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Learn the cases of stetch marks

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									Stretch marks are caused by extreme stretching of the skin, which keeps the skin from returning to its original condition. Pregnant women and obese children get stretch marks on their body relatively easier. Stretch marks are deep scars that appear as stripes on the skin. They are commonly found on the stomach, legs and shoulders. It can appear on the other parts of the body also. Extreme stretching of skin causes tiny skin fibers to tear. There is no remedy to repair the fiber. But there are products available in the market, which will help lightening the stretch marks. Depending upon the severity and location of the stretch marks, exfoliation may be helpful. Overall, the most safe or best approach is go with home remedies for stretch marks. Exfoliating can help removing dead skin and unveil soft, fresh skin thus minimize the appearance of stretch marks. One can use the mixture of oatmeal and milk for exfoliating. Different types of creams and lotions promise to improve the texture of the skin and make stretch mark less noticeable. Certain preparations are meant to use only on newer scars.
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For severe stretch marks, skin peels or laser treatment are necessary. Another option is cosmetic surgery, though it is expensive. But these situations are severe and may not any nature method to help to get rid of the stretch marks

Getting rid of stretch mark is not an overnight process. Taking time to treat the stretch mark is worth it. There are some stretch mark creams available in the market. On regular use of these creams will lighten the stretch mark. Another method is to massage the area with stretch mark three to four times a day with moisturizer. Pregnant women can use olive oil or any other moisturizers for massaging. By doing light massage with olive oil daily during pregnancy, women can women can avoid having stretch mark after delivery. Other natural ways to reduce and get rid of stretch marks are by
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Changing diet, applying homemade creams. Massage the stretch mark with olive oil or cod liver oil. By regular exercises you can reduce the fat so obviously the stretch marks also get reduced Stop drinking tea, coffee because this may cause skin disorders. Another natural way is to apply cocoa butter. Lavender oil also works in clearing stretch marks. You can also use apricot scrub in the area where stretch mark appears.

This is a perfectly natural way to get rid of stretch marks. But if you have obesity stretch marks its better to undergo a laser treatment.

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