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Auckland Plan Implementation framework


									The Draft Auckland Plan

               Chapter 12
               Upoko 12 - te tUapapa toko a mahI

         ImplementatIon                               investment programmes need to
                                                      be carefully analysed, negotiated,
                                                                                             means that council must investigate
                                                                                             innovative approaches to funding
         and FUndIng                                  implemented and monitored. This        and financing the infrastructure and
         Framework54                                  Chapter considers five issues:         services required to deliver the Plan.

                                                      1. building enduring implementation    704_ Recent research into public
         701_ Auckland Council has the                   partnerships                        sector decision-making processes
         mandate to develop and lead
                                                      2. internal alignment of council       emphasises the need to explore
         the Draft Auckland Plan, but its
                                                         to help implement the Draft         alternative investment options
         implementation involves the
                                                         Auckland Plan                       adequately, including ‘non-
         investments and actions of many
                                                                                             investment’ solutions55.
         parties, in particular private               3. developing a long-term,
         infrastructure providers and central            sustainable funding strategy for    705_ The Draft Auckland Plan can
         government (for example NZ                      council                             enable significant cost efficiencies
         Transport Agency on major transport
                                                                                             by coordinating the investment
         projects). Enduring partnerships are         4. council’s role in supporting
                                                                                             decisions of different infrastructure
         needed to realise the potential of              integrated re/development and
                                                                                             providers to coincide with sequenced
         the Draft Auckland Plan to transform            infrastructure provision
                                                                                             changes in land use and community
         Auckland into the most liveable city
                                                      5. clear communication of              development. It provides the
         in the world.
                                                         implementation and monitoring       opportunity to coordinate planning
                                                                                             among the different agencies and
         702_ Realising the Plan’s vision and         703_ One of the most significant
                                                                                             the chance to work collaboratively to
         providing for Auckland’s growth              investment mechanisms at council’s
                                                                                             achieve the best long-term results.
         require substantial investment,              disposal is to manage demand rather
                                                                                             The National Infrastructure Plan
         particularly in infrastructure. All          than simply assume the need for new
                                                                                             2011 (NIP) signalled government’s
         parties are working in constrained           investment. The projected population
                                                                                             expectation that its agencies will
         fiscal environments, so shared               growth challenge in Auckland
                                                                                             develop business cases that consider
         54. (s79(3)(c & d))
         55. New Zealand Centre for Advanced Engineering (2010)

                                                                                           Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

the direction for land-use, growth      710_ The Draft Auckland Plan provides     councils had established with
and infrastructure needs outlined in    a means of achieving this alignment,      different sectors and organisations
the Draft Auckland Plan.                by presenting a shared strategy           need to be built anew, and this takes
                                        for growth, and by acting as a            commitment and effort.
                                        coordination and information-sharing
1. BUIld endUrIng                       tool for infrastructure investors         715_ There are several ways that
                                                                                  the Council can enter into formal
ImplementatIon                          and asset managers. The NIP states
                                        that central government expects its       partnerships, as described below.
partnershIps                            agencies, as part of good business
706_ Auckland’s development hinges      case development, to consider the         pUBlIC prIvate partnershIps
on the participation of many            Draft Auckland Plan’s land-use and
agencies. Council must work with        infrastructure strategies in their        716_ Public private partnerships (PPPs)
government and other parties and        investment decisions.                     permit extended time payment
develop a shared decision-making                                                  for the provision of infrastructure
framework for capital project           711_ As part of the Action Plan for       assets. Like infrastructure bonds, or
investment, such as the ‘better         the NIP, the Government will be           any other form of debt, PPPs require
business case’ approach outlined in     looking to publish 10-year capital        a revenue stream to service the
the NIP, to coordinate investment       intention plans to provide more           debt repayment. For this reason,
programmes across the public sector.    detailed information about future         they are best considered a form of
                                        infrastructure investment. This will      procurement rather than a funding
707_ The NIP lays out a framework for   assist in the delivery of the Draft       mechanism.
the development of infrastructure in    Auckland Plan by providing even
New Zealand over the next 20 years.     more certainty for investors and          717_ PPPs drive value through optimal
It sets out investment principles and   decision-makers.                          transfer of risk, improved whole-of-
what central government wants to                                                  life asset management, incentivising
achieve long term. It is intended to    712_ The thirty-year time horizon         customer-focussed services, and
support and give certainty to the       encourages a long view. In identifying    better integration of project
private sector and local government     key investments and how they are          design, construction, operation and
in their infrastructure planning,       to be sequenced and prioritised, the      maintenance. However, as with any
by clearly stating national-level       Draft Auckland Plan serves a critical     other form of procurement, PPPs
expectations and policy settings.       role in providing certainty for the       have their downsides. They are
                                        private sector to invest.                 more complex and costly than other
708_ These objectives contained in                                                procurement methods and are less
the NIP also underpin the Draft         713_ Māori stakeholders and               flexible.
Auckland Plan, and in this way the      investors have indicated their
NIP and the Draft Auckland Plan are     willingness to become more                strategIC allIanCes and
complementary.                          active development partners in            JoInt ventUres
                                        Auckland. There is potential for
709_ An important way of getting        different types of partnerships to be     718_ Strategic alliances or joint
better use of existing assets and       developed, to deliver infrastructure,     ventures would allow council to
better allocation of new investment     and for community and economic            partner with an existing business to
is to ensure that infrastructure        development. Council will work            share the risks and opportunities in a
investment decisions are well aligned   with these parties and government         new market. A strategic alliance is a
with other infrastructure and           agencies to produce the best              form of collaboration between two
service-level investments, across       outcomes for Auckland.                    or more companies and can include
sectors and agencies, and with land-                                              a council. A joint venture involves a
use strategies and identified areas     714_ Council will engage more closely     potentially long-term investment in
of population growth. For example,      with developers and infrastructure        funds, facilities and resources by two
we want schools, hospitals and          and service providers in the future to    or more companies or entities.
roads to be located where growth is     understand the different imperatives,
going to occur, and we want growth      constraints and hurdles to be
to be encouraged in areas where         overcome in meeting Auckland’s
there is already sunk investment in     growth challenge. Many have told
infrastructure networks and services.   council that one of the best ways to
This helps maximise investment in       facilitate development is to facilitate
infrastructure, and provides greater    the sharing of information about
certainty to communities, firms and     investment between providers in a
households about their own choices.     timely way – both within the region
                                        and outside it. Relationships previous

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Boots and Bots                           outlined in Chapters 8 and 11 of the     the Council’s Long Term Plan.
                                                  Draft Auckland Plan. Development
         719_ BOOT (Build Own Operate             that respects its context, contributes   725_ The CCOs are listed in Section A.
         Transfer), BOO (Build Own Operate),      to a high-quality environment and
         BOT (Build Operate Transfer), DBFO       is in accordance with the Draft          726_ The strategic framework
         (Design Build Finance Operate),          Auckland Plan’s outcomes can expect      of council that supports internal
         BTO (Build Transfer Operate),            to have an easier path through the       alignment towards the achievement
         BLT (Build Lease Transfer) and           consenting process. It is intended       of the Draft Auckland Plan is
         other permutations are means             that the council notify the Unitary      illustrated and discussed in Section A.
         of engagement of the private             Plan for submissions in early 2013.
         sector in building and operating
         infrastructure assets.                   722_ Council will prioritise its own     3. government
                                                  investments towards achieving the        alIgnment to the
                                                  most cost-effective, highest-value
                                                                                           draFt aUCkland plan
         2. Internal CoUnCIl                      and equitable investment
                                                                                           727_ The initiatives in the Draft
         alIgnment to                                                                      Auckland Plan relate to areas of both
         Implement the draFt                      723_ Council has a number of             central government and Auckland
                                                                                           Council funding. Infrastructure will
         aUCkland plan                            mechanisms and processes for
                                                                                           in some cases require joint funding
                                                  ensuring its substantive CCOs
         720_ The newly-formed Auckland                                                    from both central government and
                                                  activities are aligned with the
         Council has the potential to create                                               the
                                                  objectives and priorities of the
         synergies and economies of scale                                                  Auckland Council.
                                                  Council. Namely:
         to tackle Auckland’s issues. It is
         a large organisation with many                                                    728_ Central government has told
                                                  • The annual Letter of Expectation
         departments and new teams, as                                                     Auckland Council in its position
                                                    is a mechanism that provides
         well as seven substantive Council-                                                papers of March 2011 that its
                                                    guidance to CCOs to inform the
         Controlled Organisations (CCOs).                                                  contributions will be limited, given
                                                    SOI process by communicating
         It is critical that council aligns its                                            the fiscal deficits and the need to
                                                    the Council’s priorities for each
         internal operations, actions and                                                  give priority to funding the recovery
                                                    CCO each year. Under the Local
         investments to achieve the promise                                                from the Christchurch earthquake of
                                                    Government (Auckland Council)
         of the Draft Auckland Plan. Council                                               22 February 2011.
                                                    Act, substantive CCOs are required
         will therefore align its own plans and
                                                    to act consistently regarding
         strategies, and those of its Council-                                             729_ Given fiscal constraints, the
                                                    relevant aspects of any plans or
         Controlled Organisations, towards                                                 Council recognises that government
                                                    strategies of the Council, to the
         the achievements of the goals in the                                              agencies will seek to get better value
                                                    extent specified in writing.
         Draft Auckland Plan.                                                              out of existing investments, and to
                                                  • The Statement of Intent (SOI)          prioritise investments according to
         721_ A key tool for implementing the       is an essential part of the            the highest value use.
         Draft Auckland Plan is the Council’s       accountability regime for CCOs, as
         Unitary Plan. At present, there exist      it sets out:                           730_ There are benefits from the
         one regional policy statement, four                                               Draft Auckland Plan to both central
         regional plans and seven district           1 how the CCO’s activities will       government and the Auckland
         plans which set out rules for growth          contribute to its outcomes          Council. For example:
         and development activity across               (which contribute, in turn, to
         Auckland. Rather than revising these          the Draft Auckland Plan)            • central government can help the
         to be more consistent with the                                                      Auckland Council deliver through
                                                     2 how the CCO’s performance
         Draft Auckland Plan, the Council                                                    its own decision-making, including
                                                       will be measured in relation to
         has decided to develop a new                                                        by requiring agencies to use the
                                                       these outcomes
         integrated plan for Auckland – the                                                  Draft Auckland Plan to inform
         Unitary Plan. The Unitary Plan will         3 the specific performance targets      the sequencing and location of
         combine both regional and district            that each CCO expects to meet.        government-funded infrastructure
         planning functions to give effect                                                   and services over time
         to the Draft Auckland Plan, using        724_ CCOs are required by legislation
                                                                                           • the Draft Auckland Plan can help
         both rules and incentives to achieve     to submit their draft SOIs by March
                                                                                             improve outcomes from the
         high-quality outcomes. It will contain   of every year, in order to facilitate
                                                                                             existing investment processes.
         the provisions required to ensure        the Council’s Long Term (financial)
         growth and development occurs            Plan process. The budgets associated
                                                                                           731_ It is understood that the Draft
         in accordance with the principles        with the SOIs are a major input to
                                                                                           Auckland Plan will provide important

                                                                                                Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

input to the strategic and business case   It uses debt to fund its share of          to particular programmes through
development for all central government     capital for long-life assets to spread     the development of the Financial
capital investments in Auckland.           costs fairly over time, and funds          Strategy. Because of the complexity
                                           associated operating expenditure           and implications of introducing new
732_ Central government currently          from rates and other sources               funding tools which form part of the
spends approximately $18 billion           of funding.                                overall financial strategy, this will
in operating funding annually in                                                      take a period of development.
Auckland, much of it in the social         736_ Council plans to invest
development area. The Plan provides        approximately $1 billion per year          739_ Several key infrastructure
an opportunity for government              in the renewal of existing assets,         investments have been indentified
agencies to align to the strategies in     in improving service levels, and in        as critical over the timeframe of the
the Plan, developed in partnership         building new assets across Auckland.       Draft Auckland Plan. The projects and
with government, to achieve                These planned investments will             their estimated timeframes and costs
improved quality of expenditure and        allow the Council to plan for growth       are appended in Table 12.1. The costs
enhanced                                   in line with estimated demand and          are significant and suggest a shortfall
outcomes for current expenditure.          transform parts of the region in line      of between $10 billion and $15
                                           with the Development Strategy.             billion. Current funding mechanisms
                                                                                      are insufficient on their own to cover
4. BUIldIng a long term                    737_ Council’s approach is therefore to:   this expense, both regionally and
sUstaInaBle FInanCIal                      • minimise costs to achieve the
                                                                                      nationally. While debt can be used to
                                                                                      enable early progress, there needs to
strategy                                     required investment and service
                                                                                      be careful consideration of where the
733_ Council has a heavy                     delivery
                                                                                      revenue will come from to service
responsibility to ensure that                                                         the debt.
                                           • prioritise investments – this may
Auckland is appropriately served by          mean that we cut back on some of
its infrastructure and facilities, and                                                740_ Council has several options at
                                             the things we do
to ensure that every ratepayer dollar                                                 its disposal that can help to fill the
is spent prudently. Consequently it        • attain fair and appropriate levels       funding gap, but meeting the growth
is developing a Financial Strategy           of revenue and funding from non-         challenge articulated in the Draft
to support the priorities, locations,        government sources                       Auckland Plan requires a step change
sequencing and directions established                                                 in funding if desired efficiencies are
                                           • seek appropriate contributions
in the Draft Auckland Plan, to be                                                     to be realised. Revenue funding
                                             to both capital and ongoing
adopted alongside the Long Term                                                       options include property rates, user
                                             operating expenses from central
Plan, which will provide the detail                                                   charges, development levies, asset
                                             government agencies
of the Council’s new investments,                                                     sales, tolls, network pricing and
and its contribution to multi-party        • provide the balance of funding by        congestion pricing.
projects. The Financial Strategy             council
will improve the transparency of
                                           • use economies of scale and
                                                                                      possIBle FUndIng meChanIsms
council’s activities, and facilitate                                                  avaIlaBle to CoUnCIl
careful financial management and             council’s asset base to secure
consultation on funding proposals.           better investments.
                                           738_ Council is also investigating
734_ Auckland Council has a                                                           741_ Borrowing is a major source
                                           new approaches to funding and
substantial balance sheet and a                                                       of funding for council’s capital
                                           financing the infrastructure and
variety of funding mechanisms at                                                      expenditure programme. Debt
                                           services required to deliver the Plan’s
its disposal. However, Auckland’s                                                     enables council to finance the
                                           objectives. These include the use
infrastructure requires significant                                                   acquisition of new assets over
                                           of market - and incentive-based
investment to support regional                                                        long time-frames, often reflecting
                                           tools, efficient and flexible pricing of
growth and deliver on the challenges                                                  the long, useful lives of the assets.
                                           infrastructure and service delivery,
outlined in the Draft Auckland                                                        Councils typically either raise debt
                                           demand management and private
Plan. Council is limited on any                                                       through selling council bonds or
                                           sector participation. The Council
rates increase to service debt, and                                                   directly from banks.
                                           will use funding and financing tools
hence there is a need for new and
                                           available within existing legislation      742_ By using debt, council can
innovative funding tools to support
                                           and seek legislative change where          better balance the payments by
the major projects in this Plan.
                                           that may be necessary. A summary           different generations of ratepayers
735_ At present council is examining       of these follows. Council will             for the use of those assets. That is,
the operating impact of capital works.     investigate how they may be applied        it may be inequitable for the current

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         generation to completely pay for          are based on capturing a share of         respect they are not a different tool
         assets (in existing rates) that the       the value that falls to landowners        for council to fund activities but
         next generation of rate payers will       from a public sector infrastructure       rather a different way for ratepayers
         use, and vice versa. This is referred     investment. They are generally used       to meet the costs.
         to as inter-generational equity.          in regeneration areas that have
         To ensure debt is used prudently          tightly defined boundaries. The basic     development contributions
         and sustainably, Auckland Council         process is as follows:                    748_ Development contributions are
         restricts what can be funded by                                                     levied on new developments to fund
         debt, and what levels of debt are         • It is determined that an                council expenditure on new assets
         acceptable. Debt is not used to fund        investment in infrastructure            required to accommodate growth
         day-to-day operational costs, nor the       will have a flow-on benefit to          in the city or region. As the city
         ongoing renewal of assets, both of          surrounding landowners through          grows, the Council needs to invest
         which are funded through operating          increases in their property values.     in roads, stormwater pipes, parks,
         revenue (typically general rates).        • The estimated increase in property      community facilities and so forth to
         Council also sets prudential limits to      values is used to estimate the          cater for the increased population.
         ensure that debt servicing does not         ‘tax increment’ arising from            Development contributions are
         become unmanageable.                        the project. Some, or all of this       charged to recover these costs from
                                                     increment, is ring-fenced and not       the new developments rather than
                                                     used for general local authority        from general ratepayers.
         Use oF general rates                        expenditure.
                                                                                             749_ Probably the primary
                                                   • The incremental ring-fenced             issue relating to development
         743_ Council has considerable               revenue generated is used to            contributions is their complexity,
         latitude in the way it spends the           finance the initial investment in       along with the difficulties with
         rates that it levies. Rates are used to     infrastructure.                         accurately forecasting development
         fund services for broad use by the
                                                                                             growth and hence assured revenue
         population where it is difficult to       • The actual outlay of capital for the
                                                                                             levels. Another issue is that
         identify and charge specific users.         project can be met directly by the
                                                                                             contributions are charged early in
         Examples include funding for roads          public authority (and repaid by the
                                                                                             the development process, which
         and parks, which are accessed by            additional tax revenue) or through
                                                                                             causes increased risk and finance
         most of the population. Rates can           a bond backed by the new tax
                                                                                             costs for developers. Development
         also be used for social equity reasons      revenue. Debt costs still need to
                                                                                             contributions require councils to
         where council determines that people        be recovered annually.
                                                                                             determine the capital investment
         should have access to a particular
                                                   tIF in the new Zealand context            needs of future populations, and to
         service regardless of their ability to
                                                   746_ TIF has been used in the US,         develop an equitable and transparent
         pay (such as library services). General
                                                   UK and Australia. However, in New         approach to allocating the costs of
         rates funding may be supplemented
                                                   Zealand rates are levied differently:     these investments between existing
         by other funding mechanisms. These
                                                   rates collected by councils are driven    communities, and new developments
                                                   by the programme of activities and        occurring over long time periods.
                                                   services that the Council described in    In addition, development levels are
                                                   the annual plan. Property values are      subject to changes in the property
         targeted rates                            used as the allocation mechanism to       cycle. As a consequence, a council’s
                                                   rate charges to individual property       revenue is likely to vary accordingly,
         744_ Targeted rates provide a             owners. Changes in property values        making it difficult to predict revenue.
         mechanism for council to charge a         do not impact on the total amount
         specific group of ratepayers for a                                                  750_ Council is consulting with
                                                   of rates collected by a council, just
         service; where the group targeted are                                               the private sector and others
                                                   how the rates are allocated between
         the primary beneficiaries, or if the                                                to investigate how it can signal
                                                   ratepayers, so there is no additional
         service is highly localised, or if the                                              its desired pricing needs more
                                                   general rates revenue to be ring-
         service only benefits a certain group                                               accurately and encourage the types
                                                   fenced and applied to the financing
         of ratepayers (such as businesses).                                                 of development needed (for example,
                                                   of infrastructure.
                                                                                             in the case of housing, what it takes
         tax increment financing (tIF)             lump sum contributions                    to encourage multi-unit development
         745_ Tax increment financing                                                        rather than stand-alone dwellings).
                                                   747_ Councils can also levy lump sum
         (TIF) schemes have primarily been         contributions to fund infrastructure
         used in the USA to finance the                                                      751_ Other commentators have put
                                                   costs. Lump sum contributions
         infrastructure associated with urban                                                forward ideas about not charging
                                                   can be offered to ratepayers as an
         renewal programmes. TIF schemes                                                     developers at all for the cost of the
                                                   alternative to a targeted rate. In this

                                                                                                Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

infrastructure provision necessitated      other mechanisms                           individual vehicle movement on a
by developments, suggesting instead        756_ Council can also levy user            given day, with possible variations
that the infrastructure costs could        charges, such as parking levies,           for location, time of day, distance
be charged through a targeted              licensing charges and fines.               travelled and even the fuel efficiency
rate on the resulting dwelling,                                                       or weight of the vehicle. Road pricing
thus shifting the cost onto the                                                       includes tolls, congestion charging
homeowner. This creates greater                                                       and network pricing. These charges
certainty for the developer.               alternatIve FUndIng                        may be a viable option when looking
                                           tools                                      to manage demand and increase
752_ There is a need to review current                                                the sustainability of urban transport
practice around development levies.        757_ There are several other               environments or raise additional
There is an opportunity to consider        mechanisms available to council,           revenue. Congestion pricing aims
options for targeted levies that may       some of which would require                to achieve a range of behavioural
assist in housing affordability.           government legislation to be               responses:
                                           changed. These mechanisms include:
Financial contributions                                                               • change in transport mode
753_ Financial contributions are           regional/local fuel tax                    • change in trip time to the off peak
charged to recover the effects             758_ A regional fuel tax is an
of growth, but their purpose is            additional tax on fuel purchases           • change in trip destination
different from that of development         made within a specified region
                                                                                      • change in route
contributions. Funds raised are            within a council’s boundaries.
used to manage the adverse effects         Revenue collected is then used to          • cost sharing (e.g. car pooling)
of particular developments. For            fund transport and public transport
                                                                                      • not travelling at all.
example, a new development                 operations and infrastructure.
requiring a controlled intersection        Currently New Zealand has a national       760_ For commuters at peak
to ensure safe access may be given         fuel tax applied to every litre of fuel.   congestion periods, changing
resource consent subject to a              The advantage of a regional fuel tax       transport mode is the only realistic
financial contribution to fund the         is that the users of roads are required    short-term option. Current practice
installation of traffic lights.            to meet the costs associated with the      is generally that alternative modes
                                           provision of the transport network,        of transport or alternative non-
Investments and asset sales                rather than general ratepayers.            priced routes must be available.
754_ Councils often have investments       However, regional fuel taxes have          These alternatives should be in
in commercial businesses or funds,         several problems associated with           reasonable proximity to both origin
typically for historical reasons,          them: they can to lead to distortions      and destination, and have sufficient
that return dividends or interest          at the borders of the region, with         frequency and capacity in order to be
payments. While interest and               motorists driving over the boundary        seen as reasonable alternatives.
dividends from investments are             to fill up. They also charge all road-
regarded as general revenue, they          users, regardless of the costs that        Congestion charging
offset rates and are an important          each road-user creates. For example,       761_ Congestion or cordon charging
source of funding for councils.            new investments in roading are often       has been successfully used in some
                                           driven by congestion on the network        cities to zone the city centre, reduce
755_ Proceeds from the sale of such        at peak periods, meaning that road-        traffic demand and promote a mode
investments are also a potential           users who drive outside peak time          shift to public transport, walking or
source of funding, which can be used       subsidise peak-time drivers. The           cycling. The Auckland Road Pricing
in turn to fund other investments          Minister of Transport is currently         Evaluation Study56 suggested it
which council may place a higher           reviewing the Land Transport               would be feasible to run an effective
value on. Generally, assets should         Management Act, potentially                congestion pricing scheme in
be sold to fund other investments,         removing the provision for regional        Auckland, despite its restricted public
not to meet a council’s operational        fuel taxes.                                transport provision.
costs. Sale of strategic assets requires
a robust process of community              road pricing                               762_ Generally, council will need to
consultation.                              759_ Road pricing is an umbrella           consider a number of key matters if
                                           term used to describe different            a congestion pricing scheme is to be
                                           charging approaches applied to             introduced:
                                           road-users to fund investment in
                                                                                      • scheme boundaries and charging
                                           the road network. It refers to any
                                                                                        periods are dictated by the
                                           charge that is levied for a specific,
56. Ministry of Transport (2005-2008)

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The Draft Auckland Plan

            existing transport network             for off-peak travel. Ideally, the level    other local sales taxes
                                                   of charge would be calculated to           767_ Sales taxes involve a levy on
         • any city considering congestion         both optimise revenue and manage           the sale of goods or services (such
           pricing must first seek to maximise     demand to create free-flow traffic on      as GST and excise on fuel, tobacco
           the potential of the existing           the motorways.                             and alcohol). The introduction of
           transport network. Typically, the
                                                                                              any form of localised sales tax in
           best approach is to initially price     764_ The above proposition in the          Auckland would require a legislative
           congested destinations that are         box illustrates that rates increases       change. The Government has not
           already well served by public           or fuel tax increases would be             been supportive of localised taxes in
           transport to make it easier for the     unacceptably high if they were to be       the past for several reasons. These
           road users to switch their mode of      regarded as a major source of funding      include undermining the consistency
           transport                               for the major transport projects           of GST, developing issues at the
         • discounts, entitlements or              in this plan. Any network charging         borders of regions with different
           exemptions can be an effective          would need to be subject to relevant       sales taxes, and the increased
           way of increasing mobility in a         transport modelling to understand          administrative burden.
           priced environment                      any impacts on local roads.

         • congestion pricing is premised          value Uplift levy                          5. CoUnCIl’s role In
           on taking private motor vehicle
           mobility as a “free good” away,
                                                   765_ Value or ‘betterment’ capture
                                                   refers to payment designed to
                                                                                              sUpportIng Integrated
           and then allowing the driver to         reserve, for community use, part           (re)-development
           buy that mobility back. Therefore       of the uplift in land value which is       and InFrastrUCtUre
           a scheme should, in principle, have
           as few discounts or exemptions as
                                                   created when the scope or intensity        provIsIon
                                                   of development permissible or
           possible in order to maximise the                                                  768_ Different development areas
                                                   achievable on a site is increased.
           potential congestion reduction                                                     in the region require different
                                                   Unlike other forms of development
                                                                                              approaches to implementation and
                                                   contribution, the rationale for value
         • the private motorist needs more                                                    funding. Some development and
                                                   capture payments has nothing
           options if public transport is                                                     redevelopment projects will be led
                                                   to do with charges for beneficial
           limited                                                                            by the market and others will require
                                                   infrastructure, or with compensating
                                                                                              joint council and central government
         • if alternative public transport         for the unanticipated adverse effects
                                                                                              investment and action.
           options cannot be provided, a           of development. It relates to the fact
           wider suite of options for those        that the uplift in value is conferred
                                                                                              769_ Alignment of investment
           motorists with little or no access      by the wider community, as opposed
                                                                                              decisions and other actions in
           to public transport is desirable.       to being generated by the efforts of
                                                                                              the development process require
                                                   the development proponent or land
                                                                                              responses which are tailored to
         network charging                          holder per se. In this sense, the uplift
                                                                                              specific places. Large development
         763_ Another form of road pricing         in value is “unearned”57.
                                                                                              and regeneration programmes
         is network charging, which can
                                                                                              may require development agency
         be used to charge tolls across the        766_ Melbourne uses this mechanism
                                                                                              approaches to co-ordinate multiple
         entire motorway system to fund            to capture for community use the
                                                                                              agencies and inputs over a prolonged
         the future transport system. For          value uplift for rural land outside
                                                                                              period of time. Others may
         example, vehicles could be charged        the Urban Growth Boundary. This
                                                                                              require lower-level co-ordination
         on joining the motorway network.          is a ‘one time only’ charge when
         This would require legislative change,    land transfers to being part of the
         as it is not currently permissible to     urbanised (reticulated and fully
                                                                                              770_ In some parts of Auckland,
         tax existing roads. Because charges       serviced) urban area of the city prior
                                                                                              Council may need to be very
         are spread over a broader roading         to development. It differs from a
                                                                                              active to achieve its urban goals, in
         network, the costs are spread over        capital gains tax in that it is charged
                                                                                              particular in prioritised intensification
         a larger population base and the          only once when the property changes
                                                                                              centres where the development
         cost to individual users can be much      hands after upzoning.
                                                                                              market might not readily go, yet
         lower than is typical of congestion or                                               where there is a clear logic to
         cordon charging. However, network                                                    regenerate or a need to intensify (eg
         pricing can also achieve demand                                                      around a transport node). In these
         management benefits by charging                                                      places council could assist in different
         higher prices at peak and lower prices                                               ways, such as with land assembly
                                                                                              in key regeneration sites, or selling
         57. Ministry for the Environment (2007)
                                                                                              back to the private sector a site that

                                                  Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

is significantly easier to develop in a
comprehensive way.

771_ Council can facilitate
development in other ways. It can:

• set clear standards for new
  development and buildings
• partner with developers
• catalyse exemplar projects
• negotiate with central government
  agencies on the provision of social
  infrastructure and transport in
  particular places
• undertake bold changes in zoning
  to provide significant additional

772_ Figure 12.1 illustrates a
spectrum of these tools and co-
ordination mechanisms that are
likely to be used in the development
and regeneration of the places
outlined in the Development
Strategy in Section D.

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Figure 12.1 - Spectrum of potential co-ordination mechanisms to support integrated re/development and
         infrastructure provision (not an exhaustive list)

                                               possIBle aUCkland CoUnCIl InterventIons                             possIBle sUpportIng aCtIons
                                            Special purpose vehicles to integrate infrastructure provision
                                            with high priority and complex re/development.                     • Single integrated urban statute
                                            Examples:                                                          • Legislate for Urban Development
                                                                                                                 Authorities with/without
         pUBlIC seCtor led

                                            •	 Urban development authority external to council (e.g.
                                               Vic Urban, which has the mandate to undertake multiple            compulsory acquisition powers
                                               development/redevelopment projects – statutorily                • Build bi-partisan support in CG and
                                               established), with planning powers (e.g. compulsory               LG spheres for agreed spatial form
                                               acquisition for redevelopment)                                    and sequencing of investment and
                                            •	 Urban development authority external to council (e.g.             other actions to support it.
                                               Brisbane Urban Land Development Authority - statutorily         • National Infrastructure plan directs
                                               established), without planning powers. Multiple re/               investment
                                               development projects                                            • Government Infrastructure Bank
                                            •	 Auckland Waterfront Development Agency – undertakes             • Introduce new funding tools (Value
                                               single area redevelopment project                                 uplift mechanisms) or changes to
                                                                                                                 existing mechanisms (e.g. timing
                                                                                                                 of payment for development
                                            City Transformation Projects Unit (Auckland Council)                 contributions).
                                            • Planning and delivery of projects and infrastructure that are
                                              transformational in nature. Co-ordinates and draws upon
         JoInt pUBlIC/ prIvate leadershIp

                                              the skills that exist across the Council and within Auckland
                                              Council Properties Ltd (ACPL), depending on the project.         • Council uses existing funding tools
                                              It facilitates other providers (e.g. central government and        (e.g. development contributions,
                                              private infrastructure providers, and land owners/developer).      targeted rates, rates remissions)
                                                                                                                 to more effectively shape re/
                                            • Council supports re/development primarily by preparing a
                                                                                                               • Place-based Auckland Council
                                              comprehensive development framework plan in an area, and
                                                                                                                 bonds to raise money for a specific
                                              may additionally support private sector investment by the
                                                                                                                 infrastructure or development
                                              following actions:
                                                                                                                 project. Bonds could be repaid
                                              » Council directs ACPL to aggregate sites in priority areas        through targeted rates.
                                                to facilitate redevelopment; then on-sells to preferred        • National Infrastructure Plan
                                                development option                                               continues to play a co-ordination
                                              » Joint venture company redevelopment projects, which may          role and develops so that it can
                                                range from complex governance and funding agreements             articulate infrastructure forecasts by
                                                for a med/large-scale or smaller scale (single site) project     region
                                                to catalyse other private sector take-up of redevelopment
                                                – explore shared ownership models to overcome
                                                gentrification and offer affordable housing requirements.
                                              » Public private partnerships for large or aggregated
                                                infrastructure projects                                        • Developers’ finance forum: matching
         prIvate seCtor led

                                                                                                                 investors and projects.
                                            • Council facilitates private investment by undertaking a          • Public sector land identification and
                                              comprehensive re/development evaluation exercise for an area       information sharing
                                              and alignment of Unitary Plan to facilitate re/development –     • National infrastructure plan
                                              in addition it may develop                                         continues to play co-ordination role
                                                                                                                 by articulating central government
                                              »   Council development guides
                                                                                                                 spending separately from regional
                                              »   Design guides
                                              »   Development and/or management plans
                                              »   Business improvement district plans

                                                                                               Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

6. ongoIng                                 possible sequencing which has been         appropriate use of new funding
                                           undertaken, with a view to further         tools as they apply to particular
ImplementatIon                             confirmation with internal planning        projects and delivery mechanisms
773_ In order to provide greater           and finance teams, infrastructure          (such as tax increment financing,
detail on particular investments that      providers and others, in the last          value uplift levies, network pricing
support the Draft Auckland Plan,           technical round. The initial round of      and congestion charging). Regular
an implementation update will be           prioritization was worked through          progress will be provided in the
developed annually and produced            at a high level, seeking to maximize       implementation update. Council will
at the same time as the Annual             existing network infrastructure and        continue to develop tables 12.1, 12.2
(financial) Plan. This implementation      planned investment.                        and 12.3 outlined in this Chapter. It
update will include monitoring                                                        will investigate the following:
against the goals of the Plan: in          778_ Table 12.5 shows a full list of the
particular, key information that will      actions described throughout the           • further mechanisms for aligning
enable Aucklanders and investment          whole Draft Auckland Plan.                   investment decisions with central
partners to determine how critical                                                      government, including agreed
infrastructure, investment and non-        779_ The content of tables 12.2 and          methodology for business case
investment actions will be sequenced       12.3 is qualified, in that:                  development and other assessment
and delivered to develop Auckland                                                       tools for infrastructure investment
whilst it is growing. This information     • they are indicative costs only and
                                             subject to further refinement            • shared outcomes with delivery
is provided in this Chapter in tables                                                   partners
12.2 and 12.3.                             • they only include capital costs,
                                             and operating costs will need to         • actions under the direct influence
774_ The Indicative Capital                  be factored in                             of council
Expenditure for Infrastructure
Projects that are Auckland-wide            •    they have not identified the          • investments which are occurring
to 2040 (Table 12.2) reflects the              extent to which funding required         around current city transformation
indicative, proposed and committed             is available within existing budget      and other legacy projects which
significant capital expenditure                programmes                               accommodate growth and
anticipated by central government,                                                      facilitate redevelopment
                                           • they do not yet identify the
Auckland Council, Watercare Services                                                  • a range of mechanisms to achieve
                                             amount of government funding
Ltd, Auckland Transport, Transpower,                                                    urban re/development in line with
                                             in projects where funding will be
Vector and others. These projects                                                       the Draft Auckland Plan
underpin growth across large parts
of Auckland. Most importantly,             780_ The costs are included in this        • funding and investment tools to
the projects that have confirmed           table to give an indication of the           deliver the Draft Auckland Plan.
funding have determined how we             range and scale of projects to be            In the first 3 years of this Plan,
could prioritise the development of        funded in this Draft Auckland Plan.          council will concentrate on policies
locations within the region.               The detailed costing and prioritisation      that seek to use existing tools
                                           of projects within the first 10 years        more efficiently. Immediately
775_ Table 12.1 includes figures for       will be carried out in the 2012/22           thereafter, council, having
the three Auckland District Health         Long Term Plan. The Draft Auckland           completed its investigations, will
Boards’ capital intentions for the three   Plan sets the strategic direction for        seek to introduce any required
financial years commencing 2011.           30 years, while the Long Term Plan           changes
                                           determines what is affordable to           • the best ways to share
776_ Table 12.3 “Indicative Capital        achieve that strategic direction in          information with delivery partners.
Project Expenditure for Place-             the first 10 years. Over the next 3
based Priority Locations” contains         months, a refined version of this          782_ Council will also develop criteria
place-based capital expenditure            table will be developed, based on          to decide the best place-based
that underpins the most significant        work for the draft Long Term Plan.         interventions, and criteria to evaluate
locations identified for growth and                                                   which mechanisms are best.
development in the region.                 FUtUre work/plan
                                                                                      783_ In addition to expenditure
777_ Table 12.4 “Indicative Priorities
                                           development                                indicated in Tables 12.2 to 12.3
and Timeline for Development Areas         781_ The immediate focus of                various organisations and agencies
to 2040” shows further detail on           the Auckland Council will be on            also invest in Auckland on an annual
the sequencing of the Development          completing the significant transition      basis, for example the Ministry of
Strategy and the priority locations for    tasks that remain with respect             Education and District Health Boards.
growth within it. This is a preliminary    to funding policy. Part of this will
stocktake and articulation of the          include the investigations into the

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         auckland wide – ministry                 auckland wide - district                         786_ The funding for the capital
         of education                             health Boards                                    expenditure is expected to be a
         784_ Each year the Ministry of           785_ Table12. 2 below shows figures              mix of self-financing and some
         Education spends in excess of $600       for the three Auckland district health           government capital financing.
         million of capital nationally on         boards’ capital intentions for the               Projects which will cost over $10
         new schools and new buildings for        three financial years commencing                 million or require government
         education, and on maintaining and        July 2011. This information is sourced           debt or equity will require specific
         modernising its existing portfolio       from information within each District            approvals from Ministers, as do some
         of school property. The Auckland         Health Board’s current annual plans.             information technology projects.
         region has been the area with the        The expenditure is the boards’ capital
         most expenditure (33%), and this         intentions, and does not represent
         is set to continue. In comparison        approval by the Government of any
         to other regions, Auckland has the       specific project.
         largest student population, and
         has the largest growth projections
         for the coming years as a result of       Table 12.1 District Health Board’s Capital Budgets
         external and internal migration,
         which will flow on to increased levels    District Health        Plan 2011/12            Plan 2012/13       Plan 2013/14
         of school property investment. Over       Board                  ($000s)                 ($000s)            ($000s)
         recent years, Auckland has been                                  ▼                       ▼                  ▼
         the recipient of a large amount of        Auckland                72,166                  58,648             51,719
         new education property in the form
         of new schools and new buildings          Counties/               52,647                  97,426             43,829
         at existing schools. Some of this         Manukau
         property is defective and will need to    Waitemata               63,916                  20,764             19,820
         be replaced, and this programme of
         work will continue to generate a high     Total                   188,729                 176,838           115,368
         percentage of ongoing expenditure in
                                                  Data Source: DHB financial templates supporting Annual Plans
         Auckland for the foreseeable future.

        Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Figure 12.2 - Major infrastructure projects that support the development of Auckland

                                                   eXpendItUre    eXpendItUre            eXpendItUre          eXpendItUre   eXpendItUre
                          proJeCt                   2011 - 2015   2016 - 2020            2021 - 2025          2026 - 2030    2031-2040

           WASTEWATER (critical region shaping)

           Central Interceptor (Stage One only-
                 Stage 2 not determined)

               Pressure Pipe Risk Reduction                                                                     $95.8m

               Branch Sewer Replacement                                                                        $153.3m

                Newmarket Storage Tank               $12.8m

           South Western Interceptor Extension       $30.1m

              Northern Waitakere Servicing           $60.1m       (funds also include works in 2026 - 2029)

                 Branch Sewer Upgrades                                                                         $150.9m

           Wastewater Pump Station Upgrades                                                                     $51.9m

                 Concourse Storage Tank              $21.6m

                 Waitakere Storage Tanks                                                    $18.6m

            Biosolids - Puketutu Rehabilitation                                                                 $73m

                Rosedale Plant Expansion                                                                        $104m

            Rural Wastewater Plant Expansion                                                                    $104m

          WATER SUPPLY (critical region shaping)

            Huia chemical systems and other
                    plant upgrades

                Relocation of Watermains                                                    $19.5m

               Bulk supply meter upgrades                                                                       $26.6m

                 Huia No. 1 replacement                                                                         $22.6m

                  Hunua No. 1 relining                                                                          $44.1m

           New watermains - Waitakere No. 2          $23.3m

                  Souther Supply Main                                                                           $51.7m

           Hunua No. 4 Water Supply Scheme                          $296.1m

           STORMWATER (critical region shaping)

            Annual Plan Stormwater Projects           $64m

                                                                                  Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

FUndIng statUs      FUndIng agenCIes                           ContrIBUtIon to regIon

                                                  Increased wastewater capacity to the Western Isthmus
    Funded       Watercare Services Limited
                                                       and CBD. Reduced stormwater overflows too

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited                         Improved service

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited                         Improved service

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited                        Reduced overflows

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited         Increased wastewater capacity for South Auckland.

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited                          Growth related

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited                        Improved services

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited                        Improved services

                                                 Reduced overflows, part of process to divert wastewater
    Funded       Watercare Services Limited
                                                          to from West Auckland to Rosedale

                                                 Reduced overflows, part of process to divert wastewater
    Funded       Watercare Services Limited
                                                          to from West Auckland to Rosedale

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited                   Regional wastewater necesity

                                                    Increased wastewater treatment capacity for West
    Funded       Watercare Services Limited
                                                                  and North Auckland

                                                      Improved quality of wastewater treatment for
    Funded       Watercare Services Limited
                                                              selected rural communities

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited                        Improved services

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited                         Improved service

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited           Improved services and demand management

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited                Increased reslience of water supply

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited                        Improved services

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited                          Growth related

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited      Improved water supply to Pukekohe and southern areas

    Funded       Watercare Services Limited   Improved water supply capacity to South Auckland and Isthmus

                                                       Flood protection, stream improvements and
    Funded           Auckland Council
                                                               improved discharge quality

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Figure 12.2 - Major infrastructure projects that support the development of Auckland continued

                                                        eXpendItUre     eXpendItUre    eXpendItUre     eXpendItUre       eXpendItUre
                          proJeCt                        2011 - 2015    2016 - 2020    2021 - 2025     2026 - 2030        2031-2040

                   (critical region shaping)

             Pacific Fibre (US- NZ- Australia            Figure not
                       Marine Cable)                       public

                Rural Broadband Initiative                                $285m
                                                        A proportion of the proposed
                   Urban Fibre initiative
                                                               national spend

              ENERGY (critical region shaping)

           North Auckland and Northland grid
                    upgrade project
                                                          $417m        (project commenced 2010)

            North Island grid upgrade (NIGUP)             $824m        (project commenced 2010)

             Additional Marsden to Auckland
                      fuel pipeline

             Kaipara Harbour Tidal Electricity
                                                                                            No detail on costs - Consents Granted

           Otahuhu C electric generation Plant                                              No detail on costs - Consents Granted

                  Rodney Power Station                                                      No detail on costs - Consents Granted

                    Awhitu wind farm                                                        No detail on costs - Consents Granted

             New Electricity Grid Exit Point -
                    Hobson Street

            TRANSPORT (critical region shaping)

              Integrated Ticketing and Fares               $58m

           Electric Multiple Unit Trains (EMUs)           $640m

           Western Ring Route (Waterview and
                                                         $1,500m          $700m

                       City Rail Link                     $300m          $1,900m

           City Centre transport improvements
                as described in City Centre               $120m           $250m          $150m

           Auckland Manukau Eastern Transort
                   Initiative (AMETI)
                                                          $500m          $1,000m                                          (until 2033)

           East-West Links (Nielson St upgrade
              and strategic road connection               $250m                          $400m            $600m
             between East Tamaki and SH20)
           Widespread improvements to the
           arterial road network with a focus
          on the movement of public transport
                                                                         $1,818m                         $1,200m
                    and regional freight

                State highway pinch points
         Constellation to Greville (3 lanes), Hill Rd
         to Takanini (3 lanes), Takanini interchange                                                    $1,2000m
          upgrade, Takanini to Papakura (3 lanes),
                   SH1/18 on off ramps

                                                                                                        Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

FUndIng statUs                    FUndIng agenCIes                                  ContrIBUtIon to regIon

Tender Awarded                     Pacific Fibre Ltd              Improved international data linkages with the world wide web

                              Central Govt, Vodafone NZ                           Improved service to rural areas

 % to be confirmed but
overall funding confirmed   Cenral Govt, Telecom Corp of NZ                Improved speeds and serives to urban areas

                                                                      Increased electricity supply to Auckand and Northland.
       Funded                        Transpower
                                                                                      Improved Grid reslience
                                                                      Increased electricity supply to Auckand and Northland.
       Funded                        Transpower
                                                                                      Improved Grid reslience

     Indicative             New Zealand Refining Company                                  Growth related

                                     Crest Energy                                         Growth related

                                    Contact Energy                                        Growth related

                                    Genesis Energy                                        Growth related

                                    Genesis Energy                                        Growth related

                                        Vector                                            Growth related

                                                                    Support efficient and effective uptake of public transport.
       Funded                 NZTA and Auckland Council
                                                                                       Reduced congestion
                                                                  Supports the long term provision of public transport needs in
       Funded                 NZTA and Auckland Council
                                                                        the CBD and on the western and southern lines
                                                                      Enhancement of inter regional and national economic
       Funded                           NZTA
                                                                                  growth and productivity
                                                              Supports the long term provision of public transport needs in the CBD
     Unfunded                            TBC
                                                                              and on the western and southern lines
                                                                 Enhancement of city centre's accessibility to improve the city’s
     Unfunded                 NZTA and Auckland Council       productivity and to support the significant growth in employment and
                                                                 people living in the city centre, and improve safety and amenity

                                                              Supports growth in nearby areas and travel times for the eastern parts
   Part Funded                NZTA and Auckland Council
                                                                          of the isthmus. Supports freight movements

                                                                 Improve connectivity and accessibility between the SH1 and SH20
     Unfunded                 NZTA and Auckland Council       corridors, the airport and East Tamak iand connectivity between the east
                                                                        and west, supporting growth and development nearby

                                                               Improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the arterial road
   Part Funded                NZTA and Auckland Council          network including optimising and improving congestion on the
                                                                       network, and improved public transport services

                                                                     Improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the
     Unfunded                           NZTA                     State highway road network including optimising and reducing
                                                                                  congestion on the network

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Figure 12.2 - Major infrastructure projects that support the development of Auckland continued

                                                      eXpendItUre    eXpendItUre   eXpendItUre      eXpendItUre     eXpendItUre
                          proJeCt                      2011 - 2015   2016 - 2020   2021 - 2025      2026 - 2030      2031-2040

                 TRANSPORT (Continued)

          Completion of regional cycle network           $50m            $50m         $50m             $50m

              Ferry improvements (incuding
              extension of ferry network to             $31.6m           $10m
               Hobsonville and Beachaven)

          Rail to Auckland International Airport                                                                     $1,180m

               Northern Busway Extension                                 $300m        $150m                           $150m

              Third Rail Line Port to Papakura                                        $400m           $300m

                     Puhoi to Wellsford                 $300m            $700m        $500m

           Airport road access improvements
           - State Highway 20A & 20 B, State             $60m            $200m        $270m           $180m
          Highway 20 Mangere to Puhini 6 laning

             Extending busway Botany to Flat
                    Bush to Manukau

              Additional Waitemata Harbour                                         Total cost estimate for tunnel
                         Crossing                                                          $4-5.3 billion

           Avondale to Onehunga/Southdown
                  Rail Line Extension

                      Bus Lane

           Improved Park and Ride/bus feeders                                            No detail on costs

           Improved Port access connecting via
               Grafton Gully and beyond
                                                                         $200m        $800m

                  (critical region supporting)

                     Wiri Men’s Prison                  $452m

               New schools construction in
                    Auckland region

                Hobsonville Point Primary
                  School Construction
                                                            Combined cost
                                                              of $70m
               Hobsonville Point Secondary
                  School Construction

           Major redevelopment of Middlemore
               Hospital. Replacement of core
           clinical facilities building including 3
                     additional theatres.

                                                                                            Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

FUndIng statUs        FUndIng agenCIes                                  ContrIBUtIon to regIon

  Part Funded      Auckland Council & NZTA       Improving the attractiveness, efficiency and safety of cycle movements

                                                  Reliable and competitive travel times to provide an attractive travel
  Part Funded      Auckland Council & NZTA        alternative to congested land transport corridors and support for the
                                                                    intensification of growth centres
                                                 Enhancement of the south-western area accessibility and mode choice
                                                  to support significant growth in employment, living and airport trips.
  Unfunded                   TBC
                                                  Potential to stimulate development around proposed stations and in
                                                                     the areas surrounding the airport

  Unfunded                   TBC                       Improved public transport to northern parts of the region

                                                 Increasing the capacity of the rail network to accommodate growth in
  Unfunded       KIWIRAIL & Auckland Transport
                                                                freight demand and rail passenger travel

                                                   Enhancement of inter-regional connectivity and safety to support
    Funded                  NZTA
                                                            national economic growth and productivity

                                                  Improved road access to airport for movement of people and goods,
  Unfunded                  NZTA
                                                                      and provision of services

                                                   Improved access and mobility to significant growth area. Reliable
  Unfunded         Auckland Council & NZTA         and competitive travel times as an attractive travel alternative to
                                                                 congested land transport corridors
                                                  A critical link in maintaining the capacity of the north-south corridor
                                                    and effective operation of Auckland’s regional transport network,
  Unfunded                   TBC
                                                   providing access and mobility around the region and inter-regional
                                                                   movement of people, goods and services
                                                 Provide for an alternative transport mode to commuters in the south-
  Unfunded       KIWIRAIL & Auckland Council      western sector of the Auckland Isthmus and reduce the pressure on
                                                                           the existing network

   Indicative         Auckland Transport                Support efficient and effective uptake of public transport

  Unfunded            Auckland Transport                                     Growth related

  Unfunded                  NZTA                                              Access related

                                                   Needed to accommodate the growing prisoner population and to
    Funded         Department of Corrections
                                                       replace some of the Dept of Correction's aging facilities.

                                                    New schools (x7 approx) planned to meet projected increase in
   Indicative        Ministry of Education
                                                                        school-age students

                                                  Needed to provide additional capacity within the Hobsonville Point
                                                          area for the growing role of primary aged pupils.
    Funded        Ministry of Education (PPP)
                                                  Needed to provide additional capacity within the Hobsonville Point
                                                         area for the growing role of secondary aged pupils

                    Counties Manukau DHB/         Needed to meet the predicted demand for inpatient and outpatient
                      Ministry of Health          health care delivery into the future in the Counties Manukau region

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Figure 12.2 - Major infrastructure projects that support the development of Auckland continued

                                                eXpendItUre      eXpendItUre      eXpendItUre      eXpendItUre         eXpendItUre
                          proJeCt                2011 - 2015     2016 - 2020      2021 - 2025      2026 - 2030          2031-2040

                 PORTS AND AIRPORTS
                  (critical region shaping)

           Upgrade and Extension of Fergusson
                                                     No detail on costs -
             container terminal - Stage Two
                                                      Consents Granted
                   (additional 3.6 ha)
            Conversion of Fergusson Container
             Terminal to automated stacking                                    No detail on costs - Consents Granted

              Bledisloe Terminal Expansion                                     No detail on costs - Consents Granted

                       OPEN SPACE
                 (critical region supporting)

                Regional parks acquistion                 $160m

                Premier park development                   $23m

                                                                                   Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

FUndIng statUs   FUndIng agenCIes                              ContrIBUtIon to regIon

                                            Stage Two will bring the extension total to 10 ha and 307m of
     NA          Ports of Auckland Ltd     additional berthage. Required to provide for projected increase in
                                                                      freight task
                                         This project will progressively change the terminal operation to allow
     NA          Ports of Auckland Ltd   more intensive utilisation, increasing capacity to provide for projected
                                                                  increase in freight task
                                           This project will provide an approx. additional 9.5 ha and 680m of
     NA          Ports of Auckland Ltd    additional berthage, to the north and east of Bledisloe. Required to
                                                      provide for projected increase in freight task

                  Auckland Council               To support the growth and development of the region

                  Auckland Council            To provide superior open space experiences for Aucklanders

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Figure 12.3 - Priority locations - capital expenditure

                                                                                 eXpendItUre    eXpendItUre   eXpendItUre
                                       proJeCt                                    2011 - 2022   2023 - 2030   2031 - 2040

                                    CITY CENTRE
              Redevelopment of Lower Hobson and Downtown carpark                    $15m           $5m
           Development of Quay Street- from Hobson St to Britomart Pl
                      into pedestrian priority promenade
                                                                                    $14m           $26m

          Development of Quay Street- from Britomart Pl to The Strand into
          pedestrian priority promenade as part of wider work in this area
                                                                                     $5m           $30m

          Redevelopment of the Downtown area, including QE2 SQ, Lower
           Albert, Queen, Customs Street as part of comprehensive area/             $22m           $10m
                                 place approach
                  Redevelopment of The Strand, Beach Rd upgrade                     $6m            $20m
           Accumulative city centre wide interventions- series of smaller
                       interventions across the city centre
                                                                                    $40m           $35m

            Staged redevelopment of Hobson/Nelson- from Fanshawe to
                                Wellesley Street
                                                                                     $7m           $18m

           Continuing staged redevelopment of Hobson/Nelson- Wellesley
                                  to Union Street
                                                                                     $7m           $18m

             Initiative across the Victoria Quarter area. With numerous
               smaller interventions and development partnership for                $10m           $10m
                            106 Cook Street and surrounds
           Development of Federal St from Mayoral Drive to Fanshawe St              $25m           $7m
          Linear park development- Victoria Pk to Pakenham on the Daldy
                    Street linear park and adjoining central park

          Linear park development on Victoria St from Victoria Pk to Albert Pk      $40m
           Linear park continuation from Albert Pk to The Strand - low key
                            interventions- safe and legible

          Linear park continuation from Albert Park to The Domain - mostly
             as low key on street provision to make the way easy and safe

             TOG supporting interventions in the public realm over and
             above major works to create rail station and station nodes

          Upgrade of Myers Pk and the connection through to Aotea Square             $5m           $5m
                     Construction of a pavilion in Aotea Square                     $20m
          An upgrade to the surrounds of Aotea Square, including Bledisloe
                           Lane and other interventions
                                                                                     $5m           $50m

             Improvements to the Devonport wharf and village edges to
              improve place and experience for commuters and visitors

            Various interventions across the Learning Quarter to support
                          the university’s redevelopments
                                                                                     $8m           $6m

              CBD public realm upgrade, streets, plazas, parks generally            $90m           $70m

                    Fanshawe St upgrade to urbane boulevarde                        $20m           $20m
            Gateways to city centre- various locations and interventions             $8m           $8m
                     Unused motorway ramp reuse as parkland                          $5m
           Improvements to connections between the fringe areas and the
                                   city centre
                                                                                     $7m           $3m

                                                                                                   Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

     FUndIng statUs                                                pUrpose oF proJeCt












               TBC                     Part of the city centre transformation- higher and better use of council assets,
                                                 in line with economic, social and cultural strategy direction



     Bledisloe Lane funding of
          $4.2m in place



 Funding for O’Connell Street and
Stage 2 Fort Street in place. (about
   $4m and $9m respectively)



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The Draft Auckland Plan
         Figure 12.3 - Priority locations - capital expenditure
                                                                           eXpendItUre    eXpendItUre   eXpendItUre
                                        proJeCt                             2011 - 2022   2023 - 2030   2031 - 2040

                              International Cruise Terminal                  $40.3m
                             Pedestrian walkway & cycleway                   $76.4m
                          Teal Park & Pt Resolution public space             $107.7m
                                      Headland Park                          $24.4m
                              Tram connection to Britomart                    $61m
                            Queens Wharf Park & Activation                                   $16m
                                Ferry Basin developments                      $38m
                             Quay Street Boulevard stage 2                                   $41m
                                      Marine village                                        $143m

                                          Orams                               $7.4m

                              New ferry terminal extension                    $5.5m
                                     Wynyard canal                            $44m
                               Wynyard Point reclamation                     $32.4m
                          Fanshawe to Victoria Park connection                $7.7m
                           New Iconic building Headland Park                                $350m
                           Captain Cook wharf redevelopment                   $30m
                          Viaduct harbour expansion - 3rd basin                                           $80.3m
                                Fanshawe Street greening                                                  $64.2m

                    Local aquatic, leisure and recreation facilities          $1.2m
                                Local community centres                       $6.8m
                  Local library facilities and services management           $13.4m
                                       Local parks                           $71.7m
                           Parks acquisition and development                 $15.6m
                                  Regional arts facilities                    $0.4m
                            Additional public arts integration                $2m
                   Regional street environment and town centres               $9.6m
                 Stormwater operations and maintenance services              $25.4m
                                        Transport                            $143.4m
                               Water supply/Wastewater                        $18m
               Additional Transportation requirements Massey North            $30m
                   Hobsonville Corridor Spine Road - acquisitions             $1.5m
            Hobsonville Corridor Spine Road - roads & stormwater ponds        $2m
                    Hobsonville Point Open Space Development                  $6m
                    Hobsonville Point Sports fields Development               $10m
          Hobsonville Pt School facilities enhancement for community use      $0.5m
                          Hobsonville Point Community Facility                $5m
                      Hobsonville Point Park and Ride Facility                $5m
                      Marine Industrial Precinct Development                  $40m
                  The Landing Community Facilities / Open Space              $14.3m

                                                                    Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

FUndIng statUs                    pUrpose oF proJeCt

                  The development of Auckland's waterfront adds to the
                 vision for the city centre, making it a visitor destination.

    Funded                            Growth related
    Funded                            Growth related
    Funded                            Growth related
    Funded                            Growth related
    Funded                            Growth related
    Funded                            Growth related
   Indicative                  Growth and amenity related
    Funded                            Growth related
    Funded                            Growth related
    Funded                            Growth related
    Funded                            Growth related
 Investigation                        Growth related
   Indicative                         Growth related
   Indicative                         Growth related
 Investigation                        Growth related
   Indicative                         Growth related
   Indicative                         Growth related
 Investigation                        Growth related
   Indicative                         Growth related
   Indicative                    Economic Development
   Indicative                         Growth related

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Figure 12.3 - Priority locations - capital expenditure

                                                                             eXpendItUre      eXpendItUre   eXpendItUre
                                       proJeCt                                2011 - 2022     2023 - 2030   2031 - 2040

                                      NEW LYNN
             New Lynn Urban Regeneration (including land acquisition)          $19.8m
                            Transit Orientated Development                     $81.1m
                                   Recreation Centre                            $7.1m
                               Stormwater - Crown Lynn                          $3.5m
                                  Parks - Crown Lynn                            $0.7m
                                Transport - Crown Lynn                          $9.5m
              Crown Lynn consolidated programme additional funding             $15.3m
                      New Lynn Stitch - Avondale Urban Plan                     $0.9m
                  New Lynn green links and minor improvements                    $2m
                   Great North Road main street phase 1 upgrade                 $4.5m
                          GNR main street phase 2 upgrade and
                           Veronica/Binstead St realignment

                          Stonefield Open Space Development                     $7.5m
                                                                            $121m (spread
                                Development with Vision
                                                                            over four areas
                                                                             incl Penrose
                                                                            and Otahuhu)
                                    Otahuhu Library                             $5.3m
                            Glen Innes Pool Redevelopment                       $4.9m
                              Lagoon Pool Refurbishment                         $1.9m
                                     Tamaki SLIPS                               $3.6m
                      MAGIC (Music & Arts Glen Innes Centre)                     $2m
                      Town Centre Improvements Glen Innes                        $3m
                          Town Centre Improvements Panmure                       $3m
                 Land acquisition to support regeneration of Tamaki             $15m
                     Panmure Transit Orientated Development                     $30m
                               Tamaki Innovation Precinct                       $20m
            Tamaki Transit Oriented Development (New Railway Station,
                     Quarry Link Rd extension) Camp Bunn site

                             Stage 1 Mayfair Place upgrade                       $5m
                Mayfair Place Stage Shelter Phase 3 implementation               $2m
            Link between the Pak n Save Supermarket and Mayfair Place            $2m
                             Omaru Creek Restoration Plan                        $2m
             Upgrades to infrastructure (Stormwater, Wastewater, Water
                        Supply) to support redevelopment

                          Parks and Open space improvements                      $7m
           AMETI support projects (public transport, access improvements,
                               landuse integration)

                              Cultural Precinct Glen Innes                       $5m

                                                             Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

FUndIng statUs                 pUrpose oF proJeCt

   Indicative    Growth related - as set out in New Lynn Urban Plan
   Indicative    Growth related - as set out in New Lynn Urban Plan
   Indicative    Growth related - as set out in New Lynn Urban Plan
   Indicative    Growth related - as set out in New Lynn Urban Plan

   Indicative    Growth related - as set out in New Lynn Urban Plan

    Funded                  Growth and amenity related

    Funded                        Growth related

    Funded                        Growth related
    Funded                        Growth related
    Funded                        Growth related
   Indicative               Growth and amenity related
   Indicative               Growth and amenity related
   Indicative               Growth and amenity related
   Indicative       Growth, amenity and economic development
   Indicative       Growth, amenity and economic development

   Indicative       Growth, amenity and economic development

   Indicative               Growth and amenity related
   Indicative               Growth and amenity related
   Indicative                Growth and access related
   Indicative                     Growth related

   Indicative                     Growth related

   Indicative                     Growth related

   Indicative                     Growth related

   Indicative                     Growth related

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Figure 12.3 - Priority locations - capital expenditure

                                                                          eXpendItUre    eXpendItUre   eXpendItUre
                                       proJeCt                             2011 - 2022   2023 - 2030   2031 - 2040

                                      FLAT BUSH
                 Stormwater operations and maintenance services             $28.0m
                                       Transport                            $29.6m
                  Local library facilities and services management          $16.4m
                    Local aquatic, leisure and recreation facilities        $16.5m
                                      Local parks                           $23.6m
                      Murphys Park purchase and development                  $30m
                          Arts Centre (incl community spaces)               $7.5m
                      Town Square (50% of development cost)                 $1.5m
                                     Sports fields                          $1.6m
                            Roading and Whangaparoa Plaza                   $1.7m
                               Metro Park East Skatepark                    $0.75m
                                  Stoney Homestead                          $1.5m
                             SOUTHERN INITIATIVE AREA
                                     To be scoped


              Foreshore upgrade including cyclist and pedestrian bridge      $10m

                              Waste water improvements                       $5m

                  Development of council site around train station           $2m
                   Partial station upgrade and platform extension           $0.6m
                            Neilson St T2 truck lane project                $3.3m
              Neilson St corridor management plan and improvements          $2.5m

                     Onehunga Mall design and improvements                   $4m

                               Refurbish pool and library                    $3m
                  Walking and cycling improvements in the centre             $2m
                          Redevelop Jordan recreation centre                 $1m
                      Streetscape improvements to Church St                  $1m

                          Improve community facilities cluster              $1.5m

                            Interchange at Gloucester Park                                  $8m

                            Upgrade Princes St as a key link                               $2.5m

                   Construct full service rail station and platform                         $7m

                                                                                         Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

FUndIng statUs                                        pUrpose oF proJeCt

   Indicative                                      Growth and amenity related
   Indicative                                      Growth and amenity related

    Funded                                                Growth related
    Funded                                     Growth, access and amenity related
   Indicative                                             Growth related
   Indicative                                      Growth and amenity related

                           Swim, cycle, picnic and enjoy the Manukau Harbour. Links foreshore upgrade
                                         with existing park and around Onehunga lagoon
                                    Improvements to wastewater infrastructure as required, in
                                      order to provide for growth in and around the centre.
   Indicative                         This site is identified as a key site in the precinct plan
   Indicative              This project is identified in the rail station’s upgrade programme for 2011/12
   Indicative                       This work is outlined in the AT 2011/12 work programme.
                                Implementation of improvements to Onehunga Mall as a result of
                                    town centre roading project and integrated access study.
   Indicative                                             Growth related
   Indicative                                             Growth related
   Indicative                                             Growth related
   Indicative                 Streetscape improvements to Church Street to provide for pedestrians
                  Enhance and develop the existing community facilities cluster including the community centre,
                             library, Pearce Street Hall and the Sir William Jordan Recreation Centre
                     Ensure a new interchange at Gloucester Park is constructed that greatly reduces vehicle
   Indicative    movements on Onehunga Harbour Road to allow for a more pedestrian-friendly route between the
                                                  town centre and the coast
                      Upgrade Princes Street as a high-quality built and street environment link between the
                                   Onehunga Mall, the rail station and an upgraded foreshore.
   Indicative                                             Growth related

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Figure 12.3 - Priority locations - capital expenditure

                                                                        eXpendItUre    eXpendItUre   eXpendItUre
                                       proJeCt                           2011 - 2022   2023 - 2030   2031 - 2040

            Streetscape Upgrades (Hurstmere/The Strand/Lake Rd/Anzac)     $11.8m
                              Hurstmere Green Upgrade                     $2.8m
               Parks (Lake Pupuke/Coastal Walkway/Sports Surfaces)        $8.7m
                             Transport (Corridor Upgrades)                $23.3m
                          Parking (Gasometer Redevelopment)               $36.6m
                                     Stormwater                            $10m
                            Wastewater and Water Supply                   $21.6m
               The Strand Realignment (Incl carpark, streetscape and

                      Takapuna Beach Reserve Redevelopment                 $10m
                                   Takapuna Wharf                          $5m
             Reserve Redevelopment/Acquisition (Potter’s Park/Auburn
                               Reserve/The Link)

                          Killarney St Carpark Redevelopment               $10m
                           Anzac St Carpark Redevelopment                  $10m
            Streetscape Upgrades (Hurstmere/Como/Huron/Northcroft/

                                 Barry’s Point Precinct                                  $40m
                                   Taharoto Precinct                                     $35m
                               Upper Shoal Bay Precinct                                  $30m
                               Anzac St St West Precinct                   $20m
                                  Lake Edge Precinct                                     $30m
                             Northern Hurstmere Precinct                   $25m
                 Central Beachfront Precinct Community Facilities          $20m
                                      Bus station                                        $15m

                    Intersection upgrades and western collector            $20m
                    Town centre public and open space upgrades             $12m
              Warkworth showground upgrades and other community

                      Water supply and waste water upgrades                $15m
                                 Stormwater upgrades                       $12m
               Key site redevelopment and regeneration programme           $7m
                      Other key road and transport upgrades                $10m

                                     To be scoped

                                                                            Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

FUndIng statUs                              pUrpose oF proJeCt

    Funded                                      Growth related
    Funded                                      Growth related
    Funded                                      Growth related
    Funded                                      Growth related
    Funded                                      Growth related
    Funded                                      Growth related
    Funded                                      Growth related

   Indicative                                   Growth related

   Indicative                                   Growth related
 Investigation                           Growth and amenity related

 Investigation                                  Growth related

 Investigation                                  Growth related
 Investigation                                  Growth related

 Investigation                           Growth and amenity related

 Investigation                           Growth and amenity related
 Investigation                           Growth and amenity related
 Investigation                           Growth and amenity related
 Investigation                           Growth and amenity related
 Investigation                           Growth and amenity related
 Investigation                           Growth and amenity related
 Investigation                                  Growth related
 Investigation                                  Growth related

    Funded               Growth (Hill St intersection upgrade the core component)
    Funded                          Arising from town centre concept plan

    Funded                          Includes development of hockey fields

   Indicative                Includes investigation of underground water supply
    Funded                       Arising out of catchment management plan
 Investigation   To facilitate strategic site development as required in revised strategic plan

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The Draft Auckland Plan

           IndICatIve prIorItIes and tImetaBle
           For plaCe-Based proJeCts – 2012                                                                                  Warkworth

           The Development Strategy in the first
           instance prioritises eight areas for growth and                                                                            Pukekohe

           development over the first 3 years of the life of
           the Draft Auckland Plan. This will provide the
           market with certainty of where major public
           investment is occurring so that it can invest
           wisely. The first eight prioritised growth areas are:
           i     The city centre including the waterfront
           ii    Hobsonville
           iii   New Lynn Metropolitan Centre
           iv    Onehunga Town Centre and Suburban Area             12.1   SEQUENCING IMPLEMENTATION

           v     Tamaki - Town Centres and Suburban Area                   Active Development Centre
                                                                           Development Centre from Previous Phase
           vi    Takapuna Metropolitan Centre                              Satellite

                                                                           Development Areas
           vii Warkworth Satellite (Planning)                              Development Areas (previous phase)
                                                                           Intensification Corridors
           viii Pukekohe Satellite (Planning)                              Intensification Corridors (previous phase)
                                                                           Future Intensification Corridors
           These eight growth priority areas will be
                                                                           Greenfield Areas for Investigation
           the focus of Auckland Council planning and                      for possible future residential & / or business land
           investment in the short term. Auckland Council          INDICATIVE PRIORITIES FOR PLACE
           will work closely with communities and their            BASED PROJECTS 2012 ONWARDS
           local boards, Council Controlled Organisations
           and other partners to ensure development
           occurs in these identified areas.                                                                                           Wellsford



           IndICatIve prIorItIes and tImetaBle
           For plaCe-Based proJeCts – 2022                                                                                      Waiuku

           Beyond the eight priority areas that are
           Auckland Council’s focus for planning and
           investment in the first three years, the
           Development Strategy identifies a series of
           projects for development from 2015 to 2022.
           These projects have been identified based
           on the level of growth and benefit they can
           bring to Auckland and their alignment to                 12.1   SEQUENCING IMPLEMENTATION
           key infrastructure projects. All will require                   Active Development Centre
           comprehensive planning, including input from                    Development Centre from Previous Phase
           local communities, local boards and Council
           Controlled Organisations.                                       Development Areas
                                                                           Development Areas (previous phase)
                                                                           Intensification Corridors
           New greenfield industrial land is also a                        Intensification Corridors (previous phase)
           priority for Auckland Council and work will be                  Future Intensification Corridors
           progressed to identify appropriate locations and                Greenfield Areas for Investigation
           plan for development.                                           for possible future residential & / or business land

                                                                   INDICATIVE PRIORITIES FOR PLACE
                                                                   BASED PROJECTS 2015 ONWARDS

                                                                                        Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

IndICatIve prIorItIes and tImetaBle
For plaCe-Based proJeCts – 2015
Between 2022 and 2032, an additional set
of place-based projects for development has
been identified. These projects tend to rely
on significant changes and investments to
infrastructure that will take some time to occur.
As with earlier identified projects, each project
will be comprehensively planned and include
input from local communities, local boards and
Council Controlled Organisations

                                                     12.1   SEQUENCING IMPLEMENTATION

                                                            Active Development Centre
                                                            Development Centre from Previous Phase

                                                            Development Areas
                                                            Development Areas (previous phase)
                                                            Intensification Corridors
                                                            Intensification Corridors (previous phase)
                                                            Future Intensification Corridors

                                                            Greenfield Areas for Investigation
                                                            for possible future residential & / or business land

                                                    INDICATIVE PRIORITIES FOR PLACE
                                                    BASED PROJECTS 2022 ONWARDS

IndICatIve prIorItIes and tImetaBle
For plaCe-Based proJeCts – 2032
In the longer term, an additional set of place-
based projects will be developed. Many of
these projects are urban growth corridors,
which are well placed for development from
2032 because development will have occurred
in adjacent or nearby centres in earlier
timeframes. Comprehensive planning for the
urban growth corridors is critical to ensure the
transport function of the corridors remains,
while providing well planned growth and

                                                     12.1   SEQUENCING IMPLEMENTATION

                                                            Active Development Centre
                                                            Development Centre from Previous Phase

                                                            Development Areas
                                                            Development Areas (previous phase)
                                                            Intensification Corridors
                                                            Intensification Corridors (previous phase)
                                                            Future Intensification Corridors

                                                            Greenfield Areas for Investigation
                                                            for possible future residential & / or business land

                                                    INDICATIVE PRIORITIES FOR PLACE
                                                    BASED PROJECTS 2032 ONWARDS

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Table 12.4: Indicative priorities and timeline for development areas to 2040

                                                                                        tImetaBle For InvestIgatIon,
            area oF             prIorIty
            Change             loCatIons
                                                            2012 - 2022                 2022 - 2032
                          City Cente (as defined
                          by the Auckland City
                          Centre Masterplan)


           Centre         Eden Terrace
           and CIty


                          Wairau Valley


           kaIpatakI      Highbury

                          Kaipataki Surburban
                          Development Area


                          Silverdale (business
                          and residential)

                          Massey North

           and alBany     Albany Central
           hUB            NORsGA Stage 3

                          Brigham Creek

                                                     Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

                                                        Investigation and Planning


plannIng and delIvery
                                                        key proJeCts
                                                      and opportUnItIes
               2032 - 2042   2042 - 2052

                                              Central InterCeptor
                                              vICtorIa QUarter
                                              wynyard QUarter
                                              aUCkland CIty Centre
                                              CIty Centre raIl lInk

                                              waIraU valley
                                              hnZ land In northCote

                                              new water InFrastrUCtUre to
                                              the north shore
                                              loCal transport

                                              Improvements to army Bay
                                              greenFIelds and BUsIness
                                              land sUpply
                                              pUhoI to warkworth rons
                                              BUsway eXtensIons
                                              hIBIsCUs Coast gateway (retaIl)
                                              motorway onramp

                                              westgate town Centre and
                                              BUsIness land
                                              hoBsonvIlle CorrIdor
                                              hoBsonvIlle and massey plan
                                              new hoBsonvIlle sChools

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Table 12.4: Indicative priorities and timeline for development areas to 2040

                                                                                        tImetaBle For InvestIgatIon,
            area oF              prIorIty
            Change              loCatIons
                                                            2012 - 2022                 2022 - 2032
                          New Lynn

                          Glen Eden

                          Te Atatu Peninsula


                          Whau Suburban
                          Development Area


                          Mount Albert

                          Te Papapa business


                          Three Kings

                          Stoddard Road

           onehUnga       Pt Chevalier
                          Royal Oak


                          Mt Roskill



                          Waterview to Point
                          Chevalier Suburban
                          Development Area

                                                   Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

plannIng and delIvery
                                                      key proJeCts
                                                    and opportUnItIes
               2032 - 2042   2042 - 2052

                                              monIer ClaypIts
                                              Investments In raIl
                                              hnZ land

                                              avondale raCeCoUrse
                                              mt alBert raIl statIon
                                              three kIngs QUarry
                                              BUsIness land adJoInIng sh20
                                              CompletIon oF watervIew
                                              hnZ land

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Table 12.4: Indicative priorities and timeline for development areas to 2040

                                                                                        tImetaBle For InvestIgatIon,
            area oF              prIorIty
            Change              loCatIons
                                                            2012 - 2022                 2022 - 2032


                          Glen Innes


                          Mt Wellington
                          Sylvia Park


                          Farm Cove

                          Tamaki Coastal
                          Suburban Development


                          Hunters Corner


                          Flatbush (stage 2)

           FlatBUsh       Flatbush (Stage 3)

                          Ormiston Town Centre

                          Takanini (stage 1-3)

           soUth          Takanini Later Stages


                                                   Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

plannIng and delIvery
                                                        key proJeCts
                                                      and opportUnItIes
               2032 - 2042   2042 - 2052

                                              hnZ land
                                              IndUstrIal land
                                              tamakI CampUs

                                              manUkaU raIl spUr
                                              mIt CampUs
                                              hnZ land

                                              Barry CUrtIs park
                                              ormIston town Centre

                                              mIll road Bypass
                                              hIngIa development

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Table 12.4: Indicative priorities and timeline for development areas to 2040

                                                                                        tImetaBle For InvestIgatIon,
            area oF              prIorIty
            Change              loCatIons
                                                            2012 - 2022                 2022 - 2032



                          Kumeu Huapai




                          Dominion Road

                          New North Road

                          Manukau Road Corridor

                          Remuera Road Corridor

                          Great South Road

                          Onehunga to Auckland
                          International Airport

                          Location to be
           IndUstrIal     determined
                          Takapuna (including
                          Taharoto Corridor)

           shore          Milford
                          East Coast Suburban
                          Development Area

                                                   Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

plannIng and delIvery
                                                       key proJeCts
                                                     and opportUnItIes
               2032 - 2042   2042 - 2052

                                              non-metro 3 waters
                                              waIkato pIpelIne ConneCtIons

                                              transport works
                                              assoCIated water and
                                              stormwater proJeCts

                                              taharoto CorrIdor
                                              takapUna preCInCts
                                              addItIonal harBoUr CrossIng
                                              new water InFrastrUCtUre
                                              to the north shore
                                              mIlFord Centre plan

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The Draft Auckland Plan

         Table 12.5: Actions table

           Chapter 1 - aUCkland’s people
                                                        CreatIng a strong, InClUsIve and eQUItaBle soCIety that provIdes
           strategIC dIreCtIon 1                        opportUnIty For all aUCklanders

                                  aCtIon                                             key stakeholders             tImIng
                                     ▼                                  ▼                    ▼                     ▼
           prIorIty 1. pUt ChIldren and yoUng people FIrst
           dIreCtIve 1.1 to 1.2
           1     Work together with community groups, other         Auckland         Community,               Ongoing
                 agencies and key stakeholders to ensure that       Council,         non-government
                 children and young people are prioritised.         Central          organisations
           2     Engage with children and young people to find      Auckland         Children and young       2011 - ongoing
                 out what putting them first means from their       Council          people
           3     Support and encourage children and young           Auckland         Children and             Ongoing
                 people to participate in decision-making.          Council          young people,
                                                                                     organisations, early
                                                                                     learning services,
           4     Develop an impact assessment that allows           Auckland         Children, young          2012-2015
                 council to consider the impact of council plans,   Council          people and their
                 programmes and projects on children, young                          families, central
                 people and their families.                                          government,
           5     Develop and support culturally appropriate         Auckland         Children, young          Ongoing
                 programmes that keep children and young            Council,         people and their
                 people safe and build their sense of pride and     Central          families, community
                 belonging.                                         Government       sector
           6     The Southern Initiative.                           Auckland         Central government,      2011-2040
                                                                    Council,         Iwi, Auckland
                                                                    Central          Airport, community,      First 5 years
                                                                    Government       non-government           priority to:
                                                                                     organisations,           early learning
                                                                                     early learning           opportunities;
                                                                                     providers, business,     youth pathways
                                                                                     schools, tertiary        to employment
                                                                                     institutions, private    and housing
                                                                                     training institutions,   redevelopment
                                                                                     development sector       (Mangere)

           7     Facilitate the development of a network            Auckland         Schools, community,      2012 – ongoing
                 of community hubs to provide venues and            Council,         non-government
                 services; investigate schools as community         Central          organisations
                 hubs.                                              Government

                                                                                      Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

                       aCtIon                                            key stakeholders           tImIng
                        ▼                                   ▼                   ▼                    ▼
8     Work with partners and service providers to       Central          Community              2012 - ongoing
      ensure a better integrated network of services.   Government,
                                                        Social sector,
9     Support and provide effective parent-,            Central          Iwi, community,        Ongoing
      family-, and whanau-focussed services and         Government,      non-government
      programmes.                                       Auckland         organisations
10    Work alongside communities to build               Auckland         Community              Ongoing
      community capacity, skills and leadership.        Council,

prIorIty 2. Improve the edUCatIon, health and saFety oF aUCklanders,
wIth a FoCUs on those most In need
dIreCtIve 1.3 to 1.6
1     Support families to ensure that children have a   Central          Auckland Council       Ongoing
      good start and improve access to and provision    Government,
      of quality early childhood education, early       Early Learning
      intervention programmes, kohanga reo, Pacific     Providers
      and other language nests, particularly in areas
      of high need.
2     Ensure that every young person leaves school      Central          Auckland Council       By 2020
      with at least NCEA level 2 qualifications.        Government
3     Ensure that every young person leaves school      Central          Auckland Council,      By 2015
      with a plan for further education, learning and   Government       employers
      development or employment.                        (MoE),
4     Support the transition from training into the     Central          Auckland Council,      Ongoing
      workplace by working with training institutes     Government,      employers, training
      and employers.                                    Tertiary         institutes
5     Work with Māori and community groups to           Central          Iwi, community,        Ongoing
      support existing initiatives and develop new      Government       Auckland Council
      Māori educational initiatives.
6     Work with Pasifika, refugee, migrant and          Central          Pacific community,     Ongoing
      community groups to support educational           Government       refugee, migrant and
      initiatives to encourage skill development.                        community groups
7     Investigate the option of Auckland Council        Auckland         Schools, employers     2012 - 2015
      having a cadetship scheme for supporting          Council
      school leavers, and work with other medium
      and large Auckland enterprises to develop
      cadetship schemes.

                                                                              We want to hear what you think.
                                                                              Visit     213
The Draft Auckland Plan

                                  aCtIon                                             key stakeholders           tImIng
                                    ▼                                   ▼                   ▼                    ▼
           8     Increase access to and support literacy and        Central          Auckland Council,      By 2015
                 numeracy courses; promote the use of new           Government       employers
                 technology, such as online learning systems.
           9     Encourage and support employers and other          Private sector   Central Government,    Ongoing
                 agencies to include literacy and numeracy in                        Auckland Council
                 workplace training systems.
           10    Take an integrated approach to improving           Central          Community sector,      Ongoing
                 health and reducing health inequalities and        Government       private sector
                 ensure that urban development encourages           (MOH),
                 healthy living.                                    District
           11    Develop an impact assessment that allows           Auckland         Central Government     2012 - 2015
                 council to assess activities of council in terms   Council
                 of their social and health impacts.
           12    Encourage funding agencies to work                 Auckland         Central Government,    Ongoing
                 together to streamline and simplify funding        Council          private sector,
                 opportunities and grow the philanthropic sector                     philanthropic sector
                 to support education and health.
           13    Work with partners and the community to            Central                                 Ongoing
                 support, develop and implement projects that       Government,
                 address community safety.                          Police,
           14    Encourage urban development projects that          Auckland         Private sector,        2013 – ongoing
                 utilise crime prevention through environmental     Council          Community sector
                 design principles.
           15    Ensure that Auckland is able to quickly adapt to   Auckland         Auckland Council,      Ongoing
                 and continue to function in the event of a civil   Regional         Central Government
                 defence or emergency management situation.         Civil Defence
           16    Improve community understanding and                Auckland         Auckland Council,      Ongoing
                 preparedness in the event of an emergency.         Regional         Central Government
                                                                    Civil Defence

           prIorIty 3. strengthen CommUnItIes
           dIreCtIve 1.7 to 1.8
           1     Ensure governance and decision-making              Auckland         Community              Ongoing
                 processes enable communities to participate in     Council
                 decisions and assist communities to find their
                 own solutions.
           2     Continue to provide settlement support to          Central          NGOs, employers        Ongoing
                 migrants through the Auckland Regional             Government,
                 Settlement strategy and work with other agencies   Auckland
                 to develop new initiatives to support migrants.    Council

                                                                                           Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

                       aCtIon                                              key stakeholders              tImIng
                        ▼                                     ▼                    ▼                      ▼
3     Promote the use of universal design principles     Auckland          Private sector,           2013 – ongoing
      to ensure accessible environments.                 Council           Central Government
4     Facilitate a multi-agency approach to improve      Auckland          Auckland Transport,       2013 – ongoing
      access, including public transport for elderly     Council           Central Government,
      and disabled people.                                                 community
5     Provide active support for groups confronting      Central           NGOs, community           Ongoing
      discrimination to bring about a cultural change    Government,
      that allows all Aucklanders to participate.        Human Rights
Chapter 2 - aUCkland’s maorI
                                              enaBle maorI aspIratIons throUgh reCognItIon oF the
strategIC dIreCtIon 2                         treaty oF waItangI and CUstomary rIghts

                       aCtIon                                              key stakeholders              tImIng
                        ▼                                     ▼                    ▼                      ▼
prIorIty 1. estaBlIshIng papakaInga In the aUCkland regIon
dIreCtIve 2.1
1     Investigate mechanisms to alleviate constraints    Auckland          Iwi, Mataawaka,           2011- 2013 for
      on papakainga development through the              Council           Auckland Council          Unitary Plan
      Unitary Plan and the Long Term Plan.                                                           development
2     Provide technical support in the development       Auckland          Iwi, Mataawaka,           Unitary Plan,
      of Papakainga                                      Council           Auckland Council          LTP, ongoing
3     Investigate options to provide infrastructure,     Auckland          Iwi, Mataawaka,           LTP - ongoing
      economic and social development support.           Council,          Auckland Council,
                                                         Central           Central Government
4     Enable Māori advocacy and leadership through       Auckland          Iwi, Mataawaka,           Draft Auckland
      effective decision-making processes.               Council           Auckland Council          Plan, Local
                                                                                                     Board Plans -

prIorIty 2. enaBle tangata whenUa to partICIpate In the Co-management oF natUral resoUrCes
dIreCtIve 2.2
1     Develop an overarching relationship framework      Auckland          Iwi, Auckland             Unitary Plan,
      that enables robust co-governance or co-           Council, Iwi      Council,                  Draft Auckland
      management over matters of significance to                                                     Plan, LTP -
      Māori and that promotes beneficial outcomes                                                    ongoing
      for the parties involved
2     Develop robust relationship and service            Auckland          Iwi, Auckland             Unitary Plan,
      agreements with mana whenua that provide           Council, Iwi      Council                   Draft Auckland
      appropriate capacity for effective decision-                                                   Plan, LTP -
      making.                                                                                        ongoing

                                                                                We want to hear what you think.
                                                                                Visit        215
The Draft Auckland Plan

                                  aCtIon                                           key stakeholders         tImIng
                                   ▼                                     ▼                 ▼                  ▼
           prIorIty 3. eXplore partnershIps wIth mana whenUa to proteCt, IdentIFy and manage
           waahI tapU sItes
           dIreCtIve 2.3
           1     Develop partnership models with mana whenua       Auckland        Iwi, Auckland        Ongoing
                 that will identify, protect, and manage waahi     Council, Iwi    Council
                 tapu areas.
           2     Recognise and provide for matters relating to     Iwi             Iwi, Auckland        Ongoing
                 waahi tapu in iwi management plans.                               Council
           3     Enable Mana Whenua aspirations for waahi          Auckland        Iwi, Auckland        2011- 2013 for
                 tapu management based on customary rights         Council         Council              Unitary Plan
                 and within the regulatory framework.                                                   development
           4     Allocate appropriate resources to assist with     Auckland        Iwi, Auckland        2011 – 2013
                 the development, review, and revision of iwi      Council         Council              Unitary Plan
                 management plans.                                                                      Development
                                                                                                        + (note Marine
                                                                                                        and Coastal
                                                                                                        Area Act
                                                                                                        requires Iwi
                                                                                                        plans to be
                                                                                                        into RMA plans
                                                                                                        if a customary
                                                                                                        marine title has
                                                                                                        been awarded)
           5     Collaborate with Local Boards, the Auckland       Auckland        Iwi, Local Boards,   LTP, Draft
                 Council and iwi authorities to support the        Council         Auckland Council     Auckland Plan –
                 capacity of mana whenua in meeting their                                               2013 - ongoing
           prIorIty 4. enaBle maorI aspIratIons For thrIvIng and selF-sUstaInIng marae
           dIreCtIve 2.4
           1     Partnerships between Māori and Auckland           Auckland        Auckland Council,    LTP, Draft
                 Council, focusing on community development        Council, Iwi,   Iwi, Mataawaka       Auckland Plan –
                                                                   Mataawaka                            2013 ongoing
           2     Active relationships to enhance Māori             Auckland        Auckland Council,    Ongoing
                 participation in council decision-making and      Council         Iwi, Mataawaka
                 access to council services
           3     Investigation of current regulatory constraints   Auckland        Auckland Council,    2013 – Unitary
                 to Marae development and consideration of         Council         Iwi, Mataawaka       Plan ongoing
                 mechanisms to achieve greater flexibility
           4     A council forum working in partnership with       Auckland        Auckland Council,    Ongoing
                 Māori to oversee regional development of          Council, Iwi,   Iwi, Mataawaka
                 Marae                                             Mataawaka

                                                                                           Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

                       aCtIon                                               key stakeholders             tImIng
                        ▼                                      ▼                    ▼                     ▼
prIorIty 5. sUpport sUstaInaBle development oF maorI oUtComes, leadershIp and CommUnIty
dIreCtIve 2.5
1    Establish a Treaty of Waitangi-based network          Auckland         Auckland Council,        Ongoing
     communication strategy to coordinate Māori            Council          Iwi, Mataawaka
     social services across Auckland.
2    Support the establishment of governance and           Auckland         Auckland Council,        Draft Auckland
     management capability for current and future          Council          Iwi                      Plan, LTP -
     regional Māori outcomes.                                                                        ongoing
3    Continue support for and enhance recognised           Auckland         Auckland Council,        LTP - ongoing
     community programmes.                                 Council          Iwi, Mataawaka
4    In collaboration with Kaitiaki (service providers),   Auckland         Auckland Council,        Unitary Plan -
     facilitate a whole-of-government approach to          Council, Iwi     Iwi                      ongoing
     shared services.

Chapter 3 - aUCkland’s arts, CUltUre, herItage and lIFestyle
strategIC dIreCtIon 3                         Integrate arts, CUltUre herItage and lIFestyle Into oUr everyday lIves

                       aCtIon                                               key stakeholders             tImIng
                        ▼                                      ▼                    ▼                     ▼
prIorIty 1. valUe and Foster aUCkland’s CUltUral dIversIty
dIreCtIve 3.1 to 3.2
1    Support and develop arts projects and                 Auckland         Arts sector, cultural    Ongoing
     programmes for individuals and the                    Council,         institutions
     community, across Auckland                            Central
                                                           New Zealand)
2    Support and promote events that celebrate             Auckland         Arts sector, cultural    Ongoing
     and recognise Auckland’s many cultures, in            Council,         institutions, cultural
     particular, support and promote events that           ATEED            organisations,
     celebrate and recognise Māori culture.                                 community
3    Support community and ethnic group efforts            Auckland         Iwi, community,          Ongoing
     to develop and provide facilities, activities         Council,         arts sector, cultural
     and events in local communities, for the              ATEED,           institutions, private
     community.                                            Central          sector, philanthropic
                                                           Government       sector
4    Support people to learn or retain their language      Central          Auckland Council,        Ongoing
     and other forms of cultural expression.               Government       community

                                                                                 We want to hear what you think.
                                                                                 Visit       217
The Draft Auckland Plan

                                  aCtIon                                              key stakeholders             tImIng
                                    ▼                                    ▼                    ▼                    ▼
           prIorIty 2. valUe oUr artIsts, CreatIve seCtor and CUltUral InstItUtIons
           dIreCtIve 3.3 to 3.5
           1     Support artists and creative enterprises already   Central           Artists, creative        Ongoing
                 flourishing, and support and promote talented      Government,       enterprises, cultural
                 new artists and creative enterprises.              Auckland          institutions, private
                                                                    Council           sector, philanthropic
           2     Support emerging local artists to grow their       Central           Artists, creative        Ongoing
                 talents, to promote their work regionally and      Government,       enterprises, cultural
                 nationally, and to market and sell their work.     Auckland          institutions,
                                                                    Council           community
           3     Build capacity in the creative sector and foster   Central           Creative sector,         Ongoing
                 connections between Auckland’s diverse             Government,       community, cultural
                 cultural and ethnic groups and the creative        Auckland          organisations
                 sector.                                            Council
           4     Encourage and promote events that support          Auckland          Private sector,          Ongoing
                 creative enterprises.                              Council,          philanthropic sector
           5     Support the development of varied and possibly     Auckland          Private sector,          Ongoing
                 multi-purpose venues and infrastructure to         Council,          cultural sector,
                 showcase Auckland’s creativity.                    Regional          philanthropic sector
           6     Encourage funding agencies to work                 Auckland          Private sector,          2010 onwards
                 together to streamline and simplify funding        Council,          philanthropic sector
                 opportunities and grow the philanthropic sector    Central
                 to support arts and culture.                       Government
           7     Develop exchange and intern programmes with        Arts and          Auckland Council,        2012 onwards
                 overseas institutions to enhance the skills of     creative          Central Government
                 the arts and creative sector.                      sector,
           8     Create and pilot a shared creative workspace       Auckland          Arts and cultural        2012 onwards
                 to provide shared work areas, storage and          Council           sector, private sector
                 rehearsal space for small companies and
                 individuals who will benefit from cross-
                 fertilisation and cost sharing.
           9     Encourage stronger, active relationships           Creative          Auckland Council.        Ongoing
                 between the tertiary sector, practitioners and     industries,       ATEED, Central
                 the creative industries sector.                    tertiary sector   Government
           10    Encourage the creation and installation of more    Auckland          Auckland Transport,      Ongoing
                 public and street art.                             Council           Waterfront Auckland
           11    Encourage cultural institutions to work            Cultural          Auckland Council.        Ongoing
                 together; recognise their distinct contribution;   institutions      Central Government
                 strengthen the sector; and provide richer and
                 more diverse cultural experiences.

                                                                                         Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

                       aCtIon                                           key stakeholders               tImIng
                        ▼                                    ▼                  ▼                       ▼
12   Encourage equitable access to major cultural        Auckland       Central Government,        Ongoing
     institutions and serve communities with more        Council,       cultural institutions
     opportunities for contact through outreach          Cultural
     programmes.                                         institutions
13   Ensure there are local community cultural           Auckland       Community, arts            Ongoing
     centres to enable creative participation.           Council        and cultural sector,
                                                                        private sector,
                                                                        philanthropic sector
14   Develop a cultural and arts strategy that           Auckland       Cultural institutions,     2011 onwards
     addresses, amongst other issues, the role           Council,       arts and cultural
     and future of our major artistic and cultural       Central        sector, community
     institutions, and considers the possibility of      Government
     new cultural institutions.

prIorIty 3. enhanCe and reveal oUr evolvIng herItage
dIreCtIve 3.6 to 3.7
1    Protect the nationally and regionally significant   Auckland       Central Government,        2011- 2013 for
     areas of built and cultural heritage from           Council        New Zealand                Unitary Plan
     inappropriate subdivision, use and development                     Historic Places            development
                                                                        Trust, private sector,     -Ongoing
2    Support high-quality design responses               Auckland       Private sector             Ongoing
     to existing context through incentivised            Council
     conservation-led interventions.
3    Use conservation best practice to manage the        Auckland       Central Government,        2011-2013 for
     historic heritage with regulatory and non-          Council        New Zealand                Unitary Plan
     regulatory tools.                                                  Historic Places            development -
                                                                        Trust, private sector,     Ongoing
4    Ensure that heritage conservation,                  Auckland       Iwi, Central               Ongoing
     management and protection integrates Māori          Council        Government, New
     knowledge, values and cultural perspectives,                       Zealand Historic
     and give Tangata Whenua responsibility and                         Places Trust, private
     authority concerning significant heritage                          sector

prIorIty 4. sUpport aUCkland’s oUtdoors CUltUre, reCreatIon and sport
dIreCtIve 3.8 and 3.9
1    Provide equitable opportunities for active          Auckland       Central Government,        Ongoing
     recreation which recognise the diverse needs        Council        SPARC, Regional
     and preferences of Auckland’s communities;                         Sports Trusts,
     support programmes and events that get                             Regional Sports
     Aucklanders active.                                                Organisations, sport
                                                                        and recreation
                                                                        sector, private sector

                                                                             We want to hear what you think.
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The Draft Auckland Plan

                                   aCtIon                                              key stakeholders             tImIng
                                    ▼                                       ▼                  ▼                     ▼
           2     Provide children and young people with a “life        SPARC,          Central Government,      Ongoing
                 - long love” of physical activity by providing        Auckland        Ministry of
                 opportunities for active recreation, including        Council         Education and
                 programmes that identify and nurture sporting                         Schools, Regional
                 talent.                                                               Sports Trusts,
                                                                                       Regional Sports
                                                                                       Organisations, sport
                                                                                       and recreation
                                                                                       sector, private sector
           3     Provide public open space to create                   Auckland        Central Government,      Ongoing
                 opportunities for recreation and promote active       Council         Department of
                 living.                                                               Conservation,
           4     Ensure the provision of an appropriate range          Auckland        Central Government,      Ongoing
                 of sport and recreational facilities at local, sub-   Council,        private sector
                 regional and regional levels to deliver the best      Regional
                 sport and recreational outcomes for Auckland.         Facilities
           5     Support and develop programmes that                   SPARC           Auckland                 Ongoing
                 successfully identify and nurture sporting talent                     Council, Regional
                 and excellence.                                                       Sports Trusts,
                                                                                       Regional Sports
                                                                                       Organisations, sport
                                                                                       and recreation
                                                                                       sector, private sector
           6     Support institutions and organisations that           SPARC           Auckland                 Ongoing
                 successfully nurture sporting excellence                              Council, Regional
                                                                                       Sports Trusts,
                                                                                       Regional Sports
                                                                                       Organisations, sport
                                                                                       and recreation
                                                                                       sector, private sector

           Chapter 4 - aUCkland’s eConomIC opportUnIty
                                                           develop an eConomy that delIvers opportUnIty and prosperIty For all
           strategIC dIreCtIon 4                           aUCklanders and new Zealand

                                   aCtIon                                              key stakeholders             tImIng
                                    ▼                                       ▼                  ▼                     ▼
           prIorIty 1. grow a BUsIness-FrIendly and well-FUnCtIonIng CIty
           dIreCtIve 4.1 to 4.4
           1     Through the Unitary Plan, ensure that                 Auckland                                 2011- 2013 for
                 activities do not either consume industrial           Council                                  Unitary Plan
                 land or infringe on the future operation of land                                               development
                 earmarked for industrial purposes.                                                             -Ongoing

                                                                                       Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

                        aCtIon                                        key stakeholders               tImIng
                         ▼                                    ▼               ▼                       ▼
2    Through the Unitary Plan, ensure that retail         Auckland                               2011- 2013 for
     and commercial activities are encouraged             Council                                Unitary Plan
     in centres and corridors, and avoid negative                                                development
     impacts of dispersed economic activity that can                                             -Ongoing
     undermine the viability of centres.
3    Commit to a collaborative design and consent         Auckland    Private sector             By 2014
     process with consent applicants; provide             Council
     greater certainty to the development process;
     and actively facilitate the consent process
     for desirable business activity (development
     proposals that do not come up to standard will
     clearly be declined).
4    Develop an annual business land and activity         Auckland                               By 2014
     monitoring report for all business activities in     Council
     the region (including rural areas).

prIorIty 2. develop an InnovatIon hUB oF the asIa-paCIFIC rIm
dIreCtIve 4.5
1    Build strong linkages between Auckland               ATEED       Private sector             By 2014
     research and development institutions, business
     and organisations.
2    Invest in industry-based infrastructure that         ATEED       Central Government         By 2014
     supports innovation and our sectors of
     comparative advantage.
3    Investigate options for precinct development,        Auckland    ATEED, private             Ongoing
     science and technology parks and innovation          Council     sector
     centres for key industries within Auckland.

prIorIty 3. BeCome InternatIonally ConneCted and eXport-drIven
dIreCtIve 4.6 to 4.8
1    Deliver initiatives to ensure businesses with        ATEED       Central Government         By 2014
     international potential have the capability to                   (NZTE, MSI, MFAT),
     succeed and grow; for example, the Regional                      private sector
     Partner Network programme.
2    Facilitate business and market development           Auckland    Central Government         By 2014
     outcomes from council’s international                Council,
     relationships, through joint projects undertaken     ATEED
     with partner cities and other local and
     international networks, outbound trade
     missions, inbound official visits and delegations.

prIorIty 4. enhanCe Investment In people to grow skIlls and a loCal workForCe
dIreCtIve 4.9 to 4.13
1    Support programmes to deliver improvements           Auckland    Central Government         2011 - 2021
     in literacy (including digital literacy), language   Council     (MoE, DoL)
     and numeracy to raise productivity.
2    Investigate current barriers to productivity and     Auckland    Central Government         By 2014
     identify potential ways to overcome these in         Council,
     Auckland.                                            ATEED

                                                                           We want to hear what you think.
                                                                           Visit         221
The Draft Auckland Plan

                                  aCtIon                                             key stakeholders             tImIng
                                   ▼                                    ▼                   ▼                      ▼
           3     Investigate ways to build, attract and retain      Auckland        Central Government        By 2014
                 skills to meet industry needs in Auckland,         Council,
                 including pathways for newly skilled               ATEED
                 immigrants into suitable employment.
           prIorIty 5. develop a CreatIve, vIBrant world CIty
           dIreCtIve 4.14
           1     Deliver the Auckland waterfront as a key           Auckland                                  By 2014
                 destination and events venue for businesses,       Council,
                 residents and visitors in alignment with the       Waterfront
                 Auckland Waterfront Masterplan, including the      Development
                 cruise ship terminal.                              Agency, ATEED
           2     Investigate ways to manage and develop             Auckland        Central Government        By 2014
                 Auckland’s international and interregional         Council,
                 gateways, and its business centre function,        ATEED
                 acknowledging the airport’s anchor role in the
                 Southern Initiative.
           3     Support Māori, Pasifika, Asian and migrant         Auckland        Iwi, Pacific Peoples,     By 2014
                 entrepreneurship initiatives and implement the     Council,        central government
                 Auckland Regional Settlement Strategy.             ATEED           (TPK, DoL)
           4     Implement the Regional Tourism and Major           Auckland        Tourism NZ                By 2014
                 Events Strategies.                                 Council,
           5     Investigate ways to support and develop arts       Auckland        Central Government        By 2014
                 and culture in the region                          Council         (MCH)

           Chapter 5 – aUCkland’s envIronment
           strategIC dIreCtIon 5                         aCknowledge that natUre and people are InseparaBle

                                  aCtIon                                             key stakeholders             tImIng
                                   ▼                                    ▼                   ▼                      ▼
           prIorIty 1. valUe oUr natUral herItage
           dIreCtIve 5.1 to 5.4
           1     Protect nationally and regionally significant      Auckland        DOC, community            2011- 2013 for
                 landscapes and natural features identified in      Council                                   Unitary Plan
                 map 5.2 from inappropriate subdivision, use                                                  development -
                 and development.                                                                             ongoing
           2      Protect the regionally significant recreation     Auckland         DOC, community            2011- 2013
                 and open space areas identified in Map 5.3         Council                                   for Unitary Plan
                 from inappropriate subdivision, use and                                                      development -
                 development; and identify other significant                                                  ongoing
                 recreation and open space areas and ensure
                 their appropriate management and protection.
           3     Protect the ecological areas set out in Map 5.4    Auckland                                  2011- 2013 for
                 from development.                                  Council                                   Unitary Plan
                                                                                                              development -

                                                                                     Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

                        aCtIon                                      key stakeholders               tImIng
                         ▼                                 ▼                ▼                       ▼
4    Manage the threat to Auckland’s indigenous        Auckland     Central Government,        Ongoing
     biodiversity and ecosystems, primary              Council      productive sector,
     production and human health, from invasive                     community
     pests and pathogens.
5    Ensure that council undertakes its                Auckland                                Ongoing
     responsibilities as a landowner in a way that     Council
     supports and enhances biodiversity.
6    Support and encourage good practice               Auckland     Private landowners         Ongoing
     management of biodiversity by private             Council

prIorIty 2. sUstaInaBly manage natUral resoUrCes
dIreCtIve 5.5 to 5.10
1    Reduce emissions from transport through           Auckland                                Ongoing
     policies to encourage compact urban form and      Council,
     alternative means of transport to private car     Auckland
     use.                                              Transport
2    Reduce industry emissions through requiring       Auckland     Industry, Central          2011- 2013 for
     best practice through the resource consent        Council      Government                 Unitary Plan
     process and the incorporation of innovative                                               development -
     solutions; maximise opportunity for co-benefits                                           ongoing
     (energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas
3    Identify appropriate locations for heavy and      Auckland     Industry                   By 2014
     light industry and ensure that incompatible       Council
     activities are not located near each other.
4    Ensure that residential growth is not directed    Auckland                                Ongoing
     into inappropriate locations.                     Council
5    Improve the management of discrete and            Auckland     Watercare, private         Ongong
     diffuse sources of water pollution.               Council      sector
6    Develop a statutory land use framework,           Auckland                                2011- 2013 for
     through the Unitary Plan, to constrain            Council                                 Unitary Plan
     development in catchments with outstanding                                                development -
     receiving environments.                                                                   ongoing
7    Identify and support opportunities to minimise    Auckland     Watercare, private         Ongoing
     water use and reduce waste.                       Council      sector, community
8    Improve community understanding of the true       Auckland     Community                  Ongoing
     value of water.                                   Council
9    Apply low-impact and water-sensitive              Auckland     Private sector             2011- 2013 for
     design principles to new development and          Council                                 Unitary Plan
     redevelopment.                                                                            development -
10   Ensure that there are adequate controls on        Auckland                                2011- 2013 for
     wastewater discharges to land and water.          Council                                 Unitary Plan
                                                                                               development -

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The Draft Auckland Plan

                                    aCtIon                                           key stakeholders             tImIng
                                     ▼                                    ▼                  ▼                     ▼
           11    Facilitate and invest in riparian planting to trap   Auckland       DoC, community           Ongoing
                 sediment and nutrients: enhance riparian areas       Council
                 and catchment headwaters.
           12    Encourage and facilitate integrated catchment        Auckland                                Ongoing
                 management approaches to ensure water                Council
                 quality and quantity outcomes.
           13    Prepare and implement a Waste Minimisation           Auckland                                By end of 2012
                 and Management Plan which provides guidance          Council
                 on regulatory planning controls for the Unitary
                 Plan and other council documents.
           14    Provide a regulatory planning environment            Auckland       Central Government       2011- 2013 for
                 which acknowledges the waste management              Council                                 Unitary Plan
                 legislation and helps achieve waste reduction.                                               development -
           15    Prepare a public open space acquisition strategy
                 for the next 30 years

           prIorIty 3. treasUre oUr CoastlIne, harBoUrs, Islands and marIne areas
           dIreCtIve 5.11 to 5.12
           1     Recognise the significance of the coast as a         Auckland       Central Government       Ongoing
                 major area of open space, and its value for          Council
                 recreational use.
           2     Protect and improve public access to the coast.      Central        Community                Ongoing
           3     Recognise the special significance and value of      Auckland       Iwi                      Ongoing
                 the coast to Tangata Whenua.                         Council
           4.    Investigate and identify, through the Unitary        Auckland                                2011- 2013 for
                 Plan, coastal areas where further development        Council                                 Unitary Plan
                 should not occur or future development is                                                    development -
                 inappropriate.                                                                               ongoing
           5     Auckland Council to work with Waikato                Hauraki Gulf   Auckland Council,        By 2015
                 Regional Council (given their statutory planning     Forum          Waikato Regional
                 responsibilities covering the whole Hauraki                         Council, Iwi, DOC,
                 Gulf area) to prepare a Marine Spatial Plan for                     Ministry of Fisheries,
                 the Hauraki Gulf together with the Hauraki                          aquaculture
                 Gulf Forum, iwi, Department of Conservation,                        industry, commercial
                 Ministry of Fisheries, and stakeholders including                   fisheries,
                 aquaculture, commercial fisheries, tourism,
                 recreation, and conservation interests and
                 environmental science advisors.

                                                                                   Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

                         aCtIon                                       key stakeholders           tImIng
                          ▼                                   ▼              ▼                    ▼
6     Work with others to build on what has already       Auckland    Iwi, community,        By 2015
      been done in relation to the Kaipara integrated     Council,    Kaipara Harbour
      management plan.                                    Northland   Integrated
                                                          Regional    Management Group,
                                                          Council,    Central Government
7     Work with mana whenua and local boards              Auckland    Mana whenua, local     By 2015
      to develop a marine spatial plan to ensure          Council     boards bordering the
      the integrated management of the Manukau                        Manukau harbour,
      harbour.                                                        Central Government
8     Identify the areas for a new marine spatial plan.

prIorIty 4. BUIld resIlIenCe to natUral haZards
dIreCtIve 5.13 to 5.14
1     Account for environmental constraints, as           Auckland    Central Government     2011- 2013 for
      identified on map 5.5, when considering the         Council                            Unitary Plan
      location and nature of future growth and                                               development -
      development.                                                                           ongoing
2     Improve community awareness and                     Auckland    Central Government     Ongoing
      preparedness to natural hazard risk.                Council
3     Evaluate natural hazards based on the risk they     Auckland    Central Government     2011- 2013 for
      pose to communities and develop strategies          Council                            Unitary Plan
      and regulatory mechanisms to avoid or                                                  development -
      mitigate their effects.                                                                ongoing
4.    Develop and put in place programmes to              Auckland    DOC, community         2015 - ongoing
      protect and restore natural defence systems         Council
      where possible (e.g. dunes), that reduce the risk
      from natural hazards.
5     Ensure that the effects of climate change are       Auckland    Central Government     Ongoing
      taken into account when managing natural            Council
      hazard risk.

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The Draft Auckland Plan

           Chapter 6 – aUCkland’s response to ClImate Change
                                                         ContrIBUte to taCklIng ClImate Change and InCreasIng energy
           strategIC dIreCtIon 6                         resIlIenCe

                                  aCtIon                                              key stakeholders            tImIng
                                    ▼                                     ▼                  ▼                     ▼
           prIorIty 1. mItIgate ClImate Change
           dIreCtIve 6.1 to 6.2
           1     In conjunction with key stakeholders, develop        Auckland       Central Government,      2011-2012
                 Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions                  Council        Iwi, industry,
                 Reduction strategies and action plans for                           commerce,
                 adoption in 2012.                                                   community,
                                                                                     Waikato, Northland
                                                                                     Regional Council,
                                                                                     CRIs, research
                                                                                     institutions, NGOs
           2     Seek opportunities to work with key partners         Auckland       Central Government,      Ongoing
                 on catalytic projects that fast-track the            Council        industry, commerce,
                 adoption of new and emerging low carbon                             community, CRIs,
                 technologies.                                                       research institutions,
                                                                                     NGOs, tertiary sector
           3     Investigate mechanisms to support and to             Auckland       Central Government,      2011- ongoing
                 incentivise businesses and households relating       Council        industry, commerce,
                 to opportunities for sustainable refurbishment                      community, CRIs,
                 and retrofit programmes, and the installation                       research institutions,
                 of renewable energy and low emissions energy                        NGOs
           4     Inform, enable and empower Aucklanders to            Auckland       Central Government,      2012- ongoing
                 make low-emissions choices and to foster             Council        industry, commerce,
                 commitment to reducing GHG emissions                                community, CRIs,
                 across all sectors.                                                 research institutions,
           5     Develop a corporate sustainability strategy and      Auckland                                2011-2012
                 action plan for Council operations in 2012.          Council                                 (implementation
           6     Promote and support the development of green         Auckland       Central Government,      Ongoing
                 buildings and develop appropriate sustainable        Council        NGOs, Industry
                 design and operation standards for new
                 development that relate to energy efficiency
                 and low carbon energy sources.

           prIorIty 2. adapt to a ChangIng ClImate
           dIreCtIve 6.3
           1     Work with key partners to undertake                  Auckland       CRIs, research           2011 - ongoing
                 monitoring, spatial identification and               Council,       institutions, tertiary
                 assessment of the effects and impacts                Central        sector
                 of climate change, and to foster greater             Government
                 understanding of the risks to, and vulnerabilities
                 of the natural environment, local communities,
                 economy and critical infrastructure.

                                                                                          Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

                       aCtIon                                              key stakeholders             tImIng
                         ▼                                    ▼                    ▼                     ▼
2     Establish a coordinated management response         Auckland         CRIs, research           2012 - ongoing
      to the effects of climate change in accordance      Council,         institutions, tertiary
      with the New Zealand Coastal Policy                 Central          sector, Environment
      Statement.                                          Government       Waikato, Northland
                                                                           Regional Council
3     Investigate ways to develop and implement           Auckland         Central Government,      2011- 2013
      flexible, risk-based land-use planning tools        Council          community, private
      that can be applied to existing and new                              sector, land owners,
      developments to reduce exposure to climate                           CRIs, research
      change impacts (for example, managed retreat,                        institutions, NGOs
      minimum setbacks and floor levels).
4.    Consider the effects of climate change when         Auckland         Central Government,      2012 - ongoing
      determining the location and design capacity of     Council          private sector
      new developments and critical infrastructure, or
      when undertaking any significant upgrades or
      replacement of critical infrastructure.
5     Protect, promote and enhance the quality            Auckland         Central Government,      Ongoing
      of indigenous ecosystems, and of new and            Council          DOC, MAF, Iwi,
      existing green infrastructure (including green
      roofs) to support adaptation to, and mitigation
      of (i.e. carbon sequestration) climate change.

Chapter 7 – rUral aUCkland
                                               keep rUral aUCkland prodUCtIve, proteCted and
strategIC dIreCtIon 7                           envIronmentally soUnd.

                       aCtIon                                              key stakeholders             tImIng
                         ▼                                    ▼                    ▼                     ▼
prIorIty 1. Create a sUstaInaBle BalanCe Between envIronmental proteCtIon, rUral prodUCtIon
and aCtIvItIes lInked to the rUral envIronment
dIreCtIve 7.1 to 7.3
1     Through the Unitary Plan develop a policy           Auckland                                  2011- 2013
      framework and mix of incentives to manage           Council
      and protect productive land and prevent
      further fragmentation of rural landholdings as
      indicated in this Plan. This framework must
      retain a range of site sizes to enable rural land
      resource to be used for a range of activities on
      a sustainable basis.
2     Monitor changes in the fragmentation, use and       Auckland                                  Ongoing
      supply of prime agricultural land, and make         Council
      appropriate changes to support the ongoing
      usability of rural production systems.
3     Improve integrated management of freshwater,        Auckland         Iwi                      Ongoing
      associated ecosystems, and the use of land in       Council
      whole catchments.

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The Draft Auckland Plan

                                  aCtIon                                         key stakeholders       tImIng
                                   ▼                                     ▼             ▼                ▼
           4     Reduce opportunities for small-lot subdivision      Auckland                       2011- 2013
                 in line with the corresponding categories in        Council
                 Map 7.1, and transfer development rights to
                 country living categories or suitable areas
                 adjoining rural and coastal villages.
           5     Through the Unitary Plan develop a policy           Auckland    Iwi                2011- 2013
                 framework with a tailored response for the          Council
                 broad rural activity types outlined in Chapter 7.
                 This framework will support:
                 - a thriving rural economy, including production
                   activities such as aggregate extraction
                 - working and scenic rural landscapes
                 - land and water management practices that
                   restore the environment.
           6     Develop a register of key gateways and              Auckland    Iwi                2011- 2013
                 landmarks, wahu tapu sites and other areas of       Council
                 cultural or landscape significance.
           7     Through the Unitary Plan develop a policy           Auckland    Iwi                2011- 2013
                 framework that permanently protects                 Council
                 gateways, landmarks and other areas of
                 significance, which will:
                 - control the effects of buildings and signs in
                   rural landscapes or along key rural transport
                   corridors, and avoid or limit new development
                   in outstanding landscapes
                 - encourage the establishment of continuous
                   linkages between natural areas and along the
                   margins of lakes, rivers and the coastal marine
                   area, and along transport routes
                 - investigate possible incentives to protect
                   gateways and landmarks.

           prIorIty 2. sUpport rUral settlements, lIvIng and CommUnItIes
           dIreCtIve 7.4 to 7.5
           1     Through the Unitary Plan develop a policy           Auckland                       2011- 2013
                 framework that manages rural subdivision and        Council,
                 activities in a manner that supports the rural
                 values and desired outcomes expressed in
                 this Plan.
           2     Review technical standards and consent              Auckland    Iwi                2011- 2013
                 processes regulating un-reticulated wastewater      Council
                 systems and change as appropriate.
           3     Compile detailed records of subdivision types       Auckland                       2011- 2013
                 and outcomes, including the enforceability          Council
                 of protection conditions and long-term costs
                 and benefits for biodiversity, water quality,
                 transport and landscapes.

                                                                                              Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

                        aCtIon                                               key stakeholders               tImIng
                         ▼                                      ▼                    ▼                       ▼
4     Through the Unitary Plan develop a policy            Auckland                                     2011- 2013
      framework that limits environmental protection       Council
      subdivision to significant environmental gains
      as expressed in this Plan.
5     Combine future opportunities for                     Auckland                                     2011- 2013
      environmental protection of subdivisions with        Council
      integrated catchment management and farm
      management plans.
6     Work with local communities to plan for the          Auckland          Auckland Transport,        2011- 2013
      future role, function and development options        Council           Watercare
      of the different rural settlements.

Chapter 8 – UrBan aUCkland
                                                CreatIng a stUnnIng CIty Centre, wIth well ConneCted QUalIty towns,
strategIC dIreCtIon 8                           vIllages and neIghBoUrhoods

                        aCtIon                                               key stakeholders               tImIng
                         ▼                                      ▼                    ▼                       ▼
prIorIty 1. realIse a QUalIty CompaCt CIty
dIreCtIve 8.1
1      Through the Unitary Plan, define a rural/urban      Auckland                                     2011- 2013
      boundary that will manage the growth and             Council
      expansion of Auckland’s urban area.
2     Establish a phased and managed approach to           Auckland          Private sector             2011- 2013
      releasing greenfield land in accordance with the     Council
      adopted rural/urban boundary and criteria for
      release of new land for development.

prIorIty 2. Create endUrIng town Centres and neIghBoUrhoods
dIreCtIve 8.2 to 8.4
1     Undertake area spatial planning to facilitate        Auckland                                     Ongoing
      future development opportunities through             Council
      master planning and structure planning
      exercises that involve local people to ensure
      there is a shared and coordinated vision for an
      area’s development.
2     Actively monitor the state of centres and            Auckland                                     Ongoing
      corridors, including the diversity of activities     Council
      and services (i.e. annual town centre health
3     Through the development of the Unitary Plan,         Auckland          Private sector             2011- 2013
      investigate the use of tools (such as design         Council
      codes) to assist in the area spatial planning
4     Investigate using differential and targeted rates    Auckland          Private sector             2011- 2013
      on large-format retailing, to encourage retailing    Council
      to locate in centres.

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The Draft Auckland Plan

                                  aCtIon                                             key stakeholders        tImIng
                                    ▼                                    ▼                     ▼             ▼
           5     Align the necessary physical and social             Auckland                            Ongoing
                 infrastructure and services to the timing of        Council

           prIorIty 3. demand good desIgn In all development
           dIreCtIve 8.5 to 8.8
           1     Through the Unitary Plan, develop supporting        Auckland                            2011- 2013
                 policy for new development to achieve               Council
                 quality development in areas identified
                 for intensification. The focus should be on
                 achieving quality outcomes for the built
           2     Through the Unitary Plan, develop                   Auckland                            2011- 2013
                 requirements for design statements for              Council
                 new development of a particular size (to be
           3     Support the continuation of an Auckland Urban       Auckland       Private sector       Ongoing
                 Design Panel to review major development            Council
           4     Investigate establishing design competitions        Auckland       Private sector       Ongoing
                 and awards, and possible incentives through the     Council
                 regulatory process to reward design excellence.
           5     Develop a comprehensive design manual               Auckland                            2011- 2012
                 to inform the design and function of new            Council
                 development and the public realm, including
                 the street environment.
           6     Investigate projects and programmes to              Auckland       Private sector       Ongoing
                 increase public art and sculpture in streets and    Council
                 public spaces.
           7     Ensure the provision of appropriate and             Auckland       Central Government   Ongoing
                 accessible children’s playspace in public spaces.   Council
           8     Undertake design assessments for all new            Auckland                            Ongoing
                 public realm projects to assess the needs of        Council
                 children, the elderly and disabled.

           Chapter 9 – aUCkland’s hoUsIng
           strategIC dIreCtIon 9                         approprIately hoUse all aUCklanders

                                  aCtIon                                             key stakeholders        tImIng
                                    ▼                                    ▼                     ▼             ▼
           prIorIty 1. InCrease hoUsIng sUpply to meet demand
           dIreCtIve 9.1
           1     Rezone land to increase and sequence capacity       Auckland                            Ongoing
                 for residential development in selected existing    Council
                 centres, corridors and neighbourhoods, to meet

                                                                                     Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

                       aCtIon                                          key stakeholders            tImIng
                        ▼                                    ▼                 ▼                    ▼
2    Investigate and rezone new areas for residential    Auckland                              Ongoing
     development and ensure a master planning            Council
     approach for all greenfield developments.
3    Align infrastructure investment and provision       Auckland      Central government,     Ongoing
     with the development of areas identified for        Council       infrastructure
     growth.                                                           providers, Iwi
4    Utilise public land to assist in the provision of   Central       Not-for-profit          Ongoing
     sufficient housing supply, to ensure greater        Government    housing agencies,
     choice and diversity of housing and utilise         (HNZC) /      private sector, Iwi
     green building practice and excellent urban         Auckland
     design.                                             Council

prIorIty 2. InCrease hoUsIng ChoICe to meet preFerenCe and need
dIreCtIve 9.2
1    Require the provision of housing choice and         Auckland      Private sector,         2011- 2013 for
     diversity through the Unitary Plan and at the       Council       Iwi, not-for-profit     Unitary Plan
     local level through Local Area Plans to provide a                 housing agencies        development -
     mix of dwelling sizes and types.                                                          ongoing
2    Review regulatory processes to provide a            Auckland      Central Government,     2011- 2013 for
     simplified, speedier and less costly consent        Council       private sector          Unitary Plan
     process.                                                                                  development -
3    Provide incentives and fast-track developments      Auckland                              2011-2013 for
     that provide greater choice and diversity and       Council                               Unitary Plan
     reduce construction costs.                                                                development
                                                                                               and Financial
                                                                                               Strategy -

prIorIty 3. Improve the QUalIty oF eXIstIng and new hoUsIng
dIreCtIve 9.3
1    Incentivise retrofitting of existing homes and      Central       NGOs, private sector    Ongoing
     provide information to consumers on the             Government,
     benefits of sustainable homes.                      Auckland
2.   Require new housing to be sited and designed        Auckland      Private sector, Iwi     2011- 2013 for
     to provide for passive solar access and             Council,                              Unitary Plan
     improved energy efficiency.                         Central                               development -
                                                         Government                            ongoing
3    Reduce home heating emissions through                             Ongoing
     improved home energy efficiency and a
     renewable, energy-friendly policy.
4    Align investment in and provision of transport      Auckland      Central Government,     Ongoing
     infrastructure with the location of new housing.    Council,      private sector, Iwi

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The Draft Auckland Plan

                                   aCtIon                                             key stakeholders          tImIng
                                    ▼                                       ▼                ▼                   ▼
           prIorIty 4. Improve hoUsIng aFFordaBIlIty
           dIreCtIve 9.4 to 9.7
           1     Develop an Affordable Housing Strategy that          Auckland        Central government,   By 2015
                 defines housing affordability in terms of the        Council         HNZC, NGOs, iwi
                 wider costs associated with housing and the
                 location of housing, and determines Council’s
                 role and the mechanisms available to improve
           2     Work with others, including Auckland Council         Auckland        ACIL, HNZC, Central   By 2015
                 Property Limited and Housing NZ Corporation,         Council         Government, private
                 to identify the causes of unaffordable housing                       sector, iwi
                 and develop innovative solutions such as joint
                 ventures, PPPs and better leverage of publicly-
                 owned land.
           3     Collaborate with Māori to develop a strategy         Auckland        Central Government,   By 2015
                 and approach to deal with the critical issues for    Council, mana   HNZC, NGOs
                 Māori housing.                                       whenua and
           4     Work with other agencies responsible for Māori       Auckland        Central Government,   Ongoing
                 housing to develop an agreed process on how          Council, Mana   HNZC, NGOs
                 to realise Māori housing aspirations and address     Whenua and
                 need.                                                Mataawaka
           5     Provide flexibility in the unitary plan to allow a   Auckland        Iwi                   2011- 2013 for
                 range of activities to enable different solutions    Council                               Unitary Plan
                 for Māori housing.                                                                         development -
           6     Support papakainga and marae as centres              Iwi             Auckland Council,     Ongoing
                 of community and village development (see                            Central Government
                 Chapter Two, Auckland’s Māori).
           7     Work with Pacific communities to assist them         Auckland        Pacific communities   Ongoing
                 to meet housing aspirations and address needs.       Council
           8     Provide flexibility in the Unitary Plan to enable    Auckland        Pacific communities   2011- 2013 for
                 housing to meet the needs of Pacific families        Council                               Unitary Plan
                 and communities.                                                                           development -

                                                                                        Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

Chapter 10 – aUCkland’s physICal and soCIal InFrastrUCtUre
                                              plan, delIver and maIntaIn QUalIty InFrastrUCtUre to make aUCkland
strategIC dIreCtIon 10                        lIveaBle and resIlIent

                          aCtIon                                           key stakeholders           tImIng
                           ▼                                  ▼                   ▼                    ▼
prIorIty 1. water, wastewater and stormwater: optImIse, Integrate and alIgn land Use wIth water
servICe provIsIon and plannIng
dIreCtIve. 10.1 to 10.4
1     Prepare a Strategic Stormwater Plan which will      Auckland        Central government,     By 2015
      provide the appropriate regulatory and financial    Council         Iwi
      mechanisms to achieve improved sustainable
      outcomes in stormwater management.
2     Prepare a Water Infrastructure Strategy             Auckland        Watercare               By 2015
      which will provide guidance for the regulatory      Council,
      mechanisms for determining appropriate water        Watercare
      infrastructure development.
3     Provide regulatory guidance through the             Auckland        Central government,     2011- 2013 for
      Unitary Plan and other planning documents           Council         Iwi, private sector     Unitary Plan
      for the provision and operation of existing and                                             development -
      future rural water infrastructure networks, with                                            ongoing
      the intention of improving the water quality
      and amenity of these rural environments.
4     Establish an Auckland Infrastructure Forum, in      Auckland        Central government,     2011 - ongoing
      order to address water and other infrastructure     Council         Iwi, private sector
      issues, and facilitate co-ordination of projects.
5     Ensure that the Unitary Plan and other              Auckland        Central government,     2011- 2013 for
      strategic documents contain criteria to assess      Council         Iwi, private sector     Unitary Plan
      the impact of significant growth proposals                                                  development -
      and plan changes on the operation of                                                        ongoing
      existing infrastructure networks and future
      infrastructure works.
6     Recognition of the effects of growth on existing    Auckland        Central government,     2011- 2013 for
      infrastructure networks and investment.             Council,        Iwi, private sector     Unitary Plan
                                                          Watercare                               development
                                                                                                  and Financial
                                                                                                  Strategy -
7     Recognition of the limitations on infrastructure    Auckland        Central government,     2011- 2013 for
      capacities and making best use of these when        Council,        Iwi, private sector     Unitary Plan
      determining growth locations.                       Watercare                               development
                                                                                                  and Area Spatial
                                                                                                  Plans - ongoing
8     Policies that determine that where                  Auckland        Central government,     2012 - ongoing
      development causes the need for increases in        Council         Iwi, private sector
      infrastructure provision, the developer should
      pay the appropriate costs.

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The Draft Auckland Plan

                                   aCtIon                                        key stakeholders         tImIng
                                     ▼                                   ▼               ▼                 ▼
           prIorIty 2. energy and teleCommUnICatIons: proteCt, optImIse, alIgn and provIde For energy and
           teleCommUnICatIons InFrastrUCtUre
           dIreCtIve. 10.5 to 10.6
           1     In conjunction with key stakeholders, develop       Auckland    Private sector       By 2012
                 an energy strategy and action plan for adoption     Council     providers
                 in 2012. The strategy development process
                 will explore potential policy options, targeting:
                 transport pricing, transport mode shift, electric
                 land transport infrastructure, alternative fuels,
                 local generation, behaviour change, carbon
                 sequestration, waste streams, urban form and
           2     Investigate and address the vulnerabilities faced   Auckland    NZ refining          By 2015
                 by Auckland as a result of peak oil.                Council     company. Wiri oil
                                                                                 services, central
           3     Utilise regulations and incentives to facilitate    Auckland    Central government   2011- 2013 for
                 and encourage increased energy generation           Council                          Unitary Plan
                 through local decentralised energy systems.                                          development -
           4.    Identify and protect critical energy                Auckland    NZ refining          2011- 2013 for
                 infrastructure from inappropriate development,      Council     company. Wiri oil    Unitary Plan
                 including regionally significant liquid fuel and                services, central    development -
                 gas infrastructure.                                             government           ongoing
           5     Include provisions within the Unitary Plan          Auckland                         2011- 2013 for
                 and other strategic planning documents for          Council                          Unitary Plan
                 the assessment of infrastructure projects on                                         development -
                 Auckland’s energy needs.                                                             ongoing
           6     Investigate funding mechanisms for the              Auckland    Private sector       Ongoing
                 undergrounding of electricity transmission and      Council     providers, central
                 distribution components, where this would                       government
                 unlock development potential and/or provide
                 regionally significant improvements to amenity.
           7     Provide a regulatory environment through the        Auckland    Private sector       2011- 2013 for
                 Unitary Plan and other strategic documents          Council     providers, central   Unitary Plan
                 which:                                                          government           development -
                 • Allows for investment in new
                   telecommunication infrastructure and the
                   uptake of new technologies for the benefit of
                   all of Auckland’s communities.
                 • Provides a suite of utility guidelines, rules,
                   and policies that acknowledge the economic
                   benefits of telecommunication and
                   information technology infrastructure
                 • Ensures quality urban design and social
                 • Optimises existing investment by
                   encouraging consolidation in existing
                   infrastructure such as cellphone towers.

                                                                                    Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

                      aCtIon                                         key stakeholders             tImIng
                         ▼                                   ▼               ▼                     ▼
prIorIty 3. soCIal and CommUnIty InFrastrUCtUre: proteCt, enaBle, alIgn, Integrate and provIde
soCIal and CommUnIty InFrastrUCtUre For present and FUtUre generatIons
dIreCtIve 10.7 to 10.9
1    Undertake a facilities’ review to identify          Auckland    Iwi, community,          By end of 2013
     existing social infrastructure and underutilised    Council     voluntary sector
     site, and consider potentially upgrading/
     transforming these in order to maximise use.
2    Consider the provision of new social                Auckland    Iwi, central             Ongoing
     infrastructure (including healthcare, recreation,   Council     government, SPARC
     learning, marae etc) where needed.
3    Investigate new community facilities and            Auckland    Iwi, private sector      Ongoing
     consider other options, including co-location of    Council
     facilities and other intervention options.
4    Evaluate equitable and convenient access to         Auckland    Iwi, private sector,     Ongoing
     facilities when coordinating and delivering         Council     community
     efficient social infrastructure provision.
5    Develop an Open Space Framework that                Auckland    Iwi, private sector,     By 2012
     includes mechanisms and guidelines for              Council     community, DOC
     strategic public open space planning,
     acquisition and development that:
     • identifies broad areas of public open space                                            By 2012
       deficiency (including the consideration of
       variety, quality, connectivity and access) and
       priorities for addressing these
     • involves the community in open space                                                   Ongoing
       development and promotes the use of
       open space for activities that encourage
       community development and resiliency, such
       as community gardens
     • Identifies and protects land that links or                                             2011- 2013 for
       forms part of a potential link with other areas                                        Unitary Plan
       of public open space through mechanisms                                                development -
       such as the Unitary Plan                                                               ongoing

                                                                          We want to hear what you think.
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The Draft Auckland Plan

           Chapter 11 – aUCkland’s transport
                                                          Create Better ConneCtIons and aCCessIBIlIty wIthIn aUCkland, aCross
           strategIC dIreCtIon 11                         new Zealand and to the world

                                    aCtIon                                             key stakeholders            tImIng
                                     ▼                                    ▼                   ▼                     ▼
           prIorIty 1. manage aUCkland’s transport as a sIngle system
           dIreCtIve 11.1 to 11.2
           1     Plan and develop an integrated transport             Auckland        Central Government      Ongoing
                 network of strategic roads, freight routes,          Council
                 passenger transport routes, cycle and walk ways      Auckland
                 which connect centres and neighbourhoods             Transport
                 and facilitate the growth set out in the Draft
                 Auckland Plan.
           2     Ensure that the Unitary Plan provides a policy       Auckland        Auckland Transport      2011- 2013
                 framework which supports the transport               Council
                 functionality of international, national,
                 Auckland-wide and local connections.

           prIorIty 2. Integrate transport plannIng and Investment wIth land Use development
           dIreCtIve 11.3 to 11.7
           1     Develop and implement Corridor Management            Auckland        Auckland Transport      2011- 2013 for
                 Plans to give effect to the transport directions     Council                                 Unitary Plan
                 set out under Priority 2 (including a regulatory                                             development -
                 approach through the Unitary Plan).                                                          ongoing
           2     Auckland Council and partners will undertake a       Auckland        Central Government      Ongoing
                 range of supporting initiatives in relation to the   Council
                 City Rail Link, including: protecting the route      Auckland
                 through lodgement of a designation, the City         Transport
                 Centre Masterplan, a multimodal programme
                 for transport in the City Centre, provision of
                 additional park and ride sites, and changes to
                 bus feeder services to support the rail link.
           3     Auckland Transport and the New Zealand               Auckland        Central Government      By 2021
                 Transport Agency will investigate the feasibility    Transport
                 of tunnels as a potential option for an
                 additional Waitemata Harbour Crossing. New
                 Zealand Transport Agency should protect the
                 route across the Waitemata Harbour in the
                 first decade, in accordance with the planned
                 construction in the third decade.

                                                                                 Chapter 12: Implementation Framework

4     Ensure that the Unitary Plan provides a policy     Auckland    Auckland Transport    2011- 2013
      framework which:                                   Council
      • Recognises the importance of Auckland’s
        ports and airports as well as the transport
        corridors which link up with them.
      • Ensures that development adjacent to the
        ports and airports does not interfere with or
        restrict their current or future operations.
      • Prevents encroachment and ensures that
        activities situated adjacent to Auckland’s
        ports and airports are compatible with and
        leverage off the ports and airports.
      • Provides for the establishment of freight hubs
        in appropriate locations.
      • Provides for more cruise ship facilities and
        passenger terminals where these are flexible
        and allow for appropriate alternative uses.
      • manages impacts related to aircraft
        operations and airport-related activities on
        the surrounding environment (e.g. through
        noise management plans in accordance with
        the existing noise bucket).

prIorIty 3. prIorItIse and optImIse Investment aCross transport modes
dIreCtIve 11.8 to 11.9
1     All agencies with transport responsibilities       Auckland    Central Government    Ongoing
      shall work together to coordinate the planning,    Council
      development and management of a single             Auckland
      transport system for Auckland.                     Transport
2     Develop programmes to provide for:                 Auckland    Central Government    Ongoing
      - Maintained levels of service on rural road
      - Identifying opportunities to improve access
        by walking and cycling to rural schools
      - Reducing crashes on rural roads
      - Improved access to satellite centres
      - Park and ride facilities at the edges of the
        urban area and other locations on the RTN
        to enable connection to the public transport

prIorIty 4. Implement new transport FUndIng meChanIsms
dIreCtIve 11.10
1     New funding mechanisms, although not               Auckland    Central Government    Ongoing
      required immediately, will need to be set          Council
      in advance of commitments to an agreed             Auckland
      package of transport improvements. Where           Transport
      appropriate, public private partnerships, as
      well as conventional infrastructure delivery
      arrangements, will be considered.

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