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					        May 2010
                                             Ambulatory Care
                                             Residency Program
                                                                 Annual Newsletter

Our Residents
Pictured seated, left to right:
Kassandra Bartelme, Jennifer
Nickell, Jessica Bruns, and
Marissa McCluskey; Middle row:
Allison Close, Jenna Buskohl,
Daniel Aistrope, Heather Maracle,
Kajua Betsy Lor, Sarah Schweiss,
Adele Reichel, and Katharine
Scheidt; back row: Sean Stewart,
Magdi Award, Drew Klinkebiel,
Andrew Bzowyckyj, and Amy Edge
(see bios on page 5-7)

Look Inside                         A Note From the Director
Welcome and Farewell           2    A decade. 10 years. One quarter of the length of the average person’s
                                    professional career. It seems like a long time, and in some sense it is. But
Site Profile: PAHCS          3-4    thinking back to when the College’s Ambulatory Care Residency Program
                                    was formalized and I became the program director, it doesn’t “feel” like a
Meet Our Residents           5-7    long span of time. I do have another frame of reference for this—my oldest
                                    daughter also turned 10 years old recently. What does it say when it feels like
                                    I’ve been a parent longer than I’ve been the Residency Director even though
Future Residents               8
                                    the length of time is the same? I think it means that managing a program
                                    filled with committed, high performing individuals is a lot easier than raising
                                    kids. But residents don’t usually give me gifts of personal art with cute notes
                                    attached, so there is a trade off.

                                    Ten years is a milestone, the kind of timeframe that makes one pause for a
                                    moment to consider what has transpired over that time. That sort of reflection
                                    on the program’s history always first brings to mind pictures of all of the
                                    individuals who have graduated from the program, or have served as teachers
                                    and mentors for our residents. The number of these pictures that float
                                                                                              (continued on page 3)

Welcome Meghann, Farewell Andy!
by Todd Sorensen, Residency Program Director

Back when the residency program got started, administration of the
program was pretty much a one-person show. I was the program’s
recruiter, webmaster, accountant, travel agent, historian and overall
master of odd projects. As the program has grown in size, so too have
its administrative needs, which has resulted in adding support to the
program’s administrative team.

This year, the program has gotten a HUGE boost by adding Meghann
Schmidt as our Program Coordinator. Prior to Meghann, the staffing
commitment to this role was about one-third of an FTE and with her
hiring we’ve been able to increase that to 75%. Meghann joined us
at possibly the wildest time of the year—she started in January, one
day prior to our program application deadline. She immediately found
herself buried in a pile of applications (well, a “virtual” pile since we
use an electronic application process), but made it through managing the
interview process in January and February unscathed. She has been an
outstanding addition to the program. In particular, I appreciate her ability
to take cryptic requests from me and make things turn out perfectly. Her
ability to anticipate things that need to be done even though she’s only
been with us for 4 months has also been remarkable. We are so grateful to
have her working with us!

But with one great gain, we also will experience a great loss this
summer when Andy Traynor leaves the College and his role as the
Assistant Residency Director. He will be joining the faculty at Concordia
University in Milwaukee—one of his new roles will be serving as the
school’s director of residency programs.
                                                                               Pictured above: Meghann
Many people have joked over the years that Andy and I are clones, often         Schmidt and Andy Traynor
referring to Andy as “Mini-Me”—a reference that I must say he has taken
remarkably well over the years! I believe this perception is largely based
on the fact that we share several professional interests; yet, what has allowed us to work so well together is
that we have several skills that are unique and complement each other. When we work on an area of common
interest, we are frequently tackling it from different angles and that has certainly been true of Andy’s work as
the Assistant Director of the residency program. Possibly Andy’s most significant contribution to the program
has been in re-inventing and managing our Residency Learning System, including facilitating our transition to
the ResiTrak online evaluation system. This work relied heavily on his focus and analytical strengths—work
that would have probably been a terrible mess had it been my responsibility. He has also served as a wonderful
advocate for the program at our Duluth campus and a key administrative liaison to several of our sites. We
  know his role will be challenging to fill—a clear sign that he has made unique, and important contributions to
     the program. Thanks Andy—we wish you all the best!

                                      Site Profile: PAHCS
From the Director, continued.         Through this newsletter, we’d like to highlight and recognize
                                      contributions of our affiliated practice sites. For this first edition, we
                                      have chosen to focus on the partner with whom we’ve held the longest
through my mind grows each
                                      relationship – Paynesville Area Health Care System (PAHCS).
year and we will soon have over
75 names on our program alumni        PAHCS represents the
list. A desire to stay connected      “roots” of the Ambulatory
to this group that is growing         Care Residency Program.
not only in size, but also in its     We mark 1999-2000 as the
geographic distribution across        first year of the program
the US is the impetus for this        because that’s when its
annual newsletter. We hope            structure was formalized,
that it becomes something that        however, the impetus
you look forward to receiving         for the program came
each year—a small reminder            from a novel educational
of an important part of your          experience completed
professional development and of       by Laura Odell from
an affiliation you have with the      1995-1997, working with
College of Pharmacy that is a         College of Pharmacy
source of pride.                      faculty members Don
                                      Uden and Tom Larson.
With 10 years under its belt, the     Dr. Odell was a pioneer
residency program is now almost       leaving the city and
a teenager—that’s a thought           moving west (albeit not by covered wagon) to the small community of
that really makes me pause. But       Paynesville (pop. 2250) in search of gold—creating a new role for a
I’m hoping that managing the          pharmacist in PAHCS’s primary care clinics. The success of that work
program during its next decade        paved the way for the establishment of our current program and PAHCS
will be just a little bit easier      has been an important partner ever since, facilitating the residency
than parenting a teenage girl.        experiences of more residents than any other site in our program.
At least I’m not expecting that
the residency program is going        The story of pharmacy services at PAHCS is truly one of innovation
                                      which has resulted in it becoming a model for rural pharmacy practices
to start dating or get its driver’s
                                      locally and nationally. In the late 1990’s, the work of pharmacists
license anytime soon.
                                      at PAHCS was focused on providing clinical services and managing
All the best,                         drug therapy in the primary care clinic—a new role for pharmacists
                                      in almost any ambulatory care setting, but certainly novel for a small
Todd D. Sorensen, Pharm.D.            rural health care organization. Then, in the early 2000’s, a decision was
                                      made to bring the inpatient pharmacy services “in house” (these duties
Associate Professor and Associate     had been managed by the local community pharmacy owner contracted
   Head                               by PAHCS). Todd Lemke was the lead pharmacist at this time and this
Department of Pharmaceutical Care     change triggered a renewal of the way the medication use system was
   and Health Systems                 managed at PAHCS. Dr. Lemke led critical changes in medication safety,
College of Pharmacy
                                      such as developing a medication error reporting system, renovating
University of Minnesota                      pharmacy space to meet contemporary guidelines for sterile product
                                      preparation, implementing automated dispensing technology (Omnicell®)
                                      and upgrading computer systems allowing for remote access to patient
                                      profiles by pharmacists after hours.

PAHCS, continued.                                                             New Residents for
Anyone who believes that pharmacy services in a small rural health            2010-2011
care organization are second rate to that of large urban systems hasn’t
visited Paynesville. In fact, the work of the pharmacy staff at Paynesville   We are excited to introduce
has been recognized nationally by the Health Resources and Services           our newest Ambulatory Care
Administration (HRSA) through the national Patient Safety and Clinical        Residents for 2010 – 2011!
Pharmacy Services Collaborative (PSPC). Paynesville was one of 30
“high performing” organizations in the area of pharmacy services studied         Jennifer Chen (Ohio State)
for the development of the Collaborative’s Change Package, a document             St. Mary’s Duluth Clinics
used by health care teams from around the United States to assist in
advancing pharmacy services in their own organizations. Dr. Lemke has             Jenny Rivera (U of MN)
                                                                                      West Side CHS
served on the national faculty of the PSPC for the past two years.
                                                                                Mary Jo Vierkant (U of MN)
Unfortunately, PAHCS has not been immune to the fiscal realities                      West Side CHS
currently impacting the delivery of health care, and as a result, we will
not have a resident at PAHCS for the 2010-11 year. We do hope this is a           Molly Branaugh (SDSU)
                                                                                        St. Cloud VA
temporary situation, but regardless, we will continue to look to the staff
at PAHCS to provide inspiration for students, residents and practitioners         Amy Engelhart (SDSU)
who wish to understand how high quality pharmacy services can be                      St. Cloud VA
delivered in a small rural community.
                                                                                  Heidi Schultz (U of MN)
                                                                                 Fairview Pharmacy Services
    Residency Graduates from PAHCS                                              Jonica Hazaert (U of MN)
    Name                 Residency Yr     Current Practice Site                Fairview Pharmacy Services,
                                                                              Genetics/Rare Diseases Emphasis
    Laura Odell           1995-1997       Mayo Clinic
    Shara Mihm            1998-1999       Walmart Pharmacy                      Amanda Pasche (Creighton)
    Todd Lemke            1999-2000       Paynesville Area Health Care            Goodrich Pharmacy
    JD Anderson           2000-2001       St. Cloud VAMC                         Jenifer Morgan (U of MN)
    Elizabeth Kadlec      2001-2002       Rice Memorial Hospital                Community-University Health
                                                                                         Care Center
    Jennifer Lamberg      2002-2003       St. Cloud VAMC
    Jana Zeiher           2002-2003       St. Cloud VAMC                         Maggie Wallace (NDSU)
    Kristine Cervin       2003-2004       Rice Memorial Hospital              Pharmaceutical Care Leadership,
    Rebecca Focken        2004-2005       NDSU College of Pharmacy                        Year 1
    Jennifer Mihm         2005-2006       Fairview UMC-Mesabi
                                                                                Alison Knutson (U of MN)
    Bryan Stroyny         2006-2007       Gundersen Lutheran
                                                                              Pharmaceutical Care Leadership,
    Holly Kadrmas         2007-2008       Health Partners
                                                                                          Year 1
    Jenna Buskohl         2009-2010       TBD
                                                                                Kassy Bartelme (U of MN)
                                                                              Pharmaceutical Care Leadership,
                                                                                          Year 2

                                                                               Andrew Bzowyckyj (UCONN)
                                                                              Pharmaceutical Care Leadership,
                                                                                          Year 2

Meet Our Residents, 2009-2010
                  Daniel Aistrope, Pharm.D.                                      Kassandra Bartelme, Pharm.D.
                  Pharmaceutical Care Leadership                                 Pharmaceutical Care Leadership
                  (Year 2)                                                       (Year 1)
                  Site: Open Cities Health Center                                Site: University of Minnesota
                                                                                 Physicians - Broadway Clinic
                   Dan Aistrope is a 2008 graduate
                   from Creighton University School of                           Kassy Bartelme received her Doctor of
                   Pharmacy and Health Professions                               Pharmacy degree from the University
                   where he earned his Pharm.D. He is                            of Minnesota-Twin Cities in May 2009.
now finishing his second year of the Pharmaceutical            As a resident, Kassy is practicing at Broadway Family
Care Leadership program, and spends half of his time           Medicine Clinic and enjoys serving a diverse patient
establishing clinical pharmacy services at Open Cities         population. After completing the two year residency, Kassy
Health Center in St. Paul, and half of his time at the         would like to hold a practice faculty position at a college
College of Pharmacy. After graduation, Dan is seeking          or school of pharmacy where she is able to both care for
a career in academia with a clinical ambulatory practice       patients in an ambulatory care clinic and provide didactic
focused on medication therapy management services.             education to pharmacy students.

Post-Graduation Plans: Assistant Professor, University
of Kansas-City, Columbia Campus                                                  Jessica Bruns, Pharm.D.
                                                                                 Site: St. Cloud VA Medical Center

                  Magdi Awad, Pharm.D.                                            Jessie received her Doctor of Pharmacy
                  Site: Westside Community Health                                 degree from the University of Minnesota-
                  Services                                                        Twin Cities in May 2009. Jessie is
                                                                                  currently a Pharmaceutical Care Resident
                   Magdi Awad is a 2009 graduate from the                         at the VA Medical Center in St. Cloud,
                   University of Minnesota-Duluth                                 Minn. In the future, Jessie hopes to
                   School of Pharmacy. As the current          continue her work in an ambulatory care setting. She intends
                   resident of West Side Community Health      to work to increase community awareness of the benefits of
                   Services, he is looking forward to          lifestyle changes on improving general health & wellness,
participating in the management of chronic conditions.         as well as preventing and improving management of chronic
Magdi’s future plans include adjunct faculty at a college of   diseases.
pharmacy with a clinical ambulatory practice.
Post-Graduation Plans: Assistant Professor, Northern                             Jenna Buskohl, Pharm.D.
Ohio University                                                                  Site: Paynesville Area Healthcare

    The Program will host its first                                               Jenna Buskohl earned her Doctor of
    resident with a genetics and                                                  Pharmacy degree with an emphasis
                                                                                  in leadership from the University of
    rare disease emphasis,                                                        Minnesota-Twin Cities in May 2009.
    2010-2012!                                                                    As the ambulatory care resident at the
                                                               Paynesville Area Health Care System, Jenna is able to
    For more information, go to                                experience a wide range of clinical pharmacy services                     unique to a critical access hospital. After her residency,
                                                               Jenna plans to pursue a pharmacy career in a rural
                                                               community where she can provide clinical pharmacy
    home.html                                                  services and promote healthy lifestyle choices.

                 Andrew Bzowyckyj, Pharm.D.                                     Drew Klinkebiel, Pharm.D.
                 Pharmaceutical Care Leadership                                 Pharmaceutical Care leadership
                 (Year 1)                                                       (Year 2)
                 Site: University of Minnesota                                  Site: Boynton Health Services
                 Physicians - Smiley’s Clinic
                                                                                 Drew Klinkebiel earned his Doctor
                   Andrew Bzowyckyj graduated with                               of Pharmacy from the University
                   his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the                        of Nebraska Medical Center in May
                   University of Connecticut in 2009.                            of 2008. Drew is currently a second year
Andrew is currently in the first year of the Pharmaceutical   Pharmaceutical Care Leadership Resident who divides his
Care Leadership program working at Smiley’s Clinic in         time between Boynton Health Services and the University
Minneapolis for half of the week as well as working with      of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. After completion
the University of Minnesota - College of Pharmacy for the     of his residency, Drew hopes to continue to provide
second half of the week. After completing his residency,      pharmaceutical care within the ambulatory care setting and
Andrew plans to pursue a career in academia while             maintain ties with a College of Pharmacy to assist with the
providing pharmacy services at an ambulatory care practice    education of future pharmacists.
                                                              Post-Graduation Plans: Clinical Pharmacist, Siouxland
                                                              Community Health Center, Sioux City, Iowa
                 Allison Close, Pharm.D.
                 Site: Goodrich Pharmacies
                                                                                Kajua Betsy Lor, Pharm.D.
                 Allison Close graduated from the                               Site: Westside Community Health
                 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities                            Services
                 in May 2009. Allison is currently a
                 resident at Goodrich Pharmacy. In the                          Kajua Betsy Lor earned her Doctor
                 future she would like to continue                              of Pharmacy degree from the University
                 working as a clinical pharmacist in an                         of Wisconsin – Madison in 2009.
ambulatory care setting.                                                        As the pharmaceutical care resident at
                                                                                Eastside Family Clinic, Kajua utilizes her
Post-Graduation Plans: Manager, Target Pharmacy,              Spanish and Hmong language skills to provide medication
Owatonna, Minn.                                               therapy management and anticoagulation services to an
                                                              under-served, diverse population. After completing her
                                                              residency, Kajua will pursue a career in academia with a
                 Amy Edge, Pharm.D.                           clinical ambulatory care practice at an international clinic
                 Site: St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center         in the Twin-Cities, Minnesota area. Additionally, she hopes
                                                              to educate healthcare professionals on Hmong herbal
                   Amy Edge earned her Doctor of              medicine, culture and health beliefs.
                   Pharmacy degree from the University
                   of Minnesota in 2009. Amy is located
                   at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in
                   Wabasha, Minn. as a first year
                   ambulatory care resident. Amy will be
                                                                  Goodrich Pharmacy was
working on expanding the MTM Program throughout the               highlighted in the March 2010
next year. She is excited to complete her residency and
plans to seek a pharmacy career in a rural community              issue of Pharmacy Today!
where she hopes to develop or expand upon MTM services.
                                                                  For more information, go to
Post-Graduation Plans: MTM Pharmacist, Coborns,
Glencoe, Minn.                                          

                  Heather Maracle, Pharm.D.                                       Sean Stewart, Pharm.D.
                  Site: Fairview Pharmacy Services                                Site: St. Mary’s Duluth Clinic

                   Heather Maracle received her Doctor                              Sean Stewart earned his Doctor of
                   of Pharmacy degree from the                                      Pharmacy degree from the University
                   University of Minnesota in May 2009.                             of Minnesota in 2009. Sean is a
                   As the Medication Therapy Management                             pharmaceutical care resident at St.
                   Resident for Fairview Pharmacy                                   Mary’s Duluth Clinic, providing
                   Services, Heather is able to be involved                         medication therapy management services
in many exciting opportunities. In the future, Heather hopes    to patients in the department of internal medicine, and
to continue to practice pharmaceutical care within the          working with a great team of physicians, nurses, and
ambulatory care setting, with a focus on Native American        assistants to help manage their chronic conditions. Sean
patients.                                                       is excited about his year of residency, and plans to seek a
                                                                career in academia with a clinical ambulatory care practice
                                                                following his residency training.
                  Jennifer Nickell, Pharm.D.
                  Site: St. Cloud VA Medical Center
                                                                                  Katharine Scheidt, Pharm.D.
                   Jenny Archer earned her Doctor of                              Site: Kanabec Hospital
                   Pharmacy degree from the University of
                   Minnesota-Duluth in May 2009. Jenny                            Katharine earned her Doctor of Pharmacy
                   is currently one of the residents at the                       degree from Drake University in May
                   VA Medical Center in St. Cloud, Minn.,                         of 2009. Katharine is a pharmaceutical
                   working directly with Veterans in                              care resident at the Kanabec Hospital
the outpatient clinics, and is involved with therapeutic                          in Mora, Minn. Her specific interests
decision-making surrounding their care. In the future, she                        include serving the mental health
hopes to continue in an ambulatory care setting as a clinical   population and incorporating complementary and
pharmacist.                                                     alternative medicine into mainstream healthcare.

                  Adele Reichel, Pharm.D                                          Sarah Schweiss, Pharm.D.
                  Site: Community-University Health                               Site: SuperiorHealth Center
                  Care Center
                                                                                  Sarah Schweiss earned her Doctor of
                   Adele Reichel earned her Doctor of                             Pharmacy degree from the University
                   Pharmacy degree with a leadership                              of Minnesota in 2009. Sarah is currently
                   emphasis from the University of                                completing an ambulatory care residency,
                   Minnesota in May 2009. Currently,                              and spends time at both SuperiorHealth
                   Adele is completing a residency at                             Center and the College of Pharmacy
Community University Health Care Center (CUHCC)                 in Duluth. Upon completion of the residency program,
Clinic in Minneapolis. Following this program, Adele            Sarah plans to seek a career in academia with a clinical
plans to seek a career combining ambulatory care practice,      ambulatory practice.
teaching, and research, while continuing to work with
underserved communities.

Residents & Sites - Through the Years

                                        Rural Emphasis

Tyler Health Care Center
April R. Hanson            2004-2005   Sanford Sheldon Hospital                  Sheldon, IA

St. Elizabeth Medical Center
Bob Rouzitalab             2008-2009   University of Colorado                    Denver, CO

Dawson Clinic
Evert Oleson               2008-2009   Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center    Marshall, MN

                                  Community Clinic Emphasis

Melissa Reichert-Atwood    1998-2000   Minneapolis VA Medical Center             Minneapolis, MN
Jim Polucha                1998-2000   Medicine Chest Pharmacy and Camera        White Bear Lake, MN

SuperiorHealth Center
Keri Hager Naglosky        2006-2007   University of Minnesota                   Duluth, MN
Danielle MacDonald         2007-2008   SuperiorHealth Center                     Superior, WI

Fairview Pharmacy Services
Laura Keller              1998-1999    PHARM*assist Services PLLC                Hastings, MN
Kelly Schweim             2005-2006    Fairview Pharmacy Services                Minneapolis, MN
Allyson Schlichte         2006-2007    Fairview Pharmacy Services                Minneapolis, MN
Mark Malak                2008-2009    Ontario Pharmacists Association           Toronto, Ontario

St. Cloud VAMC
Stephanie Cone             2005-2006   VA Medical Center                         St. Cloud, MN
DeAnne Trenda              2006-2007   White Earth Clinic                        Ogema, MN
Melissa Bell (Lamoreaux)   2007-2008   VA Medical Center                         St. Cloud, MN
Yuen (Jaclynn) Chin        2007-2008   Sioux Falls VAMC & SDSU                   Sioux Falls SD
Andrew Beckman             2008-2009   Cash Wise Pharmacy                        St. Cloud, MN
Alissa Theis               2008-2009   VA Medical Center                         St. Cloud, MN

Open Cities Health Center
Katie Kelley              2001-2002    PrairieStone Pharmacy                     Minneapolis, MN
May Xia Lo                2002-2003    West Side CHS                             Woodbury, MN

Southside Community Health Services
Kathy Oh                 2001-2002     Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services   Baltimore, MD

Mayo Clinic Pharmacy
Sherry Welliver (Thell)         2002-2003    Express Scripts                             Minneapolis, MN

West Side CHS
Deanna Gengler                  2002-2003    West Side CHS                               St. Paul, MN
Paul Cihunka                    2003-2004    Unknown                                     Sanger, CA
Krissa Klotzle (Skoglund)       2004-2005    Health Partners                             Bloomington, MN
Konping Khang                   2005-2006    Unknown                                     Unknown
Aimee Husom                     2006-2007    BioScrip                                    Minneapolis, MN
Anna Jarombek                   2007-2008    HCMC                                        Minneapolis, MN
Anna Pedersen                   2008-2009    West Side CHS                               St. Paul, MN
Pajnhiag Nengchu                2008-2009    ER Pharmacist                               Hawaii

Smiley’s Clinic
Stacy Seber (Olson)             2005-2006    Goodrich Pharmacy                           Anoka, MN

Goodrich Pharmacy
Kati Dvorak (Ovik)              2008-2009    Thrifty White Pharmacy (Sandstone),     Pine City, MN
                                             Kanabec Hospital & Gateway Clinic (Moose Lake)

Community-University Health Care Center
Eric Hung                2008-2009    Cedar Riverside People’s Center                    Minneapolis, MN

St. Mary’s Duluth Clinics
Audrey Imberg                   2008-2009    St. Mary’s Duluth Clinics                   Duluth, MN

Priya Bardal (Mehta)            2001-2002    Medication Management Systems, Inc.         Plymouth, MN
Aaliya Khan                     2002-2003    University of Maryland Medical Center       Baltimore, MD
Ericka Robey                    2004-2005    Walmart Pharmacy                            Owatonna, MN

                                            Leadership Emphasis

Heather Bislew (Lindeman)       1999-2001    Freelance Work                              Mankato, MN
Dan Rehrauer                    2000-2002    HealthPartners                              Bloomington, MN
Sarah Westberg (Biebighauser)   2001-2003    University of Minnesota                     Minneapolis, MN
Leslie Helou                    2002-2004    Upsher-Smith                                Plymouth, MN
Jean Moon (Huh)                 2003-2005    University of Minnesota                     Minneapolis, MN
Kelly Ruby (Craft)              2003-2005    North Point Health & Wellness Center        Minneapolis, MN
Andrew Traynor                  2004-2005    Concordia University                        Mequon, WI
Karen Gallus (Kottschade)       2005-2007    CVS Caremark                                Phoenix, AZ
Casey Gallimore                 2005-2007    University of Wisconsin                     Madison, WI
Shannon Reidt                   2006-2007    University of Minnesota                     Minneapolis, MN
Vibhuti Arya                    2006-2008    St. John’s University                       Collegeville, MN
Janice Freuh                    2007-2009    Southern Illinois Edwardsville University   Edwardsville, IL

     Visit our Web site to learn more about our residency learning                 719 Visits
     system, sites, and resident successes. Notice the site activity for
     December 2009, a key application time for the Residency Program.           3,916 Pageviews

A Gift that Keeps Giving
In 2008, the residency program was      of therapeutic class monographs       In addition to funds received from
fortunate to be able to establish the   that are included within a web-       the PSSC contract, we would like
Residency Program Endowment             based formulary management            to acknowledge Upsher-Smith
Fund. Funds from this endowment         tool for safety net health care       Laboratories, which has provided
are earmarked for supporting            providers across the US. We have      generous gifts to this endowment
community building activities of        been able to renew the contract       fund. We have also received gifts
the program and ensuring that we        with the PSSC annually, providing     from individuals as well – thank
can continue to offer distinctive       additional funds and allowing the     you to those who have contributed!
experiences to our residents. In        endowment to grow. This unique
the past funds have been used to        opportunity has provided a            The balance of the endowment
host welcoming events for new           “win-win” for the program.            is nearly $40,000 and our goal is
residents at orientation, alumni        Writing and managing the 31           to grow the fund to $100,000 by
dinners at national professional        therapeutic class monographs          2015. This is called a “stretch
meetings as well as the 10 Year         provides an excellent learning        goal,” but with creativity and
Anniversary and Program Reunion         experience for our residents and      dedicated alumni and friends, I
Banquet. As the endowment grows         the funds received have provided      think we can achieve it!
(and thus generates more interest),     the initial “gift” required to        For those wishing to make
we will also be able to use funds       establish a foundation account that   personal, tax-deductible gifts
to support innovations in the           will provide a special source of      to the endowment, you can do
residency learning experiences we       funding for many years to come.       so by clicking on the “Make a
offer.                                  We will always owe gratitude          Gift to Pharmacy” button on the
                                        to the Residency Class of 2008        College of Pharmacy’s homepage
The fund was initially established      which did fantastic work writing      ( To
via a contract with the Pharmacy        the initial reviews from scratch (a   ensure that you gift is directed
Services Support Center (PSSC)          MUCH bigger job than the current      to the residency program, in the
of the American Pharmacists             work of keeping them up-to-date).     “Special Instructions” box, simply
Association. The PSSC contracted        They played a critical role in        type “Please Direct to Residency
with our program to write a series      making this endowment a reality!      Program Enhancement Fund.”

Ambulatory Care Residency Program       Meghann Schmidt
College of Pharmacy                     Residency Program Coordinator
University of Minnesota                 Phone 612-626-3373
308 Harvard Street SE                   Fax 612-624-2974
Minneapolis, MN 55455         

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