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					                                        Manual – I

 Particulars of organisation, functions and duties section 4 (I) (b) (1)

        Out of 29 sections of Cuttack Collectorate, the Inst. Election section is one of
them which is functioning out side the Collectorate gust behind the SBI, Cuttack. All the
Records and files relating to Elections matter and inspection note of R.D.C (CD) Cuttack,
Collectorate, Cuttack, and A.D.M. Cuttack with its compliance report are to be submitted
to the Audit and Inspection section. Further SPL, Summary Revision of Electoral Roll
and conduct of Election work and publication of voter list has been done in this section
with proper supervision of Collector and D.E.O., Cuttack.
                                        Manual- 2

              Powers and duties of officers and employees
                                        Section 4(1) (b) (ii)
 SI.            Designation of Post                         Powers                       Others      Duties
 No                                                                                                 attached
                                           Administrative Financial      Stationary
 (1)                     (2)                     (3)             (4)          (5)          (6)          (7)
 1.    O.I.C., Election, Cuttack           1. Administrative power as delegated by the Collector and
                                           C.E.O., Orissa, BBSR for supervision of Dist, Election section.
                                           2. Financial power as delegated by the Collector, Cuttack.
 2.    Jogendranath Sarkar H.C             General Supervision of Election section and all files go through
                                           the Head Clerk.
 3.    Bansidhar Singh S.C                 Stock, Stone, Revision of Electoral Rolls, E.P.I.C parliament
                                           assembly questions, vehicles and payment of compensation to
                                           hired vehicles, Telephone, Electricity Bills, contingency, A.C.
                                           Bills, D.C. Bills
 4.    Prafulla Ch. Nayak S.C              Office establishment Bill & Buget Reports and Refurns case
 5.    Narayan Ch. Swain J.C               Issue of letters, Diary, stamp, account.
 6.    Braja Sundar Swain (Peon)           Engaged for distribution of letter to different offices and help in
 7.    Arabinda Nayak (Peon)               all official work.

 8.    Bijaya Kumar Samal (Watch Man)      Working in this office and watching the Election godown &
                                           election office during the night hours.
                                             Manual- 3
          Procedure followed in decisions making process
                                        Section 4(1) (b) (iii)
SI.                      Activity                         Level of action                   Time frame
(1)                        (2)                                   (3)                             (4)
1.    Collector., Cuttack                    All the decisions made by Collector & D.E.O., Cuttack
2.    A.D.M                                                                 —Do—
3.    O.I.C., Election                        On receipt of different categories of files relating to election
                                             matters and compliance report on 1/N of Collector, A.D.M., and
                                             compliance report on A/R and I/R from. Different officer
                                             concerned officers and recovery of Govt. dues, submission of
                                             N.D.C and report return O.I.C., disposed of other files at his
                                             level as necessary and other files endoresed to A.D.M., fixed
                                             disposal and approval of Collector.
4.    Head Clerk                              Soon after receiving the files relating to Election Section form
                                             concerned Dealing Asst. file submitted with duly checking to
                                             O.I.C for disposal. 1 day
5.    Sr. Asst.                               As per distribution of work at manual 2 the concerned dealing
                                             Asst. are placing their files before the Head clerk. Soon after
                                             receiving letters from diarists immediately for disposal at OIC
                                             and ADM level.
6.    Jr. Asst.                                                             —Do—
7.    Class-IV employees                     .Assisting in official work.

                                             Manual- 5
                  Rules, Regulation, Instruction, Mannual and
                    Records for discharging functions
                                     Section 4(1) (b) (v)
                   List of regulations, instructions, Manuals and records
SI.     Name of the act, rules regulations           Brief gist of the contents        Price in case of period
No                                                                                           publication.

(1)                        (2)                                   (3)                             (4)
1.    Orissa Record Mannual. (Maintained Inspection Note of Higher officers and its compliance
      under paragraph) 9 (3)
2.    R.P. Act (1951)                         Preparation of Electoral Roll and conduct of Election.
                                                Manual- 6
         Statement of the Categories of documents that are
                held by it for under its control
                                  Section 4(1) (b) (vi)
         Details of records available may be made in a statements from wing
      wise, unit wise, branch wise and it may be go tabulated indexed and
SI.           Name of the reords                Details in puts available     Unit/Section      Retention period
No                                                                           where available    where available

(1)                   (2)                                   (3)                    (4)                 (5)
 1.    1/N of Higher Officer, member of       Record for the year                              Dist, Record Room
       Board of Revenue R.D.C. (CD),          2000 on wards is
       Cuttack Secretary to R.D.C. (CD)       available here.
       Cuttack D.M. Cuttack. A.D.M.,
 2.    Voter list of Electors                 Records for the year                             Dist, Record Room
                                              1980      onwards is
                                              available here.

                                              Manual- 11
                   The budget allocated to each agency
                                          Section 4(1) (b) (XI)
                                           Non- Plan budget
Major head Activities to be      Sanctioned          Budget estimate        Revised estimate Expenditure for the
             performed             budget                                                        last year
   (1)            (2)                (3)                     (4)                  (5)               (6)
 1. 2015     Monthly Salary Pay 5,40,000/-        7,67,195/-                7,05,770/-         6,15,655/-
                              DA 3,46000/-        6,16368/-                    4,85,461/-          3,73,486/-
                              HRA 36,000/-        72,790/-                      62,507/-            45,793/-
                              OA 1800/-           2400/-                         2400/-              2715/-
                              RCM 3200/-          10,000/-                       26410/-             3200/-
                              TE 2500/-           10,000/-                      15,000/-             3990/-
                              OC 5000/-           10,000/-                      10,000/-             6,500/-
                              Electric Charge     25000/-                        25744/-            14300/-
                              Telephone           14500/-                        12150/-            12629/-
                              Water Charge        1440/-                         1480/-              1400/-
                                                  Plan Budget
  Name of  Activities to be Date                            Expected date for       Amount                Amount disperse
plan scheme under taken Commencement                           completion          Sanctioned                 spent

       (1)               (2)                (3)                    (4)                    (5)                       (6)


                                                        Manual- 16
               Name designation and other particulars of public
                         information officers
                                            Section 4(1) (b) (XVI)
                                     List of Public Information Officers
SI. No Designation of the officer          Postal address       Telephone        e-mail         Demarcation
         designated as PIO.                                        No.          address         of         area/
                                                                                                Activities     if
                                                                                                more than one
                                                                                                PIO is there
 (1)                    (2)                       (3)              (4)            (5)                  (6)
  1.         O.I.C., Election Office.,       O.I.C. Dist,        0671-          —Nil—           Cuttack. Dist.
                     Cuttack               Election Office,     2368171

                              List of Assistant public information officers
SI. No        Designation of the officer           Postal       Telephone No.     e-mail address
              designated as Asst. PIO.            address
 (1)                    (2)                         (3)              (4)                  (5)

                         First appellate authority with in the department
SI. No        Designation of the officer           Postal         Telephone No.         e-mail address
                designated as PIO.                address
 (1)                    (2)                         (3)                  (4)                      (5)
  1.               A.D.M., Cuttack              A.D.M.,         0671-2608265 (O)
                                              Cuttack Dist.     0671-2306623 (R)

Rest manual 4,7 to 10, 12 to 15 and manual 17 do not relate to Dist. Election Section.
                      Source : District Election Section

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