THANK YOU FOR                    PRESIDENT
                                                        ALL YOU DO TO                    Pam Harris
                                                        KEEP OUR
                                                        PURPOSE ALIVE
      United Methodist Women PURPOSE                    Greetings and Salutations!
                                                                As I sit in my house and listen to the wind and
The organized unit of United Methodist Women            rain outside, it occurs to me, again, how blessed I
shall be a community of women whose                     am. I know that there are others who aren’t as
PURPOSE is to know God and to experience                fortunate as I am. And I am reminded of my
freedom as whole persons through Jesus                  responsibility to help them in whatever ways I can. I
Christ, to develop a creative, supportive               can provide information to others who can help. I can
fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission           help provide food, clothing, shelter, education and
through participation in the global ministries of       medical treatment to those who desperately need it. I
the church.                                             can pray, daily. United Methodist Women all over the
                CONTENTS                 Pages          world are doing the same things. What a joy to know
President’s Message -- Thank You for All      1         that there are so many of us working together to
  You Do to Keep our Purpose Alive                      accomplish these things. I don’t have to do it all or
UN Seminar to NYC Canceled                    1         provide it all. Together, all of our contributions
Vice President’s Report -- Still Empty        2         provide what none us can do individually. We all
Treasurer’s Report -- Financial House-        2         have different talents. It’s amazing to see what we
  Keeping Information                                   can accomplish when we pool those talents. Thank
Secretary’s Report -- Standing Rules          2         you for all that you have done and are doing to keep
Membership, Nurture and Outreach              3         our Purpose alive. I pray that you have a blessed and
  A New Plan for Connecting With the                    beautiful spring.
  Units in the District                                 Your sister in Christ,
Spiritual Growth -- Let us Pray               3         Pam Harris,                       2404 Queen Avenue
Social Action -- Southside Settlement         3
                                                        President                      Middletown, OH 45044
  House Needs Help
                                                        513-420-0174             Cell Phone: 1-513-267-8126
Education & Interpretation -- No Report       3
Communications -- My CSOCM Adventure          4
Nominating Committee                         4-5
  How Do We Use Our Talents?
Program Resources -- Care to Share a          5
Other News Around the District               7-
Mark Your Calendar:                        8-9

May, 2011                          Ohio River Valley United Methodist Women                      Volume 5, Issue 2

       UM SEMINAR TO NYC CANCELED                                 One last thing -- if your Unit chooses to send
                                                             money to a local mission project, say IHN of
          Unfortunately, we have had to cancel this          Cincinnati or Wesley Foundation at UC, please send
fall’s trip to New York City for the seminar on              it directly to them rather than to me. It just shortcuts
Immigration. We did not have enough registered               the distance and time that the money must travel.
participants to cover the costs. Due to deadlines,                I will be sending 6-month statements to any units
we had to make a decision to cancel or risk losing           that have sent me money through June, early in July.
approximately $800 in deposits. These were                        At this past ORV UMW Team meeting, I was
mission dollars that we couldn’t afford to lose. We          directed to send Gift to Mission Cards as a Thank
are just as disappointed as many of you. Not only            You to those Units who have been so generous as to
would this have been a time of fellowship, but it            have a District Meeting at their church. This is a great
would also have been a chance to get more                    way to show appreciation.
information on a very important topic. Thanks to                  I will always answer questions for you if you just
everyone for their prayers and support.                      call or write and ask.
Pam Harris                                                      Thanks and keep those funds straight.
Tara Wilson                                                  Elaine Powers         2770 Country Woods Lane
UM Seminar Trip Co-leaders                                     513-922-6088              Cincinnati, OH 45248
                                VICE PRESIDENT
                               ______________                STANDING RULES
We desperately need a                 _                                                        Denise Bentley
                                                             Have you reviewed your
Vice-President. Is there no one who is willing to
                                                             standing rules lately?
step up to the plate? There is a guidebook for each
position. Please know the rest of us will help you do        Our organization is just as we state in our purpose,
the job                                                      "The organized unit of the United Methodist
                                                             Women..." We are organized and a very integral part
                                                             of this organization is the Standing Rules. Standing
                                                             rules can be made and amended, but only if the
                                                             changes are not outside of the guidelines that have
    TREASURER                                                already been established by the Women's Division.
    Elaine Powers                                            When reviewing the District Standing Rules, it was
                                                             necessary to have the Standing Rules of the
                                                             Conference UMW on hand to assure that the District
  FINANCIAL HOUSEKEEPING INFORMATION                         Rules were within the established rules already
                                                             established by the conference. Each local unit should
    I am hopeful that you are all settling easily into       review their Standing Rules, remembering to refer to
your job. Keeping of the books is an interesting, but        the District's Standing Rules to ensure that you are in
exacting, task. I also advise that each Unit should          accord with the Constitution of the Women's Division.
have a Review/Audit each year. This is a good way            Denise Bentley             10108 Grandview Avenue,
to be sure all is in order each year.                          Ph: 513-771-0526                Cincinnati, OH 45215
    I would like to ask each of you to be sure that          e-mail
you use the current forms when you send money to
me. I handed out copies at Leadership Training and
also have them available at my home for any unit
treasurer. The forms are also found in the 2009-12
HANDBOOK that can be purchased from the
Service Center. Please don’t forget to identify your
Unit name on your reports and use the special
forms when needed. I also request that all checks
be made payable to ORV UMW – that is how the
account is set up. Do not write it to me personally.

May, 2011                          Ohio River Valley United Methodist Women                     Volume 5, Issue 2

                             MEMBERSHIP,                                                  SOCIAL ACTION
A NEW PLAN FOR                                                  SETTLEMENT                Maxine Johnson
                             NURTURE AND
DISTRICT                                                            At the last board meeting of the District UMW,
                                                             we were reminded again about the truly desperate
        Every unit will begin hearing from a member          need of the Southside Settlement House, south of
of the District Team. At the Jurisdictional UMW,             Columbus. In our statement of Purpose, we are
every district was asked to set up a program to visit        called ―to develop a creative, supportive fellowship;
every church in their District to talk to them about         and to expand concepts of mission through
United Methodist Women. Since we are beginning               participation in the global ministries of the church.”
this program late, we are trying to at least visit           Southside truly epitomizes the definition of mission. I
every active unit in the Ohio River Valley District.         just recently learned their center is over 110 years
Your Sister in Christ,                                       old. We must not let this wonderful service fade
        I have divided our units into workable               away. Their motto is ―Sanctuary, Solidarity, Support‖.
groups so this task is not too daunting. Please              Many of their clients are homeless and use the
try to be open to these visits; we are not here              showers Southside provides. They help serve hot
                                                             lunches on weekends and provide an after school
to spy. We are only trying to fulfill our Purpose
                                                             program. They take young people to camp in the
and to help each unit be the best you can be.                summer, some of whom may never have had a
Yours in Christ,
                                                             ―vacation‖ type experience. They help adults without
Judy Grigsby        2624 Ambassador Drive,                   a driver’s license to get a state ID. They are within
Cincinnati, OH 45231                                         60 days of having to close their doors.
513-851-4105       GRIGSBYJL@FUSE.NET                                 Is there any way your unit might take up a
                                                             collection for them at church or just from the unit? Or
                                                             have a bake sale and dedicate the funds? We at the
                               SPIRITUAL                     District would love to hear what creative ideas you
                             DEVELOPMENT                     might come up with to help. If many units pooled their
                              Nancy Barker                   one dollars, or five dollars or one hundred dollars, it
                                                             could go a long way toward helping Southside stay
                    Let Us Pray                                        Perhaps your unit could schedule a trip to
    There is a great need for prayer in the coming           see Southside in action and take pictures home to
                           days.                             your church. First hand experience and pictures
      We must continue to remember our brothers              really do speak a thousand words. To save time and
and sisters here at home and all over the world who          to get money to them quickly, you can contact
are suffering the aftermath of nature's upheavals.           Marsha Rose Wickliffe, Executive Director, at
       We must always remember those brave                   614-444-9868. Their website is
souls who serve in our armed forces around the     
world, as well as those who wait for their return             Maxine Johnson                   6820 Bantry Avenue
home.                                                          513-731-4404                   Cincinnati, OH 45213
      One of our own National Missions Sites                 No e-mail
needs our prayers and support. South Side
Settlement in Columbus is near to having to close
its doors. Let's lift up the workers there as well as                    EDUCATION & INTERPRETATION
the people served by this mission.                                            Frellie R. Easterling
      And, as always, let's hold our UMW sisters
throughout the district in our prayers, that their
many and individual needs may be met.                                           No report this month
 Nancy Barker                         731 Danbury Rd,        Frellie Easterling            2711 West Galbraith Rd.
513-825-4014                     Cincinnati, OH 45240        513-729-3193                     Cincinnati, OH 45239                              
May, 2011                             Ohio River Valley United Methodist Women                          Volume 5, Issue 2

                                                                      Don’t forget to check out the UMW web site on a
MY CSOCM                     COMMUNICATIONS                       regular basis at for the
ADVENTURE                      Nikki Griffin                      latest newsletters, not just from our district, but all of
                                                                  them. Lots of up-to-date information there and lots of
          I apologize for the lateness of this newsletter.        ideas.
I found out for the first time, and don’t ever want to                Please send news and pictures to me. Or, if you
again, what it’s like to have an infected gallbladder.            would like to advertise an upcoming event from your
On the mend and back on the job, trying to catch                  unit, let me know. Send your submissions by the
up.                                                               second week of April, July, October and January.
         Last summer, after I attended the week                   Please put “UMW DISTRICT” in the subject line.
session of CSOCM, Cooperative School of                               Check out the flyer that Anderson Hills sent for
Christian Mission, I put in my hopper that I would                the fall. It’s early, to give crafters time to prepare.
write about it in this newsletter.                                Here’s an opportunity for participating UMW units to
         It was a wonderful and challenging                       make money for UMW missions.
experience, getting to know committed men (yes                        For timely submission of articles or events,
men) and women from all over who had come                         please note that we make every effort to be sure the
together to learn, to sing, worship, share stories                newsletter is mailed by or just after the first Saturday
and experiences. I had heard from other people                    of the month following submissions.
who ―wouldn’t miss it for the world,‖ and wondered                   Nikki Griffin                          5407 Sherry Lane,
why they were so enthusiastic. Now I know. It was                    Ph. 513-829-1315                      Fairfield, OH 45014
a wonderful kaleidoscope. Among the images were:                  e-mail:
 The mounds and mounds of gifts brought for the
   National Missions – piled high and overflowing.
   United Methodist Women are generous.                           HOW             NOMINATING COMMITTEE
 The tri-folds and displays of so many of the                    DO                    Alice Bradshaw
   issues and organizations the UMW supports,                     WE
   each providing its unique form of service                      USE OUR TALENTS?
   opportunities for interested women. I was                            Faith, love, hope in action.‖ These words
   overwhelmed.                                                   appear with our symbol. We need to learn how to put
 The depth of the books we were to study. If you                 them into action by using our talents. As United
   are able, I would recommend getting the books                  Methodist women, we have talents to share.
   and reading through them somewhat before you                   Consider stepping out in faith, sure of the hope we
   go, because the intensity of the study sessions                have in God the Father and Jesus Christ, the Son to
   felt a little like being fed with a fire hose – but in a       help us put love in action.
   good way. You will leave knowing a lot more than
   when you came – and thinking about some new                    T TRUST: Trust that God can use whatever skills
   perspectives. And, yes, there was homework.                    you have, however small. You are important.
 I was awestruck at the care they took of persons                A ABILITY: Whatever ability you have, use it. Many
   who might have trouble walking distances or                    Christians tend to hang back and undervalue their
   climbing stairs. There were elevators. Cheerful                own worth. God doesn’t.
   UMW golf cart drivers were everywhere, just                    L LOVE: Love is action. Love covers a multitude of
   waiting to help tired walkers.                                 sins, or lacks. Let your love shine through your
 I wouldn’t have thought we could pull together a                cracks. Don’t assume you are unworthy.
   choir that gave a credible performance with so                 E ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM: You never know
   little preparation, but we did. The music was                  how your spirit will affect others. Share it.
   something to take home to our own churches.                    N NURTURE: Working with other UMW women can
 And, of course, the food. There was enough                      be a very nurturing experience,
                                                                  T TIME: Time spent on God’s purpose is never
  variety to please any diet – spartan, diabetic
  (pick & choose) or otherwise, and lots of                       S SKILLS AND GIFTS: Why bury your gifts? God
  salad.                                                          can use even the smallest gift. We are not to judge
    You still have a chance to register, and I would              ourselves or our abilities. We are to use them in trust.
highly suggest doing so. I hope to see you there.
 May, 2011                        Ohio River Valley United Methodist Women                      Volume 5, Issue 2

       The ORV nominations committee is currently           words most pleasant to eat. I raised my hand,
 in the process of putting into place personnel for         not fully knowing what was required, but I felt
 2012.Please contact me or any one of the other             called to do it. It has been a growth experience
 committee members listed below.                            for me. I hope you will prayerfully consider
        Is the Spirit nudging your heart?                   serving also.
 Alice Bradshaw                 3509 Brian Court            Nikki Griffin
 Ph: 1-513-424-6379        Middletown, OH 45044             Communications Coordinator
 No e-mail.

                                                                SECRETARY FOR PROGRAM RESOURCES
     OHIO RIVER VALLEY NOMINATI ONS                                        Cathy Lippert
                                                                              Care to Share a Review?
Shirley Artrip   2011        Melba Ballard   2013
4125 Creek Road              5523 Mosiman Rd                         Thanks to all who contacted me about addi-
Sharonville, OH 45241        Middletown, OH 45042           tions and corrections to the list of reading program
513-563-4741                 513-424-2738                   certificates in the last CONNECTIONS. For the 2011           No e-mail                      report, all I need is the name of your unit and the
                                                            names of anyone who completed each plan in the
    ============                   ==========               program, to be submitted to the address below by the
                                                            end of the year.
Betty Carpenter 2011         Rev. Ann Bailey 2013                  To help encourage readers, I’ve asked for some
Address Correction           5986 SR 134 S                  book recommendations and will print a few in each
8334 Meadowlark Drive        Wilmington, OH 45177           edition. All these are from the Nurturing for
Carlisle, OH 45005           937-685-4884                   Community selections. Two board members suggest
937-746-3465                 No e-mail                      Taught by America by Sarah Sentilles from 2007.
No e-mail                                                        Judy wrote, ―If you are, or have ever been,
                                                            a teacher, this is an eye-opening account of the
                             Sue Truster     2014
                                                            tragedy of many inner city schools today.‖
Jewell Johnson 2012          3651 Withrow Road                     Nancy wrote, ―Taught by America” is a
2320 St. James               Hamilton, OH 45011             wonderful, but tragic, story of a teacher in Southern
Cincinnati, OH 45206         513-726-6914                   California who tries to engage her fifth graders within
                                                            a school which is crumbling and has few supplies.‖
                                                                   Elaine enjoyed Single Thread by Marie
supermomjewell                                                 Bostwick from the 2010 list. This book ―…uses the
                                                            idea of friendship being a comfort, especially in times
                                                            of turmoil. When Evelyn moves to a new community
                                                            to start over, she opens a quilting shop, which
                                                            becomes the common bond among the characters
                                                            who form a club. It is the strength of these friendships
             DISTRICT TALENT BANK                           that makes this new start work, and the tough times
              INFORMATION SHEET                             become more bearable. ―
                                                                   My own recommendation is Mulberry Park by
       Please read and fill out the Talent Bank             Judy Duarte, a Nurturing for Community book from
 Sheet, or make copies and give one to                      the 2010 list. ―One of a series of novels examining
 someone you feel would be a good officer.                  the lives of people in a fictional town, the story brings
       We have tried to make it as informative              together several unrelated characters and tells of
 as possible, so you will know what is needed.              their joys, struggles and growth as their lives
 As one who previously swore that I would                   intersect. This book is a pleasant, easy read with
 never serve on the District Team, I find my                some life lessons presented through interesting
May, 2011                           Ohio River Valley United Methodist Women                    Volume 5, Issue 2

       These books are available in paperback and             encourage others you know to vote for those who
might be at your public library or at used                    support UMW.
bookstores. They can still be ordered from the                    From the WOCUMW Executive Committee
Service Center, too.
       If you’d like to write a short review of a book
from the reading program list, please send it to me
so I can share it with other UMW readers.                          United Methodist Women Breakfast
       The West Ohio Conference is participating in                            At Lakeside
a trial modification for the book sales at events. We          Come and join UMW for breakfast on
will be offering only one of each title for sale with
                                                               Tuesday , June 7 at Wesley Lodge North.
the option of placing individual orders at the event.
These orders will be sent directly to your address             Cost is $6.00 and will be collected at the
from the Service Center. We will also be taking                door. However, we do need to know you're
credit cards in payment, as well as cash and                   coming.
checks. With the addition of a shipping charge, you            Please go to to sign
will benefit from planning ahead to combine orders             up.
from your unit for shipment to one address.
Cathy Lippert                       5651 Eagle Nest
1-513-942-5939                West Chester, OH 45069
            OTHER NEWS AROUND THE                                    CIRCLE OF CARE
                 DISTRICT (S)                                         ANNUAL DINNER

            Very important information                                Wesley Education Center for Children and
                                                              Families (a National Mission, supported by the UMW)
         We are fast approaching an important time            is having its annual fund-raiser, The Circle of Care
of prayer and discernment at Lakeside as we select            Banquet and Silent Auction, sponsored by Outback
delegates for General and Jurisdictional                      Steakhouse, on June 15. At 6:00 pm, it will begin with
Conference. As a leader in United Methodist                   Hors d’oeuvres and Silent Auction browsing. The
Women, I hope you plan to be present. If you are              dinner will be at 7:00 pm., and will be held at the
not a voting member, it might not be too late. Check          Community Action Agency, Gwen L. Robinson
with your district office to see if there are still           Auditorium, Jordan Crossing Complex (upper level).
opportunities to be a member at large.                        The center’s official address is 1740 Langdon Farm
         Representing United Methodist Women is               Road, but dinner attendees should turn in at the
an awesome responsibility. Remember, we are the               Jordan Crossing entrance off Reading Road, which
largest and strongest women’s mission                         will be marked by balloons. The cost is $50 per
organization in the world. In order to maintain or            person and $30 is tax deductible For a table of 8, the
expand our ability to positively affect the lives of so       cost is $400. RSVP deadline is June 1. If you would
many women, youth and children globally, we must              like an invitation, call Wesley at 861-9865, or just
be visible and vocal at General Conference. As you            send a check to Wesley Education Center Circle of
study the slate of lay candidates, please remember            Care, P.O. Box 36260, Cincinnati, OH 45236-0260.
the women and men who are in leadership roles in              Make checks payable Wesley Education Center
the West Ohio Conference United Methodist                     Circle of Care.
Women and the Cooperative School of Christian                         Some units have sent a representative or two
Mission. There are experienced candidates who will            in the past, where the unit helps with
represent United Methodist Women well at General              the cost. Some units are also preparing a Silent
Conference.                                                   Auction basket, the deadline for which is also June 1.
         Please prayerfully consider giving them your         Why not come see for yourself the good things
vote. If you will not be a voting delegate, please            Wesley is doing for the Avondale area. Without them,
May, 2011                           Ohio River Valley United Methodist Women                      Volume 5, Issue 2

many single parent families would be hard put to              full, or a caravan. What a special blessing for all of us
find a place that is safe for their infants while they        in West Ohio!
work and a place that aims to put early education
as a high priority.                                            A report on the Recent Retreat on May 7
         The Program Director, Cassie Young, will
be sharing all the advances Wesley has made in                         The UMW of Emmanuel UMC and an
the last year. Without the help of many UMW                   extremely thought-provoking and inspiring
members, Women’s Division and help from the                   presentation by Pastor Desiree Carter treated those
Mission Foundation of the Ohio River Valley District          who attended to a day of fellowship and supremely
of the United Methodist Church, Wesley Ed might               gracious hospitality. I know I’m using a lot of
never have reached our 90th birthday last year, so            ―extreme‖ words, but the day was just that good.
this is a celebration not to be missed.                                The ladies of the church outdid themselves,
         Wesley Ed is supported by a Guild                    serving us a lovely array of pastries and fruit for
comprised of Key Women from any UMW unit. ANY                 breakfast and a delicious hot meal on good china.
woman who agrees to abide by the UMW                          They made us feel most welcome.
statement of Purpose may be a Guild member.                            Pastor Carter’s theme was about where you
They meet at the Center 6 times a year: the 4th               and I put ourselves in our priorities. So often, we put
Tuesday of January, March, May, September,                    others, church, husbands, children, community, and
November and in December as they help facilitate              work – all ahead of ourselves. Part of her theme was
the Staff Christmas party.                                    that if we don’t take care of and love ourselves, how
         If you’d like a Guild speaker for a unit             can we really take care of and love others? She
meeting, or more information, call Mary Reep,                 packed a two-day seminar into one day. She talked
President of the Guild, for more information at 513-          about the limits we put upon ourselves, and the
729-2232.                                                     pictures and images we live out of that may be from
                                                              our childhoods that are not appropriate for our lives
                                                              today. How do we plan our lives? Do we play to win
    GLORY DARAMARAJ, PhD TO BE                                or play to lose? This is not taking away from our
        KEYNOTE SPEAKER AT                                    spiritual lives. It is, however, asking whether we are
   WEST OHIO ANNUAL CELEBRATION                               listening to God calling us. Pastor Carter never
 NOVEMBER 12                                                  wanted to be a pastor, and never thought she would
         The Keynote Speaker for West Ohio                    be an author or raise 13 children. She resolutely
Conference Annual Celebration Nov. 12, 2011 is                denied God’s call on her life for a long time, like
Glory Dharamaraj, PhD. She is Director of                     Jonah, but the thought wouldn’t go away. God
Spiritual Formation and Mission Theology for the              wouldn’t let her quash the idea of being a pastor.
Women's Division of the General Board of Global               When she began to take it seriously, her life changed
Ministries of the United Methodist Church.                    and God made a way. So often we find ourselves in
Glory spent her childhood on a tea estate in Sri              ruts and routines we never think about, and don’t
Lanka. She was a member of the faculty at Sarah               change. Perhaps it’s time to ask whether there is
Tucker College at Chennai, India.                             something God has been nagging us about, an idea
         She is an author and co-author of many               that won’t go away. She gave several women in the
books, including Concepts of Mission, Mutuality in            group a little heart, a book, and a challenge. She
Mission, Many Faces and One Church: A Manual                  wants them to read it and report back what they think
for Cross-Racial and Cross-Cultural                           about it, and if they think their lives may change as a
Ministry, Christianity, Judaism and Islam: A                  result of it. Communion wrapped up the day.
Missiological Encounter and the geographic study                       The reason I’m writing this is because your
for the United Methodist Church on India and                  District Team really does try to bring you events that
Pakistan.                                                     will empower you, encourage you and give you food
         Her recent writings include a series of              for thought. Next time, don’t stay home. If at all
reflections in the UMW gift Bible and a study guide           possible, come. You won’t regret it.
to the Wesley Bible. You won't want to miss
hearing this very gifted lady. Bring a car full, a bus

May, 2011                         Ohio River Valley United Methodist Women                      Volume 5, Issue 2

 MARK YOUR CALENDAR                                               OVERALL YEARLY CALENDAR

COOPERATIVE SCHOOL OF                                       This is just a general guide of District dates and
CHRISTIAN MISSION                                           deadlines. When there isn’t a specific date, 1-1,
     Weekend Event: July 15-17, 2011                        for instance, means that month.
     Day Sampler    July 16, 2011
     Week School    July 18-21, 2011                        1-1     20011 officers begin service
                                                            4-15    SOCM scholarship application deadline
MARK YOR CALENDAR (CONT’D)                                                              st
                                                            5-7     Spiritual retreat, 1 Sat in May
2011 Mission Studies:                                       7-15-21 School of Christian Mission
   Coming Out on the Side of Grace:                         9-17    WOC Leadership
      Forgiveness & Reconciliation                          10 15- District Annual Celebration, Forest Chapel
   Haiti, An Overview                                       11-12 Conference Annual Celebration to be at
   Joy to The World: Mission in the Age                             Worthington UMC/
      Of Global Christianity                                12-1` Local Treasurer’s report to District
June 7, UMW Breakfast at Lakeside                                   LET US PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER
For Annual Conference UMW Attendees                                  I recently received an e-mail referencing a
                                                            purported one-minute prayer each evening at 9:00
=================================                           PM in England during WWII. In researching it on
                                                  , I came upon a reference to
ORV Annual Celebration                                      the efforts of W. Tudor Pole, author, adventurer and
Saturday, Oct 15, 2011                                      mystic. As the website puts it, ―He campaigned for
Forest Chapel UMC                                           what came to be called the Big Ben Silent Minute.
Glory Dharamaraj, PhD, Keynote Speaker                      The chiming of the Big Ben clock in London at 9:00
(Look for Flyer in August CONNECTION)                       PM took about a minute. The chimes were broadcast
=================================                           on the BBC radio at the beginning of the 9:00 news.
                                                            Pole suggested that the hearing of the chimes, either
EMMANUEL UMW CRAFT SHOW, SAT OCT. 3                         in person, or on the BBC should be accompanied by
9 am – 3 pm. Application deadline for vendors is            one minute of silent prayer for those who had been
August 1. Now is the time to start preparing.               killed that day in battle, as well as remembering all
                                                            who had been killed in the war. Churchill supported
JINGLE BELL FAIR Sat., Nov. 12, from 10 am – 3              the idea, which became the Big Ben Movement.
pm. All you crafters, here’s an opportunity to make                  What would happen if we United Methodist
money for your UMW projects. The Anderson UMW               Women took a single minute at 9:00 PM each
is hosting a craft bazaar on for non-profit                 evening to pray for our pastors, for our local UMWs,
organizations. Booth spaces available at $30.               for our District, for our Church and our Conference
Participation form must be received by October 13.          and the way we might, as Christian women, live out
See the invitation flyer for details.                       our faith on a daily basis? What if we, as Pastor
                                                            Desiree Carter suggests, take a moment to ask God
We are asked to only publicize events that relate           where we’re going with our lives and to really just
Primarily to UMW and UMW projects or missions.              listen? It might be we, all of us praying together,
We are asked to refrain from promoting events that          would release something wonderful, beautiful and
do not pertain to or benefit UMW.                           huge.
=================================                                    Of course, there is nothing stopping us from
                                                            praying breath prayers all day —but all together? At
                                                            one time? Think about it. I think I’ll try it. How about

                                  EMMANUEL CRAFT SHOW
                                 CRAFT SHOW APPLICATION

                                       SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2011
                                             9 AM – 3 PM

Name ______________________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: (home) _____________________(Cell) _______________________________________

                          I am requesting ______(quantity) 6 foot tables x $30.00 each =      $_________

                          I am requesting ______(quanity) 8 foot tables x $35.00 each =       $_________

I will be bringing my own table(s) _______(quantity) 6 foot or under tables x $25.00 each =   $_________

I will be bringing my own table(s) _______(quanitity) 8 foot tables         x $30.00 each = $ _________

Description of products to be sold: __________________________________________________




All Vendor’s items must be pre-approved by the Emmanuel UMW before being accepted as a
participant. Please be very descriptive of your crafts/products.

I understand I will be requested to set up and tear down my booth/table and dispose of trash in the
appropriate places. Each vendor is to supply an item or items equally value of $25 for the Silent

Signature __________________________________________________Date ______________________

If you have questions, you may call: Janet Hale, Chairperson 513-752-6696

*Please attach payment to the application, which must be received by ____________________.
Make checks payable to: Emmanuel UMW
                         PO Box 351
                         Batavia, OH 45103


You will receive your confirmation by mail.
  Mission Foundation of the Ohio River Valley District
  of the UMC                                                                      Nonprofit Organization
  4400 Reading Road, Suite 1                                                       U.S. Postage Paid
  Cincinnati, OH 45229-1251                                                          Cincinnati, OH
                                                                                     Permit No. 904
  May, 2011

                                                                            DATED MATERIAL
                                                                  RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

THE CONNECTION is published quarterly by the Ohio River Valley District United Methodist Women and sent to all
local officers without charge. Others may receive The CONNECTION by sending a $2.00 check per year, payable to:
Treasurer, ORV UMW, c/o Nikki Griffin, Communications Coordinator, 5407 Sherry Lane, Fairfield, OH 45014

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