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									Business IQ - How to Test Yours The IQ test is the common name for Intelligence Quotient. An IQ test is a way to measure the relative intelligence of a person, but the answers derived from an IQ test aren't based on the amount of knowledge a person has. To fully understand how an IQ test works and why it's useful, take a look at some facts (and myths) about IQ tests and testing methods. An IQ test is not like a test that a student would take at the end of a particular class at school. If that were the case, the test would be fairly useless as a method of determining overall intelligence. At the end of a class, students have studied for those particular questions. Those who take an IQ test aren't given a time to prepare for the test. Besides, that would merely be a test of a person's ability to prepare for a test. This Business IQ Test is very simple. If you answer Yes to any question give yourself three points. If you answer No deduct 3 points. If the answer lies somewhere in between then you score zero.                    Does your business have a 1, 3 & 5 year plan? Do you know the level of turnover that would allow you to break even? Do you know what your fixed and variable costs are? Do you know how many leads you should get daily to reach your goals? Do you have a definite plan for generating new leads? Do you know the percentage of leads you convert into customers? Do your employees have a way of measuring their performance? Do you have a training program for your employees? Do you have a training program for new employees? Do you have a rewards program for the performing members of staff? Do you consult all your employees regularly to discuss your plans & values? Do you have a policy for improving the health and safety of your staff? Are your employees aware of your business goals and targets? Do you have a plan for building customer loyalty? Do you assess your competitors regularly? Can you name your top 5 competitors? Do you know your competitors strengths and weaknesses? Does your business have a mission statement? Have you read any decent business books in the last three months?

If you scored over 45 you are on your way to business success. If you scored 30 or more you can improve your business by making a few changes. Finally if you scored less than 25, stop watching mindless TV, sell your business and get a job! Seriously though are you going to let a simple IQ test tell you how to run your business? This was really written to show you the areas where you might be weak and also to stimulate your mind so that new business ideas can be created. For more information, you may visit:

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