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					                                Manufacturers of Storm Windows

Company:         Climate Seal


Address:         123 Columbia Court North, Suite 201

                Chaska, MN 55318

Phone:          887-773-7379

Products:       Interior Storm Windows

Application:    Fixed Removable with magnets

Company:        Allied Window


Address:        11111 Canal Road

                Cincinnati, OH 45241

Phone:          800-445-5411

Products:       Interior and Exterior Storm Windows

Application:    Fixed Removable with magnets, clips, panels

         Authorized Dealer:      All Window Company


                Address:         647 South Gordon Road

                                 Mableton, GA 30126

                Phone:                   770-944-2230
Company:       Innerglass Window Systems


Address:       15 Herman Drive

               Simsbury, CT 06070

Phone:         800-743-6207

Product:       Interior Storm Windows

Application:   Fixed Removable by spring system

Company:       Mon-Ray


Address:       801 Boone Ave. No.

               Minneapolis, MN 55427

Phone:         800-544-3646

Products:      Interior and Exterior Storm Windows

Application:   Fixed Removable Panels, Horizontal Sliders, Double Hung

Company:       Thermo-Press Company


Address:       1735 Arlington Road

               Richmond, VA 23230

Phone:         804-355-9147

Products:      Interior Storm Windows

Application:   Fixed Removable with Velcro system
Company:        Larson


Address:        Brookings, SD

Phone:          800-352-3360

Product:        Exterior Storm Window

Application:    Two-Track Double Hung, Two-Track Slider Hung, Flush Mount, Three-Track Double Hung

         Authorized Dealer:      Lowe’s

Company:        Comfort Bilt

Address:        222 Sunrise Ridge Road

                Brookings, SD 57006

Product:        Exterior Storm Window

         Authorized Dealer:      Lowe’s

Company:        edi Window Systems, Inc


Address:        3 Alice Street

                Binghampton, NY 13904

Phone:          607-729-9131

Products:       Interior Storm Windows

Application:    Horizontal Sliding, Vertical Operating, Fixed Removable, Casement
Company:       Adams Architectural Millwork Co


Address:       900 Jackson Street

               Dubuque, IA 52001

Phone:         563-557-8851

Products:      Exterior Storm Windows and Screen

Application:   Fixed Top/Removable Bottom

Company:       Therm-o-lite


Address:       635 South Lafayette Blvd.

               South Bend, IN 46601

Phone:         574-234-4004

Product:       Interior Storm Window, In-Between the glass blind system

Company:       Kaufmann Window and Door


Address:       12891 Mount Elliott

               Detroit, MI 48212

Phone:         800-860-4455

Products:      Interior and Exterior Storm Windows, Available with a screen

Application:   Side Slider, Fixed Removable, Tracked
                        Federal Tax Incentives for Storm Windows
                    American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)

Tax Benefit

      30% of the cost of the storm windows (does not include labor), up to $1,500
          o This is subject to a $1,500 maximum per homeowner for all improvements combined in
               a two year period.


      The storm window and exterior window combined must:
       1. Have a U-factor and SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) of 0.30 or below.
               a. U-factor measures how well a product prevents heat from escaping.
               b. SHGC measures how well the window blocks heat from sunlight. It is the fraction of
                  the heat from the sun that enters the window.
       2. Must meet the prescriptive criteria established by the IECC for the climate zone.
               a. Decatur is in Climate Zone 3:
                       i. Fenestration U-Factor is 0. 50, for impact rated fenestration it is 0.65
                      ii. Fenestration SHGC is 0.40

Additional Points

      Must receive a Manufacturer’s Certification Statement, which is a signed statement from the
       manufacturer that certifies that the product qualifies for the tax credit. Ask your retailer to
       provide this statement before you purchase the product.
      If two people jointly own a home they can both receive a $1,500 tax credit if they individually
       spend on the improvements.
      The only way both members of a marriage can each receive the $1,500 tax credit is if they file
       their taxes separately, if filing jointly they can only receive $1,500.
      Must be tax payer’s principal residence.