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									What is Freelance?
Which jobs are freely distributable to any job related expertise, these are known as Freelance.
What is Freelance job I can do?
This is a common question of all novices. If you are a student then you may start with marketing, writing and data
entry job. And if you have another job and want to start new career with Freelance for some extra income then writing,
marketing, graphics design, consultancy, MS Office related jobs are for you only. And if you are only straggling with
this Freelance career then you need to be very expert on any special sector of service like, programming, graphics
design, data entry, database, game programming, web development, software development, web application,
marketing, writing, accounting, video editing, audio editing, animation etc. Here two jobs are most common for all of
you. Yes these are marketing and writing. It’s no matter that in this Freelance world on which sector you have
expertness, you must need to know good English writing and need to know about marketing. You may ask me why?
This is very simple answer to you that without these jobs you can’t expose yourself or your expertness to the world.
And without exposing yourself properly you can’t get proper income from this Freelance career.
How can I start?
This article I am writing for all of you who want to start your career as a Freelancer. This is not a constant form for
starting but just a suggestion for you. After my research on Freelancing and straggling with this field I got some
experience and I am trying telling you what I found as a best way to get start and keep running. I found some steps to
be complete, let’s see what they are:
Step One: You have to fix up your job sector first.
Step Two: Create a blog and start blogging on your subject which you fix as your Freelance job sector.
Step Three: Prepare your job sample for getting your Freelance job from buyer and upload these samples on your
Step Four: Get involve with social media network and invite all of your friends to visit your blog.
Note: You must need to make your blog updated daily or weekly with new content about your related articles.
Step Five: Get registration with Freelance Marketplace websites. And just observe carefully the entire related job
demands. Then prepare your self for them as they demand.
Note: Create your job application with full of your confidence and must attach your sample work with application. In
that application you can mark all your blogging activities but never include your any kind of contact information. If
you include any kind of contact information with your application then it’ll just lose your Freelance Career Rank and
the marketplace also can deactivate your account permanently.
Step Six: After minimum one month of your preparation and real job sector observation start applying on Freelance
marketplace for your expected job.
Is it guaranteed that, I must get paid for my job?
Yes, this is most important question for a Freelancer. And here I wish to clear one point to you that, on web world
there have lots of scam so before selecting your marketplace you need to know where the right place is? I can tell you
three names which are most active, large and prominent Freelance marketplace where you can join easily. These are:
Now you can ask me why I am telling about them only. Actually I am doing my job with them right now and I found
that they are really strict about their Terms and Conditions and if a service provider provide complete job properly to
the buyer in right time then they must confirm about the payment because without any escrow payment they don’t
allow any buyer to start communication with provider. And when a buyer submits the escrow into that marketplace
against any specific job then they allow both buyer and provider to start their job. After completing a job properly
within right time span then that marketplace check that whether the buyer pay the bill to provider or not, if the buyer
paid to provider then the marketplace release that escrow amount to buyer’s account otherwise that escrow amount
goes to the provider’s account. So by this way only these marketplaces are give some guarantee about your payment
for your job.
How can I get my payment on my Hand from Freelance Marketplace?
This is another most important topic for a Freelancer. For getting real money on your hand you have many options to
select but here I will only discuss about few options for you and only those which is allowed by everyone from
anywhere over the world. But I must say that PayPal is the very easy and smooth way but some of our countries are
not allowed by PayPal. So there have only one way and that is your Visa/Master Debit or Credit Card. When you get
ready to withdraw your money from marketplace then you need to submit your card number to marketplace and they
will transfer your money to your card and you can use that card to any ATM booth to get your real money on your

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