MEMORY_JOGGER by stariya


									        MEMORY NAME JOGGER
Family or         Beautician         Hardware Store    Principal          Interests
Friends           Body Repair        Hates Job         Printer            Bingo
Aunt              Bookkeeper         Health Food       Professor          Bookworm
Best Friend       Boss               Health Spa        Publisher          Bridge
Best Man          Bus Driver         Highway Patrol    Radio              Car Pooler
Bridesmaid        Cab Driver         Home Builder      Announcer          Cat Lover
Brother           Cabinet Maker      Hospital Worker   Realtor            Chamber of
Brother-in-law    Car Sales          Hotel Business    Repair People      Commerce
Cousin            Carpenter          Inspector         Roofer             Church
Father            Carpet Layer       Insulator         Sales People       Friends
Father-in-law     Cashier            Job Hunting       Seamstress         Coffee Shops
Grandfather       Caterer            Journalist        Secretary          Den Leader
Grandmother       Chef               Landscaper        Security Guard     Dog Leader
Landlord          Chiropractor       Lawyer            Service Station    Fundraiser
Maid of Honour    Computer           Librarian         Seven Eleven       Jaycee
Most Likable      Repair             Locksmith         Shop               Kiwanis
Mother            Computer Sales     Lost Job          Sign Painter       Likes to Eat
Mother-in-law     Competition        Movers/Shakers    Social Worker      Likes to Sing
Nephew            Contractor         Movie Rental      Sportscaster       Lions Club
Niece             Copier Staff       Notary Public     Steward            Lunch Crowd
Neighbours        Counsellor         Navy              Stewardess         Rotary
Sister            Credit Union       Needs Part-       Surgeon            Scout Master
Sister-in-law     Customer           Time              Surveyor           Trivial Pursuit
Uncle             Dance Teacher      Nurse             Tanning Salon      Player
Ushers            Dept. Stores       Nutritionist      Teacher            Other
Others            Delivers Mail      Therapist         Teller             Sports
By Career         Delivery           Office Supplies   Tire Stor e        Basebal l
Accountant        Business           Operator          Travel S tore      Basketball
Air Force         Dentist            Orthod ontist     Tree Surgeon       Bowling
Almost Lost Job   Dishwasher         Other Multi       Truck Driver       Coach
Ambulance         Doctor             Level             TV Rep air         Fishing
Drive             Doll Maker         Outdoor Signs     Union              Football
Animal Trainer    Dry Cleaner        Painter           Upholsterer        Golf
Antique Sales     Editor             Partner           Waiter             Handball
Appliance Sales   Electrician        Payroll           Wallpaper          Hang Gliding
Arcade            Engineer           Pension Plan      Salesperson        Hunting
Architect         Fire Chief/Staff   Personnel Mgr.    Will be Laid Off   Jogging
Army              Eye Centr e        Phone Installer   Work With          Karate
Auctioneer        Farmer             Photographer      Writer             Soccer
Auto Mechanic     Flower Shop        Piano Teacher     Youth Director     Skiing
Auto Supply       Funeral Director   Piano Tuner       Veterinarian       Softball
Baby Sitter       Game Warden        Pilot             Others             Swimming
Baker             Gas Station        Plumber.                             Tennis
Banker            Grocery Store      Police Officer                       Other

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