Speakers You Can Hire On the Spot by goodwords101


									                           Speakers You Can Hire On the Spot

You are organizing an event and everything has gone smoothly so far. You’ve booked the catering,
the location, prepared everything for your guests and already booked the keynote speaker. But
during the day before the event the keynote speaker you booked has canceled due to emergency
reasons, so what must you do in a situation like this? You can rake in several options, a plus if
you’ve already booked a second keynote speaker in case your 1st speaker canceled but bad luck if
you haven’t got a back up speaker for your event. Here are a few tips on how to find a keynote
speaker several hours before your function starts.

#1: Immediately call up several motivational speakers that you first screened for your event. And
ask if they are available for your event but it will start in a couple of hours. It will be a huge weight
off your back if the first speaker you called confirmed for your event. It will save you the time and
hassle of choosing from several other options on looking for a speaker hours before the function
starts. Bad luck if the first speaker turns down your offer. Most of these speakers will not accept on
the spot hiring for they cannot properly prepare their presentation.

#2: Should you have ample knowledge about keynote speaking, and then you should become the
speaker of your own function. An advantage to this is that you know exactly what you will be
relaying to your audience members and you can easily communicate with them for you already
know what type of persons there are in your audience. Before going on stage be sure that you have
collected enough data and research for your presentation so as not to give out a disastrous
discussion that would end up in utter disappointment. Also an additional advantage to being the
keynote speaker of your own event is that you have saved money on hiring a speaker.

#3: When all else fails you can hire a person who is knowledgeable enough about the topic or about
the company or business establishment you are working with. They must have sufficient knowledge
that they will be able to provide simply presentations and give out simple techniques and ideas to
your audience. It matters not if they are skilled in communicating with a large group; the important
thing is that they have the knowledge to teach and to relay to the audience the subject matter they
wish to point out.

#4: As a last resort, if you know a person who would be perfect on giving a few words or providing
their opinion about your subject matter and topic then ask if you could invite them to speak. Better
yet you can opt to hire them or pay them for the services that they can provide you. Simply provide
them with the topics and points to discuss and give them enough time to generate their

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