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									                     Atchison County Dream Team Minutes
                                May 18th, 2010
                          NEXT MEETING: June 15th, 2010; 3:30pm
                            @Achievement Services, 215 N. 5th St.
Attending: LeA’nn Glover, Christen Lacey, Brandi Munoz, Tina Pierce, Donna Cadle, Dixie Williams,
Janet Settich, Diane Nielson, Karen Compton, Sherry Domann, Diana Weaver, Marcie Eckhart-Charay,
and Nancy Bullock (parent).

Presentation: Donna Cadle, Independent Living Center, explained the history of the ILC and provided
an outline of current services and support groups that are provided by the ILC.

Secretary Report: A motion was made by LeA’nn Glover to approve the minutes with corrections and
Dixie Williams seconding the motion. The motion was voted on and the motion passed.

Treasurer Report:
    The Bookkeeper’s now have all the financial records.

Early Childhood Committee Report: Submitted by Becky Parsons:
     Early Childhood Committee meeting minutes – May 11, 2010
          * Present – Janet Settich, Parents as Teachers; Diane Kerekanich, Parents as Teachers;
             Karen Compton, Healthy Start; Sherry Domann, Infant-toddler services; and Bekki
             Parsons, Early Head Start
          * Diane passed out flyers about online trainings that will be offered at the USD #409 Board
             of Education. It is a free training titled “The Feeding Relationship: An Introduction to the
             Possibilities” 8:30 to 5:00 for professionals. There is a seminar offered in the evening for
             parents titled “Raising a Healthy Eater” from 7-8:30 p.m.
          * Last year we received $1,000 toward Target for Early Literacy. We have been able to
             purchase books for most of the families in our programs. Diane reapplied this year and
             applied for $2,000 for next year.
          * There is grant opportunities through Build a Bear for health and wellness and literacy.
             Diane is going to further inquire about these grants and apply in needed areas. We
             decided to work toward the literacy grant to help provide a children’s fair in the
             community to help get all our information out to the community.
          * The Health Department is in the process of providing a breastfeeding room to have a
             clinic that helps breastfeeding mothers in the area that are having problems. The plan is
             to help parents understand breastfeeding and increase the duration of breastfeeding. They
             have looked into grant opportunities for this.
          * Janet has been trying to locate home child care providers to provide books for the child
             care children through Friends of the Library. She has been having trouble locating a list
             and phone numbers of providers in the area. She asked for help from the committee to
             locate providers.

   AtchiCin: Diane is going to check to see what the details are regarding AtchiCin proposed
     moving of the URL of our current site to there and who would be the administrator.

   None
Achievement Services: Submitted by Dixie Williams, in attendance:
    The MR/DD waiver may get new money for those on the waiting list and may reestablish
      services that were lost with the last budget cuts.
    Walk a Mile in My Shoes rally was a success.
    The Annual Bar Stool Open held in Atchison raised almost $4,000 for the ASNEK activities
      fund. This fund helps finance the Softball activity as well as an annual trip to Branson.
    ASNEK Softball is set to start the first of June.
      * Summer Sounds will be held this summer on the 500 Block of the Mall. There are five
      concerts in June with the 1st being the Atchison Idol participants.

Atchison County Health Department: Submitted by Karen Compton, in attendance:
    Free Varicella Vaccinations are being provided to 7th graders. The will have a clinic on June 10th.
    The Health Department is now accepting Debit and Credit cards for reimbursement of services.
    Medicaid/Children’s Mercy Health Partners will purchase Breast Pumps for individuals.

Atchison Public Library: Submitted by Diana Weaver, in attendance:
    The Summer Reading program kicks off June 1st. The title is “Make a Splash at the Library”.
       The program goes from June 1st and end of July for Pre-K -8th Grade.

Children’s Mercy Health Partners: Submitted by Marcie Eckhart-Charay, in attendance:
     Marcie provided information on the Medicaid program and will be a presenter at the next

Guidance Center: Submitted by LeA’nn Glover, in attendance:
    Flex Fund- The current flexible funds balance in Atchison is $1258.90 as of May 18th, 2010.
      These funds are used for families who have a severely emotionally disturbed child living within
      their home and there is a financial need. The applicant first must check at least 2 community
      resources and be denied help before applying. These funds are available to anyone meeting the
      criteria in the Atchison Community. To apply contact LeA’nn Glover (913) 682-5118.

Infant Toddler Program: Submitted by Sherry Domann, in attendance:
     Thirty-four children and families are receiving Infant-Toddler services this month-an all-time
        high for the program. There are seven children in transition to Part (ages 3-5) services and
        seven new referrals.
     The network recently received a $1000 McConnaughey grant. We are also working on meeting
        the requirements for the Challenge II portion of the Beach Grant from the tiny-k Foundation.
     The program received feedback from the parent agency KDHE on 2010 data submission and
        reports. Responses to the feedback included timely submission of data and reports and
        improvement in the development of outcomes in individual service plans. Responses to the
        semi-annual reports included action plans for improvements in the areas of reporting Birth to
        Three LICC goals, identification of parent members in the LICC minutes, results of agency
        reports re: self-assessment and reports of informal family concerns/questions about their early
        intervention services to KDHE. ACITP will also ensure documentation of personnel training,
        time and effort reporting and certification of funding sources for staff.
     The Count Your Kid In developmental screening for ages B-5 is scheduled for June 4 at AES.
        Call 367-1161 to schedule for the FREE screening.
K-State Research/Extension Office: Submitted by Diane Nielson in attendance:
    Diane is teaching a class for the summer camps at #409. It is to teach cooking skills.
    Atchison County Healthy Kids – this is a program focusing on physical exercise and proper
      eating. There are 326 kids attending. If you have any ideas for classes or want to help give
      Diane a call. They have Master food training in Manhattan and must work 40 hrs in the
      community after completing the training.
    The Library was a recipient of a kids cookbook fro the Extension Office.
    The Extension Office was also a recipient of a $1000 McConnaughey Grant for a Kids walk and
      Cooking program
    Diane has GPS units available for a treasure hunt. The purpose is to increase activity as you will
      walk about 2 miles for the treasure.

Parents as Teachers: Submitted by Janet Settich in attendance:
     Janet shared that the Dream Team collaboration is great
     PAT has four openings in Atchison.

Available trainings/workshops include:
Title                                              Date(s)     Location(s)   CEUs/Hrs     Fee(s)
Understanding and Applying Behavioral Principles
in Early Intervention, Webinar                     May 24      Local         2.0          None

Family Service Coordination Training               June 4      Wichita       5.0          None

KITS Summer Institute: Providing Appropriate
Services to Infants/Toddlers and Young English     June 8-11   Lawrence      24.0         Variable
Language Learners

Submitted by, Nancy Bullock, Secretary

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