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Topic 4A - System Unit Revision


									                                      Topic 4A – System Unit
                                            (Chapter 6)
Multiple Choices

    1.     The container that houses most of the electronic components that make up a
           computer system is known as the
    a. arithmetic logic unit                   c.      RFID
    b. central processing unit                 d.      system unit

    2.     The smallest unit is a digital system is a
    a. byte                                        c.   word
    c. bit                                         d.   character

    3.     The ___________ controls communications for the entire computer system.
    a. arithmetic logic unit                c.     motherboard
    b. semi-conductor                       d.     co-processor

    4.     These provide expansion capability for a computer system.
    a. sockets                                        c.     bytes
    b. slots                                    d.    bays

    5.    The _____ tells the rest of the computer how to carry out a program’s
    a. ALU                                     c.    system unit
    b. control unit                            d.    motherboard

    6.   A 32-bit word computer can access _______ bytes at a time.
    a. 4                                    c.    16
    b. 8                                    d.    32

    7.    These chips are specifically designed to handle the processing requirements
          related to displaying and manipulating 3-D images.
    a. graphics coprocessors                    c.    control unit processors
    b. ALU processors                           d.    CISC chips

    8.   This type of memory improves processing by acting as a temporary high-speed
         holding area between the memory and the CPU.
    a. RAM                                  c.    cache memory
    b. ROM                                  d.    flash memory

    9.    ______ refers to a computer’s ability to configure and use a device without
          human interaction.
    a. CPU                                      c.     Cache
    b. Plug and Play                            d.     ALU

    10.   ______ ports connect special types of music instruments of sound cards.
    a. BUS                                    c.     USB
    b. CPU                                    d.     MIDI

CIN506 Computer Principles Revision             1
                                      Topic 4A – System Unit
                                            (Chapter 6)

    Word List
    Bus width, cables, control unit, expansion card, Express card, port, RAM, smart card,
    system bus, system unit

    1. Houses most of the electronic components in a computer system.

    2. The number of bits that can travel down a bus at the same time

    3. Tells the computer system how to carry out a program’s instructions.

    4. A credit-sized piece of plastic with an embedded chip.

    5. Volatile storage that holds the programs and data the CPU is currently processing.

    6. Connects the CPU to memory.

    7. Plugs into slots on the system board.

    8. A type of slot used by notebook computers.

    9. Connecting socket on the outside of the system unit.

    10. Connects input and output devices to the system unit via the ports.


    1. Describe the four basic types of system units.

    2. Describe the two basic components of the CPU.

    3. What are the differences and similarities between the three types of memory?

    4. Identify five expansion cards and describe the functions of each.

    5. Identify and describe five standard ports and four specialized ports.

CIN506 Computer Principles Revision             2

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