Setup_Linksys_RT31P2_for_Voice_and_Fax by qingyunliuliu


									                  How to set up the Linksys RT31P2 for Voice and Fax
                                                         Updated: September 27, 2011

1.   Plug into Linksys Ethernet port and set your PC up to obtain an IP address automatically.
2.   Connect to using Internet Explorer.
3.   When prompted for user name and password they are both admin.
4.   Change to Static IP (See Fig. 1).
5.   Type in the required information.

        Example Only – Use your assigned IP Address (in red)
        IP Address:     (Note: Typically +5 from Default Gateway)
        Subnet Mask:
        Default Gateway:

        Primary DNS:
        Secondary DNS:

6. Set Network Setup and Network Address Server Settings (DHCP) to comply with your
    desired network settings.
7. Click on Save Settings
8. Click on Administration
9. Change Router Password to telenor (See Fig. 2)
10. Change Re-enter to confirm to telenor
11. Click on Enable Remote Administration
12. Click on Save Settings. You should see Settings are successful....
    Note: When you now log into the Linksys you will need to use the new password of
13. Next you will need to Sign into the Linksys using the new IP address.
14. Verify that the IP and DNS servers are correct.
15. Log into the voice admin pages by using
16. Select Line 1
17. Change the following: (See Fig. 3)
        a. EXT SIP Port: 879402xxxxxxx (use assigned 879 number)
        b. For Proxy: & Outbound Proxy:
                 1.      If your modem has a WaveCall Private IP (10.xx.xx.xx), for most satellite
                   networks, enter,
                      i.     If you are using the GE-23 (172E) or Satmex-5 (116.8W) satellite
                             network; enter,
                     ii.     If you are using the IS-1002 (1W) satellite network; enter,
                    iii.     If you are using the ABS-1 (75E) satellite network; enter,
                 2.      If your modem has a WaveCall Public IP (63.xx.xx.xx), for most
                   satellite networks; enter,
                      i.     If you are using the GE-23 (172E), Satmex-5 (116.8W) or ABS-1
                             (75E) satellite network; enter,
                     ii.     If you are using the IS-1002 (1W) satellite network; enter,
        c. Register: Yes
        d. Register Expires: 60
        e. Proxy Fallback Intvt: 30
        f. Use Outbound Proxy: Yes
        g. Use OB proxy in Dialog: Yes
        h. Make call without Reg: No
        i. Ans Call without Reg: No
        j. Display name: same as EXT SIP Port
        k. Password: telenor
        l. User ID: same as EXT SIP Port
        m. Preferred Codec: G729a
        n. Use Pref Codec Only: Yes
        o. Silence Supp Enable: Yes
18. Click Save settings. You should get a standard saving message and be redirected to the
    main Voice admin Screen. Check to see that all your changes were saved. If not, repeat
    step 17.

Warning: If it continues to not save all the changes, you can try resetting the
Linksys to factory default by holding the reset button on the back for 5 seconds. If this also
does not work, the firmware version of your Linksys Router may be out of date. Visit out
ftp site at and download the procedure How to:
Upgrade the Linksys RT31P2 Firmware.doc.

19. Select Line 2
20. With three exceptions, change all the same settings as step 17. (See Fig. 3). The three
    exceptions being:
    A. SIP Port: 5060 (Same as line 1)
    B. Use the second 879 number assigned to you in the three locations asking for it
        (Step 19 A, I, K)
    C. If line 2 will be used for Fax, the Preferred Codec (Step l.) must be changed to
        G711u and Use Preferred Codec only. (Step m) set to No.
21. Click Save settings. Make sure to check that all your changes have been saved
(Refer to step 18)
22. Go to the tab SIP and change RTP Packet Size from default of 0.030 to 0.040.
(See Fig. 4)

Note: If all phone calls work and fax only works intermittently after you install and test the
Linksys, you can increase the RTP Packet Size in increments of 0.01 until the fax either
starts working or you reach a packet size of 0.15. If the fax is still having problems you may
have a fax incompatibility issue. Some newer & expensive faxes are not lenient enough to
allow FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol).
23. Click on Save settings
24. This should conclude the set-up of your Voice router.
25. Dialing string will be 00 + Country code + Number

Note: If the calls are not working, one of the first things to check is if the lines are
registered with the SIP Gateway. Look under the Info tab on the Voice
Admin page to see if Line 1 and 2 have been registered with the Sip gateway
(See Fig. 5). If they are not registered, wait for five minutes and try again. If they still do
not register, check your settings including password on both line 1 and 2. If all settings are
correct, contact the WaveCall Support Team for assistance.
Phone: 1-203-262-5015 (Worldwide).
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