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     TO THE


               Generously.              ™

                  IT DOES A WORLD OF GOOD.
Our Mission

          Jewish Federation
          mobilizes the human
          and financial resources
          needed to preserve and
          enhance Jewish life in
          St. Louis, Israel and
          around the world.
2005                                                                              year of
                                                                            was a y

                                        Jewish Federation adopted and began implementation
                                        of a new strategic plan designed to improve community
                                        harmony, dramatically increase financial resources and focus
                                        those resources on achieving effective and efficient service
                                        outcomes that fulfill our vision of an Inspiring, Caring and
                                        United Jewish Community.

                                        Many steps have been taken. However, none as significant
                                        as our fundraising success. Our 2005 Annual Campaign
                                        exceeded $10.6 million, the largest total ever
                                        and our third consecutive year of growth. The Annual
                                        Campaign comprised the largest portion of approximately
                                        $23 million in total Federation fundraising,
                                        either directly or in collaboration with our agencies.

                                        Our mission to mobilize the community’s financial and
                                        human resources can be expressed in one elegant phrase ...
                                        Live Generously.

                                        It’s a noble and uplifting idea. Our Torah encourages
                                        contributions which are “generous of heart.” But how does
                                        one Live Generously? And how can Jewish Federation help?

                                        At its simplest, Live Generously asks us to
OPPOSITE:                               share freely and joyfully of our time, talent and
“Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing!” a     treasure. To improve the world, for recipient
partnership program between the JCC
and Nishmah: the St. Louis Jewish       and donor alike.
Women’s Project, is building Jewish
identity and self esteem among Jewish
adolescent girls.

remarkable achievement.
                     It’s not easy.

                                        That’s where Federation comes in. For more than 100 years,
                                        we have helped St. Louis Jews Live Generously.

                                        It often seems the needs are endless. So, how can you, one
                                        person, possibly help all those in need? Through the umbrella
                                        of Federation giving, you touch Jews from St. Louis to
                                        St. Petersburg, to Jerusalem and beyond. No one gift helps
                                        more people!

                                        Through Federation agencies, dependable, high-quality services,
                                        for all ages, are delivered every day to Jews – and those of other
                                        backgrounds. And in times of crisis – whether terror
                                        in Israel or hurricanes in New Orleans – our global
                                        reach is critical.

                                        Federation asks each of us to give “according to our means.”
                                        However, whether large or small, your giving through Federation
                                        always has impact because it is joined to the giving of hundreds
                                        of thousands of Jews worldwide. In addition, Federation’s
60 colleges had booths at CAJE’s
“Choices Jewish College Fair” where     expertise in government relations, corporate and foundation
250 families learned about campus
Jewish populations and Hillels.
                                        philanthropy, and access to other sources of funds, means your
                                        gift has even more leverage. In fact, the Federation system raised
“Rebuilding St. Louis Together”         approximately $2 billion to help Jews worldwide in 2005. Yet
is one of 128 non-Jewish agencies       each gift makes a difference.
to receive Jewish Fund for Human
Needs (JFHN) grants.

$28 million was raised by North
American Jewish federations last year
for disaster relief; St. Louis raised

Living Generously means volunteering, as well as giving. There
are many ways to do both. As the Jewish community’s central
philanthropic resource, Federation has the knowledge and
expertise to help you sort through needs and opportunities.
We help match your philanthropic vision with organizations and
projects that need your help. We can help evaluate the best way
for you to give, whether annual operating, endowment, planned
gift, corporate sponsorship or special project. And through our
leadership development programs and links to every local Jewish
organization, we can help you apply your knowledge, skills and
passion where they will do the most good.

How do you know your dollars will be used effectively and
efficiently? Federation has a 105-year record of
assuring that precious dollars are translated into
effective services. Our fundraising costs are among
the lowest of any charity. Our volunteer-driven planning
and allocations process is designed to ask the critical questions:

What are today’s needs? How can they best be met? Who can do the
job best? Then, after we’ve distributed funds, we follow up and
monitor performance. You can be confident because
Federation volunteers and staff are people you
know. They make their own financial gifts, before ever making
a decision. They’re not just spending your money; they’re
spending theirs.
                                            also have a well-earned reputation for innovation. Our Naturally
                                            Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) is pioneering a
                                            new way for seniors to age in place. Our funding helped create
                                            birthright israel, which has taken 100,000 young adults on free,
                                            first-time, often life-changing trips to Israel. Partnership 2000
                                            funding helped our sister city of Yokne’am win Israel’s National
                                            Prize for Excellence in Education. And our innovative community
                                            website, www.jewishinstlouis.org, is providing a gateway to
                                            connect and unite the entire Jewish community.

In its first 11 months online,              Our new strategic plan is designed to strengthen Federation for
jewishinstlouis.org quickly became          greater impact. We’ve begun by setting aggressive long-range
one of the most successful Jewish
community websites in the country –         financial goals to meet rising demands and new needs for service.
with 150 participating agencies,            We aim to increase distributions by 50% over a ten-
congregations, organizations and
businesses – and welcoming visitors         year period. That’s what it will take to meet the needs of our
75,000 times ... and counting.
                                            growing population of seniors, insure the Jewish identity of next
OPPOSITE, TOP:                              generations and integrate Ethiopian Jews into Israeli society.
27,000 kosher meals were served to
seniors last year through the JCC
social nutrition program.                   At the same time, we continue to focus our efforts to achieve
OPPOSITE, MIDDLE:                           our vision of an Inspiring, Caring and United Jewish Community.
Of the 100,000 Ethiopians living
in Israel, 70% live below the poverty
                                            We’ve established new funding criteria and identified major
line. To reduce poverty, in 2005 Reshet     initiatives that will be at the center of our work:
employment centers trained and found
jobs for 300 Ethiopian-Israelis, while
support groups helped 1,600 working
parents. Reshet will train another 300
and extend support to 1,700.

100,000 Jewish youth (including
more than 500 from St. Louis) 18-26
year olds from 40 countries have
experienced free birthright israel trips.

• Ensure the Jewish Identity and Engagement
  of Next Generations.
• Build an Integrated Network of Sustainable
  Senior Adult Services in St. Louis.
• Ensure Global Jewish Unity and Peoplehood.

We’re working to improve performance. We have adopted
new operating standards, designed to insure that our agencies
implement commonly accepted best business practices. We
will supplement this with training to strengthen their capacity
to deliver high-quality service.

We are also implementing strategies to make our fundraising,
distribution and administration more efficient. In the process,
we aim to build a more collaborative climate in the
Jewish community. A centerpiece of this effort is the
new Jewish Community Foundation. This community
resource will provide a place for all our agencies and donors to
come together to fulfill their mutual philanthropic visions.
It’s one more way that we can help you Live Generously.
                   The new
            strategic plan...
                                       is working. We are strengthening relations with local agencies and
                                       other stakeholders. We have implemented new collaborative
                                       fundraising strategies and expanded funding in critical areas such
                                       as senior adult services and youth travel to Israel.

                                       We are enormously grateful to our leaders, volunteers, staff,
                                       agencies and congregations. Without them we could not succeed.
                                       And we are most thankful to you, our donors, whose vision,
                                       philanthropy and commitment powers all we do to build a strong
                                       Jewish community and a bright future. We are honored you have
                                       chosen to work with us as you continue to Live Generously.


                                       Heschel J. Raskas                      Barry Rosenberg
                                       President                              Executive Vice President

Federation awards $507,000 in
scholarships and grants to Block
Yeshiva, Epstein Hebrew Academy,
Torah Prep, Solomon Schechter and
Reform Jewish Academy.

100,000 St. Louis children ages 3-12
have participated in the JF&CS Child
Abuse Prevention Program since 1992.

Financial Information


              LOCAL AGENCIES, PROGRAMS                    NATIONAL AGENCIES
              & SERVICES
                                                          American Jewish Committee
              America-Israel Education Trust Fund         American Jewish Congress
              Barnes-Jewish Hospital                      Anti-Defamation League
              Central Agency for Jewish Education         Association of Jewish Family and
              Community Chaplaincy Program                   Children’s Agencies
              Covenant House/CHAI                         B’nai B’rith Youth Organization
              H.F. Epstein Hebrew Academy                 Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
              Hillel, University of Missouri – Columbia   Hillel: the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
              Holocaust Museum and Learning Center        International Association of Jewish
                 in Memory of Gloria M. Goldstein            Vocational Service
              Jewish Community Center                     Jewish Communal Service Association of
              Jewish Community Relations Council             North America
              Jewish Family & Children’s Service          Jewish Community Centers Association of
              Jewish Fund for Human Needs                    North America
              Jewish Information Service                  Jewish Council for Public Affairs
              Jewish Loan Association                     Jewish Education Service of North America
              Louis and Sarah Block Yeshiva High School   Jewish Labor Committee
              MERS/Missouri Goodwill Industries           Jewish Telegraphic Agency
              Older Adult Community Action Program        Jewish War Veterans
              St. Louis Hillel at Washington University   National Conference of Soviet Jewry
              St. Louis Jewish Light                      National Foundation for Jewish Culture
              Saul Brodsky Jewish Community Library       Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
              Saul Mirowitz Day School/                   Schools of Jewish Communal Service
                 Reform Jewish Academy                        Scholarship Program
              Shalom St. Louis
              Social Nutrition Program                    INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES
              Solomon Schechter Day School of St. Louis   ALLOCATED   THROUGH   UNITED JEWISH COMMUNITIES   TO:

              The Cedars at the JCA
                                                          American Jewish Joint Distribution
              Torah Prep School
                                                          Committee (JDC)
                                                             Assistance to Jews in 60 countries
                                                          Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)
                                                              Immigration and absorption
                                                              Economic development
                                                              Social welfare
                                                              Jewish education
                                                          New York Association for New Americans

                                                                                     UNRESTRICTED                              RESTRICTED              TOTAL
                                                                         General          Controlled
                                                                         Operating       Endowments            Total     Temporarily   Permanently
           Regular campaign:
              Pledges received in the current year          $ 9,199,664           –                         9,199,664              –           –       9,199,664
              Pledges received in the prior year              1,441,528           –                         1,441,528   (1,441,528)            –               –
              Pledges restricted for subsequent year                   –          –                                 –     1,299,389            –       1,299,389
           Total regular campaign                            10,641,192           –                       10,641,192      (142,139)            –     10,499,053
           Emergency and other campaigns                        355,599           –                           355,599         55,000           –         410,599
           Friends of Holocaust Campaign                        101,714           –                           101,714              –           –         101,714
           Less amounts derived from board-controlled funds   (607,712) (1,574,213)                       (2,181,925)              –           –     (2,181,925)
           Net campaigns                                     10,490,793 (1,574,213)                         8,916,580       (87,139)           –       8,829,441
        Recovery of uncollectible receivables                     24,024          –                            24,024              –           –          24,024
        Government grants                                       329,741           –                           329,741              –           –         329,741
        Contributions, bequests and gifts                         54,047  5,196,332                         5,250,379     1,198,193      454,966       6,903,538
        United Way of Greater St. Louis, Inc.                     90,806          –                            90,806              –           –          90,806
        Services to affiliated agencies                         375,914           –                           375,914              –           –         375,914
        Other income                                            187,704       3,081                           190,785       124,000            –         314,785
        Investment income                                     (103,764)   1,427,698                         1,323,934       516,255            –       1,840,189
        Net gain (loss) on investments                          (13,229)  2,431,946                         2,418,717     1,497,983            –       3,916,700
        Change in value of split-interest agreements                   –          –                                 –     (301,009)            –       (301,009)
        Net assets released from restrictions:
           Program                                            1,055,515     221,962                         1,277,477   (1,277,477)             –              –
           Other                                                871,197           –                           871,197     (871,197)             –              –
        Reclassification from board-controlled
            endowments, net                                   1,369,877 (2,606,469)                       (1,236,592)    1,236,592             –              –
      Total revenues, gains, and other support               14,732,625   5,100,337                       19,832,962     2,036,962       454,966     22,324,129
           Affiliated and other local agencies:
              Annual allocation                               2,671,125           –                         2,671,125             –             –     2,671,125
              Other                                             278,077     884,059                         1,162,136             –             –     1,162,136
           United Jewish Communities                          2,670,897           –                         2,670,897             –             –     2,670,897
           Emergency and other campaign                         333,099           –                           333,099             –             –       333,099
           Other national agencies                              258,751     169,266                           428,017             –             –       428,017
           Distributions to charitable organizations            295,011   1,683,575                         1,978,586             –             –     1,978,586
        Total appropriations                                  6,506,960   2,736,900                         9,243,860             –             –     9,243,860
           General Campaign                                   1,135,853           –                        1,135,853             –              –     1,135,853
           Community services                                 1,478,729           –                        1,478,729             –              –     1,478,729
           Building operations                                  341,153           –                          341,153             –              –       341,153
           Endowment services                                   578,383           –                          578,383             –              –       578,383
           Holocaust Museum & Learning Center                   449,626           –                          449,626             –              –       449,626
           Management and general                             1,078,220      26,785                        1,105,005             –              –     1,105,005
        Total expenses                                        5,061,964      26,785                        5,088,749             –              –     5,088,749
      Total appropriations and expenses                      11,568,924   2,763,685                       14,332,609             –              –    14,332,609
      Changes in net assets                                   3,163,701   2,336,652                        5,500,353     2,036,201        454,966     7,991,520
      Net assets at beginning of period                       1,141,532 47,610,585                        48,752,117    17,847,594     13,817,494    80,417,205
      Net assets at end of period                           $ 4,305,233 49,947,237                        54,252,470    19,883,795     14,272,460    88,408,725

      Unaudited. Appropriations include some partial-year allocations due to transition to new allocations calendar.

Financial Information – Year Ended December 31, 2005

AND                                ADOPTED A STRATEGIC PLAN which revised its
ALLOCATIONS                        allocations process, including a change in the allocations
                                   cycle – from a calendar year to a year ending June 30.
                                   Due to the transition, this re p o rt reflects partial-year
                                   allocations to local and overseas agencies and full-year
                                   allocations to national agencies and designated grants.
                                   The next annual report will reflect the complete 2006–2007
                                   allocations cycle. Total allocations and distributions for
                                   this transition year were $9,243,860.

         ALLOCATIONS TO          Contributions to United Jewish Communities* include allocations for services
      OVERSEAS AGENCIES          to these agencies: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Jewish
                                 Agency for Israel (JAFI), and New York Association for New Americans (NYANA).
          $2,741,725             Includes Operation Promise contribution of $36,573.
                (partial year)

         ALLOCATIONS TO          American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, Anti-Defamation League,
      NATIONAL AGENCIES          Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies, B’nai B’rith Youth Organization,
                                 Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Hebrew Union College, Hillel: the Foundation for Jewish
            $690,288             Campus Life, International Association of Jewish Vocational Service, Jewish Communal
                                 Service Association of North America, Jewish Community Centers Association of North
                                 America, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Jewish Education Service of North America,
                                 Jewish Labor Committee, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Jewish War Veterans, National
                                 Conference of Soviet Jewry, National Foundation for Jewish Culture, Religious Action
                                 Center of Reform Judaism, Schools of Jewish Communal Service Scholarship Program.
                                 Includes $262,781 Hurricane Katrina relief funds paid to UJC.

         ALLOCATIONS TO          Barnes-Jewish Hospital                                                           50,000
         LOCAL AGENCIES          Block Yeshiva High School                                                        72,249
                                 Central Agency for Jewish Education*                                            561,456
          $2,671,125             Community Aging Corporation (Covenant House/CHAI)*                               37,104
                (partial year)   Community Chaplaincy (JF&CS)*                                                    35,940
                                 H.F. Epstein Hebrew Academy                                                     138,833
                                 Hillel, University of Missouri – Columbia*                                       31,987
                                 Jewish Community Center*                                                        624,840
                                 Jewish Community Relations Council*                                             168,348
                                 Jewish Family and Children's Service*                                           196,554
                                 Jewish Fund for Human Needs (JCRC)*                                               5,037
                                 MERS/Missouri Goodwill Industries*                                               83,856
                                 Older Adult Community Action Program (JCC)*                                      34,896
                                 St. Louis Hillel at Washington University*                                       68,480
                                 St. Louis Jewish Light*                                                          50,670
                                 Saul Brodsky Jewish Community Library*                                           74,250
                                 Saul Mirowitz Day School/Reform Jewish Academy                                   19,826
                                 Social Nutrition Program (JCC)*                                                  82,380
                                 Solomon Schechter Day School of St. Louis                                       117,726
                                 The Cedars at the JCA*                                                           77,042
                                 Torah Prep School                                                               133,526
                                 Other*                                                                            6,125
   DESIGNATED     Aish Hatorah                                                                                       7,050
LOCAL GRANTS**    Al Fleischman Camp Fund                                                                           25,000
                  American Jewish Committee                                                                          1,500
 $1,162,136       Bais Yaakov High School                                                                            1,000
                  Barnes-Jewish Hospital                                                                            29,334
                  Block Yeshiva High School                                                                         22,403
                  Central Agency for Jewish Education                                                              176,358
                  Chabad of Greater St. Louis                                                                       10,000
                  Congregations                                                                                    218,424
                  Covenant House/CHAI                                                                               45,742
                  H.F. Epstein Hebrew Academy                                                                       55,420
                  Hadassah – St. Louis Chapter                                                                       5,000
                  Holocaust Museum & Learning Center                                                                40,180
                  Jewish Community Center                                                                          156,732
                  Jewish Community Relations Council                                                                17,450
                  Jewish Council of Public Affairs                                                                   7,000
                  Jewish Education Fund                                                                              4,000
                  Jewish Family & Children's Service                                                                78,098
                  MERS/Goodwill Industries                                                                           3,250
                  St. Louis Hillel at Washington University                                                         85,703
                  St. Louis Jewish Light                                                                            15,008
                  St. Louis Torah Mitzion Kollel                                                                    10,000
                  Saul Brodsky Jewish Community Library                                                             43,765
                  Saul Mirowitz Day School/Reform Jewish Academy                                                    16,075
                  Solomon Schechter Day School                                                                      10,000
                  The Cedars at the JCA                                                                             60,600
                  Torah Prep School                                                                                  2,240
                  Other                                                                                             14,804

                  * Denotes agencies that received a partial-year allocation in December, 2005, due to the transition to a new
                     allocations calendar.
                  * * Including distributions from special campaigns and Ephraim Block Charitable Trust for Indigent Jews;
                     Henry and Gladys Crown Charitable Income Trust, honoring the memory of Shirlee Green;
                     Rich Family Education Fund; donor advised funds; endowments; the Lubin-Green Foundation
                     and Michael Staenberg Family Foundation, supporting foundations of the Jewish Federation

                  LOCAL DISTRIBUTIONS BY SERVICE =                       $3,833,261

             Outreach &                                                                  Social Services
             Information                                                                 $1,560,428 (40.7%)
        $201,165 (5.2%)

     Community Relations                                                                 Jewish Identity
       $256,514 (6.7%)                                                                   and Education
                                                                                         $1,815,154 (47.4%)

                                       Sponsorships & One-Time Gifts:             King David Society –                         Charles Baron
                                       Donor Appreciation Event Sponsors:         $25,000-$49,999                              Mr. & Mrs. Melvin F. Brown
                                                                                                                               Brown Shoe Company
                                         Lead Sponsor $25,000 –                   Ann & Paul • Lux Family Gift
                                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Larry Buffen
                                                   US Bank                        Mr. & Mrs. Edward Balk *
                                         Gold Sponsors $10,000 –                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Burstein*
                                                                                  David & Joan Bohm
                                                   Bryan Cave LLP                                                              Fran & Harvey Cantor*
                                                                                  Dr. & Mrs. Seymour Brown
                                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Jerry J. Chod
                                                   Barnes Jewish Hospital         Estate of Mr. Melvin Dubinsky •
                                         Silver Sponsors $5,000 –                                                              Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Chod*
                                                                                  Mr. Todd Epsten & Ms. Susan McCollum
                                                   Brown Smith Wallace LLC                                                     Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Cohen
                                                                                  Leon A. & Harriet Felman
                                                   Premier Party Rentals                                                       Jack & Patricia Croughan
                                                                                  Mrs. Yetra Goldberg
                                                   Howard Lesser                                                               The Delmar Gardens Family
                                                                                  Dr. Howard & Sally Goldstein
                                                   Wealth Management Advisors                                                  Barbara & Mark Drazen
                                                                                  Robert & Susan Goldstein & Family
                                                                                                                               Dr. Norman & Sharon Druck
                                                                                  Richard & Isabel Goldstein & Family
                                                                                                                               Ms. Madeleine Elkins & Mr. Harvey Wallace*
                                       President’s Circle – $250,000+             Ms. Sheila Greenbaum &
                                                                                                                               Mrs Bertha Feist
                                       Fox Family Foundation                         Dr. Gary Wasserman*
                                                                                                                               Amy & Denny Feit
                                       Mr. Alvin Goldfarb                         Kitty & Hanford Gross*
                                                                                                                               Mr. Ellis Fischer
                                       Thomas & Karole Green*                     Harvey & Judy Harris
                                                                                                                               Mrs. Roxanne H. Frank
                                       Millstone Foundation                       Mr.• & Mrs. Allan R. Hoffman
                                                                                                                               Sue Gallop
                                       Alvin & Ruth Siteman*                      Dr. Myron & Randee Jacobs*
                                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Richard Glassman*
                                       Staenberg Family Foundation                Robert E. Kleiger M.D.
                                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Goffstein
                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Langsam
                                                                                                                               Evelyn B. Goldberg
                                                                                  Ms. Diane Gershman Levine
                                       Prime Minister’s Council –                                                              Mrs. Doretta Goldenberg
                                                                                  J. David & Lucy S. Levy
                                       $100,000-$249,999                                                                       Mr. Louis Goldring
                                                                                  Mr. Sanford & Dr. Rosalind Neuman
                                       Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc                                                           David & Debbi Grebler*
                                                                                  Novack/ Palan Charitable Account –
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Cahn*                                                                Dr. & Mrs. Morton Green
                                                                                     Harvey & Renee Novack
                                       Nat Dubman Family                                                                       Gary & Ronni Handelman*
                                                                                     Manne & Lynne Palan
                                                                                                                               Estates of Sue & Ed Hart
                                       Edison Family Group                        Paramount Apparel Int’l Inc.
                                       Dr. Ira & Judith Gall*                                                                  Dr. & Mrs. Jacques Herzog
                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jerrold Pass*
                                                                                                                               Harvey & Terry Hieken*
                                       Mrs. Bettie Gershman                       Premier Rentals LLC c/o Bill & Kim Miller*
                                                                                                                               Tom & Jennifer Hillman
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kranzberg               Dr. & Mrs. Heschel J. Raskas & Family *
                                       Sally S. Levy                                                                           John & Diane Kalishman
                                                                                  Marc & Marge Seldin
                                       Morton J. May Foundation                                                                Simon & Francine Katz
                                                                                  Shapiro Sales
                                       Mr. Lester Miller                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Andy Kohn*
                                                                                  The Family of David S. Sherman
                                                                                                                               Gene & Evelyn Koshner*
                                       Anonymous – 1                              Mr. Todd Siwak & Ms. Gianna Jacobson
                                                                                                                               Mrs. Naomi Lasky
                                                                                  Hanna I. Strauss
                                                                                                                               Judy & Bud Levin
                                       Ben Gurion Society –                       Karen & Mark Zorensky*
                                                                                                                               Lois C. Levin
                                       $50,000-$99,999                            Anonymous – 4
                                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Linkon
                                       BJC HealthCare System Employees                                                         Susan & Steven Lipstein
                                       Lee Bohm                                   CHAI Society – $18,000-$24,999               Mrs. Jerome T. Loeb
                                       Charlotte Brodsky                          Ilse & Frank Altman*                         Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ludmerer
                                       Ms. Maxine Clark & Mr. Robert Fox*         Terry & Gordon Bloomberg*                    Dr. Carl A. & Lynn Lyss*
                                       Dorothy & Billy Firestone*                 Mr. & Mrs. Jerome F. Brasch                  Betty & Paul Mendelson
                                       Guller Family – Bobbi & Sidney Guller      Leonard & Rosalie Chod Family*               Mrs. Wilma Messing
                                          & Mildred Guller*                       Nancy Green & Randall E. Green, Trustee –    Donna Moog & Leonard Landsbaum
                                       Jerome & Nancy Kalishman Family               Gladys K. Crown Foundation*               Mr. & Mrs. James R. Moog
                                          Foundation                              Interco Charitable Trust                     Galia & Milton Movitz*
                                       Ken & Pam Lester                           Mr. Henry Katz &                             Philip & Sima Needleman
                                       Mont & Karen Levy                             Dr. Hildegard Gruenbaum-Katz              Dr. Samuel & Rhoda Nussbaum
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Donn H. Lipton*                 Mr. & Mrs. Gunther N. Kohn*                  Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Pass
                                       Leslie & Michael Litwack*                  The Sam & Jeannette Koplar Foundation –      Lenore & Edwin Pepper*
                                       Mrs. Lucy Lopata                              Edward J. Koplar, President & Director    Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Polonsky*
                                       The May Department Stores Foundation       Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lazaroff *                   Mr. & Mrs. Maury Poscover
                                       Mrs. Hubert C. Moog                        Mr. & Mrs. Steven Schankman                  JoAnn Raskas
                                       Moskowitz Family Foundation                Helen & Julian Seeherman*                    Mr. Barry Rosenberg & Ms. Barbara Levin*
                                       Mr. Jerome Osherow                         Stacy & Greg Siwak*                          Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Salky*
                                       Ron & Pam Rubin*                           Mr. & Mrs. David R. Smith                    Erin & Steve Schuver*
                                       RubinBrown                                 Dr. & Mrs. Jacob Sosna*                      Jeff & Tracey Singer
                                       Shelley & Jay Sarver & Family*             Berger Memorial Chapel –                     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Singer*
                                       Nancy & Alvin Siwak*                          Linda & Richard W. Stein                  Jill & Martin Sneider
     ABOVE:                            The Walpert Family Charitable Foundation   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stern                      Frank & Bessie Spielberg Foundation
                                       Morrie & Miki Zimring                      Vivian Zwick                                 Mr. & Mrs. Steven Starr
     155 new and continuing            Mr.• & Mrs. Louis I. Zorensky              Anonymous – 5                                Mr. & Mrs. Walter G. Stern
     “It’s a Girl Thing!” groups are   Anonymous – 3                                                                           Mr. Morris & Dr. Rosalie Sterneck
     operated by 92 north American                                                Special Gifts – $10,000-$17,999              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Suffian*
                                                                                  Mr. Jack Ansehl •                            Bob & Carolyn Suffian*
     JCCs, synagogues, and other                                                  Judith & Adam Aronson*                       Mr. Stan Towerman
     Jewish institutions.
US Bank                                        Sharon & Jeffrey A. Rosenblum*             Patty & Jonathan Bloom                         Carla & Michael Feuer
Sherri Frank-Weintrop                          Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Rosenthal            Dr. Donald & Marilyn Blum                      Richard & Dianna Fine
Howard E. Weissman                             Dr. & Mrs. Donald Ross                     Drs. Nanci & James Bobrow*                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Wielansky                       Betsy Rubenstein                           Mrs. Adele Bogard                              Mr. & Mrs. Martin Fishkop
Mr. Alvin & Dr. June Wolff *                   Mr. & Mrs. Norman M. Rubenstein            Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Bogard                         Doris & Harold Fishman
Mr. Robert S. Wolff                            Mrs. Hattie Rubin                          Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin Borowsky                   Mollie & Robert Fitterman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Wolfson                   Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Samuels                Ms. Susan R. Bosse                             Dr. Julian B. Fleischman
Stuart & Susan Zimmerman*                      Mr. & Mrs. Gideon H. Schiller              Barbara & David Boxer                          Estate of Alfred Fleishman•
Mrs. Jeanne Zorensky                           Mr. & Mrs. Steven Schultz                  Susan & Stuart Boxerman                        Terry & Paul Flotken
Anonymous – 14                                 Gerry & Walter Schwab                      Mr. Charles Brandt – Charles Brandt Design     Mr. & Mrs. Burton Follman*
                                               Mrs. Melvin M. Schwartz                    Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Brodsky                        Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Forman
Partnership – $5,000-$9,999                    Mrs. Audrey Shatz                          Kathy & Roger Brodsky                          Dr. Shanon Forseter
                                               Barrie & Karen Sher                        Kenneth & Peggy Brown                          Mrs. Irene Fowle
Estate of Dr. Morris Abrams
                                               Ms. Ellen Sherberg & Dr. Jerry Rosenblum   Mr. & Mrs. Steve Brown                         Mr. Richard Fox
Mrs. Joan Abrams
                                               Ian & Heidi Silberman                      Mr. & Mrs. Steve Brown                         Julius & Susan Frager
Ameren Corporation Charitable Trust
                                               Carole Simon                               Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Bry                           Mrs. Carol Frank
Mr. Irving Applebaum
                                               Dr. & Mrs. Gary Singer                     Mr. Charles Burson                             Mr. & Mrs. David M. Frank
Argo Products Co. et al –
                                               Mr. Stephen Singer &                       Drs. Greta & Marvin Camel*                     Julie & Leonard Frankel
   George & Ken Goldstein
                                                  Ms. Miriam Rogers Singer                Mr. & Mrs. David Capes                         Mr. Maurice J. Frankel
Mrs. Charline Baizer
                                               David & Karen Smoller                      Dr. & Mrs. David A. Caplin*                    Mrs. Frances Franklin
Ms. Lisa Graivier Barnes
                                               Judith Dodge Stenzel                       Mr. & Mrs. Carl Carlie                         Dr. Victoria Fraser & Dr. Steve Miller
Dr. Elisa Birnbaum
                                               Rabbi Jeffrey & Dr. Arlene Stiffman*       Cass Information Systems                       Mr. & Mrs. Carmi Fredman
Mr. Robert Blitz
                                               Cindy & John S. Wallach                    Mrs. Josephine Cassel                          Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Fredman
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Bly
                                               Ms. Robin G. Walpert                       Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Chaitman                    Mr. & Mrs. Ron Fredman
Ms. Nancy Boguslaw
                                               Anabeth & John Weil                        Mr. & Mrs. Alan Charlson                       Mrs. Bennett Frelich
Robert Daniel & Sue Anne Bohm
                                               Larry & Margie Weintraub                   Drs. Lew & Pat Chartock                        Robert & Mary Ellen Freund
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Bornstein
                                               John & Jane Roodman Weiss                  Mr. & Mrs. Edward Chod                         Mr. C. Marshall Friedman
Grace R. Brod
                                               Mrs. Rochelle Weiss                        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Chused                       Richard & Nancy Friedman
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Chod*
                                               Mr. Julius Weissman                        Dr. & Mrs. Darryl Cohen                        Dr. & Mrs. Robert Friedman*
Dave & Martha Cornfeld
                                               Dr. & Mrs. Barry Witten                    Dr. & Mrs. Edward Cohen                        Mr. Steven Friedman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Denlow
                                               Mr. Richard J. Wolfheim                    Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Cohen*                    Dr. & Mrs. William Friedman
Mr. Morton Deutch
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Isaac E. Young*                 Mrs. Mathilde K. Cohen                         Brian & Amy Gage
Mrs. Helen Drazen
                                               Dr. Deborah Zimmerman &                    Mr. Millard S. Cohen                           Kristi Meyers Gallup & Ted Gallup
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Feldman
                                                  Dr. Jonathan Root                       Ms. Patricia L. Cohen                          Mr. & Mrs. Burt Garland, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Norman Fishman*
                                               Anonymous – 38                             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cohen                        Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Garland*
Dr. & Mrs. I. Jerome Flance
                                                                                          Teri & Roger Cohen                             Mr. & Mrs. Steven Gelfman*
Sheila & Richard Flom*
                                               Provider – $1,000-$4,999                   Ted & Evelyn Cohen                             Mr & Mrs Herman Gellman
Mrs. Irene Fox
                                                                                          Victor A. Cohen                                Jeff & Kim Gellman
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fox                         Dr. & Mrs. Marc Abrams
                                                                                          Charles & Dorothy Cohen                        Warren & Susan Gelman
Mr. & Mrs. Zev Fredman                         Judy & Richard Abrams*
                                                                                             Philanthropic Fund                          Wilma & Harvey Gerstein*
Milton & Eleanor Fry*                          Mr. Todd Abrams
                                                                                          Mrs. Leonard E. Cohn                           Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Gersten*
Diane & Paul Gallant                           Dr. & Mrs. Barry Abramson*
                                                                                          Mr. Thomas Cohn                                Jerome & Catherine Gidlow
Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Goldberg                  Mrs. Henriette Ackerman
                                                                                          Jeff & Debbie Dalin                            Muriel Gilberg
Paul & Susan K. Goldberg                       Audrey & Leonard Adreon
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dalton                      Dr. Louis & Debbie Gilula
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred E. Goldman                   Dr. & Mrs. Morris Alex
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Dardick                     Mr. & Mrs. Andy Fuller Glaser*
Estate of Edmond & Marian E. Goldstein         Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Alper
                                                                                          Dr. & Mrs. Ray Davis                           Mr. John H. Goffstein –
Mr. Kenneth Goldstein                          Mrs. Leona Altman
                                                                                          Dr. & Mrs. Steve Davis                            Bartley, Goodstein, Bollato & Lange
Barbara B. Goodman Philanthropic Fund          Dr. & Mrs. David Amarnek*
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Warren Davis                        Mr. & Mrs. Michael Goldberg
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Greenberg                      Arthur E. Ansehl
                                                                                          Decor Interiors                                Mr. & Mrs. Norman Goldberg
Harvey Greenstein & Esther Lyss-Greenstein     Ann & Paul Arenberg
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Joel Dennis                         Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Goldberg*
Mr.• & Mrs. Lester Handelman                   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Arnstein*
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Edward Deutch                       Mr. Steven L. Goldberg
Alice & Howard Handelman*                      David & Martha Aronson
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Deutsch                      Rabbi Jay & Erika Goldburg
Carolyn & Jay Henges                           Mel Auslander
                                                                                          Jennifer & Jonathan Deutsch                    Barry & Susan Goldenberg
Arnold & Myrna Hershman                        Dr. Laurence Avins
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Jim Deutsch                         Mr. & Mrs. Steve Goldenberg
Mr. & Mrs. James Hirschfield                   Mr. & Mrs. Terry Bader
                                                                                          Meryl & Norman DeWoskin                        Mr. & Mrs Thomas Goldenberg
Mr & Mrs Steven Hochberg                       Mr. & Mrs. Preston Bank
                                                                                          Marla & Nino Dicandia                          Mrs. Frieda Goldenhersh
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Hoffman                        Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Barad
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dolgin                       Richard & Sherri Goldman
Joanne & Joel Iskiwitch                        Mr. Douglas Baron & Mrs. Lisa Baron
                                                                                          Mrs. Harold W. Dubinsky                        Dr. Laura Hulbert & Dr. David Goldmeier
Ms. Kim Jacobs                                 Dr. & Mrs. Donald Bassman
                                                                                          Eileen Schneider Edelman                       Mr. & Mrs. Guenter Goldsmith
Estelle W. & Karen S. Kalish Foundation        Mr. & Mrs. Edward Becker*
                                                                                          Pat Eder                                       Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin Goldstein
Debbie I. & Craig M. Kaminer                   Jon & Alene Becker
                                                                                          Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Eichler*                    Mr. Joel Goldstein & Ms. Maxine Lipeles
Jeanne & Aron Katzman                          Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Becker
                                                                                          David & Rachel Eidelman                        Dr. Julius Goldstein &
Dr. Phillip & Arleen Korenblat                 Dr. Robert Becker
                                                                                          Jane Eiseman                                      Batya Abramson-Goldstein
Dr. Robert & Judy Kramer                       Dr. & Mrs. Robert Becker
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. William Eiseman                     Laura Kipnis & Sid Goldstein
Joan & Gene Kraus*                             Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Becker
                                                                                          Ms. Marci Mayer Eisen & Mr. Rick Eisen         Mr. & Mrs. Mark Goran
Mrs. Lorraine Laiderman                        Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Bell*
                                                                                          Gail & Charles Eisenkramer                     Steve & Judy Gorin*
Mr. David Langsam                              Dr. & Mrs. Edward Berg
                                                                                          Mr. Charles Elbert & Mrs. Karen Berry Elbert   Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert Grand
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Lauter                       Mr. Richard Berg
                                                                                          Mrs. Rosette Ellman                            Mrs. Essie Grand-Jean
Ms. Ruth L. Lederman & Mr. Terence H. Stern*   Mr. & Mrs. Ben Berger
                                                                                          Steve & Tracie Engel                           Rob & Debbie Granick
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Levinson                      Mr. & Mrs. Corey Berger
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Alan Epstein                        Graham & Lee Green
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Levy*                        Mr. & Mrs. Ira Bergman
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Epstein                      Mr. Adam Greenberg &
Joseph & Carolyn Losos                         Dr. & Mrs. Martin Bergmann
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Esrock*                          Mrs. Amy Lampert Greenberg
Jennifer & Daniel Low                          Lee & Lise Bernstein
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Extein                        Denise & Carl Greenberg*
Mr. Steven R. Lowy                             Dr. Marc Bernstein
                                                                                          Ileane & Irvin Fagin                           Michael M. Greenfield
Mr. Julian Mathes                              Mr. Mark D. Bernstein
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Fallert                     Mr. Gerald P. Greiman & Ms. Susan Carlson
Mrs. Susan Matlof                              Dr. & Mrs. Richard Bernstein*
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Gary Feder                          Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Gross*
Helene Mirowitz                                Dr. Leon Bialecki
                                                                                          Robert & Jane Feibel                           Mr. Geoffrey &
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Myers                      Dr. Stanley Biel & Dr. Leila Redlich
                                                                                          Dr. Jay S. Pepose & Dr. Susan Feigenbaum          Mrs. Stephanie Ludmer Gross
National City Bank                             Mrs. June R. Bierman
                                                                                          Dr. William & Elyse Feinstein                  Gross Philanthropic Fund
Dr. & Mrs. Neal Neuman                         Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Birenbaum*
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Sol Feit                            Mr. David Grossman
Mrs. Ilene Osherow                             Dr. & Mrs. Richard Blath
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Feldacker                     Mr. & Mrs. Gary Growe
Brenda & Joe Pereles                           Dr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Blinder
                                                                                          Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Feldman                     Dr. & Mrs. Werner Grunbaum
Mrs. Dana Pohlman                              Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bloch*
                                                                                          Mrs. Gloria Feldman                            Mrs. Lois Guller
Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Pomerantz                   Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Block
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Feldman                     Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gusdorg
Ms. Stephanie Riven & Mr. Roger Goldman        Ms. Susan Block & Ms. Barbara Greenberg*

     Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Haffner            Dr. Jacob Klein                              Mr. & Mrs. Harold Marglous               Mr. & Mrs. Albert Price
     Mr. & Mrs. James Halpern             Mr. & Mrs. Myron Klevens                     Ricki & Neil Marglous                    Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Price
     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Halpern           Mr. & Mrs. Rik Knopf *                       Shelley & Steve Marglous*                Mr. Richard Priest
     Mr. Harry Hammerman •                Mr. & Mrs. Alan Koblin                       Patricia & Sol Margulies                 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Probstein
     Mr. & Mrs. Neil J. Handelman*        Mr. Mark Kodner & Mr. Albert Watkins –       Mr. Robert Margulis                      Brian & Mindy Pultman
     Mrs. Edward Kohl Handlan, Jr.           Kodner Watkins Muchnick, Weigley, L. C.   Mr. Norman Markow                        Mr. Raymond Pultman
     Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Harris              Mrs. Nancy Kodner                            Mr. Randall A. Martin                    Dr. & Mrs. Edmond Rainey
     Mr. Eugene Harris                    Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Koenig                     Mr. Sidney Martin                        Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Raskas
     Mr. Milton Harris                    Dr. & Mrs. Allan E. Kolker                   Dr. Denise Meckler & Mr. Myles Zlepper   Dr. Gary & Mrs. Marilyn Ratkin
     Kenneth & Renee Hearst               Michele S. Kopolow                           Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Medoff                 Mr. & Mrs. Jacob W. Reby*
     Mr. Walter J. Heiman                 Dr. Lawrence Kotner                          Chelle & Bobby Medow                     Drs. Jackie & Craig Reiss
     Lillian Hendin                       Rich & Barb Kramer                           Mr. & Mrs. Edwin B. Meissner, Jr.        Mr. & Mrs. Gary Rich
     Lore & Fred Herzberg                 Lisa & Richard Kraner*                       Mr. & Mrs. Louis G. Melchior             Dr. & Mrs. Shale Rifkin
     Mr. Milton Hieken &                  Mr. & Mrs. Ken Kraus                         Ms. Marcia Mellitz                       Rindskopf-Roth Chapel –
        Ms. Barbara Barenholtz            Jerry & Linda Kraus*                         Dr. & Mrs. Paul Melnik                      Norman & Craig Roth
     Marian W. & Maurice L. Hirsch, Jr.   Susie & Leon Kravetz                         Myrna & Jay Meyer                        Mr. Jay & Dr. Lisa Ring
     Mrs. Rhoda Hochman                   Mr. & Mrs. M. Paul Kravitz*                  Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Meyer*                 Mordy & Bev Rischall
     Mr. Peter Hochschild                 Mrs. Dolly Krawll                            Dr. & Mrs. Ben Milder*                   Mr. & Mrs. Lee Rodgers
     Stanley L. Hoffman                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter Krombach                    Mrs. Goldee Miller                       Dr. & Mrs. Ervin Rodin
     Mr. Stuart Z. Hoffman &              Mrs. Barbara Kurtz                           Yale & Gail Miller                       Mrs. Melvin Roman
        Mrs. Rita R. Rothschild           June E. Laba                                 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Millner                Mr. & Mrs. Albert Rose*
     Drs. Craig & Abby Hollander          Laclede Gas Charitable Trust                 Mr. & Mrs. Martin Millner                Mr. Irvin Roselman
     Dr. & Mrs. Bruce J. Hookerman        Robert Lamberg, M.D.                         Mr. & Mrs. Rob Millner                   Mr. Earle K. Rosen
     Mr. Eugene & Dr. Debra Horwitz*      Mr. & Mrs. Sigmond Langsam                   Mr. & Mrs. Jack Minner                   Dr. & Mrs. Jack Rosen
     Mrs. Jane Davis                      Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Langsdorf                 Steven & Maxine Mirowitz                 Mrs. Tamar Rosen-Fernandez &
     Drs. George & Luciann Hruza          Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Langsdorf                  Dr. & Mrs. Marvin R. Mishkin                Dr. James Fernandez
     Mrs. Bernard Hulbert                 Jeffrey Lasday & Lori Serbin Lasday*         Missouri Physicians Mutual               Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Rosenbaum
     Mrs. Mary Ann Hutkin                 Dr. & Mrs. Leland Laycob                     Mr. Fred Mohr                            Alan & Donna Rosenberg
     Mr. & Mrs. Ted Isaacs*               Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Lebman                    Irwin Mohr                               Dr. & Mrs. David Rosenberg
     Dr. & Mrs. Martin Israel             Mr. Joseph W. Lefton                         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mohr                   Mr. & Mrs. Jerrold H. Rosenblum
     Michael & Allison Izsak              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lefton                    Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Mormol                   Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Rosenblum
     Mr. Myron Jaffe                      Nancy & Harvey Lehrer                        Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Morosohk                Rosenblum, Schwartz & Rogers PC
     Mr. Bernard Janklow                  Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Leve                     Moulton Limited Partnership                 Scott Rosenblum
     Mrs. Bett Jasper                     Mr. & Mrs. Rubin Leve*                       T. J. & Eleanor Mullin                      Joel L. Schwartz
     Drs. David & Sharon Jick             Ms. Jacqueline Ulin Levey                    Mr. & Mrs. Louis Myers*                  Mrs. Edna Rosenheim
     Dr. & Mrs. Sidney Jick               Faye & Richard Levey                         Mysun Charitable Foundation –            Mr. Ken Rosenthal
     Dr. & Mrs. Morris Joftus             Mark & Lesley Levin                             Ms. Sunny Glassberg                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rosenthal
     Carol G. & Robert E. Jones           Dr. Marvin E. & Barbara Levin                Joan & Leslie Nackman*                   Mr. Robert Rothbarth
     Mr. William Kahn                     Stanford & Sharon Levin                      Mrs. Mildred Neuman •                    Dr. & Mrs. Marcos Rothstein
     Mr. & Mrs. Philip Kaiser             Stephen & Amy Levin                          Mr. & Mrs. George Newman                 Dr. Kenneth & Judi Rotskoff
     Dr. & Mrs. David Kantor              Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Levin II                Mr. Mark Newmark                         Mr. Stephen & Dr. Dikla Roufa
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kaplan*           Dr. David J. Levine                          Kara & Robert Newmark                    Mr. & Mrs. Rick Rovak
     Mr. & Mrs. Lee Kaplan                Mr. & Mrs. Michael Levinson*                 Dr. Rita Numerof & Mr. Michael Abrams    Mr. Stephen Rovak
     Rabbi & Mrs. Howard Kaplansky*       Mr. & Mrs. Edward Levinson                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Oberlander            Mr. & Mrs. Jim Rubin
     Mr. David Karsh                      Mr.• & Mrs. Edwin Levis, Jr.                 Ms. Rhonda O’Brien                       Barbara & Don Rubin*
     Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Kaskowitz          Mr. & Mrs. Jay H. Levitt                     Mr. Jack E. Oglander                     Mrs. Jane Tzinberg Rubin
     Mr. & Mrs. David Kaslow*             Mrs. Monroe Levy                             Dr. & Mrs. Gary Omell                    Michelle & Mark Rubin
     Ben & Carol Katz*                    Mr. & Mrs. Marty Levy                        Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Osherow                 Robert & Felice Rubin
     Mr. & Mrs. Larry Katzen              Mrs. Minnette Liberman                       Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Padawer                Mr. & Mrs. William Rubin
     Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Katzif *          Dr. & Mrs. David Lieberman                   Jay L. Padratzik, M.D.                   Mrs. Elizabeth Ruwitch
     Mr. & Mrs. Andy Katzman              Marilyn & David Lipman*                      Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Palans*               Dr. Jerome Sachar & Mrs. Lili Siegel-Sachar*
     Dr. & Mrs. David Katzman             Dr. & Mrs. David Lipsitz*                    Mr. & Mrs. Ben Peck                      Leo A. Sachar
     Dr. & Mrs. Robert Kaufman            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lipsitz                    Mr. Bill Peck                            Mr. & Mrs. Alan Sachs
     Jack & Barry Kayes •                 Dr. & Mrs. Jay Liss                          Dr. & Mrs. William Peck                  Gary & Margie Sacks
     Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kent              Mr. & Mrs. William Livingston, Jr.           Mr. Charlie Peltason                     Mr. & Mrs. Paul Safran
     Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Kirschner*       Mr. Stephen H. Loeb                          Penman & Winton Consulting               Mrs. Lillian Samet •
     Mr. & Mrs. Harold Klamen             Mr. & Mrs. Louis Loebner                     Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Perlmutter*          Mr. David Samuels
     Leona Klayman In Memory of           Ms. Louise Losos                             Joel & Monica Perlmutter                 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sander*
        Robert Klayman                    David & Jennifer Baer Lotsoff                Leslie & Edyce Perlmutter                Mr. Kenneth Sandler
     David & Joan Klearman                Charles A. & Rosalyn S. Lowenhaupt           Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Pernikoff             Mr. & Mrs. Alan Schaffer
     Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Kleban*             Mr. & Mrs. Alan Ludmer*                      Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert Phon                  Ms. Ellen Schapiro & Mr. Gerald Axelbaum*
     Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kleban*           Dr. & Mrs. Sidney Machefsky*                 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald M. Poger               Mr. & Mrs. Larry Schechter*
                                          Rabbi Mordecai Magencey &                    Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Poger*               Mrs. Susan Schlichter
                                             Beverly Milder Magencey*                  Sanford & Marlene Poger                  Rabbi Janine Schloss & Mr. Keith Hamburg
                                          Mr. & Mrs. Larry Malashock                   Mr. David Pollack &                      Mr. & Mrs. Harold Schneider
     ABOVE:                               Ms. Shelley Mandel                              Ms. Sharon Harris Pollack*            Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Schneider
                                          Beth & Mark Manlin                           Mr. Norman Pressman &                    Eilene & Herbert Schneiderman
     700 students attend                  Dr. & Mrs. Charles Mannis*                      Ms. Wendi Alper-Pressman              Dr. & Mrs. Gustav Schonfeld
     St. Louis’ day schools.
Mr. Alexander Schonwald                Bob & Carolyn Suffian                      Drs. Gregg & Susan Berdy                Lawrence Friedman & Phyllis Terry Friedman
Joel & Francine Schraier*              Alan & Caryl Sunshine                      Mr. Iver Bernstein & Ms. Kay Sherman    Robyn & David Friedman
Mr. Doug Schukar                       Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Sunshine*               Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Bernstein             Phil & Helene Frischer
Mrs. Daniel J. Schultz                 Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Suroff                  Barbara Bianco                          Mr. & Mrs. Allen Furfine
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Schwab, Jr.*       Bernard & Lorraine Susman*                 Mr. Jon Bierman                         Mr. & Mrs. Steven Gallant*
Dr.• & Mrs. Alfred Schwartz            Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Tabachnick               Mr. James Blatt                         Mr. & Mrs. Carl Gallop
Dan & Joanne Schwartz                  Mr. Myron Taich                            Dr. Max & Carol Blinder                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gans
Dr. Harry M. Offenbach &               Bill Taylor – Taylor-Morley Homes          Mrs. Beverly Blitz                      Ms. Joyce K. Gartenberg
   Mrs. Helen Schwartz                 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Temkin                     Mr. & Mrs. Les Block                    Dr. & Mrs. David Geller*
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Schweich –            Susan & Gerald Tessler                     Mrs. Ellen Bluestone                    Dr. & Mrs. Edward Geltman
   Wm & Mary Lewin Fund                Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tessler                 Marci & Ken Bluestone                   Mark & Caryn Gershenson
Estelle R. Seidel* & Avery B. Seidel   Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Tobin*                  Mrs. Kate Blumenfeld                    Bunny Gerstenfeld
John Seidenfeld                        Mr. & Mrs. Simon Tonkin                    Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Blumenthal         Dr. Sylvia Levine Ginsparg
Mrs. Suzy Seldin                       Mr. Michael Towerman                       Dr. & Mrs. Irving Boime                 Gail & Lou Glaser
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Seltzer              Dr. Gary & Phyllis Traub*                  Mr. Barry Bornstein                     Roslyn & Leonard Glaser
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Senior               Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Trivers                  Wendy & Les Borowsky                    Mrs. Eleanor Glick
Mrs. Alvin Serkes                      Mr. & Mrs. John Tureen                     Dr. Matthew Bosner                      Dr. Howard Goldberg
Anna & Michael Shabsin                 Mr. & Mrs. Neil Tzinberg                   Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brandt               Jeff Golden
Mr. & Mrs. Stanford Shanker            Susan & Ben Uchitelle                      Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Brandvein             Zeena & Joe Goldenberg
Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Shapiro             Mrs. Helen Unterberger                     Mr. & Mrs. Brian Braunstein             Mr. & Mrs. Byron Goldenhersh*
Mr. Norman J. Shapiro                  Dr. & Mrs. Jerrold Vesper                  Mr. & Mrs. Murray Bresler               Mr. & Mrs. Martin Goldman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Shapiro           Dr. & Mrs. Garry Vickar                    Mrs. Arline Brilliant                   Dr. & Mrs. Roy Goldman
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Shapiro                 Dr. & Mrs. G. Ram Volotzky*                Dr. Steve Brody & Dr. Brenda Grossman   Alan & Nancy Goldstein
Dr. David & Lori Sheinbein             Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Wald                    Dr. & Mrs. Alan Brook                   Mr. & Mrs. Gary Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Sher*                Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Wallach                  Mr. Eric Brown & Ms. Amy Ravin          Paul & Nikki Goldstein
Karen & Howard Sher                    Jane & Richard Wasserman                   Mr. Harlin Brown                        Mr. William Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Don Sherman*                Marcia & Alan Weber*                       Stephanie & Benjamin Brown              Sheila Gollub
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Sherman              Murray & Phyllis Weidenbaum                Mr. Gerald Bruder                       Mrs. Renee K. Goodman
Mr & Mrs Edwin Shifrin                 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Weil                       BSI Constructors Inc.                   Florence & Lenard Goran
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Shifrin              Boyd & Mary Jane Weinstein                 Mr. Eugene Buescher                     Mrs. Ann Gottesman
Dr. Joseph Shuman                      Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Weinstock               Matthew & Susan Byer                    Dr. & Mrs. Phillip Gould
Michael Shuman &                       Ken Weintraub & Sharon Katz-Weintraub      Jean Cavender                           Dr. Edward Greenberg
   Barbara Langsam Shuman              Roxanne & Gene Weisman                     Bev & Maynard Chervitz                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Greenberg*
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Siegel             Mr. David Weiss & Mr. Bobby Sanderson      Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Cohen                  Michael Griesbaum
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Silverberg*           Linda Weiss                                Ian Cohen                               Mrs. Claudia Groisman
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Silverglat             Art & Lisa Weiss                           Dr. Jay Cohen                           Brad Gross
Dr. & Mrs. Saul Silvermintz*           Marlita & Stuart Weiss*                    Mr. & Mrs. Floyd H. Cohn*               Mr. Daniel Grossman & Ms. Janet St. Onge
Michael Silverstein                    Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Weltman                Mr. & Mrs. Hanley Cohn                  Doris & Leroy Grossman
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Simon                Dr. & Mrs. Alvin Wenneker                  Mrs. Leonard A. Cohn                    Mr. Keith Guller
Mr. Leonard Simpson                    Mr. Alvin Werner                           Douglas & Allison Collinger             Joy Guze
Mr. Donald Singer                      Dr. & Mrs. Bruce White                     Nolan & Margaret Crane*                 Mr. & Mrs. David Halpern
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Singer              Mr. Daniel White                           Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Crespin              Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Hamburg
Susan Singer, M.D.                     Leonard Winer                              Mr. & Mrs. Tom Csengody                 Aaron & Paula Hamvas
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Sisson              Brad & Jill Winters                        Warren & Sharon Danziger                Karen Handelman & Marc Hirshman
Dr. & Mrs. Harold Sitrin               Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Wise                    Mrs. Joyce Davis                        Anne & Sheldon Harber
Stephen W. & Linda Skrainka            Lori & Joel Wishne                         Dana & Vince DeBlasi                    Lester • & Rochelle K. Harris
Dr. & Mrs. Adam Sky                    Susan & Alan Witte*                        Mr. Randall B. Delkus                   Jack & Annette Heller
Dr. Eduardo & Judith Slatopolsky       Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wittels                Mr. & Mrs. Howard Denenholz             Mrs. Zena Hellman
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Slavin              Mr. & Mrs. Howard Wittner                  Mr. & Mrs. David Deutsch                Mr. Roy Hendin &
Mr. & Mrs. Leslie A. Small             Ms. Wendy J. Wolf                          Iris & Alan DeWoskin                       Mrs. Susan Dertke Hendin*
Mr. Jeffrey Smith                      Norman & Barbara Wolff                     Mr. Michael Diringer                    Mr. & Mrs. Willy Herrmann
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Smith              Mr. & Mrs. David Wright                    Mr. Steven Dottheim                     Mr. & Mrs. Kent Hirschfelder
Dr. & Mrs. Jules Snitzer*              Estate of Marjorie Wyman •                 Mr. Richard C. Dubin                    Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hochman*
Myra & Irl Solomon                     Mr. Marvin Yavitz                          Mr. & Mrs. Melville Dunkelman           Hochschild Bloom & Company LLP, CPA’s
Norman & Bonnie Solomon                Mr. & Mrs. David A. Yawitz                 Dr. & Mrs. Neil Dunski                     Mr. Phillip Scissors, Ptnr
Mr. William I. Solomon                 Mr. & Mrs. Greg Yawitz                     Dr. & Mrs. Jack R. Eidelman                Mr. Larry Siegel, Ptnr
Mr. & Mrs. David Soshnik*              Dr. Andrew Youkilis                        Tom Eidelman                            Jon & Sherrie Hodgins*
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Sosna                  Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Zafft                    Ken & Susan Eiger                       Mr. & Mrs. Bradford Hohenberg
Dr. & Mrs. Gershon Spector*            Mr. & Mrs. Steven Zamler                   Vera & Bill Emmons                      Mr. Barry Hollander
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Spewak               Mr. Dennis J. Zaretsky                     Mr. Steven Engelhardt                   Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Hyatt
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Spiegelglass          Mr. Stanley Zerman                         Mr. Allan Epstein                       Mrs. Phyllis Hyken
Mr. & Mrs. Melford Spiegelglass*       Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Zigler                 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Esrig                  Debbie & Simon Igielnik
Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Spitzer*            Mr. & Mrs. Martin Zigler                   Jean & Stanley Estrin                   Mr. Stuart Imber
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Srenco               Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Zimmerman               Carol & Alex Evers                      Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Izenberg
St. Louis Paper & Box Co               Ericka Zoll                                Rabbi Mark & Alice Fasman*              Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Jacobs
Sarah Siegel & Paul S. G. Stein, PhD   David & Lois Zuckerman                     Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Feder                 Dr. & Mrs. Eric Jacobsohn*
Mr. Harlan Steinbaum                   Risa Zwerling & Mark Wrighton              Nancy & Martin Feit                     Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Kafka
Dale & David Steinberg                 Anonymous – 206                            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fekete*               Mr. & Mrs. Meyer Kahan
Ida Steinberg                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Felsher             Sharon & David Kaiser
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Steiner            Sustainer – $500-$999                      Mr. James Fenberg                       Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Kaiser
Robert Steiner                                                                    Ms. Denise Field                        Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kalishman
                                       Mr. Zach Abeles
Mr. & Mrs. Irl Steiner                                                            Pepe & Terry Finn                       Dr. Stephen Kamenetzky
                                       Stephen L. Abelov •
Rabbi Lane & Linda Steinger                                                       Mr. Ronald Fisher                       Dr. & Mrs. Michael Kass
                                       Mr. Moshe Adler & Dr. Aviva Raskas-Adler
Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Stern, Jr.                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Flegel                Lawrence & Cheryl Katzenstein
                                       Drs. Stewart & Renee Albert
Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Stern, III                                                    Mrs. Felecia Fleishman                  Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Keller
                                       Seth & Cynthia Albin
Timothy & Julie Stern                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Fox                   Mr. Scott Keller
                                       Dr. & Mrs. Martin Altman
Scott & Nicky Stern                                                               Margo & Dan Fox                         Susan & John Kemppainen
                                       Mr. Robert Banashek
Steven Becker Fine Dining –                                                       Mike & Robbye Frank                     Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Kerner
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Joel Barasch
   Steven & Kathy Becker                                                          Harlie Major Frankel                    Mr. Charles Kessler
                                       Mr. Peter Barg & Ms. Abby Kelman
Stolar Partnership                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Fredman                Drs. Marilyn & William Kincaid
                                       Dr. Benico Barzilai
Bruce Stoliar                                                                     Mr.• & Mrs. Irving Fredman              Saul & Eve Klein
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Howard Becker
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Stone                                                           Dr. Carl Frieden                        Mr. Walter Klein
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Norton Beilenson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Strassner                                                      Mrs. Jessica Friedlander                Harry & Karen Knopf *
                                       Oz Ben-Shmuel
Mr. & Mrs. Irving Sudin                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Paul Friedman                Mr. Sanford Koenig
                                       Ms. Ruby Benkendorf

     Stephen & Marcia Kohler                        Mr. Joe Preston                            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Summers*
     Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Kolker                      Mr. Jonathan Raskas                        Dr. Noah Susman
     Dr. Andrew Koshner & Mrs. Ruth Asher           Ruth Raskas                                Mrs. Shirley Tabachnick
     Mrs. Joan Koven                                Barbara Raznick                            Rabbi Joshua Taub
     Mrs. Ada Kramer                                Mr. Daniel A. Reich                        Mr. & Mrs. Edward Turner*
     Mrs. Cynthia Kramer                            Mr. & Mrs. Fred Reichman                   Dr. & Mrs. Herman Turner
     Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kramer*                      Mel Reif                                   Mr. Daniel Wald
     David Krauss & Nada Fremder-Krauss             Dr. David & Fran Reisler*                  Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Waldman
     Elise & Mark Krug                              Mr. Jay Reiter                             Dr. Marc Wallach
     Mrs. Sally Kushins                             Mr. & Mrs. Matthias Renner                 Debbie Warshawski
     Mr. Louis Laderman                             Michael & Amy Rich                         Toby & Lisa Warticovschi
     Sally & Joe Lang                               Dr. & Mrs. Leslie Rich                     Mrs. Elsie Weil
     Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Lanson                      Mr. Ronald Rich                            M K Weil Shoe Co.
     Mr. & Mrs. Jay Lazaroff                        Linda Riekes & Robert H. Koff              Ms. Janet Weinberg
     Edythe Lederman                                Jonathan & Mary Ries                       Alan & Robin Weinberger
     Mr. & Mrs. Louis Leve                          Mr. & Mrs. Mendel Rosenberg                Mr. Andrew Weinhaus
     Mrs. Barbara Levin & Mrs. St e ven Muchnick*   Ms. Wendy Rosenblum                        Dr. & Mrs. Gary Weinstein
     Mr. Bruce Levin                                Susan Lippmann & Bill Rosenfeld & Family   Dr. & Mrs. Calvin Weiss
     Prof. Ronald Levin                             Myra S. Rosenthal & Alan B. Raymond        Dr. Barbara Horn & Dr. Peter Weiss
     Mr. William Levinson                           Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Rosenthal*           Ellen & Sanford Weiss
     Mr. & Mrs. Jay Levitch                         Dr. & Mrs. Robert Rothenberg               Mr. Scott Williams
     Dr. Judel Lew                                  Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Rubenstein              Mr. Jeffrey Wilson
     Mr. Burton Librach                             Michael Rubin                              Nancy Winer
     Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lieberman                    S & S Automotive –                         Jack & Susan Wolf
     Lilli Lippmann                                   Stan & Phil Bassin                       Dr. & Mrs. Mitchel Wolf *
     Marion A. Lipsitz                              Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Sachar                    Alan & Eleanor Wolff
     Mr. & Mrs. Jack Lite                           Dr. Llewellyn Sale                         Judith & M. Richard Wyman
     Mrs. Arleen P. Loewy                           Dr. & Mrs. Robert Saltman                  Mr. & Mrs. Marvyn Yavitz
     Mrs. Barbara Lowenbaum                         Mr. Harry Sander                           Mr. Stacy Yedlin
     Mr. & Mrs. Adam Lubchansky                     Mrs. Ruth Sanofsky                         Kevin & Janine Zeldin*
     Marsha & Robert Luhrs                          Mrs. Barbara J. Sarbach                    Mr. Allan Zerman
     Mr. & Mrs. Donald Makovsky*                    SBC                                        Mrs. Leisa Zigman-Edlin &
     Mr. & Mrs. Barry Mandel*                       Johanna & Robert Schillinger                  Dr. Michael Edlin
     Sylvia & Stuart Manewith                       Dr. Howard Schlansky & Mrs. Carol Rubin    Mrs. Adele Zucker
     Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Mange                      Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Schultz                 Anonymous – 115
     Mr. & Mrs. Philip Marblestone                  Barbara & David Schuver
     Patricia & Martin March                        Lauren Ross Schwab
     Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Markenson                   Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin Schwartz
     Mr. & Mrs. Steve Mathes                        Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Segal
     Alan & Silvia Mayer                            Mrs. Jeanne S. Seidler
     Mr. Robert M. Mayer                            Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Seigal
     Dena McCaffrey                                 Rabbi Hyim Shafner & Sara Winkelman
     Jane McKinney                                  Dr. & Mrs. Brad Shanker
     Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Mednikow                     Dr. Gary H. Shanker
     Mrs. Debi Mehlman                              Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Sherman
     Steve & Leslie Melnick                         Mr. Jeffrey T. Shifrin
     Dr. Gary & Susan Meltz                         Dr. & Mrs. Bernard L. Shore
     Ms. Susan Merrick                              Mr. Gary Bilow & Dr. Michele Shoresman
     Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Meyer                        Mr. Stephen Shrage
     Rabbi & Mrs. Mordecai Miller*                  Mr. & Mrs. Dan Siegel
     Harvey & Ileane Mizes                          Mr. Randy Sigel
     Janet Monsey                                   Barbara & Marvin Simon*
     Mr. & Mrs. Jack Mosinger                       Mr. Jeffrey Singer
     Mr. Eric Moyerman                              Dr. & Mrs. Marc Singer
     Mr. & Mrs. Jay Nathanson*                      Dr. Morton Singer, Jr.
     Mr. Alan Nemes                                 Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Siwak
     Jack Neyens                                    Rabbi & Mrs. Benson Skoff
     Ms. Ellen Normansell                           Dr. & Mrs. Donald Skor
     Ms. Niki Nymark                                Capt. Robert Snidman
     Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Oberman                      Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Sobelman
     Mr. & Mrs. Martin Oberman                      Rose-Lynn & Dan Sokol*
     Dr. Paul Packman                               Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sparks
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pearl*                       Robert & Zelda Sparks
     Mrs. Benjamin Pessin                           Mr. Alan Spetner                                                                ABOVE:
     Dr. & Mrs. Gordon Philpott                     Mrs. Virginia Spewak                                                            $4 million is needed
     Julie & Steve Plax                             Alan & Nancy Stein
     Margery Plotkin                                Rabbi Zalman & Ellen Stein*                                                     by Covenant/CHAI for
     Mr. Jeff Ponfil                                Mr. & Mrs. Jules Stiber
                                                                                               • Of Blessed Memory                  improvements over the
     Mr. & Mrs. Dale Poslosky                       Mr. Steven Stone                                                                next 10 years.
                                                                                               * Family Gift and Woman’s Gift
            Young Leadership Cabinet 2005            Dorothy Firestone           Ms. Cathy Lux
            The United Jewish Communities            Naomi Fishman               Mrs. Michele Lux
            National Young Leadership Cabinet        Sheila Flom                 Lynn Lyss
            consists of approximately 450            Ms. Cheri Fox               Mrs. Susan Matlof
            Jewish men and women at the              Mrs. Irene Fox              Mrs. Wilma Messing
            highest level of dedication, giving,     Mrs. Lotta Fox              Mrs. Kim Miller
            commitment, community involvement        Mrs. Marilyn Fox            Helene Mirowitz
            and performance. Members                 Mrs. Merle Cotlar Fox       Donna Moog
            contribute a minimum of $3,600           Nancy Fox                   Mrs. Hubert C. Moog
            to the Annual Campaign.                  Mrs. Roxanne H. Frank       Galia Movitz
                                                     Judith Gall                 Mrs. Ilene Osherow
                                                     Diane Gallant               Mrs. Jeanne Pass
            Renee Hearst                             Sue Gallop                  Lenore Pepper
            Ms. Kim Jacobs                           Mrs. Bettie Gershman        Mrs. Dana Pohlman
            Mrs. Rachel Katzman                      Mrs. Judy Glassman          Mrs. Lydia Polonsky
            Rabbi Carnie Shalom Rose                 Evelyn B. Goldberg          Mrs. Adinah Raskas
            Erin Schuver                             Susan K. Goldberg           JoAnn Raskas
            Karen Sher                               Mrs. Yetra Goldberg         Ms. Stephanie Riven
            Mrs. Shana Singer                        Mrs. Doretta Goldenberg     Betsy Rubenstein
            Greg Siwak                               Barbara B. Goodman          Mrs. Geraldine Rubenstein
            Stacy Siwak                              Debbi Grebler               Mrs. Hattie Rubin
            Karen Smoller                            Mrs. Joyce Green            Pam Rubin
            Mr. Steven Starr                         Mrs. Nancy Green            Mrs. Susan Sale
                                                     Ms. Sheila Greenbaum        Mrs. Molly Salky
                                                     Kitty Gross                 Mrs. Stephanie Samuels
                                                     Bobbi Guller                Shelley Sarver
                                                     Mildred Guller              Mrs. Geraldine Schiller
            Lion of Judah 2005                       Mrs. Lester Handelman       Erin Schuver
            Lion of Judah honors women who           Ronni Handelman             Mrs. Melvin M. Schwartz
            contribute $5,000 or more to             Judy Harris                 Helen Seeherman
            the Annual Campaign. Members             Carolyn Henges              Dr. Pearl Serota
            participate in local and national        Myrna Hershman              Mrs. Audrey Shatz
            conferences designed especially for      Jennifer Hillman            Ms. Ellen Sherberg
            them and are entitled to wear a 14K      Mrs. Irene Hirschfield      Mrs. Susan Sherman
            gold pin in the shape of a lion, which   Ms. Kim Jacobs              Mrs. Susan Sherman
            signifies their commitment to the        Randee Jacobs               Carole Simon
            worldwide Jewish community.              Ms. Gianna Jacobson         Mrs. Shana Singer
                                                     Karen Kalish                Mrs. Sherry Singer
            Mrs. Joan Abrams                         Diane Kalishman             Ruth Siteman
            Ilse Altman                              Nancy F. Kalishman          Nancy Siwak
            Mrs. Charline Baizer                     Debbie I. Kaminer           Stacy Siwak
            Mrs. Rita Balk                           Dee Dee Kohn                Karen Smoller
            Ms. Lisa Graivier Barnes                 Mrs. Doris Kohn             Judith Dodge Stenzel
            Dr. Elisa Birnbaum                       Mrs. Nancy Kranzberg        Dr. Rosalie Sterneck
            Terry Bloomberg                          Mrs. Lorraine Laiderman     Hanna I. Strauss
            Ms. Nancy Boguslaw                       Mrs. Jayne Langsam          Mrs. Nan Suffian
            Lee Bohm                                 Mrs. Naomi Lasky            Ms. Robin G. Walpert
            Mrs. Rosalie Brasch                      Mrs. Renie Lauter           Sherri Frank-Weintrop
            Grace R. Brod                            Mrs. Frances Lazaroff       Jane Roodman Weiss
            Charlotte Brodsky                        Ms. Ruth L. Lederman        Mrs. Rochelle Weiss
            Edith Brown                              Pam Lester                  Mrs. Evelyn Witten
            Mrs. Elissa Cahn                         Lois C. Levin               Dr. June Wolff
            Fran Cantor                              Ms. Diane Gershman Levine   Mrs. Sherry Wolff
            Mrs. Cheri Chod                          Mrs. Marla Levinson         Dr. Deborah Zimmerman
            Mrs. Geraldine Chod                      Karen Levy                  Mrs. Susan Zimmerman
            Mrs. Toby Chod                           Mrs. Marie Levy             Mrs. Jeanne Zorensky
            Mrs. Pamela Claman                       Sally S. Levy               Karen Zorensky
            Ms. Maxine Clark                         Mrs. Elizabeth Linkon       Mrs. Mary Zorensky
            Martha Cornfeld                          Mrs. Marilyn Lipton         Vivian Zwick
            Patricia Croughan                        Leslie Litwack              Anonymous – 19
            Mrs. Helen Drazen                        Mrs. Jerome T. Loeb
            Sharon Druck                             Mrs. Lucy Lopata
            Ms. Madeleine Elkins                     Jennifer Low
            Mrs Bertha Feist                         Mrs. Loren Ludmerer
                                                     Mrs. Ann Lux

     Pomegranate 2005                         Ms. Ellen Schapiro                       Dr. David Cort          Dr. Jeff Mormol
     The Pomegranate Society                  Mrs. Susan Schlichter                    Dr. Jack Croughan       Dr. Neal Neuman
     recognizes women who contribute          Mrs. Esther Schweich                     Dr. John Daniels        Dr. Rosalind Neuman
     between $1,800 and $4,999 to the         Karen Sher                               Dr. Rand Dankner        Dr. Mark Novack
     Annual Campaign. Society members         Mrs. Sheri Sherman                       Dr. Ray Davis           Dr. Samuel Nussbaum
     are entitled to wear a sterling silver   Sarah Siegel                             Dr. Sheldon Davis       Dr. Jay L. Padratzik
     pin in the shape of a Pomegranate.       Mrs. Cindy Silverglat                    Dr. Steve Davis         Dr. William Peck
                                              Mrs. Christy Singer                      Dr. Norman Druck        Dr. Jay S. Pepose
                                              Susan Singer, M.D.                       Dr. Arthur Eisen        Dr. David Pernikoff
     Judy Abrams                              Mrs. Shirley Sparks                      Dr. William Feinstein   Dr. Michael Polinsky
     Mrs. Faith Berger                        Julie Stern                              Dr. Mark Feldman        Dr. Kenneth Polonsky
     Ms. Susan Block                          Dr. Arlene Stiffman                      Dr. Norman Fishman      Dr. Edmond Rainey
     Patty Bloom                              Mrs. Ruth Stone                          Dr. I. Jerome Flance    Dr. David Raskas
     Dr. Nanci Bobrow                         Mrs. Alice Sudin                         Dr. Shanon Forseter     Dr. Gary Ratkin
     Ms. Susan R. Bosse                       Mrs. Leslie Temkin                       Dr. Bruce Frank         Dr. Craig Reiss
     Kathy Brodsky                            Phyllis Traub                            Dr. Victoria Fraser     Dr. Jackie Reiss
     Mrs. Joan Brown                          Mrs. Sallie Volotzky                     Dr. Robert Friedman     Dr. Lisa Ring
     Mrs. Debra Caplin                        Jane Wasserman                           Dr. William Friedman    Dr. Jonathon Root
     Rosalie Chod                             Lori Wishne                              Dr. Ira Gall            Dr. Jack Rosen
     Mrs. Mathilde K. Cohen                   Ms. Wendy J. Wolf                        Dr. Harry Glassman      Dr. Jerry Rosenblum
     Mrs. Leonard E. Cohn                     Dr. Carolynn Wolff                       Dr. David Goldmeier     Dr. Marcos Rothstein
     Jane Eiseman                             Mrs. Judy Zafft                          Dr. Howard Goldstein    Dr. Barry Samson
     Mrs. Rita Eiseman                        Anonymous – 28                           Dr. Gilbert Grand       Dr. Lawrence Samuels
     Ms. Marci Mayer Eisen                                                             Dr. Morton Green        Dr. Irwin Schultz
     Dr. Susan Feigenbaum                                                              Dr. Ronald Gross        Dr. Robert Senior
     Mrs. Gloria Feldman                                                               Dr. Jacques Herzog      Dr. Harvey Serota
     Mrs. Irene Fowle                                                                  Dr. Abby Hollander      Dr. Pearl Serota
     Mrs. Essie Grand-Jean                    Maimonides 2005                          Dr. Craig Hollander     Dr. David Sheinbein
     Mrs. Amy Lampert Greenberg               The Maimonides Society promotes          Dr. Simon Horenstein    Dr. Joseph Shuman
     Mrs. Stephanie Ludmer Gross              fellowship among Jewish physicians,      Dr. George Hruza        Dr. Robert Shuman
     Alice Handelman                          dentists and health care professionals   Dr. Laura Hulbert       Dr. Sherry Shuman
     Renee Hearst                             at the doctorate level. The society is   Dr. Myron Jacobs        Dr. Gary Singer
     Terry Hieken                             open to all doctors who contribute       Dr. Sidney Jick         Dr. Susan Singer
     Mrs. Rhoda Hochman                       $1,800 or more to the Annual             Dr. Morris Joftus       Dr. Richard Sisson
     Mrs. Bernard Hulbert                     Campaign.                                Dr. David Kantor        Dr. Adam Sky
     Dr. Laura Hulbert                                                                 Dr. Richard Katz        Dr. Stacy Katz
     Mrs. Mary Ann Hutkin                                                              Dr. David Katzman       Dr. Jules Snitzer
     Mrs. Peggy Kaplan                        Dr. Marc Abrams
                                                                                       Dr. Robert E. Kleiger   Dr. Marcia Sokol-Anderson
     Mrs. Sally Katzif                        Dr. David Amarnek
                                                                                       Dr. Robert Kopitsky     Dr. Jacob Sosna
     Mrs. Rachel Katzman                      Dr. Frank Anderson
                                                                                       Dr. Shelby Kopp         Dr. Paul Stein
     Leona Klayman                            Dr. Arthur I. Auer
                                                                                       Dr. Phillip Korenblat   Dr. Rosalie Sterneck
     Mrs. Sue Koblin                          Dr. Laurence Avins
                                                                                       Dr. Lawrence Kotner     Dr. Bruce Stoliar
     Mrs. Nancy Kodner                        Dr. Donald Bassman
                                                                                       Dr. Robert Kramer       Dr. Herbert Sunshine
     Mrs. Anita Kraus                         Dr. Stephen Bell
                                                                                       Dr. Steven Lauter       Dr. Gary Traub
     Linda Kraus                              Dr. Martin Bergmann
                                                                                       Dr. Robert Lefton       Dr. Garry Vickar
     Ms Barbara Levin                         Dr. Marc Bernstein
                                                                                       Dr. Harvey Lehrer       Dr. G. Ram Volotzky
     Mrs. Anne Levinson                       Dr. Richard Bernstein
                                                                                       Dr. Larry Levens        Dr. Mark Wald
     Mrs. Nancy Levinson                      Dr. Leon Bialecki
                                                                                       Dr. Philip Levens       Dr. Gary Wasserman
     Mrs. Monroe Levy                         Dr. Stanley Biel
                                                                                       Dr. Alan Levi           Dr. Leonard Weinstock
     Mrs. Minnette Liberman                   Dr. Elisa Birnbaum
                                                                                       Dr. David J. Levine     Dr. Stephen Wexler
     Mrs. Janice Lipsitz                      Dr. Kevin J. Blinder
                                                                                       Dr. Beth Levy           Dr. Bruce White
     Jennifer Baer Lotsoff                    Dr. Gordon Bloomberg
                                                                                       Dr. Joseph Levy         Dr. Barry Witten
     Mrs. Alice Ludmer                        Dr. Donald Blum
                                                                                       Dr. Ronald Levy         Dr. Carolynn Wolff
     Mrs. Patricia Malashock                  Dr. James Bobrow
                                                                                       Dr. David Lieberman     Dr. June Wolff
     Ms. Shelley Mandel                       Dr. Isaac Boniuk
                                                                                       Dr. David Lipsitz       Dr. Deborah Zimmerman
     Beth Manlin                              Dr. Seymour Brown
                                                                                       Dr. David Lotsoff       Dr. Herbert Zimmerman
     Dr. Denise Meckler                       Dr. Greta Camel
                                                                                       Dr. Kenneth Ludmerer    Anonymous – 1
     Myrna Meyer                              Dr. Marvin Camel
                                                                                       Dr. Alan Lyss
     Mrs. Linda Mormol                        Dr. Harvey Cantor
                                                                                       Dr. Carl A. Lyss
     Ms. Sunny Glassberg                      Dr David A Caplin
                                                                                       Dr. Sidney Machefsky
     Ms. Rhonda O’Brien                       Dr. Ronald Chod
                                                                                       Dr. David Margolis
     Mrs. Edith Price                         Dr. Steven Chod
                                                                                       Dr. Denise Meckler
     Mrs. Melvin Roman                        Dr. Darryl Cohen
                                                                                       Dr. Gerald Medoff
     Sharon Rosenblum                         Dr. Edward Cohen
                                                                                       Dr. Jay Meyer
     Michelle Rubin                           Dr. Robert S. Cohen
                                                                                       Dr. Ben Milder

Cardozo 2005                           Karen Levy                                 New Additions to the
The Cardozo Society strengthens        Maxine Lipeles Goldstein                   Planned Giving Portfolio
relationships between Jewish attor-    Jennifer Low                               Nancy Boguslaw
neys, judges and law students. The     Michael Lowenbaum                             Perpetual Lion of Judah Endowment
society is open to all attorneys who   Sanford Neuman                             Joseph & Geraldine A. Burstein
contribute $1,800 or more to the       George Newman                                 Philanthropic Fund
Annual Campaign.                       Kara Newmark                               Kim Jacobs
                                       Michael Newmark                               Lion of Judah Endowment
                                       Robert Newmark                             Randee Jacobs
Richard Abrams                         Rhonda O’Brien                                Lion of Judah Endowment
Wendi Alper Pressman                   Michael Oberlander                         Ann Lazaroff
Millard Backerman*                     Jim Paster                                    Endowment for the Saul Brodsky
Charles Baron                          Joe Pereles                                   Community Library
Douglas Baron                          Lisa Pickard-Baron                         Isadore E. Millstone
Corey Berger                           Gerald Poger                                  Endowment Fund
Harold Blatt                           Sanford Pomerantz                          Jerome B. Osherow
Robert Blitz                           Maury Poscover                                2005 Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Susan Block                                                                       Lynne Palan
                                       Norman Pressman
David Bohm                                                                           Lion of Judah Endowment
                                       Jerome Raskas                              Shana Singer
Alan Bornstein                         Jacob W. Reby
Lawrence Brody                                                                       Lion of Judah Endowment
                                       Miriam Rogers Singer                       Greg & Stacy Siwak
Melvin F. Brown                        Albert Rose                                   Annual Campaign Endowment Fund
Charles Burson                         Jeffrey A. Rosenblum                       Spitzer Charitable Remainder Unitrust
David Capes                            Scott Rosenblum                            Staenberg Family Foundation
Susan Carlson                          Richard S. Rosenthal                       Robert Wolfson
Edward Chod                            Gary Sacks                                    Annual Campaign Endowment
Joseph Chused                          Harvey Schneider                           Harlene & Marvin Wool
Dave Cornfeld                          Daniel Schwartz                               Holocaust Endowment Fund
Richard Cornfeld                       Joel Schwartz
Warren Davis                           Don Sherman                                Frederick Arnold Trust
Robert Denlow                          Edwin Shifrin                              Estate of Rose Furman
Rick Eisen                             Sarah Siegel                               Estate of Ruth M. Kopolow
Charles Elbert                         Donald Singer                              Irene E. Lowy
Gary Feder                             Jeffrey Singer                                Irrevocable Trust
Leonard Frankel                                                                   Louis I. Zorensky
                                       Stephen Skrainka
Herbert Fredman                                                                      Residuary Trust
                                       Steven Starr
Irvin Friedman                         Henry H. Stern, Jr.
Burt Garland, Jr.                      Mark Temkin
Andy Fuller Glaser                                                                Annual Campaign Endowments
                                       Simon Tonkin
John H. Goffstein                      John S. Wallach                            Morris Abrams, M.D.•
Sanford Goffstein                      Albert Watkins                             Harriette & Melvin Dubinsky •
Joel Goldstein                         Alan Weber                                 Nathan Dubman•
Mark Goran                                                                        Alfred & Lucylle Fleishman•
                                       Eugene Weisman
Steve Gorin                                                                       Ira & Judy Gall
                                       Lawrence Weltman                           Edmond & Marian E. Goldstein•
Lisa Graivier Barnes                   Brad Winters
Thomas Green                                                                      Harry Hammerman•
                                       Jill Winters                               Arnold & Myrna Hershman
Sheila Greenbaum                       Alan Witte                                 Jerome • and Nancy Kalishman
Barbara Greenberg                      Wendy J. Wolf                                 Annual Campaign Endowment Fund
Gerald P. Greiman                      Alvin Wolff                                Larry & Hannah Langsam
Bethe Growe                            Stephen Wolff                              John D.• and Sally Levy
Gary Growe                             Isaac E. Young                                Charitable Fund
Harvey Harris                          Gerald Zafft                               Morton J. May•
Steven Hochberg                        Stuart Zimbalist                           I.E. & Goldie • Millstone
Joel Iskiwitch                                                                    The Dorothy Moog
Michael Kahn                                                                         Annual Campaign Endowment Fund
Ralph Kalish                                                                      Jerome Osherow
Laura Kipnis                                                                      Isadore• & Hattie Rubin
Kenneth Kleban
Mark Kodner
Karen Kotner                           OPPOSITE AND ABOVE:
Lisa Kraner
Richard Kraner                         30,000 people visited the
Jerry Kraus                            Holocaust Museum last year,
Jacqueline Ulin Levey                  including 25,000 students
James R. Levey
                                       from 350 school groups.
     Lion of Judah Endowments                 Stanley Marcus Unrestricted Fund              Michael & Irene Karl                          Leslie & Michael Litwack Family
     Terry Bloomberg                          Milton Moss Unrestricted Fund                 Alene & Meyer Kopolow                            Charitable Remainder Unitrust
     Lee Bohm                                 Faye Nadler Unrestricted Fund                 Judith & Robert Kramer                        Harry & Lucille Midows
     Grace Brod                               Passport to Israel                            Lawrence E. & Hannah S. Langsam                  Charitable Gift Annuity
     Myril Brod                               Milton C. Ritzlin Unrestricted Fund           Richard & Faye Levey                          Mildred B. Neuman Gift Annuity
     Maxine Clark                             Deborah Rosenblum Unrestricted Fund           Marvin E. Levin                               Jerome Osherow
     Helen Drazen                             Fred & Jennie Rubenstein Fund                 John D.• & Sally S. Levy                         Charitable Remainder Unitrust
     Judy Gall                                Samuel C. Sachs Unrestricted Fund             Lipton Family                                 Jerome B. Osherow 2000 Charitable
     Yetra Goldberg                           Morris Schachter Unrestricted Fund            Michael & Leslie Litwack                         Remainder Annuity Trust
     Louise Golman                            William & Jennie H. Schield                   Loeb Family                                   Jerome Osherow’s Children’s Charitable
     Ronni Handelman                             Unrestricted Fund                          The Lubin-Wallach Generations Fund               Remainder Annuity Trust #1 & #2
     Marlene Isaacs                           Pauline B. Schiller Unrestricted Fund         Lynn & Carl A. Lyss                           Jerome Osherow
     Fran Leve                                Sarah Schoenfeld Unrestricted Fund            Esther & Stanley B.• Lyss                        Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust 2001
     Leslie Litwack                           Robert Schwartz Unrestricted Fund             Larry Marcus
     Lucy Lopata                              Tillie Goldberg Schwartz Memorial Fund        Neil & Ricki Marglous                         Restricted Funds
     Goldie Millstone•                        Sylvia Shapiro Unrestricted Fund              Julian & Barbara Mathes
                                                                                                                                          231 Fund
     Galia Movitz                             Morris A. & Lillian Shenker                   Saul• & Barbara Mirowitz Family
                                                                                                                                          Hyman S. Abrams, M.D.
     Lenore Pepper                               Unrestricted Fund                          Jill Mirowitz Mogil & David Mogil
                                                                                                                                             Fund for Alzheimer’s Assistance
     Betsy Rubenstein                         Morris & Ida Silbergeld Unrestricted Fund     Sima & Philip Needleman
                                                                                                                                          Hyman S. Abrams, M.D.
     Shelley Sarver                           Jacob & Sallie Simon                          Joan M. Newman
                                                                                                                                             Medical Assistance Fund
     Nancy Siwak                                 Memorial Endowment Fund                    Lawrence D. & Amy S. Perlmutter
                                                                                                                                          Ephraim Block Family Charitable Trust
     Henrietta Spielberg•                     Mildred Simon Fund                            Adinah & Heschel Raskas
                                                                                                                                          Milford & Lee Bohm
     Judy Stenzel                             Jerome & Suzanne Sincoff Endowment Fund       Sheri & Stanley Raskas
                                                                                                                                             Endowment Fund for the Elderly
     Marjorie Wyman•                          William A. & May P. Stern Unrestricted Fund   Riezman Family
                                                                                                                                          Milford & Lee Bohm
                                              Morris & Sadie Tannanbaum Bequest             Ritchey-Sale-Erlich
                                                                                                                                             Fund for Community Information
                                              Erwin & Sara Tzinberg Memorial Fund           Stephanie Riven
     Supporting Foundation                                                                                                                   & Education
                                              Helen Voda Unrestricted Fund                  Jack Rosen
     Lubin-Green Foundation                                                                                                               Milford & Lee Bohm
                                              Martin Wax Unrestricted Fund                  Barry Rosenberg & Barbara Levin
                                                                                                                                             Fund for Jewish Education
                                              Sam Weiss Unrestricted Fund                   Rosenblum Philanthropic Fund
                                                                                                                                          Milford & Lee Bohm
     Board Controlled Funds                   Aladar & Anna Wildman Memorial                Richard S. & Rosemary Doody Rosenthal
                                                                                                                                             Social Justice Center of the JCRC
     Unrestricted                             Edell Nelson Wingers Unrestricted Fund        The Saks Philanthropic Fund
                                                                                                                                             of St. Louis
     Estate of Dr. Morris Abrams              Marjorie Wyman Unrestricted Fund              Jay & Shelley Sarver
                                                                                                                                          Pearl Borow
        Unrestricted Fund                                                                   Marvin J. Schneider
                                                                                                                                             Endowment for Adult Jewish Education
     Jacob J. Altman Unrestricted Fund        Philanthropic Funds                           Alfred & Ellen Schwartz
                                                                                                                                          Drs. Leon & Richard Brams
                                                                                            Marc & Marge Seldin
     Anonymous - Holocaust Museum Fund        Applebaum Family                                                                               Covenant House Dental Fund
        for Special Projects                                                                H. Robert Shampaine•
                                              Arthur & Marian Auer                                                                        Jerry & Rosalie Brasch Library Fund
     Mildred Binowitz Unrestricted Fund                                                     Alvin & Nancy Siwak
                                              Charles & Betty• Baron                                                                      Saul & Charlotte Brodsky
     Evelyn Z. Block Unrestricted Fund                                                      Gregory W. & Stacy Siwak
                                              Douglas & Lisa Baron                                                                           Special Community Library Fund
     Florita Brady Unrestricted Fund                                                        Roger Siwak
                                              Boston Fund                                                                                 Mary & Robert Bronstein
                                                                                            Martin & Jill Sneider
     Michael Drazen Unrestricted Fund         Robert• & Grace Brod                                                                           Fund for Child Abuse Prevention
     Edna Feldman Unrestricted Fund                                                         Jeanette Spector •
                                              Charlotte & Saul• Brodsky                                                                   Mary & Robert Bronstein
     Gail & Milton Fischman Memorial Fund                                                   Stein Family
                                              Charlene Bry                                                                                   Fund for Cancer Family Care
     Eugene Fishgoll Unrestricted Fund                                                      Stolar Partnership
                                              David A. & Debra G. Caplin                                                                  Mary & Robert Bronstein
     Ralph Friedman Family Trust                                                            Sylvia & Eugene Weissman
                                              Charles D. & Dorothy Cohen                                                                     Fund for Early Childhood Services
     Sam Gardner Unrestricted Fund                                                          Robert & Ethel Wolfson
                                              Charles J. & Barbara Z. Cook                                                                   at the JCC
     Israel Goldberg Unrestricted Fund                                                      M. Richard & Judith Wyman
                                              Martha & Dave Cornfeld                                                                      Bureau for Aged & Infirmed Israelites
                                                                                            Suzanne Feld Zalk•
     Louis Good Unrestricted Fund             Robert & Patricia Denlow                                                                    Children & Family Emergency Relief Fund
     Jane Freund Harris Unrestricted Fund                                                   Doris Jean & Milton L.• Zorensky
                                              Jack & Ellen Kay Deutsch                                                                    Henry & Gladys K. Crown Restricted Fund
     Robert Hausfater Unrestricted Fund                                                     Mary G. & Louis I. Zorensky
                                              Michael• & Helen Drazen                                                                     Irvin Dagen and Margaret W. Dagen
     Ted Heiman Unrestricted Fund                                                           Anonymous – 1
                                              Edison Family                                                                                  Fund for Elderly, Needy, or Immigrants
     Hochschild Bloom Fund                    Epsten-McCollum Family                                                                      Irvin Dagen and Margaret W. Dagen
     Ella Hoehn Unrestricted Fund             Harris & Judy Frank                           Donor Annuity                                    Fund for Holocaust Museum and
     Myron Hopper Unrestricted Fund           Gall Family                                   Endowment Funds                                  Learning Center
     Henrietta Horwitz Unrestricted Fund      Edward & Dorette Goldberg                     Howard J. & Jean G. Beck                      Nathan Dubman Fund for Endangered Jews
     Mildred Horwitz Unrestricted Fund        Yetra Goldberg                                   Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust         Bernard Edelstein Memorial Lecture Aid
     Louis Imber Unrestricted Fund            Goldfarb Family                               Daniel M. Bogard Jewish Federation Unitrust   Edison Endowment Fund
     Rose B. Jacob Unrestricted Fund          Ely & Mary Goldstein•                         Maurice J. Frankel Charitable Gift Annuity       for Special St. Louis Needs
     Eugene Kayman Unrestricted Fund          Alice R. Goodman                              Yetra Goldberg Charitable Remainder Trust     Joseph J. Edlin Memorial Lecture Fund
     Bernard Klearman Unrestricted Fund       Barbara B. Goodman                            Louise Golman                                 Abraham I. & Sadie K. Epstein
     Kleban, Charak, Goodman & Kushins Fund   Sheila Greenbaum & Gary M. Wasserman             Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust            Endowment Fund
     Harry Kolker Unrestricted Fund           Lester & Evelyn Gross                         Joshua Jacobs Donor Annuity                   Flegel/Keyser Endowment for
     Irvin H. & Corinne D. Koplar Fund        Sidney Grossman                               Joshua & Claire Jacobs Unitrust                  Single Parent Family Services at JCC
     Carolyn Kutten Unrestricted Fund         Ullus & Ann Gudder•                           Joshua & Claire Jacobs/Jewish Federation      Friends of the Saul Brodsky Library
     Sadae Landau Unrestricted Fund           Harvey A. Harris                                 1996 Unitrust                              Fund for Children’s Needs
     Joseph & Ruth Lasky Unrestricted Fund    Terry & Harvey Hieken                         Joshua & Claire Jacobs/Jewish Federation      Rabbi Norman & Rose Goldburg
     Frank W. Leventhal Memorial Fund         Joshua & Claire M. Jacobs                        1997 Unitrust                                 Holocaust Teacher Training Fund
     Julius Levy Unrestricted Fund            Sydney & Sylvia Jacobs                        Kenneth & Nancy Kranzberg                     Alvin & Jeannette Goldfarb House Fund
     Belle Lippe Unrestricted Fund            Gianna Jacobson & Todd Siwak                     Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Edmond & Marian E. Goldstein                   Blanche & Irving Miller Scholarship Fund      Insurance Funds                              Linda Kraus
   Endowment Fund                              Dorothy Moog                                  Henrietta Freedman Life Insurance Policy     Bernard S. Levin
Louise & Sam I. Golman                            Endowment for Homemaker Programs              Restricted Fund                           Anne & Michael M. Levinson
   Endowment for Services for Seniors          Harry & Mary Neuman                           Rudolph Freedman Life Insurance Policy       John D. Levy, Jr.
Louise & Sam I. Golman                            Endowment for Hillel                          Restricted Fund                           Mont S. Levy
   Leadership Investment Endowment                at Washington University                   Kenneth S. & Nancy S. Kranzberg Insurance    Sally S. Levy
   for St. Louis Hillel Center                 Harry & Mary Neuman                              Policy Restricted Fund                    Marion Lipsitz
Ruth Greenberg                                    Endowment for H.F. Epstein                 Bud Levin Insurance Policy Restricted Fund   Marilyn G. & Donn H. Lipton
   Memorial Fund for Rabbinical Training          Hebrew Academy                             Jerome Osherow Insurance Policy              Leslie & Michael Litwack
Enid Greenstein                                Harry & Mary Neuman                              Restricted Fund                           Joan & Alexander S. Loeb•
   Memorial Israel Scholarship Fund               Endowment for Block Yeshiva High School    Ron Rich Insurance Policy Restricted Fund    Lucy Lopata
David & Roselin Grosberg                       Mildred Blustein Neuman                       Gloria & Michael Ruben Insurance Policy      Lynn & Carl A. Lyss, M.D.
   Young Leadership Award Fund                    Endowment for Day School Scholarships         Restricted Fund                           Bernice Mange
Rose Gross Emergency Relief Restricted Fund    Michael & Barbara Newmark                                                                  Wilma Messing
Mitzi & Harry Hammerman                           JCRC Emerging Leader Fund                                                               Myrna Meyer
                                                                                             Letters of Intent
   Social Nutrition Fund                       Ida Pasternak Family                                                                       Isadore E. Millstone
Sue & Ed Hart Estates Restricted Fund             Professional Staff Lecture Memorial Fund   Ilse & Frank Altman                          Ed Myers
Israel Heritage 21st Century Fund              Joe, Sam, Helen & Sylvia Pasternak            Edward Balk                                  Sara & Marshall N. Myers
Thekla & Ernest Herrmann                          Fund for Indigent Jews                     Howard• & Jean Beck                          Michael N. Newmark
   Endowment Fund for JCC                      Benjamin D. Pessin                            Edward M. Becker                             Jerome Osherow
Milton Hieken-Barbara Barenholtz                  Education Assistance Fund                  Carlos Berger                                Lenore & Edwin Pepper
   Endowment for the benefit of                Stuart I. Pessin Special Scholarship Fund     Barbara Bianco                               Marvin Plattner
   Jewish Family & Children’s Service          Jacob G. Probstein Chapel Fund                Dan & Barbara Bindler                        Barbara Poger
Endowment for St. Louis Hillel at              Jacob G. Probstein Hospital Fund              Terry Bloomberg                              Lawrence M. Poger
   Washington University (Anonymous)           Norman K. Probstein                           Ellen Bluestone                              Mary Pomerantz
Holocaust – FOH Lifetime                          Endowment for Holocaust Education Fund     Laurie Bluestone                             Sanford Pomerantz
   Membership Fund                             Norman K. Probstein                           Lee Bohm                                     Nir Regev
Jewish Aid Association Loan Fund                  Endowment Fund for Special Projects        Rosalie Brasch                               M. Raymond Robinson
Julius, Ann & Lilian Jossem Fund               Rich Family Educational Trust                 Saul• & Charlotte Brodsky                    Barry Rosenberg
Shirlee Fink Kahn                              Simon & Minnie Rubenstein                     Harvey M. Brown                              Myra Sue Rosenthal
   Holocaust Memorial Program                     Endowment for St. Louis Hillel             Nancy C. Brown                               Richard S. Rosenthal
   for Children Fund                           Rubin Fund for Jewish Education               Charles Cook                                 Elsie Roth
John and Diane Kalishman                          and Services for the Jewish Elderly        Ellen Deutsch                                Gloria M. & Michael S. Ruben
   Family Endowment                            Blanche, Rose & Thelma Rubin                  Jack Deutsch                                 Elizabeth (Betsy) J. Rubenstein
George Karpati Memorial                           Fund for Jewish Education and              Helen Drazen                                 Pamela & Ron Rubin
   Scholar in Residence Endowment Fund            Services for the Jewish Elderly            Harry Epstein•                               Scott R. Sale, M.D.
Sam A. Kessler Memorial Scholarship Fund       St. Louis Jewish Archives Fund                Alexis Essman                                Harvey J. Schramm
Kemper Foundation Fund for                     St. Louis Tercentenary Project                Marlyn Essman                                Lauren R. Schwab
   Holocaust Teacher Training                     Restricted Fund                            Norman Essman                                Arthur M. Seltzer
KIPAM Fund                                     Sheri L. Schechter Memorial Fund              Irvin & Ileane Fagin                         Pearl Serota, M.D.
Robert Klayman Memorial                        William & Jennie H. Schield                   Bertha Feist                                 Irving Shepard
   Scholarship Fund for Camp Sabra                Endowment Fund                             Sheila & Richard Flom                        Robert • & Carole Simon
Dr. Louis H. Kohler                            Marvin J. Schneider                           Ira Gall, M.D.                               Carl & Fay Simons
   Foundation Endowment Fund                      Scholarship Fund for Torah Study           Harvey Gerstein                              Alvin J. Siteman
Gunther & Doris Kohn & Family                     in Honor of Frank & Ann Schneider          Sanford Goffstein                            Nancy Siwak
   Endowment for the Holocaust Museum          Miss Elaine/Seldin Restricted Fund            Yetra Goldberg                               Todd Siwak & Gianna Jacobson
Alene & Meyer Kopolow                          Seldin Family Premier Services Program        Louise Golman                                Adam & Caroline Sky
   Fund for Nutritional Needs of the Elderly      for Covenant/CHAI                          Judy & Steven B. Gorin                       David A. Smith
Ruth Kopolow                                   Thelma S. Seltzer Library Fund                Thomas R. Green                              Richard W. Stein
   Endowment Fund for Services                 Sue Shepard                                   Harvey A. Greenstein                         Dr. Rosalie & Morris Sterneck
   for the Elderly                                Endowment for the St. Louis Jewish Light   Hanford Gross                                Stan B. Towerman
Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry             Sara & Alex K. Sherman                        Siegmund Halpern                             Andrew Trivers
   Program                                        Fund for Early Childhood Services          Ronni Handelman                              Lawrence L. Weintraub
Harold “Mike” & Fritzi Lainoff                    at the JCC                                 Harvey A. Harris                             Sylvia & Eugene C. Weissman
   Holocaust Museum Endowment Fund             Carl & Fay Simons                             Milton Harris                                M. Richard Wyman
Larry & Hannah Langsam                            Endowment for Senior Services              Carolyn F. Henges                            Marvyn Yavitz
   Holocaust Program Endowment Fund            The Judy Dodge Stenzel Fund                   Myrna & Arnold Hershman                      Deborah Zorensky
Aaron A. Lebedun Fund for New Immigrants       Sophie Epstein Tuholske Memorial Fund         Harvey & Terry Hieken                        Louis I. Zorensky•
Richard L. Levis Memorial Scholarship Fund     Jonas & Herschel Weil Fund                    Maurice L. Hirsch, Jr., Ph.D.                Mark H. Zorensky
J. David Levy & Lucy Levy                      Leo & Sara Wolf                               Joyce Hoffman                                Anonymous – 33
   Fund for Social Justice                        Endowment for Yom Hashoa Programming       Joshua & Claire Jacobs
Mont Levy Website Endowment                    Judith & Richard Wyman Endowment              Randee Jacobs
Sarah & Harry Lindenbaum Memorial Fund         Yoffie Loan Fund                              William Kahn
Louise & Benjamin, Marjorie & Harry Loeb       Youth in Israel Loan Restricted Fund          Nancy Kalishman
   Endowment for Indigent Jews                 Suzanne Feld Zalk Library Endowment Fund      Craig Kaminer                                OPPOSITE AND ABOVE:
Max & Thelma Manne                             L. Allen Zorensky Fine Arts Loan Fund         Drs. Michael & Irene Karl                    536 JF&CS Child Abuse
   Foundation for Children’s Library Unit      Anonymous – 2                                 Ruth Kay
Wilma & Roswell Messing Library Fund                                                         Charlotte Kopitsky                           Prevention Programs served
                                                                                                                                          13,000 children last year.
     Board of
     Directors                                                                   Staff
                                                  Joel K. Goldstein                                                             Nancy Mesey
                                                  Robert Goldstein                                                                 Outreach Associate – NORC
                                                  Sally Goldstein                                                               Susan Meyer
                                                  Louise Golman ▲                                                                  Resource Assistant
                                                  Jason Gottlieb ◆                                                              Julie Mueller
                                                  David Grebler                                                                    Accounts Payable Clerk
     Dr. Heschel J. Raskas ◆                      Thomas R. Green ▲◆             Judy Abrams                                    Marlene Mueller
        President                                 Hanford Gross ◆                   Associate Executive Vice President &           Central Supply Agent
     Patricia F. Croughan ◆                       Siegmund Halpern ▲                Chief Administrative Officer                Anne Myers-Richards
        Vice President – Global Jewish Needs      Harvey A. Harris ▲◆            Bettye Babb                                       Volunteer Coordinator – NORC
     Sherri Druck ◆                               Irwin B. (Hefty) Hoffman ▲        Administrative Assistant –                  Jacqueline Newfield
        Vice President – Planning & Allocations   William Kahn ▲                    Holocaust Museum & Learning Center             Community Outreach Supervisor – NORC
     Randall E. Green ◆                           John Kalishman ◆               Donna Balk                                     Andrew Newman
        Vice President – Financial Planning       Dr. Michael M. Karl ▲             Resource Assistant                             Project Coordinator – Website
     Sheila Greenbaum ◆                           Mark C. Kodner                 Oz Ben-Shmuel                                  Jack Neyens
        Vice President                            Michele Kopolow                   Senior Planning & Allocations Associate        Director of Finance
     Kenneth Kranzberg ◆                          Linda Kraus                    Stella Bilbrey                                 Daniel Reich
        Vice President – Endowments               David J. Krauss ◆                 Resource Assistant                             Curator & Director of Education –
     Bill Miller ◆                                Rabbi Yosef Landa              Jean Cavender                                     Holocaust Museum & Learning Center
        Vice President – Campaign                 Bernard (Bud) S. Levin            Director –                                  Barry Rosenberg
     Sanford S. Neuman ◆                          J. David Levy                     Holocaust Museum & Learning Center             Executive Vice President
        Vice President – Planning & Allocations   Mont S. Levy ▲                 Shelly Chanitz                                 Wendy Rosenblum
     Lynne Palan ◆                                Leslie Litwack                    Project Manager – Professional Excellence      Assistant Director of Development
        Vice President – Women’s Division         Michael Litwack ▲◆             Stephen Cohen                                  Aliyah Schneider
     Mark H. Zorensky ◆                           Lucy Lopata ▲                     Assistant Executive Vice President             Development Associate
        Vice President                            Kenneth Ludmerer, M.D.         Margaret Crane                                 Margo Schwartz
     Rabbi Jeffrey B. Stiffman ◆                  Lynn Lyss ▲                       Communications Writer/Researcher               Development Associate
        Secretary                                 Susan Matlof                   Dana DeBlasi                                   Angelo Sgouros
     David Roberts ◆                              Myrna Meyer ◆                     Associate Director of Development              Website Administrator
        Treasurer                                 I. E. Millstone ▲              Misty Duncan                                   Lois Smith
     Barry Rosenberg                              Robert Millstone ◆                Accounting Clerk                               Resource Assistant
        Executive Vice President                  Marvin Moskowitz ◆             Karen Berry Elbert                             Rebecca Solom
                                                  Galia Movitz                      NORC Manager                                   Development Associate
                                                  Michael N. Newmark ▲◆          Gary Fallert                                   Sharon Starr
     Jan Abrams                                   Michael Oberlander                Director of Human Resources                    Communications Resource Assistant
     Keith Alper                                  Jerrold Pass                   Adina Frydman                                  Marti Stricker
     Ilse Altman ▲                                Lenore Pepper                     Focus Israel Manager                           Accounts Receivable Clerk
     Lisa Graivier Barnes                         Joe Pereles                    Ruth Funcanon                                  Rafael Veksler
     Douglas Baron                                Adinah Raskas                     Network Administrator                          Day Porter
     Edward M. Becker                             Kenneth L. Rubin               Randy Grass                                    Debbie Warshawski
     Daniel Bindler                               Jay Sarver ▲◆                     Evening Porter & Front Desk Attendant          Director of Communications
     Patty Bloom                                  Shelley Sarver                 Julie Groves                                   Sue White
     Terry Bloomberg ◆                            Steven Schuver                    Resource Assistant                             Graphic Designer
     Nancy Boguslaw                               Dr. Pearl Serota               Barbara Hayes                                  Celeste Wieselman
     David R. Bohm                                Alvin J. Siteman ▲                Resource Assistant                             Receptionist
     Lee Bohm ▲                                   William Sitzer                 Sandra Janitch                                 Lori Wishne
     Leslie Borowsky                              Gregory W. Siwak ◆                Manager of Financial Reporting                 Assistant Director of Development
     Roger Brodsky                                Nancy Siwak ▲                  Lori Kabrun-Berry                              Susan Witte
     Paul R. Cahn                                 Todd Siwak                        Development Associate                          Senior Planning & Allocations Associate
     Fran Cantor                                  Karen Smoller                  Janis Keith
     Dr. Ronald Chod                              Richard W. Stein                  Outreach Associate – NORC
     Susan Cort                                   Thomas A. Stern                Linda Kennedy
     Jonathan Deutsch                             Morris H. Sterneck ▲              Accountant
     Helen Drazen ▲                               Rabbi Joshua Taub              James Krener
     Julian I. Edison ▲◆                          Harvey N. Wallace                 Senior Accountant
     Harry Epstein ▲ •                            Sherri Frank Weintrop ◆        Ruth Lederman
     Todd Epsten                                  Jane Roodman Weiss                Assistant Executive Vice President &
     Alyn V. Essman ▲                             Eugene C. Weissman ▲              Director of Development
     Marlyn Essman ▲                              Gary Wolff                     Helen Lombardo
     Rabbi Mark Fasman                            Stuart Zimmerman                  Resource Assistant
     Jennifer Feinberg                            Jeanne Zorensky ▲              Jennifer Baer Lotsoff                          OPPOSITE:
     Paul E. Flotken                              Louis I. Zorensky ▲ •             Planning & Allocations Associate
     Jeffrey L. Fox ◆                             Mary G. Zorensky ▲             Stephen Lopez                                  350 city police have taken the
     Marilyn Fox ▲                                                                  Facilities Manager                          Holocaust Museum & Learning
     Harris J. Frank ▲                                                           Sol Margulies
     Henrietta Freedman ▲                         ▲ Council of Life Member          Chief Development Officer                   Center/Anti-Defamation
     Yetra Goldberg ▲                             ◆ Executive Committee Member   Jane McKinney                                  League partnership program,
     Alvin Goldfarb ▲                             • Of Blessed Memory               Assistant to Executive Vice President       “Law Enforcement in Society.”
12 Millstone Campus Drive
       St. Louis, MO 63146

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