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TITLE:             Women’s Action Commission Director
CATEGORY:          Commission
REPORTS TO:        Personnel Director
TERM:              32 weeks
HOURS:             19 HRS/WK
PAY RATE:          $10.40/HR


  The Director of the Women’s Action Commission advocates for the concerns of
  women on campus. The Director provides support services and referral.
  Educational programs are provided to increase awareness of women’s issues.

  The Women’s Action Commission was formed from the original Women’s Action
  Coalition when the ASUW made a decision to sponsor six diversity commissions,
  including the Asian Student Commission, the Black Student Commission, La Raza
  Commission, GBLTC Commission and the American Indian Commission. The
  Commission’s goal is to promote gender awareness, build community through
  events and programs, and bring attention to women’s issues on the UW campus.
  Throughout the year we put on programs that are educational, entertaining, and
  targeted specifically towards UW students. During our biweekly meetings, our
  activities can range from discussion, educational seminars, and planning sessions
  for our calendar of events. Additionally, we operate a Women’s Action Commission
  office, where we maintain a collection of up-to-date resources regarding services
  from women on campus and in the grater Seattle community. Women’s Actions
  Commission volunteers the President’s Advisory Committee on Women, the SARVA
  Week Planning Committee, the ASUW Crime Prevention Committee and other ASUW
  and administrative committees. We work together with the other commissions and
  with constituent Resident Student Organizations to ensure that women’s voices are
  heard on campus. Our goal is to create a campus atmosphere where women can
  truly feel equal and included in all aspects-academically, financially, and socially.
  Our commission is open to women of all political persuasions and anyone who is
  interested in getting involved and creating change in the UW campus.


  1.     Act as representative and advocate the issues and concerns of female student
         on campus and in the community.

  2.     Oversee the coordination, planning and implementation of all programs and
         activities, including special events, workshops, lectures, discussion groups,

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3.    Inform student of services available on campus.

4.    Maintain strong communication with all female constituents.

5.    Maintain a good working relationship with ASUW, its commissions, and other

6.    According to guidelines established by the ASUW Finance and Budget
      Committee, develop the annual budget for the commission and submit for

7.    Serve as liaison to women student organizations on campus and in the

8.    Create and adapt programming so that it is appealing, relevant, and
      successfully drawing membership from all portions of the female community.

9.    Serve as a liaison to appropriate ASUW Committees, including the ASUW
      Crime Prevention Committee, ASUW SARVA Week Planning Committee, the
      Women’s Center Student Advisory Board and appointing a liaison to the
      ASUW Student Senate.

10.   Design and/or coordinate design of publicity necessary for effective

11.   Sit on interviews set by ASUW Personnel Committee for hiring of new
      Director (if not reapplying), to assure continuity.

12.   Abide by ASUW and UW policies, procedures and processes.

13.   Attend Joint Commission Committee Meetings on a weekly basis in order to
      foster better communication, coalitions, and coordination with other ASUW

14.   Responsible for initiating timely transition meeting with new Director before
      final week of Spring Quarter, to assure continuity.

15.   Establish and attend 19 office hours a week, 4 of which are allowed to be held
      outside the Husky Union Building with the prior approval of the ASUW
      Personnel Director in order to outreach to the commissions community.
      Advertisement must be given at both the Husky Union Building as well as the
      outreach location.

16.   Report to, update and communicate with the Director of Diversity Efforts on
      a weekly basis.
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17.   Maintain and inform ASUW Personnel Director and Student Activities Office
      (SAO) of all office hours.

18.   Oversee the expenditures of the annual budget and keep financial records up
      to date. Initiate all necessary paperwork for operating of the commission,
      according to established procedures and timelines.

19.   Initiate all necessary paperwork for operation of the commission, according
      to established procedures and timelines.

20.   Prepare and submit quarterly reports, detailing activities, budget status, and

21.   Meet with SAO advisor upon request.

22.   Participate in quarterly evaluation process with SAO advisor.

23.   Review and adhere to condition of employment as stated in Student
      Employment Handbooks, ASUW Personnel Policy and signed ASUW
      Memorandum of Understanding.

24.   Attend ASUW mandatory training sessions and staff meetings, including but
      not limited to the ASUW Fall Orientation and quarterly ASUW Personnel

25.   Coordinate and chair Women’s Action Commission meetings for those
      interested in becoming volunteers, centered around particular topics of
      interest, and/or to meet the needs of the diverse constituency.

26.   Maintain, organize, and update office files and records.

27.   Provide referral services and keep current listing of campus and off campus
      referral services.

28.   Responsible for recruitment, supervision, and monitoring of volunteers to
      assist in program development and implementation.

29.   Responsible for coordinating web page upkeep though volunteers or

30.   Act as co-adviser to the Women’s Center Student Advisory Board.

31.   Continue the working relationship with the Women’s Center and assist with
      events, programs, etc.

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  A. Background in women’s studies and/or women’s community affairs and
     dedication to obtaining/maintaining right for women’s students.

  B. Open minded, balance, and fair regarding controversial issues of importance and
     concern to women on campus.

  C. Administrative and supervisory ability.

  D. Awareness of problems of women of the UW campus.

  E. Ability to develop and adhere to a budget.

  F. Ability to coordinate volunteers.

  G. Oral and written communication skills.

  H. Awareness of campus and off-campus resources of interest to women.

  I. Ability to plan, coordinate, and implement educational programming relevant to
     women’s issues.

  J. Must be a UW student enrolled in at least 6 credits for undergraduates, 4 for
     graduates, or on leave as defined by the University.

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