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PURCHASING HANDBOOK by qingyunliuliu


									                          MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS


    2008-2009 SCHOOL YEAR

               Purchasing Website:

                                           Revised: April 29, 2008

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                          MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                    MPS Buying Teams
                                    Curriculum Service Center
                                     549 North Stapley Drive
                                      Mesa, AZ 85203-7297

                                          Bill Munch, Director
                                      Elaine Manning, Secretary
                                        Phone: 480-472-0140
                                          Fax: 480-472-0144

                   Mary Talerico, CPPB, 480-472-0143, Fax 480-472-0144
                      Lori Skinner, 480-472-0141, Fax 480-472-0144

                       David Barnby, 480-472-0146, Fax 480-472-0144
                        Pat Davis, 480-472-0145, Fax 480-472-0144

                      Kelly McKelvey, 480-472-0148, Fax 480-472-0144
                      Wendy Wallace, 480-472-0147, Fax 480-472-0144

                                         555 South Lewis
                                       Mesa, AZ 85210-8523

                    Karen Fleetwood,480-472-6122, Fax: 480-472-6115
                    Lauren Jaramillo, 480-472-6124, Fax: 480-472-6115

                     Darlina Windom, 480-472-6046, Fax 480-472-6079
                       Debi Karnya, 480-472-6045, Fax 480-472-6079

                    Michelle Hamilton, 480-472-6114, Fax 480-472-6125
                     Gary Barkman, 480-472-6116, Fax 480-472-6125

                                  Material Distribution Center
                                  143 South Alma School Road
                                     Mesa, AZ 85210-1096

                      Linda Hardy, 480-472-0950, Fax 480-0472-0990
                     Kathy McManis, 480-472-0962, Fax 480-472-0990
                    Gini Pittsenbarger, 480-472-0943, Fax 480-472-0990

                                       Food & Nutrition
                                  143 South Alma School Road
                                     Mesa, AZ 85210-1096

                     Joe Sieczkowski, 480-472-0915, Fax 480-472-0994
                     Karla Tennyson, 480 472-0916, Fax 480 472-0992

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                          MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                           Table of Contents

               Purchasing Procedures ................................... 4

               After-The-Fact Do’s and Don’ts ..................... 10

               Vendor Performance Report .......................... 11

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                          MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                            PURCHASING PROCEDURES
Purchase Requisition

Please note the procedures below for Purchase Requisitions do not apply to the Operations
Department. See Purchasing Operations Department Handbook for more information.

The purchasing process begins with a requisition. We recommend that you take
the District’s OBARS course on how to enter requisitions. The course outlines the
proper way to complete an online requisition. Properly completing a requisition
will help the buying team prepare a purchase order in a timely manner.

To check the OBARS class schedules, please visit the Financial Services
intranet site.

A requisition is required for every purchase regardless of the source of funds. If
you expect an MPS check to be issued to the vendor you must have a requisition
on the system. Further, that requisition must be approved at all levels including
Financial Services and a purchase order must be prepared and approved. You
may, of course, contact the intended vendor to obtain price and delivery
information, but, DO NOT REQUEST DELIVERY until a purchase order has
been issued.

There are many standardized items that have been established by the District.
Contracted pricing has been negotiated by the Purchasing Department. Please
visit our intranet site at: for more
information. Contracts, preferred vendors and standard items can be found on
each buyer’s intranet page.

After-The-Fact purchase orders are purchase orders that are issued after the
needed merchandise/service has been received. After-The-Fact purchase orders
are not permitted. Employees who place orders without a valid MPS purchase
order are subject to disciplinary action.

Student fundraisers (including BOOK FAIRS) are considered a purchase. Every
fundraiser must have a requisition entered on the OBARS system before the
merchandise is ordered. Sometimes it is difficult to estimate the actual amount of
the items to be sold. If you are unsure of the quantity/dollar value please enter
the requisition and request a “blanket order”. Once the actual quantities are
known you should contact the Buyer to have the purchase order increased to the
proper level provided approval is obtained from the Financial Services

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                          MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS
Generally, the requisition process involves the following steps:
   Requisition is entered by the school/department staff.
   Management approval is provided by the Financial Services Department.
   Purchasing Department reviews the requisition and selects a vendor
     (quotes or bids may be needed).
   A purchase order is issued.
   Goods or services may be ordered.

Purchase Orders
Purchase orders are needed for every transaction that will require a vendor to be
paid. You must obtain this approval in the form of a purchase order PRIOR to
ordering any goods or services. This is true for Student Funds as well as ALL
District Funds. It is also true for Fund Raising sales/events.

There are two valid purchase orders in MPS:

         Regular Purchase Orders
         Limit Value Purchasing Orders (LVPO)

Regular Purchase Orders
The regular Purchase Order is generated in the Purchasing Department after a
requisition is entered by the requesting school or department. The two types of
regular purchase orders are line item purchase orders and blanket purchase
orders. The definition of each are described below.

The Definition of a line item purchase order:
   A purchase order with separate lines for each item/quantity.
   Electronic receiving must be done to process payment.
   Partial invoices (individual line items or partial quantities can be sent in for

The Definition of a blanket purchase order (not to be used for capital items
    A purchase order for a group of items, services or construction.
    Not received electronically. (See page 4 under, “Purchase order
     Entry/Update” in the OBARS User Guide).
    Partial payments may be made against the purchase order total.

“Not to Exceed” blanket purchase orders may not be increased without the
approval of the site, the Financial Services and Purchasing Departments. All
blanket purchase orders require a specified time frame or expiration date.

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                          MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS
The step-by-step procedures for line items and blanket purchase orders are
shown below.

Line Item:
1. Separate lines for each item, receiving must be done to process payment
2. Each item is on a separate line
3. Item/Items physically received (tangible)
4. For “Items” When electronic receiving is needed

1. All items including tax are lumped together, need receipts, signature and
    date, and sent to AP/Student Funds, do not hold receipts until total $ on
    purchase order is reached.
2. One line, total $’s of purchase order cover cost of all items
3. Services, tax included in total price, explanation is in body of purchase order
4. Blanket purchase orders are not received electronically. (See page 4 under,
    “Purchase order Entry/Update” in the OBARS User Guide)
5. For “Dollars” receiving not needed, can be used until $’s are spent,
    signed/dated receipts need to be sent in as received, so they can be paid in
    a timely manner
6. Specific amount, Specific period or time
7. Various items purchased ie. “Bashas”, or services ie. “repairs or

Once a purchase order is prepared, it is generally sent by the Purchasing
Department to the vendor unless instructed otherwise by the site on the
requisition. The site may elect to have the vendor copy of the purchase order
sent directly to the site for distribution by the requestor.

Limited Value Purchase Orders (LVPO’s)
The school/department secretary generates the Limited Value Purchase Order
(LVPO). The process requires the school or department to maintain a log, for
tracking the forms from preparation to payment of the invoice. Please visit the
Purchasing intranet site or call 2-0140 for more info on the LVPO.

Consultant Purchase Orders
All vendors, including consultants, must have a current IRS W-9 form on file with
the Purchasing Department before a purchase order may be issued. New
vendors must be added to our system and a W-9 must be requested. A vendor
application/change form is available on the Purchasing intranet site. You can
also contact Purchasing at 472-0140 with questions regarding this requirement.

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                          MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS
If you do not have a purchase order on or before the day a consultant is
scheduled to begin services, please contact Purchasing immediately so that we
may attempt to expedite your purchase order.

Things to Remember About ALL Purchase Orders
Purchase orders must be prepared for all purchases in advance of the
purchase or services to be performed. This also pertains to any vendor who
wants to send you an item for a trial or test period. Purchase Orders must be
in hand before you take possession of the merchandise. Employees who
purchase items without purchase orders and request reimbursement may be
responsible for the purchase.


Purchase Order Approval
Each purchase requisition must be properly coded and approved by the
principal or department head so that the Financial Services Department
may determine whether funds are available.

Upon receipt of a requisition, Financial Services will review it to ensure proper
completion, including any required approvals. It is the responsibility of the
principal or department head to give specific descriptions and accurate prices of
the items whenever possible.       Financial Services will then forward your
requisition to Purchasing to determine the proper procurement procedure and to
prepare your purchase order.

The Purchasing Department will process the purchase order and assign a
purchase order number. Any further reference to the requisition will then be
made by purchase order number. If, for any reason, the requisition is not
approved, the principal or the department head will be informed by Financial
Services or Purchasing.

Dollar Limits Requiring Quotes & Bids
All staff involved in purchasing items and services for the district should be aware
of the dollar limits and how they affect required competition. These requirements
are established by the State Board of Education and the Auditor General and
apply to all School Districts in Arizona.
Cumulative purchases for a specific vendor across the district for the fiscal year
may be made without official quotes up to $5,000* (including ALL costs of
shipping, taxes, fees etc.). Cumulative purchases exceeding $5,000 but less
than $30,000 must have three written vendor quotes. Written quotes must be
signed and dated by the vendor submitting the quote.

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                          MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS
*For requisitions of $4,500 or more, quotes will be required to insure to avoid
problem with purchase order "creep" where the final cost on a purchase exceeds
the quote threshold for whatever reason. By requiring quotes at $4,500, we will
be able to avoid many audit exceptions that occur when our purchase orders just
barely "creep" past the $5,000 threshold. The auditors are always looking at the
final total cost when determining what level of competition we must seek.

Cumulative purchases above $30,000 require the District to seek formal bids
and/or contracts.

Exceptions may be made in sole source situations for purchases above $30,000,
however, those situations are rare and a letter from the vendor stating that the
company is a sole source will never serve as documentation for that vendor’s
sole source procurement.

Sole Source
Sole source procurement requires written justification from the requisitioner to the
Purchasing Department, prior to commitment of an order. A sole source
justification form can be found on the District’s intranet site. All sole sources
must be approved by the Governing Board at a formal Governing Board meeting.

If you believe there is justification to request, in lieu of competitive bidding, a
specific product brand name, a specific manufacturer, or a sole or preferred
supplier of a product or service, you must complete this form, and send it to
the Purchasing Department. Justifications are to be supported by factual
statements that will pass internal and state audits. It is the critical and
necessary features of a product that make it a sole source.

NOTE: For purchases under $30,000.00, there must be an attempt to obtain
a minimum of 2 additional quotes. If no quotes can be obtained, the District
will document the attempt by noting those vendors that could not quote
and the reasons why.

Checking Your Order Status
You may call the vendor with your purchase order number regarding the status of
your order. Also, you may call the Materiel Distribution Center to check on the
status of a purchase order (472-0940). Be certain to have your purchase order
number ready.

If you need to contact the Purchasing Department for any of your queries, call
472-0140, and you will get the help you are requesting. When calling
Purchasing, please include as much information as possible including the
requisition number, purchase order number, vendor name and budget
code. This information will help expedite your request.

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                          MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS
Vendor Performance Report
The District has developed a form to report and comment on vendors for
feedback to the Purchasing Department. You may utilize this form to document
vendor performance (good or bad) and we will follow up with the vendor with any
appropriate action needed. By documenting vendor performance, we are able to
retain strong vendors and eliminate vendors not performing to the District’s
expectations. This form can be found on the Purchasing intranet site.

Vendor Solicitations
The school district may not actively distribute vendor information; i.e., hand out
promotional flyers, sell items on District property, and/or hand out promotional
posters*. We have been advised that this is a violation of the School District
Procurement Code. Should you have questions regarding the do’s and don’ts of
these types of activities, please contact Bill Munch (472-0150).

*Unless you have principal approval and a disclaimer on the flyer releasing MPS
from any liability/profit and or connection.

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                          MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS


An “After-The-Fact” Purchase Order Is Any One Of The Following:

    a)   a purchase order that is issued after an item has been received/pick-up
    b)   a purchase order that is issued after a service has begun or been completed
    c)   a preview item that is delivered without a purchase order and is then purchased
    d)   calling in the order to the vendor prior to receiving a copy of the purchase order or at a minimum,
         an authorized purchase order number
    e)   sending the purchase requisition to the vendor in advance of the purchase order
    f)   making reservations or scheduling services without a purchase order


    a) A purchase order is the only legal commitment to spend any funds
    b) A purchase order insures that procurement rules have been followed for the purchase and that
       budget funds have been properly approved
    c) Phoning or faxing your order in with a requisitions leads to double shipments that may have to be
       charged to the school site
    d) Our auditors will note an “after-the-fact” purchase as a violation of the procurement rules


    a) Wait until you have your purchase order in hand before ordering any goods or allowing any
       services to begin
    b) Submit “services” and “registrations” requisitions at least two (2) weeks prior to start of services
       and list actual start date of contract or the actual conference dates
    c) Contact Purchasing if you need any help expediting your order
    d) If you’re not sure about a particular purchase, contact purchasing right away


    a)   Do not fax/phone in purchase requisition, wait until you have the purchase order in hand
    b)   Do not list start date on contract as the date you signed the consultant contract
    c)   Do not allow a consultant to begin working without a purchase order
    d)   Do not order a preview item without a purchase order
    e)   Do not make any reservations without a purchase order

A purchase made without a purchase order is a violation of the procurement rules and
could result in the employee making the purchase being held personally liable for the

Contact the Purchasing Department at 472-0150 if you have any questions or special
circumstance before making the purchase. We want to help make the purchase as
efficient as possible.

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                          MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Use this form to report vendor performance that does not conform to
the terms of the contract (or generally accepted standards) and requires
corrective action by the Purchasing Department.

                                              Part 1 Issues

                                           Department or School:

Contact:                                                               Phone#: 472-

Vendor:                             PO #:                     Bid or Contract #:

Describe the issue:

Requested Action:

Or, if this is only a report (no action required), Check Here:______________________

Signature Department/School

The Buyer will forward a copy of this report, to the vendor, for response. See next page for vendor
response and action items.

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                          MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS

                                Part 2     Vendor Notification

         COMPANY NAME AND ADDRESS                             VENDOR REP

Please review the issues outlined on the reverse side of this report. A response and suggested
remedy should be provided below or attached to this report:

Additional information and instructions may be obtained by contacting the Buyer.

                         Part 3 Purchasing Department Action

Action taken by Purchasing Department (Buyer):

Check all that apply:
                                     File report ______
                              Remove Vendor from Bid List:_____
Cancel Contract______
Notify Bond Company______
Request Debarment ________
Second Report_____ Date of Previous Report ________

Date Sent to Vendor:__________________
Buyer Name:_________________________
Signature of Buyer:__________________________

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