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                                    February 15, 2008

Dear ESL Contact,

        For the seventh year, the Virginia ESL Supervisors’ Association is proud to be
able to offer seven scholarships of $1,500 each to English language learners who are
planning to continue their studies at an institution of higher learning.

         Attached, you will find an ESL Scholarship Cover Sheet and Application form.
You may duplicate the application as needed. Please encourage your ESL teachers to
assist students in gathering the required documents so that all applications will be
complete at the time of mailing. The deadline for receipt of all applications is April
24, 2008.

         Please note the importance of a local contact person taking the time to assist the
student in completing ALL sections of the application. In particular, we ask that you
check to be sure that the student does have at least a 3.0 GPA and also that s/he has
been a student in an ESL class at some point during his/her high school career. Due
to the large number of applicants last year, the committee will not be able to personally
follow-up on sections of the application that are missing.

      We hope to be able to announce the names of the scholarship winners no later
than May 9, 2008.

       If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (540) 825-0713 or via
email at


                                             Beth Boyd
                                             Farmington Elementary School
                                             500 Sunset Lane
                                             Culpeper, VA. 22701
                          ESL SCHOLARSHIP


Name of student ______________________________________

Name, title, and phone number / email of person responsible for


Name of high school____________________________________

Address of high school __________________________________

Name of school district (city/county)________________________

Phone number of high school _____________________________

Student’s overall Grade Point Average _____________________

Years student was enrolled in ESL ________________________


The following items must be enclosed in the VESA Scholarship
Application packet:
□ A copy of all high school transcripts available.

□ Two (2) letters of recommendation from teachers at the school in
  which the student is enrolled.

□ The completed application form with attachments for questions 1-3 on
page 2.

□ Cover sheet signed by a contact person in the school.
Deadline for application: April 24 of the applicant’s senior year
Scholarship amount: $1,500.00

 Scholarships are awarded based on:
1. Demonstration of need
2. Grade point average (GPA)
3. Letters of recommendation
4. Completed application, which will be evaluated on content, with consideration given
   also to grammar, spelling and neatness

Criteria for applying:
1. Student must have been enrolled in an ESL program for at least one year in grades
2. Student must be enrolled in 12th grade at the time of application.
3. Student must have a 3.0 minimum cumulative grade point average.

The following items must be enclosed in the VESA Scholarship Application
1. A copy of ALL high school transcripts available
2. Two letters of recommendation from teachers at the school in which student is
3. This completed application form with attachments for questions 1-3 below
4. Cover sheet signed by a contact person in the school

Applicant Information:

Name ______________________________________________________________


e-mail address (if applicable)____________________________________________

Date of birth__________________________________________________________

Country of birth _______________________________________________________

High School in which you are currently enrolled_______________________________

Address of high school __________________________________________________

Dates of attendance at this high school _____________________________________

Telephone number for school _____________________________________________

Contact person for this school (if more information is needed)
(This person may be one of your references. ________________________________________
Preferred person: ESL teacher or guidance counselor)
Virginia ESL Supervisors Association Scholarship Application                        page 2

Your responses to the following statements will be considered in the selection process. Your
responses to items 1-3 should be written or printed neatly in ink, typed, or prepared on a word
processor. You may use other paper and attach it to this form.

1. Give a brief summary of your life, telling what you would like others to know about you. Be
   sure to include any extraordinary events that have helped to shape your life. (maximum 300

2. Describe your personal and educational goals, and tell how the scholarship money would be
   used to help you meet your goals. If you have been accepted at a university or college,
   please indicate where. (maximum 300 words)

3. Please list any other information that you think might be helpful for the selection committee.
   For example, list clubs, sports, hobbies, jobs, volunteer work or other similar activities. Also
   list any honors or awards you have received.

I certify that the information contained in this application and the accompanying documents is
true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge.

_______________________________                            ___________________________
(signature of applicant)                                   (date)

_______________________________                            ___________________________
(signature of ESL teacher or guidance counselor)           (date)

Return completed application to:                  Beth Boyd
(Remember to include all items                    Farmington Elementary School
requested on the first page of                    500 Sunset Lane
application)                                      Culpeper, VA 22701
                                                  (540) 824-0713 Ext. 3034

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