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                                                                                               Digital Fabric Printing Guide
                                                                                                         August 2009
                                                      Information is subject to change; please double-check company’s websites and confirm details before placing an order.
                                                                                           True Up cannot be held responsible for errors.

Company       Price for   Price     Price for   Volume       Inter-    Other   Turn-           Minimum/      Base-      Other        Organic   Linen Silks Poly   Printed     On-     File            File    Color                  Gift cert- Other
(Alpha-       swatch      for fat   one yard    discounts?   national  charges around          maximum       cloth      weights      cotton?   s?    ?     este   with ...    screen resolu-          formats matching               ificates? services/
betical)                  quart-    plain                    shipping?         time            order?        swatche    or                                 rs?                repeat? tion                    information                       features
                          er        weave                                                                    s avail-   weaves
                                    cotton                                                                   able?      of
Fabric on     $5.00/      $10.00    $16.75      ✔            ✔         none        See front   No min or     ✔          ✔            Coming    ✔     ✗     ✔      Soluble     Proof      150dpi       .jpeg,       Color             ✔
Demand        8"x8"                 yard                                           page of     max                                   soon                         pigment     sent via   minimu       .tif,        calibration kit
                                    (special                                       website                                                                        inks        email      m            .eps,        $40 includes
                                    summer                                                                                                                        (except                10 mb        .ai,         swatches
                                    price)                                                                                                                        polyesters,            max fle      .png,        printed with
                                    42"                                                                                                                           which are              size but     .pdf         colors, digital
                                    6oz                                                                                                                           disperse               contact if                fles
                                                                                                                                                                  dyed)                  larger
Eye Candey    $5.00/      $10.15    $23.95      ?            ✔         none        3-10 days No min          ✔          Cotton       ✗         ✗     ✗     ✗      ?           ✗        200dpi  .tif,               RGB or LAB        ✔           Direct print-
              10"x10"               42" wide                                                 order; 3                   duck                                                  improve min, 300 .png,               colors. Free      through     to-product
                                    3.5oz                                                    continuous                 debuts                                                d        recomm .jpg                 downloadable      Etsy shop   line; hosts
                                                                                             yards max,                 8/15/09                                               onscreen ended                       color swatch                  shop to sell
                                                                                             but you can                                                                      design                               fle, icc profle               your
                                                                                             order as                                                                         tool in                                                            creations
                                                                                             many pieces                                                                      the
                                                                                             as you like                                                                      works
Karma Kraft n/a           n/a       $24.00      ✔            ✔         $10.00      link        No min or     ✔ email    ✔            ✔         ✔     ✔     ✔      Reactive    ✔          150dpi       .jpeg,       CMYK colors;   Coming         Cut-and-
                                    square                             per color               max; min      your                                                 dyes                   min,         .gif,        Karma Color    soon           sew service;
                                    yard                               if design               order of 20   request                                                                     25mb         .tif,        Blanket, 5566                 favoriting of
                                    printed                            is not                  yards with                                                                                max fle      .png,        colors, 55"                   other
                                    area                               print                   special-                                                                                  size         .bmp         x53" cotton,                  members'
                                    3.7oz                              ready                   request                                                                                                             $40; will also                designs
                                                                                               basecloth                                                                                                           match Pantone
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   TCX colors,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Williams color
Spoonflower   $5.00/      $11.00    $18.00      Coming       ✔         none        link        No min; 5     ✔ email    ✔ watch      ✔         ✗     ✗     ✗      Soluble     ✔          150dpi       .jpg,        LAB color. Free ✔             Fabric of the
              8"x8"                 42" wide    soon; email                                    yard max      your       for                                       pigment                             .png, .tif   downloadable                  week
                                    4oz         in the mean-                                   length of     request    special-                                  inks                                (8-bit,      color palettes                contest;
                                                while                                          piece but                edition                                                                       uncompr      for Photoshop,                favoriting of
                                                                                               unlimited                base cloth                                                                    essed)       downloadable                  other
                                                                                               pieces can               oferings                                                                                   color chart that              members'
                                                                                               be ordered                                                                                                          may be                        designs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ordered as a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   swatch (8”x8”)

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