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					                            Tallest buildings of Singapore city                                  Overseas Bank's main branch. The building was opened by then Senior Minister Lee Kuan
                                                                                                 Yew in 1995 which is 60 years after United Overseas Bank's founding.
       Republic Plaza is one of the three tallest skyscrapers in Singapore, located at the              UOB Plaza One is a 280-metre tall building with 67 floors, and was completed in
Southern end of Raffles Place in the Downtown Core, the central business district of             1992. UOB Plaza Two is a 162-metre tall building with 38 floors and was completed in
Singapore. It shares the title of "tallest building" with the OUB Centre and UOB Plaza One.      1973 with the building reconstructed again in 1995.
Built at 280 metres tall, it was completed in 1995, and incorporates earthquake proof                   The towers have an octagonal base and consists of rotated cubic volumes, which is a
features despite the city being relatively far from earthquake zones.                            distinctive stylistic expression of Kenzo Tange's works in the 1990s. The cubic volumes on
       The main entrance to the tower is at D'Almeida Street. The building was designed to       the octagonal base, they rotate on a 45 degree plane of reference and diminish in volume
maximize space. Therefore, a simple square form with chamfered corners at the base was           towards the top of UOB Plaza One. A six storey podium links the two buildings together
adopted for the design of the tower. The tower tapers as it rises, forming some triangular       and skillfully accommodates the reconstructed UOB Building (now UOB Plaza 2). This
elements, to reduce buffeting due to strong winds and improve wind loading. As with many         place is a large airy atrium linking Raffles Place to Singapore River without entering the
other towers, it consists of a central core containing basic functions such as emergency         building. The banking hall has full height glass walls to see through the Singapore River
stairways and elevator shafts, wrapped around by lettable office space.                          from the financial district. The change in lighting brings out the geometric qualities of the
                                                                                                 building's architecture, highlighting the buildings with shafts of light and shadow. The
        The tower is turned 45 degrees from the axis of the ground floor level to maintain      external curtain wall system of the building represents a significant and innovative
         sea views from the upper floors .                                                       contribution of the evolution of building facades over time. The "performance wall"
        The building has 15 double-decker vertical lifts.                                       envelope of the towers is a composite of white and grey granite and insulated grey glass
        The tower was designed to reflect a subtle Oriental influence.                          units. The atrium is also known as a "city room" and above it has a large office space and a
        The main lobby is four storeys high, finished in polished granite and ceramics.         large skylight, which gives the place natural lighting. A double storey sky lobby could be
        The lobby is framed by concrete-filled tubular steel columns.                           found on the 37th and 38th floors, which provide panoramic views of the city. It is also
        The exterior façade transitions from granite with strip windows to tinted wall          used for workers to transfer lifts from the lower floors to the higher floors. However, the
         glass, smoothly inclining from an octagonal base to a square top.                       sky lobby has been closed to the public due to security reasons after the September 11, 2001
                                                                                                 attacks. There are two sculptures on the ground floor, one in the "city room" which is
    Facts and figures                                                                            designed by Salvador Dalí and the other a bird, designed by Fernando Botero.
                                                                                                        The Overseas Union Bank Center is the one of the three tallest skyscrapers in the
                                                                                                 city of Singapore, sharing the title with the UOB Plaza One and Republic Plaza. Standing at
        The tower rose rapidly despite building complications which included an MRT
                                                                                                 280 metres tall, it was the tallest building in the world outside North America at the time of
         line beside the site, historically important buildings nearby, as well as natural
                                                                                                 its completion in 1986 until it was succeeded by the Bank of China Tower. 280 metres is
         boulders and abandoned piles underground.
                                                                                                 the maximum height permitted by the National Aviation Authority. The building sits at the
        The tower was built on a caisson with more than 900 mini piles.
                                                                                                 city centre of Raffles Place.
        The construction was completed in just under two years using the fast track
                                                                                                          The building consists of two triangular structures with a small space between
        A total of 8,600 tons of structural steel and 31,000 cubic metres of concrete was
                                                                                                          The steel frame allows for column-free office space.
        After nightfall, only the glass top is visible when it is lit from within.
                                                                                                          The floor system is of reinforced concrete slab composite with a ribbed steel deck.
        Office Lettable Area: 769,388 sq ft (71,478.5 m2)
                                                                                                          A car park, retail areas, and a link to the MRT system can be found below ground.
        Retail Lettable Area: 18,483 sq ft (1,717.1 m2)
                                                                                                          The tower is clad by chemically treated aluminium alloy which changes colour
                                                                                                           along with the light it reflects.
       UOB Plaza is a development consisting of two art deco skyscrapers in the city of
                                                                                                          Square and circular designs perforate the building's façade, etched by a grid pattern
Singapore. The complex has two towers, namely UOB Plaza One and UOB Plaza Two.
                                                                                                           of rectangles and window units.
The former is one of the three tallest skyscrapers in the city of Singapore, sharing the title
with the OUB Centre and Republic Plaza. The latter is relatively shorter and older than the               The dramatic entrance is presented by an eight-storey high cutaway, coupled with
former with the building constructed in 1973 and reconstructed in 1995 to have the same                    skylights and other lighting effects to create an airy feel.
facade as the newer and taller building. Both the two buildings are connected by a 45 metre
long podium supported by four columns. The podium houses the banking hall of the United                  The OUB Centre Mall connects to the Raffles Place MRT Station underground.
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