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      Tucson Magnet High School 2011-2012 Sophomore Course Selection Worksheet

The following are standard class selections for 2011-2012 sophomores, please reference the curriculum guide for
prerequisites needed for each class and/or see your counselor if you have questions.

1. Sophomore English offerings – choose one
        Sophomore GATE English 10 (needs to enroll in Gate Global Studies as well)
        Sophomore Honors English 10
        Sophomore English 10

2. Mathematics offerings—choose one
       Geometry
       Honors Geometry (If passed Algebra with A or high B)
       Intermediate Algebra (if passed Algebra & Geometry)
       Intermediate Algebra through Modeling
       Honors Pre Calc/ Trig (A or B in Intermediate Algebraor A or B in Honors Geom.)

3. Science offerings—choose one
         Biology
         Honors Biology
         Chemistry
         Honors Chemistry
         Physics
         Physics – Sound/Music and Physics Electronic & Optics

4. Social Studies—choose one
         World History
         Gate Global Studies
         Honors World History
         European History AP
         World History AP

5. Health- the Health class does not need to be taken during the Sophomore year, only one semester
        Health
        ____________________________ other semester

    ___________________________________ if not taking Health

 A total of seven classes are needed during the sophomore year at Tucson Magnet High School. Choose
 your electives carefully from the list provided making sure you fulfill the prerequisites to be in the class.

6. ________________________________            Alternative _________________________

7. ________________________________            Alternative _________________________

Graduation requirements for the class of 2014             23 Credits to Graduate
    4 years of English                                      4 years of Math
    3 yrs of Social St (W. Hist, Am. Hist, Am Gov)          3 years of Science
    Health                                                  1 year of PE
    1 yr of Fine Arts or CTE

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