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Frontline horsepower at the ready



                            VOLUME 76   ISSUE 9   SEPTEMBER 2010

                                  at the ready
Above & beyond
the call of duty
The men and women of the force
protect us all by bravely putting
themselves in harm’s way.

On the occasion of Blue Ribbon
Day, all our team would like to
extend their grateful, ongoing
and heartfelt thanks.
No. 1 Clarendon Street, East Melbourne 3002
Telephone: 03 9468 2600 Fax: 03 9495 6933
Freecall 1800 800 537 (outside metro area only)
President: Brian Rix
Senior Vice-President: John Laird
Junior Vice-President: Gerry de Vries
Treasurer: Phil Pearson
Assistant Treasurer: Dean Thomas
Mr Brian Rix − President
9495 6899 (wk) 0419 545 127 (mob)

Mr John Laird − Snr Vice-president (Sth Melbourne CIU)
9646 7475 (wk) 0419 104 383 (mob)
Mr Phil Pearson (Region 3 H/Q, Broadmeadows)
9302 8337 (wk) 0439 301 741 (mob)
Mr Dean Thomas (Latrobe CIU)
5131 5040 (wk) 0407 536 322 (mob)
Mr Dermot Avon (Properties Branch, Business Management)

                                                                                                                                                          Farewell Carlton
9247 3058 (wk) 0418 582 861 (mob)
Mr John Carter (Frankston Police Station)
9784 5570 (wk) 0418 346429 (mob)
Mr Karl David APM (Frankston Police Station)

                                                                                                                                                          police station
9784 5555 (wk) 0428 882 110 (mob)
Mr Gerard de Vries − Jnr Vice-president (Dandenong)
9767 7444 (wk) 9887 6873 (hm) 0419 510 807 (mob)
Mr Paul O’Connell (Moreland CIU)
9355 6052 (wk) 0413 053 882 (mob)
Mr Mark Rose (Melbourne TMU)
9380 7373 (wk) 0419 899 847 (mob)
Ms Diane Wilson (Nunawading Police Station)
9871 4111 (wk) 0425 804 761
Executive members’ home phone numbers are
available after hours in strictly urgent cases only. Their
numbers may be obtained from the on-line supervisor
at D24 on 9247 3222.
Secretary: Greg Davies
Assistant Secretary: Bruce McKenzie
Legal Manager: Tony Walsh
Industrial Relations Manager: Chris Kennedy
Administration Manager: Sylvia Loveless
Communications Manager: Sandro Lofaro
Editor: Shirley Hardy-Rix

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President: Philip Parson 9759 6688 0417 565 462
Secretary: Arthur Roberts 9704 2358
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                              VOLUME 76   ISSUE 9   SEPTEMBER 2010

                                                                                                                              21   A call for national standards
                                                                                                                                   for young drivers
                                      horsepower                                               A time of change at the        22   Farewell to Carlton
                                      at the ready                                             Mounted Branch.
                                                                                                                                   police station
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                                                                                                                                                               The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 01

Recent Executive

             fter the recent Executive            policy without supporting any political party.
             elections we have two new            Then, it is up to you which party’s views you           Brian rix > PRESIDENT
             members committing to serve          think is best able to support your profession
             you. Welcome to Colin Birch          and vote accordingly.
             and Dean Anderson. I am sure
they will represent all members’ interests        Annual General Meeting
                                                                                                     The Police
to the best of their ability, especially in the   The Executive of the Police Association has
lead up to the State election. Of course          authorised a strategy to improve current         Association has
with two new members, two others have
to make way. Gerry De Vries and Diane
                                                  asset holdings by selling off a tract of land
                                                  at Coldstream. The strategic direction is
                                                                                                   once again returned
Wilson provided enormous support and              to make available those funds for more           a profit for the
intestinal fortitude through some very trying
times. I thank both members on behalf of
                                                  appreciating assets and improving members’
                                                  welfare. The Annual General Meeting has
                                                                                                   financial year.
all the membership for their commitment           to ratify decisions of this nature. Hopefully,
to helping their fellow Police Association        by the time you read this, members have
                                                                                                   the Commission to support our members
members. Meanwhile Delegate Glenn                 ratified the Executive’s direction. Our
                                                                                                   who discharged their duties in extreme
Holland and Gerry De Vries are contesting         vision of the future is to provide even more
                                                                                                   circumstances. Clearly, our members on
a single 12-month vacancy that at time of         services to you.
                                                                                                   the ground acted above and beyond the
writing has not been decided. I’m confident
                                                  Police Association status                        call of duty. We know that many of our
that either will prove to be a very worthy
                                                                                                   members still suffer from psychological
candidate to take on the Executive functions      The Police Association has once again
                                                                                                   trauma. As always, The Police Association
of your Police Association.                       returned a profit for the financial year.
                                                                                                   will be there to continue to support those
                                                  The Administration, Executive and
Political Pledges to Policing                                                                      members who need assistance.
                                                  Delegates have contributed to our strong
We have made it abundantly clear to               financial and political position. We intend      I am sure the Victoria Police Force will take
all state and federal politicians that            to continue that trend.                          on board the Commission’s findings and
policing needs commitments from them                                                               hopefully improve systems and processes
to ensure we can sustain our safe and             Bushfire Royal Commission                        to ensure that if such a catastrophic event
orderly community to the best of our              The bushfire Royal Commission has finally        occurs in our state again, the Force will be
ability. For our state election, we intend        handed down its recommendations. Your            better prepared to support our hard working
to comment on how we view a particular            Police Association was represented at            members on the ground.


   are you taking unpaid leave?
   Did you know you can defer your Police Association membership? If you are going on
   unpaid maternity leave, leave without pay or are on an ESSS pension, your Association
   membership can be deferred.

   Please call Tracey Morgan or Sue Thorley on 1800 800 537 from the Membership team
   to discuss your options.

                                                                                          The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 03

The Association responds to
the Bushfire Royal Commission

           irst and foremost, I am pleased      and Emergency Services or the Chief
           that none of our members             Commissioner must notify the Premier               GrEG DaViES > SECRETARY
           came in for any criticism for        about the possibility of declaring a
           their actions on Black Saturday.     disaster as soon as the minister of
           The Royal Commission has,            Chief Commissioner becomes aware of              for police? If so, how are we to identify the
in effect, recognised that our members          circumstances that make it a reasonable          "vulnerable", how do we find them and
universally reacted on the day in the best      possibility that the criteria have been met.     how do we establish if residents in isolated
way they could.                                                                                  properties have stayed or left?
                                                The declaration of a state of disaster
For The Police Association, several of the      is a powerful tool for managing an               The Police Association made a detailed
Commission’s 67 recommendations are             emergency. In a sense, it can be compared        submission to the bushfires inquiry and
significant.                                    to the effect of martial law. Suddenly,          we got a very fair hearing. Now we will be
                                                authorities have power to control a disaster     looking to see that the Victorian Government
It is recommended that the title of
                                                virtually however they see fit, including        implements the changes recommended.
Coordinator in Chief of Emergency
                                                commandeering helicopters or privately
Management be removed from the Minister                                                          We will also monitor the government’s
                                                owned earthmoving equipment.
for Police and Emergency Services.                                                               promise on another vital issue which
                                                In terms of evacuation procedures, the           affects the safety of the public and our
The recommendation further states that the
                                                Association is pleased the Royal Commission      own members.
Chief Commissioner of Police be designated
                                                has not recommended forced evacuation.
Coordinator in Chief.                                                                            This relates to improvement in emergency
                                                We’ve all seen footage from American forest      services communications.
We support this move because no system
                                                fires where people refusing to leave their
should give a politician responsibility                                                          On Black Saturday we had significant
                                                properties are arrested, handcuffed and
for managing an emergency response.                                                              problems in various areas because police
                                                dragged away by police.
Only someone with operational knowledge                                                          using the metropolitan communications
should be in charge.                            We don’t want to see that happen here and        network couldn’t talk to those on the
                                                the Association doesn’t want its members         country network, even though in some
Another recommendation deals with an
                                                put in that position. It can lead to a stand     cases they were only about 200 metres
issue which the Association believes was
                                                off and we don’t want to end up with a siege     from one another.
wrongly handled on February 7, 2009.
                                                in the middle of a disaster area.
                                                                                                 In fact, the communications system was
As the fires spread rapidly, there was no
                                                While we are pleased the Commission              so poor that some of our metropolitan
recommendation to the Premier to declare
                                                stopped short of backing compulsory              members on roadblock duty in rural
a state of disaster.
                                                evacuation, we are concerned that it             locations were left there for long periods
If you are not going to make this declaration   says the government’s approach should            without portable communication. We may
in the midst of the worst natural disaster in   "include consideration of plans for assisted     have been lucky they survived unscathed.
Australia’s history when would you envisage     evacuation of vulnerable people".
                                                                                                 Our rural and metropolitan communications
this legislation might be used?
                                                That poses problematic questions for police.     must be compatible and we await the
The Commission has recommended                  Who categorises whom as vulnerable?              government pledge to make this happen
that in future, the Minister for Police         Who performs the evacuation? Is it a job         by 2012.

                                                                                        The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 05
    2009 Bushfires Royal
    Commission delivers its
    Final Report

                he Final Report of the 2009         often without a means of communication.           course of Black Saturday and despite
                Bushfires Royal Commission          The Strategic Framework is intended to            receiving briefings which left her with the
                was presented to the Governor       rectify these communication difficulties.         clear impression that Victoria was "facing
                of Victoria, Professor David de                                                       a disaster", Ms Nixon left the IECC at
                                                    The Final Report concludes that the Strategic
                Kretser AC, on Saturday, July                                                         6:00pm and returned to her home and then
                                                    Framework adopted by the Government
    31 2010. The report was then presented                                                            attended a dinner with her husband and
                                                    in April of this year will ultimately lead to
    to the Premier and tabled in Parliament.                                                          some friends at a hotel. The Commission
                                                    intra-operability between metropolitan and
    It is now available online at the 2009                                                            concluded that it was not satisfactory
                                                    rural radio networks for Victoria Police. While
    Royal Commission website (www.                                                                    that Ms Nixon was absent during this
                                                    the timing of implementation is yet to be                                                                      period while aware of the disaster which
                                                    determined, the successful establishment
                                                                                                      was unfolding.
    Communications                                  of a statewide communication system is
                                                    consistent with the position adopted by The       The Commission stated that Ms Nixon’s
    In the July edition of the Police Association
                                                    Police Association in its submissions before      approach to Emergency Coordination and
    Journal, we outlined the measures that
                                                    the Royal Commission and is a welcome             her statutory responsibilities left much to
    have already been announced by the
                                                    development.                                      be desired. The Commission also expressed
    Government in response to concerns
                                                                                                      dismay at Ms Nixon’s approach to giving
    pursued by the Police Association during        The Final Report has recommended in
                                                                                                      evidence before it. The Commission drew
    the bushfire hearings.                          the interim that Victoria Police ensure its
                                                                                                      attention to the fact that aspects of Ms
                                                    members are provided with radio handsets
    These announcements included provision                                                            Nixon’s written statement and oral evidence
                                                    compatible with the network for the area
    in the 2010-2011 State Budget for the                                                             before the Commission were inaccurate
                                                    to which they are deployed. Appropriate
    centralization of regional D-24s to the                                                           and incomplete. Ms Nixon attributed
                                                    training, as well as backup communications
    ESTA facility in Ballarat and the "Emergency                                                      the deficiencies in her evidence to poor
                                                    systems such as mobile phones and CFA
    Services Communications Strategic                                                                 memory, assumptions and lack of support
                                                    radios, have also been recommended by
    Framework" which will focus on ensuring                                                           in preparing her statement. The fact that
                                                    the commissioners.
    that information and equipment is simple                                                          Ms Nixon had a practice of not keeping
    and intuitive to use and ensure that field      Command and Control                               notes or a log book during her tenure as
    personnel who are required to carry a voice                                                       Chief Commissioner was singled out by the
                                                    The commissioners have acknowledged the
    radio will not be expected to carry more than                                                     Commissioners as a matter which should " ...
                                                    need for strong and effective leadership in
    one radio capable of roaming seamlessly                                                           constitute a salutary reminder to emergency
                                                    situations such as those experienced on
    between the statewide network.                                                                    services personnel at all levels of the
                                                    February 7 2009. The Commission observed
                                                                                                      importance of keeping an activity log".
    The Commission acknowledged the                 that then Chief Commissiner Christine
    communication difficulties between the          Nixon took a "hands off" approach to her          The Commission concluded that while
    analogue and digital networks operating in      responsibilities as State Co-ordinator of         strong and effective leadership was required
    rural and metropolitan areas and the fact       the State Emergency Response Plan and             on Black Saturday, the leadership provided
    that metropolitan police members deployed       Chief Commissioner of Police. Ms Nixon            by those ultimately responsible for the
    to rural areas on Black Saturday were           attended to personal matters during the           operational response was found wanting.
06 Protect Represent Support.
                                                                                                       Tony WalSh > LEGAL MANAGER

Traffic Management Point Policy                   commitment to provide a dedicated liaison         very limited information" and "They exercised
The Commissioners concluded that                  officer to deal with traffic management           initiative and sound judgment". In the words
roadblocks play an important part in              should result in an improvement in                of the Commissioners " ... the Commission
maintaining public safety during the              communication between the ICC and police          commends the officers for their bravery
bushfires. More than 4,500 roadblocks were        on roadblocks during bushfires.                   and decisiveness. They made a controversial
established on or after Black Saturday. The                                                         decision, but they made it with the safety
                                                  Recognition of Police and Other                   of the public foremost in their minds and
Final Report identified a number of systemic
                                                  Emergency Services Workers                        successfully delivered those involved to
problems with the way roadblocks operated
including inflexibility, poor communication       The Commission has expressly                      a safer place".
and denying access to firefighters.               acknowledged all those who placed their
                                                                                                    Several matters advanced in the
                                                  lives at risk to fight the fires that burned
Following the commencement of the                                                                   submissions on behalf of The Police
                                                  in Victoria in January and February 2009.
Royal Commission, new guidelines for                                                                Association are reflected in the final
                                                  Its gratitude was extended to all firefighters,
the operation of traffic management                                                                 recommendations including clarification
                                                  police and other emergency services workers
points were issued in October 2009. The                                                             of the roles created under the Emergency
                                                  recognizing that were it not for their efforts,
Police Association raised concerns in                                                               Management Act 1986. The Commissioners
                                                  the damage and loss on Black Saturday
its submissions relating to a number of                                                             have also recommended that the State
                                                  would have been greater.
aspects of the new guidelines, in particular,                                                       consider amending the Emergency
the need for CFA personnel to be able             Significantly, the commissioners have made        Management Act 1986 to require either
to produce proper identification in order         no significant criticism of individual police     the Minister or the Chief Commissioner
to pass roadblocks during a bushfire.             members with respect to the events of Black       to consult the Premier about the possibility
The Commissioners have made a formal              Saturday (other than the matters pertaining       of declaring a State of disaster for all or part
recommendation that the CFA now provide           to the conduct and evidence of former             of Victoria when warranted. Amendments
to all CFA volunteers an identification card to   Chief Commissioner). The Commissioners            to the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 will
facilitate their passage through roadblocks.      accepted that the response to the fires           now mean that responsibility for issuing
                                                  on February 7 was characterized by many           warnings rests with the fire authorities
The Commissioners have also observed that
                                                  people trying their best in extraordinarily       rather than Victoria Police.
there was poor communication between
                                                  difficult circumstances.
the Incident Control Centre and the police                                                          The Police Association looks forward to the
responsible for traffic management including      It is particularly pleasing that the bravery      implementation of improvements to Victoria
many instances where police established           of members has been justly recognised             Police communications under the Strategic
road closures without directions from an          in the case of Senior Constables Kenneth          Framework. Victoria Police members can
incident controller. The Commissioners            Dwight, Peter Collyer, Ian Hamill and Andrew      be justifiably proud of the response by
have observed that the introduction of the        Walker who made the decision to evacuate          individuals on Black Saturday and the fact
ability of an incident controller to delegate     the people gathered at Gallipoli Park oval in     that the actions of those actively engaged
responsibility for traffic management             Marysville. The commissioners observed that       in the emergency response has been widely
to another member of the Incident                 Senior Constables Dwight, Collyer, Hamill and     acknowledged and, in some instances,
Management Team and Victoria Police’s             Walker "had to make snap judgments using          the subject of commendation.
                                                                                          The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 07
     > LEGAL NEwS

                                                Legal Advice after a Police
                                                Shooting or Fatal Accident
                                                Tony WalSh > LEGAL MANAGER

    The association’s legal                              ach incident is different and the
                                                         circumstances of each incident will
                                                                                                    It is important
    Manager, Tony Walsh,                                 dictate the advice that is given.       that you submit to
    says that it is an                                    Whether the person shot sustains
                                                                                                 appropriate forensic
                                                          fatal or non-fatal injuries, the
    unfortunate reality that                    Homicide Squad will generally be involved        procedures and speak
    whilst performing your                      in the investigation. Officers from the
                                                Ethical Standards Department oversee the         to any investigator
    duties, you may become                      investigation and will also be present. The

    involved in an incident                     fact that ESD members are present does           ... seek legal advice.
                                                not necessarily mean that any police officer
    where you or one of                         is under investigation for complicity in a
                                                criminal or a disciplinary offence. They are
    your colleagues will                        normally there to oversee the investigation
                                                                                                 circumstances of the incident; but not
                                                                                                 before you seek legal advice. You should
    shoot a person whilst                       as a result of a recommendation made by
                                                                                                 contact the appropriate representative
                                                the State Coroner some years ago.
    acting in self defence,                     There is also a possibility that the OPI may
                                                                                                 at The Police Association who will arrange
                                                                                                 for you to receive preliminary legal
    or defence of another                       be involved.                                     advice at no cost to you, from The Police

    person. The purpose of                      After the shooting it is standard practice
                                                                                                 Association’s preferred solicitors.
                                                for you to be segregated from other              Historically over the past 20 years, every
    this article is to provide                  police officers who were present at the          police officer who has been involved in a
    you with basic advice in                    shooting. That alleviates the possibility of     police shooting has made a statement. The
                                                an allegation of you "comparing notes" with      statement is not made under caution, and
    relation to your rights                     other members prior to being spoken to.          would probably be admissible evidence
    and what you should                         Depending on the extent of your
                                                                                                 against the police officer if he or she was
                                                                                                 charged with any criminal offence. During
    and should not do.                          involvement, you should expect that your
                                                firearm may be removed and you may be
                                                                                                 that time, no police officer has refused to
                                                                                                 make a statement after a police shooting
                                                swabbed for gunshot residue. As you may
                                                                                                 and apart from one exception, no police
                                                have been involved in a "critical incident" as
                                                                                                 officer has had his or her rights administered
                                                defined by s85A of the Police Regulation Act
                                                                                                 pursuant to s.464 of the Crimes Act. That is,
                                                1958, the Chief Commissioner or his delegate
                                                                                                 only one person has been "cautioned" as a
                                                may direct that you supply a sample of your
                                                                                                 suspect over that period.
                                                breath, a sample of your urine, or allow a
                                                registered medical practitioner to take a        However, before making a statement,
                                                sample of your blood, for the purpose of         you should ensure that you have first
                                                testing for the presence of alcohol or a drug    obtained legal advice to ensure that in
                                                of dependence.                                   the circumstances of your incident, it is
                                                                                                 appropriate that you do so.
                                                It is important that you submit to
                                                appropriate forensic procedures and              In a recent police shooting, it was proposed
                                                speak to any investigator regarding the          that rather than taking a statement in

08 Protect Represent Support.
the traditional form, a ‘statement by
video’ would be conducted. After seeking
                                                   There are very valid reasons why you
clarification of what procedures would
be involved in taking the "statement
                                                 should not participate in any tape-recorded
by video", it transpired that what in effect     discussion about the circumstances
was being done was a video and audio
recorded interview rather than the taking        surrounding a shooting.
of a statement.
                                                 Alternatively, if over a period of some time,    There have been a couple of occasions
On the basis of legal advice that was
                                                 a detailed and comprehensive statement           over the past 12 months where police
rendered to each of the members, they
                                                 is taken in the traditional way, you will        officers who have been involved in a
declined to participate in that process.
                                                 have the opportunity to ensure that the          shooting have not sought legal advice
Each of them made statements in the
                                                 written statement accurately reflects what       prior to making a statement. Whilst there
traditional form. There may be very valid
                                                 it is you wish to say, before you sign it.       is obviously no obligation upon you to do so,
reasons why you should not participate
                                                 Anything that you express badly or clumsily      it is a service that is provided to you by The
in any tape recorded discussion about the
                                                 can be rectified before it is signed. That       Police Association and one that you should
circumstances surrounding a shooting. It is
                                                 rectification or amendment cannot take           avail yourself of.
unlikely that, mentally, you will be at your
                                                 place if it is tape recorded.                    Finally, under no circumstances should
optimum. You may have been awake for
many hours. You may be extremely anxious         Accordingly, it is our view, based on            anyone ever contemplate participating in a
or stressed about the incident you have          strong legal advice, that you should not         re-enactment. Previous cases have revealed
been involved in and your account to the         contemplate participating in any tape            how problematic this procedure can be.
investigating officer, if tape recorded, may     recorded interview no matter what name is        The contents of this article are equally
not be a calm and considered one. It will be a   given to it by the investigators. Provided you   applicable to the procedures that are
permanent record of your account on which        have sought legal advice and you are feeling     adopted after a fatal car accident. Again, you
you may later be examined at a Coronial          well enough to do so, a written statement        should seek legal advice before committing
inquest if the shooting results in a fatality.   can be made in the traditional way.              yourself to an initial account.

                                                                                  A proud supporter
                                                                                  of Blue Ribbon Day
                                                                                      since 1999
                 McDonalds Family
             At the Royal Children’s Hospital
               Flemington Road, Parkville

             Phone: 03 9349 1777

                Proud Supporter of The Police
                    Association Victoria

                                                                                         The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 09
   Free WorkHealth
   Checks for Police
    The Police Association,
    along with Victoria
    Police and the CPSU,
    have teamed up with
    WorkSafe Victoria to
    offer free WorkHealth
    checks for all Victoria
    Police employees.

               he checks are designed to
               complement the existing Victoria                                                                       Blood pressure?
               Police Health and Fitness
               Assessment Program.
                                                                                                                      Cholesterol ?
               Inspector Danny Bodycoat,
    Manager of Health Promotion and Support,
    says that with the internal program
    "because of the numbers we haven’t the
    wherewithal to reach every employee. With
    the WorkHealth checks we will be able to
    reach out to everybody in the state".
    WorkHealth checks will be conducted over
    a six month period, starting this month.
    A schedule outlining when they will be
                                                       Check the things you can’t see.
    coming to your area is available on the            Get a FREE WorkHealth check here on:                 ___________________________________________________________

    Victoria Police intranet.
                                                       They only take 15 minutes and are completely confidential
    Inspector Bodycoat says even one man
                                                       To book visit
    stations will be catered for, with WorkHealth
    professionals travelling to centres within
    reasonable access for those stations.                12 5
                                                        1885 2010

    The free assessments are confidential                 CPSU

    and take 15 minutes.
    Members who choose to do a WorkHealh
    check will:
    > fill out a questionnaire about health
                                                    > receive information and advice on leading     "We want this to be a great new beginning,"
      habits, including food and exercise
                                                      a healthy lifestyle                           says Inspector Bodycoat. "It should be the
    > have blood pressure, cholesterol, blood       > be advised to visit a GP if further tests     first step in them taking responsibility for
      glucose and waist measurements taken            are required                                  their own wellbeing."
    > receive results on the spot, including        Members who choose to participate will          You can book in for the health checks by
      level of risk for type 2 diabetes and         be permitted to undertake the tests while       visiting https://portal.onsitehealthsolutions.
      cardiovascular disease                        on duty.                                        com.bookings/
10 Protect Represent Support.
 > IR NEwS

BOCC: Members deserve respect,
common courtesy and proper process
from their employer

           obody disputes the wisdom of              granted overdue compensation after the
           beefing up our chronically under-         Association successfully negotiated the
           resourced frontline but, however          introduction of a Disturbance Allowance.
           worthy this end, nothing justifies        A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), was
           the manner in which the BOCC              recently signed by both The Police Association                ChriS KEnnEDy >
process has unfolded.                                and the employer and comes off the back                  INDuSTRIAL RELATIoNS
Putting to one side the merits or otherwise          of the 2007 Workplace Agreement which
                                                     acknowledged that work patterns of coverts
of whether certain sworn positions should be
civilianised, the Force had a clear choice on how    needed to be examined for these members.
it should approach this task from the outset −       The MOU stated that an allowance would            aligning the salary structure of specialist
and it could have chosen the right way.              be brought in to effect to compensate             members at forensic to that which applies
This would have involved a sensitive                 employees for disturbance outside of work         to fingerprints experts with whom they
recognition that the sworn positions                 hours, frequent changes to start times and        share the same qualifications and expertise.
identified for civilianisation are occupied by       duty locations. Payment of the allowance
                                                                                                       In essence our objective is to achieve salary
real people who deserve nothing less than            will be available to eligible members in:
                                                                                                       justice for these members at forensics as
to be treated with respect, common courtesy          the State Surveillance Unit (SSU), Technical
                                                                                                       they have earned the same level of expertise
and within the industrial rules that prescribe       Support Unit (TSU), Source Development
                                                                                                       and possess the same qualifications as
the proper process - attributes that should          Unit (SDU), Undercover Unit (UCU) and the
                                                                                                       members who perform work in fingerprints.
underpin any approach from an organisation           Security Intelligence Group (Covert Unit).
that values its people.                              The two tiered allowance will be paid             Since the 2007 Workplace Agreement, which
                                                     according to the parameters:                      promised to examine sergeant positions
Unfortunately, to the great distress of the
                                                                                                       in relation to the professionalisation of
many affected members, an alternative                > Disturbance Allowance 1 (DA-1) will be
                                                                                                       forensics, The Police Association has been in
process emerged.                                       payable to members (at rank of Constable
                                                                                                       negotiations with the Force to align the salary
Last month, The Police Association engaged             to Senior Sergeant) who work regular
                                                                                                       structures for all expert members working in
in a series of urgent meetings with Force              rostered availability
                                                                                                       forensics, with the fingerprints structure.
representatives on this issue in order to            > Disturbance Allowance 2 (DA-2) will be
identify what went wrong and to ensure                 payable to members (at rank of Constable        Earlier this year the Association
that the flawed processes adopted were                 to Senior Sergeant) who are not regularly       successfully negotiated a Memorandum
corrected as soon as possible.                         rostered on availability                        of Understanding (MOU), with the Victoria
                                                                                                       Police Force, that agreed to align the salary
Many of these issues have been communicated          The allowance has been back-dated to July
                                                                                                       structure of expert senior constables
to affected members and are a matter of record.      1 2008.
                                                                                                       at ballistics and crime scene units with
At the time of writing the Association has been      The rate of this allowance will adjust in         fingerprints. While this represented
in regular dialogue with the Force to fix the many   line with percentage increases in salaries        a successful outcome for the senior
procedural anomalies that have caused affected       prescribed in the current industrial agreement.   constables involved, the Force resisted
members much needless stress and anxiety.            Members should also note that the                 the notion that such an outcome should
While the prospect of correcting these issues        introduction of this allowance will not           extend to supervisors (unfortunately this
may not totally undo the distress caused             discount other penalty rates, so rostered         has created an anomaly where experts
to affected members, we hope that some               availability and commuted overtime will           are receiving a greater salary than their
clarity and certainty will be achieved − both        continue to apply.                                expert supervisors).
of which have been absent to this point.             If members have any queries regarding this        This has prompted the Association to file
While the BOCC project has been a mess,              new allowance, they should contact the            a dispute with FairWork Australia (the
we nevertheless remain hopeful that further          Association’s IR section on (03) 9468 2600.       independent industrial umpire) on behalf
talks scheduled with the Force will result                                                             of these members. The Association is of the
                                                     Pursuing pay justice
in all outstanding matters of dispute being                                                            strong view that these members should
finalised soon.
                                                     for forensic specialists
                                                                                                       not be earning an inferior salary to other
                                                     The existing situation that sees forensic
We will keep members informed of further                                                               members who do the same job.
                                                     specialists who share the same
developments as they arise.
                                                     qualifications as fingerprints experts but not    This dispute formally commenced with
Disturbance Allowance win                            the same salary structure has been a long-        a conciliation hearing on Thursday 12
for Covert and support Areas                         standing concern of the Association.              August 2010.
Members from the Intelligence and Covert             In 2004 the Association served a claim on         Members will be updated as developments
Support Department have finally been                 the Victoria Police Force with a view to          arise in this matter.
                                                                                             The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 11
    The Mounted Branch ...

    When a violent protest erupted outside the Bob
    Jane T-marts store in oakleigh in March, the
    Mounted Branch wasn’t there. The officer in
    charge of the branch, Senior Sergeant Claire Shaw,
    thinks it could have been.                           ABOVE: S/C Natalie Shaw and LSC Jody Galway.

12 Protect Represent Support.
photos by

a Time of Change
           laire says that event was a classic         "We are going out to regions and finding out                Riding ability is no longer the key
           example of why the Mounted                  their hot spots, their crime, their traffic and             to a successful application.
           Branch is on the march, to change           anti-social behaviour issues and deploying
                                                                                                                   "We are looking for people with a strong
           the perception in Victoria Police of        the troops out there very much on a regular
                                                                                                                   operational background," says Claire, who
           what it is and what it does.                basis," says Claire. "That ultimately feeds
                                                                                                                   reviewed what she found when she came
                                                       back up. Regional managers start to have an
"It’s about highlighting the unit as an                                                                            to the branch 18 months ago.
                                                       appreciation that the Mounted Branch is all
operational police unit. I think in some
                                                       about assisting them."                                      "In some ways the branch had lost its way
quarters it still is considered that we
                                                                                                                   a little bit," she says. "There was a dedicated
are a P.R. unit and that’s really no longer            What follows on from there are changes to
                                                                                                                   need to review our selection, recruitment,
in existence."                                         the branch’s recruitment strategy.
                                                                                                                   the type of person we were getting in here
In fact, she says, only two percent of the             Expressions used by the branch to                           and the skill sets that will be required in
branch’s work comprises ceremonial duties.             describe a good quality applicant include                   the future for the branch to remain flexible
                                                       "independent, operationally experienced,                    enough to respond to the needs of modern
"The core function of the unit is supporting
                                                       gutsy, strong mental resilience".                           day policing.
operational police," says Claire.
                                                       Note the absence of "expert horse rider".                   Continued on page 15
"Often, regions get information, in advance,
and Bob Jane was a classic example. There
may have been information about that job
that came in two or three days prior to it
happening. We could actually have been
notified and could have rostered two or four
or six horses to have been deployed out
there as a high visibility, which, oftentimes,
is enough as a deterrent.
"The information we received later on
was that people did know. We could have
been notified."
While the logistics of deploying horses
to a job usually means the branch requires
notification in advance of possible trouble,
brawling incidents last month at Craigieburn
are an example of an immediate response.
"Don’t discount us at short notice," says
Mounted Branch Acting Sergeant Wayne
Gatt, who is also a Police Association
assistant delegate.
"The first we knew police were expecting a
flare up was at 11 o’clock in the morning. We
were advised the local police were putting
together a scratch crew. We volunteered and
deployed a patrol to assist the foot police. We
had two horses there at the midday briefing.
"We’ll often have members we can redirect
and deploy to emerging priorities.
"Getting people to think about us, particularly
when they’re struggling for resources is
important. Often that’s when there’s potential
for injury to occur. If we can attend, the potential
for injury to members is greatly reduced."
Spreading the word of the Mounted Branch’s               TOP: Senior Sergeant Claire Shaw. (Police Association photo) ABOVE: Making friends on patrol.
capabilities is a high priority.
                                                                                                      The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 13
Family Restaurant

 Tullamarine Melbourne Airport 2 (External),
Cnr Melbourne Drv & Centre Rd, Tullamarine

         Ph: (03) 9310 4277

      Proud Supporter of The Police
          Association Victoria
ABOVE: LSC Jody Galway (L) and S/C Natalie Shaw in Federation Square on patrol.

Continued from page 13                                      dusty dampness and that unmistakeable              is presented so they have to make sure the
"We’re not going to select people out purely                equine odour.                                      horse is kept clean, that its mane and tail
because they’ve never been given an                                                                            are kept trimmed and just general overall
                                                            A modest sign "Mounted Branch" is the only
opportunity to develop riding skills. Western                                                                  appearance."
                                                            evidence from the outside of the vastness
Australia has gone to that model and it is
                                                            and nature of what lies within. The building       Indeed, Noble Duty and Persiaton are no
done internationally, whereby they will take
                                                            has been occupied by the Mounted Branch            sideshow nags when patrolling the CBD.
a non-rider in and train that person."
                                                            for nearly 100 years and while there have          Their tails are trimmed to a military precision
Vacancies currently exist at the unit, which                been many a bid to acquire it for more arts        bluntness, their coats gleaming.
has 30 members when at full strength and                    facilities, police have managed to resist,
                                                                                                               On a recent Saturday night, while two horses
26 horses.                                                  citing its strategic location. The horses are
                                                                                                               were deployed to Geelong for a crackdown
                                                            mostly stabled at the branch’s training
"We absolutely encourage people to come                                                                        on unruly nightclub behaviour, Noble Duty,
                                                            facility at Attwood, near the airport, so a city
here and try to get temporary duties," says                                                                    ridden by Senior Constable Natalie Shaw
                                                            location from which members can deploy
Mounted Branch Sergeant Lisa Royce. A                                                                          and Persiaton, ridden by Leading Senior
                                                            is essential.
month would be enough for them to see                                                                          Constable Jody Galway, patrolled the city.
what it’s like. You’d get a great insight."                 Horses are transported from Attwood
                                                                                                               "We’ll be going around to the licensed
                                                            depending on the upcoming roster. Each
Wayne, who is himself on secondment                                                                            premises, checking them all," says Jody.
                                                            branch member is allocated a particular
from the Dog Squad, says, " The Special                                                                        "We check on the bouncers, see that they’re
                                                            horse. Lisa Royce, who’s worked there 15
Support Department traditionally is very                                                                       all happy.
                                                            years, has 12-year old Rubicon.
difficult to get temporary duties in because
                                                                                                               "If we come across foot patrols talking to
of the specialist skills required, so to get a              "You do get a bond with your horse,"
                                                                                                               somebody we’ll go up, stand behind them,
workplace that’s willing to look at people and              she says. "In a crowd control situation
                                                                                                               in case the person fires up and in that case
say ‘give us a go,’ is a fantastic opportunity."            it can become quite handy to have that
                                                                                                               we’ll tell the foot police to get out of the way
The first thing that would strike a newcomer                                                                   and we’ll deal with them."
to the Mounted Branch is the "office". It’s                 Lisa says that when she has a shift, "the
                                                                                                               The horse patrol is a public attraction.
located in South Melbourne, in the heart                    horse would be brought in from the training
                                                                                                               Whenever the horses are still for a minute,
of the arts precinct. Across the road is the                complex and if I was on patrol it would
                                                                                                               people crowd around to pat them and take
sparkling, ambient-lit Melbourne Recital                    be washed up, ready to go, so that when
                                                                                                               photographs. Wayne Gatt sees their high
Centre. Around the corner is the National                   I came in I would go and collect my gear,
                                                                                                               visibility to the public in a very positive light.
Gallery of Victoria.                                        get my OSTT equipment issued, exercise
                                                                                                               "Because it’s not just them that’s seeing
                                                            the horse in the riding school. That shows
Actors rehearsing lines, musicians tuning                                                                      them. It’s the crooks as well."
                                                            there’s nothing wrong with the horse. Then
instruments and art patrons speaking in
                                                            you go out to where your patrol might be.
hushed tones in galleries where a speck
                                                            It might be the CBD, so you would ride from               Have a view about this story?
of dust is never found sit incongruously
                                                            here. If it's away, you would need a float.            Send your comments or feedback to
within metres of a huge animal arena and
stables of snuffling, whinnying horses,                     "The rider is responsible for how the horse
                                                                                                      The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 15
      The MacDiarmid Story ...
      They Are Not Alone
                                                                                                          ABOVE: Peter MacDiarmid, Former Victoria Police
                                                                                                          Chaplain and Police Association life member
                                                                                                          Rev. Jim Pilmer and Sheila MacDiarmid.

      Twenty years after their daughter                                                                 Last year Peter Harrington called Reverend
                                                                                                        Jim Pilmer, the retired Victoria Police Senior

      disappeared, the parents of Sarah                                                                 Chaplain and Police Association life member
                                                                                                        who now does part time duties with the
      MacDiarmid are reaching out to other                                                              Homicide Squad in the area of victim support,
                                                                                                        and asked him to contact the MacDiarmids
      families struck by similar tragedy.                                                               to see if he could be of service in the lead
                                                                                                        up to the anniversary. After meeting the

                                                                                                        family, Jim brought the website idea back
               hey have set up a website               Sarah’s brother, Alisdair, to discuss their      to the Homicide members, who immediately
               designed to support and guide           thoughts and feelings.                           thought of former squad member Con
               people through the unique grief                                                          Mitropoulos, who now runs a website design
                                                       It was Sheila’s brainchild and turned into
               that is experienced in a case of                                                         business. Jim says Con backed the concept
                                                       a triumph of good over evil.
               "missing, presumed murdered".                                                            with insight, enthusiasm and generosity.
                                                       The MacDiarmids, who have suffered at the
    Sheila and Peter MacDiarmid don’t want                                                              In the telling of the website development,
                                                       hand of humanity in its most cruel form, are
    to counsel people; they want to listen                                                              this is the point where Peter MacDiarmid
                                                       overwhelmed by the fine, decent people who
    to them via a website where people                                                                  breaks down.
                                                       willingly and eagerly supported their family
    share thoughts about what they’ve gone
                                                       and turned the website into a reality.           He describes the above-mentioned people,
    through. They want to help people avoid
                                                                                                        who have helped him, as "pure" and says he
    the pitfalls they tumbled into, such as            They start with Detective Sergeant Peter
                                                                                                        realises how good people can be.
    the unwise and hasty decisions they                Harrington of the Homicide Squad, who
    made in the wake of trauma and without             was aware that July 2010 would mark 20 years     With that, this story suddenly goes from
    adequate advice. They want to highlight            since the unsolved disappearance of Sarah from   being about some information that’s going
    the problems faced when a case falls               Kananook railway station, near Frankston.        onto computers to something else; one
    into the gap between "missing person"                                                               about gratitude and compassion.
                                                       It was a Wednesday night. Sarah caught
    and "homicide". They want to instigate
                                                       a train from Flinders St. about 9 p.m. with      Jim responds to Peter, "People realise how
    changes in support services offered to
                                                       two friends, who disembarked earlier than        good you are too and it shouldn’t have
    people in their circumstance.
                                                       she. Police established that Sarah got off       happened to you. It’s not right. There’s a very
    Furthermore, they hope             at Kananook and headed for the car park.         deep sense of wanting to compensate for
    enables brothers and sisters, who have lost        The next day, blood was found beside and         that by the very small things we can do. And
    a loved sibling, to be able to get in touch with   on her car.                                      through you, that will help other people."
16 Protect Represent Support.
photos by

  ABOVE: The website,, featuring a photo of Sarah MacDiarmid.                                 ABOVE: Sheila MacDiarmid.

The MacDiarmids felt confident they were on                to educate doctors to be more conscious          established for families like his.
the right track with the website when, after               of making referrals.
                                                                                                            "I acknowledge there are not many of us but
media coverage of the 20th anniversary of
                                                           In the early stages of their suffering,          that’s why it shouldn’t be hard to set up," he
Sarah’s disappearance, there were 130 hits,
                                                           says Peter, "there was no guidance for us.       says. "It’s not the numbers. It’s the severity
including from Indonesia.
                                                           There wasn’t a social worker who arrived         of the circumstances.
"That brought home that this is a worldwide                at the door.
                                                                                                            "Our situation is so unusual that there
things," says Jim. "People are missing,
                                                           "Sheila was back to work within two weeks        is nothing.
believed murdered, in all parts of the world."
                                                           of Sarah disappearing.
                                                                                                            "I hope this website can be a source
The MacDiarmids say not only do you
                                                           "We were aware of this huge money                of change to what is officially available
fall into a gap with what services are
                                                           pressure. I should have said to Sheila ‘forget   in support services."
offered with a "missing, believed murdered,"
                                                           it. I don’t care what happens to the house,
case, but also experience a particular type                                                                 Jim Pilmer says the MacDiarmids have
                                                           you cannot go back to work’ but the brain
of distress.                                                                                                aroused his interest in the area of victim
                                                           isn’t operative, the shock is so tremendous
                                                                                                            support and he takes a different view to
"We’re suffering like somebody who’s been                  that you’re not thinking clearly."
                                                                                                            the social worker path. "I’ve called some
in the homicide side and we’re suffering
                                                           Through Peter says               meetings recently to try to look at how we
in the same way as when somebody’s
                                                           "We’re just listening and talking about the      can have a victims’ chaplaincy service in
missing," says Sheila.
                                                           problems we had. We’re not offering advice.      Victoria because there are so many gaps.
"As far as the police are concerned, Sarah’s               We’re not counselling; there are people          People just don’t get the service they need.
been murdered," says Peter, "but by the                    trained to do that. What we’re saying is,        I think possibly the only way is through a
same token, all along the line, senior police              this is what happened to us. What do they        chaplaincy service."
have said we can’t give up hope without                    think is happening to them?"
                                                                                                            Sheila says if the website is going to help
proof. It’s most peculiar.
                                                           "I just thought there was a big hole             somebody, that will help her. "We would
"If it was a missing persons website, well,                somewhere that we really should try              like it to be a sharing website. We’ve got
they could be missing for any number                       and mend," says Sheila.                          this area for anyone who’s in the same
of reasons. With homicide, there are huge                                                                   situation as us if they would like to have
                                                           As well as telling Sarah’s story, the website
support groups building already. We’re in                                                                   their son or daughter put on the website
                                                           details a number of support services, has
the middle.                                                                                                 with a wee story about what happened
                                                           a link to make direct contact with Alisdair,
                                                                                                            to them."
"And there are a heck of a lot of people in our            who was 21 when he lost his sister, and,
situation that you don’t even know about."                 at this stage, profiles one other case,
                                                           that of Terry Floyd, who, at the age of 12,             Have a view about this story?
Through her work as a nurse, Sheila says
                                                           disappeared near Avoca on June 28, 1975.             Send your comments or feedback to
she has seen the value of social workers
to victims of crime and is campaigning                     Alisdair calls for government support to be
                                                                                                   The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 17

    ABOVE: The police memorial on St. Kilda Road.

    September 29, St. Michael’s                                n that day this year police will,
                                                               as in past years, march in the
                                                                                                   At 4.00 pm there will be the annual "End
                                                                                                   of Day Reflection" and lowering of the
    Day, is National Police                                    city to commemorate colleagues      Police Ensign at the Police Memorial at the
                                                               who have paid the ultimate price    Springvale Botanical Cemetery. Visitors will
    Remembrance Day as                                         while serving their community       find this memorial at the corner of 5th Road
    St. Michael is the patron                       and those who have passed away.                and 6th Avenue (Melway 591 K6).

    saint of policing.                              September 29 is more commonly known by         Then at 6 pm there is an informal
                                                    the public as Blue Ribbon Day, when people     ceremony at the Police Academy. Both
                                                    show their support for police by wearing       the Chapel of Remembrance and the St.
                                                    blue ribbons.                                  Michael Chapel will be available for visitors.
                                                    This year’s Melbourne service will begin       Those wishing to pay their respects and
                                                    with a march down St. Kilda Road to the        light candles for sworn and unsworn
                                                    Victoria Police Memorial, opposite the old     members who have passed away are invited
                                                    Police Depot. Members should assemble at       to do so between 6.00 pm and 7.45 pm.
                                                    Princes Bridge from 10.00 am for a starting    The observance will conclude with prayers
                                                    time of 10.20 am. All police members are       and the reading of the Honour Roll by Rev.
                                                    invited to join in.                            Dr. Broughton.

                                                    A service will be conducted at the Police      Blue Ribbon Day stickers and badges are
                                                    Memorial by Senior Police Chaplain Rev.        available at police stations, 7-Eleven stores,
                                                    Dr. John Broughton.                            selected RACV outlets and RSL clubs.
18 Protect Represent Support.
                                            photo by

                                             National Police Remembrance Day Services
                                             29th September 2010 (except Kerang/Barham, NSW)
                                             Victoria country locations
                                            Albury/wodonga              noon        St Augustine’s Church, 55 High St, wodonga
                                            Ararat/Stawell              10.00am     Holy Trinity Anglican Church, View Point St, Ararat
                                            Bairnsdale                  10.00am     Bairnsdale Police Station, Princes Highway, Bairnsdale
                                            Ballarat                    10.30am     St Peter’s Anglican Church, 1309 Sturt St, Ballarat
                                            Bendigo                     11.00am     Bendigo Town Hall, 189 Hargreaves St, Bendigo
                                                                                    Details: Chaplain Ian Cutlack Tel. no: 5433 4071
                                            Echuca/Moama                2.00pm      Anglican Church, High Street, Echuca
                                            Hamilton                    10.00am     uniting Church,Lonsdale St, Hamilton
HONOUR ROLL                                                                         Details: Chaplain Peter Cook Tel. no: 5571 2577
                                            Horsham                     10.30am     St John’s Anglican Church, Baillie St (cnr Firebrace St)
We commemorate the passing of our                                                   Horsham
colleagues who have left us in the past     Kerang/Barham NSw           11.00am     St John’s Anglican Church, wakool St, Barham *Thursday
12 months. Their dedicated service to the                                           1st october
community is respected. They and their      Mansfield/Benalla           11.00am     Police Memorial, cnr. High St and Highett St, Mansfield
deed will be remembered.                    Mildura                     11.00am     St Margaret’s Anglican Church, cnr. Deacon Ave and 11th
                                                                                    St, Mildura
> Leading Senior Constable Trevor Cahill                                            Details: Chaplain Gary Fordham Tel. no: 5025 2280
> Superintendent Eda Whiting                Morwell/Moe/Traralgon/      10.30am     RSL Anzac Room, Elgin St, Morwell
> Sergeant Walter Dallas Greaves            Portland                    11.00am     St Stephen’s Anglican Church, cnr. Julia St and Percy St,
> Sergeant Anthony Vangorp                                                          Portland
                                            Sale/Maffra                 10.30am     St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral, Cunningham St, Maffra
> Senior Sergeant Charles Grieve
                                            Shepparton                  11.00am     St Brendan’s Church, Knight St, Shepparton

In Their Honour
Constable Joseph Delaney 6389
Died September 3, 1923
                                            Constable Joseph Delaney survived some             Alexander Nicholson and Dr Syme, the Police
                                            of the heaviest fighting of the First World        Surgeon, flew to Swan Hill, but there was
                                            War only to die in the quiet country town          nothing that could be done. The blast had
                                            of Swan Hill when he was 28 years old.             penetrated his spinal column.
                                            Joseph had been in the Force for four              Constable Delaney’s girlfriend was a nurse
                                            years and was stationed at Swan Hill for           at the local hospital and nursed him until
                                            the last two. On August 28, 1923 there             his death.
                                            was a burglary at Walter Crick’s house in
                                                                                               At Frederick Smith’s murder trial he
                                            Tyntynder, a small town outside of Swan
                                                                                               claimed he only armed himself because
                                            Hill. The prime suspect was the teenager
                                                                                               he was scared of intruders and that the
                                            Frederick James Smith, but he denied any
                                                                                               gun accidentally discharged. The jury
                                            knowledge of the burglary and no stolen
                                                                                               found him guilty of manslaughter and
                                            property was found at his home.
                                                                                               he was sentenced to five years and ten
                                            When Delaney returned to question Smith            lashes of the birch.
                                            a second time the boy appeared from his
                                                                                               Joseph Delaney’s brother, Hugh, was
                                            room carrying a shotgun. Smith called on
                                                                                               interviewed for the book In the Performance
                                            the policeman to put his hands up. When
                                                                                               of Duty. He told the authors that Joe had
                                            Delaney rushed at the boy he was hit in the
                                                                                               forgiven the boy for what he had done. Hugh
                                            neck with the full force of the blast.
                                                                                               said that Smith didn’t receive the birching
                                            Smith fled on Constable Delaney’s horse            and was released into foster care.
                                            before giving himself up to Emma Castle,
                                            the wife of the policeman at the Nyah
                                            West Police Station. She had to leave him
                                            in the office because she couldn’t unlock
                                            the cell door.
                                                                                               Members killed on duty are remembered
                                            Meanwhile, Constable Delaney was in                on the Honour Wall in the foyer of The Police
                                            a critical condition. Chief Commissioner           Association’s East Melbourne offices.
                                                                                    The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 19
     > SLATER & GoRDoN

   Transport Accidents
   Outside of Work
    In the January 2010 edition of this Journal, we provided Police
    Association members with an overview of entitlements when a
    police officer is involved in a car accident whilst on duty. This article
    is intended to provide an overview of entitlements when injuries
    are sustained in a transport accident that occurs whilst not on duty,
    including accidents that occur whilst travelling to or from work.

               olice officers will often attend       result, injured people with an accepted TAC      loss of earnings damages to be made if it
               the scene of car accidents as          claim are entitled to three basic benefits,      can be established that:
               part of their duties at work, but      regardless of the circumstances of the
                                                                                                       1. The injured person has suffered a ‘Serious
               what happens if you or a family        transport accident. This means that even
                                                                                                          Injury’ as a consequence of that accident;
               member or a friend suffers             where the accident is your fault, you may
    the misfortune of being involved in a car         still have an entitlement to any or all of the   2. The accident was caused or contributed
    accident outside of work hours? Similar           following benefits:                                 to by the negligence of another party.
    to the WorkCover system, those injured                                                             The maximum payable for a Common Law
                                                      > Payment of reasonable medical expenses,
    as a result of car accidents are entitled to                                                       Damages claim is currently $458,450 for
                                                        including rehabilitation and disability
    access benefits from the Transport Accident                                                        pain and suffering and $1,031,540 for loss
                                                        services or equipment
    Commission (TAC).                                                                                  of earnings.
                                                      > Income benefits for periods of incapacity
    Claims can be made to the TAC if you are a                                                         Generally, any claim for Common Law
                                                        for work (usually limited to the first three
    driver or passenger in a car accident, even                                                        Damages under the TAC system must be
                                                        years after a transport accident)
    where the accident is your fault. Claims                                                           commenced within six years of the date of
    can also be made if you are hit by a car as       > A lump sum claim for injuries that result      injury occurring. A claim for Common Law
    a pedestrian or bicycle rider, or if you are        in a level of permanent impairment (if you     Damages can be made in addition to receiving
    travelling on a public bus, tram or train. If       qualify, the current minimum payment is        ‘no fault’ compensation for medical expenses
    you are unsure whether the circumstances            $6,450.The current maximum payment is          and some income benefits (loss of earnings
    of an accident are covered by the TAC               $295,100)                                      payments). A payment for permanent
    system, you should seek legal advice as soon                                                       impairment can also be made but this will be
                                                      Where the TAC makes a decision that you are
    as possible after your accident.                                                                   taken into account upon the finalisation of a
                                                      unhappy with, whether it be refusal to fund
    When a person sustains injuries in a              a medical expense, a reduction in income         common law claim. Loss of income benefits,
    transport accident, a claim should be lodged      benefits or an assessment of your level of       known as loss of earning capacity benefits,
    as soon as practicable with the TAC. The          permanent impairment, that decision can          may also be taken into account depending on
    TAC does not have to accept claims that are       be challenged. There is a strict one year time   the type of common law claim that is brought.
    lodged more than one year after a transport       limit for appealing decisions made by the        The TAC system can be a complex one,
    accident. However, where good reasons             TAC, so again you should seek legal advice as    particularly where there is a delay in lodging
    exist for the delay in lodging a claim, the TAC   soon as possible if you find yourself in such    a claim with the TAC or where unsatisfactory
    may exercise its discretion and accept the        a situation. The majority of disputes with       decisions are made about your entitlements
    late claim. If you do not lodge a claim within    the TAC can be resolved informally without       by the TAC. It is therefore highly
    three years you will not be able to access        the need to commence proceedings in the          recommended that any police member,
    any entitlements from the TAC, as your claim      Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal.       or family or friend of a member, who has
    will be rejected. Thus, even if you are not       After one year has elapsed from the date of      the misfortune of sustaining injury in a
    sure whether your injuries are long term or       the TAC’s decision, you will no longer be able   transport accident seek legal advice about
    permanent, you should protect your rights         to appeal that decision.                         what potential entitlements may exist.
    and lodge a claim with the TAC, listing every
                                                      In addition to the above ‘no-fault’ benefits,    Police Association members can contact
    injury that you have sustained, even if some
                                                      those with more serious injuries may also        Slater & Gordon on 1800 555 777 or
    injuries only seem to be minor at the time.
                                                      pursue a claim for Common Law Damages            arrange an appointment with the fortnightly
    The TAC legislation (Transport Accident Act       under the TAC system. The TAC system             visiting service at the Association’s offices in
    1986) is essentially a ‘no fault’ system. As a    permits a claim for pain and suffering and       East Melbourne.
20 Protect Represent Support.
                                                                                                         As part of its Creating
                                                                                                         a Safer Australia
                                                                                                         strategy, the Police
                                                                                                         Federation of
                                                                                                         Australia has come up
                                                                                                         with a no-nonsense
                                                                                                         plan to reduce the
                                                                                                         number of young
                                                                                                         people killed on our
                                                                                                         roads. The deaths of
                                                                                                         young, inexperienced
                                                                                                         drivers are not just a
                                                                                                         problem in Victoria.
                                                                                                         It is a national issue.

National standards for young drivers

            he Police Federation of Australia     described this as the ‘national crisis’ that         blood alcohol level, instead of the current
            (PFA) is seeking a commitment         was Australia’s road toll.                           inconsistent levels, should be compulsory.
            from the Australian Government
                                                  The target set in the National Road Safety           But most of all, the PFA wants to see
            that it will work with all states
                                                  Strategy 2001-2010 for bringing down the             serious incentives introduced nationally
            and territories to develop national
                                                  annual road toll is not being met − the target is    to encourage young drivers to undertake
standards for the licensing of, and driver
                                                  5.6 fatalities per 100,000 population. Australia’s   advanced driver training. Those incentives,
training for, young drivers.
                                                  toll is about 1500 road deaths a year or slightly    combined with national standards governing
The major changes being called for by the         under seven fatalities per 100,000 population.       licensing and training of new drivers and
PFA include:                                      The statistics for P-plate deaths this year (2010)   meaningful relaxation of those standards
                                                  are sickening. In Victoria, despite dramatic         for qualified advanced drivers, would be a
> to the engine power of vehicles, speed
                                                  reductions in the number of people killed on         tangible step in addressing the death toll
  limits, restrictions on passengers and
                                                  our roads the 18 to 25 age group continues           amongst young drivers. It signals that we
  zero blood alcohol limits for L-and
                                                  to be vastly over-represented. While the             don’t want ‘reckless or incompetent driving’.
  P-plate drivers;
                                                  numbers of deaths in the age group are down
> the minimum hours of training with a                                                                 Just as Government led the way in beginning
                                                  on last year in Victoria they are still high.
  qualified driving instructor, and the logged                                                         construction of the national highway system
  hours of driving, that are required;            According to former Federal Minister, Barry          and initiating the black spots program,
                                                  Cohen, "safer cars and roads will yield the          the Australian Government can take a
> standard penalties for breach of the rules      best results but as the Australian Traffic           dramatic step in boosting advanced driver
  for L-and P-plate drivers, including speed      Council’s National Road Safety Action Plan:          training nationwide, perhaps in concert
  and alcohol limiters; and                       2009-2010 shows, there are dozens of other           with motor vehicle insurers and the states
> most importantly, serious incentives,           initiatives that would also help. It lists more      and territories. The parents of every young
  including relaxed restrictions, for             than 100 measures that could be taken.               teenager, looking ahead with dread to
  young drivers undertaking advanced              Speed limiters, driver education, tougher law        the L-and P-plate years, will thank the
  driver training.                                enforcement, increased surveillance, black           Australian Government which embarks on
                                                  spot remedial work, removal, or protection           this ground-breaking measure to slash the
Police in every jurisdiction are at the
                                                  from, roadside obstacles, shoulder sealing,          young driver death rate.
forefront of enforcing the rules of the road
                                                  improved signage; the list is endless."
and cleaning up the carnage after serious                                                              In 2008-09 Federal net revenue from fuel
crashes which still claim the lives of many       For young drivers breaching the rules, the use       excise was about $15.1 billion, so a Federal
young drivers. Professor of Health Policy         of speed limiters and the technology that stops      contribution to these significant initiatives
at Curtin University, Mike Daube, recently        people driving when they are over the national       would be widely welcomed.
                                                                                             The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 21
     Farewell Carlton
     Police Station
         The doors of Carlton Police Station
         have been locked up for good, closing
         a 132-year history.
         Members young and old, past and
         present, gathered at the Drummond
         St. heritage building on August 17
         for a sentimental ceremony where
         current staff, led by pipers, paraded
         out of the premises.
         Carlton police have moved to
         Wreckyn St. North Melbourne. The
         new Melbourne North station covers
         Carlton, Royal Park, Parkville, North
         Melbourne, Kensington and parts of

     ABOVE: It was a light-hearted ceremony on August 17. Current staff had a last-minute marching lesson before   ABOVE: Leading Senior Constable Scott Lardner
     parading out.                                                                                                 showed how it’s done.

                                                           ABOVE: Their rehearsal paid off. Pipers led an impressive march out onto Drummond Street.

                                                           BELOW: The bluestone cells were built in 1890 and never changed much. They are so bleak, so freezing in winter
                                                           and stifling in summer, that police have been touched by pangs of guilt when locking people in them. Senior Constable
                                                           Adam Foley turns the keys for the final time.

ABOVE: Carlton was the stomping ground of criminals
such as the notorious 1920s gangster Squizzy
Taylor. He most likely passed through these doors.
"Stations like these are dying," says Carlton Sergeant
Max Jackson as he takes a last look around the now
empty offices.

ABOVE: No, they weren’t auditioning for "A Chorus Line".

                                                                                                             The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 23

Mickleham Road (cnr International Drv),
    Phone: (03) 9338 9557
    Proud Supporter of The Police Association Victoria
           and remembering the fallen officers.
BELOW: Senior Sergeant Trevor Ashton(left) was Officer
in Charge at Carlton from 2002 to 2009. Senior Sergeant
Jim Sutherland spent two years there, from 2004 to 2006.

                                                             ABOVE: Everybody knew and loved Harry. Harry Ludwig (left) was the cleaner and maintenance worker from 1974 to
                                                             1989. He is pictured here with current member Sergeant Jodie Whitely and retired member Joe Crawford, a former
                                                             Carlton Senior Sergeant.

ABOVE: Members with fond memories of their Carlton
days came to watch the march. They included Acting
Inspector Adrian Healy and Senior Sergeant , Craig Shiell,
accompanied by Sergeant Chris Meyer.

ABOVE: Waiting to send good wishes to their local police
were students of Carlton Primary School.

                                                             ABOVE: Where’s my hat? The local children get cheeky with their local police as they say goodbye.

ABOVE: Former Carlton members Steve Johnston (1981
to 1991), Janice Prest (formerly Nevitt 1981 to 1985) and
Police Association senior Vice- President, Senior Sergeant
John Laird ( 1986 to 1988).                                  109: One to frame for the wall at the new Melbourne North station.

                                                                                                            The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 25

    Sergeant Max Jackson
    Northwest Metro (Melbourne East and Melbourne North)
    Why and when did you join the job?
    I joined as a Police cadet in January, 1978,
    a week before I turned 17. I had been
    endeavouring to get an apprenticeship in the
    building industry, but at the time they were
    hard to come by. One of my school friends
    and I came down from the country together.
    I made it and he missed out.

    What did you do before joining the job?
    I joined straight from school, but 32 years
    ago that was fairly normal. You don’t see
    too many fresh faced 18 year olds at the
    academy anymore.

    Why did you become a delegate?
    I had not really taken too much interest
    in Association matters, however I began               ABOVE: Sgt. Max Jackson.
    working with the then delegate and became
    more involved in Association activities.
    When the position became vacant, there
                                                        them. So the short answer as to what              What has been your career highlight?
                                                        our members can do to help me,                    After 32 years in the job, I have had the
    were no nominees to fill the role. I was
    approached and nominated.                           (1) Think how they would feel if they were        pleasure of working with many trainees just
                                                            a junior member being impacted on by          starting out. I find it enomously rewarding
    What is your most significant                           their decisions and                           when I run into someone from the past and
    achievement as a delegate?                                                                            see where they are now in their career. I get
                                                        (2) Seek consultation before they decide
    Anyone that knows me can tell you that                                                                personal satisfaction that I may have been
                                                            to implement something new.
    it is The Bail Act. For years I’ve been bailing                                                       a positive influence on them and in a small
    offenders. Two years ago I read the Bail                                                              way set them on a successful path.
                                                        What do you like most about working
    Act. I haven’t bailed anyone since. I strongly
                                                        in your area? (What makes it different            What do you outside the job that would
    suggest every Sgt should have a read,
                                                        to other areas?)                                  be of interest to members?
    particularly section 10.1.b. It greatly restricts
    when you can issue bail. The Act needs to           As I have been at Carlton 14 years, I must        No too much really. I see myself as a fairly
    be changed so that we actually have the             like the area and I have made many friends        quiet family man. I have three adult children
    authority to do what we have done for years.        in the process, but mostly it is for the people   and three grandchildren, who I naturally enjoy
    I’ve caused a few trees to be felled over it.       I work with. I’ve been very lucky, good bosses    spending time with. At home, I am a fairly
    Some have suggested I should be ‘careful’           (mostly) and good people to work with. It         decent handyman, I guess my early interest
    insinuating that I could face a backlash, but       makes it very hard to leave.                      in being a builder is still there. I always seem
    we shouldn’t be forced to do something we                                                             to have a project on the go. I make a lot of my
    have no lawful ability to do.                       What is your favourite war story?                 own furniture and have spent the last couple
                                                        Dumbest crook: the rusty gun bandit.              of years restoring an old V8 commodore. As
    How can your members best help you?                 I had just turned up for night shift, when an     both of my sons are mechanics it’s a great
    Victoria Police does not make decisions,            offenders on job came over. I headed over to      project to catch up over and I’ve become
    its employees do. Most of those employees           Parkville with one of the Senior Connies and      proficient at holding spanners.
    are members of The Police Association               managed to arrive just as the offenders were
    yet it is those that make decisions, start          driving off. They had an old Ford wagon, full     How would you like to be remembered?
    projects or similar, which impact badly on          to the roof. They had loaded up a grandfather     That I never forgot how hard it is to drive
    other members. Several pieces of legislation        clock and had even tied an old fireplace          the van around. It seems that many people
    require employers to undertake consultation         surround on the roof. When we got them            do. In later years when they are making
    processes, yet it seems in their haste to get       back to the office, one was proudly telling us    decisions that impact on junior members,
    things off the ground, they don’t. Often they       that he was known as the rusty gun bandit,        they don’t consider the difficulties they
    don’t even check to ensure that they comply         after using a rusty sawn off shotgun to do        cause. Good intentions seem to get lost
    with the EB, which they expect to protect           hold ups. They weren’t too smart.                 along the way!

26 Protect Represent Support.
"I’ve seen all
the work the
Association does
for us. I just
thought it was
time to put my
hand up and help."

     hat’s how Leading Senior Constable                      "It’s also to enlighten them as to                           to welfare, WorkCover and discipline."
     Trevor Collins found himself participating              what the Association has to offer
                                                                                                                          "Our primary role is to refer people
     in the recent Delegates Training                        the membership in terms of welfare,
                                                                                                                          appropriately and provide support for
Course, held at the Association’s offices.                   WorkCover advocacy, legal and discipline
                                                                                                                          them" says Leading Senior Constable
                                                             advocacy ... and to tell them how to use
Six elected delegates took part in the three-day                                                                          Jamie O’Neal, who participated as delegate
                                                             the IR section and get advice for members
program, including Leading Senior Constable                                                                               for Whitehorse PSA.
                                                             who may have queries.
Mark Deegan, who was inspired by first-hand
                                                             "We encourage delegates to make                              "We’re going through a trying time with a
knowledge of the Association’s support.
                                                             themselves aware of the process and then                     number of things. For instance, members
"I had the assistance of the Association                     refer people in here (the Association). We                   are concerned about the current EB
some years ago," he says. "Through its                       don’t expect them to have all the answers.                   (enterprise bargaining process). We get
guidance I was able to get back on track                     We just want to encourage them to become                     questions about that all the time."
and get on with my career."                                  the conduit to get members to contact the                    The log of claims for EB 2011 was endorsed
The training sessions, held for all new                      appropriate people.                                          by the membership in July and John East
delegates, are described by the Association’s                "We don’t do that to the exclusion of them                   says delegates play a big role leading up to
Delegate and Training Co-ordinator, John                     being able to broker a local workplace                       that stage.
East, as an "awareness course".                              arrangement but we encourage them to                         "First of all we get the delegates to organise
"The object is to make them aware of what                    check with us."                                              meetings and ask members what they want
their rights are as delegates, and what the                  Detective Senior Constable Matt Laxton,                      in their areas.
role of a delegate is, so that they know                     who’s been Warrnambool PSA delegate
                                                                                                                          "We collate all that information. We produce
what’s expected of them and what they                        for six months, says, "I hope I’ll be able to
                                                                                                                          a broadbrush of all the claims. The delegates
can and can’t do, as far as the employer                     provide more guidance from now on. It’s
                                                                                                                          prioritise the log of claims. They make
is concerned," he says.                                      been very informative, particularly in relation
                                                                                                                          recommendations to the Executive. As the
                                                                                                                          EB process ticks along we ask them to
                                                                                                                          organise workplace meetings and encourage
                                                                                                                          members to get behind the EB process."
                                                                                                                          In the lead up to the current negotiations
                                                                                                                          75 workplace meetings were conducted.
                                                                                                                          "The delegates were instrumental in setting
                                                                                                                          them up," says John.
                                                                                                                          Of the 51 delegates in Victoria, two are
                                                                                                                          women. There are nine female assistant
                                                                                                                          "A lot of the women have said to me they
                                                                                                                          are keen to be involved," says John.
                                                                                                                          John’s aim is for delegates to complete the
                                                                                                                          training course knowledgeable about all
                                                                                                                          the Association’s services and, when then
  ABOVE: Delegates in training, from left, S/C Sean Dickson, Det S/C Matt Laxton, LSC Tony O’Bryan, LSC Trevor
  Collins, LSC Jamie O’Neal.
                                                                                                                          dealing with members, "be comfortable
                                                                                                                          they’re doing the right thing."
                                                                                                                 The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 27
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   Get smarter this financial year
    The beginning of a new financial year is a perfect opportunity to look at your financial
    progress over the last 12 months and develop a new plan so that you can achieve your
    goals sooner.

          ut no matter when you review your          than you earn. A realistic budget and record      Foundation, Past and Present Police Women
          savings, there are a few simple            keeping system will help you to see what you      Association of Victoria, Victoria Sports
          strategies that will improve any           earn, what your regular expenses are, where       Amateur Sports and Welfare Society and the
    financial situation.                             the rest of your money is going and where         Retired Police Association of Victoria.
                                                     you can make cuts. You’ll find it easier to set
    Save regular amounts                                                                               For more information about Police
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    Review your spending − sometimes it can          you can support our key partners such as
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                                                                                         The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 29
     > QuIz

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         plus joker) beats a royal flush. 8. Alfred Pennyworth 9. Ireland 10. Rabbit 11. The South Pole (-50C) North Pole -17.7c.   trivia night services (special rates for police stations).
                                                                                                                                    Last month’s Who Am I?
         its current 3200m. 5. Rapunzel 6. Portuguese 7. A royal flush except in wild card poker where five of a kind (four aces

                                                                                                                                    Answer − Elvis Presley
         QUIZ ANSWERS> 1. Nevada 2. Dingo 3. Andy Thomas 4. Shorter, until 1972 it was 2 miles − 18.7 metres longer than

30 Protect Represent Support.
nEW PoliCE aSSoCiaTion PhonE nuMBEr >> (03) 9468 2600

We advise all members that your association office
phone number has changed to (03) 9468 2600.
While this new number has already taken effect, please
be aware that our previous number − (03) 9495 6899 −
will still be in service until 31 December 2010, at which
time it will be disconnected.
Members based outside the Melbourne metropolitan
area are encouraged to continue contacting us on our
toll-free number − 1800 800 537.

Our other contact details remain unchanged; members can continue to email the
Association at or send us a fax on (03) 9495 6933

                                                                                               Ph: (03) 9249 4000
                                                                                              TTY: (03) 9249 4999
                                                                                              Fax: (03) 9249 4351


                                                                                                         Proud supporter of

                                                                                             The Police Association Victoria

   Family Restaurant
   Melbourne Airport
                                                                    McCormack     Property Services
  1st Floor Virgin Terminal, Tullamarine
                                                                         312-314 Hoddle St., Abbotsford
            Melbourne Airport
                                                                     Phone: (03) 9417 1095
       Phone: (03) 9335 4702                                     
    Proud supporter of the Police Association Victoria              Proud supporter of the Police Association Victoria
          and remembering the fallen officers

                                                                 The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 31

   Executive minutes
    MINUTES FOR THE VPA                                     1 MAY 2009 - 30 APRIL 2010,         1.      CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES
                                                            BE RECEIVED."                               "THAT THE MINUTES OF 1 JUNE 2010
    FRIENDLY SOCIETY MEETING                                2. "THAT COPIES OF THE IPS                  BE CONFIRMED."
    Date:            Tuesday 1 June 2010                    WORLDWIDE ANNUAL REPORT
    Location:        The Police Association                 FOR THE PERIOD 1 MAY 2009 -         2.      ADOPTION OF ORDER
                     Boardroom, 1 Clarendon                 30 APRIL 2010 BE FORWARDED                  OF BUSINESS
                     Street, East Melbourne                 TO THE CHIEF COMMISSIONER,                  "THAT THE ORDER OF BUSINESS
    Time:            8.08am                                 DEPUTY COMMISSIONERS, ALL                   BE ADOPTED."
                                                            ASSISTANT COMMISSIONERS,
    Present:                                                EMPLOYEE SUPPORT AND                3.      STRATEGIC
                                                            WELFARE SERVICES UNIT AND           3.1     REVIEW OF STRATEGIC AND KEY
    BK Rix       (Chairperson)                                                                          FOCUS AREAS
                                                            THE ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE
    PJ Pearson
                                                            RESOLUTION ADVISORY CENTRE." GENERAL MEETING
    DJ Thomas
                                                                                                        The President advised that the
    KM David, APM                                   6.      RESIGNATION OF ROD
    GJ de Vries                                                                                         workplace meetings have been well
    P O’Connell                                             BREWER AS DIRECTOR OF                       received by the membership. The
    M Rose                                                  THE VPA FRIENDLY SOCIETY                    Secretary mentioned that the General
    D Wilson                                                "THAT THE RESIGNATION OF                    Meeting of members is scheduled for
    JR Carter                                               ROD BREWER AS A DIRECTOR                    Tuesday 13 June 2010 at Dallas Brooks
    GJ Davies    Secretary                                  OF THE VPA FRIENDLY SOCIETY                 Centre. On duty status for members
    BI McKenzie Assistant Secretary                         BE ACCEPTED".                               attendance at this meeting has been
                                                                                                        requested and it is anticipated that
    Apologies:                                      7.      FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT                        a confirmation letter granting on
                                                            REPORT                                      duty status will be received from the
    JC Laird
    D Avon                                                  "THAT THE FINANCIAL                         Force by the end of this week.
                                                            MANAGEMENT REPORT                   The President declared the meeting closed
    1.         CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES                      BE RECEIVED."                       at 9:28am.
               "THAT THE MINUTES OF 6 APRIL         The President declared the meeting closed
               2010 BE CONFIRMED."                  at 8:19am.
    2.         ADOPTION OF THE ORDER
                                                                                                MINUTES FOR THE
               OF BUSINESS
               "THAT THE ORDER OF BUSINESS                                                      EXECUTIVE MEETING
               BE ADOPTED."                         MINUTES FOR THE VICTORIA                    Date:          Tuesday 6 July 2010
                                                    POLICE BRANCH OF THE                        Location:      The Police Association
    3.         APPLICATIONS TO JOIN VPA             POLICE FEDERATION OF                                       Boardroom, 1 Clarendon
               FRIENDLY SOCIETY                                                                                Street, East Melbourne
                                                    AUSTRALIA MEETING
                                                                                                Time:          9.29am
            BE ACCEPTED."                           Date:         Tuesday 6 July 2010
    The President reported that his visits to the   Location:     The Police Association        Present:
    Police Academy speaking with recruits has                     Boardroom, 1 Clarendon
                                                                                                BK Rix         (President)
    been very beneficial.                                         Street, East Melbourne
                                                                                                PJ Pearson     (Treasurer)
                                                    Time:         9.04am
                                                                                                               (present from 12:58am)
    4.         APPLICATIONS FROM                                                                D Avon
                                                    Present:                                    KM David, APM
               MEMBERS WISHING TO
                                                    BK Rix       (President)                    P O’Connell
               CONTINUE AS OUTSIDE                  D Avon                                      D Wilson
               MEMBERS OF THE VPA                   KM David, APM                               JR Carter
               FRIENDLY SOCIETY                     P O’Connell                                 GJ Davies    Secretary
               "THAT THE 18 APPLICATIONS LISTED     D Wilson                                    BI McKenzie Assistant Secretary
               BE ACCEPTED."                        JR Carter
                                                    GJ Davies    Chief Executive Officer        Apologies:
    5.         STAFF ASSISTANCE PROGRAM             BI McKenzie Executive Officer
                                                                                                JC Laird       (Senior Vice President)
               QUARTERLY REPORT                                                                 GJ de Vries    (Junior Vice President)
               1. "THAT THE MEMORANDUM              Apologies:                                  DJ Thomas      (Assistant Treasurer)
               DATED 27 MAY 2010 FROM THE           JC Laird      (Senior Vice President)       M Rose
               SECRETARY TO THE DIRECTORS OF        GJ de Vries   (Junior Vice President)
               THE VPA FRIENDLY SOCIETY AND         PJ Pearson    (Treasurer)                   1.      CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES
               ATTACHED ANNUAL REPORT OF            DJ Thomas     (Assistant Treasurer)                 "THAT THE MINUTES OF 1 JUNE 2010
               IPS WORLDWIDE FOR THE PERIOD         M Rose                                              BE CONFIRMED."

32 Protect Represent Support.
2.      ADOPTION OF ORDER                                 THE PENALTY TO THE MAXIMUM                    4.4     APPLICATIONS TO RE-JOIN THE POLICE
                                                          36 MONTHS AVAILABLE IN THE                            ASSOCIATION
                                                          MAGISTRATES COURT."                                   "THAT THE 1 APPLICATION TO
                                                    The meeting adjourned at 9:55am and                         REJOIN THE POLICE ASSOCIATION
        BE ADOPTED."
                                                    resumed at 10:12am.                                         BE ACCEPTED."
                                                                                                        5.      MAINTENANCE
                                                    4.      OPERATIONAL                                 5.0.1   CORRESPONDENCE
                                                    4.1     SECRETARY’S REPORT                                 "THAT THE CORRESPONDENCE LEGISLATIVE CHANGES REGARDING
        ASSAULTS − ASSAULTS AGAINST                         "THAT THE SECRETARY’S REPORT                       BE RECEIVED."
        EMERGENCY SERVICE WORKERS                           BE RECEIVED."                               The President thanked the Executive
        AND OTHERS AND MANDATORY                    4.2     FINANCE REPORTS                             members for their attendance and declared
        SENTENCING IN THE LEAD UP TO THE            4.2.1   FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT REPORT                 the meeting closed at 1:53pm.
        NOVEMBER 2010 STATE ELECTION                        "THAT THE FINANCIAL
        "THAT THE ADMINISTRATION                            MANAGEMENT REPORT
        PURSUE CHANGES TO ‘AGGRAVATED                       BE RECEIVED."
        ASSAULT’ PROVISIONS TO                      4.3     MEMBERSHIP OF THE POLICE

     CLASSIFIEDS >                                                   AS A FULL FINANCIAL ASSoCIATIoN MEMBER You CAN
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& hEalThCarE CliniC                                 with full kitchen & laundry. All linen provided,    title transfers. At all times we ensure your
                                                    high-chair, flat-screen TV and DVD, heating         transaction is smooth and hassle free.
Treatment for: Headaches, Back Pain, Sciatica,
                                                    and airconditioning.                                For your conveyancing services throughout
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boat ramp access to river.                          property purchases, sales, subdivisions/            and a Presidential suite are also available for

                                                                                               The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 33

    CLASSIFIEDS >                                                      AS A FULL FINANCIAL ASSoCIATIoN MEMBER You CAN
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    family/groups. All our rooms have ensuite           table. 700mts walk to patrolled beaches, shops,     EMERGENCY SERVICES / MILITARY MEDAL
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    Contact >    Steve                                  2 other bedrooms Gas wood fired heater and          recharger units & nylon belt holster. Intense
                 0417 586700                            reverse cycle heating/cooling. Large enclosed       beam − solid metal casing. 2 styles (metal clip
                  rear yard. No pets. Located at the end of a         or lanyard type available). $75.95 including
                                                        quiet court near the RSL and Police Association     delivery within Australia.
                                                        units. Rates commencing at $500 per week            Contact >    Paul
    MaKEuP arTiST                                       off season. October Grand Prix weekend still                     0423 020 127
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                                                        PrE orDEr your uniQuE                               Renovated, fully self contained, four (4)
    available, private or with a group of friends!
    South Eastern Suburbs. Good discounts for
                                                        ChriSTMaS GiFT noW                                  bedroom plus study, weatherboard period
                                                                                                            home, which includes a 10 metre inground
    Police members, partners & family.                  Send us your family’s history and we can frame
                                                                                                            salt swimming pool & outdoor heated spa.
                                                        it for you. Not only military or police - ANY
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                 0437 103 823                                                                               two bathrooms. Evaporative air conditioning
                                                        Look at our website for ideas on the perfect
                                                                                                            & ducted gas heating. A short walk to Lake
                                                        family heirloom present. Order early and
                                                                                                            Mulwala Foreshore & close to Sporting Clubs
                                                        guarantee delivery for Christmas. Need help
    holiDay hoME For                                    with Grandpa’s Service History? We can help.
                                                                                                            & Hotels. $450.00 per week (Off peak) Enquire
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    Recently renovated, Sleeps 14, Large family/        military service medals for ceremonial wear or
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    Huge deck with built in Bbq, Games, books, pool     Melbourne Metro can be arranged. POLICE /

34 Protect Represent Support.
                                                   Send your Member Classified advertisement to The Police Association, PO Box 76, Carlton South 3053
                                     or email For more information contact the Assistant Secretary - 9495 6899.
                                                       CLASSIFIEDS > Only 100 words > Classifieds need to arrive by the 1st of the month prior to month it is to appear
                                                                                      > Each classified will only appear in one issue of The Police Association Journal.

holiDay rEnTal − EChuCa                             friends. Rates $350 pw all year round. Daily                 games & free ride on cars for the kids, king
                                                    or shorter periods available. Pets welcome.                  beds & only 400 m to the Barwon River. Visit
Fully furnished, self contained cottage, sleeps
                                                                                                                 our web site at or www.
up to ten people, four bedroom. Two bedrooms        Contact >      Anj
                                                                                                        for more info. Members
with queens size beds, 1 bedroom with a                            0402 483 032
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double bed and one bedroom with two sets                 
                                                                                                                 mention this ad.
of bunks. Fully air-conditioned through-out.
Fully enclosed yard with bar-b-que and                                                                           Contact >
outdoor setting. Small in-ground pool court         SW GraMPianS Fully SElF                                                     5254 1571
yard pool. No pets allowed. Cottage is located      ConTainED holiDay hoME                                                      0407 849 780
50mtrs from main shopping centre, train
                                                    For rent in nestled on 2,000 acres of rural
station, local swimming pool etc. Discounted
                                                    picturesque property. This two bedroom
rates for TPA members, family and friends.
                                                    refurbished house will suit up to 5 people,
                                                                                                                 hiGh TiDE houSE, oCEan GroVE
Contact >   Cheryl                                  ideal for families seeking a farming experience              Luxury Position, Budget Prices! Pet and
                 − horses, chickens, dogs, cats, yabbying and                 Child Friendly Holiday House, directly
            0428 398 461                            natural wildlife. Games room with PS3 and                    opposite the surf beach! You cannot get
                                                    foxtel. Close proximity to waterfalls, Rocklands             closer to the beach. Members are offered
                                                    Reservoir, historic Harrow, old quartz mines                 the very best deals possible.
BEaCh houSE − roSEBuD WEST                          and Balmoral for a Pub Meal. Virtually                       Contact >      enquiries@oceangrovestays.
Directly opposite a great beach - 3 bedroom         unlimited access to the property including a                      
plus study holiday house. 2 QS beds, 1 Dbl          5 acre professionally constructed motocross                       
and 2 bunks. This house has everything −            track. The multitude of activities only limited                             0407 849 780.
on Point Nepean Road − across the road from         by ones imagination.
the beach. Fully furnished: DVD, VCR, Hi Fi, 2      Price $250 - per week Monday − Friday / $200
TV’s, Ducted heating, Air Conditioning, kitchen,    - 3 day Weekend. Camping option available.                   oCEan GroVE, BarWon hEaDS &
lounge, dining, Nintendo & Playstation 2            Bookings essential                                           ThE BEllarinE − aCCoMMoDaTion
consoles, over 250 DVD’s & Videos, games, BBQ       Contact >      Leanne                                        BooKinG SErViCE
& outdoor entertaining area. Discounted rates                      5574 3235                                     Year Round Holiday Homes. Quality homes at
to TPA members: $600 week (off peak), $180
                                                                                                                 reduced rates to members, members families
weekends and $1250 a week (peak season)
                                                                                                                 and friends. Homes ranging from budget;
(Dec/Jan). Book early for school holidays.
                                                    aCCoMMoDaTion in                                             mid-range; luxury; side by side homes for large
Contact >   Chris or Sharon                         TroPiCal PorT DouGlaS                                        groups; penthouses; pet friendly; child friendly
                   Port Douglas accommodation at four-                          & also the closest accommodation to the beach
                                                    star PortSea Resort situated in Davidson                     in town. Email us for your special rates, last
                                                    Street, close to Four Mile Beach, shops and                  minute discounts, discounts to local attractions
CEnTrE CourT laWnS                                  restaurants of Macrossan Street. Facilities                  & eateries when booking a property, and also
Specialising in Synthetic Grass, Landscaping,       include three swimming pools, waterslide,                    ask about fundraising opportunities for your
Instant Turf, Lawn and Garden Renovations           spas and waterfalls linked by a central lagoon               school/kinda/workplace social club.
& Mowing including ride on mowing.                  with swim-up pool bar, BBQ’s, gym, tennis                    Contact >
Discount rates for TPA members                      court, day spa and booking service to organise                              P: 03 52 541 571
                                                    tours to reef, rainforest and local attractions.                            M: 0403 515 605
Contact >   Rob Kelly
                                                    One bedroom studio features private balcony
            0438 388 463
                                                    overlooking lagoon pool, king size bed, spa bath,
                                                    kitchenette, cable TV, in-house movies, DVD,                 "rElax in PalM CoVE - SlEEPS 6"
                                                    internet and room safe.
                                                                                                                 Fully self contained unit. Ideally positioned
                                                    Up to 30% discount for TPA members.
                                                                                                                 on ground floor just metres from tropical salt
Fully FurniShED BEaCh houSE –                       Contact>       Rod                                           water pool. Unit situated in Novotel resort and
holiDay lET/PErManEnT                                              0419 154 628                                  full access to all Novotel facilities, 9 hole golf,
                                                                               tennis, squash, gym, lap pool, bike hire etc.
Golden Beach, Sale, Gippsland, within 250
                                                                                                                 5 Minute walk to beach, Unit is ideally set up
metres of beautiful 90 mile beach stretch. No
                                                                                                                 for families. Cot/high chair/kids toys are all
neighbours within 100 metres of the property.
House is new, fully furnished, 3 bedrooms with      oCEan GroVE                                                  already there, no hidden costs and at over half
BIR, QS beds and 1 large bunk bed in kids room      aFForDaBlE FaMily hoMES                                      the price of the Novotel prices, you wont be
                                                                                                                 dissapointed. 20% to all Members.
which also contains tv/dvd. Blow up mattresses      Ebb Tide Cottage, Spring Tide Family House,
available if needed. Treadmill, play station/       High Tide House and Harrington House                         Contact >      Kerryn
games for kids. Heaps of DVD/movies/books/          are affordable beach holiday homes with                                     0423 020 495
playstation 2, washing machine.                     families and pets in mind. Enclosed yards,                        
Discounted rates for TPA members/family/            private playgrounds, games rooms with arcade

                                                                                                     The Police Association Victoria Journal September 2010 35

    Police Association Delegates
     WorKGrouP                                                             ranK        DElEGaTE              WorK loCaTion                         PhonE
     Corporate Services 1 (Education Department)                           Sergeant    Glenn Whyte           Probationary Phase                    9566 9566
     Corporate Services 2 (BMD, BITS, HRD, & CSPD)                         Sen Serg    James Mulholland      Strategy & Policy Division            9247 5965
     Crime Department 1                                                    Sergeant    Michael Gunn          Ops Tasking & Co-Ordination           9865 2452
     Crime Department 2                                                    Sen Const   Paul Bertoncello      Phoenix Taskforce                     9628 7343
     Ethical Standards Department                                          Sergeant    Raymond Potter        Conduct & Professional Standards Dv   9247 6763
     Forensic Services                                                     Sergeant    Thomas Brady          FS-Crime Scene Division               9865 2899
     Intelligence and Covert Support                                       Sen Const   Luke Woods            Surveillance Services Division        9820 3524
     Legal Services                                                        Sen Const   Angela Coulson        Prosecutions Division                 8628 3270
     Operations Co-ordination                                              Sergeant    David Short           Ops Coord Strategic Support Div       9247 5289
     Police Bands                                                          Constable   Brett Staley          Police Bands                          9489 2257
     Region 1, Division 1A (Melb. West)                                    Sen Const   Steven Cox            Melbourne West Police Station         9247 6491
     Region 1, Division 1B (Melb. East)                                    Sergeant    Maxwell Jackson       Carlton Police Station                9347 1377
     Region 1, Division 2 (Stonnington, Yarra)                             Sen Const   Matthew Merrigan      CIU-Stonnington                       9520 5216
     Region 1, Division 3 (Port Phillip)                                   Sergeant    Douglas Bowles        South Melbourne Police Station        9690 3088
     Region 1, Division 4 (Kingston, Bayside, Glen Eira)                   Sergeant    Alan Wroblewski       Moorabbin Police Station              9566 6194
     Region 2, Division 1A Maribyrnong, Hobsons Bay & Wyndham)             Sen Serg    Leigh Wisbey          Management Div 1 Reg 2                9392 3111
     Region 2, Division 1B (Brimbank, Melton)                              VACANT
     Region 2, Division 2 (Greater Geelong, Surf Coast,excl. Wyndham)      Sen Const   Maurice Banks         TMU-Geelong                           5225 3150
     Region 2, Division 3 (Ballarat, Moorabool, Central Goldfields)        Sen Const   Grant Allan           CIU-Maryborough                       5460 3300
     Region 2, Division 4A (Horsham, West Wimmera, Hindmarsh)              Sen Const   James Richardson      Goroke Police Station                 5386 1004
     Region 2, Division 4B (Northern Grampians)                            Sen Const   Darren Brown          Stawell Police Station                5358 8222
     Region 2, Division 5A (Warnambool, Corangamite, Moyne, Colac Otway)   Sen Const   Matthew Laxton        CIU-Warrnambool                       5560 1155
     Region 2, Division 5B (Southern Grampians, Glenelg)                   Sen Const   David Tognon          Branxholme Police Station             5578 6222
     Region 3, Division 1 (Whittlesea, Darebin)                            Sergeant    Jason Gaffee          Epping Police Station                 9409 8100
     Region 3, Division 2A (Hume)                                          Sen Const   Haydn Beale           CIU-Hume (Broadmeadows)               9302 8211
     Region 3, Division 2B (Moonee Valley, Moreland)                       Sen Serg    Eriks Krauklis        Moonee Ponds Police Station           9376 2866
     Region 3, Division 3 (Greater Bendigo, Macedon Ranges)                Sen Const   Sean Dickson          Bendigo Police Station                5448 1301
     Region 3, Division 4 (Shepparton, Campaspe, Moira)                    Sen Const   Leslie Oroszvary      Prosecutions-Shepparton               5820 5777
     Region 3, Division 5A (Mildura)                                       Sen Const   Michael Baldock       Mildura Police Station                5018 5300
     Region 3, Division 5B (Swan Hill, Gannawarra, Buloke)                 Sergeant    David Mark            Lake Boga Police Station              5037 2201
     Region 4, Division 1 (Banyule, Manningham)                            Sen Serg    Damian Oehme          Greensborough Police Station          9435 1044
     Region 4, Division 2A (Whitehorse)                                    Sen Const   James O’Neal          Nunawading Police Station             9871 4111
     Region 4, Division 2B (Boroondarra, Monash)                           Sergeant    Matthew Cocks         DTU-Glen Waverley                     9566 1561
     Region 4, Division 3A (Knox, Maroondah)                               Sen Const   Evan Whitelaw         CIU-Ringwood                          9871 3052
     Region 4, Division 3B (Yarra Ranges)                                  Sen Const   Brigette De Chirico   CIU-Lilydale                          9739 2300
     Region 4, Division 4 (Mitchell, Benalla)                              Sergeant    Darren Murphy         Kilmore Police Station                5782 1211
     Region 4, Division 5 (Wangaratta, Wodonga)                            Sen Const   Mark Deegan           Wodonga Police Station                02 6049 2600
     Region 5, Division 1 (Frankston, Mornington)                          Sen Const   Glenn Holland         Frankston Police Station              9784 5555
     Region 5, Division 2A (Greater Dandenong)                             Sergeant    Phillip Hulley        Dandenong Police Station              9767 7410
     Region 5, Division 2B (Casey, Cardinia)                               Sergeant    Anthony Nestor        Cranbourne Police Station             5991 0600
     Region 5, Division 3A (Baw Baw, Latrobe)                              Sen Const   Peter Oliver          Warragul Police Station               5622 7111
     Region 5, Division 3B (Bass Coast, South Gippsland)                   VACANT
     Region 5, Division 4A (Wellington)                                    Sen Const   Keith Patterson       DIU-Bairnsdale                        5150 2682
     Region 5, Division 4B (East Gippsland)                                Sergeant    Craig Peel            Bairnsdale Police Station             5150 2600
     SSD - Emergency Response 1 (Air Wing, Dog Squad)                      Sen Const   Stuart Browne         Airwing                               9247 5730
     SSD - Emergency Response 2 (SAR, Water Police, Mounted Branch)        Sen Const   Matthew Blythe        Water Police                          9339 7500
     SSD - FRU/SOG                                                         Sergeant    Stuart Oliver         Protective Security Division          9247 5578
     SSD - Police Communications Division                                  Sergeant    Adrian Hurring        Comm & Internal Security Division     9247 3222
     SSD - Protective Services Unit                                        PSO         Gavin Belbin          Protective Services Unit              9247 3444
     TTSD - Traffic Support Division                                       Sen Const   Trevor Collins        Traffic Support Division              9247 5821
     TTSD - Transit Safety Division                                        Sergeant    Mark Spackman         Transit Safety Division               9247 3300

36 Protect Represent Support.
   National Police Remembrance Day
                                                                                         End of Day Reflection
Springvale Botanical Cemetery is pleased to offer an open
invitation to all Police Members and their families to the
official closing of National Police Remembrance Day.
The End of Day Reflection and the lowering of the Police
Ensign will commence at
4pm on Wednesday 29th September 2010.
Afternoon tea, including hot and cold savouries, will
be served at the conclusion of the ceremony in the
Reflection Function Room (opposite Administration).
For catering purposes please RSVP to Celeste Parke
       by Wednesday 22nd September 2010.

                                                                   In February 1854 Constable William Hogan on the
                                                               lookout for smugglers accidentally fell into the waters of
                               Springvale Botanical Cemetery   Hobson’s Bay and was drowned. The 22 year old is the first
                                      Proud Partners of
                                Police Blue Ribbon Day 2010
                                                               recorded member of the Police Force in Victoria to give his
                                                               life in the service of the people of this State.
             Telephone: (03) 8558 8293                           The Police Memorial within Springvale Botanical Cemetery
        Email:                      contains a commemorative plaque for each Police Officer
       Mail: PO Box 1159, Clayton Vic. 3169                    who has died whilst on duty.
The main entrance is on Princes Highway, Springvale
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