THE HOSTEL by yaofenji


									                                               HARLEM HOSTEL

Story opens with Ben, 23, who is trying to get his philandering friend, Will, 22, out of a jam. He’s stuck under
the bed of a girl whose massive boyfriend arrives early from his graveyard shift. After this funny mishap we
learn that Will too lives at home with his parents and wouldn’t have to go through so much trouble dating if he
only had his own place. He tries, to no avail, to convince Ben to move in together.

Ben, an uptight assistant graphic designer at a hip magazine, works hard to be noticed by both his boss and his
beautiful colleague, Julie, 23. He still lives at home with his mother, brother and annoying nephews. Although
it’s not the best environment to be in, he puts up with it in order to pay off his student loan and credit card bills.

That night, Ben’s childhood friend, Rick, 22, arrives at his doorstep, back from the Iraqi war. He needs to crash
at his place since his mother retired to Florida and his father has become estranged from him. Rick intends to
get back into civilian life and use his GI Bill to go to college.

Since Rick has no place to live, he agrees to get a place with Will and together they continue to try to convince
Ben to move in with them. They feel moving into the city would be the way to fulfill their dreams and
experience the fast-paced glamorous world of Manhattan but Ben doesn’t bite. He continues to refuse until a
fight at home and his embarrassment to admit to Julie about still living at home force him to give in and decide
to take his friends up on their idea.

They end up settling into a run down brownstone in Harlem. After moving in things take a turn when Will, after
some unsuccessful job interviews, realizes his dreams aren’t going to be achieved overnight and decides it’s
better to be your own boss. In order to stay afloat, he and Rick plan to turn their place into an illegal youth
hostel, a cheap hotel for back-packing youths! Ben, who has been busy working closely with Julie to develop a
new look for the magazine, is oblivious to his friends’ plan. While Ben is away on a business trip, Will and Rick
finally become entrepreneurs when they open “Harlem Hostel”.

Upon Ben’s return, he finds beautiful women walking around the house asking for Will. At first, he thinks Will
is having an orgy but finally learns that all the people walking around the house are actually guests. After some
harsh debate about the move they pulled behind his back, Will finally eases Ben after he hands him his share of
the profits. An envelope full of cash plus next month’s rent already paid. Ben gives in.

Will befriends a local kid, Sam, 19. A true hustler at heart, Sam is the go to guy-- weed, knockoff apparel,
bootleg CDs, DVDs, whatever your heart desires. He’s the comic relief of the bunch. The Hostel soon becomes
so busy that Will hires Sam as the house bell-hop.

At first the money and the beautiful women passing through seem like paradise but quickly overwhelm our
protagonists as hijinks and chaos ensue. They are forced to become responsible adults as they learn about life,
love, relationships and of course, each other.


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