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									POSITION TITLE:                                     TEACHER
RESPONSIBLITIES:                                    Plan and implement a safe and developmentally appropriate classroom
                                                    curriculum for up to 20 three and four year-old children; plan and carry out
                                                    regular home visits with families; coordinate delivery of social services,
                                                    health, nutrition and parent involvement; support mental health and
                                                    disabilities services for Head Start children and parents; supervise
                                                    classroom staff and volunteers in accordance with program, state, and
                                                    federal guidelines
JOB CLASSIFICATION:                                 Full-time (Nine months) Regular, Non-Exempt
PAY RATE RANGE:                                     $13.53 - $17.26
                EDUCATION and DISABILITIES
                 Provide a safe, clean environment and curriculum which promotes good health, nutrition and
                   safety practices, including bus and pedestrian safety
                 Provide an environment which allows children to learn through active exploration,
                   interaction with others and materials
                 Promote large and small motor development through a variety of indoor and outdoor
                   activities, materials, and equipment
                 Promote language, literacy and cognitive development through a variety of activities daily
                 Provide a classroom environment that represents a variety of cultural and ethnic populations
                 Provide opportunities for children to express thoughts and feelings verbally and non-
                 Provide activities and interactions with children, which promote positive feelings about self
                   and learning thus promoting social and emotional development
                 Promote positive behavior systems at all levels of the organization
                 Regularly observe and assess children's developmental progress and make individual child
                   plans with parents according to the Education Timeline
                 Recognize, accept, and support individual differences and learning styles as reflected in
                   activities and adult's interaction with children
                 Encourage and support Dual Language learning opportunities and processes program-wide
                   at all levels
                 Support social and emotional development through positive guidance and discipline
                 Facilitate children's social skills in a positive and supportive manner
                 Make required number of individualized home visits; home visits are individualized,
                  scheduled, and last for 1.5 hours
                 Coordinate transition activities with Transition Coordinator
                 Record assessment data according to timeline and use outcomes information in planning
                   daily educational activities
                 Complete ASQ and ASQ-SEs with every family within the first 45 days of attendance
                 Collaborate with Specialists and Coordinators to best serve children with special needs
                   including mental health, disabilities, and health issues

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                 Coordinate with Education and Disabilities Coordinator in children’s special needs
                   processes including child assessment, working with professionals, IFSP development and
                   obtaining services
                 Insure child tracking systems in all program areas, which includes the maintenance of
                   educational records, service needs and completion of services, are accurate and up-to-date
                   to satisfy Head Start Performance Standard requirements, and that Head Start Performance
                   Standard Timelines for health services are satisfied
                 Establish positive and productive relationships with assigned families; foster the belief in
                   parents that they are their child's best teacher and reinforce this concept with practical
                   suggestions for its development
                 Coordinate parent participation with Teaching Team in classroom activities, monthly parent
                   meetings, male involvement activities, Policy Council, and home visits
                 Attend monthly parent meetings, assisting with planning, meal preparation and clean-up, and
                   arranging child care; be responsible for the presentation of the Education Component
                 Work with Coordinators to plan, coordinate, and provide for the delivery of needed services
                  to families and children in areas of health, nutrition, social services, mental health and
                  special needs
                 Complete initial in-take forms and documentation for newly enrolled children
                 Participate in case management reviews and in related documentation of services
                 Insure that each family receives a community resource guide, referrals, and referral follow-
                   up in a timely manner to support parenting success
                 Develop plans with each assigned family using assessments and identified needs, building
                   on strength and interests; all components must be addressed
                 Insure that each family completes a Family Portfolio that includes supporting the
                   achievement of family-directed goals; if family goals exist through another agency, obtain a
                   Release of Information to support family in obtaining those goals to avoid duplication of
                 Encourage parents to take advantage of educational opportunities
                 Assist with recruitment, as needed
                 Serve as Bus Monitor as needed, preferably once a week
                 Assist with food services, as needed
                 Participate in supervising, training, and evaluating Teacher Assistant, Aides, Volunteers,
                   Bus Driver, Food Service Aides and Cooks
                 Act as a Mentor to Teacher Assistant and Aides to support their professional growth
                 Be flexible with time management to assist team in center meetings, parent meetings, etc.
                 Attend team case management meetings
                 Communicate weekly with team members regarding assigned families
                 Attend center and staff meetings and training
                 Complete necessary reports, documents, and forms required, which includes case notes
                 Maintain all necessary daily and monthly records
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                 Develop an age-appropriate schedule, daily program and curriculum for preschool children
                 Assure that the classroom is supplied with necessary supplies and materials and assume
                   responsibility for use of space, materials and equipment
                 Assure that resources are used effectively
                 Perform other related duties as assigned
                 Daily class evaluation between teaching staff
                 Maintain confidentiality in all areas of the program including staff, program, child and
                  family information.

                 Associate degree in Early Childhood Education or Baccalaureate degree/advanced degree in
                   ECE or related field and one year experience working with preschool children in a
                   classroom setting
                 Demonstrate ability to use positive guidance techniques
                 Experience or training in providing social services or parent training for families preferred
                 Demonstrate and understanding in ethical practices as listed in the NAEYC Code of Ethics
                 Bilingual English/Spanish preferred
                 Valid Oregon driver's license and appropriate auto insurance, as required by state law
                 Reliable transportation
                 Valid First Aid/CPR Certificate, Food Handlers Card, tuberculosis clearance, and continued
                   enrollment in CCD Criminal History Registry
                 Ability to: lift up to 80 pounds; sit on the floor for long periods of time; bend; stoop; crawl;
                   run after and with children on a regular basis
                 Must be free of child care-restrictible disease, as defined in OAR 333-019-0010, symptoms
                  of physical illness, as defined in OAR 414-300-0220(1), or mental incapacity that poses a
                  threat to the health or safety of children
                 Available to travel to out-of-town training and be away from home for two or more nights
                 Ability to handle stress, be flexible, work as a team member, and maintain confidentiality
                 Computer literacy

                 Maintain a professional demeanor as a representative of the organization
                 Demonstrate ability to work as a team member
                 Maintain confidentiality and exercise sound judgment concerning privileged information
                 Provide a clean, safe and healthy learning environment on a daily basis
                 Plan and provide developmentally appropriate activities and schedule each day/week
                 Complete and post lesson plans at the beginning of each week
                 Complete all necessary documents according to education timeline in a timely manner;
                   documents are complete and accurate; follow-up assignments are completed

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                 Plan and complete all required home visits, working with families to provide appropriate
                   educational activities for children and family support services related to family needs/
                   problem solving and goals
                 Participate in monthly case management reviews and record regularly the services provided
                   to families
                 Work with Team to provide assistance to parent group in planning and implementing
                  educational and social activities on a monthly basis

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