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                Are smartphones smarter than identity thieves?
                As the amount of smartphones on the market rises, so do instances of identity t

                08.11.2009 – More and more consumers are reaching for a smartphone to simplify
                their hectic lives. On the road and with the click of the touchscreen, the ability to      Twitter Pitc
                communicate, store information and pay bills has never been easier. But if your            Identity thieve
                                                                                                           smartphone. L
                smart phone falls into the hands of identity thieves, the cost of convenience will be
                                                                                                           your phone ag
                replaced with something much more expensive.

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                According to the Federal Trade Commission, reported instances of identity theft            Visit Allstate
                increased between 2007 and 2008. At the same time, the use of smartphones
                doubled, accounting for nearly one-quarter of all handset sales in the fourth quarter      Tags
                                                                                                           Identity Thef
                of 2008, according to the NPD Group, a leader in wireless industry market research.
                And, with the price of smartphones on the decline, their sales are expected to
                steadily increase this year, leaving consumers -- and the information that is stored
                on their phones -- vulnerable.

                "Smartphones are like portable computers. People do their banking, store personal
                information, and even passwords on these devices," said Grady Irey, Field Product
                Manager, Allstate New Jersey. "What happens if your phone is stolen? What
                happens if you leave it in a restaurant or in the back of a cab? All of the information
                you have stored could make you an easy target for identity theft."

                There are several measures consumers can take to safeguard their valuable
                information and lessen their chances of becoming the victim of identity theft.

                Make sure your phone is password protected. It may be a hassle to type in a
                password every time you turn on your phone, but this simple step is a good first line
                of defense when it comes to protecting your personal information.

                Think twice before you store your information. Sure, it may be convenient to store
                your passwords and PIN numbers on your phone but, in the wrong hands, this
                information could cause some serious damage. Before storing any information on
                your phone, ask yourself if it could cause financial and/or personal harm. If the
                answer is "yes," then the information is not appropriate for saving to your

                Protect yourself with Identity Theft coverage. Allstate New Jersey offers Identity Theft
                Expenses Coverage on automobile and homeowners, renters and condominium
                insurance policies. For $40 a year, consumers receive up to $25,000 in coverage
                with no deductible. Covered expenses include attorney's fees, lost wages, loan
                reapplication fees, and even things like mailing costs, long distance phone calls,
                and notary fees.
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