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                of Duquesne University
Guitar ProGram                                                                Faculty
                                                                              Ken Karsh, Chair
What you can expect
from us                                                                       Eric Brockschmidt
We, as part of City Music
Center, provide what we
believe to be the highest
quality instruction in all
facets of guitar. We are
active, working professional                                                  city music center of
musicians who understand                                                      Duquesne university
what is required to make                                                      Mary Pappert School of Music
music a livelihood. Our                                                       Pittsburgh, PA 15282-1800
instruction, however serious                                                  (412) 396-5872
and focused, emphasizes                 What we expect from you     
enjoyment of music at all times.        Minimum practice time should
We encourage participation in           be 15-20 minutes daily when first     Sally Worsing, Ph.D
performances and ensembles.             starting out, gradually increas-      Executive Director
The Guitar program at City Music        ing time as one becomes more
Center is deeply committed to           proficient. A minimum ideal
                                                                              Roberta K. Erickson
the idea that playing and studying      practice session for intermediate
                                                                              Business Manager
the guitar should be an enriching       level should be 60 minutes daily
and rewarding experience, musi-         & advanced students and aspir-
cally and personally. Our mission       ing musicians should be 3 hours       city music center at
is to offer the finest instruction in   daily. This does not mean that this   the anna l. Perlow
Contemporary (jazz, folk, rock)         should occur all at once. Breaking    School of music
and Classical guitar in a positive      down the hours into small sessions    of the JCC of Greater Pgh.
and relaxed environment. We, as a       is often a more efficient way to      (412) 396-5872
program, are intent on accomplish-      progress to a higher level on any
ing the following (each point has       instrument.
equal weight).                          In order to progress, one must
• Prepare students who are look-        be committed to the process of
  ing towards making a career in        learning the guitar. We encourage
  the music industry to be able to
  enter a music program on the
                                        (and expect) daily practice and
                                        completion of given assignments.
                                                                              “I am so happy that
  conservatory level.                   We also stress the importance of         this school exists.
• Teach guitar fingerboard              taking musicianship classes and we       What happens at
                                        believe that theory & musicianship
                                        instruction needs application in
                                                                                 City Music Center
• Utilize Theory as applied to the      order to be truly absorbed by the        is extremely
  guitar (contemporary & classical).    student. Therefore, we apply the
                                        knowledge from the musicianship
                                                                                 important and
• Bring “real world” musical
  experience into our teaching          classes to the guitar. Finally, we       everyone in
  studios in a nurturing way.           suggest that students keep a             Pittsburgh should
Our program is open to everyone
                                        practice journal.
                                                                                 know about it.”
regardless of individual abilities or
                                                                                     Mariss Jansons
                                                                                     Former Music Director,
                                                                                     Pittsburgh Symphony

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