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									           TERMS OF REFERENCE

Conducting computer based and service oriented Entrepreneurship & Skill
             Development Programmes in different trades

                            November, 2010

 National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ni-msme)
      (An Organisation of the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India)
                    Yousufguda, Hyderabad - 500 045
                          Andhra Pradesh, India
                         Tel: +91 (40) 2360 8544
                          TERMS OF REFERENCE (ToR)
1. Background

ni-msme, a pioneer Institute in the field of MSME development set up in 1960, functioning
under the administrative control of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises,
Government of India, is playing a major role in providing pro-business environment to foster
the progress of MSME towards success and prosperity. The charter of this Institute is to assist
the Government in formulating policies for small enterprises and to help the practising as well
as potential entrepreneurs through a host of services like research, consultancy, information,
training, education and extension.

The Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India provides financial assistance through the scheme
“Assistance to Training Institutions” for conducting skill development training programmes
for the benefit of educated/unemployed youth. ni-msme is one of the Apex Institutions for
conducting the programmes on its own and also assign the programmes to different Partner
Institutions in different States.

2. Objective

To conduct computer based and service oriented Entrepreneurship & Skill Development
training programme in the following areas for the benefit of educated youth/women in the age
group of 21-35 years. The maximum number of trainees in each programme is 30. Post
training follow-up for a period of six months also is part of the programme.

1. Digital Photography & Videography: 3 programmes – 300 hours each
2. Computer Hardware: 3 programmes – 300 hours each
3. SQL DBA (Data Base Administration) : 4 programmes – 300 hours each
4. Medical Transcription: 3 programmes – 300 hours each
5. Landscaping & Designing: 3 programmes – 300 hours each
6. Catering Services
7. Tourism and Hospitality
8. Diesel Mechanism
9. Turner
10. Refrigeration & Airconditioning
11. Two-wheeler Servicing
12. Bio-Technology
13. Garment Making
14. Embroidery Techniques & Designing
15. Gem & Jewellery Making
16. Fashion Designing
17. Interior Designing: 3 programmes – 300 hours each

3. Scope of Assignment

The programme is involved three phase activity, viz., (a) Selection of trainees, (b) conducting
training classes for the specified duration, and (c) post-training follow-up.
(a) Selection:
   3.1 To issue press notification calling for applications from the targeted group.
   3.2 To organize selection and select the candidates for the programme. A Committee
       consisting of two representatives of ni-msme and Programme Coordinator shall
       conduct the personal interviews and select the candidates.
   3.3 Preparation of Programme Schedule and Course Material. Upon approval of ni-
       msme copies of both will have to be provided to each trainee.

(b) Conducting training classes:
   3.4 To conduct training classes for 300 hours (both theory and practical) as per the
       approved programme schedule. The faculty handling the classes should be
       competent, experienced and qualified in the subject relevant of the programme.
       The total duration of 300 hours should necessarily include 10-12 hours duration
       exclusively topics relating to entrepreneurship.
   3.5 To arrange/provide required hardware, software, stationery, etc.
   3.6 To maintain the Attendance Register of the Trainees.
   3.7 To conduct week-end classroom tests and evaluate the progress of skill
       development of each trainee.
(c) Post-training follow-up:
   3.8 Post training follow-up for a period of six months should be undertaken. A
       committee for this purpose consisting of two representatives of ni-msme and the
       Programme Coordinator shall hold follow-up meetings three times each with an
       interval of two months.
   3.9 All the trainees should be encouraged to attend the follow-up meetings without
       fail and advise and assist them in any aspect each candidate proposing to go for
       self-employment, in particular.
   3.10 Appropriate data and minutes of each meeting of follow-up should be
       maintained and furnished to ni-msme along with success stories, which are
       required to be documented for submission to the Ministry.

Programme Report:
   3.11 The concerned Programme Coordinator has to prepare the programme report in
       the prescribed format with a certificate of satisfactory completion of the
       programme immediately after completion of the classroom training.
   3.12    Follow-up activity report in the prescribed format together with the
       documented success stories (in three sets) should be furnished to ni-msme
       immediately after completion of follow-up activity.
4. Inputs/Module to be covered in ESDP

      4.1 Entrepreneurship/business opportunities in the specified skill/financial aspects
          including preparation of bankable project report modules not less than 10-12 hours
      4.2 Theory and practical modules for the remaining hours.

5. Time Schedule

      5.1. The entire training programme (theory and practical) should be completed within
            40/30 days covering the modules as specified under (4) above.

6. Deliverables

      6.1 Registration forms indicating name, full postal address, telephone number, etc. (in
          the prescribed format) of all the trainees with photograph duly affixed on each of
          the trainees. These forms should be furnished immediately after completion of
          the selection of candidates.
      6.2 Programme schedule and Course material before commencement of the training
          classes for approval.
      6.3 Training classes completion certificate together with programme report as
          specified under 3.11 immediately after completion of the classroom training.
      6.4 Follow activity Committee Reports together with documented success stories as
          specified under 3.12.

7. Payment

      7.1. 20% of the agreed amount shall be paid upon completion of selection and on
            receipt of Registration Forms of all the selected trainees together with
            Programme Schedule and Course material of each programme.
      7.2. 30% of the agreed amount shall be paid after 30 days from the date of
            commencement of the classroom training.
      7.3. 30% of the agreed amount shall be paid upon completion of the classroom
            training and on receipt of programme completion report.
      7.3. 20% of the agreed amount shall be paid upon receipt of the completion of follow
            up activity together with reports and documented success stories.

8. Other Terms and Conditions

      8.1. ni-msme shall provide classroom facility with table and chairs in the campus.
            Water and electricity at free of cost shall also be provided.
      8.2. No other facilities, like hardware, software, stationery, etc. shall be provided by
      8.3. Appropriate taxes shall be deducted by ni-msme on all payments and the same
            shall be remitted to appropriate Government account as per rules.

      8.4. If the performance of the consultant/consulting firm during the assignment is
            found to be unsatisfactory, the award of the assignment may be terminated and
            the amount already paid to the consultant shall be recovered.
9. Issue of Certificates

   Certificate to each trainee under the signature of competent authorities of ni-msme will be
   issued upon completion of classroom training. No signature of Programme Coordinator
   shall be permitted.

10. Confidentiality

10.1. All the documents, like Programme schedule, Course material, reports, etc. shall contain
the name of ni-msme and address scrupulously on the first page of each such document. No
name of consulting firm/consultant shall be permitted to be printed on such documents.
10.2. The Programme schedule, course material, and related reports concerning the
programme, as specified above shall be the intellectual property of ni-msme only and shall
not be used for any other purposes and shared with others by the consultant/consulting firm
without prior approval of ni-msme.

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