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If you list a few items "here and there" at online auctions, it only
takes a few minutes to get your items up for sell. However, if you build
an online auction big business with hundreds of items for sale, you'll
run out of time and energy fast. That's why automation is so important.
Even if you find the wonderful one stop online auction shop where you can
sell all your items in one place, automation will still be necessary to
keep the business going - and keep your sanity! Here are some great ways
to automate your auction tasks.

Automate with Auction Software

There are software programs that are specially made for auctions. These
programs will store all your listings in a database along with titles,
descriptions, photos, pricing and shipping details. Some programs have a
feature where you can save templates for certain categories. For example,
if you sell household products, you might use the same template for all
household items. For more details go to
.Then, you might use a completely dissimilar template for your wholesale
products. Therefore, you can save each template and have them available
when you need them.

How it Works

A great benefit of using auction software is you can list more items in
less amount of time. Here's how it works:

a) Type in your listings and accompanying details. b) Upload photos or
banners for your listings. c) Submit the items to the auction site for

It's that simple. Without this software, you will likely have to submit
each item by hand through an online form with some screens. This could
take several minutes or longer per listing. To get this software, check
with your one stop online auction shop first. They might offer the
software as a free tool. Use the search engines to search for "auction
software" or "auction listing automation."

Automate Emails

Once items have been sold, you should have some email templates ready to
go for "thank you" messages, up-sell messages, etc. Create several "thank
you" emails for the types of goods you offer, each being customized for
those customers. Also, create several "special offer" emails to send
buyers throughout the year. Some one stop online auction shops provide
automated email systems for you. It's free and easy to set up a system
like this, and the rewards are tremendous!

Automate the Shipping Process
Keep shipping supplies on-hand at all times. Prepare envelopes, boxes or
bags ahead of time with labels, packaging materials, etc. Develop a
system that you will use every time you receive an order so you won't get
disorganized. For more information logon to .Take advantage of shipping "tools" supplied by your one stop
online auction shop or sum processing company. Some auction sites or
payment processors will provide packing slips for every order with the
customer's buy details already printed for you.

Automate Listing and Ending Times

Schedule your items to end around the same time so you can easily deal
with them once the auctions end. If you schedule auctions to end on
weekends, you can concentrate on shipping the items at the beginning of
the week. Those who run auctions weekly usually go through a cycle of
listing, ending and shipping about the same times every week.

Saving Time and Money

Automation will help you save time and money. You can list and deal with
more items through automation. Also, you'll have a better chance at
getting repeat business by sending regular mailings or e-mails to buyers.
The more money you can save the superior bargains your customers will

2 Ways to Make Money on the Internet:

After the financial crisis that happen recently leads to bad recession
situation, many people are turning into jobless. With today's financial
downturn, the people who have been laid off may find it hard to find a
new job with the same benefit and income level. If you are one of them,
then you need to find a new way to earn your living, and internet is the
best place to make money and bringing your financial back to steady
level. There are 2 common ways to make money on the internet: selling
your own products as merchant or selling other people's products as
affiliate. Let takes a brief look into these 2 options:

Selling Your Own Products

If you have your own products to sell, you may set up your business
traditional way such as open a shop to sell your product; or you can
choose to sell it online through internet. Selling your product online to
make money on the internet has many advantages which include:
    * Minimum set up cost. The cost to set up a business online can be
significantly low if compare to the traditional business set up.

    * Fast set up. You can get your business up and running with in
record time.

    * No geography limit. Your customers can be from any corner of the

Although you can set up your online business completely from the scratch,
but you have a better option to set up an online store to sell your
product: eBay. Selling at eBay is one of the easiest ways to start your
own business to make money on internet because it has all the ground work
for you to setup your online store with minimum works and cost. The best
thing is you can get your business up and running within hours because
eBay has everything ready for you: the plug-n-play online store with
credit card and other payment processor, you just need to upload your
products' information to start selling online.

Selling Other's People Products

You do not need to have your own product in order to make money on the
internet. There is a proven success business model called affiliate
marketing which you can choose other people products and sell it as an
affiliate. Many of internet marketers who make money on the internet are
dong affiliate marketing and earn a luxury income from affiliate
commissions. There are affiliate products in any niche market, you just
need to identify the niche market that you are interested in and select a
few profitable products from your interested niche to be promoted in your
affiliate business.

Digital products such as eBooks and software are the most common products
available in affiliate program. You can also promote affiliate products
that pay commission upon lead generation. Lead-based products commonly
found in education, insurance, mortgage and other finance related
products. Another good ways to make money on the internet is by joining
gambling affiliate programs. Gambling niche is the most competitive, yet
the most profitable industry, many affiliates are making their fortune
with it. Most gambling affiliate programs pay commission based on profit
sharing, for example, a new players registered through your affiliate
link, and he deposited $100, the gambling merchant will pay 25% to 40% as
your commission.

With today unstable economy situation, internet is an alternative option
to earn your living income and it can be a backup to your normal day job.
2 common ways to make money on the internet are: selling your own product
online and selling other people's products as affiliate.

Have Ethics Been Lost in Cyber World?:

With economic times as they are, many are turning to the internet to find
ways to add to their income or replace incomes.

The internet offers so much to so many across the globe......or does it?

People are bombarded with all sorts of opportunities that leave the
viewer wondering which one should they try.

So many chances to earn money and make more than one makes currently
working.............leaves people open to birds of prey.

People need to understand the different types of opportunities available
and then decide which ones are they willing to take the risk on.

MLM or multi-level marketing can make people money.............some even
have great products. The problems that I have come across in MLM is that
the companies are not interested in selling to consumers.

MLM companies do not need consumers because the distributors who join an
MLM company are the consumers. As a distributor, you are marketing to get
more distributors under you and for the privilege of having a chance at
making big money, you must purchase a specified dollar amount of product
every month that is autoshipped to you and directly billed to your credit

The newest ploy with MLM is the "Pre-Launch" phase. "Get in now, position
yourself, join for free".......the problem is once the "Pre-Launch" phase
is over be prepared to pay out several hundred dollars for your
privileged position.

Do Your homework on MLM companies to find out first if the products are
worth the cost and save yourself time and energy.

Gifting Programs.........seems to be the hottest thing since sliced
bread.................I will not get into the legalities here, that is up
for grabs........but ask yourself one question.....Why if gifting is
legal does your cold hard cash come via Fedex with the actual cash inside
a magazine? Why do they not use payment processors or checks?
The IRS code is partially used to show how legal gifting is, yet they
send the gift in cash via Fedex or some other shipping company.

Beware of videos you is very easy to send yourself some cash
via Fedex and make a video of them arriving and opening the envelope for
all to see the cash they are receiving.

There are all sorts of programs out there claiming they are making
hundreds of dollars per day and thousands of dollars per month and you
can do the same for a one time fee or a monthly fee.........

Beware of the hype and the claims. The ones I love are "do nothing"
claims....just pay x amount and they will put people under you.

There are legit programs out there, you just have to put a blind eye to
the hype and bs out there....and do your homework.

Do not let yourself be fooled by promises of unrealistic goals.

Yes, there are people out there that are making 6 or 7 figures a year
online, but remember they worked very hard by putting their time in to
market and learn. They did not start out at the top.

Online Marketing takes hard work and it can be done but it is a process
that takes time and commitment.

Currently, I myself am making money online with a program that has No out
of pocket cost without the hype. So yes, you can do the same, just do not
let yourself fall into some of the less ethical practices that will only
drain your wallet.

The Online Home Business Help Available in Forums is Invaluable:

There are many different types of forums available online. Some forums
specialize in topics such as search engine optimization (SEO) others
offer broader assistance to those who have a work at home online

The reason that the information obtained in forums is so valuable has to
be because those supplying the advice have been down the road before and
are talking from experience.

It is amazing that you can submit your online home business website for a
general review and you will receive constructive criticism as well as
advice on how to improve your site. You simply need to state in your post
what it is you would like feedback on specifically (design, colour
scheme, browser compatibility, copy, functionality, etc).

SEO specialists will also review your site for free and offer advice to
optimize your website for the search engines. The SEO specialists
offering advice in the forums also keep themselves up to date with what
is going on in the search engines and freely pass on this information. If
you have been dropped from the Google search or sandboxed, these guys
will advise you how to get out of these situations.

Html, web design and programming are other areas where you can ask
questions as well as share your resources. This area can save you hours
of work if you have an html or design error that you cannot solve

Online home business marketing ideas are another area where you can pick
up great tips on what others have tried. With technology advancing so
rapidly this is invaluable information, as it saves you spending time on

Apart from those mentioned above, other interesting topics that you can
find in a forum are inter alia, domain names, web hosting, blogs, ebooks,
adsense, online auctions, internet marketing, affiliate programs, email
marketing, mailing lists and auto-responders, auctions, online payment
processors, testimonials and product reviews, pay per click advertising,
offline advertising, copywriting and sales letters, networking, joint
ventures and co-promotion, market research and network marketing.

Some forums have a section totally dedicated to online home business and
internet marketing articles, allowing you to submit your own articles for

You may also find a Link Exchange section where members can exchange
links with each other. This is very valuable as you can be certain of
finding sites that are similar to your own.

Forums are an arena where you can build a   name for yourself in your
particular area of expertise so it really   pays to become involved in a
forum where you feel comfortable. You can   not only build valuable
relationships but also back links to your   website that will greatly
benefit your online home business.

The forums also give you the great opportunity to give back and share
your experiences and knowledge and offer online home business help to the
other forum members.

Internet Home Business Building Ideas:
We need to keep up to date with what is happening online in order to be
aware of important changes that could have an effect our online home
business as well as our home business income. Forums are just the place
to get that information. By keeping abreast of what is going on in the
online world about for example algorithm changes or amendments and
changes to programs you are involved with will help you prepare in
advance in order to avoid shock and disappointment.

We have the great opportunity to keep up-to-date by joining a variety of
good active forums that are related to internet marketing, online home
business, seo and internet business building ideas and have an
experienced, solid and knowledgeable membership.

By keeping in touch with one another and keeping up with the current
online news, which we will find in these forums, then we will all be
aware of any changes that are either happening or are in the pipeline
that could affect our internet home business or home business income.

It is in the forums that we hear about the latest releases of software,
the latest products, strategies or packages and also the very important
feedback from the experienced members. This way the newer members will
stand a good chance of avoiding any new scams as well as be aware of any
really good products or service that are recommended by trusted and well
known members.

Whilst drawing on all the valuable knowledge and constructively
contributing in the forums, the best bit is being able to quietly promote
your own site or internet home business in the space at the bottom of
every post - your own signature. So be sure to complete your profile when
you join a forum and set up your signature with your keywords linked to
your url. Check the rules relating to signatures as they do differ from
forum to forum.

When setting up your profile you will have the option to display the
country you are from. This enables members from the same country to
easily locate each other to discuss and exchange online business ideas as
well as solve problems relative to that country, for example which
payment processors can or cannot be used in that country or more
importantly how do members in that country receive the income earned from
their online home business.

Forums provide a win-win situation for all active members so it is
advisable to get involved in a variety of forums related to your online
activities, contribute and draw from the gold mine of internet home
business building ideas whilst at the same time promoting your online
home business.

Using Master Resale Rights as a Legitimate Web Business:
Master resale rights for popular e-books and software is quickly gaining
in popularity by many webmasters, even those whose current sites are in
completely different categories. Webmasters are rapidly realizing the
huge profit potential associated with resale rights is too good to pass
up. They find that selling master resale rights eliminates most of the
headaches of owning a traditional "brick and mortar" business.

Possibly the biggest reason for the surge in popularity is the extremely
low cost of running this business. Any business that delivers physical
goods understands the costs associated with putting up a storefront,
warehousing, and delivery. These costs cut right into your profits, thus
making you work harder for your money, and nobody wants to do that.

With master resale rights, your storefront is your website. You can set-
up and own one for free just by doing a search for "free websites" or
"free webspace" on any search engine. All you have to do is buy the
domain name, however, most free sites will provide one for you, although
it will not be the domain of your choosing. For more details visit to Also, with the ability to save your
product free on your hard drive, and with delivery done within your site
or by email, you can see all costs are reduced to practically nothing.

Not only does the business owner save a ton of money, he/she also saves
valuable time. The process can be set up to be totally automated, thus
making master resale rights even more appealing. Using Paypal or
Clickbank as your payment processor allows you to direct the customer to
the page of your choice upon successful completion of their purchase. You
can use a premade "thank you" page or use one of your own that contains
the download link and a brief thank you letter. You can then set up an
autoresponder to the email of the customer who just made the purchase,
and offer some sort of "up sell" to keep them coming back to your site.
This will result in future sales, and a bigger paycheck for you. Using an
autoresponder is very important, as it completes most of the work for
you. A search on any search engine for "free autoresponder" will offer
you many different, excellent choices.

Another reason for the surge in popularity is all the content is done for
you. This makes owning a master resale rights business profitable, hands
free, and completely "cookie cutter" simple. Everything from the product,
the sales page, even the thank you page is already premade by marketing
professionals. For more information logon to Most of
these pages have great on page optimization, with good keyword density,
are very attractive, and are very effective at pulling sales. As most
internet marketers know, the most difficult and time consuming task of
creating a successful website is writing an effective sales page. Now,
with the work done for you, all you have to do is copy the page from your
computer and upload it to your website.

Lastly, master resale rights packages allow the business owner the
freedom to repackage and create entirely new and different combinations
of products. This allows you to create exclusive deals only available on
your website. Offering unique packages provides your site the opportunity
to maximize sales, as no other site will have the same offer as yours.
You can even set the prices to your liking and keep 100% of all earned
sales, as opposed to an affiliate program that only pays you 35% or less.

With all of the benefits stated above, it is easy to see why master
resale rights have created a stir among the webmaster community. With the
costs around 1% of traditional businesses, and simplicity of the system,
master resale rights recent surge in popularity is just the beginning. As
more and more surfers search the internet for information, e-books, and
software, you can provide them just what they need, and make a tidy
profit in the process.

A Review of the Invest With Forex HYIP Program:

The Invest With Forex HYIP Program is definitely setup website wise to
attract the younger crowds. It has that "look at me" feel as soon as the
page finishes loading, but of course, as the analysts, we wonder upfront
if it's to take away from information on the site. Then again it could be
taking away from anyone realizing that there isn't particular information
on various areas.

This is what we're here for and why we always like to explain in the
beginning that any high yield business is a high risk opportunity and in
no way do we actually endorse making money this way. That being said, we
still believe in telling you about the Invest With Forex HYIP Program and
everything it does, and doesn't have to offer. It will allow you to make
a more informed decision of where to invest your money.

The Company

If we told you we were a strong company, and you should invest your money
with us would you? We've reviewed several HYIP companies and it's amazing
how many of them don't have company information, but just tell you that
they have experts that have been in the industry then want you to give
them money. The Invest With Forex HYIP Program is no different and this
is when we want to know more, but if you are interested in this company,
we'll leave that research up to you.

Listen, Invest With Forex HYIP Program company is brand new and started
on February 13th, 2008. We visited one of their forums and people were
investing money through the forum, which we found to be a little odd, but
we kept on going with the information. The person that was asking
questions has a temporary ban on them, but besides the point we were
trying to find more company information and came up with nothing.
Money Programs

The Invest With Forex HYIP Program offers four separate opportunities
that are listed as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each one lasts
sixty days and has profits that range from 2.5%-4% which we happened to
see on the forum that four was the maximum percentage of return. We do
like the fact that these are not the quick buck plans, but more of a long
term venture, which lowers the risk of losing money.

As any other high yield program, they offer a referral program that is
three levels starting out at 4% and the deeper into the levels you get it
will fall to 2%, but that will be over more total referrals which is a
little downline program. With E-bullion and Liberty Reserve as their
payment processors, the Invest With Forex HYIP Program may lose some
clients without more options.

Overall Feedback

Instead of us telling you, what would you tell us if the information
found was that a company had been open for one month, and there is no
concrete information on the company? Whatever it was, that is the answer
you need, because high yields are extremely high in risk and with major
uncertainty there is a problem that needs to be solved.

There are two ways to take care of this and one of them includes
contacting the Invest With Forex HYIP Program. Find out if they can give
you a link to someone else doing a review on them or maybe anything that
explains them a little better then they did themselves. If there isn't an
answer or it's not the one you are looking for then move on to the next
company. We are talking about your money here, it should be in the safest
hands you can find, and we just hope this helps.

Work at Home, Earn What You're Worth and Beat the Global Meltdown!:

In the last few years, with the roll out of broadband, with the Internet
getting faster and faster, and now with the ability to view real-time
video over the Internet we really have reached a new era, where our
travelling can be done via the World Wide Web.

So why do you still have to get up every morning, grab a cup of coffee,
make your bleary-eyed way to the car, and then spend the next half an
hour sitting on the highway with all the other frustrated commuters
pouring into the city to earn their daily bread?

 Surely more and more people will work at home. It makes sense! There are
millions of people, who having set up their online connection could do
the same work at home that they used to do in an office? And by staying
at home, they save money, reduce their carbon footprint and benefit from
lower stress levels by not having to fight their way to work and back.

 Of course, there is a group of people who are already doing this. They
haven't waited for their employer to catch up with the advance in
technology. These people are the Home-biz entrepreneurs who are making
use of fast Internet connections. They are starting their own online
moneymaking businesses by setting up their laptops on their kitchen

There is an uncertainty in the business world. Banks are crashing and
shares are down. There may be no better time to take hold of your own
destiny. Many business gurus would agree that nobody ever got rich
working for somebody else. So now would be an ideal time to sit down at
your kitchen table and fire up your laptop.

You need a product to sell, a catchy domain name, a website and an online
payment processor. You need persistence, effort, investment and a
positive attitude. So what are you waiting for?

 There has never been a better time to stay home and get rich!

Top Ten Tips For Computer Security:

Have you ever wondered why there is a huge increase in online fraud? Well
the main reason its happening, is that most computer users are not
protecting themselves properly.

When you follow the top 10 tips for online and offline protection, you
will discover were your computer system weaknesses are.

1. It is a proven fact that 75% of American PC users do not use an up to
date anti-virus program, this is a program that scans the PC searching
for any malicious software, when it discovers them they can either
quarantine them or delete them. Some AV programs even scan sites you
visit and detect any phishing sites.

2. Phishing sites are websites that have been created to look similar to
a bank or payment processor such as PayPal. We have all received the
emails from our bank stating our account is empty and to log in
immediately, the hyperlink in the email you click on looks real, however
the site you are taken to is fraudulent, they are after stealing your
money! Always make sure your banks website has a padlock image on the
toolbar, this shows that it is a secure site for logging in. If you have
any doubts contact your bank immediately.

3. We all need a firewall to hide   behind. This is a piece of software
that prevents anyone hacking into   our computers, either at home or at
work. Once the software is set up   it runs in the background. It basically
blocks the ports on our computers   that hackers use to gain access through
the back door. Like the AV, there   are plenty of free firewalls.

4. Is your computer operating system up to date? When did you last update
it? Most people will answer, never. The main reason software
manufacturers such as Microsoft provide updates, is to plug any security
vulnerabilities in the software, this is why when they issue an update,
its wise to update your system.

5. Check any public computers you use, as there are products out there
called key loggers, this is an electronic device that logs all keystrokes
and can be downloaded. So if you use the library for your online bank or
eBay, make sure the keyboard lead connects directly into the computer, if
it connects to an extra piece of cable, it could be a key logger. The
person who put it there only has to download the information and they
have all your details and access to your money! Always log out and do not
save any passwords on a public computer - Ever!

6. Check public WiFi connections are public! Make sure it is not just
another computer acting as a gateway, so you pass your details to them
such a credit card and address, then they grant you access to the
internet. While you are sending emails, they are using your credit card
details to purchase products online!

7. Do not share games, as this is how some viruses were transferred from
computer to computer. Always run your anti virus software to scan the
disc first.

8. Do not let anyone one use a flash drive on   your computer, as soon as
someone plugs a flash drive into a computer a   virus could be transferring
to your computer, this may or may not be done   on purpose, but the problem
is still there, it will take information from   your computer and can even
email it from your computer, at a later date!

9. Physical protection at home and at work, this is essential for
preventing your computer and the data stored on it falling into the wrong
hands. The PC enclosure is a special steel box, that has been designed
for protecting computers, so heating and security issues has been
addresses, these units are fully welded and normally bolted to walls,
(this is how banks protect their computers).

10. Physical protection on the move is essential for laptops, so Kingston
Security offers the best option, this is a high grade steel cable that
locks into the laptop and ties around a leg of a table, this prevents
your personal information being stolen along with the laptop, in a smash
and grab robbery.
Follow these simple steps and your online and offline security will be

Online Business…:

You've probably seen many, many "become-a-millionaire-in-six-months"
schemes on the internet. I certainly have, and I have been tempted to try
a few. Thanks to my better judgment, I have not succumbed to them, but
they are tempting, aren't they?

Don't fall for the "Become a millionaire in 6 months with no effort"
line. It is going to take some time for anyone to make a lot of money on
the internet, and it will take a lot of effort. But it can be done and
very profitably, too.

One of the ways to make a LOT of money is to sell a product that everyone
wants, and that you own. So how do you go about it? Here is an outline of
a way that I have found to be well worth the time and effort.

First, how do you find a product that gives you USP (Unique Selling
Point), that is, one which separates you from the competition, and gives
you an edge. You start by brainstorming some ideas with friends and
family, then researching them on-line. You make a list of subjects you
are passionate about and subjects you have some expertise in.

Find out the ones that are profitable by seeing what the competition are
up to. What are their weak points. Find an angle or some process steps
that are not covered well, and there is your starting point.

Outline your plan for creating the solution to people's problems which
your product will answer. Your plan should contain the form of the
product, and the means of marketing and delivering it. Then, create the
product content in light of the form it will take, that is, E-book, audio
or video.

The third part to consider is the packaging of the product. You will need
graphics, a payment processor, a well written sales page, a download page
for internet products, and some ideas for backend sales.

Lastly, how are you going to market the product? Here you have a choice
of methods, or if you are ambitious, use as many of them as your budget
will allow. Find an angle or some process steps that are not covered
well, and there is your starting point.
You could set up an affiliate program, and have others sell it with you;
you could write and submit articles and press releases to spread the
word; and/or you could use Google Adwords.

As you   can see, it is a lot of work, and if you are new, a considerable
amount   of trial and error - but it can be very fruitful, as I can attest,
and it   can bring a huge amount of satisfaction to you, as well as the
income   you are seeking.

Receive and transfer money online securely With an e-currency payment

Presently, Internet is not only the great base that stores huge data on
any provided subject, but is also contains websites that are used as
online e-currency payment processor. These websites are used largely to
earn and receive payments online hence it needs to be extremely protected
and maintain the privacy of the person on Internet Banking. The perfect
method to carry out money transactions is by sensibly using these online
e-currency payment computers that are protected and harmless online money
transfer service. While using this online e-currency payment processor a
person can attain numerous advantages like: 1. The person can use this
service to carry out monetary relocations amongst the employees. 2. You
are able to receive payments in various company projects in Internet. 3.
You can make regular payments in Internet. 4. You can earn a good sum of
interest on the money that is preserved carefully in electronic accounts.
5. You can earn payments on the products that are bought from online
stores or Internet shops. 6. You are even able to purchase Gold, US
Dollars or EUR currency online. You are quite satisfied with these
amazing services offered by online e-currency payment processors. The
online payment processors posses perfect system to maintain 100% security
to its customers. It offers tools for highest security which includes sms
proof of its client, verification of correspondence of changing
customer's IP address, the system also has private user IP installed in
it, cryptocard. With the maximum security there is no point of getting
cynical except the client himself does not disclose his confidentiality
to anyone to enter his account or he does not use the tolls offered by
the system to secure his online account. An online e-currency payment
processor is a monetary company that helps to transfermoney amid the
retailer and the consumer. It is the most protected method to give or
receive money online and it processes the credit card transactions and
after the transfer of money, it permits you to acknowledge these
transactions in limited time. While using online e-currency payment
processor for monetary transactions one needs to bear in mind certain
things. Always consider that the payment processor you choose should
charge you minimum chargeback fee if you are in a business with high
jeopardy. Next thing is that the online payment processor you choose
should allow payments from all the nations, for example, if the online
payment processor gets payments only from US customers, you won't be able
to make business from other countries. Along with the high security that
an online e-currency payment processor offers, be convinced you get
excellent client support as well as immediate coverage. They should be
always there to answer your problems and clarify your doubts and report
you instantly if there are any problems regarding money transactions.
Security is utmost important as any fraud may end up costing you a loss
of around thousands of dollars! Thus, keeping all the mentioned facts in
mind, it is very necessary to choose an online e-currency payment
processor that offers you a large number of advantages at the same time
keeping your money protected and safe.

What is the Difference Between E-Money and Payment Processors?:

What is Electronic Money?

Electronic money is a money that is transferred using a network
connection to be able topurchase goods and services online. It is like a
virtual money wherein transactions aremade through a payment processor
online. Electronic money is also called as digitalmoney, e-currency, e-
money, digital cash and or digital currency. E-money a person's realmoney
that is transferred by a person using either bank accounts, credit cards
or wiretransfers. In that way, a person who uses an electronic money will
not worry about credit card theft as there will be a medium in which the
user's money will be taken in and out of the internet.

What are Payment Processors?

Payment processors are companies that deals with a person's electronic
money transferswherein they act as a medium to the user and the
merchant's side. These are considered as an alternative to credit card
payments online since transactions are secured. A popular payment
processor I know is PayPal. PayPal is used by eBay as another option to
payeBay purchases online. To purchase an item using PayPal, a buyer will
only input his/herregistered email on PayPal and PayPal will secure the
transactions made. Since an emailaddress is only required on PayPal,
users will be safe from hackers and key loggers thatare often used before
when credit card is the only option to pay online.HYIPs are a major users
of these. Since HYIPs are using them, It's a great advantage toknow the
difference of between these two. Electronic money and payment processors
areoften being confused. They do look alike but their functions are
different. Payment processors are like a virtual bank wherein electronic
money are the virtual money to beused online.In conclusion, since credit
card transactions online are not secured, use them in order foryou to be
secured of any purchases you take. There are a lot of payment
processorsonline to be used in either purchasing goods or investing in an
online investmentfirm(HYIP). One thing to remember is that since it's
money that we are talking about here.Please research thoroughly about
them in order for you to be safe of scams. It's best to besecured by
going into a payment processor that had been long trusted by users online
sothat your electronic money will not go to waste.

How to Choose the Right Payment Processor:

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular among today‘s consumers.
Groceries, DVD‘s… even cars are now being purchased online due to the
growing comfort consumers have purchasing goods and services via the
Internet. For a merchant, there are huge benefits to selling online, such
as a worldwide market and lower costs (such as office space, shop
fittings and the like). If you rush into it however, you can end up
paying a lot more than you have to, especially when it comes to choosing
a payment processer.

A payment processor is a financial institution that processes the data
for credit card transactions, facilitating the transfer of funds between
a customer and a business, allowing you to accept credit card
transactions in real time.

Rates are probably the most important thing to pay attention to when
you‘re looking at a payment processor. Having some history will help you
determine the best solution, however if you‘re just starting your
business try to estimate the amount of transaction volume, refunds and
chargeback‘s you will receive on a monthly basis. For example, if you are
in a high risk industry it may be beneficial to seek out a payment
processor that offers a low chargeback fee.

You also want to be sure that your payment processor can accept payments
from all the locations you wish to service, as well as multicurrency
support. Some payment processors may only service U.S. customers and
merchants, if you want to accept payments from international customers
this can greatly reduce your sales!

Other things to look out for include security, customer support and
reporting. Security is especially important as online credit card fraud
can end up costing your business thousands of dollars!

Liberty Reseve - the Best Online Payment Processor:
Liberty Reserve – the best online payment system

Today, people know about Internet not only the ways they are looking for
informations, but also they can advertise your online business
successfully. Advertising marketing used many billions of dollars, and
bring to advertise companies huge profits. People can shop online,
purchase services… and more even better, they can make money from the
Internet word, many people can earn thousands dollars per month from
making money online. That‘s great !

I‘m sure you heard about some kinds of making money such as : paid to
read, paid to click, paid to offer, paid to survey, affiliate marketing,
pay per click, Google Adsense or some other ways you can earn money
online. But how can you successful make money, beside finding trust sites
pay you, must have secure and safe online payment system. After the dead
of many system payment processors : E-gold, eBullion, Altergold. Money
maker really want to have really trust payment system, and that is
Liberty Reserve.

Liberty Reserve is the best payment proccessor with many great security
features, can not find in any other payment systems:

+ Verify capcha code : when you login account

+ PIN code : check when you access main account

+ Master Key : confirm when you send money, or make change     your
profile settings.

Liberty Reserve safety has two protection levels: first – entering PIN-
code created in registration using a virtual keyboard. It secures the
system from logger-programs. Second- entering password and control image.
Third – entering 3-symbol payment PIN-code using virtual keyboard when
making a transaction. The entrance procedure has one more feature: when
registering, the user enters any phrase to further appear when entering
the account. When other phrase will appear, it means the web-site the
user has entered is wrong and someone is trying to steal his/her money.
Liberty Reserve system is highly secure and easy-to-use in any

Liberty Reserve has two account types: LR-USD (based on US dollar) and
LR-Gold (based on gold). There is no commission in Liberty Reserve. When
user wishes his/her account number is hidden the recipient, he/she pays a
fee for the transfer (0.75$).

Many people on the Internet have same dream, can earn so much money from
this huge profit world, and I know so do you.

Liberty Reserve will be the best choice for you when you choose a online
payment processor.
Security Recommendations
What is a fraudulent email?

A fraudulent (spoof) email pretends to be from a well-known company in an
attempt to get personal information from you. People who send spoof
emails hope to use your information — such as credit and debit card
numbers or account passwords — to commit identity theft.

You can prevent spoof from affecting you

Spoof or phishing emails and the spoof websites often associated with
them are deceptive in appearance. However, they contain content that
reveals that they are fake. The most important thing to do to protect
yourself is to be able to spot this misleading content:

What to watch out for

   1. Generic greetings. Many spoof emails begin with a general greeting,
such as: "Dear Liberty Reserve member."

   2. A false sense of urgency. Most spoof emails try to deceive you with
the threat that your account is in jeopardy if you don‘t update it ASAP.

   3. Fake links. The text in a link looks valid, but then sends you to a
spoof address. Always check where a link is going before you click. Move
your mouse over it and look at the URL in your browser or email status
bar. If the link looks suspicious, do not click on it, and be aware that
a fake link may even have the text "LibertyReserve" in it. If you are not
sure about an email, forward the suspicious email to Liberty Reserve
support for analysis.

Questions Liberty Reserve will never ask you in an email

To help you better identify fake emails, we follow strict rules. We will
never ask for the following personal information in emails:

    * Credit and debit card numbers;

    * Bank account numbers;

    * Driver‘s License numbers;

    * Email addresses;

    * Passwords;

    * Your full name.
Third Party Payment Processors-worthy or not:

Whether you are aware of online gambling or not but everybody has a
fascination to try online gambling once in their life. But majority of
them vacillate and don‘t trust the different payment options offered by
the online casinos. One should be aware of the need of Third Party
Payment Processors.

These days, the online casinos provide their players with a wide array of
payment methods which assures the players complete confidentiality of
their funds. Prior to using their services, there are some payment
providers which need the players to provide with financial and personal
details. Some of the common payment methods are- Firepay, Neteller,
Click2Pay, and Moneybookers etc.

The payment methods comprises of major three categories. The first method
is known as electronic method where the credit card or the bank account
funds your wallet. You can be rest assured about this method as it is
quite convenient and dependable. The second method is direct transfers
from the bank account to the online casino you have enlisted with. There
are players who are not comfortable using this method. But in fact this
method is quite dependable as the online casino is not having any
particulars about your bank account.

The last method is wire and direct transfers. According to this method
you will have to make manual transfers of your funds. When the deposit
gets verified, the money gets added to the online casino balance.

If you are a regular online gambler and you are tired because of slow
transactions, then you need to use some of the fast payment methods which
are mentioned above. This way the online gambling experience will be much
more convenient and you will be free from all your worries.

Reasons to Use a Third Party Payment Processor:

Processing credit cards for your customers' purchases can easily comprise
the bulk of your online store's sales volume. Without having the means to
charge credit cards, the majority of your customers will simply leave
your website. Fortunately, there are several options for processing
payments. Business owners can choose between using their own merchant
account or using a third party payment processor. There are reasons that
support both cases. In this article, we'll discuss some of the reasons
you may want to use a third party to process your credit card

Not Eligible For A Merchant Account

Even though merchant accounts are easier to secure than they were years
ago, many business owners are still ineligible. There may be a number of
reasons why this is the case. For example, the major credit card
companies (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) only extend merchant accounts to
registered businesses. If your business is not legally registered, you'll
find it difficult to get a merchant account. Other potential issues
include being considered a high credit risk (due to credit history or the
type of products offered) or being blacklisted as a "terminated
merchant." In each of these cases, using a third party payment processor
may be necessary.

Small Number Of Products

If the number of different products that your business sells online is
limited, a merchant account may be more trouble than it's worth. The
extra fees for each transaction along with the myriad of other expenses
attached to a merchant account might make using a third party payment
processor appealing. Plus, the effort of finding a payment gateway,
setting up a shopping cart and resolving any programming issues may
require too much effort for your limited catalog of products.

Low Sales Volume

If your business processes a low monthly sales volume, the costs of
maintaining a merchant account can have a significant effect on your
profit margin. Most merchant accounts require a minimum sales volume. If
that minimum is not met, a monthly charge may be incurred. If your sales
volume is low, you may find that the merchant account is actually a drain
on your profits. Using a third party credit card processor can be a less-
costly alternative.

Less Maintenance

Processing credit cards through a merchant account requires that you use
a payment gateway, a shopping cart and an API. While many business owners
hire programmers to handle these details, doing so can become expensive.
Small business owners may not have that option. If you don't have the
budget to hire capable programmers, you may have to do the job yourself.
If your own programming skills aren't sufficient, getting started with a
merchant account may be difficult. You can effectively outsource many of
the programming chores by using a third party to process credit card
transactions. They'll take care of any coding issues and problems when
they occur.

Potential Drawbacks
There are, of course, drawbacks to using a third party payment processor.
First, you'll pay higher transaction fees (often up to 15% of the
transaction amount). Second, you'll have to comply with the third party's
rules (which can often seem inflexible). Third, using a merchant account
looks more professional than using a third party payment processor. And
lastly, you won't be able to build a credit history while using a third

In the end, there isn't a clear cut solution for every business.
Circumstances will dictate which solution is most appropriate. When
you're searching for a way to process credit card transactions, keep the
above factors in mind while you weigh your options. That's the best way
to find the solution that meets your needs.

The Following are Some Important Points to Consider When Choosing or
Switching Payment Processors:

The following are some important points to consider when choosing or
switching payment processors.

1. Accept All Major Credit Cards
Can you accept as many cards as your competitors? Can you accept cards in
the USA, Europe, Canada and internationally?

2. Obtain Higher Processing Limits
Are you limited to how much you can process? Are you processing as many
transactions as you can be?

3. A Company That Understands the High-Risk Business
Does your current merchant provider specialize in the high-risk industry?
Are you getting the support you need?

4. Quick Access to Cash
Does the processor provide flexible financing to help grow your business?
Are there restrictions or interest charges placed on loans, or can you
get a loan that is free from fixed payments, timeframes and interest?

5. Ease of Integration
Do you need to change your existing setup? Does the processor integrate
with your existing system or customized setup? Can you easily
import/export your existing customer database files?

6. Real-time Reporting
Can you follow your business performance anytime, from anywhere? Can you
export business reports in your preferred file formats (XML, Excel, PDF,

7. Security and PCI Compliance
Does the processor use sophisticated fraud and security tools to protect
your business and your clients? Do they meet all PCI standards, allowing
your business to benefit from additional reliability?

8. Gateway with Recurring Billing, Re-billing and Customizable User
Access Levels
Can you manage recurring payments to avoid potential errors? Can you
immediately process transactions from repeat customers, without re-
entering customer information?

9. Dedicated Merchant Support
Can the processor help you deal with any issue, including chargeback
resolution, risk monitoring, etc.? Are they available 24/7?

10. Fully Redundant System
Does the processor have backup servers, to avoid downtime and keep your
business up and running 24/7?

Protecting Customers From Credit Card Frauds:

Shopping online is fun and you can also find yourself saving tons of
money because you can do some quick comparison shopping not to mention
that many stores have coupons in the form of special words and numbers
that you can sometimes receive from them if you sign up to receive their
newsletter in your email. However, before you rush into the job of online
shopping you need to be secure and here are a few tips to make sure that
you have a fun and safe time shopping online.

Online shopping is a type of electronic commerce used for business to
business and business to consumer transactions. is a great resource for
finding products that are being liquidated. It is definitely the process
consumers go through to purchase products or services over the internet.
According to experts, it is arguably the most predictable way to shop
because shopping online is becoming more and more popular and website
that wants to gain more shoppers will use four major principles of
efficiency, calculability, predictability and control. Whether or not
online shopping is secure is one question which gets asked over and over
again by those who are considering making a purchase online.

You are probably one of the many customers who are fund of shopping
online by using their credit cards. But just like in any other part of
the world, there can be problems that arise either internally or from
external sources. When you're a customer, you always want your rights to
be protected. But still, you can't get away with threats of being thieved
or scammed. And the bad news is, those things can happen both in the
offline and online worlds.

Just imagine someone suddenly having to pay for purchases he never made
or services he never availed of. This person will definitely wonder why
his bills have ballooned into an amount that is much larger than what he
usually has to pay. And then he decides to look into the situation and
find that such purchases have been made using his credit card without his
knowledge. He files a complaint and later learns, through his card
company, that he had been a victim of fraud. His account is closed and is
replaced with a new one. But then again, the damage has already been done
and a large sum of money from his account has already been used up. The
card company cannot or would not excuse this and will let him pay the
amount incurred nevertheless.

Being a victim of credit card theft or fraud is, in fact, a devastating
experience. You would not want this to happen to you and neither does
your card company. That's why there are payment processors. Payment
processors protect you and your credit card company from fraud. Payment
processors are like bridges that link a customer with his credit card
company so that before any transaction is made, both parties can be

This is a form of check and balance between the customer and the card
company. For instance, when a purchase is made online, the card company
receives a notice from the payment processor and verifies if the account
has reached its limit. Once it has been established that the limit has
been reached, the transaction will automatically denied. The card owner,
in this way, is also protected because he'll be able to keep track of his
purchases and he will be notified when he reached his limit. Those who
use a card that has no more credit left and without the knowledge of the
owner are the ones who have the guts to use such card. Thanks to the
advent of online processors, these individuals will not be able to
complete this fraudulent act since the transaction will instantly be

Making Your Payment Processor a Profit Center:

There are literally millions of firms, groups and individuals selling
goods and services online. All these e-commerce agents need a way to
process payments for their offerings. Practically without fail, the
companies who provide payment processing services represent a cost line
in the budget: every time a sale is made, the payment processor takes a
Today, however, it is possible to have the payment processor deliver a

First let‘s look at why your payment processor is a cost center. Let‘s
say you‘re selling a casual game online for a face price of $20. If you
process the payment through PayPal you will pay somewhere in the range of
$1 for the privilege. If you use a payment gateway like,
you‘ll likely pay at least $1.25. Each will also likely charge you a
couple other fees – monthly maintenance, for instance, or a fee for
cross-border charges if your customer is based in a different country to

One way or another, then, you are going to receive at least 5% less than
the full $20 that the customer paid. You can offset this by adding
promotions to other items in your product catalog – but you‘ll still pay
additional fees. Inevitably, the payment process delivers less to your
bottom line than the face price of any items you have painstakingly built
and marketed.

Plimus, which offers the most popular independent hosted e-commerce
platform, is taking a different approach. Starting in April of 2009,
Plimus clients will be able to add items as promotions that are sourced
from other vendors. So, as you sell your $20 game, you will pay a fee to
Plimus for the process; but you can add a promotion that costs you
nothing to source and delivers a revenue share. For instance, by
additionally selling a $15 item from a partner vendor with a 30% revenue
share, you receive an additional $4.50 – enough to not only cover any
processing fees, but in fact to raise your payoff above the original $20.

This substantially changes the economics of e-commerce. The cost of using
a platform like Plimus is ostensibly higher than simply hooking into
PayPal. However, by implementing a strategy of promoting goods from
others‘ product catalogs, the ultimate financial result is starkly
different. In other words, with PayPal you must always assume the revenue
recognized from a sale of your products will always be lower than the
face price of your products; but with Plimus, you can receive revenues
higher than the face price of your products.

Your decision-making process on who should handle your payments is
different today than it was. Choosing the provider with the lowest fees
used to be an economically rational model. Today, your choice can balance
fees against actual revenue – and if you can turn payment processing into
a profit center, why wouldn‘t you?

How Can I Get Paid For Products in My New Online Website - A Guide to
Payment Processors:
Once you have set up your basic website, and placed items for sale on it,
you need to ensure you have a mechanism in place to accept payment from
your customers.

As a new, and possibly small business, you may find it too expensive to
set up a merchant account with your bank, let alone be authorised to have
one, as in the banks eyes, you may still be an unknown, and there are
risks in accepting credit cards with a new merchant account. Assuming you
had all that approved, you would still need to integrate their merchant
system into the website you have, and that requies comprehensive
understanding of HTML computer language, and website editing abilities.

A much simpler way to go about this is to use an online payment processor
from a third party. There are numerous options available, that charge
reasonable fees, typically on a 'per transaction' basis as a percentage.

I will refer to two options, namely Alert Pay or Pay Pal.

Both these providers are available in most parts of the world, but you
will find Alert Pay is more easily accessible in some East European
countries as well, whereas Pay Pal is a little more choosy.

The idea is to go to their respective websites, and establish an online
account. This is relatively straight forward, and can be done with
minimal fuss.

Once you have progressed through this stage, you will need to provide
valid identification, to protect both you, and the processor. This is in
the form of providing a bank account number you would like the funds you
earn transferred to, or a valid credit card. In the case of Alert pay,
you will also need to forward a copy of your driver's licence or similar.
Again, this ensures you are protected, and is a one-time process.

When this is all set up, you are then able to create buttons, in the
sense that you need to assign each product on your website a monetary
value and item name, so that you will then be issued with code, to place
on your website. This can be handled by your webmaster if you are not
technically minded.

The idea again, is to ensure that you have a simple system to put in
place, to get you on your way to moving your new website economy in the
right direction. Most people will be able to set this up in a matter of a
day, or at most, with verification, in a matter of two or three days.

A Soon To Open Online Payment Processor:
I invite you to have a look and be a part of this pre-launch mode and
soon to be the best online payment processor in the internet. Just check
it out and read more!

I have just recently join Paybox.Me yesterday and instantly I have given
an initial $50.00 in my account! And in just only a matter of 1 day, my
account balance increased into $74.40! Wow! it's unbelievable !!!

Why you should join today...

    * You start with a $50 balance and it's free.
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the time we launch, without ever making a deposit!

PayBox is developing an online currency and payment processing service to
make buying and selling online easier, more secure and available to

We're designing our service with the help of a dedicated group of
EarlyBird users who are contributing ideas and feedback.

Stages of development planned to launch in 2011:

    * Person-to-Person transactions.
    * Small Business integration, including payment processing modules
for all popular shopping cart software.
    * Mid-sized Business integration.
    * Major Online Store integration.
    * Debit Card linked to your PayBox account.
    * Currency exchange with all major world currencies.

As an EarlyBird user of PayBox, it's your job to...

    * Log in frequently to see where we need your help.
    * Participate. Share your opinion and complete tasks which can be
done from the comfort of your home or office computer.
    * Subscribe to our blog. Our blog is the primary channel we use to
communicate news, updates and information to our EarlyBird members.
    * Be an advocate. You may invite your trusted friends and family to
join PayBox.

We'll add new tasks as we continue to grow. With each new task, you can
always choose to participate (and get rewarded) or not.
Best Payment Processors To Use To Accept Payment On My Website:

One key business solution merchant website owners always look for is a
dependable payment processor to accept payments for online transactions.
To the uninformed, however, payment processing is a perplexing subject.
There are many complex issues to start with, specifically with regard to
the basics of payment processing, payment gateway configuration, and some
aspects of third-party payment processors.

Before we get down to the best payment processors, here are some
essentials about payment processing itself.

About Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is a third-party company, like a bank, which connects
your e-commerce software to your merchant account. This real-time
facility allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards, and other forms
of online payment. Though not essential, a payment gateway has many
benefits, such as:

    * You will have a feature that will provide your customers real-time
feedback on their payment status, most importantly if the payment card is
not accepted for any reason.
    * You ride on speed and efficiency. If your business conducts large
transactions, then you benefit by speed, efficiency, and significantly
lower processing fees.
    * You start straightaway. No waiting time is required to start your
business. A payment gateway starts accepting debit or credit cards

To summarize, payment gateways accepts information, encrypts it, and
transmits it over the web.

Setting Up Gateway Configuration
Setting up your payment gateway essentially consists of two steps.

    * The first step involves your merchant account and your gateway
provider. You need to provide access to the gateway provider by making
available all needed information.
    * In the second step, the payment gateway will configure with the
payment processor. All that a payment processor will ask you is to log
in, proceed to configuration and payment methods, and then select the
payment gateway.

You may ask whether you can configure different checkout choices. Yes,
you can. You can either authorize funds or ask the customer to make real-
time payment during actual checkout. Your decision will depend upon your
business model. Real-time payment requires that you ship the merchandize
within a specified period. In the event you are unable to do so, choosing
the other alternative is a better option. The choice of "Authorize Funds"
allows you to put a temporary hold on the customers' funds till you ship
your product.

Understanding Third-Party Processors

Simply put, a third-party processor is a vendor who charges your
customers' credit cards on your behalf and then transfers the money
electronically to your account. Many online merchants prefer to have both
the third-party processor and the payment gateway. This way, you can
ensure that your prospective buyer has his or her preferred payment
method and is not turned away.

Now that you have the basics, we can focus on what features the best
payment processors have.

A good payment processor

    * Provides merchant account services efficiently. Good customer
support is essential. Availability of 24x7 help provides a lot of
reassurance that there is someone to troubleshoot your problems.
    * Has an effective antifraud solution in place. You hear a lot about
credit card frauds going on these days. Credit cards are stolen, lost, or
misused by false information. The best payment processors verify billing
and shipping addresses with those provided by MasterCard/Visa. In
addition, card security codes are put in place to verify that the buyer
actually owns the card.
    * Provides you with accurate financial information.
    * Has a recurring billing feature. This simply means automatically
collecting payment installments after a fixed duration.
    * Have reasonable rates and fees. However, you must remember that
each payment processor may have different sets of rates. For example,
they may have an assortment of rates, such as discount rates,
chargebacks, or transaction rates, in addition to application fees,
ongoing fees, and settlement fees. Choosing the best payment processor
will entail evaluating all financial aspects of the charges and fees.
    * Is dependable in all respects. Any weak link in the payment
processing system means loss of customer confidence, and this translates
into loss of business.

There are many dependable and well-known payment processors out there.
All you need to do is evaluate the benefits and disadvantages each
processer has. Some of the well-known names in the business are Google
Checkout, PayPal, MiraPay, and, to name a few. They have
survived the competition and are thriving because they have built
customer trust by providing a dependable, secure, and fast payment

The Popularity of Payment Processors in Cable TV Companies:

Over the past few years, small and big businesses are finding ways to
complete transactions as fast as possible. This is one of the reasons why
businesses like to take it at a whole new level to make their
transactions fast, through the use of payment processors. This is where
businesses and customers are making their own transactions online, by
simply sending and receiving money to their accounts. Payment processors
are considered to be an online savings account which a user may deposit,
send and receive money while using their personal computer. As you can
see, more traditional and online businesses are now using payment
processors to complete their transactions rather than manual. For
example, if you are from India and the company is in US, it is pretty
hard that you might send them a mailed envelope which may took days to
complete the payment. With the use of payment processors, there is no
need for you to send a postal envelope but to send money online instead.
Huge companies like satellite TV are beginning to take interests on using
their desired online processors that are popular and trusted to
Satellite TV providers are a huge factor to all of us, because it gives
us over hundreds of channels to watch than a regular television. It may
include local channels, international channels and even watch it on high
definition. Right now, we can see that satellite television companies are
now accepting credit card and payment processors for subscribing with
them. Speaking of the credit card, it is an important tool for you to use
in your online processor account. Without the credit card, you may send
and receive money but you cannot withdraw it. Even if your balance is
zero, credit cards are good options for you pay as your backup. Satellite
TV companies are also implementing their own promo or coupon codes for
online customers to purchase any of their packages in their website. With
online coupon codes for satellite TV, the customers will have more
benefits and discounts when purchasing any package that leads them to use
their credit card or payment processor to subscribe. Some of the examples
of payment processors are Paypal, Alertpay, Moneybookers and
LibertyReserve. The most popular payment processor that was used mostly
by online businesses is Paypal. But why is it that they used Paypal more
than the others? Paypal is the fastest processor in terms of sending and
receiving payments.

Going back to the satellite TV companies, almost one hundred percent of
them are using Paypal because it is so effective and safe to use. But we
do not underestimate the other low tier payment processors because they
can still be used for backup purposes if Paypal is not their best option.
Subscribing with the best satellite television companies are truly worth
because they are cheap but giving you lots of channels to watch. Any
business like satellite TV would become successful in the upcoming years,
especially when it comes to fast transactions through payment processors.

How Important Are The Payment Processors To Various Satellite TV

When it comes to huge business, everything that is more valuable and very
useful is very important. But there are also things that are not
important at all, because they cannot be used or considered themselves to
be thrown in the trash can. Huge businesses like satellite or cable TV
has lots of important things to take care of, which they want the
customers to be happy in subscribing with them. But there is one thing
that might be one of the most important of all, and that should be the
sales and revenue. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are likely concerned on
the daily sales and revenue whether it goes up or not. For most cable and
satellite TV companies, it takes a long time for them to recover their
return on investment because of the huge investment. Providing satellite
dish to the customers for connecting with their service provider is an
important thing for them, rather than sticking to an antenna-type TV with
only local channels to watch. Their employees are also a major factor for
them, which they need to train them properly in order to prepare for the
real tasks and it's considered very important in their business.

There are times when the customers or subscribers complain about their
service, which needs them to call or e-mail the company about the issue.
Customer service employees are the ones who answered their calls, and
they should have been trained hard by the supervisors you hired. Not only
cable and satellite TV companies that were talking about importance, but
also to other types of businesses like gaming stations, restaurants, real
estate and many more. However, there is one important thing which results
to faster or slower transactions and it is called a payment processor.
Customers and subscribers want to pay and make transactions faster than
manual payments, and that's what cable and satellite TV companies are
planning to add payment processors as an alternative option. Popular
payment processors like Paypal and Alertpay are catching their attentions
to use them for online payments. Every user cannot withdraw their amounts
without including at least one credit card or bank account number.
Although they can send and receive payments online, but they cannot
withdraw or emergency pay in case their balance is zero.

This is why payment processors are considered very important to all
businesses like cable and satellite TV providers. Although it is not
required by the company for the customers and subscribers to pay them,
but it is strongly recommended for them. When you try to search the
internet, you can see that online businesses mostly require them to enter
their credit card information. But it's not safe all the time when you
give them your credit card information, because they might bill you over
and over again without notice. Payment processors will keep your credit
card information safe when you deal with companies that accept online
processors. You must consider that every single individual or thing
within the business is very important, especially when using payment
processors as an alternative payment for the satellite TV customers.

How To Choose A Payment Processor:

Choosing a payment processor for your business requires more than a
casual glance at features on a brochure. It's a decision that can have a
long-lasting effect on your business. Most merchant account providers
require you to sign a contract. If you decide to switch providers before
the contract expires, you could be subject to a sizable termination fee.
That's why it's important that you take the necessary time to uncover the
right payment processor for your business. Below, we'll provide you with
a blueprint of how to select a merchant account provider.

Where To Look For A Merchant Account
Merchant accounts are available from a few different sources. Most small
business owners first approach their bank. If you have an existing
relationship, your bank may be able to offer a package that's designed to
grow with your business. If you're unable to secure a merchant account
from your bank, you can use an ISO (Independent Sales Organization). An
ISO is a broker. They usually represent several different credit card
processors. Alternatively, you can often find a trade organization which
offers credit card processing services to its members.

Shopping The Fees

The amount of fees you'll pay for each transaction should be a primary
factor in choosing a payment processor. While the fees seem small, there
are many of them. They can easily add up to a staggering amount. Try to
identify the merchant service providers' fees for each transaction.
They're often disguised behind the discount rate. They can play a major
role in the profitability of each transaction you process while your
contract is in effect.

There are many other fees that you should ask about while researching
providers. They include authorization fees, statement fees, batch fees,
customer support fees, chargeback fees and an early termination fee. You
may be surprised by how different they can be amongst several providers.

Track Record And Customer Service

There are thousands of companies who would like to sell you a merchant
account. Some of these companies are far better than others. Before you
sign a contract, you should find out how a payment processor's track
record compares to its competitors. Have they been providing the service
for years? Do their customers tend to renew their contracts?

Also, note their level of customer support. Try to contact a few of their
current customers. In the event that you have an issue with your payment
processor, you want to have confidence that the issue can be resolved

Don't Lease The Equipment

Often, a merchant service provider (or a salesperson who represents one)
will encourage you to lease the credit card processing equipment. They'll
make the offer sound attractive, but you should consider buying the
equipment. The terminal and software required will likely cost under $300
to own. A leasing contract on the same equipment is often designed so you
can't terminate the contract without paying a large cancellation fee. In
the end, you may pay nearly $1,000 for the equipment.

Getting A Good Deal

To find a reputable payment processor, identify and compare individual
fees amongst several providers. Look closely at their track record and
customer support. Contact a few of their current customers to ask them
whether they're satisfied with the service. Finally, avoid leasing any of
the equipment you'll need to process credit card transactions. With due
diligence and a little effort, you can find a payment processor that will
work with your business rather than against it.

A Review of the EGold Payment Processor:

There are numerous methods of online payments available for people
everywhere. These have been created at first to suit certain types of
customers and afterwards have developed and widened the variety of their
customers. eGold is one of the most popular and trustworthy online method
of payment that people from numerous countries have adopted for sending
and receiving payments through the internet.

The very feature that differentiates eGold from other payment methods is
the fact the money transfers made through eGold are backed by real gold.
This is a very important detail that is meant to bring more credit to
this payment method. Many people that are using eGold have taken this
detail into consideration and have considered it very trustworthy.

There are also other methods related to this payment service. They are
the same reliable but the difference is that these are not backed by
gold. They include other types of guarantees, such as silver, platinum or
palladium but their efficiency is also given a lot of positive reviews.

eGold has brought a new type of guarantee for its payment services and
that is why increasingly more people are adopting it as their basic
method of sending or receiving money online. The payment services of this
electronic currency are also guaranteed by a great experience that eGold
Ltd. has gained during its banking activity from the past years.

Most of the reviews that eGold payment service has received from its
customers take into consideration the most important aspects and details
of money transfer. Hence, it is a reliable, trustworthy money transfer
method and it also functions very fast and efficiently.

The fees of the banking operations are also low for this payment service
and the satisfaction of using them for different payment or pay
procedures is guaranteed by a great experience in the field and also by
the gold that this payment service is based on. There is also a great
transparency when choosing to transfer or receive money online by eGold.

Taking that into consideration we may consider that this payment service
offers many advantages and among these you may also observe the great
transparency of the service. When you are transferring or receiving money
by this method you are always notified by the steps and details of your
transaction. This helps you stay informed and also helps eGold gain more
credit and be more trustworthy for its customers.

All these details and the numerous other advantages that this transaction
method offers are meant to ease the online banking processes and to give
the company more credibility in front of its customers. By consulting the
information available on the central site of eGold.

You are likely to find the details and features of this payment
opportunity and also to get familiar with the policy, terms and
conditions of eligibility to transfer o receive money through eGold. The
trustworthiness of this method has brought many clients to this service
and their satisfaction has been stated in their positive reviews on

Clickbank the payment processor – A fantastic PayPal alternative:

If any of you have read my recent posts on here they will have heard all
about my troubles with PayPal when I was one of the lucky few to be
paying the PayPal Christmas bonuses with my account. Since then though I
have realised what a big mistake I made and the need for something more
secure that makes me feel safe with my online earnings.

The thing is I‘ve never actually had a problem with ClickBank even though
I have used them for a number of years. I‘ve just never thought of them
past hosting my top affiliate products. For example I never see them as a
place to go for hosting little income streams that tick away over time
until now that is!

Everybody wants to escape PayPal apart from the boss of them that is! We
want a solution to take our payments but at the same time we don‘t want
to leave them because we believe it will result in a drop of customer
sales because everybody wants to use their PayPal balance myself

But ClickBank are in a position to take debit cards, credit cards and
PayPal all at the same time. They are also much stricter than PayPal with
what products you can sell so you feel more comfortable with them. Their
customer service outshines every other payment provider that I have used
and I always feel priviledged to be part of their community.

Once you get your first product approved with them you can set up several
others from the same account giving you the opportunity to list lots of
ebooks not just the one. Only the first will appear in the marketplace
but all the others will have payment buttons created for them. This can
be particularly beneficial if you have several offers for your
subscribers only or if you have Australian customers as a lot of our
clients down under can‘t pay by PayPal.

At the end of the day if you are a customer that has been left in a
similar position to me you should seriously consider ClickBank as an
alternative so that you can carry on selling online without any problems

Understanding the Payment Gateway of Merchant Accounts:

One of the applications that merchant accounts offer is a payment
gateway. As the term already implies, it is the payment gateway that is
responsible for sending information from the merchant or retailer to the
payment processor and, in turn, to the credit card association. The
payment gateway is used by business owners with Internet merchant
accounts; those with retail accounts use a point-of-sale terminal, a
physical program on the computer that is connected to the physical credit
card terminal.

Basically, the payment gateway of merchant accounts has three main
functions. First, it functions as the one that authenticates credit card
transactions. Second, it allows the merchant to send its transaction for
payment processing and finally, it protects the information transmitted.

But how does the payment gateway work?

It first functions during the verification process in credit card
processing of merchant accounts. When a buyer buys an item online, the
information the buyer sends is sent to the web server of the merchant.
The merchant then forwards this information using the payment gateway.
Both of these processes are encrypted by a Secure Socket Layer to ensure
that it is protected. This ensures that the information sent cannot be
acquired by a third party.

Once the payment gateway receives the information, it sends it to the
financial institution's or the bank's payment processor. It is then the
processor's responsibility to send this information to the credit card
associations. The card associations verify and authenticate the
transaction and inform the processor if the cardholder has sufficient
credit to purchase the item. If the transaction is valid (in terms of the
card's financial capacity), the card association sends the information to
the processor. The processor, in turn, sends the information back to the
merchant. This is how the payment gatewayauthenticates a credit card—all
in a matter of seconds.
The same process applies when the merchant authenticates the credit card
transactions for payment. The payment gateway of merchant accounts sends
the transaction information per batch to the processor. This, on the
other hand, takes two to three days. Needless to say, the payment gateway
is an important part of the credit card processing procedure. In fact, it
is the core.

Allied Wallet: Review Of A Payment Processor:

Allied Wallet is a credit card processor for those who are looking accept
credit card payments online or to use ACH processing. Allied Wallet is a
great choice for those that are not fully ready for a merchant account,
but need a way to process online payments from customers. Thousands of
online sellers and buyer across the world use this processor to meet
their sales and buying needs.

Why do so many people turn to Allied Wallet for their needs? Well, there
are many reasons. For instance, you can get started accepting payments
right away. With some payment processors, you have to wait for approval,
account set up, and so on, but with this company, you can get started
right after signing up.

Furthermore, with Allied Wallet, there are no contracts to sign and no
sign up fees! Some merchant account providers require that you sign a
contract, agreeing to use their services for a certain amount of time. If
you cancel before that time, you may be responsible for fees and such.
Many other processors out there actually charge you to apply for an
account, never do this because there are plenty of other options like
Allied Wallet out there to use.

In addition, with Allied Wallet you do not need any special software or
equipment to get started, everything you need to get started is provided
right from the website. There are some associated fees, but not nearly as
much as with some other payment processing providers.

There is no one time fee to signup with Allied Wallet but there will be
fees per sale which is completely normal for online payment processing.
For example, there are no statement, monthly, or application fees. There
is also no need for SSL certificates and you can transfer funds directly
to your bank account free of charge, provided they are to participating
banks within the United States and Canada.

In addition, you will also receive free technical support online and free
website codes. You will enjoy codes that are easy to plug into your
website, the ability to accept credit cards from around the world, and
even bill your customers on a recurring basis. Many shopping carts accept
this form of payment and is already integrated right into their system,
therefore, getting started with Allied Wallet.

Online Payment Processors – Who To Use For Taking Online Payments:

We take a look at some of the most well known payment processing systems,
and give you a little more information about them and look at our top
five payment processing systems for your business.

PayPal – Probably the most known about payment system on the Internet,
everyone has used or knows someone that has used PayPal, whether it be
for paying for goods on EBay or sending money online as a donation,
PayPal is one of the most used payment methods around. PayPal is a very
secure online payment method, which allows your clients and customers to
pay you or your business quickly and easily without sharing any of their
financial information.

Google Checkout – One of the most recent payment options that we have
been using for our customers is so easy and quick to set up that it has
become one of our most favourite options for clients. The fees are really
competitive and if you use Google Adwords, you will also have a little
"secure checkout" logo added to your adverts, which we have seen for our
clients an increase in orders, because the general public trust Google as
a brand and will use them where they can, even if it is for paying for
goods online!

SagePay – Previously and most commonly known as Protx, this payment
processer is one of the leading payment options in the UK and Ireland.
They claim to have well over 25,000 customers and have been in existence
for many years, offering competitive rates and secure payments, that are
seen as one of the leaders in the industry. The integration of this
product can be quite complicated and the setup can take time to get just
right, but when you do, you will have one of the leading payment
processors on the Internet.

Nochex – This leading and independent UK based online payment company,
specialises in working with smaller online businesses and providing them
with a very simple, accessible, easy to use, online payment service. If
you are looking for a 'complete' and flexible online payment package,
then you will find their range of services exactly what you are looking
for, as they are have been around for some time and offer all kinds of
payment options and the peace of mind that you can rely on them.
RBS - RBS WorldPay used to be simply WorldPay, but is now part of one of
the UK's biggest and most established banks. The system allows you to
accept all types of credit and debit cards over the Internet, and they
also have a fantastic little system that lets you take payment over the
phone via a merchant control panel, something we have found really useful
and very cost effective.

A Kickass Payment Processor For Caribbean Businesses:

You Cannot Sell Online If You Have No Mechanism To Collect Payments

One of the biggest challenge for small businesses online in the Trinidad
and Tobago and in fact the Caribbean is access to a global merchant

This is usually the case with most developing countries. The technology
is available but until there is a synergy between merchant account
providers and local financial institutions the situation will remain the
same. But there are alternatives.

Paypal is by far the most recognized payment platform available to
merchants globally. Unfortunately, their primary target markets are the
United States, Canada the UK and to some extent Europe.

Services are limited and vary from one developing country to another, in
some countries the service is simply not available. For example, in some
countries Paypal can only be used to send funds or merchants are allowed
a small limit on of funds they can receive. Funds are restricted to USD
so merchants are compelled to use that currency. These features limits
the merchants' ability to transact business online.

There is another option, although not perfect but proven viable for many
entrepreneurs in developing countries.   It is simple to use and does not
require a long involved application process. It's available in all the
major continents, Africa, Asia, Europe, Canada, US and South America
including the Caribbean.

Here is a screen shot of some of the countries covered in this region.
the check marks are the services they offer to each location.

Alert pay has been online for a few years now and has established its
reputation for reliability. They are giving PayPal's a run for the money
by providing service to over 190 plus countries with 21 currencies
including almost every island in the Caribbean.
Send and receive funds in your own currency or any other supported
currency for a 2.5% spread over the exchange rate. Here are some of the
benefits of having access to multi-currency online payment platform;

•    Exchange currency from your home or office without ever having to
fax or mail a form.
•    Inexpensive compared to other alternatives
•    Conveniently accessed from anywhere in the world
•    More currencies supported than Paypal.
•    Receive international payments in your local currency.

You can use it to shop online, send remittances, pay bills, exchange
currencies it accepts deposits in your primary currency to another of
your choice. Note: always check the currency rate before using the
online converter to ensure that it is updated.

Here are three downsides of using Alert Pay:

1. You are charged per transaction, i.e. the 2.5% spread that means for
every $100 in any currency the fee will be $2.50.
2. It does not provide a shopping cart meaning that it is not possible
to purchase multiple items at the same time. Although they have promised
to develop one in the near future it does limit multiple item purchases.
3. Depending on the method you use to withdraw your funds there is a
wait time that may range from 2 – 5 days.   What this means is that
spontaneous withdrawals are not possible.

The sweetest incentive for joining Alert Pay is FREE and easy to use.

For and individuals Alert Pay provides a viable alternative if you are
not selling multiple items. But it can still be used as an alternative
because of the ease of use and ability to accept multiple currencies.

If you are looking for a payment processor go over to Alert Pay and take
a look around, it may the solution to start getting and sending payments

Liberty Reserve Payment Processor:

Liberty Reserve is an account-based e-currency system in which you can
store your money in American dollars, European EUROs and GOLD (soon) and
transfer payments to other people and receive payments from others. It is
safe, reliable and confidential. The payments are irrevocable (which
means they can not be reversed). Liberty reserve is instantaneous, real-
time currency for international trade. Within minutes, you can send and
receive payments from anyone, anywhere on the globe!
E-currency, or digital currency, is a stored value and payment system,
that allows users to store funds (such as Euro, USD, Yen, and metals such
as gold, silver, etc., or anything else of value for that matter). The
main feature of a digital currency is that spends (payments) are
irrevocable, unlike bank payments (wires, checks), and other systems that
have similar features (online payments) but can easily reverse payments,
such as PayPal. Liberty Reserve is protected by an offshore Trust, and is
at all times backed 100% by U.S. dollars for LR-USD accounts, and by gold
for LR-gold accounts, etc.

Liberty Reserve is incorporated under the laws of Costa Rica and is a
100% irrevocable payment system and digital currency. You can send or
receive money to or from anyone in the world.

One of the most important features of Liberty Reserve is the security of
your account. Passwords, PIN's, stop account feature, and anti-keylogger
(trojan) login system are just a few of the security precautions that
Liberty Reserve has added to keep your value safe and secure within your
account. Nothing works better, however, than your own due diligence when
it comes to security. Always use an anti-virus for safe computing.

Transactions are instant and irrevocable.Eliminate risk & fraud. No more
charge backs, defaults, high bank wire fees & bad checks! Use Liberty
Reserve to make your online payments quickly, easily and in real time.
Liberty Reserve is secure, easy to use and cost-effective.

Pay your bills using Liberty Reserve by just use any of approved exchange
providers to send a check to you or anyone and anywhere in the world in
exchange for your Liberty Reserve funds.

Liberty Reserve also provides personal, live, one-to-one chat with a
customer support representative to answer your questions. No more waiting
hours or days to get a simple question answered. Support representatives
can also push a URL onto member's computer as a pop-up so that not have
to go looking for a particular link.

How to Select the Right Mobile Payment Processor:

Mobile payments are highly effective for micropayments payments of
digital content and virtual goods. Offering mobile payments increases
revenues, mitigates payment processing risks, and expands markets world-
wide quickly and easily. More importantly, mobile offers a potential for
a relationship with customers that no other payment option can provide.
The real power of mobile payments goes far beyond selling virtual goods
and services. Mobile billing gives business a way to communicate with
customers and for customers to communicate with companies and with other
customers. Mobile payments expand the power of social networks and
communities and provide a unique opportunity for businesses and consumers
to be a part of each others‘ world.

Given the importance of Mobile Payments, how should a company select a
mobile payment provider that they can rely on? There are two important
elements to consider. First, the mobile payment platform must meet
technical standards and conform to standard business operational
functions for payment processing. Secondly, closely examine the
additional services that the mobile payment company offers that will
enhance your customer acquisition, retention, and marketing strategies
and build loyalty to your brand.

An effective mobile billing platform will have the following features:

Complete audit trail and full reporting functions for every transaction.
The status of every transaction must be available in real-time.
Merchants should have the same type of detailed information available to
them with mobile billing as they do with credit card payment processing.
Accountably. Merchants need to know how much money they will receive
from mobile billing and when the funds will be received. Flexible price
points. Merchants need to be able to set their own price points for
products and services. Merchants should not be limited by mobile billing
short codes with inflexible billing parameters

Flexible billing models. The ability to pass on mobile billing
surcharges to consumers allows merchants to offer mobile payments without
incurring any payment processing fees. Will consumers pay the
surcharges? Millions of mobile billing transactions prove the answer is
YES. Consumers willing pay a extra for a small-ticket item in exchange
for convenience and instant gratification. Simplicity of integration into
existing accounting and payment processing systems. The application
program interface should be user friendly and take be easy to implement.
Customer support should be offered 24/7 in every local language where
mobile billing is offered. One of the great advantages of mobile billing
is the easy expansion into international markets.   Localized customer
service is an important element in succeeding in global markets.

The best Mobile Payment Processing platform will offer businesses
multiple ways to acquire new customers and retain existing customers.
Business should have a variety of low-cost methods to reach out to
customers, offer incentives, maintain customer interest in the product,
and motivate new spending. Combing innovative payment technology with
marketing tools is a sure-fire way to ensure the success of your mobile
billing initiative. The right mobile payment processing partner will
work with you to customize the right strategy and help you implement your
plans in the most efficient way possible.

Payment Processing and Betting on Sports Online:
Processing credit card transactions is a necessary part of every
consumer-related business. This is especially true online. Without the
ability to process your customers' credit cards through your website,
you'll sacrifice the majority of your sales. If you're operating a sports
betting company, you'll need to contend with other issues. Below, I'll
explain how online betting works with payment processors. Then, I'll
describe the problems that plague the industry.

Basics Of Sports Betting Payment Processing

Sports betting websites are in a unique situation. They process credit
cards whenever bettors want to deposit money into their accounts. In that
sense, they're similar to other online businesses. However, when their
customers win bets, these websites must transfer their winnings back to
them. Those winnings can't simply be transferred back onto the customer's
credit card. That typically happens only in the case of a refund or
chargeback. The easiest alternative is for the betting website to send
checks to customers with their winnings. And that can be a problem...

Coping With A Challenge

First, sports betting websites deal with the challenge of processing
payments by using an overseas merchant account. The reason is due to
congressional legislation that prohibits banks from transferring money to
an online gambling site. Known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling
Enforcement Act of 2006, it's actually used to prevent banks from dealing
with gambling sites at all (which I'll explain in a moment).

Sports betting websites fall under the umbrella of "online gambling." As
a result, banks within the U.S. will not extend a merchant account to
them. Further, remember that these websites need to send customers'
winnings by check. The congressional act mentioned above precludes banks
from allowing the transfer of money through those checks. If discovered,
it's plausible that the U.S. DOJ (Department Of Justice) will impose
fines on that bank.

The challenge for sports betting sites is to find a bank that is either
unaware of the type of business for which they're issuing checks or is
willing to take the risk (not unheard of in some countries). Keep in mind
that a popular site might issue hundreds of checks each month, especially
for popular events like the NBA Finals. So, it's not a small risk.

Enter The Payment Processor

Often, betting websites need to use a payment processor to not only
accept deposits, but to also distribute winnings. It's becoming more
challenging to accept major credit cards (specifically, Visa and
Mastercard) for wagers because of the congressional legislation. To fill
that gap, several payment processors have emerged. But, using them is, in
itself, a challenge for betting sites. Many of these processors are "fly
by night" operations and disappear once customers' deposits are received.
Others are actually reliable and will process payments until they're
caught, which can happen without warning.

Finding A Payment Processor

If you're thinking about starting a sports betting website, you'll have
some obstacles to clear. Not only will you not be able to process credit
card payments through a domestic merchant account, but you'll need to
find a bank to process checks for you. If you're unable to find a bank
that is willing to work with you (remember, it's a risk for them), you'll
need to find a dependable payment processor.

Bodog, a high-profile presence in online sports betting, reportedly uses
JBL Services to process payments. While JBL was profiled in a recent
Forbes article that mentions legal action being taken against them, most
experts suggest the article was misleading. Another payment processor
with a good reputation in the industry is Whichever
company you choose, keep in mind that the industry changes very quickly,
exposing all parties to risk.

Payment Processing Systems Simplified:

A payment processing system has six basic components. The six parties to
a payment processing system are:

Customers or cardholders are the first part of a payment processing
system. A customer is the holder of a payment card, either a credit or
debit card, from an issuer.

Issuers are the second participant of a payment processing system. An
issuer is a financial institution that provides the customer with a
payment card. The issuer is responsible for the cardholder's debt

Merchants are the third part of a payment processing system. Merchants
are any organization that sells goods or services to the customer. The
merchant that accepts payment cards must have a merchant account with an

Acquirers are the fourth element in a payment processing system.
Acquirers are financial institutions that establish an account with a
merchant and processes payment card authorizations and payments. The
acquirer provides authorization to the merchant that a card account is
active and that the proposed purchase does not exceed the customer's
credit limit. The acquirer also provides electronic transfer of payments
to the merchant's account and is then reimbursed by the issuer via the
transfer of electronic funds over a payment network.

Processors are the fifth participant in a payment processing system.
Payment processors are large data centers that process credit card
transactions and settle funds to merchants.

Payment gateways are the sixth element in a payment processing system.
Payment gateways link acquirers and processors to merchants. The payment
gateway enables the authorization, settlement and management of credit,
debit and other electronic transactions via websites, POS, and on
wireless devices.

Payment Processing System Interchange

Interchange is the backbone of the economics of a payment processing
system. Interchange represents the percentage of each credit or debit
card transaction paid by the acquirer to the customer‘s issuer.
Interchange makes up most of the fees that merchants pay to banks for
processing card transactions.

Issuers in a payment processing system use a portion of interchange
revenue to encourage card use by offering cardholders rewards, such as
cash rebates, airline miles, or other incentives. The more the card is
used, the more rewards can be earned by card holders.

As payments by debit and credit cards have increased and become the
preferred method of payment for buyers, interchange fees have increased.
As a result, merchants, essentially subsidize issuers in a payment
processing system. Issuers make money both on interchange and from
charging cardholders fees to use the cards.

For years, merchants have complained that interchange fees are unfair.
Merchants allege that interchange allow banks, which would normally
compete on fees, collude on fees instead.

Banks say if merchants do not want to pay interchange fees, merchants can
chose not to offer cards and not use a payment processing system.
Merchants counter that opting out of a payment processing system is not a
viable option because customers expect to cards to be accepted

How To Accept Online Payments From Your Customers:

If you are new to ecommerce and need a payment processing solution for
your website, then this article will be of interest to you. There are
several different ways to process payments for your internet business. We
will outline each of the avenues available to you so you can select one
that is right for your particular business.

If you own a store and are simply setting up a website to give your
customers the ability to purchase your products online, then you probably
already have a merchant account that you use to process credit card
transactions. If this is the case, then you do not really need to process
customer payments through your website; you can simply post an order form
on your website for your customers to print so that they can fill it out
and fax their orders into you.

Then, you would just process the payments by entering the orders into
your credit card terminal you use in your store. However, if you want to
process payments through your website, there are a few different ways to
do it.

The most common method used by internet merchants to process payments is
by signing up with a third-party transaction processing service, such as
Paypal. All you need to do is sign up for an account with the third-
party, and then you link to their order form from your website and they
process the payments for you.

The processor charges a transaction fee for each transaction, ranging
anywhere from 2% - 15%, depending on the company and the amount of
business you transact. Most of these companies can process recurring
payments as well (recurring payment processing is necessary if your site
sells a membership for which you need to charge your customers on a
regular basis).

Some of these third-party processors also have the ability to process
your orders using an automated phone system. With this method, your
customers can call a certain phone number to place an order, and are then
prompted to enter a certain code. The order is charged to the telephone
bill of the customer.

Also, some third-party merchants offer an online check payment option.
This gives your customers the ability to pay for their order by entering
the account number and routing number of their checking account on the
order form, and then their checking account is automatically debited. It
is good to offer this to your customers, because not everyone has a
credit card. Offering online check payment processing will help you
convert more sales.

If you do not want to use an outside company to process your payments for
you, then you will need to open your own merchant account. This is not so
simple to do. If you open a merchant account at a bank, there might be a
monthly service fee of several hundred dollars per month.

There are several companies, such as CardService International, that
offer cheap online merchant accounts, ranging from $50 - $100 per month.
After you open the merchant account, you will need to hire an experienced
programmer to create an order form that can process payments and connects
directly to your merchant account.
If you decide to use a third-party payment processor, just make sure that
they have a good service record, because if their systems are frequently
down or their order forms do not work too well, then your business will
suffer as a result of the lost revenue. If you are starting a multi-
million dollar business, then you should probably set up your own
merchant account and have a programmer create your own order forms to
process your payments.

How To Send A Paypal Payment Notification Email?:

The last year has been one of the most challenging for all online
entrepreneurs. I am talking about home based software developers, web
designers and big companies with thousands of employees. The Internet is
constantly evolving, growing day by day. Those who cannot keep up, are
left behind. However, those who manage to improve their business model,
those who incorporate the latest technologies, those who adapt, they will
all get a share of the "apple pie".

I've been approached lately by someone who was complaining about loosing
too many customers because of immediate refunds. My client was selling an
e-book with cooking recipes. Payment processing was done by Paypal, one
time fee, nothing fancy so far. I decided to purchase the ebook myself
for testing purposes. I clicked on the "Pay by Paypal" button around 7
P.M., and in 3 minutes I received my payment confirmation. So far, so
good. But wait, there is more: no sign of the cooking ebook. I had to
wait until the next day, around noon, when the seller checked his inbox
and emailed me the recipes in a PDF file.

I finally got it why so many customers asked for a refund. They needed
those recipes the moment they decided to pay, not 16 hours later. The
first solution was simple and in reach: don't sleep, check inbox every
hour and send that PDF file A.S.A.P.

Seriously now, a viable alternative would be to switch to another payment
processor of transactions that involve electronic goods: Regnow, ShareIT,
Plimus. At this point I am pretty sure all of them support Paypal
payments, among with the majority of credit cards available world wide.
The major drawbacks are the higher commissions, and their tight payment
schedule, that includes a single payment batch per month. No more instant
withdraw to your credit card like it's available at Paypal. Furthermore,
you have to setup your product in their online catalog, pay for download
bandwidth and many other disadvantages, compared with the simplicity of

Well, there is a working solution that involves Paypal. Their system
allows sellers to send a custom email to buyers. This can be done with
the help of PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification). IPN is a
notification platform that can send a notification each time a
transaction is affected. This includes payments, subscriptions, eChecks,
disputes, chargebacks or refunds. That's pretty much everything. The only
problem is that it's quite complicated to setup, you need PHP knowledge
and at least a medium understanding of how those type of things work.

For those who don't know or don't have the spare time to learn about
using IPN, I have a recommendation: some web form processor services that
are available on the Internet offer a similar feature. I mean you can do
the following: setup a web form asking for your client's name, email and
what product he wants to buy. Next, integrate Paypal with your form
(everything is done in an online wizard). Attach prices to your products
so that your buyer can see how much he has to pay. In the end, before
saving your web form, look for the PayPay payment notification options.
Basically, you should be able to setup a standard email template that
will be sent to your buyer each time he completes the payment process.
This email will include a link to a page on your website where your
client can find and download the ebook or software you are selling.
Instantly. If you want to send electronic goods the moment you are paid
for them, I suggest you have a look at 123ContactForm Paypal Payment
Notification guide.

How To Send A Payment Notification To Your Paypal Client?:

The last year has been one of the most challenging for all online
entrepreneurs. I am talking about home based software developers, web
designers and big companies with thousands of employees. The Internet is
constantly evolving, growing day by day. Those who cannot keep up, are
left behind. However, those who manage to improve their business model,
those who incorporate the latest technologies, those who adapt, they will
all get a share of the "apple pie".

I've been approached lately by someone who was complaining about loosing
too many customers because of immediate refunds. My client was selling an
e-book with cooking recipes. Payment processing was done by Paypal, one
time fee, nothing fancy so far. I decided to purchase the ebook myself
for testing purposes. I clicked on the "Pay by Paypal" button around 7
P.M., and in 3 minutes I received my payment confirmation. So far, so
good. But wait, there is more: no sign of the cooking ebook. I had to
wait until the next day, around noon, when the seller checked his inbox
and emailed me the recipes in a PDF file.

I finally got it why so many customers asked for a refund. They needed
those recipes the moment they decided to pay, not 16 hours later. The
first solution was simple and in reach: don't sleep, check inbox every
hour and send that PDF file A.S.A.P.

Seriously now, a viable alternative would be to switch to another payment
processor of transactions that involve electronic goods: Regnow, ShareIT,
Plimus. At this point I am pretty sure all of them support Paypal
payments, among with the majority of credit cards available world wide.
The major drawbacks are the higher commissions, and their tight payment
schedule, that includes a single payment batch per month. No more instant
withdraw to your credit card like it's available at Paypal. Furthermore,
you have to setup your product in their online catalog, pay for download
bandwidth and many other disadvantages, compared with the simplicity of

Well, there is a working solution that involves Paypal. Their system
allows sellers to send a custom email to buyers. This can be done with
the help of PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification). IPN is a
notification platform that can send a notification each time a
transaction is affected. This includes payments, subscriptions, eChecks,
disputes, chargebacks or refunds. That's pretty much everything. The only
problem is that it's quite complicated to setup, you need PHP knowledge
and at least a medium understanding of how those type of things work.

For those who don't know or don't have the spare time to learn about
using IPN, I have a recommendation: some web form processor services that
are available on the Internet offer a similar feature. I mean you can do
the following: setup a web form asking for your client's name, email and
what product he wants to buy. Next, integrate Paypal with your form
(everything is done in an online wizard). Attach prices to your products
so that your buyer can see how much he has to pay. In the end, before
saving your web form, look for the PayPay payment notification options.
Basically, you should be able to setup a standard email template that
will be sent to your buyer each time he completes the payment process.
This email will include a link to a page on your website where your
client can find and download the ebook or software you are selling.
Instantly. If you want to send electronic goods the moment you are paid
for them, I suggest you have a look at 123ContactForm Paypal Payment
Notification guide.

What is the Difference Between a Merchant Account and a Payment Gateway?:
If you decide to open an ecommerce store, you are going to have to become
familiar with merchant accounts and payment gateways. In order for you to
receive funds from an online transaction, you will need to have some sort
of merchant account. Although your bank can probably provide one you
should plan on paying dearly for it. If you do not want to do this you
can check into the more popular ecommerce merchant accounts available
online. With ecommerce becoming so popular, gaining a merchant account
has never been easier.

Payment gateways act as a sort of go-between for the sellers shopping
cart and the financial institutions involved in the transaction. Gateways
are not visible to the shopper and handle the transaction between your
customer's financial institution and your merchant account. This is all
done behind the scenes when the customer clicks "buy it now" or enters
the checkout.

There are also third-party credit card processors such as Paypal. They do
charge more per transaction but there is no monthly fee. This is best if
you are just starting out in ecommerce and are unsure of how the payment
process works. Almost everyone has a Paypal account. Once you are on your
way to becoming an established business, you will want to check more
thoroughly into merchant accounts and payment gateways to save money.

All transactions go through the payment gateway. They provide information
to and from the buyer's and sellers financial networks. Once this is
done, the money from the seller's account goes into your merchant

It is extremely important that you check the differences in rates before
choosing a payment gateway and merchant account. Don't settle on the
first company you come across. Do some investigating or you may end up
losing money and fast. Check the services and the rates for both payment
gateways and merchant accounts. Ultimately you will want to get the most
services for the most reasonable amount of money. That doesn't always
mean the cheapest. You often get what you pay for and that goes for
ecommerce as well.

There should be no hidden fees involved in any type of merchant account
or payment gateway. Fees should be laid out for you to see. If you do not
see a complete list of charges that would be incurred, do not use that
service. There are reputable services and not so reputable services so
know what you are getting.

Merchant accounts act on behalf of the seller whereas a payment gateway
is an information port for all of the financial networks involved in the
transaction. This includes the buyer and the seller. Businesses must have
both a payment gateway and a merchant account if they are not using a
third-party service. Without a merchant account a seller cannot receive
money from an online transaction. Without a payment gateway, the
transaction cannot take place at all. This is the major difference
between the two.
North America's leading offline and online payment processor for debit
and credit card processing offering merchant account services, and
payment gateway. Accept Credit and Debit Card Payments with our POS

Guide to Payment Processing Terms:

Accepting credit cards from your customers isn't as simple as some
merchants might imagine. Not only is the process by which the
transactions are approved and funds are delivered complicated, but there
are many terms that are used. Many of them can be confusing. Chargebacks,
payment gateways, ISOs, discount fees, and batches are just a few of the
terms that business owners need to learn. Below, we'll provide you with
easy-to-understand definitions for the terms that are used most often.

Merchant Account - A merchant account is a contract between a financial
institution (called an "acquiring bank") and a business owner. The
contract allows the business owner to accept credit card payments.

Issuing Bank - An issuing bank is the financial institution that offers
credit cards to consumers. When a cardholder makes a purchase, the
issuing bank either approves or denies the request for funds from the
merchant bank.

Chargeback - A chargeback occurs when a customer requests that a credit
card transaction be reversed and the funds returned to him. Often, this
happens due to a customer identifying a transaction as unauthorized or
fraudulent. The issuing bank will reclaim the funds that were used for
the purchase from the merchant bank.

Payment Gateway - Retail stores have credit card terminals through which
customers swipe their cards or the card's numbers are input manually. A
payment gateway is used for the same purpose for online purchases. The
gateway encrypts the card data and communicates the details of the
transaction to the merchant's bank.

Settlement Time - Many payment processors and merchant banks will hold
the funds from a card transaction for a predefined time period. This may
be for 1 day or several weeks. For business owners who rely upon steady
cash flow, a long settlement time may be impractical.

Payment Processing Fees

Fees are an important of each credit or debit card transaction. Some fees
are exclusive to merchant accounts while others are associated with third
party processors. Here are a few of the most common fees that business
owners will need to know about if they intend to accept credit cards for

Interchange Fee - An interchange fee is the portion of every purchase
transaction that a cardholder's issuing bank retains when sending payment
to the merchant's bank. It is only relevant for transactions that are
processed using Visa or Mastercard.

Discount Rate - The discount rate reflects an assortment of fees that are
paid by business owners whenever they process a credit card payment. The
interchange fee (described above) is one of the fees that make up the
discount rate. This rate can vary wildly between merchant accounts.

Authorization Fee - Whenever a transaction is processed, a request is
made to the cardholder's issuing bank for authorization. Whether the
purchase is approved or denied, the merchant must still pay a small
authorization fee.

Batch Fee - At the end of each day, a business owner should "batch up"
and send that days' transactions to his merchant bank. Some merchant
banks will charge the business owner a small batch fee for the daily
settlement of the merchant account.

Knowing The Terms

If you do not already have a merchant account or payment processing
solution, the terms described above may seem confusing. Once you gain
experience by accepting credit card payments, you will begin to
appreciate how each facet impacts your business. There are many other
terms that are used within the industry. But, if you have a clear grasp
of those explained above, you should feel confident about exploring your
payment processing options.

The Benefits of a Card Payment Gateway:

A card payment gateway is an online payment solution. Card payment
gateways are a way to process transactions online which involve credit
and debits cards. Card payment gateways are an essential tool in the
electronic transactional process between customers, business and the
banking institutions.

So a card payment gatewayacts as portal for the money to be transferred
through when an online sale occurs using a credit or debit card. A card
payment gateway is the equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal
you find in most retail shops. So in essence a Card Payment Gateway
provides website owners with the ability to collect and process credit
and debit card payments over the Internet. So without a card payment
gateway a website is not able to take any payments of goods and/or
services which are purchased online.

 The main benefits of a card payment gateway are:

 Security compliant

Card payment gateways insure that you are safe to handle online
transactions. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
is a global standard covering the way in which card holder data should be
handled. If a website is taking online payments then they need to be
compliant with these PCI DSS security standards.

Card payment gateways protect both credit card and debit details by
encrypting sensitive information, ensuring the information is passed
securely between the customer and the merchant and also between merchant
and the payment processor. Using a payment gateway means you don't need
to worry about meeting these compliance requirements as the card gateway
provider will handle these security aspects for you.

Multi payment service provider support

Most card payment gateways will allow your website the ability to support
multiple payment service provider (PSPs) and merchant accounts within a
single implementation. This then allows the use of different PSPs for
different commercial entities using the card payment gateway.

Instant payment

Using a payment gateway means Payments can be authorised in real-time
guaranteeing the availability of funds. Funds are then automatically
transferred to your account within 3 working days.

Easy integration

Most card payment gateways can be easy integrated into any website design
meaning your website can become an eCommerce website with minimum effort
and changes to your website.

Reduced Overheads

Card payment gateways save card processing time and free up resources to
help improve your customer services. It means that fewer transactions
need to be handled manually, or indeed require any manual intervention,
hence freeing resources. Card payment gateways can also be expanded to
use a recurring payments solution.


 By being able to take payments online means that you are able to take
payments 24/7, 365 days a year from anywhere on the globe with any device
with web access. By being able to process all sorts of credit and debit
cards with a card payment gateway, you are increasing your customer base.

So if you are seriously thinking about turning your website into an
eCommerce site or you want to build a website that can take online
transaction then make sure you integrate a card payment gateway into your

There are many card payment gateway providers out there all offering
different additional features. The best step is to research fully into
this area and choose the best card payment gateway that best suits your
website and industry.

Secured Payment Systems: What you need to know?:

Do you own online business and wish to grow with time? No matter what
your site offers make sure you have secured payment systems. With quality
payment systems the bond between sellers and buyers ends up being strong
helping business to grow tremendously. Day by day access to internet is
becoming very cheap and users are ready to enjoy the experience of
shopping all at the comforts of their home. With the growing trend to
shop online, it is extremely important to implement secured online

   1. Research shows that users tend to visit e-commerce site and love to
browse through different category of latest products. Consumers also
want to shop from those sites that ensure that their personal but
delicate information is safe and secure. Thus, experts feel that it is
extremely important to ensure proper and fair retail transactions.

This growing trend has contributed to evolution of series of payment.
Some of the popular and most preferred payment gateways are Paypal
Technology, Google Checkout, World Pay, authorize.Net etc. Thus, the
debit and credit card is one of the most used payment mode. What you need
to do is implement the right payment gateway for your business. But how
do you choose the right payment system for your business? One of the
simple ways is to try any of these payment gateways for shot period to
see whether it is compatible with your business or not. Here come other
few simple tips to pick the payment system.

    * Security: This is the first foremost things that you must consider.
Never compromise with this issue. No buyer or seller wants to have fraud
payment processor and rob away with their hard earned money. Pick the
payment gateway that offers the tight security in each layer of payment
    * Transaction Fees: Each payment gateway has its own transaction
fees. No wonder every business wants the cheapest one to maintain their
target profit margin. Browse the different payment gateways and select
the one that best suits to your business and offers quality security in

    * User Friendly: Select a payment system that is user friendly and
processes payment rapidly. Complicated commands and interface might
discourage to buy from your site. Simultaneously, choose the payment
gateway processing single or bulk payments rapidly. Delayed transaction
and payment can cost you heavily where you can lose your valuable

    * Stability: Stability is an important aspect when a business is
planned in long run. Thus, systemized and proper implementation must be
ensured for smooth running of business. Stability is the path to earn a
good reputation.

    * Proper Authorization: Last but not the least, cross-check the
authorization of the payment gateway. Remember by following the law not
only you make your business secures but also the interest of your
customers. Select a payment gateway that follows the rules and
regulations of transferring money online.

Secured online payment system is very important to conduct proper e-
business and gain the loyalty of customers. Rely on secured payment
system to make your e-business work as hard as you.

Make More Cash With More Payment Processing Options:

If you want to boost sales and traffic to your site, it is imperative to
offer multiple payment processing options. There are many different ways
to process your orders. You can do it through credit card payment
processing, ach payment processing, debit card payment processing,
electronic check processing, using a toll free number, or by mail.

By offering many different ways to pay for your product or service, you
will allow more people to spend money with you. There are many different
ways to take payments these days. Make sure that you make it possible for
just about anyone to place an order with you.

When you limit the amount of ways to process payments, you will lose
money. You want to have the most ways possible of processing payments. It
is challenging enough to get visitors to your website, don't lose out
because you don't provide the means for them to pay.

Credit card payment processing is by far the biggest payment method out
there. About 90% of sales come this way. It would be ill advised to
remove credit card payment processing from your way of selling products.
Nowadays, there are payment processors that take check payment
processing, credit card payment processing, 800 number payment
processing, and 900# payment processing. Take the time to investigate all
the different ways to take orders.

It is easy to accept credit cards on your site now. There are many
different ways. One of the more popular ways of taking credit cards is
through using Pay Pal. Pay Pal is an online payment processing company.
This is called third party payment processing. Their system is very
simple to use and a great tool to transfer funds to you, because there is
minimal worry by the client. They also have a great tracking system which
protects you as well as the clients themselves.

It is also possible to take payments using a toll free number and order
forms that you can print off of your site. These are easy to keep track
of, but have to be done manually. There are ways to pay companies to do
this sort of payment processing. This is called an offline transaction.

In conclusion, don't limit the way you do payment processing. Process
your orders using a variety of methods to eliminate the chance that
someone goes to another website to process their order. Use a variety of
payment processing tools, because a sale is still a sale. God bless you.

Safety yourself from internet shopping payments risky:

With Internet become popular, tradition B-B business has changed into B-C
business, promote the domestic market to international market. More and
more businessman has changed their way to do business, not only the store
but also online business. It is smart to do business online, it is fast,
convenient and low cost. Paying online has become a trend so that various
of payments accepted by customers. However, someone said "It is fast, but
sometimes when payment failure, it is difficult to refund. I have to
worry about money." This is reflect that people doesn't fully understand
online payment.

There are various of ways to pay money online-Credit card, the merchant
account, International Merchant Accounts and also paypal. They are
allowed payment all around the word. However, before shopping online, you
should know how much money in your account. A case that you payment
failed, you can contact with salers or telephone to your bank account.
Credit cards are almost universal. Whether you' sell memberships over
your Website, widgets over the counter, or office supplies through a
catalog, you should accept credit cards. That credibility stems from the
fact that people believe that you have to be a 'real' or reputable
company in order to accept credit cards. And secondly, shoppers feel
safer buying this way, as credit card companies only hold consumers
liable for the first $50 if fraud occurs. For example, you would like to
buy vibram five fingers online, you contact with saler online. You has
add your products into your shopping cart, but payment is failed. Frist,
you should look at your account whether the money has been designate.
Second, you need to contact with salers at once. Telephone calls, send E-
mails or chat with them-various of ways you can do to trade your money
back. Third, you should asked Credit card center for help, just tell them
you the detail process of payment, they will involved in mediation among,
this happened when you and salers in the case of disagreement.

Paypal is an other fast way to pay money online. In a nutshell, PayPal
operates as your site's payment processor to fulfill and complete online
payment transactions. PayPal gives your customers the following payment
choices: all major credit and debit cards, eChecks, bank transfers, and
PayPal accounts. However, before buying five finger shoes online, you
should first community with salers and confirm if their online system can
accept paypal payment. If so, you can pay money in following three steps.

Step 1.Customers shop on your site for something and click your PayPal

Step 2. A secure PayPal page appears (with your company logo), and the
customer makes a payment.

Step 3. The customer returns to your site after completing the payment.

Before you begin to payment, inside the PayPal Business Account, there is
a section called Merchant Services. You need to sniff around this portion
of the site, because along with the Create Buttons feature, PayPal offers
a lot of free and useful e-commerce tools to keep your business running
smoothly. However, notice, if you pay money for cheap vibram five
fingers, you were prompted with the popular 5 seconds paypal redirection.
Because you can't wait for the 5 seconds redirecting time, you
unhesitatingly click the link so you can access your paypal account due
to the urgency of the the payment transaction. In order to pay succeed
you need to read the rules and follow what page shows the proposed. If
you payment failed, pay attention that in order to qualify for a total
refund, sellers had to post goods to a buyer's registered PayPal address.
You didn't do this, so the protection didn't apply. When the person whose
card was used for this transaction complained, the payment was reversed
and you were left with a negative balance.

For shopping online, you should pay more attention to find a genius and
peputation online shop. Make sure that you know how to pay for products.
If not, ask your friends to help you or just go to bank to know how to
pay. Not give more your information to salers like telephone calls,
address and so on. Safety yourself because Internet shopping is risky.
Paypal Paid Surveys – How to Take Surveys Online for the Biggest Paypal

Paypal is the world‘s biggest online payment processor; it provides a
fast, convenient and easy to use service and it can be great if you are
getting regular payment through it. There are a few market research sites
both in the UK and abroad that will pay you using Paypal payments, the
big problem is actually finding the ones that do.

If you do a quick search online it may be possible to find a survey site
or directory that will provide you with a short list of market research
sites that will pay you with Paypal, unfortunately though these are few
and far between. The other option would be to find market research sites
and then either sign straight up to see which payment method they use or
have a look in their terms and conditions, this method can be quite time
consuming. The first method is the easiest but either way to find Paypal
paid surveys you will have to be prepared to do a little research.

The biggest mistake that some people make when searching for Paypal
surveys is too pay a fee to sign up with a huge database of ‗survey
sites.‘ This is definitely not the way to do it, if a market research
site is legitimate it will never ask you to pay any kind of fee to join.
Also many survey databases are just scams looking to either sell all your
personal information to other companies or simply scam you out of money
with false promises. If it sounds too good to be true then 9 times out of
10 it probably is.

Once you have found a decent list of survey sites that will pay you via
Paypal simply register with each and wait for your extra cash to start
rolling in. The sites that do pay for your opinion via Paypal will either
pay you straight after you have completed an online survey or will add it
too your account and let you cash out in a low minimum payment. Either
way getting paid via Paypal for taking surveys has many advantages over
cash or cheque payments and you should find that you will earn lots more
money in a much shorter time.

Accepting Payments Online:
Whenever you're starting a business that is going to sell a product or
service, your going to need a way to accept payments. This is not only
true whenever you are starting a business in your local area but it is
also true whenever you are starting one on the Internet. There are many
different options that are available for accepting payments over the
Internet, all of which deserve a little bit of consideration before you
decide which one you are going to use. Here is a breakdown of some of the
more popular options.

One of the most popular payment processors that is available on the
Internet is PayPal. This company has been around for over a decade and
almost everybody has a PayPal account has used it at least once for one
reason or another. You can easily accept payments through PayPal with a
number of options that make it rather attractive. You can also attach it
directly to a shopping cart, provided the shopping cart software allows
you to do so. One of the benefits of using PayPal is the fact that the
money which goes into the account is available immediately and you can
either transfer it, or use it at a variety of different places online.

Another option that many people choose is owning your own merchant
account. A merchant account gives you the ability to accept credit cards,
online checks and payments through a variety of different methods. There
are a lot of options that are available whenever you are choosing a
merchant account, so make sure that you look at the bottom line and all
of the fine print before deciding which one you're going to use. Having
the ability to accept credit card payments on your website is an
excellent way for you to ensure that you get the impulse buyer, who likes
what you have to offer and buys it immediately.

If you do not want or cannot have your own merchant account, there are
also some online merchant accounts which are available which allow you to
use their services in order to accept credit card payments. Depending on
whether you are offering physical products or digital products will make
a difference in which of the services you are going to use. Some of the
most popular of these include ClickBank and DigitalRiver. Both of these
are available for digitally downloaded products that you are offering.
There are also some services which can offer similar services for
physical products as well.

One of the benefits of using these services that are available on the
Internet is the fact that you will also have a built in affiliate
account. Many people who like to sell products through affiliate accounts
look to the services in order to provide them with merchants under one
umbrella account. It's an excellent way for you to increase your sales
and to market your business, to many more people as a result of the
efforts of these affiliates.

Heartland Payment Systems Breach is as Bad as the Tylenol Poisonings?:
Heartland Payment Systems stock (HPY) was hit hard in the wake of what is
being described as the biggest single breach of consumer and financial
data security ever. The company issued statements Friday (1/23) in an
effort at damage control in which the CEO compares the potential
industry-wide impact of the breach to none other than that of the Tylenol
poisonings of some twenty-five years ago that nearly brought down the
drug maker.

Not the kind of association I would want to make for my company, but then
it is not my company.

Worse yet, Heartland's press release was crafted with the kind of classic
crisis-response-mode denials, deflections, and spin that we have all
become so accustomed to in other sectors of the financial industry.

The data loss debacle at Heartland highlights the fact that information
security will be the next major shareholder derivative and D&O liability
issue, regulatory, consumer, and national security threat, and class-
action litigation subject to impact our ailing economy.

Heartland CEO Robert O. Carr's statements do not contain any details of
the breach or anything resembling an apology to consumers and
shareholders. Instead, Carr gave himself a pat on the back for expanding
Heartland's client base in spite of exposing millions of people and
hundreds of banks to fraud and losses.

"Despite the headwinds of the economy and attacks by some of our
competitors, we have installed new merchants, new payroll clients and new
check management clients since our disclosure of the breach on Tuesday
morning," Carr stated.

The press release further states "Heartland Payment Systems added more
than 400 merchants to its client base in the past few days - exceeding
results for the same period from last year."

When Carr does finally address the breach, he seems to imply that the
lapse in data security is some kind of validation of Heartland's capacity
to respond to threats to its customer base and stakeholders, but only
after a breach is uncovered. Carr even managed to sound almost self-
congratulatory in the process:

"Our energized organization called on the owners of more than 150,000
business locations these past three days to help them understand the
breach and what it means to them. I couldn't be prouder of our entire
organization for the way everyone has pulled together to help."

Kudos Heartland? No. The congratulations should instead go to the kind of
executives who are proactive enough to make sure that the measures are in
place from day one of contract negotiations with the systems and security
providers to insure these kinds of problems never materialize.
As soon as Heartland's stock began to tank in earnest late this week,
leadership chose to respond to this breathtaking lapse in security and
due diligence by acting first to reassure their clients and shareholders
that all was well at the company, even a bit exciting lately - what with
the opportunities the new security vulnerability will give those in the
payment industry to share ideas with one another.

Now what about that data breach? You know, the whole reason for the press
release in the first place? Little was offered in the press release:

"No confidential merchant data, Social Security numbers, unencrypted
personal identification numbers (PIN), addresses or telephone numbers
were retrieved in what is believed to be a global cyber-fraud operation."

If no critical data was exposed, what's the real problem then? Well,
there are many.

First and most obviously is that for an unknown period of time some
consumer and merchant data worthy of encryption were exposed to hackers
and thieves when the data were briefly unencrypted and encrypted again
during processing, according to

Card reissue   would solve that problem, albeit at some expense to the
companies. I   say companies (plural) because if Heartland's system was
exposed then   it can be expected that the same vulnerabilities have been
exploited in   systems at other companies, perhaps even in other industries
with similar   data security software and systems.

Hence the scramble by law enforcement (FBI) and the entire financial
industry to figure out what happened.

Also of note is a problem that has been at the forefront of information
security from the beginning: The bad guys tend to know more than we do
about the vulnerabilities in our data systems because it is worth a lot
of money to them.

Aside from network audits and professionals who hunt for holes in
security systems for a living (some of whom where at one time themselves
hackers), most companies find out about information security issues after
their networks are breached.

Even though industry leaders can show that they spend hundreds of
millions of dollars on cyber-security, more and more resources - time,
talent, money, reputation - are all being lost by reacting to threats
after the fact.

There has been a marked increase in attempted and successful attacks on
corporate, government, and military systems, yet the looming economic
realities today are forcing information security executives and IT
departments to try to do more protecting at less cost.

This situation poses a threat to the security of I call our financial
identities, which are made up of the ever-accumulating bits of electronic
information that increasingly represent the bulk of our identity and net
worth, which can disappear in minutes from a sharp dip in the markets, or
in the blink of eye with just the click of a mouse.

The economic downturn is further exposing our financial identities to
fraud and exploitation from external threats such as criminally intent
hackers, as well as from internal threats like budget cuts, cutting
corners on security due diligence, or cash-hungry employees who may
succumb to the temptation to sell sensitive datain the lucrative
information and identity black-markets that thrive on the Internet.

Another big problem is that despite Heartland's assurances, the company
understands neither the size nor scope of the breach, let alone how it

"Heartland does not yet know how many card numbers were obtained. Many
reports in the press are speculative," the press release states.

Well, there is a lot to speculate about.

Given the financial industry's record of not fully disclosing damaging
information to consumers or shareholders, even as required by law, it can
be expected that further details of this case will reveal this breach is
much worse than anyone is letting on, especially Heartland executives.

Heartland is the sixth-largest payment processor in the country, with as
many as a quarter of a million payment and payroll clients, and they may
be only one of many similar companies targeted in a broader criminal
activity meant to defraud through malicious software known as "malware."

Visa and MasterCard, who first recognized discrepancies in their own
records, notified Heartland of a potential problems late in 2008.

"Visa and Mastercard instructing many card issuers to offer fraud-
monitoring protection, replace cards, or do a combination of both for
customers whose card purchases were processed by Heartland."

Visa and MasterCard wouldn't elaborate, citing an ongoing FBI criminal

"Heartland should feel urgency to notify everyone who could be a victim,
says Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock, a fraud-monitoring service. "Victims
are sitting naked, not knowing whether to take extra steps to protect
themselves," he says. "The default should be toward notifying all
possible victims," according to the Detroit Free Press.

Oh yes! The victims of this fiasco - what is on the agenda for them?
Heartland's press release instructs them to basically fend for themselves
for now, which is a fairly typical response to consumer data breaches.

"Consumers will know if their card account numbers have been used by
reviewing their monthly statements. Cardholders should report suspicious
activity to their issuing banks (the bank that issued the card, not the
card brand). If unauthorized use is confirmed, cardholders are reimbursed
for the fraudulent purchases and are not held financially responsible,"
Heartland assures in their press release.

Sounds painless enough, but I really doubt it will be pain free for those
who will have to deal with it.

Not only will this be a tremendously stressful and potentially time
consuming endeavor for the affected cardholders, this is also a
tremendous drain on the financial resources of an already troubled

Heartland (HPY)'s stock value has lost more than 50% of it's twelve-month
high. Visa (V) and MasterCard (US:MA) have seen similar declines.
Ultimately, the lawyers will join the fray, multiple lawsuits will be
filed, the costs will continue to climb, and shareholder value will
continue to decline.

Information and data security are essential to protecting every single
individuals financial identity, and every corporation's value from
falling prey to the most sophisticated forms of cyber-attack conceivable.

President Obama has indicated he is taking cyber-security very seriously,
going so far as to announce the pending appointment of a cyber-advisor to
spearhead efforts.

In this age of electronic everything, more than at any other time in
history, losing data translates in very real terms to losing dollars, and
that is widely accepted across most industries.

Moving forward, we should also start thinking of our financial
identities, our investments, our assets, and all of our wealth as really
being nothing more than data. Data to be to be kept safely, not lost or

Carr concluded, "Just as the Tylenol(R) crisis engendered a whole new
packaging standard, our aspiration is to use this recent breach incident
to help the payments industry find ways to protect its data - and
therefore businesses and consumers - much more effectively."

If Carr is comparing this breach to the Tylenol poisonings, a textbook
commercial and consumer nightmare of epic proportion - including multiple
deaths - then you know this breach is going to be something really,
really big in the end.

Payment Processing: Accepting Debit and Credit Cards:
Running a business - whether online or retail - means being able to
process your customers' payments in a variety of ways. While many people
will pay with cash, a large portion of your customer base will likely use
their credit cards to make purchases. You need to be ready for them by
having a way to process those transactions. What's more, there is another
challenge to think about when you're looking for a payment processing
solution: debit cards.

Debit cards are becoming increasingly popular for a couple of reasons.
First, they allow your customers to avoid having to place new purchases
on their credit cards. By doing so, they can elude the hefty interest
rates that their credit card companies would otherwise apply to those
purchases. Second, debit cards offer your customers an easy way to manage
their personal finances. By allowing the payment for new purchases to be
deducted immediately from their checking or savings account, they can
more easily control their spending habits according to their budget.

As the use of debit cards continues to grow, you'll need to be able to
process payments that are made with them. Below, we'll discuss the
advantages of processing credit and debit cards and why both are critical
to your business.

Advantages Of Accepting Credit Cards

Despite the fact that more people than ever before are using debit cards
to pay for items, credit cards still dominate the market. That is, a
larger portion of your customer base will still be motivated to use
credit cards. Further, this trend will continue into the foreseable
future. From the consumer's perspective, credit cards have another
advantage; protection. A federal law titled the Fair Credit Billing Act
(FCBA) allows your customers to dispute fraudulent activity on their
account. They have little liability in the event someone uses their
credit card without their authorization.

Because millions of people continue to use credit cards to buy goods and
services, you need to have a way to process those transactions.

Advantages Of Accepting Debit Cards

The main advantage of accepting debit cards is that more people are using
them each day. There are a few reasons behind this trend. First, credit
card companies have begun to pull back the amount of credit they offer
their customers. When people are already near their limit, this
effectively removes their ability to use their credit card. As a result,
they often begin using their debit card for purchases.

Second, as mentioned, many people use their debit cards in order to
easily balance their checking (or savings) account at the end of each
month. The money for purchases is automatically taken from their account.
When your customers review their bank statements, they can monitor their
spending, balance their books and adjust their budgets, if necessary. As
a merchant, this should encourage you have a merchant account that allows
you to process debit card transactions. Over time, they're likely to
become a growing part of your business and your revenue stream.
Accepting Both To Build Your Business

It should be clear that it's important for your business to accept both
credit cards and debit cards for payment. Your customers will want to
have the option of using both. In fact, some of your customers may only
have a debit card. Fortunately, most banks have linked debit cards to the
same network that facilitates credit card transactions. That means most
merchant accounts will allow you to accept both easily. In other words,
you won't need to choose. As the tide slowly shifts from one card to the
other, your payment processor will be able to adapt seamlessly.

Choosing the Right Credit Card Payment Processing Provider:

Many small business owners are hesitant to accept credit cards because
they are afraid all of the fees and equipment costs, but fees are not the
only thing to consider when you are looking for a payment processor.

First, think about the kind of company you want to do business with.
There are banks that provide services that allow you to accept credit
cards, as well as independent sales organizations and, sometimes, the
credit card company itself.

The advantage of working with the same bank that has your other business
accounts is that it is easier for you to deal with, and there may be
someone local who you can call when you have problems.

On the other hand, independent sales organizations have more experience
and are sometimes more flexible in the kinds of businesses they will work

When you're shopping around and learning about the different packages
that payment processing companies provide, here are some things you
should pay attention to:

*Reliability: Does the network have a lot of downtime? What happens when
the network goes down? What kind of customer support structure do they
have in place? Is there someone you can call 24/7?

*Products: What different kinds of payment processing products are
available? Can they help you choose what's right for you?

*Extras: Does this system also process electronic gift cards, electronic
checks or other methods of payment?
The biggest factor that most people use to choose the merchant account
company they want to go with, however, is the price. There are many
different fees associated with accepting credit cards, including an
application fee, the discount rate (a percentage of each sale),
transaction fees and fees for sales made over the Internet or the phone.

There are also fees for statements, for not meeting a minimum amount of
sales and for any returns or refunds you process.

Look carefully at all the different kinds of fees each company collects
and what the rate is. If you're expecting people to make a lot of small
purchases with credit cards at your business, you might look for the
company with the lowest transaction fee. If on the other hand your credit
card payments will be high, you might be more interested in a lower
discount rate. It all depends on what your priorities are.

A final thing you'll want to consider when choosing a payment processing
system is what if any costs you will incur from renting or buying
equipment. Some companies offer free equipment for credit card
processing, which can be a big positive that cuts down on your up-front

4 Ways Branded Sales Pages Increase Your Conversion Rates When Accepting
Payments Online:

If you're a consultant with a growing business, you may find that you're
out-growing the standard options for processing payments online, and yet
are not producing the volume level of a particular service to justify the
extra costs that a merchant account would require.

This is one of the reasons why I was looking for alternatives payment
options. Sure, people who know and trust me already, who are used to the
standard options for processing ebook payments won't see a problem with
being sent to a page that looks completely different from the rest of my
site, in order to complete their transaction.

But since my business specializes in solutions for people who aren't
marketers or search experts, and who rarely pay for products online, I
had to have another option. Not that I have anything against PayPal or
Clickbank - not at all.

But the way my business has changed has led me to find an alternative,
not just a supplemental payment processor.

But what's so great about having a branded sales page? And how does it
increase your conversion rates?
It's easier to trust the familiar.

Isn't this one of the reasons people buy in the first place, because the
seller is familiar, and as such, more trustworthy than an anonymous
solution? More people stay with the sales process when they are familiar.

Branded Sales Pages assure the client that they're taking the right steps
to fulfilling their order.

Have you ever clicked on the wrong thing or realized that with five
windows open, you weren't sure where your place was?

Abandonment rates are lower the smoother the processing experience is.

If you've ever studied your web stats and seen people abandon your sales
process at the checkout page, you know that this one aspect can totally
kill the user experience, and sink your conversion rate.

What could be more disheartening than the knowledge that you've somehow
gotten all the elements to making sales perfect -only to have high
abandonment at the last step.

In those cases, you know it's the order page, but you don't know what to
do about it.

Branded Pages tend to load faster and contain similiar elements that are
already on your site. Faster loading pages lower the amount of people who
may leave because your page isn't loading.

50 % of Americans may be on high-speed, but there's still the other half,
not to mention the rest of the world.

Branded sales pages can help you enhance your brand and make the
purchasing experience less confusing for your visitors. If increasing
your online conversion rate is one of your New Year's Resolutions, you
will want to look into a company that can offer this solution for you.

Risk Assesment in the Payment Processing Industry:

In the world of credit card processing service, the Credit Card
Associations of Visa and MasterCard make all the rules. Banks have to be
members of the Card Associations in order to issue credit cards or
acquire card transactions.
When it comes to risk assessment, Visa and MasterCard rely mostly on
historical data. The biggest component of their risk evaluation toolkit
is the probability of generating chargebacks. A chargeback results when a
cardholder disputes the validity of a transaction, posted on his or her
statement. The dispute sets in motion a validation process, which is
illustrated in our chargeback diagram and involves all of the
participants. The cardholder has to file an official dispute with his or
her card issuing bank, who then returns the transaction to the merchant
bank, through the Card Associations. At this point the merchant bank can
either resolve the dispute, or, if they need additional information, they
will contact their merchant and ask for a proof that the transaction is
valid (a receipt would answer just fine). The merchant will then provide
(represent) that proof, if available, and the representation will find
its way through the chain back to the card issuer and their cardholder,
thus resolving the dispute. Now, whether the dispute is valid or not, it
generates a certain amount of expenses that the Associations will have to
incur. That is the main reason for the premium high-risk businesses have
to pay on their credit card payment processing rates.

Naturally, businesses that transact in a non face-to-face environment,
tend to generate higher levels of chargebacks. Web-based and direct
marketing merchants are automatically included. Higher average tickets
add an additional amount of risk, due to the larger amounts that are
moved around and the resulting higher transaction fees that are
generated. New merchants too add to the risk, due to their limited
processing experience. There are other factors as well which can lead to
some businesses being completely unacceptable to US-based merchant
services credit card processing provider. For example gambling websites
are extremely risky, simply because cardholders may feel like victims and
dispute a charge, even if the gambling site played by the rules. Adult-
oriented websites, on the other hand, are prone to generating higher
levels of chargebacks, because customers may be uncomfortable to admit
using their services, even if they have.

The Associations require payment processors to closely monitor   their
merchants' chargeback levels. Credit card processing companies   get
penalized if their merchants' chargeback levels exceed certain   limits
and, in extreme cases, small business merchant accounts can be   suspended.

The Truth About Third Party Credit Card Processors:
If you're a small business or just starting out, you may not feel ready
for a merchant account. Obtaining a merchant account is not usually
considered difficult, however, for a newly established business it isn't
always feasible to run out and a merchant account immediately. Starting
a business is often costly and risky to begin with- you do not need to go
out and spend money on optional features (like a merchant account) until
you know whether or not your business is going to succeed, and whether or
not you'll have the need to accept credit cards from customers.

Did you know there are other options and alternative methods for allowing
your customers to pay you with credit cards? Companies called "third
party credit card processors" do not require their customers to create
merchant accounts, and yet they can be used to allow small or new
businesses the ability to accept credit card payments from customers.

Why Worry about Accepting Credit Cards at All?

It's important that you are able to accept credit card payments from
customers, however, even if you aren't feeling up to getting a
traditional merchant account right now. It's been proven that businesses
that except credit cards experience higher sales than those that do not
accept credit cards. In fact, some companies have reported an increase
of 50 to 400% in sales once they began accepting credit cards as a
payment method.   It also helps to establish a professional image- and
for some potential consumers, it generates a feeling of trust. ("If the
business is established enough to accept credit cards, they're a quality
business that I should shop with"!)

Home based businesses and online businesses can take advantage of a third
party credit card processor instead of going directly with a merchant
account if they wanted to. It allows a business to determine how many
customers will make purchases with credit cards, as well as determine if
more or higher sales come as a result of accepting credit cards as

A third party credit card processor offers real-time processing online,
online virtual terminals for entering manual transactions, no maximum
limits for processing amounts in most cases, and the ability to set up
recurring billing.

One of the advantages of using a third party credit card processor over
establishing a merchant account is that instead of paying a transaction
fee or a monthly fee, you pay a percentage of the sales (from 2% to 15%),
and only when you actually make sales.   Some merchant account providers
require that you pay a monthly fee- even if you aren't making any credit
card sales. By starting out with a third party credit card processor,
you can judge how many customers might use the option to pay with credit
cards before you go through the process of applying for a merchant
account and getting everything set up.

How do third party payment processors work?

Once you have an account with a third party payment processor, you'll
create links to your products that allow customers to order and pay with
credit. The links send the customer to the third-party processing
company's server, and they handle the orders for you. Payments are
processed by the company, and the sales are credited to your own
business- less the third party processor's commission. You receive your
money from the third party processing company at established payment
intervals. Typically, money owed to you from the third party credit card
processing company is deposited automatically into a checking or savings
account that you have set up for your business and linked to your account
with the third party processor.

How to Use ACH Processing to Ensure Prompt Payments:

If your business depends on the regular monthly payments from your
customers, any missed payment will have a significant dent on your
profitability. The problem is it is very costly and tedious to
continuously call your customers to remind them about payments. Worse,
some customers will tell you that the check is in the mail already but
actually it is not. To avoid these hassles, you need to implement the ACH
payment processing system. And to protect your business interest, you can
use the ATM Verify to determine if the e-check is valid or not.

The ACH payment processor allows full automation of payment collection
for recurring bills and one time payment. The system uses e-checks, which
is actually the regular check of your customers. The difference is you
need not accept the paper version of the check. All you need is to get
the checking account information of customers so you can collect e-checks
monthly. The ACH payment processing method eliminates costly invoicing,
tedious collection calls, and other annoyances during payment period. All
you have to do is to debit the payment from the customer‘s account so you
can credit it to your business account. The simplicity of the process
makes it a very popular payment option for recurring bills payment.

To protect your business from NSF e-checks, you need to use the ATM
Verify software. ATM Verify is a check verification tool you can use for
all payments made on the ACH system. The software utilizes the database
of all participating banks in the ACH network. It will search the account
used to issue the e-check. Through this process, the software can
determine if the account is in good standing or not. Once ATM Verify
acquired the data, it will send instant notification for you. If the e-
check is valid, then you can proceed with the transaction. If the account
is problematic, you can deny the e-check issued by the customer and
demand other means of payment.

Some customers or clients are not comfortable with automatic deduction of
payment from their account. In such cases, you can accept e-check
payments by phone. For example, when payment is due, you can simply call
the customer and ask for the check routing number and account
information. You can input this information in your ATM Verify. Once the
software determines that the check is funded, then you can proceed with
the transaction through the ACH payment processor. You can now thank the
customer and call him again next month. This method is less automated but
you can ensure that your customer can make prompt payments every month.

ACH payment processor can offer lots of benefits for your company. This
payment method will ensure that your clients or customers will not fail
to pay their bills to you. You can also easily verify the checking
account of the customer by using the ATM Verify software. So you need not
worry anymore about missed payments once you implement the ACH electronic
payment processing system for your business.

How to Lower Internet Fees with Online Direct Deposit Payment Processing:

The Cara Debit Card online payment processing options offers new payment
scheme designed to lower your internet fees. The new scheme allows online
payment transfers without any per-transaction fees.

Those who are often making online payments or direct deposits to
employees, contractors, or vendors can attest the fact the other
companies offering online payment processing charged them as much as 9%
for internet payment transfers and direct deposit transfers. This does
not even include the per-transaction fees and exchange rate fee on top of
that. Definitely, this is more than a burden rather than the hassle-free
transactions you expect from doing it online.

Good news, you now have a better option with Cara Debit Card online
processing options. It has made available this new online payment process
to allow a party to transfer funds via online direct deposit into another
account with no transaction fee. This process does not have the typical
payment caps that other online payment processors are charging their
clients with. Here is a concrete example, a $1,200 per day, and won‘t
freeze accounts for too many online payment transactions done in a short
time period.
This type of online direct deposit payment system is ideal for companies
that run a global network of resources especially those who need to pay
resources for products and / or services on a regular basis.

The Cara Debit Card online direct deposit payment system definitely beats
other online direct deposit, money transfer, and internet payment
processing system in the market today.

The online payment processing account is accompanied by a credit / debit
card that may also be used as a credit card, this card makes it easy for
you to access cash, transfer the cash into a bank account using an online
funds transfer, or withdraw cash at a local bank ATM machine. There are
no sign up fees for this direct deposit transfer money card. Anyone can
apply for this direct deposit card even those who have no bank account.

Learn How to Lower Internet Fees with Online Direct Deposit Payment
Processing and Much More Using the New Cara Debit Card By Visa:

There are over 25 million unbanked Americans today for many reasons. The
Cara Debit Card is the perfect solution to this problem. Receive Direct
Deposit from multiple sources. Safety-funds are FDIC insured. Withdrawal
cash from more than 30 million ATMs worldwide. Largest surcharge free ATM
network, worldwide. Full online banking. Pay bills over the phone, in
person or online. Full spending capabilities of Visa-worldwide. Receive
Direct Deposit from multiple sources.Loadable at Visa Ready Link Load
Stations and Western Union Agencies. Extend security, cost savings, and
convenience to friends and family. Have a Companion Card issued to family
members, in the family members name. Transfer funds from card to card
electronically, anywhere in the world, instantaneously, safely and at no
cost. How to Lower Internet Fees with Online Direct Deposit Payment

The Cara Debit Card online payment processing options offers new payment
scheme designed to lower your internet fees. The new scheme allows online
payment transfers without any per-transaction fees.

Those who are often making online payments or direct deposits to
employees, contractors, or vendors can attest the fact the other
companies offering online payment processing charged them as much as 9%
for internet payment transfers and direct deposit transfers. This does
not even include the per-transaction fees and exchange rate fee on top of
that. Definitely, this is more than a burden rather than the hassle-free
transactions you expect from doing it online.

Good news, you now have a better option with Cara Debit Card online
processing options. It has made available this new online payment process
to allow a party to transfer funds via online direct deposit into another
account with no transaction fee. This process does not have the typical
payment caps that other online payment processors are charging their
clients with. Here is a concrete example, a $1,200 per day, and won‘t
freeze accounts for too many online payment transactions done in a short
time period.

This type of online direct deposit payment system is ideal for companies
that run a global network of resources especially those who need to pay
resources for products and / or services on a regular basis.
The Cara Debit Card online direct deposit payment system definitely beats
other online direct deposit, money transfer, and internet payment
processing system in the market today.

The online payment processing account is accompanied by a credit / debit
card that may also be used as a credit card, this card makes it easy for
you to access cash, transfer the cash into a bank account using an online
funds transfer, or withdraw cash at a local bank ATM machine. There are
no sign up fees for this direct deposit transfer money card. Anyone can
apply for this direct deposit card even those who have no bank account.

Payment Gateway: Ensuring Safe and Secured Online Payment:

Since the advent of the Internet, and the introduction of safe modes of
electronic transactions, trade has begun to be conducted online. And
today, we have arrived at a place where every need of ours is satiated
through electronic means primarily. If you want to buy something online,
you always need to give your credit card information while processing the
purchase. The transaction information recorded between the seller and the
buyer is also shared with a payment processor that carries out the
process successfully. Here comes the role of a payment gateway for
accomplishing secured processing of your credit card information online.
Truly, in today‘s web-driven scenario, a payment gateway has been a major
breakthrough in any ecommerce web solution.

Web ecommerce solutions have recorded striking convenience through this
cost effective and secured payment procedure. As a highly functional
ecommerce solution procedure, a payment gateway authorizes online
payments for online retailers, e-businesses or any online initiative
wherein payments are processed over the web using credit cards.

With the incorporation of payment gateway mechanism, transfer of
information between a payment portal like ecommerce site or IVR service
and an acquiring bank is ensured with utmost security. When a buyer buys
products from any site online, payment gateway performs a variety of
tasks for successfully locking the process. As a revolutionary and highly
advanced ecommerce shopping cart solution , payment gateway can make any
online shopping voyage a fun every time.

As an integral part of ecommerce site design, payment gateway needs to be
properly functioned before conducting any online payment between a
merchant and a buyer. Today, there are a number of ecommerce web solution
providers out there which specialize in payment gateway solutions. With
features like fraud detection tool, prompt payments, short payment
cycles, compatibility with third-party shopping carts, payments for
custom made products, multiple transaction services, highly secured SSL
encryption, a payment gateway ensures all the requirements which are
crucial for proper functioning of any payment transaction processed

Why You Should Not Use PayPal to Accept Credit Card Payments:

Merchant Accounts versus PayPal Accounts

Let's start off by clarifying that PayPal is NOT an acquiring bank nor a
true merchant processor. It will NOT setup your online or retail business
with an actual merchant account but only a PayPal account.

There is a Very Big Difference.

When your business works direct with an actual acquiring bank and payment
processor, your money or "funds" are fully protected by Federal Banking
Regulations. Your funds are directly deposited into your personal or
business bank account within an agreed upon time frame, normally 24-48
hours after batching out.

With PayPal, your money is deposited into a PayPal Account, which PayPal
Fully Controls.

PayPal is NOT an actual bank so they are not obligated to follow federal
banking regulations. The reason these regulations are important is that
they protect your business from issues like having your bank account
froze for 6 months with no explanation given... (Just imagine if banks
were actually permitted to do that to their customers!)

Because PayPal is not regulated in the same way as a real Merchant
Account, PayPal accounts can be frozen for almost any reason and without
warning. The account can usually receive money while it is frozen, but
the account holder cannot withdrawal any money. Once an account is
frozen, the funds are often held by PayPal for months on end with
Absolutely No Recourse for the merchant.
Merchants finding themselves on the wrong end of a frozen PayPal account,
will still have to find some way to pay their obligations and fill orders
for the weeks and months ahead while their account is restricted. A
domino effect occurs when a merchant's account is frozen, leaving them
with No Means To Fill Orders or Pay Bills. Those orders are then disputed
by customers, creating more chargebacks and the illusion of fraudulent
activity on the part of you the merchant. "Welcome to the PayPal

How Does PayPal Make Money With My Money?

Currently there are roughly over 100,000 outstanding complaints at PayPal
according to the San Francisco Chronicle. These disputes many times last
for months leaving merchants angry, frustrated and sometimes out of
business. You may be wondering what happens to the millions of dollars
being tied up in these frozen accounts. Here is a short clip from an
article recently in the San Francisco Chronicle that gives us some good

U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel of San Jose refused to dismiss a lawsuit
that seeks class-action status on behalf of thousands of PayPal customers
nationwide. A common allegation is that the company brushes off or stalls
customer grievances for months and meanwhile freezes the customer's
account and pockets the interest (So that's how they make their money!).
No wonder they freeze so many accounts!

Hopefully this article has shown you enough reasons to seek out the many
benefits and protections that a true Merchant Account can offer to your
business. Merchants have enough to stress about in trying to stay afloat
in today's tough economy, having their money wrongfully frozen should not
be one of them. Do yourself the service of setting up an actual merchant
account for your business, and give yourself the peace of mind you

Getting Acquainted With Merchant Accounts and Payment Gateways:
What is a merchant account provider? It is a bank or company that allows
merchants to accept electronic check payments and credit cards through
the website they own and over an IP (Internet Protocol) connection.
Account providers have been controlling the submission of payment
transactions to the processing networks for several years on behalf of
merchant customers through retail merchant accounts or any suitable type
of account that depends on the nature of the merchant's industry. Through
websites, retail stores, call centers and mobile devices, these companies
allow merchants settle and manage credit cards and electronic check

If a merchant wants to connect his web site to a payment processing
network, it will be a difficult process and one that is beyond the
expertise and technical resources of most online businessmen. That's why
they need to connect to a certain payment gateway. Several companies
offer the complex infrastructure and security needed to make sure a fast,
protected and dependable transmission of transaction data. It also
manages the routing of transactions just like a credit card swipe
machine. They use the internet instead of a phone line.

The good thing about this is that most payment gateway companies,
otherwise termed as payment processors, are available 24/7 for processing
transactions. Also, they give some value-added services to assist
merchants in handling their businesses and protecting themselves from
scam. Plus, they let merchants add their Verified Merchant Seal add to
their websites for free to help build consumer confidence.

If merchants want to manage their transactions, configure account
settings, generate reports, view account statements and more, they just
log on to a secure website called the merchant interface. This is because
the payment gateway is a hosted solution, browser-based and does not
require any software to install or maintain. Merchants will get profit by
giving their clients a protected, convenient, and dependable payment
method without the need to spend in the ongoing development, support and
legal compliance of complicated in-house payment techniques.

If you're somehow intimidated by the whole process of applying for a
merchant account, let alone maintaining it as you begin to accept credit
cards, don't be. It just seems complicated when you don't do anything
about it. But once you're actually in the middle of it while observing
the benefits it brings to your company, everything becomes a breeze.
Especially these days when most companies on the Internet are accepting
credit cards, the need for a merchant account and credit card provider is
necessary. If you still aren't, you could be lagging behind in the race.

The Most Popular Payment Options For Ecommerce Website:
An eCommerce site must always have multiple payment options. If you run a
shopping site, and you only have one payment method, you may be leaving
thousands of dollars on the table. So what are some of the must-have
payment options?


Everyone knows about Paypal. If you are not using Paypal, you are
isolating a huge group of people. Paypal is a payment solution that
allows its members to make payment without having to use a credit card.
The credit card info has already been stored in the Paypal account. All
the member has to do, is to login to his or her paypal account when
making payment. That means entering an email address and a password. That
is far more convenient than having to take out the credit card and enter
the credit card numbers into the payment form.

In the event that a customer does not have a Paypal account, he or she
can still proceed with payment without having to sign up for an account.
In this case, the check out process would be very similar to the usual
check out process. The customer will have to enter the credit or debit
card number.

In addition, you can easily integrate Paypal into your shopping site as
most eCommerce software supports Paypal.

Google Checkout.

Google is becoming a highly competitive player in the payment solutions
space. Like Paypal, it also has millions of members. You can easily add
Google Checkout buttons to your site by copying and pasting some code

Google Checkout is especially important if you are promoting your
eCommerce site using Google's very own pay per click advertising system.
When you create an add in the system, your ad appears on the right hand
side of the search results. If your site supports Google checkout, a
small little shopping cart will appear in your ad. Visitors will know
that your site supports this payment method just by viewing the ad.

This increases conversion rates because payment by Google checkout is
very fast and convenient. For customers who have used Google checkout
before, all they have to do is to enter their email address and password
(just like Paypal). There are no lengthy forms to fill up. If he or she
is a first time user, a new account will be created.

Conversion rates tend to be higher when you offer Google Checkout as a
payment option because of the trust factor. Some customers may be afraid
to make a purchase because they are unwilling to share credit card
information with merchants. With Google checkout, they won't have to
share private information.

2CO has been around for many years now. This is a payment processor that
allows you to accept payments by credit or debit cards. Unlike Paypal and
Google Checkout, customers will have to fill in their credit card info
when making a purchase. The payments will be sent to 2CO, who will then
verify the payments. The revenues will then be sent to the merchants via
direct bank transfer or check.


This is a very popular payment processing solution that is used by many
large corporations. You must have your own merchant account if you want
to use Worldpay. The setup allows revenues to be sent directly into your
bank account.

What You Need to Know About Merchant Accounts, E-commerce, and Payment

Whenever you read about an internet venture, you see phrases like "e-
commerce payment processing" and "payment gateway". If you are just
getting into the field, you should know a bit about the differences
between a merchant account and a payment gateway - sometimes called an
"e-commerce" payment processor.

If you are looking to peddle your wares on the net, then go ahead and
read this article so you can understand more concerning the way payment
processing works, what it costs, and the options that are there for

Here's the basic definitions:

What is a merchant account? A merchant account is a specific kind of bank
account provided by a financial institution on a set contract. This will
allow you to take credit card payments when conducting transactions. This
is an approval-based product, that has separate fees and terms and

A merchant account allows you to take credit card payments from your
clients. Depending on the merchant service, it is possible that you could
also be able to accept debit cards and e-check payments.

For an online business, you will be required to get a payment gateway
after you set up a merchant account. This will provide you with a
shopping cart system with which your customers are able to buy and pay
for whatever product they select.
The asset that a merchant account provides is that it has the capacity to
automate your business - people will be able to put money into your
account on the Internet, around the clock.

What is a payment gateway? - A payment gateway, exactly as the name says
is the direct link between the shopping cart and the bank that processes
the payment. This is generally completed online, in real time and
involves authorization, processing and management of all online
transactions. Immediately after the payment is authorized the
organization would need to access their gateway graphical user interface
in order to finish the transaction.

As you can see, the main difference between the merchant account and the
payment gateway is that one is the license that allows you to take
payment by credit cards, and the other is the medium through which the
receiving of online payments takes place, including credit cards.

You should know that having access to payment gateway does not entitle
you to take credit cards. The merchant account is an entirely different
service that must be applied for and gotten before you are able to accept
credit card payments. Keeping that in mind, many merchant providers also
provide payment gateway services. A well liked payment gateway is

Many times when you establish your business you will be given the option
of opening some payment gateways or other services with which you would
be able to receive credit card payments. When you accept this offer ,
many times you will not have to pay for set up charges that you would be
required to pay when you apply for a merchant account. Sometimes, these
may be beneficial when compared to a regular merchant account if you have
low sales volume.

(Generally, if you are looking to do any sort of volume with your company
- and I'm speculating that you are - it's better to simply obtain a
merchant account of your own. It's more dependable, more affordable over
the long haul, and you retain more control over the payments that are
processed - also access to card/customer data)

Remember, a payment gateway will rarely include the approval of receiving
credit cards, while numerous merchant accounts in reality offer the set
up of payment gateways as part of the extra features affiliated with the
contract with you.

Both the payment gateway and the merchant accounts are vital steps in
establishing your online business on the way to complete automation. In
fact, you may not understand how many sales you're forfeiting until you
take the plunge and set up your own merchant account with a gateway...

Why Payment Gateway is Necessary For ecommerce Web Solution?:
n e-commerce, payment gateway is one of the most important factors that
facilitate the secured processing of credit card information between an
online merchant and the online shopper, as well as the payment processor.
It is a physical interface or an application service that approves the
payments made by online shoppers for products and services bought online.
Offering a major breakthrough in ecommerce web solution, a payment
gateway initiates the payment process through several step-wise tasks.
When a buyer locks on a buy and confirms the order by entering the card
details and clicking on the ‗Submit‘ button, the information is encrypted
through Secure Socket Layer and is forwarded by the merchant to their
payment gateway. The gateway takes it forward to the processor of the
acquiring bank, which is further taken ahead to the card association. A
payment gateway is a revolutionary ecommerce shopping cart solution that
has removed all kinds of obstacles in the path of a smooth and safe
online transaction, thus facilitating a progressive state for online

Had it not been for the concept of a payment gateway, which of course
takes into account the undeniable participation of the key players
involved here, web ecommerce solutions would not have seen the light of
the day by now. Not only does it allow online buyers the confidence to
submit their exclusive and confidential information and pass it on
without fear to a merchant, it raises the reputational quotient of
bankers and card associations as well. Ever since the inception of the
payment gateway, there has been no looking back for ecommerce solutions.
And why not? The whole process of transaction merely takes about 3
seconds, which in itself is a remarkable feat and speaks a lot for the
kind of convenience and user ability that the service delivers. No
wonder, a payment gateway is a major part of an ecommerce site design,
without which its business would not make much impact or even run for
that matter.

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Whos it Gonna Be? Paypal or Alertpay???:
AlertPay vs Paypal

AlertPay is just as great as Paypal. Both services allow users to send
money to recipient's securely online without divulging personal account
information online to the recipient. There are differences between the
two online payment processors.


1] Considered a 'rival' to Paypal and almost similar but almost the next
best thing%u2026

2] They allow transaction is multiple currencies. Per transaction
AlertPay accounts MUST pay a dollar PER transaction. They also charge a
flat 5% and a few cents / pence.

3] They have three different account for new users to sign up to such as
a personal, premium and secured account. The secured account is a great
option for those who are merchants, those owning risky businesses such as
MLM, referral, mature and explicit types of businesses online. A great
advantage for those merchants but if you want to have a business like
that with Paypal - they forbid it. Paypal does not accept merchants with
MLM, Affiliate and the like. AlertPay welcomes mostly all types of

4] If you're an affiliate programme lover AlertPay offers also a referral
programme for those who sign up to have an AlertPay Secured Account (top
Business type account).


1] EBay owns Paypal and both services are one of the most used on the
web. Paypal is widely accepted.

2] EBay sellers are forbidden to use AlertPay to receive funds.

3] Paypal automatically converts foreign currency payments into your base
currency, AlertPay requires you to maintain a separate account -for EACH
currency you may be dealing with.

4] As mentioned above PayPal does not allow MLM users and the like.


Well there is no harm in using both services and there is no 'best'
payment processor at all. Each payment processor has something different
to offer for eveyone. This is also why it is wise NOT to put '%u2026all
your eggs in one basket'. You can sign up to as many payment processors
as you can - you'll never know what will happen if you don't.
Even more so the top 5 payment processors are considered to be PayPal,
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Global Money:

an age where online transactions account for a large chunk of business,
it's important for both the customer and the business to be protected.
John Taylor Editor of Website Creator takes a look at a number of secure
payment mechanisms and payment gateways that will help you take payments
from your customers.

Whichever way you look at it, when a customer pays for a product online
they are placing a lot of trust in the online business. As with any
commercial transaction, there's a chance that the item may simply not
appear; or that a fraudulent payment is made.

Crucial to your cash flow are payment gateways. These work in two ways:
first by creating a virtual currency that can be used without the
customer exposing their credit card or bank details to non-secure servers
or traders, and second by adding an extra level of confidence to the
buying and selling process. The ultimate purpose of a gateway is that the
user can assume the money‘s as good as in the bank, whereas, in reality,
that‘s only true until something goes wrong.

So how do some of the main gateways compare when it comes to security,
compensation and dealing with complaints? Let‘s take a quick look at six
possible alternatives, and what they have to offer.


PayPal now has a user base of over five million, although it remains free
for buyers and free to set up for sellers. It does, however, have
surprisingly few commercial partners outside eBay. PayPal‘s Buyer
Protection Scheme seems to be better organised than most, and provided
all the necessary emails are sent within 45 days, it offers users
protection on deals that go bad for up to £500.


Nochex had the early advantage of being one of the few gateways that
accepted UK debit cards, back in the days when credit cards were rarer
and PayPal US-only. Since then, Nochex has become a niche supplier to
‗adult‘ markets, something many gateways try to avoid. This means that
fewer people are aware of its superior fraud cover, which includes no
charge back fees and an admirable guarantee to underwrite all money
deposited in your account, regardless of whether it is subsequently
retracted. Its advantage to sellers lies within its fee structure. To
accept payments through Nochex, considering the level of protection
offered, is extremely cost effective. It's used in many cases as an
alternative to PayPal.

Amazon Payments

Arguably, the most secure gateway, as no person-to-person transaction
(that‘s Amazon ZShops, Auctions, Marketplace or Advantage) can take place
without it. Payment transactions are covered by a £2,000 guarantee – one
of the largest around, and rubbed in by the fact that non-Amazon
transactions are only covered up to a measly £150. The other beauty of
Amazon is that the close integration of all parts of the site means that
decisions on refunds and compensation can be near-instant.


A relatively new player but with a very big owner (Barclays) and a slick,
business-like site that does a good job of asking loads of information
about your business (including your annual turnover and staff numbers),
without revealing anything of its own compensation or fraud protection
cover. A permanently-engaged sales hotline suggested that Barclays may
have to rethink its ‗sign up before we tell you anything‘ approach if it
is going to make the same kind of impact with smaller traders as it has
with blue chip ones. There also seemed a disappointing lack of commercial
partners with whom you could use the scheme, although it is admittedly
early days. We‘ll keep an eye on this one.


WorldPay already has around 40,000 customers worldwide, and being owned
by the Royal of Scotland lends it instant credibility. However, levelling
a £10 chargeback every time you‘re a victim of bad debt sounds typical of
big-bank attitudes to small-user problems. For a little extra, the
Customer Guarantee will underwrite all bad debt losses and overall
security seemed lock-tight, as you might expect with commercial partners
like Vodaphone and Sony. ―With WorldPay‘s standard service,‖ explains the
blurb, ―the use of cardholder authentication schemes, security codes and
address checking enables you to check the cardholder‘s identity online.
This tries to make cardholder-not-present purchases as secure as face-to-
face purchases.‖.

Western Union
Cited by many forums and auction sites as the biggest problem gateway, in
fairness Western Union‘s model was designed for a very different purpose
– to ‗wire‘ money from one trusted party to another. By definition, this
means that once the money has been collected it‘s gone, with no trace of
the person who collected it, no record of any goods to be returned in
exchange, and no compensation or fraud protection. Western Union itself
warns of the danger in uncompromising terms, with no arbitration service,
no compensation and the tersest of instructions as to what do in the
event of a fraud.

―Western Union‘s business is to transfer funds from a sender to a
receiver. We caution people who use our services against sending money to
people they don‘t know. It is the sender‘s responsibility to know the
party to which the funds are being sent."


The fact that netCash are providing a micro payments service is nothing
new. However what they have developed and launched in terms of payment
avenues and security are nothing short of revolutionary.

As with PayPal and Nochex, netCash can be used as a means of paying for
your auction wins on eBay. The company homepage, at,
includes a detailed tutorial on how to go about it (and we'll be looking
at this in the next issue of eBay Advisor).

At its core, netCash is a means of sending and receiving money without
having a debit/credit card or even a bank account! Unlike PayPal, there
are very few fees in this process - to receive a payment will cost
nothing (in comparison with a PDQ whereby the bank will take a
commission, or PayPal which charges per payment received as well as a
commission on your final value fees through eBay) but to convert the
payment to physical cash will cost 50p.

One area in which many secure payment gateways fail in the eyes of the
retailer is chargebacks. With Barclays charging £10 as well as the value
of the chargeback for money you're perfectly entitled to; this can be a
major problem for businesses.

netCash should not suffer from that problem. There's no credit card
involved - it's dealing solely with web accessed digital currency branded
as netCash from a leading registered UK bank that anyone, regardless of
age or circumstances can use. The netCash member must have at least the
amount necessary in order to complete a transaction You can convert cash
into digital currency ‗netCash‘ in less than 48 hours.

From the sellers point of view, this means that the buyer really is who
they say they are; and they're using money which they are entitled to
use. From the buyers point of view, you can be certain that any payments
made are for the amount you specified and that no further payment can be
taken without your authorisation.
Security is paramount for netCash. The company have employed 128-bit true
encryption on the site itself; and this is verified by VeriSign through a
link on the site itself. If you lose your login details there's a
verification procedure that can take several days. It's therefore
advisable (as with any financial details) to ensure that your login
details are memorable. If you write the details down, keep them safe and
secure at all times!

From eBay Advisor's point of view this can only be a good thing. To be
given access to your money easily would provide a means for others to
access your money; and ultimately that would miss the point somewhat.

At the netCash end, the company has designed the system with an intricate
architecture to ensure that your money is always safe.

From the user's point of view, the bank account is ring fenced from the
company and hence in a worse case scenario the money can be accessed.

To redeem your netCash, bank details need to be provided to the company.
While some have their reservations about this; the details required are
no more than you'd find on a cheque and they don't allow anybody access
to your account.

They do however allow payments to be made to your account. The bank
details provided to netCash are sent manually to their bank; the process
can take about five working days (due to the current banking regulations)
but only needs to be done once. The result of this is that netCash are,
to the best of their abilities, avoiding the use of netCash in the
purchase of unethical products.

When you wish to redeem netCash, to withdraw the payment as cleared funds
to your bank account takes a maximum of 48 hours. This via the BACS
system - no different to how you are paid for your day job. The cost for
this is 50p; regardless of the amount you transfer to your bank account,
turning digital currency back into physical cash.

netCash are intending to grow rapidly. They are in the midst of
discussions that will see the payment mechanism used by a number of blue
chip companies. Consider making payment for mobile phone top ups; using
your mobile phone and that's a small scale example of what will shortly
be possible.

None of this requires a credit card - or credit of any sort. To make the
payment, your netCash account needs to be in credit. To credit the
account with real cash costs 2% of the amount plus 50p on any amount.

In comparison with the costs of PayPal, Nochex and the other payment
mechanisms covered within this feature netCash is extremely competitive.
It's got a dedicated and enthusiastic team that's growing behind it; with
faith in their product.

If you contact the company, you'll speak to a real person who will deal
with your issues quickly and without fuss. Given how difficult it can be
at the best of times to contact larger companies we can but hope that
netCash continue in this vein.

Royal Bank Of Scotland Speeds Up The Sell-Off:

JP Morgan will still buy the European operations of the commodity
business in addition to the international oil-trading business. However,
the US operations of Sempra, which carry proprietary trading in
commodities, will not be acquired following the regulatory concerns.

RBS acquired the 51 percent majority stake in Sempra in 2007 when it
bought a stake in Dutch bank ABN Amro. The stake sale is also a condition
on which British government bailed out the bank with GBP54 billion of
taxpayer‘s money. RBS is under tremendous pressure from British
regulators to cut down its business portfolio. Out of the 54 countries
RBS operates in, the bank is forced to cut its exposure in 36 countries.

RBS put Sempra on block in December 2009 as part of its efforts to raise
GBP3 billion. The bank announced to have reached in exclusive discussions
with JP Morgan as recent as January 2010. However, the negotiations were
quickly followed by US President Obama coming up with plans to reduce
bank‘s risk taking capabilities prompting JP Morgan to stall the

Despite RBS losing money in most of its operations, Sempra remained
profitable and the American gas and power division contributed heavily
towards the profits due to the proprietary trading business model.

Now the bank is reportedly considering selling the American operations to
Sempra Energy which controls the remaining 49 percent in the joint

After the stalled stake sale in Sempra joint venture, the bank is trying
to sell its payment processing division, WorldPay. The business is
understood to have received interest from 45 parties. RBS WorldPay has
the distinction of being the largest payment processing firm in Europe
and the fourth biggest globally. Reuters reports that the business will
potentially fetch US$4 billion. Private equity firms including Silver
Lake Partners, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts (KKR) and Advent International
are in fray to acquire WorldPay. Apart from the private equity players,
JPMorgan and U.S. Bancorp are also interested. Majority of the big
players already own full or a part in payment processing firms and
further acquisition of WorldPay will boost their business prospects.

Besides the payment processing division, RBS is also forced to sell 318
branches by European regulatory authorities. Among the interested parties
are National Australia Bank, Santander and Virgin Money.
Online Payment Processors – Who To Use For Taking Online Payments:

We take a look at some of the most well known payment processing systems,
and give you a little more information about them and look at our top
five payment processing systems for your business.

PayPal – Probably the most known about payment system on the Internet,
everyone has used or knows someone that has used PayPal, whether it be
for paying for goods on EBay or sending money online as a donation,
PayPal is one of the most used payment methods around. PayPal is a very
secure online payment method, which allows your clients and customers to
pay you or your business quickly and easily without sharing any of their
financial information.

Google Checkout – One of the most recent payment options that we have
been using for our customers is so easy and quick to set up that it has
become one of our most favourite options for clients. The fees are really
competitive and if you use Google Adwords, you will also have a little
"secure checkout" logo added to your adverts, which we have seen for our
clients an increase in orders, because the general public trust Google as
a brand and will use them where they can, even if it is for paying for
goods online!

SagePay – Previously and most commonly known as Protx, this payment
processer is one of the leading payment options in the UK and Ireland.
They claim to have well over 25,000 customers and have been in existence
for many years, offering competitive rates and secure payments, that are
seen as one of the leaders in the industry. The integration of this
product can be quite complicated and the setup can take time to get just
right, but when you do, you will have one of the leading payment
processors on the Internet.

Nochex – This leading and independent UK based online payment company,
specialises in working with smaller online businesses and providing them
with a very simple, accessible, easy to use, online payment service. If
you are looking for a 'complete' and flexible online payment package,
then you will find their range of services exactly what you are looking
for, as they are have been around for some time and offer all kinds of
payment options and the peace of mind that you can rely on them.

RBS WorldPay - RBS WorldPay used to be simply WorldPay, but is now part
of one of the UK's biggest and most established banks. The system allows
you to accept all types of credit and debit cards over the Internet, and
they also have a fantastic little system that lets you take payment over
the phone via a merchant control panel, something we have found really
useful and very cost effective.
Alipay is introduced into the wholesale, synergies effect
appear: that provides e-commerce services for inter-firm transactions
re-upgrades mode; it introduced Alipay providing secured transactions to
third party into platform the first time.

In order to promote small online wholesale trading,
experimentally launched "Ali-Express" wholesale platform in the
international market in the third quarter of 2009, which provides
convenient, safe and reliable online transaction services for buyers and
suppliers. And then introduced third-party security trading
pattern provided by Alipay in this platform.

At present, the "Ali-Express" has opened for members of China, the
supplier to pay a nominal fee after each successful completion of online
transactions, which make this product as a strategic development rather
than a short-term revenue growth engine.

Financial report Showed, in the quarter, have launched a
Chinese station small online wholesale platform and Ali-Express pilot
version which make the global retailers purchase products direct from
Chinese suppliers. China‘s wholesale platform for small
online stations has been supported by a number of members. The problem
reflected by many buyers that cannot find a small amount of wholesale
business in the past is resolved. At the same time, in cooperation with
Alipay, small wholesale platform further protect safety of commodity
trading and integrity environment of the Internet.

Through the development and promotion of and
cross-platform, more web retailers, especially big sellers on
has been gradually recognized the value and benefits of small
online wholesale platform. said the small wholesale platform,
Alibaba will continue to gradually enhance the user activity degree and
usage amount of the wholesale platform, and expand the industry coverage
and product categories, which will bring more benefit to small and medium

As a promising young website focusing on international e-commerce, always pays attention to the leading considers, under the 2008 financial crisis, the small
wholesale began to emerge as a new force. develops new
products "Ali-Express" following responding the crisis.

From the point of view, to enable inter-enterprise small
transactions more convenient, and provide better value proposition for
small businesses, as a third party secured transactions, AliPay has
become an important aid to this product.

Alipay president Shao Xiaofeng: competitive landscape is not shaping
mobile payment - Paypal, Shao Xiaofeng, mobile payment - Communications

Senior vice president of Alibaba Group, Alipay president Shao Xiaofeng

10 afternoon of the 20th message, Alibaba Group's senior vice president,
Paypal accepted Tencent Technology President Shao Xiaofeng interview
today, said Mobile Payment industry has just begun, without any obvious
pattern of competition.

Shao Xiaofeng, said three years ago, foresaw the future Mobile Payment is
a development direction, when we think of nuclear equipment or the whole
industry, hardware conditions are not ripe, but formed a team to study
and explore. Late last year, opening up of national policy, the major
operators to actively expand and accelerate the development of mobile

He disclosed, Paypal has already developed 6 different operating systems
for mobile Alipay client, the current volume of transactions each month
are multiplied. In addition, Paypal and a number of mobile phone
manufacturers Cooperation , Will pay the treasure built into the phone.

In fact, now facing competition Alipay not small, on the one hand is the
other third-party payment companies actively launch mobile payment, on
the one hand several major domestic carriers are also active to launch
its own mobile payment services.

"I think what is not there yet competitive landscape, the industry is
entirely new industry, I think this industry is just the early stages of
development, need a lot of business from their own advantages to promote
the development of this industry, I think today industry is not pattern.
"Shao Xiaofeng said. (Paper / wood water)

Artesyn Technologies dialogue Alipay president Shao Xiaofeng:

Tencent Technology: Good morning you, in today's "2009 China Retail
Summit, digital products online," during which we invited a senior vice
president of Alibaba, Alipay president Shao Xiaofeng, welcome the arrival
of the first issue Alipay is one mobile phone to pay what extent do?

Shao Xiaofeng: 3 years ago, foresaw the future of mobile payment is a
development direction, when we think of nuclear equipment or the whole
industry, hardware conditions are not ripe, but formed a team to study
and explore. Late last year, opening up of national policy, the major
operators to actively expand and accelerate the development of mobile
payment. The future is a very fast development stage, we specially set up
a complete team, dozens of people, basically pre-development planning to
post the complete independence of a line structure, we hope to pay for
wireless Internet access should not be in the original up the development
of the Internet model but to fall back, first go to see the needs of the
Internet is not the same place, fell back to see how we do, half a year
we have made great progress, we have made in the payment of rapid
external growth We developed a plug-in, developed six different phone
operating system.

Tencent Technology: Most of the systems are supported?

Shao Xiaofeng: has supported, multi-phone operating system, which one do
not particularly large, from a technical point of view to take care of
all of the operating system Alipay, the application of the above, apart
from cooperation with Taobao, but also with some operators have
cooperated and now, almost double the growth of each month, whether the
user or the transactions are double the growth, development prospects are
very good.

Online payment expand abroad markets to attract overseas buyers online

Online payment is seeking to "launch abroad" to expand external markets.
Reporter yesterday learned that the most frequently used online payment
Alipay now opened VISA card payment business in China Taiwan region.
Business users in Taiwan using credit card with the VISA logo can pay
directly through the Alipay to shop in online shop. In
addition, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has recently
released an online offshore VISA card remittance service.

18 foreign banks join

Reportedly, Alipay has opened VISA card payment services in Hong Kong,
China. At present, 11 supporting Alipay VISA card payment Taiwan's
regional banks, including Chinatrust Commercial Bank, coupling with the 7
Hong Kong banks, and the total number of foreign banks supporting Alipay
VISA card payment have reached 18.

"Although the Alipay has been clearly dominant domestically that
accounted for about half of the third party payment market share,
Alipay‘s greater ambition is to compete with the status of an
international boss." As a peer of basing on oversea market, said, currently, Alipay has broken 200 million users, day
trading reached 4 million, but the short slab is that Alipay day trading
amounted to 700 million Yuan whose size is less than PayPal.
ICBC‘s cross-border remittance easier

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China‘s personal web bank has also
launched the first brand-new offshore VISA card remittance service.
Customers only need to know the recipient's VISA card number, name and
other basic information, and they can apply for cross-border remittances
of U.S. dollars, euro, British pound, Japanese yen and other 13 major
currencies, which is not only easy to operate and receive fast with
cheaper charge for remittance than similar services. At present, the
business temporarily only available in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen
pilot launches. Introducing this service is conducive to domestic buyers
to do small online shopping overseas.

Attract overseas buyers to purchase

Erenow, Alipay cooperated with Bank of China; AliPay would help domestic
users resolve the funds flow problem of domestic users on cross-border
online transactions. At present, the service supports the dollar, euro,
yen and other 12 major currencies, covering hundreds of overseas websites
in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, occident countries these
dozens of countries and regions.

Alipay president Shao Xiaofeng, said e-commerce must be global, not only
for Chinese buyers paying out, but also allow foreign buyers to buy in.
"Now, the idea of Alipay was to use platform to attract
overseas buyers."

Although it is good strategy and opportunity, as a peer competitor, pointed out that the fake problem has always plagued, which is especially valued for overseas buyers. Whether does big or does regular, or Alipay strives for overseas
market development, eliminate bad credit is the primary problem sellers
should resolve.

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