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					   North East Fife Riding
   Club Newsletter

February 2006                                                                                Issue 17
                                                                 18 March Open Spring Show Jumping
                                                                    to be held at Balcormo, 10am
                                                               60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 1m and 1m10cm.
Sunday AM instruction as follows:
Feb 11 (Sat because of SAIS comp on the Sun)       Lisa
Feb 18 (Sat because of BSPS comp on the Sun)       Kay     Entries £5 members, £6 non-members. If you get
Feb 26
                        Lisa                               your newsletter on line schedule will be attached –
Mar 5                   Kay                                otherwise SAE to Caroline Peter, Broomfield,
Mar 12                  Kay                                Cairnsmill, St Andrews KY16 8NN.
Mar 19 X Country        Lisa (Braeside of Lindores)
Mar 26 X Country        Lisa (Braeside of Lindores)           As ever helpers are needed – if you are not
Apr 2 X Country         Lisa (Montrave)                      competing please let Grizelda know if you can
                                                                             help on day.
From 6pm on Wednesdays
Apr 5                  Laura
Apr 12                 Lisa
Apr 19                 Laura                                           th
Apr 26
                       Lisa                                       15 April Open Dressage Competition
                                                                        to be held at Balcormo
To book instruction please call Marla on 01334 473857 or   Prelim 7 and 18, Novice 24 and 36, Elementary 41
                                                           Entries £5 members, £7 non-members.       Dressage
Details for instruction and instructors in 2006 Syllabus   tests are available from Linda Hunter, Dunroaming
which will be sent out next month                          Cottage, New Gilston, Leven KY8 5TE - 50p each and
                                                           SAE. Entry forms for competition - SAE to Caroline
                                                           Peter, Broomfield, Cairnsmill, St Andrews KY16 8NN

                                                                            FIFE FOXHOUNDS

                                       Instruction         Fife Hunt welcomes all NEFRC members to their meets
                                                           which take place twice a week Wed and Sat, at 11am:
Extra Show Jumping instruction at Balcormo with
Sandra Low-Mitchell is to continue from 12 January and            th
                                                           Wed 15 Feb         Kinneston, Leslie
alternate Thursdays thereafter:                                  th
                                                           Sat 18 Feb         Balhousie, PC & Children’s Day, park at
The cost is £10.00 per session. To book your place call                       Balcormo
Heather McLaren on 01334 850273.                           Wed 22 Feb
                                                           Sat 25 Feb         Brighouse, Balmullo
                                                           Wed 1 Mar          Pittillock Farm, Glenrothes
                                                           Sat 4 Mar          Stenton Farm
                                                           Wed 8 Mar          Cambo House, Kingsbarns
                                                           Sat 11 Mar         Wellfield, Strathmiglo
                                     Dressage              Wed 15 Mar         West Gilston Mains
                                                           Sat 18 Mar         Cunnochie Mill
                                     Training              For directions and more details call Secretary, Liz Bell on
                                                           01333 340323. In case of bad weather please phone the
                                                           hunting hotline, 01333 340433.

Extra Dressage Training takes place on alternate
Thursday evenings,
To sign up please call Susie on 01333 350757.                  SHOW JUMPING
For both Thursday evening instructions the same rules as       HELD AT DABBS
Sundays concerning cancellation and ‘no shows’ apply.          ON SUNDAY 29th
                                                                JANUARY 2006
NEFRC members came out in force for the FHPC team                  Their daughter, Emily Hannah was born on 5 January
jumping at the end of January. NEFRC put forward one               weighing in at 8lb13 - 8lb of which was hair, she has a
novice team, three intermediate teams and two open                 mop of dark hair!
teams, and fun I believe was had by all! Thanks to Marla,
Phil and Nikki for their chef d'equipe skills on the day.
The novice team of Emma Davidson, Susie Miller, Lesley
Howat and Leona Stewart got us started. All novice horses                 FIFE FOXHOUNDS HUNTER TRIALS
went very well with four clear rounds in the first round, but                    MONTRAVE, LEVEN –
a couple of poles down in their second round.                                  SATURDAY 1st April 2006
 The intermediate team of Linda Hunter, Gail Bonthrone,            Junior and adult classes from 2’6” - 3’6”. Schedule and
Caroline Peddie and Joanna Peddie clinched first place             Entry Form attached with Newsletter on line or SAE to:
and a trophy, with a fantastic display of nail-biting jump-off     Mrs E. Bell, Balniel, Colinsburgh, Leven, Fife, KY9 1HP.
turns by Samson and Austin. We also had two other teams            CLOSING DATE - Monday 27th March 2006
of three in the intermediate class, all of whom did well, so
thanks to Stewart Adamson, Karen Harley, Kate Grellier,
Jennifer MacGregor, Mandy Law and Libby Thorman for
their efforts and for representing NEFRC.                               Scone X Country Training May 2nd 2006
Finally at a very late hour, when the horses were expecting        A fantastic opportunity to have training around one of the
to be tucked up in their stables, the riders of the open           premier Scottish eventing x country course.
teams dragged them out of their trailers and rode to victory!
Morag Watson, Henrietta Forrest, Claire Peddie & Claire            Training will be available all day from be accredited
Dewar secured third place and hot on their heels in fifth          trainers, Mary McFarlane and Frances Hay-Smith or you
place came Lisa Hood, Emma Defew, Mandy Peden and                  could bring your own instructor for a private session.
Amy Palmer.
                                                                   The courses range from Intro (90cm) to Intermediate
 So all in all a successful day. For those of you wishing you      (1.15cm).
had entered or who would be interested in representing the
club at other events, then please keep your eyes open to           The cost is £35 for a session of 60-90mins.
emails and newsletter stories detailing future events.
Emma Defew and Amy Palmer are responsible for                      Anyone interested should contact Sarah Oakden on:
organising the NEFRC teams, so drop them a line and note           07789 438839 or 01337 840068 or email
your interest now!                                                                          For Sale
                                                                    6'6'' Weatherbeta Taka Contour heavyweight high neck,
                                                                   has been used this winter but is just too small for my horse,
                                                                                VCG just a little bit muddy. £70
                                                                           Tel Moira 01333 730702 or 07713629695
                  Congratulations to
               James and Sarah Oakden

                                North East Fife Riding Club Committee 2005/6

Hon President               John Gilmour

Chair                       Grizelda Cowan              01333 330295
Vice Chair                  Emma Defew                  01333 310685
Secretary                   Linda Hunter                01334 840475
Treasurer                   Linda Roberts               01333 360622
                            Caroline Peter              01334 473278
                            Mandy Peden                 01334 840877
                            Susie Millar                01333 350757
                            Marla Senior                01334 473857
                            Lesley Rennie               01333 730213
                            Heather McLaren             01334 850273
                            Amy Palmer                  01334 840507
                            Bobbie Coleman              01334 828393

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