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Short Story Unit SAT vocabulary words

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									               Short Story Unit SAT vocabulary words
1. ambiguous       unclear in meanining, confusing, open to different interpretations
2. clandestine     secret, undercover
3. culpable        deserving blame
4. disheveled      messy, ungroomed, untidy
5. droll           oddly humorous
6. ennui           bored
7. eccentric       odd, unusual, quirky
8. emulate         to copy something admired, to imitate
9. extricate       to free from difficulty, escape
10. gibberish      unintelligible speech
11. heinous        wicked, vile
12. intelligible   understandable, comprehensible
13. languid        slow, tired, languid
14. pacify         appease, satisfy
15. pretentious    pompous, self-important
16. promiscuous    indiscriminate, lacking standards
17. rejuvinate     to make young and strong again
18. scanty         inadequate, minimal
19. ubiquitous     everywhere at the same time, omnipresent
20. vivacious      lively, spirited

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