Hall of Fame Banquet 2000

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					 Claremont McKenna College
    Harvey Mudd College
       Scripps College

         CMS                E

  Alumni Athletic
Recognition Banquet

     November 11, 2000

   Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum
Bill Arce                              Director of Athletics and Baseball Coach
Nat Baumer, CMC ’71                                                   Basketball
John Blomberg, CMC ’76                                                    Tennis
Donald Brosseau, HMC ’70                                                  Tennis
Joe Busch, CMC ’70                                                    Swimming
Scott Campbell, CMC ’70                              Water Polo and Swimming
Paul Colin, CMC ’64                                                   Basketball
Chris Dabrow, CMC ’88                                      Football and Baseball
John Devereux, CMC ’57                                                  Football
Jim Dewar, HMC ’66                            Cross Country and Track & Field
Bob Ellis, CMC ’64                                                      Football
Steve Endemano, HMC ’71                              Football and Track & Field
Bob Farra, CMC ’80                                                      Football
Bob Gallagher, CMC ’80                        Cross Country and Track & Field
James Hanley, CMC ’84                                                Water Polo
Chip Hardinge, CMC ’67                               Swimming and Water Polo
Bill Harmsen, CMC ’68                                                 Basketball
Tom Harrison, CMC ’86                                                 Swimming
Wolfgang Karl Heim, CMC ’80                                               Soccer
Robyn Hollingshead, Scripps ’89                                           Soccer
Eric Jones, CMC ’71                                                   Swimming
Jeana West Kawamura, Scripps ’81   Cross Country, Track & Field, and Volleyball
Liane Kivela, Scripps ’88                     Cross Country and Track & Field
Bill La Rock, CMC ’64                                Football and Track & Field
Ed Laughton, CMC ’62                          Cross Country and Track & Field
John Lucas, CMC ’74                                                    Wrestling
Bill Mills, CMC ’73                                                     Baseball
Wynnsan Moore, CMC ’76                               Water Polo and Swimming
Wes Parker, CMC ’62                                                     Baseball
Sam Reece, CMC ’74                                                      Football
Frank Sacks                                   Equipment Manager and Trainer
Mike Scott, HMC ’89                           Track & Field and Cross Country
A. J. Shaka, HMC ’80                                                      Tennis
Martha Cobb Shanks, CMC ’84                                            Volleyball
Ernie Smith, CMC ’56                                 Football and Track & Field
Mary Tracey, CMC ’81                          Track & Field and Cross Country
Craig Van Degrift, HMC ’66                                         Track & Field
David Wells, CMC ’72                                    Basketball and Baseball
Pete Welsh, CMC ’50                     Basketball, Football, Tennis, and Track
John Whitham, CMC ’55                                   Football and Basketball
John Zinda                             Director of Athletics and Football Coach
      THE CMS ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS                                                      ANNUAL
                                                                                   ALUMNI ATHLETIC
One of the functions of our Alumni Associations is to celebrate                  RECOGNITION BANQUET
the achievements of our members and to recognize those people
who have helped to achieve the goals of our member institutions.
                                                                    Greeter                                 Mike Sutton, CMC ’76
                                                                                                   CMS Acting Director of Athletics
Thus, every year we honor those who have achieved great things
or whose service to our Colleges and community rises so far
                                                                    Invocation                                 John Goldhammer
above what is expected as to warrant such recognition. An
                                                                                       CMS Cross Country and Track & Field Coach
example of this is the Wall and Hall of Fame Program. We
also recognize those who help our Associations as they perform
                                                                    Master of Ceremonies                                   Bill Arce
their duties, such as chapter presidents, class agents, admission
                                                                                                 CMS Director of Athletics Emeritus
volunteers, donors, etc.

        2000 ALUMNI ATHLETIC
                                                                              WALL OF FAME INDUCTIONS

                                                                    Mike Sutton, CMC ’76             Acting Director of Athletics
            Jodie Burton, CMS Athletics Department                             Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Scripps Colleges
                    Claudia Hess, Scripps ’75
                       Dea Marcano, HMC
             Anne Browning McIntosh, Scripps ’83
                   Robert G. Rogers, CMC ’52
                     Darrell Smith, CMC ’74                         The Alumni Athlete Recognition Wall, otherwise known as the
                                                                    Wall of Fame, honors those athletes who achieved first team
                     Mike Sutton, CMC ’76
                                                                    all-league status, and a 3.0 or better cumulative grade point
                     Elenor Taylor, CMC ’81
                                                                    average upon graduation. There are more than 130 of these
            Kathy Troxel, CMS Athletics Department                  athletes throughout the history of the CMS Athletics Depart-
                   Jerry Van Hecke, HMC ’61                         ment. Alumni scholar athletes from the most recent graduation
                                                                    class are automatically invited back for induction.
                                                                             MICHAEL HAAS
Steve Alves         HMC ’00                 Cross Country               Claremont McKenna College
Sedina Banks        CMC ’00                 Cross Country                     Class of 1979
Brice Calkins       HMC ’00                       Football
Dan Cella           CMC ’00                       Football
                                                             A True Friend to CMS Athletics
Elizabeth Houchin   CMC ’00                       Softball
Kris Jurka          HMC ’00                    Swimming      The “voice” of the Stags and Athenas. Mike has
Leanne Knight       CMC ’00                     Volleyball   announced all Stags football and basketball games
Tiffany Kuraoka     CMC ’00                       Softball   since he was a student at CMC. He currently
                                                             announces football, men’s and women’s basketball,
Catherine Norris    Scripps ’00                Swimming
                                                             volleyball, and an occasional baseball, soccer, or water
Indira Odamtten     Scripps ’00   Soccer and Track & Field   polo contest.
Brandi Page         CMC ’00                 Cross Country
Elisha Peterson     HMC ’00                 Cross Country    Stags basketball administrative assistant since 1980.
                                                             Athenas basketball administrative assistant since 1987.
Kyna Powers         Scripps ’00              Track & Field
                                                             Athenas volleyball administrative assistant since 1996.
Carl Russell        HMC ’00                  Track & Field
Chris Seib          HMC ’00                    Water Polo
Samir Singh         CMC ’00                        Soccer
Shera Teitge        CMC ’00                        Soccer
Steve Uejio         CMC ’00                       Baseball
Andrew Van Orden    CMC ’00                        Soccer
Kristine Zoch       CMC ’00                       Softball
                                                          2000 HALL OF FAME INDUCTIONS
           Claremont McKenna College               Candidates for the CMS Athletic Hall of Fame may be considered for
                 Class of 1986                     selection no sooner than ten years after their graduation. Induction
                   Track & Field                   into the Hall of Fame highlights quality and achievement in a sport,
                                                   not necessarily participation in several sports. Typically, candidates
                                                   received postseason recognition in one or more of the following
                                                   categories: 1) First Team All Conference; 2) All District: NCAA,
NCAA All-American, 100 Meters - 1986               NAIA, or AIAW recognition; 3) All American; 4) record holding at
                                                   an institutional level, conference level, national level, or world record;
NCAA Qualifier in Triple Jump - 1985               5) a national championship in any sport.
NCAA Qualifier in Long Jump, 100 Meters - 1986

CMS MVP - 1984, 1986                                         STEPHEN GOODSON, HMC ’90
Team Captain - 1984, 1985, 1986
                                                                        Presented by Steve Davis
CMS Records:
  100 Meters, 200 Meters, Long Jump, Triple Jump
  Held 12 dual meet records                                          BOB MOORE, CMC ’88
                                                                       Water Polo, Swimming
Lettered in Track & Field - 4 years                              Presented by Brian Silver, CMC ’89

                                                          DIANA THOMAS SCHULZ, CMC ’86
                                                                              Track & Field
                                                                    Presented by John Goldhammer

                                                                  MICHAEL HAAS, CMC ’79
                                                      Presented by Jodie Burton and David Wells, CMC ’72
            STEPHEN GOODSON                                             BOB MOORE
                Harvey Mudd College                               Claremont McKenna College
                   Class of 1990                                        Class of 1988
                        Soccer                                     Water Polo, Swimming

NCAA First Team All-American - 1989                    WATER POLO
NCAA Post Graduate Fellowship Winner
                                                       NCAA Third Team All-American - 1986, 1987
First Team Far-West Region Division III - 1988, 1989   NCAA Honorable Mention All-American - 1985

SCIAC Player of the Year - 1989                        First Team All-Western Water Polo Association - 1985,
                                                         1986, 1987
First Team All-SCIAC 1988, 1989                        Western Water Polo Association MVP - 1985, 1986

Team Captain - 1989                                    SCIAC Player of the Year - 1985, 1986
                                                       First Team All-SCIAC - 1985, 1986, 1987
CMS Records:
  1st in career shut-outs                              CMS MVP - 1985, 1986, 1987
  1st in career fewest goals allowed per game          Team Captain - 1986, 1987
  2nd in most shut-outs in one season
  2nd in fewest goals allowed per game in one season
Lettered in Soccer - 4 years
                                                       NCAA All-American - 1985, 1986, 1988

                                                       First Team All-SCIAC - 1985, 1986, 1988

                                                       SCIAC Champion:
                                                         200 IM - 1986
                                                         100 Back - 1986, 1988

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