromes.
   A back-up would be provided in the event of further problems with
   The AIS Duty Officer would have a standardised brief available pending the introduction of a fax
    download of the new one-button brief.
   Users who have stopped checking NOTAM because of a lack of confidence in the new system would
    start doing so again. They would be able to verify the accuracy of the new system by comparing it with
    the old.
   Those who prefer to use a standardised rather than an interactive brief could easily be encouraged to try
    the new one-button brief by means of links to the new briefs.
   When the A1/A8 bulletins are eventually withdrawn a link can be provided to automatically re-direct
    users to the new briefs.

In terms of cost this would be very cheap to implement:-
The A1/A8 are already being compiled so there would be no additional cost of compilation.
The files could be hosted on another web server (e.g. at very little cost.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

Michael Cross



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