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 MeMbership AgreeMent 2011-2012
        “calling parents?” What did this church call you for?

Bless the Child. Gift the Family. Call Parents to the Promise.

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              FSS                            S to n e S
                                             S t e p p i n g
                                             Fa i t h

Faith Stepping Stones are eight short parenting and family de-                  Stone 4: Early Elementary: My Bible
velopment courses that effectively integrate and deepen communica-              • Walks families through the Bible, highlighting key Scripture passages
tion, care, and prayer into a natural nightly family faith ritual (called the   • Deepens the understanding and appreciation of the whole story
FAITH 5™), beginning with babies and continuing through graduation.             of salvation
Each course will:                                                               • Calls parents to add the reading of one Bible verse each night to
                                                                                the bedtime ritual
• Lead parents through their child’s physical, emotional and spiritual
development and needs, as well as their own.                                    Stone 5: Late Elementary: Holy Communion
• Teach parents a simple, effective and non-threatening way to                  • Teaches the importance of living a forgiving, forgiven lifestyle
“do” regular home devotions, and become confident, effective faith              • Teaches the meaning of Holy Communion as a preparation, preview
mentors for their child.                                                        or review for children and parents
• Help congregations and families celebrate eight “stepping stones” in          • Calls families to say “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you” every night as part
the faith life and development of the child by providing them with a            of the nightly bedtime ritual
special blessing service that brings families back to the altar to recom-
mit to their faith journey together.                                            Stone 6: Surviving Adolescence
                                                                                • Equips parents and teens to begin the adolescent years with a “sur-
The eight Faith Stepping Stones are:                                            vival plan” that includes healthy listening skills
                                                                                • Engages families in discussions about the pressures parents and
Stone 1: Raising a Healthy Baby                                                 teens are facing today and ways to stay connected through it all
• Teaches parents to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual            • Calls families to add reflection and intercessory prayer to the night-
needs of their baby                                                             ly bedtime ritual
• Teaches parents to nurture their own physical, emotional, and spiri-
tual needs during this period                                                   Stone 7: Confirmation
• Calls parents to add a nightly ritual of blessing babies and putting          • Prepares youth to make a public confession of their faith, affirming
them to sleep with music featuring God’s Word                                   and confirming what they believe
                                                                                • Prepares youth to accept a specific call to ministry along with their
Stone 2: Raising a Healthy Preschooler                                          small group
• Teaches parents to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual            • Calls youth and parents to continue their nightly bedtime rituals of
needs of their preschooler                                                      Highs & Lows, confession and forgiveness, scripture, reflection, inter-
• Teaches parents to nurture their own physical, emotional, and spiri-          cessory prayer, blessing, and going to sleep with music featuring God’s
tual needs in the process                                                       Word
• Calls parents to add the practice of praying with their little ones to
their nightly bedtime ritual                                                    Stone 8: Graduation
                                                                                • Equips families and the congregation to bless their graduates
Stone 3: Entering School                                                        • Invites graduates to thank and bless their parents publicly for all that
• Teaches parents to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual            they have done
needs of their kindergartners                                                   • Helps both youth and parents to look ahead to God’s new calling
• Teaches parents to nurture their own physical, emotional, and spiri-          and direction for their lives
tual needs in the process
• Calls parents to add the sharing of Highs & Lows to the family
bedtime ritual
Faith Stepping Stones
   8 Christian Parenting courses featuring:
                         80 Scripture songs
                     Artwork by Dr. He Qi

      Baby            Preschooler         Entering School    My Bible

 Holy Communion   Surviving Adolescence   Confirmation      Graduation

 Worship liturgies for Stepping Stones Blessing Services
                       Participant handouts
       Skits by the Faith Inkubators’ writing guild
                         Engaging cartoons
             Images and analogies for teaching
                  Thematic quiz bowl questions
    • 1.888.55FAITH
                              Q1: how long is the membership year?
                              Membership runs from September 1, 2011 - August 31, 2012. Membership is auto-
                              matically renewed unless you submit a Membership Cancellation Agreement prior
                              to September 15, 2012.

 Frequently Asked Questions
                              Q2: Why do i have to become a member to get my stuff?
                              Since ministry resources are only a part of what we do, membership ensures an ongo-
                              ing relationship where we work together. Members enjoy training opportunities, digital
                              teaching aids and fun resources that are placed online and updated faster than we
                              could ever print and ship. Faith Inkubators doesn’t want to simply dump a curriculum
                              on you and call it good. We want to help you succeed with the best stuff we can create
                              together. We commit to listening, responding, tweaking and re-engineering our systems
                              and resources with your feedback built directly into the loop. We intend to get better
                              every year. You will, too.

                              Q3: What if i want to cancel?
                              You can choose to cancel your membership at any time and for any reason. In doing
                              so, you also agree to stop using all Faith Stepping Stones resources and intellectual
                              property. Membership fees are not prorated for cancellation before the end of the
                              membership year.

                              Q4: Do i need a lot of training to make Faith Stepping Stones work in my church?
                              The short answer is: No. If you love God, love families, and are willing to do some
                              reading and networking, you’ll be fine. If you want more, Faith Inkubators offers
                              training opportunities to help you get started. Check out
                              for more information.
                              Q5: What if i choose one or two Stones this year but want to use all eight next
                              You pay only for those Stones that you plan to use during a membership year.
                              You may add a Stone at any time during the year – just send us a copy of your
                              Membership Agreement and indicate that you would like to change your member-
                              ship to add additional Stones. All Stones ordered during the membership year expire
                              on the same date of August 31, 2012.

                              Q6: Where can i go to learn more about the work of Dr. he Qi and order posters?
                              Visit for more information about Dr. He Qi and how to order posters.
                              Dr. He Qi is now in the United States, and is living in Minnesota working on art for Faith
                              Inkubators’ Bible Song project. Check out for more information on Bible

                              Q7: Does Faith Stepping Stones integrate with other Faith inkubators systems?
                              Absolutely. Faith Stepping Stones is designed to inkubate faith every night in
                              every home. The habits of Faith Inkubators’ FAITH 5™, (share, read, talk, pray,
                              bless) are developed through Faith Stepping Stones and are reinforced in all of
                              Faith Inkubators’ systems. Also, the weekly materials, systems, and home com-
                              ponents in the Bible Song and Faith Stepping Stones materials will be a valu-
                              able asset for supporting families in their faith formation habits. For more
                              information about any of the Faith Inkubators systems and how they integrate,
                              please contact us by phone at 1.888.55.FAITH or through our website at
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to use Faith Stepping Stones resources and materials for your                                                                        a part of both the “Membership Cancellation Agreement” and
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ment. Please retain a copy of this agreement for your records.     The rights granted by this license are not transferable to any
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sole responsibility of the License Holder. (Please refer to Sys-   in the CANCELLATION OF ANNUAL LICENSE BY THE LICENSE              DisPosal oF resoUrces aND materials UPoN liceNse eXPiratioN
tem Requirements for information on hardware and software          HOLDER section of this agreement. License renewal fees are        If the License Holder chooses at any time to not renew the An-
needed.) Subject to the terms of this license, the Publisher       billed at the annual rate in effect at the time of the renewal,   nual License or if license is otherwise terminated, upon expi-
grants the License Holder non-exclusive permission for the         and are subject to change without notice.                         ration or termination of the license all printed and electronic
following authorized uses of the Licensed Resources:                                                                                 copies or originals of the Licensed Resources and Materials
                                                                   Faith stePPiNG stoNes DowNloaDaBle ProDUcts                       must be deleted and disposed.
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censed Resources in copies or electronic presentations by the      digital files to download (the Downloadable Product). The fol-    The only exceptions are music CDs and video DVDs that have
License Holder.                                                    lowing terms and conditions apply to Faith Stepping Stones        been produced, manufactured and/or distributed by Faith
                                                                   downloadable products, and supplement the Faith Stepping          Inkubators may be kept for listening/viewing use only and
• Use of the printed copies or electronic files of the Licensed    Stones Annual License terms and conditions. By using Faith        need not be disposed. All terms and conditions laid out in
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sponsored by the License Holder.                                   agrees to follow and be bound by the following terms and con-     materials, including but not limited to their reproduction, per-
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sponsored by the License Holder.                                   • Your credit card will be charged at the time of purchase, not   coPYriGht iNFriNGemeNt
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License Holder, beyond events sponsored by the License             • The Downloadable Product is provided by Faith Inkubators        agreement.
Holder. The Licensed Resources may not be used, copied,            on an “as is” basis. Faith Inkubators makes no representa-
reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed,        tions or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the    materials covereD BY this liceNse (liceNseD resoUrces)
sold, licensed, or otherwise used for any purposes outside         operation of the Downloadable Product, or the information,        • Faith Stepping Stones printed and electronic resources and ma-
the License Holder’s own use without prior written permission      content, materials or products included in the Downloadable       terials
from Faith Inkubators.                                             Product.
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• Posting of Licensed Resources for public display on a web-       • No credit will be given in the event a purchaser does not use   ited to text, audio, music, video, and slide presentations
site.                                                              the product or fails to retrieve the product file from the Mem-
                                                                   bership Area during the term of the license.                      Disclaimer
• Circumventing, disabling, or otherwise interfering with secu-                                                                      TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW,
rity-related features of the Licensed Resources or features that   retUrNs                                                           FAITH INKUBATORS AND ALL OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, OWNERS,
prevent or restrict use of copying of any Licensed Resources or    License Holders will have thirty (30) days from the date of in-   EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, INFORMATION PROVIDERS, AND AFFILI-
enforce limitations on use of the materials.                       voice to return Faith Stepping Stones membership resources        ATES SHALL IN NO EVENT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIMS, CHARG-
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• Copying, reproducing or distribution of music &/or electronic    fee. All Resources and Materials must be received in usable       OF WHATEVER NATURE AND HOWSOEVER ARISING, INCLUD-
audio files in any way, including music CDs and video DVDs         condition. The License Holder is responsible for all shipping     ING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY COMPENSATORY, INCIDENTAL,
that have been produced, manufactured, distributed by and/         charges.                                                          DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, OR CONSEQUENTIAL
or purchased from Faith Inkubators.                                                                                                  DAMAGES, LOSS OF USE, LOSS OF DATA, LOSS CAUSED BY
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• Preparing of new musical arrangements of copyrighted text        If License Holder chooses to cancel or otherwise not renew the    PROFIT, LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, INTERRUPTION
or music in the Licensed Resources.                                Annual License, the License Holder must initiate step 1 of the    OF SERVICE, CLAIMS OF THIRD PARTIES, OR OTHER LOSSES OF
                                                                   process below before midnight on August 31, 2012 and then         ANY KIND OR CHARACTER.
• Translation of the texts of the Licensed Resources into any      complete steps 2 and 3 in a timely manner thereafter:
other language.                                                                                                                      GoverNiNG law
                                                                   1. Notify Faith Inkubators by fax (1-651-430-2377) or e-mail      This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of
• Any other use not specifically authorized by this license.       ( of intent to cancel and request from Faith    Minnesota, United States of America.
                                                                   Inkubators a “Membership Cancellation Agreement.”
coPYriGht creDit
All uses of the Licensed Resources must be accompanied by          2. Sign the “Membership Cancellation Agreement” upon
an appropriate statement acknowledging the copyright sta-          receipt and return the original of that document to Faith
tus. Copyright credit lines for resources and materials covered    Inkubators by mail (Faith Inkubators, PO Box 2307, Stillwater,
by this license must follow this format: “From Faith Stepping      MN 55082-3307) or fax (1-651-430-2377).

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