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					                                    Volume 8 Issue 1                                                                             Spring 2010 Newsletter
                                                                 Farms Preserved in Durham and Stonington
                                                                                                                “Having worked the land, cut my firewood from it,
Photo courtesy of Connecticut Farmland Trust

                                                                                                           raised sheep on it, and hayed it, I have developed a lot of
                                                                                                           affection for it,” said Mr. Scott of his farm. In regards to
                                                                                                           his donation of the development rights on his property, he
                                                                                                           said, “I told my kids that my chest was puffed out a little
                                                                                                           more and when I walked out in the snow, it was nice to
                                                                                                           know that this land will never be developed. I feel that I’ve
                                                                                                           kind of kept faith with the land and with the critters on it.”

                                                                                                                In the first weeks of January, CFT completed our first
                                                                                                           preservation project of 2010 – the donation of a
                                                                                                           conservation easement on Little Pond Farm in Pawcatuck,
                                                                                                           part of the Town of Stonington.

                                               Scottish Highland cattle graze on Vanishing Geese Farm in

                  Connecticut Farmland Trust (CFT) ended 2009 with
             the preservation of 43-acre Vanishing Geese Farm in
             Durham, and began 2010 by protecting 63-acre Little Pond

                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo courtesy of Connecticut Farmland Trust
             Farm in Stonington.

                 An agricultural conservation easement on Durham’s
             Vanishing Geese Farm was donated to CFT by owner, Jim

                  “We are very impressed by and appreciative of this
             generous donation,” said Henry Talmage, Executive
             Director of the Connecticut Farmland Trust. “It has been a
             pleasure to work with Mr. Scott to permanently protect his
             farm. It’s an excellent example of the importance of
             protecting farmland for current and future generations of

                   Scott has farmed the land, which includes hay and
             pasture fields, wetland, and woodland, since 1979. He ran                                     A view through the trees, of Little Pond Farm in Stonington.
             it as a commercial sheep farm until several years ago and
             now raises Scottish Highland cattle, chickens, and honey
                                                                                                                                                    Story contin ued on page 2
                 Farms Preserved (continued)                                                BOARD
     “We are extremely happy to have aided in the preservation of Little Pond                 of
Farm,” says Henry Talmage. “This is our first protected farm in Stonington and            DIRECTORS
our sixth in New London County.”
                                                                                                       Dawn C. Adiletta
     Landowners Thomas and Dorothea Cannan donated a conservation easement                                  East Woodstock
to CFT on the 96-acre farm before selling it. The easement will allow the                                Robin Chesmer
development of one residential lot and will permanently protect the remainder                     Graywall Farms, Lebanon
of the farm from non-agricultural development. The Cannans will retain the
original farm house and may possibly build a new barn on the unprotected portion                               Jay Dippel
of the land.                                                                                 Connecticut Dept. of Agriculture

                                                                                              Dr. Michael A. Fotos, III
     The Cannans purchased the farm in 1968 and began selling hay, boarding                                   West Hartford
horses, and raising cattle. The farm now produces hay and corn and is leased to a
local dairy farmer. The new owners may also keep horses and goats.                                   Gordon F. Gibson
                                                                                                           CT State Grange
     “It’s not the biggest farm in town, but it’s the best,” says Thomas Cannan of                        John C. Haller
Little Pond Farm. “That’s the truth.”                                                                          East Granby

                                                                                                    Aimee Hoben, Esq.
     The property is a mixture of fields and woodlands. All of the property’s 63                          The Hartford
acres of crop fields are covered by prime and important agricultural soils. Little
Pond Farm is also adjacent to a 148-acre agricultural and forested property                              John J. Kriz, III
protected by the Stonington Land Trust.                                                                        New Canaan

                                                                                              Richard A. Marone, Esq.
            Making the Most of Our Money                                                               Murtha Cullina LLP

     In the past eight years, CFT has protected 1,766 acres of farmland on 20                            James D. Miller
farms across the state and has also assisted our partners in the preservation of 602                      Farm Credit East
additional acres. As a result of our ability to partner and leverage scarce conserva-                   Nicholas Moore
tion funds, we have been extremely efficient with our acquisition resources.                                         Sharon

     In fact, CFT has spent $262,000 of our dedicated Acquisition Fund to protect                         Steve Reviczky
                                                                                                           CT Farm Bureau
farmland with a fair-market easement value at the time of preservation of over $11
million (a leverage ratio of 44:1).                                                                         Gary S. Rose
                                                                                        CT Dept. of Environmental Protection
     CFT is currently working to preserve a total of 381 acres on five family farms,
                                                                                                                 Tim Slate
and is also assisting the Connecticut Department of Agriculture with three more             Kahn Tractor & Equipment, Inc.
farms, totaling 215 acres. All of these projects are expected to be protected in
2010.                                                                                                    Peter J. Sposito
                                                                                                   Bankers’ Bank Northeast

           Help CFT Help the Environment                                                        Gregory J. Weidemann
                                                                                            College of Agriculture & Natural
     Confirm your email address with CFT and you’ll help us reduce the amount                           Resources, UCONN
of paper we use. To request electronic versions of our newsletter and other
mailings, send your email address to info@CTFarmland.org or send this form to                    STAFF
our office: 77 Buckingham Street, Hartford, CT 06106
                                                                                                     Henry N. Talmage
                                                                                                          Executive Director
                                                                                                        Elisabeth Moore
                                                                                                     Director of Conservation
                                                                                                Fumiko Ishikawa Foos
     Email:______________________________________________________                                 Director of Admin istration
                                                                                                             Katie Matus
                                                                                                   Communications Associate
 2 ● Spring 2010 Newsletter ● Connecticut Farmland Trust
                               Farms Preserved by CFT
      Scaglia Fruit Farm, Glastonbury *                     Osuch Farm, Watertown & Bethlehem * *
              16.5 acres in 2002                                      39.9 acres in 2007
         Barnes Farm, New Hartford                               Rocklawn Farms, Canterbury
             194.94 acres in 2003                                     189 acres in 2007
          Random Farm, Ashford                                  Stoney Hedge Farm, Lebanon
            212.3 acres in 2004                                        22 acres in 2007
     Hollow Brook Farm, North Canaan                            Grassy Hill Farm, Falls Village
            196.24 acres in 2004                                       38 acres in 2007
        Phillips Farm, Southbury * *                            Cato Corner Farm, Colchester *
               20 acres in 2004                                        75 acres in 2008
Cold Spring Brook Farm, Berlin & Rocky Hill *                  Hunt Hill Farm, New Milford * *
             40.9 acres in 2004                                       40 acres in 2008
  Humphrey Evergreen Farms, Hamden *                           Marvel & Mitchell Farms, Salem
   5 acres in 2004 and 13.85 acres in 2005                            206 acres in 2009
         Lovdal Farm, Southbury * *                           Wisneske Farm, Norwich & Franklin
              36 acres in 2005                                        181 acres in 2009
          On the Hill Farm, Salem                              Vanishing Geese Farm, Durham
    22 acres in 2005 and 53.9 acres in 2006                            43 acres in 2009
     Stone Wall Dairy Farm, Cornwall *                           Little Pond Farm, Stonington
            19.8 acres in 2007                                           96 acres in 2010
         * Farm stands open to the public                       * * Walking trails open to the public

                                              Connecticut Farmland Trust ● Spring 2010 Newsletter ● 3
                                                          10th Annual Celebration of CT Farms
                                                                                                          Sponsorship is the only sure way to
                                                                                                             reserve a ticket to the event!
Photo courtesy of John Columbus.

                                                                                                       Beginning in May, you can purchase tickets and
                                                                                                   sponsorships to the 2010 Celebration of Connecticut Farms
                                                                                                   on our website! Or, as always, you can request an
                                                                                                   invitation (which provides you with purchase information
                                                                                                   and further details about the event).

                                                                                                     To purchase tickets or request an invitation, visit
                                                                                                   www.CTFarmland.org, or call our office at 860-247-0202.

                                                                                                           We look forward to seeing you at
                                                                                                                 Laurel Ridge Farm!
                                    It was a perfect day for the 2009 Celebration of Connecticut
                                    Farms at Graywall Farms in Lebanon.

                                     Save the date for September 12, 2010!
                                       The 10th Annual Celebration of Connecticut Farms will

                                                                                                                                                               Photo courtesy of Laurel Ridge Farm
                                   take place on Sunday, September 12 at Laurel Ridge Farm
                                   in Litchfield. Join co-chairpersons Faith Middleton and
                                   Jacques Pépin, and Connecticut chefs, farmers, and
                                   producers for this special and unique event in support of
                                   Connecticut Farmland Trust.

                                       Musical entertainment will once again be provided by
                                   the band Bone Dry. Other of the day’s activities will
                                   include a live and silent auction, and farm tours.

                                      You can become a sponsor of the 2010 Celebration of
                                   Connecticut Farms or request an invitation by calling 860-
                                   247-0202 or visiting our website at                             Learn more about Laurel Ridge Farm at www.lrgfb.com and
                                   www.CTFarmland.org.                                             www.laurelridge.biz.

                                                    CFT Joins “Land Trust Excellence Program”
                                        The Connecticut Farmland Trust was one of only a few Connecticut land trusts invited to participate in the Land
                                   Trust Excellence Program, funded by the national Land Trust Alliance. This program provides financial resources to
                                   hire independent consultants to review all aspects of an organization’s operation and policy.

                                        A comprehensive audit is currently underway that will examine records and procedures and includes input from
                                   the full Board of Directors, committees, and staff. Later this spring, the Board of Directors will be presented with a
                                   work plan that will outline what steps are needed in order for CFT to apply for accreditation by the Land Trust
                                   Accreditation Commission

                                        “As a leader in the Connecticut land trust community, we have a responsibility to operate with the highest degree
                                   of integrity and efficiency. We are excited and proud to be included in this program, as it will help ensure that our
                                   policies and practices meet the very highest of standards,” said Henry Talmage, Executive Director.

                                   4 ● Spring 2010 Newsletter ● Connecticut Farmland Trust
                                                                            Join Us For Dinners at the Farm!
                                                                                         Dinners at the Farm is once again hosting their popular farm dinners held
                                                                                    right in the very fields from which the evening’s menu is sourced. Plus, each of
                                                                                    the dinners are a benefit and we’re thrilled to be among this year’s beneficiaries.
                                                                                    A portion of the dinner proceeds will go directly to CFT. Join us for dinner and
                                                                                    taste some of the most delicious seasonal flavors of Connecticut grown produce,
                                                                                    meet the chefs, tour the farm, and talk with some of the farmers and us to learn
                                                                                    about the importance of supporting local farms and farmland preservation.

                                                                                         This year, a portion of each and every Dinner will benefit Connecticut
                                                                                    Farmland Trust and the other beneficiaries. You can attend any one of the 12
                                                                                    Dinners and still support CFT. Staff and friends of Connecticut Farmland Trust
                                                                                    will be attending the Dinners at Barberry Hill Farm in Madison on August 5, 6,
                                                                                    and 7 (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).

                                         The Dinner schedule and locations are:
                                                    Barberry Hill Farm, Madison, CT
                                                         August 5, 6, 7

                                                                                                                                                                            Photo courtesy of Michelle Paulson
                                                         August 12, 13, 14

                                                    White Gate Farm, East Lyme, CT
                                                         August 19, 20, 21
                                                         August 26, 27, 28

                                         For more information and to buy tickets visit:

                                                         See you at the farm!                           Creators of Dinners at the Farm: Jonathan Rapp of River Tavern in
                                                                                                        Chester and Drew McLachlan of Feast Gourmet Market in Deep River

                                                                 CFT Board Member wins Pathfinder Award
                                                                                                                     At the 9th Annual Meeting of the Working
Photo courtesy of Connecticut Farmland Trust

                                                                                                                 Lands Alliance on November 18, CFT Board
                                                                                                                 Member Gordon Gibson was awarded the Pathfinder
                                                                                                                 Award for Outstanding Individual for his work as an
                                                                                                                 advocate for farmland preservation in Connecticut.

                                                                                                                      Gibson has been on the Board of Directors of
                                                                                                                 Connecticut Farmland Trust since the organization’s
                                                                                                                 incorporation in 2002. He was also the first President
                                                                                                                 of the Board of Directors, and served in that capacity
                                                                                                                 for three years.

                                                                                                                     He is currently the Legislative Director of the
                                                                                                                 Connecticut State Grange. He has also served as
                                                                                                                 Chair of the Vernon Conservation Commission and
                                               Jiff Martin, of Working Lands Alliance waits to present Gordon    Director of the Association of Connecticut Fairs, Inc.
                                               Gibson with the Pathfinder Award for Outstanding Individual.
                                                                                                    Connecticut Farmland Trust ● Spring 2010 Newsletter ● 5
                  Join Us for
             The Tenth Annual                                         Spring has sprung!
            Celebration of                                           Help us stay green and
          Connecticut Farms                                         reduce paper by signing
                                                                    up for email newsletters.
         Sunday, September 12, 2010
      OUR MISSION: To permanently protect Connecticut’s working farmland.
To further this mission, the Connecticut Farmland Trust:
  • Works with Connecticut farmers to protect their land for agricultural use by acquiring
    agricultural conservation easements and farmland;
  • Shares our expertise and technical knowledge to assist landowners, land trusts, town officials,
    and state agencies in protecting agricultural land; and
  •   Promotes farmland preservation education through presentations and outreach.
       This newsletter is printed on recycled paper. When you are finished reading it, please recycle it or pass it on.
                                                                                                     email: info@ctfarmland.org
                                                                                                     fax: 860.247.0236
                                                                                                     ph: 860.247.0202
                                                                                                     Hartford, CT 06106
                                                                                                     77 Buckingham Street

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