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									Adobe                                                                                                                                             Issue 1 1998

 The newsletter
 for Adobe

                           Fidelity invests with FrameMaker
                           Adobe FrameMaker’s ability to manage long and complex documents has made it invaluable in the
                           engineering and pharmaceutical sectors. Now it is proving its worth in financial services — in
                           tandem with the Miramo database publishing package.

                                    ritain’s boom-bust economic            IFAs have to provide their clients         required. A single IFA may require
                                    cycle of the nineteen-eighties is   with transparent details of the financial     several hundred of these documents a
 In this issue                      maybe now a thing of the past,      products they are selling, including the      month.
                           but deregulation of the UK financial         aims of the investment, the risks                 The latest Act governing IFAs’ reports
 3                         markets – the ‘Big Bang’ of 1986 – led to    involved, definitions of the financial        to clients came into force in May 1997
 FrameMaker takes off                                                   products on offer, ‘what-if?’ tables          and concerns disclosure of commission.
                           a boom in private investment which has
 with McDonnell                                                         showing the likely performance of the         This is to ensure that clients are clear
                           continued unabated.
 Douglas and Swissair                                                   investments, the cost of the financial        why an IFA may favour one financial
                               Deregulation opened up equity
 4                         investment to a wider public, but it also    products to the client, and the               product over another: is it because it
 How to work with          meant the burden of administration fell      commission which the IFA will earn            offers a better return on investment or
 FrameMaker documents      more heavily on brokers and inde-            from selling a product.                       greater security for the client, or because
 on the move               pendent financial advisors (IFAs) selling       A single report of this kind to a client   it offers the IFA a better margin?
                           the newly created financial products.        on a simple investment in a private               Before the legislation came into
 6                         Since the mid-eighties a body of legis-      equity plan, for example, can easily run      effect, IFAs sent clients a variety of
 FAQ; FrameMaker updates                                                into five pages. The more complex the         documents, a mixture of brochures and
                           lation has evolved which governs the
 explained; XML support                                                 investment and the more financial
                           selling process, resulting in document-
 announced                                                              products are involved, the greater the
                           intensive administration procedures for
                           the financial services sector.               volume of documentation
 8                             Adobe FrameMaker established its
 Acrobat expands forms
                           reputation in industries such as
 capabilites; events;
                           aerospace, automotive manufacture
 partner products
                           and the pharmaceutical sector, where
                           long and complex documents to
                           support research procedures, testing
                           and maintenance have to be managed.
                           More recently, FrameMaker is
                           developing a role in helping financial
                           services companies deal with the
                           paper trails they must keep to
                           comply with the new
                               A good example of
                           this is the way in which
                           financial services firm
                           Fidelity Investments uses
                           Adobe FrameMaker, along with the
                           Miramo database publishing package,
                           to provide the IFAs who sell its products
                           with the documentation they are now
                           required by law to show their clients.

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NEWS                   Adobe Frame
                       Issue 1 1998
                       Page 2

                                                                    Independent financial
                                                                    advisers can use the
                                                                    Fidelity Web page to
                                                                    generate PDF documents
                                                                    that comply fully with
                                                                    government legislation on
                                                                    the sale of financial
                                                                    products and with
                                                                    Fidelity’s corporate style.

leaflets explaining the financial products   he goes to Fidelity’s web site and enters
proposed and paperwork generated by          the client and product data. Calculations
the IFA detailing the transaction.           of cost, commission and projected
    To help the IFAs comply with the         performance are run while Miramo
legislation and present clients with a       transparently selects the appropriate
more attractive set of personalised          sections from Fidelity’s document
documents, Fidelity wanted a Web-            database. Its FrameMaker engine
based application which enabled IFAs to      assembles the calculations and product
pull down the information on financial       information into an individualised
products, conduct the necessary              compound document in PDF, which is
calculations for projected performance       returned to the IFA’s screen – within
and commission, and assemble them in         seconds of the data being submitted.
a single set of paperwork for each client.       The advantages for Fidelity of this
    An HTML-based system to do this          system are obvious: it maintains the
was investigated, but eventually rejected    firm’s professional image through the
because it lacked the fiexibility and        well-presented documentation which
formatting control necessary to match        IFAs send out to their clients; and it no
the style and standard of presentation       longer has to send out stocks of leaflets
that Fidelity wanted IFAs to be              to IFAs. The documentation is flexible
presenting to their clients on its behalf.   because it is held electronically, so new
    So Fidelity turned to Datazone, a        base rates and fund performance
software developer whose FrameMaker-         statistics can be incorporated into the
based Miramo database publishing tool        calculations instantly.
is used extensively for producing                At Fidelity, Miramo runs on a Sun
catalogs, price lists, directories and       Unix server and draws on databases held
timetables as well as financial              on other Sun machines, but it will also
documents such as complex invoices,          run on Windows NT and supports
statements and asset management              viewing on Windows, Macintosh and
reports.                                     Unix workstations in Acrobat,
    Miramo can take input from               FrameViewer or HTML formats.
databases as text, images, forms and             The FrameMaker-based Miramo
tables. It then applies predetermined        engine is used in other financial services           For further information about FrameMaker contact
document definitions stored in an            applications, most notably for producing   
additional database or FrameMaker            complex invoices for the Society for
document and uses the FrameMaker             Worldwide Interbank Fund Transfer                    For futher information about Miramo contact
formatting engine to generate                (S.W.I.F.T.), a global electronic settling           Phone: +44 171 221 8026
documents in PDF format.                     system which handles transactions                    Fax: +44 171 221 6045
    Miramo can produce the lengthy           worth about $2 trillion a day.                       e-mail:
catalogues and indexes normally                  At S.W.I.F.T.’s headquarters in                  (Neither Miramo nor Datazone is affiliated with
associated with batch-processed              Brussels, Miramo takes input from a                  Adobe Systems Inc.)
database publishing. But it is also fast     SAP/R3 database and can output some
enough to output pseudo-real-time            60,000 pages on a peak day – proof, if
reports in Adobe Acrobat Portable            ever it were needed, that financial
Document Format (PDF) based on ad            services has as high a documentation
hoc queries, as is the case at Fidelity.     requirement as any other industry. And
    When an IFA selling Fidelity             proof that FrameMaker is up to the job.
products wants to create a client report,    „
                                                                                                  Adobe, the Adobe logo, FrameMaker and PDF are trademarks
                                                                                                  of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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