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					Ireland Genealogy: Finding the Irish inside You

The Irish are known to be hot blooded and pleasant people. They are also
known to be hardworking people and have that distinct tight English
accent. The Irish has a very rich culture and history where sometimes it
was pleasant and some history have been quite bad for the Irish.

Today, the Irish population in America is considered to be the second
largest in the United States. Making up 34 million in the year 2000
United States Census, the only larger self-reported ethnic group is
German Americans.

Because of the Protestant persecution of Catholics, many Irish Catholics
migrated to the United States. Even before the revolution, the American
Irish populations were quite large in the United States. Most Irish
served as domestic servants and most Irish American males worked in canal
building and civil construction jobs in the Northeast of the United

In fact, there are so many Irish Americans in the United States that many
people in New York who claimed to have Irish heritage have larger
population than Dublin, the capital of Ireland. Most Irish Americans
settled in the United States largest cities, namely, New York, Boston, as
well as Chicago and San Francisco. You will also find small but tight
Irish communities all over the United States. So, if you have Irish blood
and is interested about your Irish heritage, you should try and hire a
genealogist that specializes in family cultural history, specifically the
Irish culture to help you on your quest to find who you really are.

Finding your genealogy is a fun activity for your family. Who knows,
maybe you are related to some of the famous Irish American in the United
States. With the large numbers of famous Irish Americans, there is a
large chance that you may find your Irish culture. In some cases and if
you are lucky enough, there may be a chance that you may find your
distant relatives still living in Ireland today.

The Irish are proud people and Irish Americans today are taking part of
politics in the United States. Most Irish Americans also serve in the
military, police, and as firefighters. In fact, John F. Kennedy is one of
the most famous Irish Americans.

So, if you have that Irish blood in you and you want to rediscover who
you are and where you came from, you can consider getting your genealogy
traced. Who knows? You may be related to some of the most prominent Irish
Americans living today.

By finding out about your family's past, you will be able to know how
your family lived and struggled during the hard times in the United
States. Knowing about your proud history means that you are proud of
being Irish. So, if you want to know more about yourself and about your
family, try finding that Irish in you through various Irish American
genealogy website or through professional genealogists who specializes in
Irish American culture.
 You will find many fascinating and sometimes amazing facts about your
Irish decent that you can be proud of.

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