Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

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					MLC Advice Education

Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

The ADFP is a continuation                            Course benefits                                        Delivery method
of the DFP with the aim to                            Benefits of the ADFP include:                          This course is offered via Distance
further develop a financial                           •	 Completing the ADFP can lead to                     study at a cost of $485 per module
planning practitioner’s                                  further post-graduate studies and                   (includes electronic course materials).
technical knowledge and                                  the CFP program                                     •	 Hard copy course folder:
                                                                                                                course materials provided in a bound
professional skills.                                  •	 Flexible enrolments allowing you
                                                                                                                hard cover folder (same content as
                                                         to complete your studies at your
                                                         own pace                                               electronic material)—additional
The course delivers in-depth knowledge                                                                          $70 per folder.
and strategies in the areas of taxation               •	 A nationally recognised qualification
planning, estate planning and advanced                   that will enhance your career in
investment analysis. In addition to this,                Financial Services                                  Enrolment dates
the final module of the course requires               •	 All courses are supported by
participants to construct a                                                                                  Flexible enrolments allows you
                                                         experienced training staff and tutorial             to enrol anytime.
comprehensive Statement of Advice                        leaders, many of whom have been
(Financial Plan).                                        financial advisers themselves.

The ADFP is a nationally recognised                      Learning outcomes
qualification and incorporates industry                  At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
best practice in advanced financial
planning education.                                      •	 Develop and implement comprehensive taxation planning strategies
                                                            for a range of personal and business clients
Once a participant has successfully                      •	 Make strategic recommendations and referrals for clients in the area
completed all assessment components                         of estate planning
for this course they will be awarded the
Advanced Diploma of Financial                            •	 Develop and implement comprehensive investment planning strategies
Planning in accordance with the rules                       based on in-depth research, market analysis and client data
and regulation of the Australian                         •	 Gather and analyse client data to develop, implement and review
Qualifications Framework.                                   comprehensive Statement of Advice (incorporating Financial Plan
                                                            construction) based on the range of financial planning strategies available.
                                                         Who should enrol?
                                                         •	 New Authorised Representatives
                                                         •	 Individuals with a personal interest to further financial planning
                                                            and advice knowledge
                                                         •	 People who have completed the DFP or equivalent who wish to continue
                                                            their education.

GWM Adviser Services Ltd; RTO Code 90780; is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that trades under the name ‘Advice Education’. GWM Adviser Services Ltd.
Trading as ‘Advice Education’ issues its qualifications within the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).

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MLC Advice Education

Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

Course Structure                                                                                                       Assessments
and Assessments                                        Core Modules                                  Assignment             Exam               Skills
The Diploma of Financial Planning or                   Module 1: Taxation Planning
equivalent is the prerequisite for the                           for Financial Advisers                     •                  •
ADFP course.
                                                       Module 2: Estate Planning Strategy                   •                  •
The ADFP course consists of four core
                                                       Module 3: Advanced Investment
modules (refer to the table on the right).
                                                                 Analysis and Planning
                                                                                                            •                  •
All modules must be completed to be
awarded the Advanced Diploma of                        Module 4: Comprehensive
Financial Planning qualification.                                Financial Planning1                        •                                     •
                                                     1 Module 4 consists of two written assignments. There is no exam for this module.
Module 4: Comprehensive Financial
Planning must be completed last.
                                                       Code                  Unit of Competency
Units of Competency                                    FNSPRT502A            Advise clients in estate planning
                                                       FNSFPL508A            Conduct complex financial planning research
Upon completion of the ADFP,
participants will have achieved the                    FNSFPL601A            Provide technical and professional guidance
following units of competency (refer to                FNSFPL602A            Determine client requirements and expectations for clients
the table on your right). The units of                                       with complex needs
competency included in this course are                 FNSFPL603A            Provide comprehensive monitoring and ongoing service
from the Financial Services Training
                                                       FNSFPL604A            Develop complex and innovative financial planning strategies
Package (FNS10).
                                                       FNSFPL605A            Present and negotiate complex and innovative financial plans
                                                       FNSFPL606A            Implement complex and innovative financial plans
                                                       FNSPRM601A            Establish, supervise and monitor practice systems to conform
                                                                             with legislation and regulations
                                                       FNSPRM602A            Improve the practice
                                                       FNSPRM603A            Grow the practice
                                                       FNSPRM604A            Prepare, supervise and monitor application of practice guidelines

  For more information
                                                     How to enrol
  Please contact MLC Advice                          You can enrol online via, and click on the
  Education on 134 360, Option 4                     Enrolment information and key dates link.
  or email

National Vocational Education & Training Regulation Act 2011
All participants in Advice Education courses are requested to access and review the relevant Commonwealth, State or Territory legislation and regulatory
requirements to ensure they are fully informed of requirements that affect their participation in vocational education and training.

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