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Unique Whitehat Linkbuilding Methods for
              Your Blog
                                   Link building is very important if you want your blog to rank with the top search engines and bring traffic to your
                                   website. But, tons of bloggers believe that in order to get good quality links back to your site, you have to resort to
                                   using blackhat strategies, but this is not true. In the following article, we will examine a few of the good whitehat
                                   link building techniques that can be used on your blog immediately.

                                   Here is an approach that you will find to be very effective for volume and time savings.

                                   We are talking about themes you offer for free, and if you cannot do it then just outsource it. One natural
                                   consequence of this approach is you have no control over who gets your theme. This is a very doable approach
                                   that is not as difficult as you may think. Do not be afraid to have other blog owners take a look at your theme
                                   because they can help you make it better. You really never know what will come of it, but if you discover a new
                                   passion then there are other ways to make more money with blog themes.

                                   Pass Along Links: Find other bloggers in your area who want to share links. Although this might be a little bit
                                   difficult to do, it is really worthwhile for acquiring backlinks once the job is done. Exchanging links can be
                                   successful. But, they require you to put in a significant amount of time crafting out all those emails, even if you're
                                   using a template to do it. Quite naturally, you would want to link to a particular blog first before your approach the
                                   owner about a link exchange. Inform the webmaster that you have added their link to your blog already and that
                                   you want him to do the same thing, if he approves of your content. In addition, refuse to exchange links with every
                                   blogger you see. Be picky and only agree to trade links with the blogs that have high rankings so that they can
                                   pass on the link juice and help you to do the same.

                                   You can always go the route of offering payment to have your link placed on a site. This is pretty simple and just
                                   requires you iron out the details for the amount and decide on your anchor text. Avoid using the same services
                                   everybody else does, and locate the very best sites using your own searches. Anyone you pay a link for has to be
                                   honest, and after the link is live be sure to check it to make sure it stays there.

                                   The following step is to write the site owner and begin talks about getting your link on his site. This might prove to
                                   be an expensive option, but it will be worth it in the end.

                                   The best approach with building whitehat backlinks is to just make your plan and stick to it. You have to build on a
                                   strong base, and that is your content and site. Always be sure you have a variety of backlinks coming from many
                                   sources. Remember, the more high quality links you build to your blog, the faster your site reaches the top
                                   position and longer it stays there.

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