FOUNDATION CUSHION

                              ITEM 3

WORK INCLUDED   (Sec. 3.01)  The Contractor shall, under Item 3,
furnish all the materials for and shall properly place, at all
locations shown on the drawings, or as required, cushion of well
compacted slag and screenings, or other approved materials in
order to obtain firm foundations for the structure to be built
under this contract.

MATERIALS (Sec. 3.02) The slag and screenings shall be obtained
from freshly panned slag graded in three (3) sizes up to two and
one-half (2-1/2) inches and shall be free from all foreign
materials. Slag used must meet the testing requirements specified
in Appendix ‘A’.

PLACING   (Sec. 3.03)   The slag and screening shall be placed in
layers not over three (3) inches in depth and thoroughly compacted
into the material below. The larger size shall be placed first,
and this shall be followed by the intermediate size, and lastly by
the screenings. The amount of material of each size to be placed
will depend upon the nature of ground to be compacted.         The
placing of this material shall be continued until the required
depth is placed, and the top of the cushion shall be finished to
the lines and grades given by the Engineer.

MEASUREMENT (Sec. 3.04) The number of cubic yards of foundation
cushion to be measured for payment under this item shall be the
number of cubic yards, measured in place, of foundation cushion
material actually placed by the Contractor where directed or shown
on the drawings, except as specified hereinafter or in other items
of these specifications and within the same limits as specified
for additional earth excavation under Item 1A.

Foundation cushion under base slabs shall be measured to the same
limits as specified for additional earth excavation under Item 1A.
 Foundation cushion within building walls shall be measured within
the lines actually requiring the fill.

Foundation   cushion   or  material   required   for   unauthorized
excavation, or excavation which has been carried too deep through
the fault of the Contractor, will not be measured for payment.

If the actual number of cubic yards of foundation material cannot
easily be determined but the weight of the material is known from
delivery slips, then a cubic yard of material shall be assumed to
weigh 4,000 pounds.
10/01/04                     3.1
Under no circumstances will material used be bedding material
called for under other items of these specifications be measured
for payment under this item.

PAYMENT (Sec. 3.05) The unit price stipulated per cubic yard for
foundation cushion under Item 3 shall include the furnishing,
placing and compacting of the foundation material, and the
furnishing of all labor, materials, tools, and appliances
necessary to complete the work as specified or as shown.

10/01/04                    3.2

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