GILES HIGH SCHOOL by xiangpeng


									    December 2008             GILES HIGH SCHOOL        Volume Two

Spartonian Staff                                  Spartonian Staff
Chelsea Cole                                      JJ Kirkner
Oliva Humphreys                                   Katelyn Osborne
        back cover                                         editor and art work
Gelsina Ceritano                                  Kelsey Frazier
        news release editor                                front cover
Harmony Tripp                                     Mr. Michael Etzler
                                                           faculty advisor
                                                                       Giles High School Marching Band
                                                                                         by Katelyn Osborne
                                                                      This past year Giles High School’s own Marching Band has competed in
                                                                 three competitions this marching season. They competed at James Monroe High
                                                                 School, George Wythe High School, and Raleigh County Marching Festivals.
                                                                 Out of all three competitions the Giles Marching Band received the three highest
                                                                 scores ever this year. Also in addition to their highest scores, they ended with an
                                                                 88.2 and received second
                                                                 place runner up grand
                                                                 champion trophy out of
                                                                 twelve bands in the
                                                                 Raleigh County Marching
  Band playing during the last pep rally of the
                                                                 Festivals.           While
  year.                                 Photo by Katelyn Osborne
                                                                 competing in competitions
                                                                 the band has been busy
this year performing at the Homecoming Parade, Red Devil Reunion Game, five
home football games, two away games, and one playoff. But Marching season
isn’t officially over until the band has performed in two Christmas Parades. As
they say the show must go on the road and band has now started their
Symphonic Band season. In addition to Symphonic Band starting up so has the
Jazz Band. They too have begun practicing two times a week. This year
Symphonic Band and Jazz Band will be putting on a Christmas Concert. They
both will perform for kindergarten through third grade at Macy and Eastern
Elementary Schools on December 11th. Then Symphonic and Jazz Band will                           Will Mosses and Alex Lane drop a beat on the
make their debut to the community on December 18th at 7:00pm and to Giles                        drums during the performance at the pep rally.
High School on December 19th. Way to go band on your three past competitions
and hard work and dedication into making this season a great blow out!

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    Where Should GHS Money Go Towards?
                             by Katelyn Osborne
     Lately GHS has updated on it’s technology with a new LCD screen TV in
the lobby that shows information on slides, and new elmos and smartboards in
the class room to better enhance the teaching and learning process. Now it has
been decided whether or not to replace the old bleachers to new updated and
safer ones. While these new improvements are very helpful and do update the
school, a poll was taken to get the student body’s view on what they think about
these new improvements. The students were also asked about what they thought
could better enhance their learning environment.
     When a majority of the students were asked if they thought the LCD TV
was an improvement over the other the old TV, 17 students out of 33 said they
                                            thought it was not needed for
                                            improvement, but Junior Blair              A picture of the new flat screen TV in the
                                            McGee was one of the students who          lobby that displays student information.
                                                                                       Photo by Katelyn Osborne
                                            thought it was an improvement and
                                            said, “It’s newer and more complex!” They were also asked if Giles needed a new set of
                                            bleachers and 22 students out of 33 agreed that we do need new bleachers. Senior Reid
                                            Ballard commented that the visitor side is looking junkie and probably dangerous and the
                                            home side should be updated as well. When the students were asked if they thought if the
                                            new smart boards and elmos benefited classroom instruction, 23 students agreed and 9
                                            students disagreed. Lastly the students were asked what the school could invest in to better
                                            enhance their learning ability in school and other areas to make school more fun and
                                            enjoyable. Some students suggested newer textbooks, computers, and desks, while others
                                            suggested better lunches and more clubs. Over all the survey showed that the school’s
    Another picture of the newly            investment in their new technology does benefit teaching in the classrooms because
    added smart boards in various           students thought that it was a great way to learn in a more hands-on experience. Also the
    rooms around the school.                students show their concern and interest in bettering their education.

                             ATLAS Project
                               By Katelyn Osborne

     The Atlas project is a particle physics experiment that has been
conducted at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The project will detect the
collisions of protons with high energy as well as what forces created the
universe. The particles will collide in opposite directions in the Large Hadron
Collider (LHC) in the center of Atlas. In theory the LHC is basically a big
                                                          bang machine. In
                                                          addition to learning
                                                          this, the project is
                                                          also able to detect the
                                                          origin of mass, extra
                                                          dimensions,      black      This is what the inside of the atlas detector looks
                                                          holes,     and    dark      like.              Information and images from
                                                          matter. Scientist are
                                                          overly filled with excitement; in being able to rewrite children’s textbooks
                                                          because the experiment could possiby change our knowledge of energy and
                                                          matter as we know. Atlas has become one of the biggest collaboration
                                                          experiment ever attempted in physical science. The project brings together 37
                                                          countries with over 2500 scientist and over 700 hundred students as well. The
                                                          experiment first test run started on September 10, 2008 to debug and set up
                                                          the detector; therefore, the project shut down in October of 2008 to spring of
  The collaborators from the Atlas experiment are         2009 due to a large helium leak in the tunnel and for winter shutdown. The
                                                          project has been rescheduled to resume in the spring of 2009. The recorded
  pictured in one of CERN’s new buildings.
                                                          data will be on 100,000 CDs per second but only a fraction of the data is
                                                          actually documented.

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            Is the End Really Near?
                                By Kelsey Frazier
    Some people say that the Mayan calendar stops at the end of December 21,
2012, churning up all sorts of religious, scientific, astrological and historic
reasons why this calendar foretells the end of life as we know it. Many people
                               seem to think some of the extreme possibilities
                               will occur to end human life on this date. Some
                               believe global warming will increase;
                                      earthquakes, drought, famine, wars, social
                                      collapse, even killer solar flares will enter
                                      the earth in 2012. Planet X is another
                                      extreme possibility. Planet X was spotted
                                      by astronomers in the early 1980's in the
                                      outermost reaches of the Solar System. It
                                      is said that the Planet X is speeding right towards us and
                                      is to enter the inner solar system in 2012.
                                           Two years ago, Patrick Geryl, then 51, quit his
                                      job as a laboratory worker for a French oil
                                      company. He’d saved up just enough money to last
                                      him until December 2012. He has been preparing
                               for the world to end for two years and says it’s going to
                               be survival of the fittest. He has composed fifty seven
                                  pages of things he will need on “Doomsday”. The list
                                  consists of things like wheel barrows, huge amounts of
                                  water, batteries, canned food and other necessities.
                                  Patrick also found a survival group which shares his
                                  belief and consists of other men and
                                  woman who have been preparing for the
                                  2012 event. If you are someone who
                                  believes this hype I suggest lots of water
                                  and flash lights. If you are someone who
                                  does not know and just hasn’t really paid
                                  much attention to 2012 here are some
                                  examples on why this hype may not

                                                    The astronomer Philip
                                                    Plait has stated very
                                                   clearly that the Mayan
                                                   calendar does not end in
                                                   2012 at all. It is like the
                                                   odometer on your car, as
                                                   each section of the odometer
                                                   reaches 9 and then clicks
                                                   over to 0, the next number
                                                   to it starts a new cycle. So
                                                   when all the numbers again
                                                   reach 0 all the way across
                                                   the odometer, the last
                                                   number will change from 1
         to 2 and the new cycle starts all over again
         There have been reports of more than 500 dates when the world was
         going to “end”. Y2K being one of the largest hype.
         The Bible says we will not know the date or the year of Doomsday.

     In conclusion, the date 2012 is just a belief that the world will end. And just like every other belief there are counter beliefs.
Although, the date 2012 is the first “end of the world” that has an actual religion, scientific study, and belief that states the same date.
2012 will be the Doomsday and opening day of a new way of life. It’s up to you to decide if you believe it. 2012 is the biggest thing
on the internet today. Just type it on Google and see the billions of pop ups.

                                                    Meat Fest 2008 Review
                                                                  by JJ Kirkner

                                                Meat Fest 08’ was a great success! The outcome of this
                                           show seems to prove that teens and adults can be respectful
                                           and responsible when needed too. The show was originally
                                           supposed to start at 1pm and end by 10pm, although the show
                                           was delayed a few hours till about 2:30 or 3pm, because some
                                           of the bands arrived later than expected even though the show got set back a few of hours it
                                           went off pretty good. Something that was a little disappointing to the bands and myself is
                                           that a portion of the audience didn’t start showing up until about 4 or 5pm. The bands to
                                           play were the Most Ill, Black Damp, Diggity Dave, The Reasons were Legion, Beards and
                                           Bats, A Society Red, Half Sane, and The Misled. They originally had ten bands booked to
                                           play but The Makeout and The Buried unfortunately could not make it to the show. Due to
                                           two of the bands not making it down, the price of admission went to $5 instead of $7 per
                                           person. A lot of people were surprised at the outcome of the show. Pretty much everyone at
                                           the show was respecting the rules appointed and most important of all no policemen were
                                           called about the noise of the bands/people or for any other reason. The way I look at it,
                                           there will be more Meat
                                           Fests to come, if people
                                           and fellow bands that
                                           come to the show refrain
                                           from goofing off. But
    Meatball (Matthew Conley) Host         over all I think the
        and vocalist in Half Sane          audience and the bands
                                           behavior was good, and I
give thanks to the people who attended the show for being so
respectful and responsible, and I also give thanks to all of the bands
for driving down here to play for us.

                                                                 BarlowGirl Home For Christmas
                                                                                 by Olivia Humphreys
                                                      BarlowGirl captures the spirit of the season in its first holiday project, Home for
                                                 Christmas. The Christian girl rock band consisting of sisters Rebecca, Alyssa, and
                                                 Lauren Barlow had a desire to make a holiday album that their preteen and teen fans,
                                                 as well as their grandparents would enjoy. With the exception of a rock arrangement
                                                 of “O Holy Night,” which was recorded and released a few years ago, the ladies of
                                                 BarlowGirl laid aside their rock roots and took a fresh, yet traditional approach to
                                                 this album. The result was a timeless collection of renditions of well known
                                                 Christmas songs with a few new additions. Among the 11 tracks are “What Child is
                                                 This?”, “Go Tell it on the Mountain”, “Carol of the Bells”, “Have Yourself a Merry
                                                 Little Christmas”, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, “Oh Come, Oh
                                                 Come, Emmanuel”, and “Angelic Proclamation (O Come All Ye Faithful/Angels We
                                                 Have Heard On High/ Hark! The Herald Angels Sing)”. Along with these classics
                                                 are two new songs; “Panis Angelicus” is a beautiful Latin operatic tune that Alyssa
                                                 sings lead for. BarlowGirl also included “Hallelujah (Light has Come),” which the
                                                 band wrote after reading Luke 1. “We were trying to get the perspective of Mary’s
                                                 being both the mother of Jesus but also that He came to die for her, to be her
Savior,” Becca says. “Reading out of Luke, we were thinking, What did Mary feel during this time? The song is kind of a lullaby to
her son. I’m really excited about it.”
     BarlowGirl released their first album, BarlowGirl, in 2004, followed by Another Journal Entry and How Can We Be Silent in
2005 and 2007. Among their singles are “Never Alone”, “Mirror”, “I Need You to Love Me”, “Grey”, and “I Believe in Love”. These
singles have earned them many Gospel Music Association (GMA) and Dove Award nominations. “Never Alone” also was the longest
running #1 song in 2004 on Christian Hit Radio (CHR) and Christian Rock charts and was the "Song of the Year" on both charts.

                                                 Stars, Stars and More Stars!
                                                               By Kelsey Frazier.

                                              What is a star? There are several definitions of a star. A
 Magic Star                                   Star is a ball of mostly hydrogen and helium gas that
                                              shines extremely brightly. A star can signify star
                                              quality, doing well at something or being the best.
                                              However you see a star, it signifies something of value.
                           Celebrities are viewed as stars. A shooting star represents life and how
                           fast it can be, live it to the fullest. Some believe it’s a chance to make a
                           wish while others just believe they are there to fill the sky at night. You
                           have awards that present star like qualities, like being the head football
                           player or being a star performer. Nevertheless, stars are viewed as an
                           optimistic image.
                                                                           Patrick the
                                                                           star fish from
                                                                           TV comedy
                                                                           Sponge Bob.

                                              Star of David
                                                                                                           STAR Basketball Player
                                                                                                           Dewayne Wade

                                                      What Does the Peace Sign Really Mean?
                                                                  by Gelsina Ceritano

                                                          The peace symbol is becoming more
                                                      and more popular throughout our
                                                      generation. The new fashion seems to be all
                                                      about “peace” and the hope for a better
                                                      environment, but when did this symbol
                                                      become so popular? Do not let the peace
                                                      sign just be a piece of fashion; it’s not just a
                                                      simple circle with a few lines. The symbol is
    The peace sign was used as a cry for           one of the most widely known
    freedom during the civil rights rally.         signs in the world. Invented in
                                Images by google.  1958, Gerald Holtom, a
                                                   professional designer, created
the peace sign for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War (DAC).
British advocates that formed the campaign for nuclear disarmament used
Holtom’s invention as a badge for peace. Holtom invented this symbol by the
request of Lord Bertrand Russel, head of the British campaign for nuclear
disarmament. The “fork” in the middle of the circle spells out N and D, which
stands for nuclear disarmament. The peace sign made its way over to the United
States as a button in the 1960’s. The symbol was adopted from a friend of Martin
Luther King Jr., and was used during the civil rights marches. There are still         The peace symbol incorporates the letters
people who argue that the symbolism of the peace sign correlates with the “anti-       N(uclear) and D(isarmament).
Christ” because of the upside down cross with broken arms. Please be aware that
the peace sign is completely harmless and the future of the sign is just as important as it’s history. So the next time you are wearing
the well-known symbol of peace be sure to realize the true meaning.

                                                         by Harmony Tripp

                                                                  Crowds gathered in anticipation as the results of the polls rolled in
                                                             on November 4th. The country has spoken and the new President Elect
                                                             is Democrat Barack Obama!!! The news came as quite a shock to the
                                                             Republican citizens of America, and while McCain politely accepted
                                                             defeat, his crowds were a lot less agreeable. The crowds booed and
                                                             shouted at the mention of Obama’s name, but eventually accepted the
                                                             outcome of the 2008 election. Since the election, several horrible acts
                                                             of vandalism and outrage have popped up across the country, speaking
                                                             out against the new President Elect. Although there is some
                                                             disagreement towards Barack Obama and his new found title, there
                                                             have been no “serious” acts of hatred that have physically hurt Obama
                                                             or his family, which is always a concern for any President or President
                                                             Elect of the United States. December has crept up and with the coming
                                                             of Christmas; there has also been a coming of change. Barack Obama
                                                             has started to choose his cabinet. He is choosing many of the same
                                                             members that were once a part of Clinton’s cabinet, and some feel that
                                                             his reign will be the same as the “run of the mill” leaders of the past.
                                                             Then there are those who are aware of the variety of people who
                                                             Barack is choosing for his cabinet. By choosing cabinet members from
                                                             various parties, Obama is getting an amazing collection of people so
                                                             that he can have numerous ideas and brilliant people to help him run
                                                             the country. Throughout the election Obama’s slogans have, in some
  Sources from                           way, focused on change. When Obama is inaugurated in January there
                                                             are several prominent matters that he wishes to deal with. What are
some of the changes you will see when Barack Obama takes office? Well, he plans to make health insurance work for people and
businesses, not just insurance and drug companies. Obama plans to reduce costs and save a typical American family up to $2,500.
Barack also hopes to help create five million new jobs by investing $150 billion over the next ten years to catalyze private efforts to
build a clean energy future, and within ten years he plans to save more oil than we currently import from the Middle East and
Venezuela combined. He also intends to put one million plug-In hybrid cars, cars that can get up to 150 miles per gallon, on the road
by 2015, cars that we will work to make sure that they are built here in America, which also adds many new jobs to the American
workforce. In addition to these other great changes he hopes to ensure that ten percent of our electricity comes from renewable
sources by 2012, and twenty-five percent by 2025. Obama wants to implement an economy-wide cap-and-trade program to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions eighty percent by 2050. In the past, there have been leaders who have promised many changes with hardly
any follow-through. But in this time and age it is entirely possible for there to be such incredible change, especially under the
leadership of Barack Obama. It’s time that the nation
realizes that there will be change…and this time it will be
“Change we can believe in”.

                       Stressful Jobs                    by JJ Kirkner
     Before you start thinking about getting a job, you should realize that jobs around the
world are becoming more and more stressful. No matter who you are or what your age is
every job you take no matter how big or small, will make you stressed out once in a
while. Whether or not you're dealing with an endless line of customers, a demanding
executive or an uncertain economy, anxiety will find you. It's just part of life. True, a lot
of things can make you stressed about your job, some of the issues are: long hours with
few or no breaks, employees unable to participate in the decision-making process, job
insecurity, large amounts of impending change, and physical danger. Some jobs have
more stress than others. That's not to say they're not good jobs, they just require people             Information from and from
with strong nerves to handle the increased stress that comes heading their way.                                  Photo from
     Here are six of the top most stressful jobs: 1. Retail salespersons-Why: Jobs in sales
require you to convince customers to spend money. Customers don't
                               necessarily want to spend money and                                                                State Farm
                               even if they do, they have a variety of                        Providing Insurance and Financial Services
                               places to shop. Salespeople have to                             Home Office, Bloomington, Illinois 61710
                               prove their merchandise is the best
                               option. 2. Doctors and Nurses-Why:                               Chris Turman
                               Doctors and nurses deal with life and                             Agent
                               death on a regular basis, a pressure
                               found in few occupations. They have          1500 N Main Street
                               to handle patients while accessing an        Blacksburg, VA 24060
                               encyclopedia of medical knowledge.           Off.: (540) 953-2300
                               3.    Accountants-Why:        Crunching      Fax: (540) 953-2441
                               numbers requires attention to detail

that can make your eyes cross. Not only are you dealing with a
client's finances, but you also have to take into account volumes of
rules and regulations that change each year. Plus, you're expected to
know about minute loopholes and read tiny print that nobody else
does. 4. Teachers- Why: Elementary and high school teachers put up
with a lot. Students aren't always easy to control or motivate. Parents
who can't understand why their children aren't doing better often
place the blame with teachers. And pressure to prepare students for
standardized tests mean they can't always stick to the lesson plans
they'd prefer to teach. 5. Firefighters Why: When firefighters are on
call, they've got to be ready to respond to emergencies that range
from minor car accidents to huge explosions. They might go an
entire shift with no emergency or they might get a call that keeps
them out for hours. Perhaps most
importantly, they're playing with fire

                                                         M. Martin Trucking Inc.
literally. That's stressful enough. 6.
Farmers-Why:         Agriculture    requires
constant attention, from waking up early
to strenuous physical activity. That alone
isn't stressful, but having no control over
nature is. Droughts, floods, fires or other
natural disasters can ruin months of hard
work, and you can't do much about it. It is
clear jobs are stressful and hard to find,
and if you have a stressful job or you are
having a hard time finding a job, here are
some tips to remember 1. Be brave 2. Be
prepared 3. Be polite
4. Be                                                                   128 Lightfoot Run
5. Be
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                                                        To: GHS
                                                        From: Coach Frazier
                                                        Wish: My Christmas wish is for
                                                        everyone here to realize how good a
                                                        school we have.

                                                    To: Leigh Kauffelt
                                                    From: Josh Stump
                                                    Wish: Have a great Christmas, I Love
                                                                    To: Everyone
                                                                    From: Katelyn O.
                                                                    Wish: Row Row Fight the powa, Do the
                                                                    impossible, see the invisible, touch the
                                                                    untouchable, break the unbreakable!!

                                                                           To: Dalton Seymour
                                                                           From: Lindsey Seymour
                                                                           Wish: Hope we have a good
                                                                           Christmas. I Love you Dalty!! =)

                               To: Pj Merrix
                               From: Kaley Duchon
                               Wish: I wish you a Merry Christmas

                               To: Kaley Shae Duchon
 To: Mykala Ingram             From: Pj Merrix
 From: Cory Shupe              Wish: 20k Gold ring with ruby.
 Wish: Have a merry
 Christmas, I Love You
                                      To: Ashley Perkins
                                      From: Dustin Mcvey
     To: Chelsea Cole                 Wish: Merry X-Mas
     From: Taneisha
     Wish: Merry Christmas Nugget!!                             To: Everyone
                                                                From: Sierra D.
                                                                Wish: Merry

                                                       To: Cody Shupe
                                                       From: Mykala Ingram
                                                       Wish: Merry Christmas
                                                       Shelia! I love you!
                    To: Abby Johnson
                    From: Gelsina
                    Wish: I hope you have an
                    amazing holiday break…I think
                    you’re wonderful! I love ya!

To: Zach Keffer
From: Amanda (gf) and Tuesday                                                                 To: The Drama Team
Wish: We wrote your name in the sane,                                                         From: Stephanie
but the ocean washed it away. Then we                                                         Wish: Merry Christmas team!!
wrote your name in our hearts, and it
won’t leave.
                                                                      To: Mr. Weddle
                                                                      From: Jacob Roach
                                                                      Wish: My wish is that you have a Merry Christmas!
To: Lauren Thompson, Lauryn Hobbs, Patrick
Mahaney and Wes Conley                                      To: Jarrod Alls
From: Harmony Tripp                                         From: Kelsey Frazier
                                                            Wish: I never thought that I could meet someone who
Wish: I love you Lauren, Lauryn, and Patrick. Thanks
for being awesome! Merry Christmas! P.S Don’t hate          enjoyed basketball, life and Wal-Mart as much as me!
me Wes, G.P’s are hot and you know it!                      Until I found you. You’re a great person and friend.
                                                            Have a good Christmas! P.S- You’re a big DEAL.

                     To: All of my Girls
                     From: Virginia Kirkner                                      To: Emily, Anthony, Harmony, Patrick,
                     Wish: Thanks for sticking by my side                        Virginia, Dawn, and all my Chorale
                     whenever I’ve needed you guys and just                      friends
                     for being my friends throughout all these                   From: Olivia
                     years. I love you guys and I wish you all                   Wish: Hope you all have a wonderful
                     to have a great Christmas/year.                             Christmas and that “Santa” spares you the
                                                                                 coal and brings you everything you want. Eat
    To: Amanda Seymour
                                                                                 lots of sweets, stay out of trouble, and
    From: Lindsey Seymour
                                                                                 remember the true reason for the season.
    Wish: Merry Christmas Mandy!! I love you!!

    To: Ryan Midkiff
    From: Katie
    Wish: I love you have a Merry Christmas

                         To: Dawn Williams
                         From: Jake Altizer
                         Wish: I love ya babe.

                                     Unknown Facts about Christmas
                                                        by Chelsea Cole
                        Christmas is around the corner and many families are getting decorations, Christmas trees, eggnog, and
                   making Christmas lists for good old Santa Clause. All of these Christmas traditions are used by most families
                   including my own, but recently I questioned myself, “Where could all of these traditions originated from.”

                   Well, Christmas trees are credited by the Germans because they already found trees to be very popular in homes,
                   but not until the 16th century would they become decorated and placed in homes. They also would
                   build wooden pyramids, and decorates fir trees and pine with candles placed on them. Soon after
                   the word got around about Christmas trees, many priests though it to be a mockery, or a pagan
symbol, but it was later accepted and spread to America. Many Americans decorated their trees with homemade
ornaments while the Germans remained decorating their trees with berries, dyed popcorn, apples, nuts, and cookies.
This explanation of the origin of
Christmas trees has made a tremendous
influence on today’s Christmas trees and

              The popular holiday drink,
              eggnog, was first made and
              consumed in 1607 in the
              Jamestown       settlement.
              Also its name comes from
the word grog, which means a drink made
with rum.

The all time favorite Christmas legend is
St. Nicholas. The history behind St. Nick
is that he was a monk from hundreds of
years ago that was known for his kindness
and sincerity. Many have said that he
would give away his inherited wealth and
valuables. He then was given the name,
“Protector of the Children.” Over the
many years and up until today, he has
evolved into Santa Claus, delivering
presents to children all over the world.

                                                                 Winter Blues
                                                                    by Chelsea Cole
                          Winter time has officially arrived; snow days, cold weather, and staying inside. Although many people may
                    love this kind of weather and just being at home, some people get a little thing called the “Winter Blues.” The
                    winter blues is a state of depression that some people get from lack of sunlight, being enclosed in their home all
                    the time, and the change in time. When people do not get enough sunlight, it causes a feeling of plainness and
                    sadness. In order to enjoy the season and keep a good vibe in your home, you can brighten up the lights or maybe
add more color to your rooms. Also you can light candles and spray fresh scents throughout your house to give a feeling of serenity.
Another factor of the winter blues is being enclosed in your house due to the cold weather. This sometimes can not be helped if the
roads are bad and so forth, but you can get outside and get exercise,
play in the snow, or call a family member or friend. The hardest, and
possibly the most effective, aspect of this winter depression is the
change in time. Many people are used to having more hours in the
day and sunlight as well, but when the time changes it is still dark in
the mornings which makes it hard for people to wake up. This causes
people not sleep well and make them feel exhausted which leads to
minor depression. To help fix the problem of waking in the morning,
you can get a dawn simulator which is attached to the side of your
lamp and it gradually lights up your room when it is time for you to                  Paul A. Olson, MD       Pamela B. Olson, FNP
wake up. Additional ways to avoid the blues is eating healthy foods            219 South Buchanan Street        Pearisburg, Virginia
such as fruits, vegetables, and juices. So make sure you stay active                              540-921-4343        540-726-3000
this winter and don’t catch the Winter Blues.

                                             The Level of Need Increases
                                                              by JJ Kirkner

                                        A sad problem is slowly growing in world. More and more
                                   families are becoming unable to get the basic things they need for
                                   their families, including getting presents for their loved ones and
                                   friends during the holidays. There are organizations that try to
                                   help those in need during the Christmas holiday, but the need is
                                   growing stronger to get presents for families. And organizations
                                   like the Salvation Army are having problems trying to keep up
                                   with the need of the families. Fact: The Salvation Army is having
                                   more requests for Christmas help - about 800 families in The
                                   USA- are up fifteen percent from last year. The worst part is the Salvation Army used to rely on
                                   the food bank for help. But, the increased need means their resources are low too. So, the
                                   Salvation Army spent $5000 to buy more food for those in need that includes another 150
                                   children needing toys and clothes for Christmas (This information came from There
     Photos by         need to be more helpful organizations and people to donate to the Salvation Army to help out
                                  those in need during the holidays and in general, because no family no matter how big or small
should have to go through Christmas with out getting presents or having a nice meal to eat.

                                                               Adopt an Animal for Christmas
                                                                                 by Chelsea Cole
                                                  Cold weather has approached and many animals are left without a home. There are
                                              many explanations to the many homeless animals that are roaming around this winter
                                              such as, they could not be taken care of, lost their way home, or maybe their owner did
                                              not want them any longer. Also, many animals have been dropped at the pound for the
                                              holidays due to the lack of money in many households. Although the animals in the
                                              pound are taken care of, there are so many animals being dropped that they are running
                                              out of money and the needed supplies such as food and water. How could you help?
                                              Recently WDBJ7 channel news has said that many shelters are taking donations of
                                              money and supplies for the holidays from any willing person. Locally you can contact
                                              SPCA Giles County Animal Shelter by calling 540-921-3512, or visit them at 240
                                              Meadows Road. Also, if you are looking to do more, you could also take this as an
                                              opportunity to give an adopted animal as a Christmas gift that everyone will love.

                                                 by Harmony Tripp and recipes by Betty Crocker

                                                               What's in the Box?
                              Supplies: Gift items, wrapping paper, tape, music - that can be turned on and off
     Wrap a gift or gifts and several groups in several layers of wrapping paper. The number of layers depends on how long you want
                                            the game to last, plus the more people the more layers.
     Have everyone sit in a circle and give your group / groups a gift and tell them when you turn on the music to pass the gift in one
     direction and when you turn off the music who ever has the gift gets to take off ONE layer of wrapping paper, continue this until
                           the last layer of paper is taken off and whoever has the gift unwrapped gets to keep it!
                                                      Christmas Stocking Christmas Game
     Supplies: Several stockings filled with small toys, candy, and other inexpensive Christmas items, and blindfolds. *Make sure the
                                                        stockings have been tied closed*
        Have every person at your party blindfolded with a stocking in hand. Have them guess the items in the stocking by feeling
                                     through the stocking. The person with the most correct wins a prize!

                Peanut Butter Cup Cookies
                1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
                      1/2 teaspoon salt
                  1 teaspoon baking soda
                  1/2 cup butter, softened                              Don’t forget Christmas music that will add to the festive
                    1/2 cup white sugar                           atmosphere. New songs are upbeat and stylish and will certainly keep
                   1/2 cup peanut butter                          your guests entertained, while classic songs are romantic and remind
                1/2 cup packed brown sugar                        people of what they care about most. Silly and fun music like
                        1 egg, beaten                             Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman, will keep
                 1 teaspoon vanilla extract                       the atmosphere enjoyable and light! The combination of these three
                     2 tablespoons milk                           styles will ensure that all of your guests will have a good time. Or put
     40 miniature chocolate covered peanut butter cups,           on your invitations Bring your own music, so that everyone has a
                         unwrapped                                little something that they like.

  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). 2.
 Sift together the flour, salt and baking soda; set aside.
 3. Cream together the butter, sugar, peanut butter and
  brown sugar until fluffy. Beat in the egg, vanilla and
  milk. Add the flour mixture; mix well. Shape into 40
   balls and place each into an ungreased mini muffin
  4. Bake at 375 degrees for about 8 minutes. Remove
 from oven and immediately press a mini peanut butter
   cup into each ball. Cool and carefully remove from

                                                                                                          Peppermint punch!
 “Remember  your Creator in the days of                                                           1/2 – gallon peppermint ice cream
 your youth…” (Eccl. 12:1)                                                                                 2 quarts of eggnog
                                                                                                     2 quarts of chilled ginger ale
           Complements of                                                                  1.Place ice cream in a punch bowl, and allow to
 PASTOR BRAD SCOTT                                                                                           soften slightly
 OF                                                                                               2.Blend in eggnog and ginger ale
 FIRST UNITED METHODIST                                                                                     Stir until frothy
 CHURCH, PEARISBURG                                                                          3.Serve or keep chilled until ready to serve.

                                                                                                                   by Olivia Humphreys
The economy has put a financial strain on most people this
Christmas, but there are many ways to have the spirit of giving                                                           Other Cheap Gift Ideas
                                                                                                                   Christmas ornaments
                                                                                                                   Gourmet coffees with a personal coffee cup
                                                                                                                   Journal with special inscription inside
                      Homemade Gifts                                                                               Teacup with box of herbal tea
Homemade Christmas gifts are ideal choices for Cheap Christmas                                                     Deck of cards and book of card game rules
gifts. Moreover, homemade Christmas gifts touches one's heart, as                                                  Fancy chocolate bars tied with a ribbon
they reflects your love and affection. These cheap Christmas gifts are                                             Gardening gloves with a plant or flower seeds
ideal for your loved ones.                                                                                         Makeup tote
1.Make a gift basket (or stocking) with a theme that relates to the                                                Special coffee cup filled with candy
receiver (gardening, sewing, bath & body, movies, sports, coffee, eto.).                                           Books
Put together a bunch of little and cheap things that fit the theme and                                             Set of dish towels and dish cloths
you have a great gift.                                                                                             Nail polish kit
2. Give homemade coupon books. Draw or create on the computer                                                      Pajamas
colorful coupons with offers such as 6 hours of free babysitting, 1 free                                           Baking pans and supplies
lawn mowing, a hug, a movie night, free piano lessons, a play/fun day                                              Pretty box for keepsakes
for siblings, etc. The receiver can redeem them at any time in the year,
so this is the gift that keeps on giving. (Parents love these!!!)
3. Use photos to make a scrapbook or picture collage that shows the
good time you’ve had with the receiver.                                                                   Gift Giving Tips
4. Nothing says great gift better sugar! Give homemade cookies,            1.Don’t underestimate E-Bay , Amazon, and Overstock. You can get video games,
fudge, cakes, etc.                                                         CDs and other small items for a fraction of the price of retail stores.
5. Make homemade cocoa mix or cookie mix and give in a fancy               2. With younger siblings and cousins (8 or 10ish and under) remember that bulk
bottle, can, or canister with a bow around it.                             counts. They would rather have a bunch of small gifts to unwrap than one big one.
6. Take advantage of your talents. If you’re an artist, give away your     3. Don’t underestimate dollar stores such as Dollar Tree and Dollar General. You
artwork. If you’re a musician, compose a Christmas song and burn it        can get very cute coloring books and small toys for younger siblings and cousins ,
onto a CD. If you’re a baker, compose your best recipes and make a         and coffee mugs and figurines to give teachers, grandparents, etc.
recipe book to give away.                                                  4. If you have to get gifts for a whole family (aunt, uncle & 3 little cousins) consider
                                                                           getting the whole family one family friendly gift such as a gift card to their favorite
                                                                           restuarnt or movie rental place or a board game. It will surprise you how much you
                                                                           will save than getting each person a gift.
      Cheap Christmas Entertainment                                        5. Make your gifts personal by including a sweet note or write down memories of the
1. Take a drive around town to see the Christmas lights.                   two of you.
2. Get out the board games and playing cards!
3. Go Christmas caroling. Not only will you be having fun, but
you’ll be sharing the Christmas spirit with others.
4. Sit around a warm fire, or cozy up in the living room with                                            Have An Eco-Friendly Christmas
blankets and hot cocoa and tell family stories.                                                      1.Use magazine pages and the comic section of the
5. Make decorating the tree, wrap gifts, and bake cookies family                                     newpaper to wrap small gifts
events.                                                                                              2. Save used wrapping paper all through the year, just roll
6. Check out Christmas videos from the public library and have a                                     them back onto the paper tube and place a small piece of
movie night with your friends.                                                                       scotch tape on the edge to hold in place. These really work
                                                                                                     great for small gifts where the previously folded lines
                                                                                                     won’t even show
                                                                                                     3. Forget the gift tags, make your own by cutting a small
                                                                                                     piece of matching paper and folding it in half. Write the
A cheap and creative decorating idea is making the pictures on your                                  “To and From” on the inside of the paper and tape it to the
walls into presents. Simply wrap the front of the pictures in                                        wrapped present. This is great for scraps of paper that are
wrapping paper, taping it on the back. Then, decorate with bows,                                     too small to wrap a gift, but too large to toss away.
ribbons, old Christmas cards, etc.                                                                   4. Have a warm and cozy Christmas the old-fashioned way.
                                                                                                     Pop some popcorn and string it up all over the house! Add
                                                                                                     cranberries for a touch of color.
                                                                                                     5. Decorate your house by bringing the outside in, using
          Help For Future Holidays                                                                   pinecones and acorns! Sprinkle with a few drops of pine
1. BLACK FRIDAY! Most stores have a major sale the day                                               scented oil
after Thanksgiving. Electronics are especially marked down.                                          6. Save the pine trees and invest in an artificial tree after
2. Buy decorations, wrapping paper, bows, cards and gift set                                         Christmas when they go on clearance.
after Christmas when stores discount 50 & 75 % off.                                                  7. Cut your old Christmas cards from last year in half, and
Walmart, Dollar General, and Kmart are great places to check                                         send the pretty side as a postcard. This keeps new cards
out. Lowes also has a lot of lights, outdoor decorations, and                                        out of the garbage dumps. Postcards also cost less postage.
ornarments marked down to 75% off the day after Christmas.                                           8. Call family and friends instead of sending them cards. At
Note: remember that you must store these for a year, but if                                          5 cents a minute, a 7 minute call would still cost less than a
you have the room, it’s worth it. Also, Don’t buy & store                                            postage stamp and loved ones would rather hear your voice
food items for gifts. Having an expiration date of monthes                                           than receive a card.
before isn’t appealing.
3. Buy gifts throughout the year. It’s much easier to see that
perfect dress for Mom in July and get it than to try to find                                         Sources
something in December. You can also find clearances                                        
throughout the year that will save you a ton.                                              

                                                                   Memoirs of a Geisha
                                                                         by Katelyn Osborne

                                       Memoirs of a Geisha is a novel written by Arthur Golden and was published in 1997 and also
                                  inspired a movies under the same title. The novel is about a real-life geisha who lives during the
                                  time period of Kyoto, Japan before and after WWII. The story starts out with the nine year old girl
                                  with gray-blue eyes named Chiyo who is living with her sister, father, and very sick mother, who
                                  has bone cancer, in a small fishing village in Yoroido. As time passes over the little village, Chiyo
                                  meets Mr. Tanaka and her mother’s illness progresses as well. Soon Chiyo becomes quick friends
                                  with Mr. Tanaka and comes to think that he will adopt her and her sister, but in reality their father
                                  sold them Mr. Tanaka because he couldn’t afford to take care of them. Mr. Tanaka then takes the
                                  girls to Kyoto where they are both separated. Chiyo is sold to the Nitta Okiya, a geisha house in the
                                  Gion district. There she begins her
                                  training as a maid and student who
                                  must wait on the arrogant
                                  Hatsumomo.        After      Chiyo
  The front cover of the         constantly waits on Hatsumomo
  novel Memoirs of a Geisha      hand and foot and overcomes
  by Arthur Golden.              hardships, she meets a wealthy
          .Photo bygoogle        Chairman who exchanges some
                                 pleasant words and changes her
luck. Walk through each page to see if this change of luck will bring
Chiyo any closer to becoming an elegant geisha that she adores so
much or will she be stuck waiting on the arrogant Hatsumomo?

                             P.O. Box 361 Narrows, Virginia 24124
                             (540) 921-2700 or 726- 8038

                           “Basketball Doesn't Build Character. It Reveals It.”
                                  Varsity Boys Basketball                        By Kelsey Frazier

                                        The Spartan
           ROSTER                    boy’s basketball
  Cody Williams               10     program is
  Travis Robertson            12     looking forward
  Jarrod Alls                 14     to a promising
  Caleb Tilly                 20     season. Each
  Luke Jackson                22     year the
  Chris Myers                 24     basketball
  Frankie Robertson           30     program seems
  Andy Randell                32     to develop a little
  William White               34     more. Last years
  King Jones                  40     basketball team
  Wes Conley                  42     consisted of nine
  Greg Ray                    44     seniors therefore the program this year is young but talented enough to be coach to a varsity
  Chris Collins               45     level. Coach Mitch Reed has high expectations for his newly developed team and believes his
                                     team will surprise a lot of people and teams
with their depth and speed. “I expect for our team to play hard for four quarters,
and expect to win every time we step on the floor,” stated Coach Reed. I asked
Coach Reed the following questions which he responded to.

       ON THE PLAY OF THE GAME? Sometimes younger players play nervous
       early on, but game experience will help their confidence. We have four
       sophomores on our team, but once they understand how talented they are
       and that they can play on this level, we should be ok.

       WHY? We have 3 captains who not only are vocal leaders, but lead by
       example. Lukas Jackson, Jarrod Alls, and Wes Conley are our captains this
       year, and have done a great job so far of being leaders.

       MUST HAVE TO BE SUCCESSFUL? I believe there are two: Attitude
       and Intensity. You must have a good attitude about the program and the
       team. You must always have a positive attitude in practice and games. The
       second part is Intensity. Nobody can win games playing half speed. Every
       single player on the floor and on the bench must play the game as if it were       Wes Conley goes up strong against
       their last. One thing I always tell the boys is to “leave it on the floor”. That   Narrows.        photos by Kim Tilly
       means no matter what the score, if you gave it everything you had for 4
       quarters then you have nothing to be ashamed of at the end of the game.

  4. OVER ALL, DO YOU BELIEVE PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT? EXPLAIN. Perfect is a hard word to use when you are
     discussing basketball. I would love to see a team in the history of basketball that made every shot and free throw, without
     making a single turnover. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but practice makes you better everyday. Players must treat practice
     just as important as games, and be just as intense.

                 S. Lee Wheeler, D.D.S.                            Jones pops
                                                                   a jump shot
                         General Dentistry                         in the last
                                                                   quarter of
                         112 Center Street                         the
                        Narrows, VA 24124                          Narrows
                           (540) 726-3904

                      by Olivia Humphreys

     The Girls’ Varsity Basketball team has a variety of players
     this year, some of which have played at varsity level and
     others who are new to the program. Leading the girls this
     year is Kelsey Frazier, the only senior. First year head
     coach, Brandon Webb says that he is looking forward to
     building up a women’s basketball program that Giles High
     School can be proud to support.

                                                                   Kelsey Frazier    12th
                                                                   Cassie Martin     11th
                                                                   Chelsey Gibson    11th
                                                                   Leigh Kauffelt    11th
                                                                   Rachel Smith      11th
                                                                   Emily Ellis       11th
                                                                   Amanda Byrd       10th
                                                                   Chelsea Barnett   10th
                                                                   Lyndsey Jackson    9th
     Upper left: Leigh Kauffelt goes for a lay-up.                 Megan Fisher       9th
     Above left: Chelsea Barnett, Kelsey Frazier, and              Jessie Boggess     9th
     Cassie Martin wait to show their skills.
     Above right: Jessie Boggess waits for the rebound.
     Right: Amanda Byrd and Lyndsey Jackson warm-up for                 Coaches
     their game against Narrows.                                   Brandon Webb
                                                                   Whitney Matlock

                                     J.V. Girls Basketball                          by Chelsea Cole

  Ashley Flory          9th
  Becca Price            9th
Brianna Caldwell        10th
  Jade Shrader          10th
Karisha Summers         9th
Margee Ragsdale         9th
 Maya Williams          9th
 Melissa Spicer         10th
 Mykala Ingram          10th
 Shelby Conley          10th
Taylor Williams         9th
 Tiffany Cook           9th

                               Margee Ragsdale shooting her free        Shelby Conley and Becca Price ready to rebound the foul
                               throws after being fouled                shot.

                                              J.V. Boys                     by Chelsea Cole

                                                                                                 Adam Baker                  10th
                                                                                                 Kyle Murphy                 10th
                                                                                                 Max Ratcliffe               10th
                                                                                                 Robert Wilson               10th
                                                                                                 Chase Teats                 10th
                                                                                                 Brooks Haynie               9th
                                                                                                 Brad Kessinger              9th
                                                                                                 Markus Albert               9th
                                                                                                 Cody Vaught                 9th
                                                                                                 Dylan Raymond               9th

 Adam Baker is looking for one of            J.V. Spartans in the huddle.
 his team mates to pass the ball.

                     Cross Country Travels to State AGAIN!                                    by Gelsina Ceritano
     The cross country team ended their regular season with a 64-16 record, making it to Regions for a Three Rivers District record for
the 12th straight year. The runners placed their entire top five runners in the top half of the field at the Regional meet, defeating
Glenvar, who won the District Championship the previous year. The runners made it to the State Championship meet for a state best
11th time in the past 12 years. “The cross country team finished 11th in the state meet, only one point away from being in the top 10.
Lydsey Jackson, Abby Johnson and Amber McKinney all finished within six seconds of each other and barely missed breaking the 23
minute mark. Melissa Squibb had a great day on the down hills to also finish in less than 24 minutes, while Cari Lynn Squibb barely
missed breaking the 24 minute mark,” Coach Hubbard quoted. Yes, you may have noticed that the cross country team has made it to
the State Championship multiple times but the team is the only girls team in any sport at Giles High School to make it to state as a
team since 1991. The top fiver runners include Abby Johnson, Amber McKinney, Cari Lynn Squibb, Melissa Squibb and Lyndsey
Jackson. “All of the runners have been very consistent all year,” quoted Coach Mark Hubbard. The three seniors, Abby Johnson,
Amber McKinney and Cari Lynn Squibb have made it to the state meet every year they have been on the team. Abby Johnson is one
of less than ten girls in the history of Giles High School to advance and compete in the state championships as a part of a team that has
advanced. Not only are we graced by talent of Abby, but Amber McKinney is the only girl currently in Giles High School to compete
in the State Championships in both cross country and track. If you happen to catch one of these runners in the hall, be sure to
congratulate their victory on their successful season!

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