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									What if my score does not meet the requirements for
admission to College English Transitions?
There are many full-time English-language learning programs available; check your local
community college. Listed below is one option on the University of Minnesota campus that you
may wish to consider.
The U of M offers an Intensive English Language Program. The University of Minnesota also                           be part of
offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes throughout the year. Students who take
English as a Second Language courses at the University of Minnesota have access to the                   something great!
University’s many resources and facilities. Classes are small, and students will receive advising and
support services that are geared to the needs of non-native speakers and international students.
To find out more about the English as a Second Language program, visit:
http://www.cce.umn.edu/esl or contact 612-624-4000 or esl@umn.edu.                                             http://admissions.tc.umn.edu
Minnesota ESL Program
University of Minnesota
College of Continuing Education
101 Wesbrook Hall
77 Pleasant Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455


                                                                                         For more information, contact:

                                                                                         Office of Admissions
                                                                                         University of Minnesota
                                                                                         240 Williamson Hall
                                                                                         231 Pillsbury Drive S.E.
                                                                                         Minneapolis, MN 55455

                                                                                         Phone: 612-625-2008 or 1-800-752-1000
                                                                                         Web site: http://admissions.tc.umn.edu

                            E n g lis h

ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER   What do I have to do to apply                                                 What score do I need to receive
                           to the University of Minnesota?                                               to be considered for admission?
                           Submit a complete application by the priority
                           deadline. A complete application includes:                                              Computer-based   Paper-Based   Internet-based   MELAB
                                                                                                                   TOEFL            TOEFL         TOEFL
                                                                                                 Minimum score     147              467           51               65
                            1. Application forms                                                 to attend the
                                                                                                 U of M
                            2. Official high school transcripts
                                                                                                 Commanding        147-207          467-540       51-79            65-79
                            3. Application fee                                                   English program
                            4. ACT/SAT scores (if applicable)                                    Exempt from ESL   213              550           79               80

                                                                                                         Complete admission requirements and deadline
                           What level of English do I need
                                                                                                         information are available online at
                           at the University of Minnesota?                                               http://admissions.tc.umn.edu. Applications of
                           If English is not your native language and your                               students whose English proficiency scores do not fall
                           ACT English and/or reading scores are 17 or                                   into the ranges above will be reviewed individually.
                           lower (or SAT critical reading score is 420 or
                           lower), and you have been in the United States
                           for fewer than eight years, you may be required to take the   How can I prepare for the MELAB or TOEFL?
                           Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)          Public libraries and book stores have MELAB and TOEFL prepa-
                           or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). We will     ration books. The University of Minnesota Test Prep Center also
                           only request a MELAB or TOEFL score when it is neces-         offers practice tests. Call 612-626-0444 for more information.
                           sary to make an admission decision. Students who need to
                           submit a MELAB or TOEFL score will be notified of this        What is College English Transitions?
                           requirement in writing.                                       The TRiO College English Transitions (CET) program is a
                                                                                         two-semester sequence of courses at the University of Minnesota
                           How do I register for the MELAB or                            offered to freshmen for whom English is not their first language.
                           TOEFL?                                                        Through a curriculum of credit-bearing courses, students work on
                           The MELAB (Michigan English Language Assessment               academic English while taking standard courses (speech, biology,
                           Battery) is offered on the University of Minnesota campus.    freshman composition, literature, etc.) typical of a freshman stu-
                           The standard cost for the exam is $100. Testing is paper-     dent. The program builds support in the way of reading adjunct
                           based and occurs approximately once a month throughout        courses, small class size, special advising, and an instructional staff
                           the year. For more information, visit www.uccs.umn.edu/       with expertise in teaching English as second language learners.
                           education/testing/testingctr.htm or call University
                           Counseling and Consulting Services at 612-626-8648.           To learn more about the College English Transitions program,
                           The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)             contact the TRiO office at 612-625-0772 or trio@umn.edu.
                           is offered at various locations around the world. The
                           cost for the test ranges from $160 to $170. For more
                           information, visit www.ets.org/toefl.

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