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     Equal Employment Opportunity Plan
              Clark County
                      Adopted (September 30, 2008)
                 September 2008 through September 2010

                       Electronic copy available at:

                         Human Resources Department, Clark County
                                1300 Franklin St, 5th Floor
                               Vancouver, WA 98666-5000
                                  Phone: 360 397-2456
                                   FAX: 360 397-2457

For other formats, contact Clark County ADA Office, Voice (360) 397-2000, Relay (800) 833-6384, E-
mail ADA@clark.wa.gov.
                                                    Table of Contents

1. Introduction..................................................................................................................... 2

2. County Nondiscrimination Policy*................................................................................. 3

3. Workforce Analysis/Labor Market Analysis* ............................................................. 4-5

4. Significant Underutilizations* ..................................................................................... 6-7

5. 2008 Objectives* ............................................................................................................ 8

6. Steps and Actions to achieve Objectives * ................................................................ 9-10

7. Dissemination of Plan * .......................................................................................... 11-13


A. Underutilization Summary*......................................................................................... 15

B. Job Category Definitions......................................................................................... 16-17

C. Race and Ethnicity Definitions .................................................................................... 18

D. Outreach Recruitment List ...................................................................................... 19-20

E. DOJ Grants* ........................................................................................................... 21-23

F. 2006 and 2008 Underutilizations.................................................................................. 24

* US Department of Justice (DOJ) requirements

                                       1. Introduction

Clark County is committed to providing equal opportunity in employment and in access
to all county services. This commitment applies regardless of race, color, religion, creed,
sex, marital status, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, on-the-job injury, sexual
orientation and other conditions identified in Policy 3.0, Human Resources. Employment
decisions are made without consideration of these or any other factors that are prohibited
by law.

The purpose of the county’s EEOP (Equal Employment Opportunity Plan) is to ensure
full and equal participation of all qualified individuals in the county’s workforce. The
county’s commitment to that full participation is fundamental to its daily operations and
public service activities.

The county’s current EEOP was approved by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in
September 2006. The 2008 EEOP effective dates will be September 2008-10. The DOJ
requirements are: employers collect and analyze key employment data; organize by race,
national origin, gender and job category groups; and compare with area community labor
data. Significant underutilizations are identified; objectives related to such
underutilizations are written; and action steps to achieve such objectives are developed.

In 2006, the Board adopted a new Diversity Policy in order to ensure that our County
continues to value the diversity of the workforce and the community. In 2008, a Diversity
Strategic Plan has been prepared.

The EEO and Diversity Strategic Plans are presented to the Board of Clark County
Commissioners. Public outreach efforts included press releases, mailings to over 100
organizations, announcements in the County internal, weekly employee publication
(FYI), and a public forum on Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at the Marshall Community Center,
1009 East McLoughlin Blvd, Vancouver. In addition, Plans were posted on the County
web site and presented to the Management Team and the Diversity Committee. Copies
are at: http://www.clark.wa.gov/hr/documents.html. The Board also held a public work
session on Wednesday, September 3 at 11 am and public meeting on Tuesday, September
23, 2008.

The Plan will be effective from September 2008 through September 2010.


                  2. County Nondiscrimination and Diversity Policies


Clark County is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination and
harassment based on race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, age, marital status,
the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, HIV or Hepatitis C status, the
use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a disabled person, sexual
orientation/gender identity, veteran status or any other status protected by law. This
prohibition underscores the County’s commitment to provide a work environment free
from unlawful discrimination and harassment for its employees, the public it serves and
those with whom the County conducts business.


The County’s policy of equal opportunity and non-discrimination extends to all
employment-related matters, including hiring, layoffs, promotion, transfer, work
assignments, pay, benefits, discipline and training. Any form of discrimination based on
race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, age, marital status, the presence of any
sensory, mental, or physical disability or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal
by a disabled person, sexual orientation/gender identity, veteran’s status or any other
status protected by law is strictly prohibited. In addition, the County supports and
promotes the goals and benefits of a diverse workforce in all departments and levels of
the organization. The County will strive to encourage and support workforce diversity
through a range of activities, to include outreach recruitment to increase the diversity of
candidate pools for job openings, monitoring workforce data to address issues of under-
representation of protected classes, and appropriate training.

                         4.0 DIVERSITY POLICY--PURPOSE

Clark County is committed to increasing the ethnic, cultural and social diversity of its
workforce and ensuring that diversity is a key priority of our organization.

SCOPE: This policy applies to all employees and individuals engaged in work activities
on behalf of the County including regular and project employees, temporaries,
contractors, volunteers and members of the public.

Every Clark County employee has an active role and responsibility to:

   •   Create, establish and maintain an inclusive culture that allows each employee the
       opportunity to excel;
   •   Embrace the rich diversity of our organization and the growing diversity of our
       community; and
   •   Provide services to the public in a culturally competent manner.

                        3. Workforce and Labor Market Analysis
This plan includes the following: analysis of the county workforce and community labor
market; comparisons of 2006 and 2008 underutilizations; identification of significant
2008 underutilizations; specific objectives related to significant underutilizations; and
steps the county will take to achieve such objectives.

In 2008 DOJ made several EEOP changes, such as: an online template for labor market
comparisons; revisions of some race-ethnic group definitions (i.e., the “other” category
has been dropped; “two or more races” has been added; and the Asian-Pacific Islander
has been modified).

The 2008 Plan uses the same labor market analysis applied in 2006. The 2006 EEOP used
the OR-WA PMSA (primary metropolitan statistical area) workforce data base for these
job categories: Officials, Professionals-Administrators, Technicians, Protective Services-
Sworn, and Protective Services-Non Sworn. The OR-WA PMSA data base is the most
accurate comparison because most hires for these positions are from the greater Portland-
Vancouver region. Clark County 2000 Census data was used for these job categories:
Administrative Support, Skilled Craft and Service/Maintenance because the primary
hiring is from Clark County.

Table A, Labor Market Analysis (next page), is how our workforce compares to the
available labor market for each job category by race, ethnicity and gender. All
underutilizations are listed in Appendix A and Table A. The data show: no
underutilizations in 67 % (N=72) of the groups; underutilizations in 32% (N=36) of the
groups; and underutilizations from a low of -1% to a high of -22%.

                  Table B. 2006-2008 Underutilization Comparison

                                            2006                       2008
            Percentages of             Number of Groups           Number of Groups
    2 percent and less                          50                         18
    3 to 5 percent                               6                          4
    6 or more percent                           3                          2
    Total                                       59                         24

Table B compares the 2006 and 2008 group underutilizations. A group is a job category
and race-ethnic-gender comparison. For example, Hispanic males employed as
Technicians is a “group”. In 2006, there were fifty nine categories with underutilization
ranging from a low of -.2 % to a high of -31.3%. The total number of underutitilized
groups was reduced from 59 to 24 from 2006 to 2008. Moreover, there were only 29
groups with no underutilizations in 2006. In 2008, this increased to 63 groups. Appendix
F compares underutilizations by FTE (full time equivalent) employees needed to
eliminate all underutilizations. Table C includes underutilizations identified as

                                                                                                    Table A. Labor Market Analysis

                                                                                   Male                                                                                                                   Female
                                                                                                                       Native                                                                                                                 Native
                                                                                    American                          Hawaiian                                                                              American                         Hawaiian
                                                                    Black or        Indian or                         or Other                                                             Black or         Indian or                        or Other
                                                  Hispanic or        African         Alaska                            Pacific          Two or                            Hispanic or       African          Alaska                           Pacific          Two or
 Job Categories*      TOTAL         White           Latino          American         Native              Asian        Islander        More Races            White           Latino         American          Native             Asian        Islander        More Races
Workforce # / %        162     94           58%    1          1%    3         2%     0         0%    1           1%    0         0%    1         1%    58           36%    0         0%    2         1%     0         0%    2           1%    0         0%    0         0%
PMSA # / %                    85050         55%   2620        2%   1120       1%    515        0%   3625         2%   155        0%   1730       1%   54340         35%   1820       1%   850        0%    430        0%   2355         2%   135        0%   1175       1%

Utiliz. PMSA %                       3%                -1%               1%               0%          -1%                   0%              0%               1%             -1%                 1%               0%          -1%                   0%          -1%
Workforce # / %        394     175          44%    2          1%    4         1%     2         1%    8           2%    2         1%    0         0%    182          46%    5         1%    4         1%     1         0%    4           1%    1         0%    4         1%
PMSA # / %                    84285         43%   2520        1%   1665       1%    380        0%   6245         3%   160        0%   1940       1%   86275         44%   2760       1%   1655       1%    525        0%   4625         2%   145        0%   1965       1%
Utiliz. PMSA %                       1%                  0%              0%               1%          -1%                   1%          -1%                  2%                 0%              0%               0%          -1%                   0%              0%
Workforce # / %        186     105          56%    2          1%    0         0%     1         1%    4           2%    0         0%    1         1%    64           34%    4         2%    2         1%     0         0%    1           1%    0         0%    2         1%
PMSA # / %                    8650          40%   545         3%   250        1%    70         0%   655          3%   50         0%   170        1%   9930          45%   380        2%   255        1%     50        0%   570          3%   55         0%   239        1%
Utiliz. PMSA %                       17%               -2%           -1%                  1%          -1%                   0%              0%          -11%                    0%              0%               0%          -2%                   0%              0%
Prot. Serv/Sworn
Workforce # / %        299     228          76%    4          1%    8         3%     2         1%    2           1%    1         0%    4         1%    43           14%    0         0%    2         1%     2         1%    0           0%    1         0%    2         1%
PMSA # / %                    9080          70%   375         3%   270        2%    175        1%   170          1%   20         0%   279        2%   2230          17%   140        1%   50         0%     50        0%   40           0%   10         0%   95         1%

Utiliz. PMSA %                       6%                -2%               1%               0%              0%                0%          -1%                 -3%             -1%                 1%               1%              0%                0%              0%
Prot. Serv. Non-
Sworn Workforce        57      27           47%    1          2%    2         4%     0         0%    1           2%    1         2%    1         2%    23           40%    0         0%    0         0%     1         2%    0           0%    0         0%    0         0%
PMSA # / %                     340          43%    4          1%    0         0%     0         0%    15          2%    4         1%    14        2%    355          45%    30        4%    0         0%     10        1%    0           0%    0         0%   20         3%

Utiliz. PMSA %                       4%                  2%              4%               0%              0%                2%              0%              -5%             -4%                 0%               1%              0%                0%          -3%
Admin. Support
Workforce # / %        466     29           6%     2          0%    0         0%     0         0%    0           0%    0         0%    0         0%    383          82%    21        5%    9         2%     4         1%    9           2%    4         1%    5         1%
Clark # / %                   12365         28%   365         1%   315        1%    45         0%   405          1%   20         0%   135        0%   27335         63%   1015       2%   335        1%    145        0%   645          1%   140        0%   245        1%

Utilization Clark %             -22%                   -1%           -1%                  0%          -1%                   0%              0%               19%                3%              1%               1%              1%                1%              0%
Skilled Craft
Workforce # / %        106     98           92%    2          2%    1         1%     1         1%    0           0%    1         1%    0         0%     3           3%     0         0%    0         0%     0         0%    0           0%    0         0%    0         0%
Clark # / %                   17550         85%   860         4%   210        1%    190        1%   325          2%   35         0%   170        1%   1105          5%     45        0%   10         0%     10        0%   105          1%    0         0%   10         0%

Utilization Clark %                  7%                -2%               0%               0%          -2%                   1%          -1%                 -2%                 0%              0%               0%          -1%                   0%              0%
Workforce # / %        86      55           64%    4          5%    2         2%     0         0%    0           0%    0         0%    1         1%    24           28%    0         0%    0         0%     0         0%    0           0%    0         0%    0         0%
Clark # / %                   23655         50%   1975        4%   415        1%    280        1%   925          2%   85         0%   380        1%   16655         35%   1090       2%   355        1%    235        0%   1035         2%   90         0%   245        1%

Utilization Clark %                  14%                 1%              1%          -1%              -2%                   0%              0%              -7%             -2%             -1%                  0%          -2%                   0%          -1%
Total                 1756

Cells with bold and large font are underutilizations (see also Appendix A). There are 36 groups with underutilizations

                                  Table C. Significant Underutilizations by FTE (full time equivalent) employees

                                Males                                                                         Females
                     W     H        B     AI   Asian    NH    2 or more           W         H      B       AI      Asian     NH    2 or    FTE
                                                                races                                                             more    Totals
 Officials-                *                     *                                          *                        *             *        *
 Professionals                                   4                4                                                  4                     12

 Technicians               4        *            *                *               20                                 5                     29
 Protective                5                                      *                8        3                                              16
 Services Sworn
 Protective                                                                        3        3                                      *        6
 Services Non
 Administrative      N/A   3        5            5                                                                                         13
 Skilled Craft             3                     *                *                *                                 *                      3

 Service                   3              *      *                                 6        *       *                *             *        9

 FTE Totals                18       5            9                4               37        6                        9                     88

Cells with numerals are significant underutilizations (at least 3 or more FTEs employees needed to eliminate underutilization).
* Minor underutilizations: two or less FTEs needed to eliminate underutilization.
Blank Cells: no underutilizations.
N/A: Per DOJ guidance, underutilization of white males in administrative support should not be identified as significant.

                             4. Significant Underutilizations

The data was analyzed to determine significant underutilizations. These are displayed in
Table C. Most underutilization would be eliminated by one or two hires or promotions.
The areas of significant underutilization are those that would need three or more new
hires to eliminate underutilization. Therefore, the significantly underutilized areas are:

   •   Hispanics: males in Technicians, Protective Services Sworn, Administrative
       Support, Skilled Craft and Service-Maintenance and females in Protective
       Services Sworn and Protective Services Non Sworn job categories

   •   Asians: males in Professionals, Administrative Support, and Skilled Craft and
       females in Professionals and Technicians categories

   •   Blacks: males in the Administrative Support category

   •   Two or more races: males in Professionals category

   •   Whites: females in Technicians, Protective Services (Sworn and Non Sworn) and
       Service-Maintenance categories

In addition to the above specific, significant underutilizations, the county continues to be
committed to eliminating all underutilizations. The objectives and action steps in the Plan
are targeted at increasing the representation of all races, genders and national origin
groups to reflect our community labor market.

According to the 2006 Census update, the county minority population for these groups is:
Hispanic: 6.4%, Blacks: 2.1%, and Asian: 3.9%. Currently, Clark County government’s
comparable employee percents are: Hispanic: 2.7%, Blacks: 2.2% and Asian: 1.8%.

The county positions included in the eight DOJ job categories are in Appendix B.

                                    5. 2008 Objectives

The objectives are based on the significant underutilizations identified as a result of the
comparisons of the relevant community labor force for each job category and protected
groups. These are written in accordance with guidance and examples provided by the
DOJ for EEO Plans.

   1. To encourage equal employment opportunities for Hispanics in these job
      categories: males in Technicians, Protective Services Sworn, Administrative
      Support, Skilled Craft and Service-Maintenance and females in Protective
      Services Sworn and Non Sworn

   2. To encourage equal employment opportunities for Asians in these job categories:
      males in Professionals, Administrative Support, and Skilled Craft and females in
      Professionals and Technicians

   3. To encourage equal employment opportunities for Black males in the
      Administrative Support category

   4. To encourage equal employment opportunities for two or more races (males) in
      the Professionals category

   5. To encourage equal employment opportunities for white females in these job
      categories: Technicians, Protective Services (Sworn and Non Sworn), and

   6. To encourage equal employment opportunities in all County job categories.

The next section describes specific steps and actions to be taken to attain these objectives.

                      6. Steps and Actions to Achieve Objectives

The county is experiencing a temporary decline in revenue. If this continues during the
next two year plan, it will likely impact employment opportunities and recruitment

Clark County will:

   1. Participate in up to six job fairs and/or other outreach venues that emphasize
      diversity and send female and minority staff members including professionals and
      officials to speak and recruit at local community colleges, technical schools,
      universities, career expos, and conferences.

   2. Continue to review employment organizational data related to job categories that
      show significant underutilization to identify issues that may pose barriers for any
      protected class, including but not limited to Hispanics, Asians and Blacks.

   3. Continue to examine applicant flow data for recent and upcoming vacancies at
      least quarterly; recruitment team will continue to evaluate advertising practices
      and encourage hiring managers to explore and utilize industry specific advertising
      (e.g. listservs and publications) as well as outreach events.

   4. Track and evaluate applicant screening, hiring, promotion, termination, transfer
      and discipline rates using race, national origin, and gender data through the use of
      a standard monthly report which tracks EEO information for all applicants and

   5. Develop training of interview panel members to increase understanding of bias
      and favoritism as well as clarification for the panel’s roles and responsibilities in
      the hiring process.

   6. Continue incorporating one or more diversity-related questions in supplemental
      questionnaires and/or interviews for all positions. Interview panels will include
      diverse members of the county’s workforce.

   7. Continue to collaborate with hiring managers during the recruitment process to
      sustain awareness of county goals of increasing the diversity of applicant pools
      for underrepresented categories. Annual meetings will be held with all managers
      and all supervisory personnel to ensure compliance with our EEO policy, to assist
      the managers in identifying problem areas, and in the formulation of effective

   8. Advertise job openings in newspapers, journals and electronic media and web
      sites that target specific diverse populations and provide copies of job openings to
      targeted outreach organizations (see Appendix D, EEOP, for outreach groups
      receiving all county job postings).

9. Include a wider range of community groups in recruitment. Increase relationships
   in various ethnically and socially diverse communities and partner with
   community partners and organizations.

10. Implement a new Diversity Strategic Plan throughout the county by broadening
    the talents, perspectives and relationships of the workforce in order to provide
    quality services to our public. See Diversity Plan for details.

                                7. Dissemination of Plan
A. Internal Dissemination:

   1. The EEO policy is included in the Human Resources Policy Manual made
      available to all employees on the Intranet and within their departments. Elements
      of these policies are communicated to employees during the initial new employee
      orientation and periodically through standard employee communication processes.

   2. The county's commitment to EEO is presented as part of our orientation program
      for new employees.

   3. The EEO policy and discrimination complaint process is published semi-annually
      in the Clark County employee newsletter.

   4. The intent of the EEO policy and individual responsibility for the implementation
      of the county policy will be discussed periodically at department head staff

   5. Informal discussions will be held annually with county employees regarding the
      county EEO policy and Plan.

   6. State and federal EEO notices will be posted on bulletin boards throughout the

   7. Records of EEO applicant flow data for all positions are monitored and
      appropriate annual reports made to elected officials/department heads.

   8. The importance of complying with Federal EEO regulations will be discussed
      annually and communicated in writing with union officials to secure their
      understanding and cooperation. A nondiscrimination clause is included in union
      contracts. All contractual provisions will be reviewed to ensure they are

B. External Dissemination:

   1. All employment opportunity announcements contain the message: “Equal
      Opportunity Employer.” Prospective employees will be notified that they may
      obtain a copy of the EEOP on request.

   2. The Clark County application is periodically reviewed to determine compliance
      with the latest state and federal EEO regulations to ensure each applicant is
      provided the maximum opportunity to present her/his related qualifications.

   3. Recruiting sources, including minority and female organizations, are annually
      informed in writing of Clark County's EEO policy and commitment. The list of
      recruiting contacts will continue to be reviewed annually to determine their
      effectiveness in referring a diversity of qualified applicants. Suggestions of
      additional sources are welcome.

   4. Annually, meet with Temporary agencies to review EEO policy and plan.

   5. Job announcements are regularly distributed to the recruiting sources encouraging
      them to refer qualified applicants to assist in the implementation of our EEO

   6. The Clark County EEO policy statement is included in recruiting material.

   7. Public work sessions with the Board of County Commissioners will be held
      annually to review the county’s EEOP progress and results and reinforce the
      county’s commitment as an Equal Opportunity Employer.

   8. Clark County will strive to do business with minority- and women-owned
      business enterprises, as allowable by law, in an effort to diversify our contractual
      base. All requests for bid and request for proposals include contractual language
      addressing EEO requirements. The county will advertise bid opportunities with
      the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs which serves the greater
      Portland/Vancouver area. County bids for federally funded projects will include
      nondiscrimination requirements in the selection of subcontractors and encourage
      prospective prime contractors to affirmatively solicit quotes from sub-contractors
      who are Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.

   9. The county will be represented at recruitment functions, meetings of community
      groups, local schools, colleges, and training programs, reasserting the county's
      commitment to the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan.

   10. The county will identify and participate in job fairs and other recruitment
       functions that will assist in reaching potential applicants for positions including
       those for which significant underutilization has been identified.

11. The County's Contracting Office will provide written notice to all vendors and
    contractors that they may obtain a copy of the County's EEOP on request.

12. Bound copies of the EEOP will be sent to the County Public Library so that
    copies may be put on display in the Main Library and in the reading rooms of
    neighborhood libraries throughout the County.

13. Post electronic copies of EEOP on county internet and intranet.




 A     Underutilization Summary*

 B     Job category Definitions

 C     Race and Ethnicity Definitions

 D     Outreach Recruitment List

 E     DOJ Grants*

 F     2006 and 2008 Underutilizations

* DOJ, (US Department of Justice) requirements

                       Appendix A. Underutilization Summary
                             (See Table A for display)

Official/Administrators Underutilization:
Hispanic Males                 1%
Asian Males                    1%
Hispanic Females               1%
Asian Females                  1%
Two or more races Females      1%
Professionals Underutilization:
Asian Males                    1%
Two or more Races, Males       1%
Asian Females                  1%
Technicians Underutilization:
Hispanic Males                 2%
Black Males                    1%
Asian Males                    1%
White Females                  11%
Asian Females                  2%
Protective Services-Sworn Underutilization:
Hispanic Males                 2%
Two or more Races, Males       1%
White Females                  3%
Hispanic Females               1%
Protective Services: Non-Sworn
White Females                  5%
Hispanic Females               4%
Two or more Races, Females 3%
Administrative Support Underutilization:
White Males                    22%
Hispanic Males                 1%
Black Males                    1%
Asian Males                    1%
Skilled Craft Underutilization:
Hispanic Males                 2%
Asian Males                    2%
Two or more Races, Males       1%
White Females                  2%
Asian Females                  1%
Service Maintenance Underutilization:
AI/AN Males                    1%
Asian Males                    2%
White Females                  7%
Hispanic Females               2%
Black Females                  1%
Asian Females                  2%
Two or more Races, Females 1%

                         Appendix B: Job Category Classifications
Officials/Administrators: Accounting Manager; Accounting Supervisor; Administrative Serv.
Mgr I, II and III; Assessor; Chief Deputy; Chief Appraiser; Chief Building Official; Chief
Civil/Criminal PA; Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attny; Chief Deputy Sheriff-Prof Serv; Child
Abuse Interv. Ctr. Mgr; Corrections Operations Manager; County Administrator; County
Assessor; County Auditor; County Clerk; County Commissioner; County Engineer; County
Prosecuting Attorney; County Sheriff; County Treasurer; Department Finance Manager; Deputy
County Administrator; Deputy County Clerk; Deputy Dir. Soc. & Behav. Svcs; Deputy Director
Public Health; Deputy Director Public Work; Deputy Treasurer; Development Services Manager;
Director Community Services; Director, Budget; Director, Community Development; Director;
Community Planning; Director, Finance; Director, General Services; Director, Human Resources;
Director, Info. Technology; Director, Pub. Info. & Outreach; Director, Public Health; Director,
Public Works; District Court Administrator; District Court Commissioner; District Court Judge;
Endangered Species Prog. Coord; Engineering Division Manager; Engineering Svc. Mgr. I;
Engineering Svc Mgr II; Engineering Svc Mgr III; Equipment Maintenance Supvr; Facilities
Management Manager, Financial Program Manager I, Financial Program Manager II, Fire
Marshal; Fleet Supervisor; Food Services Manager; GIS Coordinator; GIS Manager; Health
Officer; Information Tech. Supervisor; Information Technology Mgr I, II, and III; Juvenile Court
Services Administrator; Juvenile Probation Supervisor; Medical Examiner; Office Manager;
Operations Mgr., Public Works; Operations Review Manager; Operations Superintendent; Print
Shop and Mailroom Superv; Program Manager I, II, and III; Prosecuting Attorney's
Administrator; Purchasing Manager; Records Officer; Superior Court Administrator; Superior
Court Commissioner; Under Sheriff; Wastewater Operations Manager; Weed Management

Professionals: Accountant; Accountant, Senior; Appraisal Systems Analyst; Assessment & Levy
Specialist; Assessment Specialist; Buyer; Capital Prog Specialist; Capital Prog. Specialist, Sr;
Capital Project Manager I, II, and III; Case Manager I; Commercial Appraiser Spec;
Communication Specialist; Communications Specialist, Sr; Corrections Counselor; Corrections
Counselor, Lead; Current Use Appraiser; Database Administrator; Database Administrator, Princ;
Database Administrator, Sr; Deputy Prosecuting Attorney I and II; Deputy Prosecuting Attorney,
Sr; Diversion Counselor; Economic Development Manager; Elections Coordinator; Engineer I, II,
and II; Env. Health Specialist I, and II; Epidemiologist; Family Court Svs Coordinator; GIS
Analyst; Graphics Communication Spec; Health Educator I, and II, HIV/AIDS Specialist; Human
Resources Rep., Associate Human Resources Rep, Ass't; Human Resources Rep, Senior; Human
Resources Representative; Indigent Defense Coordinator; Industrial Appraiser; Juvenile Services
Associate; Law Librarian; Management Analyst; Management Analyst, Senior; Natural
Resources Spec I, II, and III; Network Administrator; Network Administrator, Lead; Network
Administrator, Principal; Network Administrator, Sr; Nurse Practitioner; Nutritionist; Oral Health
Specialist; Personal Prop. Auditor; App. II, III, and IV; Planner I, II, and III; Planner, Senior;
Planner; Water Quality; Policy Analyst, Senior; Policy Assistant; Policy Assistant, Sr; Program
Coordinator I, and II; Project Accounting Manager; Project Coordinator; Public Health Nurse I,
and II; Real Property Agent I, II, and III; Real Property Appraiser I, II, III, and IV; Sales Analyst
Statistician; Social Worker/Case Mgr II; Solids Program Coordinator; Staff Assistant; Systems
Administrator; Systems Administrator, Principal; Systems Administrator, Sr; Traffic Engineer;
Waste Reduction Specialist

Technicians: Autopsy Assistant; Building Inspector I, II, and III; Building Inspector,
Leadworker; Code Enforcement Officer; Community Health Worker; Dept Info. Systems Coord.

I, and II; Dept. Web/Publications Coord; Design Drafter; Electronic Home Confid. Tech;
Engineering Technician; Engineering Technician, Ass't; Engineering Technician, Sr; Family
Assistance Specialist; Fire Inspector I, and II; GIS Technician I, II, and III; Laboratory Analyst;
Land Records Technician I, and II; Land Records Technician, Lead; Medical Assistant; Medical
Examiner Investigator; MIS Coordinator; Nutrition Assistant; Nutrition Technician; Offender
Industries Tech I, II and III; Permit Technician; Permit Technician, Assistant; Permit Technician,
Lead; Planning Technician I, and II; Plans Examiner; Plans Examiner, Leadworker; Plans
Examiner, Senior; Programmer Analyst; Programmer Analyst, Princ; Programmer Analyst, Sr;
Programmer/Analyst Technician; Rehabilitation Specialist; Rehabilitation Specialist, Sr;
Research Assistant; Technical Services Analyst; Technical Support Spec; Princ; Technical
Support Spec, Sr; Technical Support Specialist 1, 2, and 3; Traffic Control Technician; Traffic
Signal Technician; Traffic Signal Technician, Sr; Utility Coordinator; Weed Management Field
Inspect; Weed Mgmt Field Inspect, Lead

Protective Services Sworn: Animal Control Officer, Lead; Chief Deputy Sheriff–Civil; Chief
Deputy Sheriff–Jail; Chief Deputy Sheriff; Asst; Chief Deputy Sheriff-Criminal; Commander;
Custody Officer; Custody Sergeant; Deputy Fire Marshal, Sr; Deputy Sheriff I and II; Financial
Investigator; Financial Investigator, Asst; Juvenile Probation Counselor; Sergeant;

Protective Services -Non Sworn: Animal Control Officer; Civil Division Supervisor; Crime
Analyst; Juvenile Detention Leadworker; Juvenile Detention Officer; PA Investigator; Sheriff's
Support Spec. Superv; Support Training Officer;

Administrative Support: Accounting Assistant I, II, and III; Administrative Assistant;
Assistance Specialist; BOCC Administrative Assistant; Buyer, Assistant; Cadet; Central Stores
Assistant; Clerk to the Board; Corrections Program Associate; Court Assistant I, II, III; Court
Assistant, Senior; Delinquent Tax Collector; Environmental Health Assistant; Executive
Assistant; Grants Accounting Specialist; Information Tech Assistant; Inventory Specialist; IT
Accounting Assistant; Judicial Assistant; Legal Assistant; Legal Secretary I, and II; Legal
Specialist; License Specialist I and II; License Specialist, Senior; Logistics Assistant; Office
Aide; Office Assistant I, II and III; Office Assistant, Senior; Office Supervisor; Payroll Analyst;
Pet License Officer; Program Assistant; Property Technician; Real Property Assistant; Sheriff's
Acctg. Spec I, II, and III; Sheriff's Support Spec I, II, and III; Shop Assistant; Supply Officer.

Skilled Craft: Equipment Assistant; Equipment Technician I; Equipment Technician II/Ldwkr;
Equipment Technician, Apprentice; Facilities Maint Spec, Lead; Facilities Maint. Specialist;
Grounds Maintenance Crew Chief; Heavy Equipment Operator; Highway Maint. Crew Chief;
Highway Maint. Specialist; Industrial Electrician; Offset Press Operator; Service Writer;
Wastewater Maint. Leadworker; Wastewater Maint. Tech I, and II; Wastewater Operations

Service/Maintenance: Custodial Aide; Custodian; Facilities Maintenance Helper; Facilities
Maintenance Worker; Food Services Coordinator; Food Services Coordinator, Sr; Grounds
Maintenance Specialist; Grounds Maintenance Worker; Highway Maint. Worker; Jail Industries
Coordinator; Jail Industries Supervisor; Offender Crew Chief; Offender Crew Chief, Lead; Parks
& Vegetation Specialist; Wastewater Operator I, II, and III; Weed Control Technician

                      Appendix C. Race and Ethnicity Definitions
             (Definitions by US Department of Justice, DOJ, effective 2008)

"White" (Not Hispanic or Latino): All persons having origins in any of the original peoples
of Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East.

"Black" or “African American” (Not Hispanic or Latino): All persons having origins in any
of the Black racial groups of Africa.

"Asian" (Not Hispanic or Latino): All persons having origins in any of the original peoples
of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian Subcontinent. For example, China, Japan,
Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippine Islands.

“Native Hawaiian” or “Other Pacific Islander” (Not Hispanic or Latino): All persons
having origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa or other Pacific

"American Indian” or “Alaskan Native" (Not Hispanic or Latino): All persons having
origins in any of the original peoples of North and South America, and who maintain
cultural identification through tribal affiliation or community recognition.

“Two or More races” (Not Hispanic or Latino): All persons who identify with more than
one of the above five races.

"Hispanic” or “Latino”: All persons of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South
American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.

                        Appendix D Outreach Recruitment List
These organizations have expertise in sourcing and recruiting diverse applicants. They
will receive information about position openings with Clark County during 2008-10.

Action Vocational Resources
Affiliated Tribes, NW Indians
Asian Family Center, Portland
Asian Pacific American Community and Support Association
Better People, OR (employment counseling)
Black Entrepreneurs of Clark County
Capital Career Center
Central City Concerns Jobs
Children's Home Society of WA
Clark Co Vocational Skills Center
CorCare (Preferred provider - health care)
Cowlitz Co – Human Resources
DePaul Treatment Centers, Inc.
Dept. of Community Corrections
Diversity Advisory Committee, Clark County
Diversity Council, WSU Vancouver
Drake, Beam, Morin, INC.
Department of Social and Health Services
Employment Security Department, Washington State
Filipino American Assoc. of Vancouver & Vicinity
Goodwill Industries
Goodwill Placement Service – Portland
League of United Latin-American Citizens, Vancouver
Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber, Portland
Hispanic Access Center, Portland
IRCO (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization)
Job Developers
Kitsap County Personnel Department
League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Clark County Chapter
Metro Community Church-Job Bank
Mid-Willamette Job Council Employment Counselor
Multicultural Community Services, Vancouver
MOSAIC (Univ. of WA Listserv for diverse applicants)
North County Family Resource Center
Northwest China Council, Portland
NWEEO/Affirmative Action Association, Portland
Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs
Oregon Commission on Asian Affairs
Oregon State Employment Division
Partners in Diversity, Portland

Private Colleges in the region (where student diversity meets or exceeds that of
Clark County: 15.6%), such as: College of Legal Arts; Linfield; Pacific; Concordia;
Reed; University of Portland; Willamette; Antioch-Seattle; Seattle University;
Heritage College; University of Puget Sound; and St. Martin's College.
Russian Chamber of Commerce, Portland
Private Industry Council – Clark County
Private Industry Council - NE Employment & Training Center
Public colleges in the region, such as: Portland Community College; Chemeketa
Community College; Clackamas Community College; Clark College; Lower
Columbia College; Mt. Hood Community College Workforce Connections; Portland
State University; OR State University; and WSU-Vancouver
St. John’s Evangelist Catholic Church (recruitment fairs)
SE Works Neighborhood Jobs Center
St.Vincent DePaul Rehab.
State of Oregon
Steps to Success East
Steps to Success North
Stevenson Job Service
Stonebridge Rehab.
SW WA PIC Worksource West Vancouver
Transition Project Clark Center
Urban League Urban Plaza Employment Coordinator
Veteran Organizations: i.e., US Dept of Veterans Affairs, OR and WA Dept. of Vet.
Affairs & National Guard Transition Assistance Programs, Veteran Career Network,
Veteran’s Affairs Desk, WSU, etc.
Vocational Rehab Dept- Oregon & WA
Vocational Rehab Division – Milwaukie
WA State Employment Security Dept – Vancouver Town Plaza
Western WA University Career Services Center
Work Force Dynamics
Youth Employment Institute
YWCA Diversity Task Force, Vancouver

                                                Appendix E. DOJ Grants to Clark County

  Grant Title and       Direct       Grantee Name and           Clark        Grant      DOJ grant         If applicable:      Pass through contact
  Grant Number       Recipient or        Address               Contact      amount       manager        Name of agency        person name, address
                     Sub recipient                           name phone                 name and      passing DOJ grant             and phone
                                                                                          Phone             to County
 Children’s          Sub             Children’s Justice      Mary           $7,328     Unknown        National Children’s     Mindy Bixby,
 Advocacy Center                     Center                  Blanchette                               Alliance, NCA           NCA
                                     601 W. Evergreen,       360 397 6002                                                     516 C St. NE,
 Vanc. 313PS05                       suite 101                                                                                Washington, DC 20002
                                     Vancouver, WA                                                                            202 548 0090 Ext. 110
 2006-WF-AX-         Sub             Domestic Violence       Rosie          $9,350     Melissa        AOC                     Myra Downing
 0076                                Unit, 210 East 13th     Lundquist                 Schmisek       (Administrative         360.705.5290.
 Office of                           St. P.O. Box 1995       360 392 2008              202 305        Office of the Courts)   1112 Quince St SE,
 Violence Against                    Vancouver,                                        1271                                   P. O. Box 41170,
 Women, DOJ                          WA 98666                                                                                 Olympia, WA 98504-
 Restorative         Sub             Juvenile Court 500      Pat Borner     $24,795    Unknown        DSHS, Juvenile          Randy Sparks
 Justice Program                     W. 11th St              360 397 2201                             Rehab.                  360 902
 0663-98255-01                       Vancouver, WA                                                    Administration          8099
2005-WE-AX-0132      Sub             Clark Co Pros.          Jeannie        $18,000    Michelle       Comm. Trade and         Christine Fenno, P.O.
GTEA –F07-31105-                     Office                  Bryant                    Brickley       Economic                Box 48304, 906
        113                          P.O 5000 Van. WA        360-397-                  202 514 3590   Development             Columbia St. SW
 Arrest policies &                   98666                   2261                                                             Olympia WA 98504
   enforcement:                                                                                                               360 725 2896
 protection orders
    STOP F07-        Sub             Clark Co. Pros.         Jeannie        $33, 000   Melissa        Comm. Trade and         Jennifer Blazian , P.O.
     31103-043                       Office P.O. Box         Bryant 360-               Schmisek       Economic                Box 48304, 906
   2007-WF-AX-                       5000 Van. WA            397-2261                  202 305 1271   Development             Columbia St. SW
        0008                         98666                                                                                    Olympia WA 98504
                                                                                                                              360 725 2824
 2006-PG-BX-         Sub             Clark County            John Lawler    $28,000    Unknown        WA Association of       Kim Goodman
 0012                                Sheriff’s Office, 701   360 397 2211                             Sheriffs and Police     (WASPC)
 Anti-Gang                           W. 13th St.             Ext. 4173                                Chiefs                  360-486-2380
 Initiative                          Vancouver, WA

  Grant Title and         Direct        Grantee Name and           Clark       Grant      DOJ grant          If applicable:      Pass through
  Grant Number         Recipient or         Address               Contact     amount       manager         Name of agency       contact person
                       Sub recipient                               name                   name and        passing DOJ grant   name, address and
                                                                   phone                    Phone              to County            phone
2007-BO-BX-0703        Direct          Clark County Sheriff’s    John        $7,044     Joe Husted        Not Applicable      Not Applicable
Bullet Proof                           Office, 701 W. 13th St.   Lawler                 202-353-4411
Partnership                            Vancouver, WA 98660       360 397
                                                                 Ext. 4173
Byrne Justice          Sub             Clark County Sheriff’s    John        $176,883   --------          WA Department of    Dan Davis
Assistance                             Office, 701 W. 13th St.   Lawler                                   Community Trade     360 725 3041
Grant – Narcotics                      Vancouver, WA 98660       360 397                                  and Economic
Task Force Program                                               2211                                     Development
M07-66201-006                                                    Ext. 4173
2005-DJ-BX-0643        Direct          Clark County Sheriff’s    John        $149,682   Jeffery Felten-   Not Applicable      Not Applicable
2005 Byrne Justice                     Office, 701 W. 13th St.   Lawler                 Green
Assistance Grant                       Vancouver, WA 98660       360 397                202 514 8874
(Local)                                                          2211
                                                                 Ext. 4173
2006-DJ-BX-0718        Direct          Clark County Sheriff’s    John        $88,463    Jeffery Felten-   Not Applicable      Not Applicable
2006 Byrne Justice                     Office, 701 W. 13th St.   Lawler                 Green
Asstnc Grant (Local)                   Vancouver, WA 98660       360 397                202 514 8874
                                                                 Ext. 4173
2007-DJ-BX-0229        Direct          Clark County Sheriff’s    John        $141,756   Jeffery Felten-   Not Applicable      Not Applicable
2007 Byrne Justice                     Office, 701 W. 13th St.   Lawler                 Green
Asstnc Grant (Local)                   Vancouver, WA 98660       360 397                202 514 8874
                                                                 Ext. 4173
2005-WE-AX-0132        Sub             Clark County Sheriff’s    John        $56,000    ----              WA Dept. of Trade   Chris Fenno, Office
Grants to Encourage                    Office, 701 W. 13th St.   Lawler                                   and Economic Dev.   of Crime Victims
Arrest Policies and                    Vancouver, WA 98660       360 397                                                      Advocacy
Enforcement                                                      2211                                                         360 725 2896
(GTEA)                                                           Ext. 4173
Unknown                Sub             Clark County Sheriff’s    John        $13,894    ----              WA State Patrol     Ernie Schnabler,
Law Enforcement                        Office, 701 W. 13th St.   Lawler                                                       CRESA
Terrorism Protection                   Vancouver, WA 98660       360 397                                                      360 737 1911
Program (LETPP)                                                  2211
                                                                 Ext. 4173

  Grant Title and         Direct        Grantee Name and           Clark       Grant        DOJ grant     If applicable:         Pass through
  Grant Number         Recipient or         Address               Contact     amount         manager     Name of agency         contact person
                       Sub recipient                               name                     name and    passing DOJ grant     name, address and
                                                                   phone                      Phone         to County                phone
Unknown                Sub             Clark County Sheriff’s    John        $9,000    --               WA State Patrol       Jeffery Hugdahl,
(in progress)                          Office, 701 W. 13th St.   Lawler                                                       WSP 360 596 4071
Marijuana                              Vancouver, WA 98660       360 397
Eradication                                                      2211
2008                                                             Ext. 4173

Unknown                Sub             Clark County Sheriff’s    John        $36,588   ----             WA Association of     Kim Goodman,
Methamphetamine                        Office, 701 W. 13th St.   Lawler                                 Sheriffs and police   WASPC
Initiative 2008                        Vancouver, WA 98660       360 397                                Chiefs                360 486 2380
                                                                 Ext. 4173
17PNWP505Z             Sub             Clark County Sheriff’s    John        $12,000   ---              WA State Patrol       Jeffery Hugdahl,
National Marijuana                     Office, 701 W. 13th St.   Lawler                                                       WSP 360 596 4071
Initiative 2008                        Vancouver, WA 98660       360 397
                                                                 Ext. 4173
2007-AP-BX-0275        Direct          Clark County Sheriff’s    John        $34,218   Joe Husted       Not Applicable        Not Applicable
State Criminal Alien                   Office, 701 W. 13th St.   Lawler                202 353 4411
Assistance Program                     Vancouver, WA 98660       360 397
                                                                 Ext. 4173
Unknown                Sub             Clark County Sheriff’s    John        $8,250    -----            WA Department of      Chris Fenno
STOP Violence                          Office, 701 W. 13th       Lawler                                 Community Trade       360 725 2896
Against Women                          St. Vancouver, WA         360 397                                and Economic
                                       98660                     2211                                   Development
                                                                 Ext. 4173

                         Appendix F. 2006 and 2008 Underutilizations* by FTE employees
                             (Includes all protected groups: race, ethnicity and gender)

               Job Categories                             2006                             2008
 Officials-Administrators                                  16                                8
 Professionals                                             21                               12
 N=360 (2006)
 N=394 (2008)
 Technicians                                              108                               33
 N=186 (2008)
 N=400 (2006)                                  (included 81 white females)     (includes 21 white females)
 Protective Services (2006)
    • Officials (N=18)                                      9                              N/A
    • Patrol (N=107)                                       52
 Protective Services (2008)
    • Sworn (N=299)                                       N/A                               18
    • Non-Sworn (N=57)                                                                       7
 Office Clerical-Admin. Support (N=466)                    16                               13

 Skilled Craft
 N=122 (2006)                                              13                               12
 N=106 (2008)
 Service Maintenance                                       9                                17
 N=62 (2006)
 N=86 (2008)
 Total                                                      244                             120
                                                   (out of 1,697 FTEs)             (out of 1,756 FTEs)
FTE: full time equivalent employees
* Includes protected groups as defined by DOJ.
In 2006, total underutilization was 244 FTEs; in 2008 it was 120 FTEs.


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