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					Everyone deserves to live on their own life. Everyone deserves to choose their own path. After a good movie of “Twilight”, it reminds me of something. The synopsis of this movie runs between two teenagers. Love and adventure is best to describe this movie. Love between a vampire and a mortal, excited or nonsense? Vampires need blood to survive, human blood. Human needs food to survive. This is why mortal and immortal are not designed to be together; this obeys the law of nature. Forbidden love is excited and fun, if your parents are decided to force you and your girlfriend or boyfriend to break up; you will sure go against their way. After the movie, I caught up of something unusual, not like Final Destination, we humans, cannot cheat death when time comes. This is the true law, it’s a circle. Feelings just pop put suddenly, between love, passion and wisdom, what will this young and unnatural couples choose? They made their choice by choosing love. This is where the part becomes more interesting. The circle of life, can we intervene or skip? This is the question mark that has been hung for centuries for men to find out why. Even Einstein could not design a formula to cheat death; he still died when the time comes. This movie tells me about something that cannot be change, but we can make the difference out of it by ourselves. Edward and Bella, two lovers, choose the right path to break the law. Edward was a long live vampire and Bella is just a normal human with emotions and life when Edward steps into her life. What really captivates is about the challenges and life they been through, how Bella fall strictly in love with Edward. His family is all vampires, what really feared Bella is that she never got the chance to stay with Edward forever. Bella, she is willing to give up anything for Edward. Love does really made changes within human and vampires. Vampires and human, two different worlds of people coming to together, try to overcome a lot of people and things. No doubt that vampires and humans cannot come together, Edward and Bella, try to think of it.

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